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  • vegan...not yet anyway but not out of the question.   by  #30988     17 y     3,830       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Zapping hiv
    I think I will just answer comments and questions with blog responses so everyone get's the benefit of dialogue. Plus I don't have to think about what to write ;]

    Lynda...thanks for the push...

    Yeah I know. I could be eating carrots and broccoli all the time and stay away from the meat. I'm not sure it would help but maybe. As it is, I do juice fruits and veggies on a pretty regular basis. (I have a green star juicer that never leaves the counter.) It's not all I eat though.

    On the more consciencious side, I don't grill or use open flame... Benzene seems to have many links to HIV progressing to Aids and without it - at least according to Hulda Clark - you can't get aids. So grilling is a no-no. I eat red meat but rarely and depending upon who you listen too, it's not all bad.

    Living a completely raw, vegan lifestyle would be very tough for me to do. I don't live my life in isolation. So if someone is cutting up a steak in front of me...I want a piece! I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy! Also, I've not seen enough evidence to support a completely vegan lifestyle (not that there's anything wrong with that : ) The problem I have is: You really have to strip away the politics associated with who is telling you what to eat. I know YOU personally are not politically motivated...however the things you've learned may have come from politically motivated origins. 'nuff about that. Meat or not to meat... I will concede that the more raw organic vegitables and fruits the better. Does that mean a cooked slab of prime USDA New York Strip is going to hurt? Can't I do both? Frankly I really don't know.

    I have to say that I'm definitely not the perfect role model. I take my vitamins and chase it with a beer! I don't over indulge in anything and I never cease to have fun. I may at some point go on a vegan kick. I'll make sure to report it when I do.

    Also, remember at this point that none of the results I put in this blog have any scientific basis. When I see something of positive note, I decide if I should try it. I'm not interested in being on either side of a double blind study, I'm only interested in staying well. The only indication I have of any illness is a positive result on an HIV test and NO symptoms associated with it. So I feel like I'm playing a game to see if I can manipulate the test. I am concerned that my CD4's are so low (190 - 220) so I'm going to fix that. (It is on the way up...but slowly. I think maitake and beta-Glucan has helped.)

    My latest addition to my regimen has been apple cider vinegar. I've been taking 2tbs in 1/2 cup water three times a day. Originally there was no reaction to it. After about two days, every time I took it I'd feel a little nausious. Yesterday and today I have a rash on my upper torso and neck. I'm guessing this is all a Herx affect. HURRAY! The nausia is all but diminished so hopefully I'm over the hump. I'm inclined to reduce the dosage but I'm a little stubborn. The rash doesn't itch and it's not anywhere that makes me look like a freak in public ... so I don't care if I have it. I want to see if it goes away while maintaining this dose. I've increased my amount of fluids (especially ozonated water to help carry any toxins out of the body) and next week I will do a parasite and liver cleanse (I'm assuming that I have drastically increased the amount of waste in my system).

    I'll keep you informed. Now I'm going to go eat a carrot because you've made me feel a little guilty...thanks Lynda! Actually...thanks, really.
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