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Date:   12/15/2007 4:02:02 AM ( 14 y ago)
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Hello again sunshine,

Thanks so much for responding so quickly, i really thought it would take a while for a response as i wasnt sure you would still be on the forum, People tend to leave once they feel better.

I started my little guy on the diet yesterday, he had no clue what to do with this new "stuff" in his bowl and wouldnt touch it, i then mixed a small amount of his tinned food with the chicken and he was much happier, shame i'll have to just introduce him to it slowly Eeeek

I was so happy to have read your blog, it really is a last hope for me and Im pretty sure that both times i got sick, about 3 months after we introduced new animals into our home is not just a coincedence. Last time i got sick i said to my boyfriend that i wonder if the animal is not poisoning me in some way, deep down i had a feeling and he said NO WAYS, i also thought it just couldnt be and im just looking for a scape goat so i left it at that and moved on to mercury poisoning as I had so many of the symptoms. I must say mercury removal and chelation (same time as losing our animals) made me feel a whole lot better but now that i find myself back where i was I am utterly devestated as I feel spending ALL that money on chelation and removal was a total waste of time. Im sure you can imagine having spent all that yourself.

I have been searching and searching for a common denominator, i spend my days desperately trying to find whats causing this so that i can have my life back again and the more things i try the less they work. Its taken over my life. My family have said i must just accept that this is the way i am and make peace with it. I just cant. I hate them for saying that because they have NO IDEA what its like to lose yourself and to yearn day in and day out for the fun loving, outgoing person i once was. Your blog has given me such new found hope and for that if nothing else, i am eternally greatful, i think it is going to be a happy christmas after all ;-)

There is a really GREAT forum on the Herballure website for amalgam removal, very active, not sure if you know of it but the people there are really wonderful and so supportive, maybe i'll see you there. They really saw me through some of my darkest hours.

The description of your "symptoms" is me to a tee, what took the wind out of my sails a little is that the emotional and mental ones you describe have not had drastic improvements with the cat diet and that you feel they are caused by mercury, i thought the same and now they are back (i could just scream), anyway im still going to try and if i can even just be able to eat again, that in itself will be HUGE for me. I will definately stay in touch and let you know how it goes.

I wish you the best with your mercury journey, it is a long and tedious one as im sure you've discovered ( youve already come a long way - applause) and I am here if you need to talk to someone who's been through it all and can relate. I must say that alot of aspects improved in leaps and bounds with removal so i cant say it was all in vane. Perhaps you have discovered the missing link HOORAY!! YIPEE!! lol

Apologies for offloading so much baggage here and for the looong post, look forward to hearing from you.

LOve and light

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