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Date:   3/28/2009 8:19:53 PM ( 12 y ago)
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Hey Steve,

I'm very impressed with this video, everything discussed made perfect sense to me. The only thing is that I would have trouble finding the eatable produce in the forest garden. I only saw what was maybe a head of cabbage, a few stalks of corn, and what might have been squash, but if I had planted them then maybe I'd be able to find them ha ha. And of course all the berries, fruit and nut trees.  

The better option for me would be to do what the man who has a 7 acre farm in Wales does, he grows his vegetables in greenhouses. I like this much better, much easier to find and less bugs to deal with, but the other man with the forest garden said he planted plants to keep the bugs away from plants they could destroy.

Great video and very informative.  I've got several acres of woods but they aren't near as lush as the ones in the videos.  I think I'll be looking into greenhouses, I'm sure I could build one myself with PVC pipe for a frame, doesn't really look that hard.

Thanks for posting this.




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