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My Water Fast Cure
by Cbilstein

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  • Launch Date Aborted...   by  Cbilstein     8 y     4,049       2 Messages Shown       Blog: My Water Fast Cure
    I had to abort the launch date of my fast. I needed to take medicine today for my weight induced gout. It tears me up something fierce if I don't eat with it. I couldn't risk getting a full blown attack at the start of my fast. I ate some yogurt and fruit with the pills. My fast actually did start today, but with the food I had to take in with the pills it is not official. Don't be angry with me because I’m not. It is what it is and I didn't want to begin with bum ankles and not be able to walk. I can imagine there might be some hard core fasters out there reading this saying "Wimp, Sissy, Gut it out Fat Boy." So... let them talk, it's my journey to guide, not theirs.

    Now wait a minute, maybe that is my inner self that is saying that because it is more likely that no hard core fasting nut and twig eating nature enthusiast would bother reading this. I don't like those people, the ones who look for every possible way to stay as close to mother Earth as possible. Well, that I could care less about, to each their own, but the ones who flaunt it and look down on anyone who doesn't live like that are the irritating ones. The ones who live that way and don't make a big deal about it and bath more often so they don't smell like a walking mold spore are the ones I admire. I digress...

    So today will be my official, unofficial beginning for my fast. As promised, my starting weight after my bathroom pit stop today was a whopping, and I do mean whopping, 356 pounds. Yea just let that sink in a moment. I weigh as much as two full grown healthy 6 foot tall muscular men of 175 pounds each and change. If there were any doubters in the small crowd that have read this, now would be the time to trust and believe that I need this more than anything. Yup, I have a 54 inch waist and boobs almost as big as my wife’s. I don't fit in better than half the seats of any restaurant, movie theatre and sport stadium. My bike get's flat tires so easy it is not worth the effort. In fact, I saw a video shot of me on my bike and was so sick that I was almost brought to suicidal thoughts. That's the real reason I don't ride anymore if were being honest here.

    So there it is, I am a fat man and have been fat all my life. I don't know what the future holds and don't know what this fast will do for me. I do know that fasting is not the only answer, healthy eating and exercise is. I am in a place where I am too big to start slow and do it the traditional way. I need to jump start this and reset my body. That is why I am doing this and why I am writing about it. I don't care if no one reads this, God does and I feel more accountable by writing it. Maybe it will entertain some, I really don't care. This is for me and my life. If I want a good chance to round out my last 40 years in this particular vessel (My body) then I need to get on it now. I'm hoping for more than 40, but that would put me above 87 and I seriously doubt it. I don't care if I die in my 70's, I just want to not die slow from being sick or helpless from my weight. Fall off a cliff, get hit by a bus or just die in my sleep would be nice. Right up until then I want to be on an ATV, fishing doing something enjoyable in the great outdoors. Yea, most guys who are healthy at my age think about retirement. I just want a good life and a good death.
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    • Re: Launch Date Aborted...   by  caa522     8 y     566
      I can understand how frustrated you might be for not being able to start the water fast. It has to be done in your time and not anyone else's. I've fasted many times with the Master Cleanse and just been getting into water fasting. It took many times of practice. I mean attempts and falling short man many times. Each time I attempted I got a bit further and learned a bit more. Please don't be hard on yourself. Take baby steps. Sometimes, life just doesn't cooperate with our plans to fast. What has really helped me a lot with fasting is to include prayer. I start with asking for guidance and strength. I ask for healing. If you ever need a fasting buddy message me. I am thinking of doing another fast starting tomorrow or the day after. I have to listen to my body. Though I have a goal in mind I don't fix on one number. I give myself a range. Anyway, I just had to reach out to you. Good luck and god bless you.
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