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Date:   8/1/2007 11:03:06 PM ( 15 y ago)
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THis is a great recipe for the skin, helps with hormonal balance and therefore acne
1 cup raw goat milk kefir
1 t. cod liver oil
1T. coconut oil
1T. flaxoil
1 egg yolk
stir and don't blend, the yolk is fragile

Drink fresh veggie juices and add raw homemake sauerkraut to your food.
For the bowel movements which I am working on myself. Maybe a drink first thing in the morning and at night with psyllium and clay, lots of water and after that more water with 1t. raw honey and 1T. apple cider vinegar. Eat small quantities.
After lots of cleansing it takes some time to get regular without enemas etc. But it'll happen.

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