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A Dr. Versendaal , a Master Chiroprctor/ Teacher of other Drs. used to say he repeatedly found the a "mouth falling apart" always leads back to the (Colon)reflex and to break the cycle of invisible larval reinfection of pathogenic bacterias etc. was the way to restore the month as well as the digestion.

The Iodine (see forums) and Grapefruitseed extract gel-drops liberally in drinks that mask it will most likely do the trick. Repopulate your gut with a bifidus type based acidolphilus that muscle tests good for you right in the store and take 1/4 a bottle at a time with kefir as your only meal for a day or two.

Brush those teeth ( & tongue) good with baking soda but don't brush your receding gums so hard that they don't come back. The skin/gums will reappear also when the body chemistry is able to go back into rebuild mode (instead of fight/flight--) and rehydrate as well.

Q: Like a tip? Get into the understanding of what it takes to allow a fish in a fishtank to be able to exist in an environment within its own waste.

How is this important?

Most people that try to keep a fish in a tank or even a fishbowl end up killing their pet by a lack of understanding and application.

When you get the PH thing down, as well as the good bacteria / bad bacteria thing down then you get an understanding of the need to monitor the biological balance and then are self empowered w/ what to do in order to quickly restore balance before you let the tank go acid, the good bacteria get overwhelmed, and the level of oxygen able to be held in solution diminish to the point that the fish succumb to opportunistic diseases and are soon they are floating belly up.

I do not position contrary to your earlier narrative, but see it as well said in a way only you can surmise, and see a whole possible relevancy in additional aspects to your experiences.

Thank you for sharing.


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