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The New Earth
by Deborah Lockett

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  • Working with Power   by  Deborah Lockett     15 y     3,218       2 Messages Shown       Blog: The New Earth

    We may have been told in school that Jesus taught us to forgive, and this teaching may also have been passed on to us by a clergyman on Sundays.

    The beauty of the New Spirituality is that we can now fully appreciate why forgiveness works, and why Jesus taught it, on the basis of science and logic.

    Of all the types of energy that can be used to heal a situation, forgiveness is the most powerful, and can have dramatic results.

    Forgiveness as a feeling is very close to unconditional love – which is what we are. Unconditional love is a substance so fine there is no place in the whole of creation it cannot reach; no material it cannot penetrate. Therein lies the power of forgiveness, which shares the penetrative quality of unconditional love to a great degree.

    At the end of each solar year there is a great clear-out, where we are given an energetic impulse to clear ourselves out to start afresh in the New Year.

    Amongst the items that this energy brings up for clearing are Guilt, Shame and Blame – which we may be directing towards ourselves subconsciously, without realising it.

    Did we make a wrong choice in an important matter? Did our actions have a deleterious effect on someone dear to us, that we could not foresee when we did them?

    These are items that do not serve us and need to be dealt with in a loving way, in order to leave our energy field clean, clear and bright.

    The easiest way for us to work on ourselves, in order to deal with such items, is to use another person as a mirror. In the same way that when we want to check on our appearance, we stand in front of the mirror.

    Look carefully for where you see others behaving in ways that call forth your forgiveness. Know that on these occasions, these others are human angels who have offered themselves as a mirror to you, allowing you to forgive yourself by forgiving them.

    These souls are sort of surrogates who allow you to see clearly the items in yourself that need clearing, and which you would not be able to see without a mirror.

    As you forgive the faults you perceive in others, feel the power of forgiveness washing over yourself and cleansing you of Guilt, Shame and Blame.

    For a spiritually advanced soul like yourself (if you were not, why would you be reading this?) forgiveness plays another important role in your life.

    At times you are used as a human angel to manufacture forgiveness so that it can be used in a part of the world where it is desperately needed.

    Some areas of the world are ancient scenes of conflict and at times the situation flares up, with two or more parties being at loggerheads with one another.

    At these times you, as a human angel, can supply the forgiveness that is lacking in these zones, and thereby introduce a radiant light to illuminate the situation and help the many innocent souls caught up in the conflict.

    At critical times in Earth politics, you may find something simple happens that calls forth your forgiveness: maybe a piece of your property being stolen or vandalised.

    As you bathe the perpetrators (whom you don’t know) in forgiveness, you may sense angels stooping down from a great height, and gathering up the sweet clouds of your forgiveness in folds of their robes or in baskets that they carry.

    You may then observe these angels in your mind’s eye, whisking your donated forgiveness-energy off to a far-off place such as the Middle East, and pouring it carefully into the centre of the conflict.

    You may then observe the brightening effect from a distance – because your awareness is not limited by space or time.

    To cap off the situation, you may then understand at a deep level that the person who caused your personal loss was a human angel like you, working with you to co-create more light for vulnerable souls in conflict zones.

    Sense the power of forgiveness, enjoy working with it, and let it illuminate your life more each day.
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