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Date:   12/8/2008 11:51:38 AM ( 13 y ago)
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 Great ideas, like the principle but unfortunately; greed and sin control most people...  Read world history and the current events, HUH!

 OK, I agree that peace would be best, but if you have not noticed there are many power systems in the world that each want their own way...  Religious, Social, Financial, as well as just plain person greed...  These are the facts, so as the truth barometer, I try to deal in only the TRUTH!

 God said there would not be any peace until HE returns...  So the best we can do is to live a life that shares and cares for others placed on our pathway of life!  Wars and such will go on until the end of time!  Sorry to bust your bubble but world peace is flawed in the assumption that mankind will just turn over a new leaf and want to help others, just because a few want it so! 

 Obama, or who ever is the president will not prevent or change much...  Mostly mankind will just continue to just aggravate and compound the grief in the world...  Greed and selfishness is the main factor!

 The only real answer is to seek the will of GOD in your (our) life then learn to share and care for those placed in your pathway of life!               a True-ism

BTW: To believe otherwise is to be a fool, and doubt the WORD of GOD!

 Thanks for your post, do the best with your life to help others...



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