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Date:   5/20/2008 4:59:14 AM ( 15 y ago)
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Disturbance is the best cheerleader. I agree about water fasting - I tried it for 3 days and then I fainted at the local REI store yesterday. About 8 paramedics showed up and I almost ended up at the hospital. I started on juices last night and feel so much better today.

Think about it, ok? I also recommend some "green" supplements such as blue green algae, spirulina, wheatgrass. I grow my own wheatgrass and barley grass which I juice with various sprouts.

The fast will help you lose your addictions. Disturbance can vouch for me here I think - about a week into the fast you start fantasizing about eating a big salad - and we all know that before the fast the foods we crave are not usually salads, are they?

Be kind to yourself - ok? Your post sounds like you are beating yourself up and I hate to see you do that. You are on a terrific path - I have had great success with 30 and 40 day fasts in the past. I fell off the wagon big time and like you started eating junk and quit exercising. After only a few days I can't imagine going back to that. I put off fasting because I thought it would be too hard to deprive myself - but it is the opposite - I feel so strong and I have no idea where that came from. Well actually I think it is due to the EFT ( emotional freedom technique) tapping that I have been doing - there is a forum on this site that can explain everything. It helps with cravings and negative thought patterns and just about anything you want to use it on frankly. There are some great videos on youtube that demonstrate it very well also.

Also - I didn't do enough preparation for the fast and that was a mistake - so since you aren't starting for a few weeks it would be great if you could eliminate the caffeine and sugar and meat and eat as many raw foods as possible. Hope I wasn't too much of a nag!

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