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Date:   7/26/2008 11:34:42 AM ( 14 y ago)
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Hi Nisa,
I've done urine fasting for 3 or 4 days maximum several times in order to loose weight and also because problems with colon. The first day I don't drink my urine, but I start to drink it on the second one and I drink all I make during the day. It has not flavor and not smelling at all. I prefer fasting than being on diet, because after the second day I don't feel hungry at all and the fasting is much easier than being counting calories.
During my fastings also I give massage with old urine, and I can tell you that it makes me feel great.
Last time I fasted, I did urine enema everyday and it helped my stomach, since then, I haven't had problems with my digestion and colitis.
I loose around 2 pounds per day during my fastings. I am trying to fast for at least one week this time.
My plan is:
Drink water and all the pee I make
massage with fresh and old urine (face, neck and feet)3 times a day
urine enema every night
One friend of mine uses hoodia gordinii tablets in order to help with hungry cramps during the first days and also drinks drink tea, and she says that it helps her a lot.

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