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    Personal Experience Fighting Parasites

Personal Experience Fighting Parasites
by hopefulandhealing

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  • Personal Experience with Parasite Cleansing   by  hopefulandhealing     9 y     8,614       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Personal Experience Fighting Parasites
    Been dealing actively with parasite problems since December 2012. Have learned A LOT about how to heal from them, though still working on completely eliminating.

    First know THAT THERE IS HOPE, but you must work VERY hard and be resilient because these are TENACIOUS suc***s. It's literally either you or them, especially if your load is high. If you don't get them, they WILL get you. This COULD be fatal so PLEASE TREAT THIS SERIOUSLY.

    1. True that it's a hidden disease. I felt the "attack" massively beginning December 2012 and have had been fighting them actively since. Can almost guarantee that they have been 'hidden' in my system long before that, at least 2-3 years before that (for many of them to 'crawl' under your skin they had to have grown at some point, undetected). At least 2-3 years prior to this "attack" did I suddenly develop a MASSIVE craving for sugar, caved into the cravings by constantly eating sweets and chocolates. Also associated is constant craving for fats and whole milk, and wide variety of grains (whole and processed). Very little weight gain despite eating much more than a normal person. I now know that parasites THRIVE on these -- sugar, grains, and many types of fats.

    2. Had a pinhead sized "dot" in my vision for at least a couple years before the "attack." Dot followed my eye movement and seemed to sway along. I assumed it to be some sort of a tiny eye injury that will eventually heal itself. After the "attack" phase in December, dot continued elongating into worm-like shape and eventually looked like a "clear" worm in my vision - it began releasing eggs that I could clearly see, but Dr.'s could not. Even visited Opthamologist who claimed to use high-power equipment and did not see anything. I CLEARLY feel worms moving, "knocking", pinching, and can SEE them growing and multiplying in my eyes. Vision quickly worsened. Drs' dismissal of my concerns is borderline medical neglect, but it isn't their fault as they have been probably been trained to turn a blind eye to parasitic complications, and the steaks of them believing sufferers is too high. We'll leave it at that. YOU ARE YOUR BEST OWN HEALER - until medical system straightens itself out, do not rely solely on health practitioners, allopathic and otherwise. LISTEN to your body closely - you'll figure out patterns of healing, and patterns of worsening. Keep researching and BE CAREFUL. It's basically a war - you against them, and you NEED to win, or you may pay with your life.

    3. Divine Intervention - I have been a STRONG believer in God for many years, so when I recognized I'm under attack by these parasites, I began praying. When I prayed hard, NO DOUBT my immune system would "kick on." Otherwise my immune system was disarmed by them (no itching, no swelling, no redness, no cold-like symptoms, NOTHING. Just crawling and bumps under skin, continued multiplication of them in eyes and other parts of body). Medical research proves that this is very much possible, and in fact is used as a "therapy" for autoimmune disorders and controlling massive allergic attacks. While I believe "parasite therapy" is possibly helpful in extreme cases of autoimmune disorders and allergic attacks, if case isn't extreme, it could actually be very dangerous to deliberately expose healthy people in stressful environments and life situations to parasites - as parasites WILL disable the immune system, leaving system vulnerable to a multitude of other problems, including viral infections, bacterial infections, and greater parasitic load which could mimic many other "common" problems. Don't expect Dr.'s to catch high parasitic loads - unless you're very lucky, you're likely to end up with symptom suppressing medications for a disease that mimics symptoms of high parasitic load. Pray and pray HARD, from your heart. When I did, I began vomiting and definitely saw some stuff that was unusual, had nausea, fever, flu-like symptoms, itching and redness. Swelling of eyes, redness in eyes, itching, discharge, etc. Also, horrible stomach burn in response to my praying one night - the next day I found a lot of unusual stuff in the toilet after a BM.

    4. Try to "reactive" your immune system -- it will fight for you. In summary, I believe, as traditional Chinese and Indian medicine points out, that parasitic problems is a result of little heat in the body. Techniques that have worked for me to "reactivate" immune system are also techniques that INDUCE heat in body - exercise (the more you sweat, the better), drink only very WARM water when you are thirsty (though people recommend drinking water throughout the day, I'm not sure if this would be beneficial as parasitic disease is fought by inducing HEAT - and water tends to pacify heat). EAT RAW GARLIC, you can grow your own. Grow your own ginger if you can (it's relatively easy using a "ginger eye") and eat fresh pieces of ginger. Parsley, oregano, thyme, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and salt - boil this, drink it's water warm, and try to ingest the paste. SLEEP A LOT, if you can. GET SUNLIGHT!!! Stare into sunlight during sunrise or sunset to benefit your eyes. I am still confused about role of citrus fruits - because fruits have sugar, I think it's better (as a short term tactic) to avoid all sugars, including fruits. Lemons are the exception, though, as I have found that the ENTIRE lemon (peel and inner contents; but DO NOT INGEST ENTIRE PEEL. Read more to figure out right "dosage" of peel for you, likely VERY small bits at one them) tend to boost immune system. Try to do lemon water fast - it'll release toxic junk, parasites and other harmful substances from your bowels - it may even (and probably does) cleanse other parts of your tissues and blood once it reaches circulation.

    5. Eat sautéed fresh veges. (broccoli, carrots, radishes, ONION, and research for more) with above mentioned herbs (rotate herbs if you can). Raw or VERY lightly sautéed garlic is very beneficial. I've also made my own oil concoction that works well - olive oil in glass bottle with above mentioned herbs placed within, tightly close lid of class bottle and leave in moderate sunlight for a few days daily. Don't overheat as this may damage your oil. You may also lightly heat in pan during the winter and keep concoction. Apply to skin and you may even notice CLM (cutaneous larva migration) on your skin - will manifest as randomly appearing red streaks on skin's surface. Try to massage yourself regularly with this oil concoction - you may even stimulate local areas' immune responses - you will also create more heat in your body.

    6. I'd avoid swimming, sharing clothes, towels, bedding, etc. etc. with others during this period - until you are completely recovered. This may take months to years because parasites exist in CYCLES. They may become active or stay dormant for years. Whatever the situation, you should aim to COMPLETELY rid of yourself of ALL STAGES of parasites.

    I'm tired so I'll retire from my post. Please feel free to ask questions via this board - I'll do my best to answer when I have time.

    God Bless You, remember to FIGHT FOR YOUR BODY!

    -Hopeful and Healing
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    • Re: Personal Experience with Parasite Cleansing   by  whenwillitend     9 y     863     0 of 1 (0%)
      Diatomacious Earth (food grade), borax, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar...these things work, also check out ivermectin, fenbendiazole pastes at your local farm and ranch..they are sold for horses, but have a dial to dial in the correct weight. They are the same meds used for people, read the inside the box warnings and you will see it says for human consumption only...the labels totally contradict themselves. Am going through it too, so I understand. Medical community is no help at all. Also, check out anitfungal creams and sprays as they seem to be drawn by the fungus. The craving those particular foods is what happens with Candida infection. Good luck! I'll keep you in my prayers :)
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