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by blkbetty

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  • Day 1-3   by  blkbetty     16 y     2,671       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Master Cleanse
    Well, it is almost 2 am, and I'm about to begin to transcribe my journey through the master cleanse. First off, I naively believed I was almost without food addictions and negative body images. I had gained some weight, about 25 lbs gradually over the course of the last year and a half. This weight gain was due to several factors, firstly, I was having what appeared to be hormonal problems (migraines, insomnia, nipple discharge) attributed to the pituitary gland, yet could not get a proper diagnosis from the tests that were done either way, so, I was constantly fatigued and depressed. Around this time I also started smoking more marijuana (I've smoked socially for years), this led to the munchies, rarely eating meat I gravitated towards white sugars and complex carbs and then before I really knew it, I have rolls of extra fat around my stomach and hips. I tried running, but found that because of my smoking my lungs would give out before I really got any benefits. I decided at this point, I need a serious 180. Enough of feeling badly for myself but not taking any serious action. I then came across the master cleanse and decided it would be a perfect beginning to a truer evaluation of my health and put me on a path towards healing myself. Day One started off reasonably. The sea salt water in the a.m. was horrendous and although I came close to vomitting, I held down the 1L of water until the result happened. I had horrible cramping and from that point on the day was painful, and I spent alot of time in the washroom. In school I got in the habit of using caffiene to stimulate my brain and body. I had the worst headaches of my life for 3 days straight. I think it has worked it's way out of my system now, and in that regard I feel better. I don't mind the taste of the lemonade, although I will say I switched from salt water in the a.m. to herbal laxative tea, which goes down easier. I have cheated a bit with bites of food around evening and night time when the hunger and sickness have seemed to strong for me to persevere...although I wont dwell on this, I think continuing the fast I will become stronger. I hope not only to establish healthy eating and exercise habits but also to quit smoking, something I have been attemping to do for years. I still feel pretty wiped out mid afternoon, and have tried to exercise a little, although this too I hope gets better with more energy and endurance. I feel beseiged with constant food references everywhere, although when I have ate I have made much smaller portion (bites) and better choices. I think I can do this and will continue until I am able to do it properly with grace towards myself. I don't own a scale so will not be running a numbers tab. Instead I will report about what I feel I have done well and what still needs work.
    I am getting up earlier every morning and feeling slightly more energetic than the day before.
    My mood has slowly started to improve.
    I have been able to fast longer each day (day 1 snacking in the late afternoon, by day 3 lasting till later at night)
    I have started postive body mantras and visualizing good health.
    I made my first attempt at exercise by day 3
    The coffee headaches have diminished

    I still need to focus of incorporating more exercise, like, walking, hiking, yoga, dance
    I need curb all cigarettes and marijuana from the fast
    I need to stop the "night bites" (NO CHEATING) and keep drinking only the lemonaide and herbal tea
    I will keep trying the sea salt mixure and if cannot drink then will have tea
    Use more meditation and prayer
    Love my body and health

    I want to use this fast as a channel to communicate and understand myself better. Losing the unhealthy weight is an added bonus.
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    • Re: Day 1-3   by  redfizz     16 y     1,612
      I had the same problem with hormones and weight. I was about 70 lbs overweight, and I had hypothyroidism, which the drs said was incurable and that I would be taking a pill for the rest of my life.

      I fast (juiced) for 40 days a year and a half ago, and it was worth every minute! I lost 20lbs, but started eating a raw diet, and periodically fasted for ~3 days. After a year I had lost 69 lbs, no longer had hypothyroidism, no depression whatsoever, happiest I have ever been, and so on.

      I start eating cooked food again a few months ago and I immediately started putting the weight on and get moody. So I, too, am fasting, and I am really looking forward to getting my body back in check.

      This is going to be the best thing you will ever do for yourself. If you are discouraged, just remember that the day you had slotted is going to come one way or another. Once you get to that day, you will be able to look back and know that you made it rather than look back and know you will have to start over.

      You're doing great!
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