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Date:   7/11/2007 7:25:00 PM ( 15 y ago)
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I'm 5feet. I know I'm small what can I do I'm from philippine and everybody knows that we're small people lol. I dont know how much weight I want to lose. I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow and I will ask him the ideal weight for my height. Last time I went he said I ws a bit overweight. I'm addicted to food also. I 'm going on this fast not only for the weight lost but for the other benefits like make your skin glow, mentally stronger.... And finally, I will feel like I can do anythink. I wish you good luck and be strong. I always day 1. And also I have a question ill I lose weight on the face are?? Oh ye on last thing you should visit this site
it will motivate you.

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