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  • Numerous Hospital Stays/ Parasite Detected   by  vch     7 y     1,082       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Dying from Parasitic Dissemination
    I just totally broke down. I'm really scared to death about death. It would seem I am gravitating towards the worst case scenario, but please hear me out...if you want.

    So I had C.Diff that apparently went away, although it did not feel that way. From the end of 2010 until Feb 2014, I suffered with horrendous diarrhea, like amebic dysentery. I was in and out of UF Health so much and on tons of IV steroids and oral steroids. Tons!

    My dear in-laws tried to help in every way: paying for FMTs, driving me to UF, driving me to many appointments, always eating out at gluten free restaurants, and much, much more, including caring for my children. They are wonderful people. It's just too unreal for them to believe what is happening now. I want to thank them right now for everything they have done for me. God bless them, always. I love you J and N.

    Well, back to my circumstance, my GI at UF always promised that I would be okay. Oh, every word she uttered was like gospel to me. She tried me on Remicade, 6MP, lomotil, everything, but I was still so sick. The priest whom visits inpatients at UF said I was one of the top three hardest cases he had ever seen in 20+ years of his work there.

    I returned to Dr. H, the functional MD, and he gave me another CDSA to do. He was really upset that my GI was suppressing my immune system without concern for my off the charts candida, which obviously gets worse with steroids and antibiotics.

    Results of CDSA: Candida high, another bad yeast overgrowth besides candida in my intestines, a protozoa: blastocystis hominis. He thought that protozoa definitely needed to be treated. I wish he was the one who would have treated it. It just so happens that he switched careers, and began teaching physicians about functional integrative medicine. A few months later when I was still really sick, I texted him out of desperation. I trusted him. He was astounded that my GI doc had not treated the blastocystis.

    I turned to yet another holistic MD, Dr.B. She agreed about treating the blasto. I remember this day vividly. My son was with me and I took pictures of him in the patient office. He was SO happy and cheesing it up for me while I snapped pictures of him. Oh my little love bug!!!
    I accidentally infected him. My heart bleeds for him and I am begging the medical community to help! This is why we need better diagnostic tests! Hyper-infection IS contagious via saliva and I made the hugest mistake of my life when I handed him my thermos because he was thirsty. I didn't think at all, it was a mom's innate response to a thirsty child.
    :'( Worst. Mistake. Ever. He is my angel and does not deserve to suffer, ever! Somebody has got to understand and help my innocent sweethearts. It sounds insane, completely hysterically insane, and unbelievable, but google "hyperinfection, strongyloidiasis and sputum". Merck manual, Wikipedia, CDC, NY Times all explain the deadly infectiousness of this disease. What mother would make this up?!! I am not grasping for the worst case scenario; it has happened.

    Problem is, parasitic diseases are not easily diagnosed or otherwise Dr.G, Dr.H, any Dr would have Dx'd me already. No MDs in the USA are ever suspicious of parasites, not even GI doctors. What a joke! It is a travesty and it's wrongly assumed that this only happens in Asia, Africa and India. I had FMTs from donors I don't know, they could have traveled abroad. However, it doesn't take travelling to get these parasites. They are endemic in the southeastern US! I did test positive for trichinella and toxoplasmosis (through diagnos-techs, a leading lab), so that alone should speak volumes. The others on CZ with parasites already know how difficult this is to get diagnosed; I encourage people to read ICU's posts on this topic. She is a smart pioneer on this forefront, and went through it herself; she saved her own life.

    Back to the subject, Dr.B, said we could treat with herbs or pharmaceuticals. I did absolutely zero research and trusted her, that either option was a safe choice. My mistake. I opted to do the herbals aka H. In hindsight I wish I would've researched and read what ICU says about herbals and zappers. Doh!

    All he!l broke loose. My UF GI whom put a PEG tube previously in my stomach, which did not help, said, "I fundamentally do not believe in parasites. If you do than I cannot treat you". Well, I should have saved my bowels that were SOLID and compacted with (TMI) worms just for her to see. I was going to the toilet a lot, and releasing parasites that were of every species. Seriously. I thought this was wonderful. There definitely looked like pork tapeworm segments, according to Dr.B. We had so many clear pictures of worms; it was undeniable. Even Dr.B and the herbal company H said that they were profound pictures. Company H wanted to share my pictures for a training class with staff! I agreed because it is my nature to help others, and not go through this in vain.

    Something really freaky happened on this cleanse, something that seems sci-fi, something the general public never hears about because it is too gross or humiliating to share. I don't care anymore, the public needs to know this is VERY real and I am not hiding behind it. The sheer reason that so many of us on here are supporting one another is because the major lack of knowledge with mainstream physicians and tests. Are we really, all of us, delusional?!! I had and have scattering/dissemination/hyper-infection/ systemic infection. The parasites literally made it out of my extremely permeable intestines to all extremities of my body. I was and I am scared. There is no cure once this happens. Dr.B said my gut was like a chain link fence, so it appeared stuff that should NEVER get through did. Dr. G had even said there was no need to test me for gut permeability, that I indeed had a leaky gut. This is very unfortunate for me, and now my family.

    Crying again, this is all too much! I didn't know what scattering was, I didn't know what was happening inside of my body. Most people reading this would probably be clueless too if it happened to them. All I do know, is that it is something you never ever ever want to experience. It's a nightmare. I waited a year to try to eradicate this issue, not good. Please help me if you can. I don't know how I am going to pull through and I am so all alone in this predicament. My calf muscles are genuinely eaten away. I wouldn't believe this either if it wasn't my reality. Dear God, have mercy on my soul. I have not gone crazy; I don't have delusional parasitosis. I wish that I did! I am sincerely physically ill. I would even wish to have HIV/AIDS over this because mainstream medicine acknowledges it, it's easily diagnosed, there's research, and there are viable treatments. I would also gladly take Morgellon's disease over this, but I was dealt a different hand. At least I hear Morgellons can be treated well.

    Please, if you can't help me, at least try to help my innocent children. My seven year old daughter has already mentioned crawling on her foot that she couldn't see to kill. This is abnormal. It is the disseminated disease. God bless her sweet, darling soul. She is a love, mommy's love. ♡♡♡
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