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Date:   3/5/2008 8:52:29 PM ( 15 y ago)
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Yes I was very active before the Christmas season. I broke my foot and it has taken some time to get back my enurance. I think the weight loss has helped tremedously because I no longer get the awful shinsplints and calf cramps. There is less stress on my legs when i am thiner.

Yeah the food dreams are pretty recent. But it seems that every night I have a very vivid dream of some kind. Like the other day I dreamed that i was on a deserted Island and i was fasting so I didn't feel such a panick because I knew I could make it. I woke up and really felt like I had been there... it was weird. I wish I had that mental clarity during the day. I seem to be in a fog most of the day, but that might be my stressfull job getting to me I don't know...

I really think my body has been craving food and is telling me to eat. But i refuse to break my fast on a craving. I have yet to crave prunes, so I should be good. lol (who would crave prunes) But I heard that they are pretty good to break the fast with b/c of thier laxative effect. So that is the plan.

Good luck with the rest of your journey. Just remember, this is the best gift that you can give yourself. You should by now, or at least by the end of the fast have a new found respect for food. When you brak your fast be confident that you will always keep that respect and focus on the nutritious aspect and not the flavor. I will keep you posted on what works post-fast. Wow... i cannot believe its almost here!

thanks for your coments!


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