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  • I Sustained PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome)   by  vch     7 y     1,219       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Dying from Parasitic Dissemination
    My grandma told me in 2006 that I was miserable. I never understood that comment because I had just married the man of my dreams in 2005 and I was happy, ready to start a family. We were in the same hospital room as her, her in one bed, my grandpa whom was actively dying was in another bed. My husband and I left at 11pm to go be with my grandpa during his final hours. I sang to him, "Our God is an Awsome God" and held his hand. He was and will always be a special man. He loved the man I married. My Grandpa even read a Walt Whitman poem at my wedding. I love him and my grandma.

    I think my grandma could see into my future. I didn't understand her comment at the time but now it makes so much sense. She died shortly after my grandfather. I believe they were married 67yrs.

    In 2007, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. In 2011, I gave birth to my handsome little guy. I hurt writing about this because these are supposed to be the best years of my life and they aren't. I was sick with parasitic infection likely in 2007, then symptoms grew significantly worse by 2011.

    In 2014, on my daughter's seventh birthday, is when I tried to harm myself for accidentally infecting my kids with a parasitic hyperinfection. I injured my skull and fractured my elbow. Eight months later (now) I know what the doctor said to be true, that I sustained Post Concussion Syndrome.

    PCS causes lots of undesirable symptoms. Memory loss, lower IQ, personality changes, mood swings, difficulty around noises and lights, the list is never ending. In addition, I have a hyperparasitic infection....the reason I was mad at myself in the first place.....accidentally infecting the only people I care about. It is in God's hands now. I cannot do anything more than pray for a miracle for them.

    My grandmother was right. I had no clue how miserable I would become. I didn't anticipate a hyperinfection. I never anticipated getting my kids/husband sick, and I never dreamed of PCS and being bedridden in less than ten years from that comment she made. I realize trying to harm myself was idiotic and didn't do anybody any good.

    My illnesses might be invisible but that doesn't make them any easier. I pray. I pray for my kids, my husband, my mother. I pray to feel God's love for me even when He is silent. I love Jesus Christ. I pray He gives my babies miracles. I pray that He holds me in the palm of His hands forever, even when I feel frightened. I love Jesus and pray He loves me too. I thank Him for the life He's given me and the mom whom I am blessed to have.
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    • Re: I Sustained PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome)   by  Victim2     7 y     884
      I'm so sorry for your suffering, and anguish. Don't give up without a fight!

      I have tried just about every possible cure here on curezone, all to no avail with my estimated 3 types of parasites?

      Things that worked for me:

      Garlic tabs, and Cayenne caps have kept them at bay most of the time, but liquid Pyrantel Poamate from Amazon actually had a few drop off, and I felt better right after the treatment. Only they weren't dead? Like they were supposed to be? Just paralyzed, as I was misinformed by a few different websites I found out afterward. It was also mentioned somewhere to take a good laxative at this time to flush them out but I never got that message in time :(

      Next, I turned to Humaworm, I started to feel really healthy, and after a little while it got rid of some of the pinworms anyway. I'm sure it did a good clean up of any stragglers too, but then my 30day protocol was over, and I think it may have caused scattering?

      My latest attempt is "Apple Cals" 2-in the AM, 2- in the PM, from "Natural Cure" A.C.V. tablets. I'm only doing this a week now, and definitely feel the pinworms getting weaker, and the roundworms being affected (it feels feel like they're getting loose, & sticky? and don't know what is hitting them?

      ACV is said to attack ALL parasites, their larvae, and their eggs. After this, I finally got brave enough to try ACV 1-TBSP in 8oz. of water, it was a bit harsh to say the least, but as advised, take it with natural honey! As suggested. I believe I could do this on a regular basis if need be.

      Someone on the forum mentioned ACV may cause scattering? Maybe not with honey in it? but, the ACV tabs are stealthy, and hits them off guard I think, as it melts down.

      Here is a link to their website, Please give ACV a try, with honey!

      Next get yourself these apple caps to take over with, it can't hurt you!

      For you, & your family,

      Good Luck, God Bless, and Get Well!


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