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  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Countdown to 6 months of Rebuilding   by  #71051     15 y     2,462       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Lightbulb Journey
    August 1st - Day 5

    Today is the 1st day I start preparing my body for the rebuilding phase. I spent the past 10 months doing this cleanse and that cleanse. Learning about what is right for my body. Some things worked. Other were right for that time. Some things weren't for me.

    Over the next 5 days, I will be supplying my body with lots of good fats (olive, pumpkin, coconut, and cod liver), good bacteria (probiotics and kefir), protein, veggies, wheat germ, B Vitamins (via Brewer's Yeast). Most of what I am doing (except the kefir) will carry on into the 6mth period. I have two issues I need to address: facial breakouts and it looks like my toenails have fungus issues. I know rebuilding my mineral reserves and keeping my bowels moving will address the breakouts. I have tea tree oil to address the fungus (alkalizing will help that too).

    As my social life picks back up, I have to remember to not go down the old paths. I have a lot of personal things I need to do, so I'm going to limit myself to one "night" out a week. I will also have one cheat meal a week. Also, on trips I'm going to pack foods that are good for me. When at home, my diet will be:

    16 oz of water w/ lemon juice upon rising; followed by another 16oz of water
    Post Running Workout/Breakast: 1 yolk blended with 8 oz of nut milk, 1 TBS of flax meal, 2tsp of Brewer's Yeast, 1tsp of wheat germ, and 1tsp of honey (until I run out, then only BSM in the house).
    Until Noon: water, tea, 1 piece of fruit
    Noon: Soup or Salad
    4:00pm: Veggie Snack
    Evening: Protein and veggies
    Before Bed: 1-2TBS of all natural peanut butter

    Workout: Running. Train for Race for the Cure in September. Weightloss is goal of mine. I would like to get down to 115lbs. Yoga

    Daily routines:
    Oil Pulling - I haven't done this in awhile. I noticed my left gums are very sensitive. I know this works. So, I need to get back into it.
    Skin Brushing
    Epsom Salt Baths
    Cleanse face with ACV

    Unless its absolutely necessary, I will not be doing a SWF, Liver Flush, ES cocktail, etc., etc. I will include one day of fasting per week (likely on Monday). I will do a brief fast when the season changes. That's it. The next fast and flush will be during Lent. The goal of this rebuilding is to build up my mineral reserves, live a normal life with the things I learned from Curezone. My body needs a break. I need a break. I think physically, I'm better than I was last year around this time. The rebuilding will improve my body. During my master cleanse, I experienced an emotional breakthrough. From what I read about what's going with Pluto & the Galactic Center, now is the time to look inward and resolve issues. For me, I feel its time to focus on my mind and spirit.
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    • recipe   by  lilly1     15 y     2,203
      THis is a great recipe for the skin, helps with hormonal balance and therefore acne
      1 cup raw goat milk kefir
      1 t. cod liver oil
      1T. coconut oil
      1T. flaxoil
      1 egg yolk
      stir and don't blend, the yolk is fragile

      Drink fresh veggie juices and add raw homemake sauerkraut to your food.
      For the bowel movements which I am working on myself. Maybe a drink first thing in the morning and at night with psyllium and clay, lots of water and after that more water with 1t. raw honey and 1T. apple cider vinegar. Eat small quantities.
      After lots of cleansing it takes some time to get regular without enemas etc. But it'll happen.
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      • Re: recipe   by  #71051     15 y     2,028
        Thanks for the receipe.

        I definitely need to add the raw saurkraut to my food. Do you have a receipe for that too?

        I started taking probiotics yesterday. Those little pills definitely got things moving. I think I took too much, so I'm going to cut back a bit on the pills especially since I'm drinking Kefir. Like nuts, I think P&B shakes will be a bit too harsh on my system right now. I rather my fiber come from fruits, veggies, and flax meal.

        I know it will be awhile to get my body regular again. But, I can tell that "she" was pleased with living a normal routine yesterday. There's nothing wrong with taking a break.
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