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Cure Myself of Candida or Bust
by #46771

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  • Finished Two (2) Weeks on the Program   by  #46771     18 y     3,765       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Cure Myself of Candida or Bust

    I just finished two weeks on Stanley Weinberger's C.M.T., 60 Day Candida Elimination Plan.  Not only have I not noticed any improvement, my vitiligo has gotten slightly worst.  I listen to my body as best I can, and my body is telling me that the herbal medicines do not appear to be working (at least at the prescribed dosages).  I truly feel like nothing is being accomplished.  I feel that if I continue doing what I am doing, I will only be wasting my time (and my health). 

    I understand that everybody's body is different and requires different dosages to be effective.  I am going to try increasing the dosages of some of the products; perhaps that will make a difference.  The other thing that concerns me greatly is the lack of bowel movements on my part.  This program includes a product called "Colon 8 Intestinal Cleanser".  My bowel movements are every two to three days.  I know that can't be a good sign for one trying to rid oneself of Candida.  That is just one of several products where I don't feel as if they are working properly.  I believe after two weeks I should at least be able to know that I am on the right path.  I can't make that claim so far.

    I have been reading Dr. Norman Walker's book titled "Colon Health"; in it he states that it is a waste of time to add probiotics first before thoroughly cleaning  the colon.  He further states that a person can produce good flora naturally in a clean colon..  Perhaps I am trying to go about this backward.  Perhaps the bowel has to be well cleaned first, before worrying about Candida.  It also may be true that cleaning a bowel may have the same affect as eliminating the Candida.  I also read Dr. Richard Schulze's website, and he doesn't mention Candida...he says the first thing to do is clean the bowel.

    I hope I am wrong and I hope this program I am on works; otherwise I will be wasting time (my health) and money ($600).  I'll keep you updated in a few days of my progress. 

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    • Hi! This is my candida story! Plz read this!   by  Davva80     18 y     1,810
      Hi Im a 25 years old guy from Sweden. I´ve got an university degree in energy supply and been working for Ericsson for 2 years.
      This is my story: I´ve been having problem with my stomache since I can remember, lots of gas and having problem to go to the bathroom (thought it were normal to go every 2-4th day). Anso I had got really often flues & colds, at least every 2nd month, sometimes the infections lasted so long I could not do physical exersices for weeks & I realy love sports. It just felt like my immune system didn´t exsist. When I got to the doctor they just prescribe me some antibiotics, whitch non of them worked. During my childhood I got a sweet tooth ate candy and drank lots of sodas. (supprised!?)
      Two years ago my stomach where in so bad condition I really had to get it fixed, so I browsed the net and found out I got an candida overgroth, I went on the stricktest candida program you can immagine I ate ONLY meat, fich & poltry + RAW NON sweet vegetables (not carrots, paprika, tomatos, potatos) no spices, non fruit, drank nothing but water. Ate tons of natural antifungial stuff, including treelac, probotics, grape seed etc. I did fast, bowel cleances, a lot of liverclenses, kidney cleances etc. I did this regimen for over a year time, and didnt cheat!
      Well did I get beter? Yes and NO... Well after the first dieoff period I didn´t had a cold once and my stomach where getting better, but not at the rate I was hoping.
      After that year every time I tried to eat somthing sweeter my head whent dizzy & I got some gas. It wasn´t until I read Andreas book "the key to health..." I started to see the whole picture. At first I thought he was way of with his "natural" approach, but then I started to relise he where right.
      First I tried to juice some carrots & eat some fruit but I felt the candida came right back, where all my efforts a waist of time? But I continued to juice some carots and eat som pices of fruit and I begun eating rice, oats etc. and started sleeping on "right" times and after some weeks (3?) the worst symptoms stopped.

      After that MH came to curezone with some of the ideas that andreas had and som new drastic ones like longterm fasting etc.
      At first I thougt MH was way of like i though before of Andreas, but after awhile I accept lots of what he says specially the herbs he is selling. At first I did his dewormer but it didn´t do anything, for me. (altho I know its a good product). Then I ordered Lower Bowel Ballance, this where the best stuff ever I took 6 tab/fay for about 4 mounths. It did exaqctly what it was supposed to do, it helped me exercise my lazy colon. After that quited and now days I can have bowel movment everyday whithout effort. But somtimes I take one tabl. in the night when I feel my bowels are a litte sluggish.

      Over this time I have learned so manny things, you just cant beat candida by not eat sweet things, I will exist in your boddy and it will NOT die before you do. And your body have to want to get rid of candida (the overgroth), because it DOES help the body to get rid of toxins etc.

      Dont let the doctors fool you, you dont have to kill this fungal with all you can throw at it. You have to get your body working so it can do it for you. Saying this I am not opposed to take natural herbs etc. to help the healing process, but you have to work with not against your body to fight whatever you are suffering from.

      * You need to get the body what it wants, first of all get to bed farly regular times, don´t starv your body of carbohydrates & important nutrients like there is in fruits. Juice commbination of carrot/beet/apple (this combo tastes great) aproximatly once per day before lunch time (or whenever you are able).

      * Perhapps the MOST important thing of all is to get your bowels moving! Atleast once per day. Or else you are in big trouble. I can recomend MH´s LBB. (It is NOT going to make you DEPENDENT of it!) Don´t use hars bowel cleansers, for me (and many others) they did more harm than good, icluding psyllum + bentonite.

      * Drink water with a little sea salt in it(take a look @ water cure).

      * DONT over eat MEAT (especially red meat!), try to sick to poltry & fish a coupple(3-4?) times a week.

      * Make some home made youghurt if u like. And some good probotics (well I havent found one, tied treelac, PD etc.).

      * STOP with all antifungials. Perhaps you can use the for your first 2-3 weeks but not longer, it just burdens the body.

      * Do some liver cleanses but not more often than every second/third week.

      * Do some kidney cleanses.

      * Exercise atleast 3 times/week

      * If you like you can test some fasts, theres a lot of different kinds out there. But don´t do them if you are already to skinny.

      * Invest in a skin brush

      * Take a glas of water mix it with half an lemon with little honey in the mornings

      And try not to listen to people with economical intrest, listen insted to those like Andreas & MH who really want to help people insted of making money out of them. It´s those people like MH who will make you healthy not the ones who making money of sick people. With all "magic" pills I have tried it just make you feel better for a while but they don´t get to the root of the problem.

      IMPORTANT: DONT over do your efforts like I did, more is NOT better let it take some time and listen to your body everything isn´t "die off" perhaps you trying to hard and your body doesnt get the rest it needs.
      And dont waste your money, no "magic" pill in the world can make you healthy again only your body can heal it selfe. I have spent over $3000 on (for me) worthless antifungials, probotics, super fods, algiers etc.

      Note: I have alwas been an science guy, anything not sientificly proved did not exist in my world, couldn´t see that food had so much to do with health "it can make you fat" was the only ting I thought.
      I thougt the best of the doctors today, and the rest of the "nature" doctors where in my mind "quackers".
      Well now I have learned its the opposite most of the time in health relatd issius anyway. I have searced & read articles on the net for atleast 2½ ohurs/day over for 1½ years. I can say my journey in the health search is over at least for this time.
      I feel I have nothing more to learn at this time.
      Now days I help people, I got my mother to stop coughing which she had done for over 10 years, and her sweat attacks, due to estrogen problems, to stop. I helped her resolve this with the help of MH´s products. Air restore(drops) + Hormonebalance(all of them herbal stuff).

      Take care /David

      ***** One final note, I have come a cross some wierd stuff called orgonite, which is supposed to generate life energy(orgon). It´s resin mixed with metal particles + crystals. Yes it sounds really odd, but for me it has helped especially in the mental plane. And one funny thing happened. One of my sisters stoped talking & seeing my mother saying she would never forgive her. It were over 4 eyars ago it happened. For 2 mounth ago I visited my sister like I use to do but this time I had an orgon divise(aka HHG - holy hand grenade) in my back pack which she didn´t know. The same night my sister woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to forgive my mother. The day afer they became friends again. =) *****

      If you want to look in to it I would recomend this sites:

      And you can make these units your self.

      Some time it the sites says stuff I really dont belive in. But I do belive orgon generators can make a difference, It had done so for me anyways.

      Or google for "orgone"
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