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Cure Myself of Candida or Bust
by #46771

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  • 6th Day on the Program   by  #46771     18 y     2,567       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Cure Myself of Candida or Bust

    Well it has been six days on the program so far, and I have been very diligent in taking my pills on time and on schedule.  I've also stayed true to my diet.

    Some people who have Candida, you can't tell it by physically looking at them.  On the outside they appear normal.  Because of my vitiligo and foliculitis, which are physical manifestations on the Candida, I am in a unique position to judge how well this program really works or not.  Having physical symptoms of Candida that everyone can see is terrible for my social life, however I don't need to just 'feel' better I can actually look to see if I am getting better.  If it wasn't for my having vitiligo and foliculitis, I could have had Candida for many years and I would have never known.  I may have never known until it was too late.  It reminds me of those professional athletes who drop dead on the basketball court or football field.  Obviously something was wrong with their bodies before they died, but they had no outward symptoms (nothing they could see).  So in some ways I am blessed to have these outward symptoms of Candida.  I KNOW I'm sick, and I can tell just by looking in the mirror if whatever medication I try works or not.

    So far after 6 days I can say that I am not any worst than I was when I started the program.  No changes in my vitiligo or foliculitis yet.  I realize I have been sick a long time, so I must give the medicine time to work.  The program is 60 days long; I've only completed 10% of the program so far.

    I have noticed a difference from the change in my diet.  I'm not as tired all the time as I use to be.  The whites of my eyes are clearer (not as bloodshot as before).  Also my stomach doesn't bloat (expand) as much as before.  I have had stomach bloating so bad before that I looked pregnant and I thought an Alien (just like in the movies) was going to pop out of my stomach. 

    I would have to say the biggest difference I 'feel' is from following Professor Ahret's Rational Fasting book.  I started this program on Friday by eating once that day around 1800 hours.  I didn't eat again until Sunday at 1800 hours.  I didn't eat again until Tuesday at 1800 hours.  I plan on eating tonight (same time), and then fasting Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  I thought I was hungry a couple times, but I just told my mind to think about something else.  It was weird once when fasting my stomach started to bloat.  I'm not sure why my stomach would do that when I hadn't eaten in almost 48 hours?  If anyone knows the answer, I would love to know. 

    Well I hope the next six days prove to be even better than the previous six.  I really have to cure myself of this dis-ease.  Continuing living life as a sick man is not something I want to do. 

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    • Re: 6th Day on the Program   by  paddywack     15 y     1,557
      hi ya about 8 years ago my girlfriend had thrush at the same time we both got small itchy blisters wattery on our hands and feet we have both had sexua| check up done all the results were negative they did clear up then i got atheletes foot ever since which clears normally goes in winter i have always felt something isnt right in 2006 i lost weight and was diagnosed with graves disease and now i have vitiligo my girlfriends health isnt good either low b/p cold all the time candida was something id never heard of until recently. do any of the symptoms sound similar and is it possible to catch yeast infections?
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