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    30 Day Juice Fast for Health & Healing

30 Day Juice Fast for Health & Healing
by quantaqualia11

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  • Days 16-22 Discovery of a Secret   by  quantaqualia11     15 y     2,635       3 Messages Shown       Blog: 30 Day Juice Fast for Health & Healing
    Days 16 - 22:

    I've decided to consolidate this timeframe in a single post mainly because this time period really went by so quickly - almost as if time for me has taken on a different meaning. And I have been spending alot of my time lately focused on the NOW and not the past and future.

    Juicing has been going fine - I'm really enjoying the fruits and have adapted to tolerating the veggies - but I can honestly say if I never see another stalk of celery and/or carrots I would be fine with that! I think I'm just wired for alot of variety and I have tried just about everything. In the middle of this time period I had a few boughts of low electrolites - made me feel a little spacey and dizzy when standing up from a reclined position - so I decided to go back to some veggie broth that I made with red and sweet potatoes and that seemed to instantly curb the side effects from the electrolyte issue. Other than that I am joing just fine. Also really noticed that hair, nails and skin feel to almost have completed a "regeneration" if that makes sense. When I look in the mirror it appears to me that I look younger and I have had 2 people, that didnt know what I was doing, make that same comment.

    As far as the physical injuries, I now have little to no cervical pain and/or numbness in my left meridians - as I previously did pre-fast. These were the problems associated with my post-traumatic syringohydromyelia (a long word for spinal cord injury). Also my headaches and light sensitivity have all but vanished. I am very encouraged.

    I will say that beyond the fasting - THE KEY component of the healing process is what I talked about in my previous posts. It's really centered around getting a perspective of your life, your beliefs, your emotional guidance, your fears and hopes. Some may call this "enlightenment" but I think it's pretty normal for people in their 40's to have this experience and then begin to set the foundation for the best part of life to come.

    Lastly I wanted to comment on body changes because some of you are fasting for weight loss. For me this has been absolutely an amazing experience. There is a feeling that comes over you when you are "empty", not carrying any extra weight, that I can best describe as "peaceful". It reminds me of when we are young children, free of stress, anxiety, emotional baggage, weight, health issues etc. You can actually literally feel like a child again - physically - I know this may sound crazy but for me it's true. Now having said that - CAN THIS BE ONE OF THE GREATEST SECRETS IN DIETING? Think about it - as a child if you were someone that developed and carried alot of emotional scars (ie. abandonment, rejection, anger etc.) or issues is the fear of returning to that state causing you to eat in such a way to PROTECT yourself from not returning to that "pure" young child state? IOW on the journey back to that state you will encounter past issues and are they too difficult to face and therefore you break your diet or binge or perhaps become anorexic. I think obestity and anorexia are really the same things. "False" states of being that protect yourself from yourself. Can this be you?

    As you can tell I've meditated a bit about this and have actually visioned and see myself using this guidance and writing a book that can help others.

    Lastly I'm just putting this out there on this blog - dont know if anyone is really reading this or if it is helping anyone other than the few that have commented. But for me it is certainly helping to jounal my experience as a testament to my committment for the positive healing underway. Even if you are not a blogger - you should consider writing in a notebook about your experiences with a fasting diet for weight loss or healing.

    I am having another Reiki session later today, and also some additional EFT therapy which I will explain further after the experience. Also for the bean counter types, I will offically weigh myself in the next day or so - but It feels to me that I've lost over 20+ pounds - so right now I'm probably about 160.

    PS. Someone pinged me on this blog - just wanted to let you know I'm also an "Aber"! Downstream in my Pie!

    Today's Intake:
    - The Ususal

    Today's Output:
    - I am going to the bathroom #1 like every 3-4 hours, urine is clear, no odor
    - #2 Once, Normal

    Today's Physical Outlook:
    - Noticing more weight loss

    Today's Mental Outlook:
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    • Re: Days 16-22 Discovery of a Secret   by  b2reflect     15 y     1,882
      Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your journey! I just finished reading it all, in this one sitting! Quite amazing and aware-ful (new word )!

      I have been 'hemmin' 'n' ahawin' about beginning a fast. Intended on January 1st, yet did not succeed beyond 2 days.

      I will begin one on Ash Wednesday and go through 30 days, if not all of Lent. I am going to commit to whichever time, on Ash Wednesday. I seem to complete my releasing when I do so through the Lent season.

      Your post is very inspiring and helpful. I definitely will re-read it as a 'tool' to continue forward, when challenges may arise.

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