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    Fasting to jump start getting back to healthy eating/lifestyle.

Fasting to jump start getting back to healthy eating/lifestyle.
by caa522

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  • Day 2 - Thrilled to get done with Day 1   by  caa522     8 y     835       5 Messages Shown       Blog: Fasting to jump start getting back to healthy eating/lifesty
    Woke up this morning feeling sluggish. I slept at 10ish and woke up at 7am. That's more sleep than I typically ever get (4-5 hrs).

    I slept pretty well except the few times I woke up feeling itchy mostly abdomen, as well as chest and arms. I don't know it's this strange thing I get when I go on a fast. I've looked into this before. I suspect Cholestasis (has to do with the bile and liver) or toxins released or both. It makes sense in a way with Cholestasis since when fasting you are not releasing and bile to digest. Perhaps there is a build up and/or blockage doing this. The interesting thing is that I don't usually get that itching until well into Day 2/3. It's interesting how I got that on Day 1. I am going to try a Castor Oil pack over my liver and see if that helps.

    Ughh my breath was the first thing I noticed when I woke up this morning. I brushed my teeth with food grade hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. That fasting breath is one of the challenges I have when being around other people. I try to keep my distance but people get weirded out and think it might be THEIR breath. lol.

    The weather is just fine here for Spring in Southern California but I'm feeling much colder today. I had to crank up the electric blanket to warm myself up. I will be hitting the sauna in an hour. That always helps to eliminate toxins and raise my body temp for several hours.

    As I mentioned before I'm not following a pure water fast. I have done it before a few times and know that I need more to help with my electrolyte balance since I also do coffee enemas. I take diatomaceous earth (1T) in water 1-2x a day. Also include a 3-4 drops of Fulvic/Humic Ionic minerals in water about 4x a day. I also include Kombucha/Water Kefir (about 4 ounces) 2 -3 times a day for the vitamins and repopulating my gut with the good bacteria. I might also do 1T of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar upon waking. Lots of healing properties in ACV and also some potassium. I do these things because in previous fasting experiences, I've suffered from muscle cramping. Hopefully this method will reduce some of the unpleasant symptoms (besides hunger) that accompany fasting.

    I need to go meditate big time since I've found myself on the irritable and cranky side. I need to find my happy place. So off I go and will update in a few.

    Sending good fasting vibes to all out there reading!!!

    Did well much of the day but while making dinner I had a brief moment of feeling deprived because I couldn't eat. I was making salsa from scratch for the tacos and the waft of the cilantro smelled heavenly.

    One thing is clear I'm easily agitated and more reactive to things. That's why I am reminded how during challenging times like this that I must find my strength from God and lean on him. That is pretty much the big reason for my fasting. Hmmm I just had an "A-ha" moment. I need to go meditate. Will update one more time to close out this day.

    Final post for the Day 2:
    Oh what a day. I felt okay with resisting urges for food but was I pretty edgy. I went out with hubby to blow of steam but before getting to our destination I ended up unloading on him over the day I had with the kids. OOoooy. I quickly recognized the emotional hijacking and went into silent mode pretty quickly and re-centered myself with prayer.

    I ended up having a great night out and felt so blessed that my hubby had a blood test in the morning so he had to fast night before. We brought home lots of food for our family like rib eye steak, short ribs, fried chicken, Vietnamese Pho (a big fave), beef fajitas, chicken pot pie. I know that sounds crazy but that was one of those special cases and we didn't have to pay for any of it. We drove home with all that yumminess permeating the car. So glad my hubby couldn't eat any of it because I might have cracked if I saw him take a bite.

    I had a definite moment of appreciation about being home when you have to make many trips to the bathroom. Last night I drank soooo much water and had to use the public restroom more often than I would really wanted to. They were very clean mind you. Just a hassle .

    I did notice a few things before going to bed. My jaw started feeling tight and my quads cramping a little bit. I also had lower back pain and GI rumblings.

    Day 2 complete!
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