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Date:   2/13/2008 12:25:58 PM ( 15 y ago)
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Hey Im semi new to curezone, but a newbie to the juicing part. I read your first post about why you have this in the past and it sounds just like me. I just started today on a juice fast for the first time ever. I took phentermine for over a year and loved how easy it was to lose weight. But this summer i lost my vison (detatched retina) and have had sooo many surgeries, finally it stayed put! but my eye is stil healing along with my body and I've gained 20 pounds. But like you this whole experience has been a weird but very enlightenting one, I feel as though this is a very spiritual journey in getting close to GOD and Im very excitied to start this endeavour. I do want to lose weight quickly but I have to keep telling myself that its not just about that. Im cleansing my mind body and spirit. I have these next 40 days more or less to myself and I know i would like some support as well!
What types of juice are you having and how much? Do you do enema's? Just curious to see what your daily routine is like. Thanks and keep it up, just keep your goal in you vision everyday!!!

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