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Date:   2/6/2008 12:03:51 AM ( 15 y ago)
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yesterday I told a friend, she might think I am nuts but I have had my grandmother 'visit' me. I told her I knew because when she 'appeared' she was smoking. I tell her she has to stop and then I 'talk'. I have not had a 'visit' from my grandmother in some time now. I was telling her though that either it was my grandmother and I was not interested in visiting so didn't ask OR it was from my cellular body. I was doing a sitz bath and kept smelling smoke?! At any rate, the friend did not say yea or nay!...LOL

"Been told I have "healing hands", didn't believe it at first, but so want to be this, and imagine in my darkest moments that I never will be. Been reluctant to tell others for fear of what they may think of me, may think I'm nuts or egoic or whatever, been afraid to acknowledge it to myself, wasted much time and energy wanting to not be what I am."

You open yourself to yourself. You will feel all kinds of things, so very cool! As for others, thinking you are nuts or whatever, LOL, they already think I am, soooo. Although, I will not tell all of them. In my Tai class, I was practicing on the instructor on Sunday and I did something to direct the energy towards him and he said he could feel it! I thought way cool! It was not intense...YET..but he could feel it~!

It is not always easy to be who we are, yet it makes life much easier if we become who we are. As I mentioned to Laura (Sandover), in reply to her post, there is a book called "What you think of me, is not my business" or something like that. I have not read it but I love that title! Maybe it might be of interest to you? So, that you can let go of other's thoughts?

Have an awesome Wednesday, Liora!

Peace and Blessings,


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