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Date:   3/6/2008 8:18:20 AM ( 15 y ago)
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I just quickly wanted to comment real quick that I think you should think twice about cutting back on your juice, especially since you want to exercise. You need your juice to keep up your energy level. In my experience, I learned this the hard way, You aren't able to fast as long if you don't pace yourself. Don't get to hung up on the initial weight loss. I know easier said than done, but truly just keep up your juice and I think you will be able to fast longer, keepup your exercise and ultimately lose more weight in the long run. By the way 5lbs is nothing to sneeze at in 4 days. I did this for 17 days in January. I lost about 15lbs. More important I felt a whole lot better after the experience and was better able to make decisions re eating based on actual need rather than want. Anyway, hang in there. I am getting married on March 29th. Juice fasting was a great way to get me ready for that not only physically, but emotionally.

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