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Date:   6/27/2008 8:24:19 AM ( 13 y ago)
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Dear Thomas!

I am extreamly happy to find Dorn method. You have a great homepage, where I finally found the answers I needed. I have scoliosis for 20 years, and I always was told, that this is "idiopathic" and if it is developed, then nothing can be done, (or in serious cases: surgery) just keep the actual situation.
And now I have a 5 year daughter, and when I saw that she has a very small assimetry in her spine, I took her immediately to a doctor, where I was told, that at this moment, there is no need to do anything, just watch and monitor her, and if the curvature develops, then start gymnastics, later corsett, etc...

I was so angry, that I can't write it down... It cannot be true, that nothing can be done to _stop developing_ the scoliosis, just watch and wait? She will grow about 50 cm more until she reaches her final height. She has still about 12-13 years to grow from now. And I just sit and pray?

After it I started looking for help on the internet, and when I found Dorn method, I felt that finally I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Then I started to look for a Dorn therapist here in Budapest, and I found one, so we will go to him, and I hope that this method will help us.

Thank you!!



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