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Date:   1/14/2008 10:34:24 AM ( 14 y ago)
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Heya Maya!

Sorry, I did not see this, before today.

I rock yet, in this moment, the game plan changed. I am eating more for pleasure than cleansing. I am feeling good (with the exception of one day) what I am eating. I am considering doing a fast through seems anytime I have released something then, it was much easier to do.

"be inspired to do whatever it is that keeps you at that vibration?"

This is what I am attempting to do, each and every day. Some days are much easier yet each day, I now, notice when I am not where I desire to be.

" "only harmonious interactions with others. To only see what feels good, to intend peaceful and joyous celebrations of self and others"?"

Thank you for this suggestion. I was not certain how to word it any differently. I will now be using this everyday, before work and before any circumstance I feel it is needed in.

I am also seeing a slender, happier, healthier Me ! All is well!

I trust that your business and other ventures you are working towards is well?

Thank you for checking in with me!



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