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  • The Innocent Victims of Hyperinfection   by  vch     7 y     1,281       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Dying from Parasitic Dissemination
    My heart aches. My heart is heavy. It bleeds for these, my beautiful children. I have a hyperinfection and these innocent babies caught it from me. I had Charcot Leyden Crystals and WBC in my stool which according to the government indirectly indicates a parasitic infection. I was on steroids and Humaworm, it went hyper/disseminated on the HW. I also read that certain positive rods and negative rods of bacteria correlate with strongyloidiasis. I have both the positive e.coli rods and the negative cocci rods. It all adds up. Why can't a doctor put 1+1 together before it is too late!

    You have to really look in their eyes to see the pain in their faces. It's obvious, from my standpoint, riddled with hyperinfection that they need ivermectin by a MD and STAT! God please bless them, don't let them suffer as I have; they do not deserve it. Strongyloidiasis is extremely contagious and extremely difficult to diagnose! I know what I have. I am not a Munchausen mother nor delusional. I have hyperinfection and these beauties caught it. Nothing soothes my broken heart. :'(
    The doctor's job is to cure, not wait for positive serology which is maybe 40% accurate.....TREAT MY KIDS. Can somebody reading this be their hero? Help me to help them, please I beg and cry and plead to God to be heard. The next post will show the strongyloide disseminated and all evidence that points to it. I'm on bending knee, help my kids....... they are my heart. MY DAUGHTER HAS CRAWLING ON HER FOOT, UNDER HER SKIN and nobody is listening. For crying out loud, this doesn't just happen in 3rd world countries like we all have been trained to think. I'll tell you who is DELUSIONAL, that father and grandparents whom are not listening to the kids nor me. Read below: crawling under skin!!!!! Yes, that is hyperinfection!

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    • Re: The Innocent Victims of Hyperinfection   by  #195244     7 y     625
      I feel for you! Ivermectin may not help, I tried it twice with very little results for this. I used it previously for a skin parasite issue I had about 4yrs ago, and it worked for me with that after the 3rd. dose.

      Anyway, you can get this cheap in a Farm supply store like Tractor Supply as "Horse De-Wormer" gel. The tube has increments on it for different weight horses, starting at 250lbs. Just judge how much gel you need by weight, and take it. It doesn't taste bad for a medicine, it has an apple flavoring. Horses usually think they're getting a treat with it,,,lol.

      There are also many different common meds like Fenbendozle there as well. I had some success with Pyrantel Poamate liquid from Amazon, or E-bay. It knocked a few worms down, but not all. I read that it killed them, but it didn't, it just paralizes them, then you need to take a laxative with it to flush them out. The Dr. gave me 2 Albenza pills twice, and it didn't seem to help, then he refused to give me more. :(

      Hulda Clark's remedy for Roundworms, & Tapeworms, is 3000-4000mgs of CQ-10, plus L-Cysteine 1000mgs. I haven't tried that yet. The problem is getting CQ-10 in raw powder, or liquid form, rather then taking 40- 100mg gel caps. I itend to try it because each time I take 2- 200mg gel caps. I can feel a tapeworm, & other parasites squirming in pain.

      At this time I'm taking Apple Cider Vinegar pills, 3 times a day. It seems to affect them, but no total success yet.

      I dread taking any more meds, because I have liver issues!
      Try what I said,
      Wishing You, & your family Good Luck, & God Bless1
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