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  • NO PAIN GAIN - STARTING YOUR WORKOUT or FIRST-TIMERS   by  #30988     16 y     3,400       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Zapping hiv
    If you've ever reqretted stopping your workout program for an extended period of time, you'll appreciate this. If you've ever started a workout program only to stop after a week or two, you will also appreciate this. If start too heavy, to quickly in the gym, your body will not be able to keep up and you will be in for the most uncomfortable couple of weeks you've had in a while. So for those of you who do want to get to the gym and want to do it without the pain of overextending yourself, listen up!

    Weightlifting for fitness - PHASE 1

    Day 1. Take all of your body measurements (flexed and relaxed). This includes the largest perimeter around the calves, thighs, waist, chest and biceps.

    Day 2. Begin Full body circuit program. Choose one exercise for each body part. If you want to focus on a body part, choose 2-3 if you want. You only get to do this for one body part. (It's my program so I get to make up the rules). The only thing you will do on day 2 is to find a weight you can EASILY lift for 10 reps for each of the exercises. Here are the exercises I chose (notice they cover all the major body parts):

    Donkey Calf Machine (calves)
    Squat Machine (quads)
    Leg Extensions (quads)
    Leg Curls (hamstrings)
    Hammer Strength Incline Bench Press (upper chest)
    Hammer Strength Regular Bench Press (mid chest)
    Hammer Strength Wide Bench Press (mid chest)
    Hammer Strength Decline Bench Press (low chest)
    Hammer Strength Pull Downs (lats)
    Hammer Strength Rows (lats)
    Hammer Strength Military Press (shoulders)
    Seated inclined dumbell curls (biceps)
    Standing pulley pushdowns (triceps)

    Day 3: Do each exercise for 10 reps using the weight you determined would be easy to do. You will get through this program easily in less than a half hour and should not experience too much discomfort either when you do this or the subsequent recovery days.

    Day 4: REST

    Day 5: Add 10% to each of the weights you used on Day3 (round to the nearest weight that you can load on the bars. this is typically 5 or 10 pounds). Go through the routine again.

    Day 6: REST

    Day 7: Add 10% to each of the weights you used on Day 5 and go through the routine with these new weights.

    The idea is to continue this program until you reach a plateau. Any exercise that plateaus will move on to phase two. Stay tuned.
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    • question re beck pulser   by  finallyfaith     16 y     1,341

      since you are doing the beck protocol i wanted to get your input on something. someone posted a message about using the pulser on his head to stimulate hair growth. actually he says it kills parasites in the hypocampus and that restores health to the brain and scalp. have you ever done this? i have a pulser but am very reticent to aim it at my head. what do you think? here is the post, the whole thread has more info.

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      • Re: question re beck pulser. Pulsing experiments you can try at home!   by  #30988     16 y     1,800
        Well...I read the thread and came up with the top five experiments for the beck pulser aside from making your hair grow back. I don't know if it does what I claim, but then, I don't know if it grows hair either.

        1. Aquarium parasite zapper. (hey why not?) You may want to ask the fish first.
        2. Athletes foot fungus cure (if it works on the head it'll work on the feet).
        3. Automatic quarter popper-upper so even uncoordinated nerds can play quarters.
        4. Temporary birth-control. Why wouldn't it work on those little critters too?
        5. Zap a cat. They have mites, worms etc. Pulse them too!

        So will it grow hair. The jury's still out and just because one guy had his hair grow back means zip. That's a one point curve. His hair came back and he made up a theory to explain it. He never scientifically tested the theory. Why bother? Anyway, make the curve fit however you want it to. I have all my hair and I've been pulsing daily for almost two years so it must work. I'm in my mid forties. My dad's bald.

        I think the key question is: Is it safe? I pulse everyday up the sides and the front of my neck to just below my ears. Aside from the drooling and slurring, I think the side affects are mostly harmless. (kidding...) I know I have to say I'm kidding or some people would actually believe it).

        My opinion? If we were that worried about electrical pulses being damaging to the brain, we'd quit talking on cell phones. If you want some insight on your question, pick up "The Body Electric" by Robert Becker (not Bob Beck). Its a fascinating read and it will help you understand why the pulser is not so dangerous but boy those cell phones and a hundred other things plugged into 50 and 60Hz power are not as forgiving.

        PS: I don't know how accurate this is but...I can't remember where or why I had this revelation in my reading but I did come to the conclusion at one point (right or wrong) that the technology associated with the harmonic pulser closely assimilates the multi-wave osclillator with the caveat that it is a more directly applied application. Given that, and knowing that the MWO is not harmful to brain function (at least reportedly), it might be assumed that the harmonic pulse device is similarly non-harmful.
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