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Date:   12/9/2006 7:37:33 PM ( 16 y ago)
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I think the point here is the widespread supression of information, whether the information specific to this "alternative" treatment is ever found to be completely accurate or not...the burden of proof is on the establishment. "The burden of proof is not on you or me" quote the ex-vaccine researcher interviewed in another recent and extremely informative post by Lapis.
The cancer treatment was discussed very little in this post for a reason...because there are bigger and better things to point out. The medical establishment has no cure for cancer, they can kill you with radiation because of, the average person, are in their way of walking right over you or of turning you into a good little slave. Why would I say that you are just another slave to them...because they are taking people's children and forcing this radiation "treatment" on them. They can take your kids for almost anything by the way...nevermind the fact that children are much more likely to be abused in the hands of the state. They treat you as a slave, I think that is the point here. The point of the post was not that, here...this is the was the fact that, here is the establishment supressing information again in favor of their very own non-cure. This is like the medical establishment's advertising, only it is an offensive form that knowns no limits. I only skimmed this article, but I was able to grasp the obvious point.

I suppose the poster just takes into account that the reader has covered more on the history of medicine... that they are someone who understands the basics of the medical establishment, how unsuccessful they are, and how powerful they are getting as a result. I for one can tell you a little about the history of this website, the causes of cancer have been pointed out here to anyone and everyone...time and time again. Most of the blood is on the establishment's hands, I can also tell you that. Are they not promoting and enforcing their own failed methods of treatment? Cure or no cure, it is not discussed here in detail...but a real cure does exist...and the medical establishment still has this "standard of care" treatment, to kill you. What a great cure they have huh!

You couldn't see past the paranoid propaganda you said. Where did you see this propaganda exactly? Is the Truth too much? Did you mean that you couldn't see past the popular propaganda enough to understand this article? That would make sense...but, maybe you didn't even read through it? Why do you have questions, I would have to ask?...most likely because you should be asking real questions yourself. I never knew that popular opinion was so backwards either, but now I do...join the club. By the way...what motivations do you have in making such a comment? Do you have cancer and want to know more about treatment? Perhaps you should take another route in finding this out. Perhaps I misunderstood your question?


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