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Re: First Time Zapper Story   by Jimbo   11y
Hi Cooder sry this reply took so long I am following the h Clark Parasite Cleanse, have nearly finished the main cleanse, and will then be on the Maint program. I got the herbs from her online shop, more pricy, but I wanted to make sure I got the freshest and best I could get for the main cleanse. Then I will be doing A CoQ10 dose to get them stuborn tape worms, and Ascaris. Some peeps have passed big tape worms, after 2mths on the maintainance program, so I am being patient.   3,094 hits
Forum: Zapper Support

Re: Liver cleanse/parasites seen   by MH   9y
The herbs supply the liver plant based chemicals that it uses to kill the parasites, I believe it starts working on the first dose. RARELY does anyone see parasites unless they examine a liver flush that has been done 1-2 weeks after taking herbal deworming formulas, they are seeing worms with the eye easily on a daily basis, then I will presume they had allot of worms. Blessings, The BAREFOOT Herbalist   746 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

MSM prevents what types of parasites/worms?   by green meanie   8y   View Entire Thread 7
Hi, Iíve been reading around on a several different sites that say MSM is good for flushing out parasites. Like this site: Is MSM effective against heartworms?   4,337 hits
Forum: MSM

Re: Can a nine year old do a cleanse?   by Cranky   11y
We have a bird(cockatiel). She is crazy for milk and icecream which I balance out now as she was gaining weight in the stomach. Occasionally I see her scratching and feed her garlic on toast, would this be a sign of those worms or is that an old myth? Garlic seems to stop the itching. I just figure they got onto a little too much junk at these times resulting in more worms? Thanks Everyone for your great ideas, Cranky   1,629 hits
Forum: Bowel Cleanse Support

Re: rope-like things (Yes to everything you mentioned)   by Robbie   11y
Hi, I passed the exact same thing last night after my evening enema. They wwere tar black and formed like our colon is shaped and the light colored mucus was in abundance. I didít pass any worms but I have a year ago during my eevening enema, white small spagetti looking stuff about two fist full, IT WAS VERY GROSS AND DISTURBING!!! I was so amazed to see this and releaved too that it was out of me, but I havenít had that experience with the worm again even while doing parasite cleanses. Robbie   1,813 hits
Forum: Enema/Colonics

Re: Help!!! Live Worm   by ladybug   11y
Hi, It seems the stuff you took did scare the worms a little... :) In your situation I would get a good parazite cleanser and finish the job. I donít think the worms come out alive when you take some good, strong stuff. People talk about Clarkia and Paragone a lot, maybe you want to give it a try. Hang in there, I know it must have been some freaky experience but donít be afraid to do a really throughout cleanse - itís better when they are out.   1,970 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: GET OUT! Are you serious??!!!   by rotgut   10y
Thatís REALLY freaky if its true. That sounds like what I saw in my flush - clear/translucent stones, some of which were reddish, embedded with red worm like things. I thought that at first that maybe the red things couldíve been small blood vessels or weird tissue growth feeding these stones/globules, but decided that they were most likely worms because alot came out which were not embedded in the stones. Also the stones were pretty small, no where near 2 inches, more like a 1/8 to 1/4 inch at most.   915 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Re: Heparin and blood clotting?   by CVjust4you   11y
HI Bunny ive not hear anything of the blod thinning agent but have you heard about trials going on where people are having parasitic worm eggs given to them - not harmful ones - just ones that cant reproduce and disappear in 3 months well anyway the people in these trials have recovered during the trials. They are now looking into what these worms excrete or do that rids the UC sufferer of their symptoms.   1,430 hits
Forum: Ulcerative Colit.

Microfilarial worms: Lavender, L-Cysteine.   by nordskoven   10y
Lavdner is a kind of anti-helminthic, isnít it? Didnít know about L-Cysteine. Hulda Clark uses 3 grams of CoQ 10 for worm-busting, along with other protocols. I looked up ĒasthmaĒ with Ēmicrofilarial wormsĒ and found this huge survey of helminths in humans.   2,545 hits
Forum: Asthma

Re: I need recommendations.   by peggyaus   6y
Check out the chapter on ĒwormsĒ in this google book (page 1082), there are alot of natural options listed that you can start straight away:,M1   768 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Rifing with F165   by Newport   6y
Make sure you use the correct output the one next to the knob, then crank the knob. Also what F.Buskii frq from the CAFL? WormsF+F2 contain Hulda Clark sweeps, F2 are for adult f.buski, can be skipped once adults are gone since WormsF contains eggs and juvenile frqs.   2,675 hits
Forum: Rife

Re: Sage Day Three   by symara   6y
I donít blame you with the heebee geebees... Iíve read in a few posts about parasites coming out durring the cleanse. I couldnít handle my dog having worms, and had nightmares I caught them for months. I can handle any goo or anything else coming out, but if I see a worm or something, I will probably freak. I would probably come directly here and post and title the thread HELP with all my exclamation points quota used up for the month.   796 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Sabelin   by NewUK   6y
Did they say anything about Ēvegetable fibreĒ in your results? I sent what looked exactly like a worm to the lab just after they had sent my positive results (dientamoeba fragilis). The guy said it wasnít a worm just cellulose matter. I had no reason to doubt the lab as they had clearly been efficient in the testing but I have passed these things from time to time and they are so wormlike. It makes you think....   1,125 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Trying epazote as alternate between humaworm   by JulieAKA87980   6y
Wormwood and wormseed are different herbs, as you probably know. This is helpful, this remedy is what was traditionally prescirbed for hook worm infection, and it works very well for that. I think this might be a bit strong to take for the entire period between Humaworm rounds, what I take daily is oil of oregeno and olive leaf extract. They are strong anti parasitics, the worms donít seem to develope a tolerance for them, and they donít have big side effects. Julie   2,416 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: zapping   by JulieAKA87980   6y
Yes, itís very effective, it works on worms that are outside of the intestinal track. I think itís also an excellent way of keeping worms from moving outside the intestinal track. I bought an inexpensive zapper off of ebay, that you have to ítapí in order to get results, and Iím now looking at buy one that has a set up that is easier to use. Iím very pleased with the results of zapping, I think it works quite well. Julie   973 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

I am having treatment for Rat lung worm   by #172263   17mo   View Entire Thread 3
I have recently started wellvone to treat rat lung worm, I have started to cough up brown skinny things, up until know I have only had clear bubbly mucus constantly dripping down my throat. I start ivermectim after I finish this course. I am also on treatment for lymes and morgellonss. Has anyonehad any experience dealing with this worm and is there anything else I can take to help me purge. Thanks   607 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: strange festering/buzzing FEELING in my lower abdomen   by ReneeK   17mo
this thread is really old, but i happened upon it and would reply anyway. this also happens to me,just like described above with it being very low and deep in pelvis...and while i have no idea if this is true, my theory has been that the humming buzz is when the big worm is laying eggs. it just makes sense because it happens like once a month and for like 15 mins. so disgusting! this worm thing has been the biggest nightmare of my life.   46,123 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: How many of you KNOW it was candida ? (AF sufferer)   by natway   18mo
Iím sorry about your misfortune, but I asked because youíre not the first person here who said they pooped out a really long thin object they claimed looked like a worm, but none of these people ever got it verified, so itís not confirmed those are really worms. Iím only cautioning people about this so they donít misdiagnose themselves and go down a dead end path of trying endless, potentially dangerous, expensive cleanses and drugs to try to rid something they donít have.   1,044 hits
Forum: Candida Support   Adrenal Fatigue   Parasites Support

Small red worms of different lengths, around 1 inch long?...   by dpk   16mo   View Entire Thread 2
Well, I have been seeing small red worms about 1Ē in size, sometimes smaller in my stool. I have pain in my intestines and doctors have said I have IBS or Coilitis. I think itís possibly stronglyoides or a parasite in the similar family. Does anyone know what the red worms are? Iím freakin frustrated right now having gone thru so many rounds of treatments and to still continue to see parasites. Itís discouraging..   642 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Thin strings candida or parasites?   by Xelaetaks   16mo   View Entire Thread 3
Does anyone know if thin strings in the stool are likely to be candida or parasites? I know I have parasites and Iím on albendazole for them, at least one diagnosis showed that hookworm where there which albendazole should go after and I wonder if these strings are worms or candida? Itís hard to tell cause they seem like strings rather than something that moves around but maybe when worms die they can look like that. Anyone know about these? Thanks   633 hits
Forum: Parasites Support   Candida Support

Re: I've eaten a whole pineapple and papaya in the last 2...   by seek2clean   19mo
With the ingestion of raw, fresh pineapple I have seen both - undigested pineapple strands(which I mistook for worm debris), AND tapeworm debris. Tapes do not like bromelain in pineapple, and papaya is effective as well - especially the dried seeds. It has taken time to differentiate between food matter and parasite parts - sometimes indistinguisable when worms do not always come into view in a recognizable form.   1,078 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: New Here, Desperate, Infested and Broke- need advice!   by sd2345   19mo
I took it 3-4 cloves, 3-4x daily for several days until I found what was causing my problems, worms. Then I took it for 2.5 months almost daily, skipping a day here and there if I had someplace to go in public. I also took psyllium fiber at times, did enemaís (also garlic enemaís which I highly recommend) and made my own capsules of good quality tumeric and clove powder. Itís very important to keep the bowels clear while cleansing, worms block your digestive system.   1,922 hits
Forum: Parasites Support   Bowel Cleanse Support   Enema & Colonics

Re: exactly my point   by sd2345   21mo
Well, there was a time when I would agree to that, but following the raw vegan forums (outside of CZ), I know that they adjust to any food you give them, just as a child does. Many are suprized to find they have worms, thinking avoiding meat all those years they were avoiding parasites. I do recall your success with h202 and worms, and I watched your videos. Great job at restoring your health!   612 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: 1st Time cleanser Paragone + Fibersmart   by sd2345   20mo
Of course we are all just sharing our experiences. In the beginning of my helminth infection, eating lots of red onion in salad having no idea I was actually killing worms and throwing off toxins, i had a rash very much like this. Rather than the rash being a reaction to the products you are taking, my guess would be it is a result of killing worms and the body having too many toxins to handle through normal elimination, so it tries to come out of the skin.   543 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Should i try levamisole again?   by thathippieguy   24mo
I ate a decayed mushroom, the next day all my symptoms started. My first clue was distension along w/ seeing seed like,things in stool. They are oval and have an exterior shell which can be broken off, and then they split open. I think theyre eggs One night I felt sick not too long ago, and crapped out loads off white worms, in all different stages of development I dont want to go further explaining why I KNOW I have worms, please understand My most recent diagnosis after being treated with Albenza was irritable BS syndrome   804 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Raising awareness about parasites - what can we do?   by peggyaus   24mo
Interestingly, I recently submitted some stool for a parasite test through my GP after passing a huge ascaris in the toilet. It was a wonderful specimen literally covered in small and bits of larger worms, visually obvious and horrid to the eye - some full thread worms were wrapped around one piece and segments of either tape or ascaris in the other. The test came back negative. How is this possible? I have no idea at all.   877 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: how can I get MRI for parasites?   by sd2345   24mo
I also have had many CT scans, and x-ray of the abdomen, showing nothing. Worms, both tape and roundworm, unless in a very distinct position, will not show up on these types of imaging. I donít think an MRI is any different. All the medical papers I read state that an ultrasound is the best way to detect worms, but the technician would have to be very skilled, and again, happen to catch the movement at the right time.   978 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Heating Pads Works!   by WormsBeGone   28mo   View Entire Thread 7
Last night I went to bed to go to sleep....I had alot of activity going on inside my abdomen...of course it was the worms...I was so angry that I couldnít sleep so I took my heating pad placed it over my abdomen for a good 25-30 min then I took my zapper and zapped for about a good 10 min then everything settled down finally....This morning I went to the bathroom and in my stool I seen some dead worms...I was so grateful!...I havenít took any herbs in awhile but will soon because I know they will give it a boost...but I will not stop using the heating pad because for me it helped tremendou ...   1,267 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Really all disease in plants and trees, has to do with th...   by HistoricalFashions   28mo
Really all disease in plants and trees, has to do with the soil! I have done some great little experiments with improving the soil around different plants and fruit trees, the difference is so amazing! One was a weedy Mandarin tree that had the tiniest fruit, that was all full of a worm from the Mediterranean fruit fly (yuck)! After only a few simple application of simple amendments, the next crop had fruit at least 3 times the size, and no more worms!   502 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Parasite cleanse - what to clean the blood?   by heavenlychoirs88   27mo
Ok, thank you for this info. I will start with the parasite cleanse/enemas and after that do the kidney / liver cleanse. The protocol says take betaine hydrochloride for one type of worm x times a day and the lugolís solution for another worm x times a day. Do you take both on the same day or spend a week on one then a week on another. Is it ok to take all of these medications on the same day (obviously spaced out)?   850 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: is it possible   by MH   2y
tape worms are suggested to be of any size, up to 70 feet long record wise......the brain seems to be a favorite spot for the eggs....can one stretch from the pancreas to the brain? Only patholigist could tell you or those that have studied such things.......I naturally would hope not. I found it ĒuniqueĒ that Hulda Clark believed that in the human body we can only have 1 adult tapeworm at any given time, but literally thousands upon thousands of eggs and small immature worm stages. MH   626 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Worm indentification?   by MENDOMAID   2y
It looks similar to a strongyloides, a roundworm. Do a search for ístrongyloides imagesí or Ēroundworm images in stoolĒ I think it is best to stay with the gentler methods with these worms. People with weakened immune systems sometimes develop larval migrans if they use strong doses of either herbs or meds. You could start with H. Clarkís 3 herbs or Clarkia and then go on to herbs that are more effective against intestinal worms.   2,860 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Worms in stool..   by Ana Gazelle   2y   View Entire Thread 4
I was wondering about something and thought Iíd share it here and see what people think..Iím 24 and when I was around 8 or 9 I was on holiday in Malaysia and I remember seeing tiny worms in my then it didnít bother me much and i didnít think anything of it and it was only that time that I actually saw anything in my stool. But now after reading a lot about parasites, I am wondering now though that could it still mean that I still have worms or parasites from that time..Is it likely that they didnít all come out in my stool..?   6,109 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

ATTENTION...Please read.   by journeykins   3y   View Entire Thread 4
Just got home from my holistic doc and he was telling me that Zypan from standard process produces enough stomach acid to digest meat and fish so we dont get worms from these foods..I have been taking for a few yrs but had no clue it would keep you from getting worms from meat...Many of you may know about this already. Just thought i would mention it for those who dont know.There may be other digestive aids to that work as well...I get Zypan on Amazon if interested.....I take anywhere between 4-6 per meal,depending on meal size..   681 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

CT Scan VS MRI VS Ultrasound VS Thermography for detectin...   by Korhal   3y   View Entire Thread 2
Hello, I feel a thick worm (maybe 1 inch in diameter) moving in my chest area and bowels... I am wondering which medical imaging technique would be the most effective in identifying any worm(s) in the chest+bowel area? CT Scan VS MRI VS Ultrasound VS Thermography for detecting tapeworm?... or other medical imaging if none of these 4?   1,110 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

CT Scan VS MRI VS Ultrasound VS Thermography for detectin...   by Korhal   3y   View Entire Thread 7
Hello, I feel a thick worm (maybe 1 inch in diameter) moving in my chest area and bowels... I am wondering which medical imaging technique would be the most effective in identifying any worm(s) in the chest+bowel area? CT Scan VS MRI VS Ultrasound VS Thermography for detecting tapeworm?... or other medical imaging if none of these 4?   4,895 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

pancreas   by #144374   2y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi MH, I was just wondering about the russian tablet post you replied to recently, in regards to the pancreas stones. As you have mentioned before using the tablet properly will blast them out and the worms should follow. So, assuming one is following all the other cleansing rules, de-worming etc i.e. a lifestyle which would not promote stone formation - much like someone in your case - would I be right in suspecting that the stones should not form again? Thanks   542 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Worms in womens areas!!yuk!   by sd2345   2y
It also could be yeast you are seeing, but yes, somehow worms do survive up there for a short while atleast. I never had any kind of discharge or yeast in that area, but did have a few blood stained worms come out with a tampon a few times. I donít think they made their way in from the outside, I suspect a few just got in there internally, probably attracted to the blood. I really donít think they can survive in there for long, but donít actually know for sure.   2,741 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Cannot cure pinworms... losing hope   by Samee   30mo
I dont like to write too much but : the pen-worm eggs could develop within 12 hours from entering the human body and it could be dormant and alive for 3 weeeeeeeeeeks female put 11000 eggs at least so who is the stubbed person that he wont to treat the pen worms using a drug just for 3 days doctors are stubbed , at least the treatment should be for 1 month or more duration otherwise no healing MY Email:   6,022 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: No bowel movements and no gas   by sd2345   31mo
Parasites, or more directly worms. Itís unthinkable, but very possible. These things can lock up your bowels and cause all sorts of havoc inside your body, and impeed normal organ function, such as adrenals, thyroid, gut, etc. I am just throwing the suggestion out there because this happened to me. No gas, no BM, no nothing for an extended period, then the unthinkable happened....after taking raw garlic for the bloat, I expelled worms and my saga began.   2,130 hits
Forum: Candida Support   Adrenal Fatigue   Liver Flush Support

Re: Desperate   by musimesipomahat   32mo
yes, youíre correct, these worms (I really suspect some type of filaria worm, probably onchocerca volvulus or dirofilarias - these two are absolutely nasty and can get very large and literally get anywhere in the body) also reproduce in the colon, so exactly, getting the colon clean is a number one task once the colon is cleaner, itís easier and more manageable so the task is, really, keep doing anything you can to clean the colon   890 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Lily of the Desert's Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula   by Cimber38   4mo   View Entire Thread 15
I used Lily of the Desertís Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula in an enemas last night. It worked well. I got out some old rubbery round worms or ropes out and some fluke looking stuff. Happily I saw no pin worms.   276 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Curious White Things Coming Out of My Arm? Parasite L...   by Transformer1   3mo
Wow! Yes, definitely better testing. I put in liver flukes, small worms, eggs and other gross stuff and it came back negative. I also have longer mystery worms that were not classified as a parasite but they couldnít tell me what it was. Great parallel. Thank you.   278 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Turpentine: Suck on this! Rope Worms, Fungus or Whate...   by regaj   4mo
Hello Red Dawn, my experience with rope worms is not extensive or in any way complete. I do know that it is a long and grueling process to remove them all taking 1 to 2 years according to Gubarev and Volinsky. The good news is that once they are gone reinfection doesnít occur according to Gubarev. Professor Alex Volinsky and rope worms 2 1/2 hour interview one radio network dot com Oct.29, 2013. Hope this helps.   425 hits
Forum: Parasites

Qs about ear parasites   by #182287   4mo   View Entire Thread 2
Iíve read some that people can have worms in their ears? So is that as common as intestinal worms? N how would someone prevvent that from ever happening? What would someone put in their ears to get rid of that? Pretty gross to think something could just crawl in someones ear n live there. I have hyperacusis n tinnitus, so Iím ready to try anything   290 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Albendazole working?   by Soly047   3mo
Albendazole really attack worms ATP (life molecule if you like) so by causing disturbance of glucose utilization it inhibits ATP synthesis (worms canít function on different fuel such as fat unlike us) = death. Parasites can last some long time without sugar since they get a life extension anyway when their main food source is low plus they can hijack it from your blood anyway.   311 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Ivermectin pour-on vs tube vs injectable   by Cimber38   3mo
No people were only injecting it to kill very large worms that left the intestines and wouldnt die any other way. This is risky and painful and a last resort. Ivermectin will help to steralize the pin worms but it didnít kill many for me. I would go with pyrantel and if that doesnt work alinia. It also helps to add doxycycline or tetracycline for 9 weeks.   217 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: ilovecocopops: Albendazole, Herx Reaction, Liver Issu...   by Cimber38   3mo
I am going to take the fenbendazole and ivermectin once a month for three days at the same time I worm my dogs. And mid month Iíll take the wormwood combo. Hope this will work. You wonít build resistance any left alive worms will. Make sure you take strong enough doses. I donít ever want anything to set up housekeeping again.   237 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: ID Help- Pinworms?   by kzmkzmkzm   3mo
My ENT confirmed that it is just an excess amount of drainage, no worms. He said it is likely due to the quick change in diet. My lymphatic system might need to be drained as well. He wouldnít recognize it as Ēcandida stringĒ, obviously, but thatís what I would call it. Just all clogged up and leaking ĒwormsĒ from candida die off. lol.   477 hits
Forum: Parasites   Parasites Protozoa

Re: zapper frequency for liver fluke?   by TACKUA971   3mo
HEY guys i really need some help! i have liver flukes and rope worms i been taking paracleanse from natures sunshine and pass a lot of flukes and with coffee enemas rope worms! cant take the tingling on testicles and feet anymore does the zapper works? and what kind? not to expensive thanks   231 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: OH MY GOD! I think I passed a tapeworm! HELP!   by Lisset   3mo
Hello I saw your post. Omg I understand your concern. I also found tape worms in me. I began mms as a duche I had a uti infection. So I started with 5 drops of each and for 7days. Well omg I wiped myself and saw a 2 inch worm from my vergina   162 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Dosage for P/W E   by Big Haunch   88d
Let me step in here...I think the P/W/E (C) is the best dewormer i have ever taken along with MH oregano oil 4-5 drops inside a that with PWE(C) 4-6 droppers ON EMPTY stomach and get ready for some fireworks!!! worms will pour out of your BODY!!!! find a good toilet, you will need it!!! I do 1 dropper every other week and no more big flukes and worms   233 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Ascaris or Strongyles   by Cimber38   75d
no the worm was actually hanging from this spiderweb like stuff. I feel bad for dogs because they probably feel this stuff too and they dont get proper treatment. Iím treating mine monthly but it doesnít seem to be enough based on my persoanl experience. They are so small I donít want to harm them. The chi had worms pass again last week.   349 hits
Forum: Parasites   Parasites: Drugs

Re: This is not a whipworm!   by Worms problems   78d
thank you very much!!! Iíve tried the coffee enema and I feel better, I will try also the others enemas and I hope that it will work against my worms...I feel my body again, because there were some areas of my body that were asleep to say so. Itís a very good procedure against worms!!! They say itís better to make the enema every 5 days, not before. Take care! and thank you again!   241 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Multiple Worms coming out of nose help!   by ShelleyUK   66d
Thank you, heís only just taken the Mebeneazole. Heís had no signs at all of any worms in his faeces. Iím concerned they are settled in his sinuses itíll be so hard to shift, plus the blood loss with removing the worms is disturbing! He doesnít want me or the children near him until he knows for sure we canít catch anything.   488 hits
Forum: Parasites   Parasites Protozoa

Albendazole kills Worms, missed by Mebendazole?   by antiwormfan   63d   View Entire Thread 2
Hello, I had massive health improvements with 1 Mebendazole 500mg, but really nothing special seen in the stool. (3 weeks ago, and second dose 1 week ago). One Day after 400mg Albendazole there are worm-pieces in the stool. No doubt, zero doubt. What worms would Albendazole kill, that Mebendazole had not killed?   228 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: What are your thoughts on removing eggs from clothes ...   by #181807   35d
Hi Glaxony, I know this is an old thread but I just watched your youtube video on worms. I need help bad. I have a worm infection and am almost positive itís pinworms, they act just like it but after taking medicine for them I can feel them thrashing around in my feet and various parts of my body. You seem very knowledgeable any suggestions would be grateful. They have taken over my entire life to the point where I see no point in living some days.   955 hits
Forum: Parasite Glax

Symptoms that child has worms   by Libbybal   33d   View Entire Thread 3
Hello! I am worried about my childís wet stool with very foul odor. I thought it was caused by the food he ate and he did not complain about any discomfort. Itís been 3 days now. Iíve read posts here about worms and I want to ask what are the symptoms that a child has worms? My child is 22 months by the way.   280 hits
Forum: Baby Nutrition   Parasites Protozoa

Re: HIV undetectable   by parazapper   41d
Actually, I am currently working on a video of zapping worms in a water based environment using the MY. The worms seem unaffected until the zapper switches to s specific frequency, upon which they react almost immediately, within a few seconds, and most are dead by the time it changes to the next frequency. In other modes, that do not have a frequency that they are affected by they survive for a couple of hours. They also survive for a couple of hours in contact with the electrodes in place but the zapper not turned on.   699 hits
Forum: AIDS   Zapper   Dr. Beck   Hulda Clark

Re: kizer21: Niclosamide & Tapeworm Drug Treatment Protocol   by tracyann1117   5mo
Hello ICU, I am new to this forum and currently treating my daughter with AK Parasite Protocol and she is doing well, excreting many round worms and pinworms. I am trying to buy Niclosamide for tape worm treatment and would greatly appreciate if you can recommend a reputable source. Thank you in advance!!!   549 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

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Hulda Clark Cleanses

Purest Body Products
Sanctum Pure Body Products are so pure you could eat them (no guarante...


What is Pine Cone Extract?
What is Pine Cone Extract? Click to learn about the health benef...

Anti Cancer Medical Effect
Medical researchers confirm electrolyzed reduced water protects ...

Natural Cancer Remedies

Proven medical anti-diabetic benefits
Electrolyzed drinking water significantly reduces blo...

Proven Parasite Diet
The Only Legitimate Diet for Destroying Parasites in 30 Days or Less

61-year-old Gets 3 Times More Sex Naturally
How did this 61-year-old triple his love-making...

Rose Laurel OPC Capsules
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Lugolís Iodine Free S&H
J.Crowísģ Lugolís Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.

Native Remedies - People & Pets
Extensive line of herbal and homeopathic remedies for peopl...

Worlds best fungal treatment
Clinically proven effective against Thrush, Yeast Infections &...

The Tesla Shieldô
The #1 Personal Energy Enhancement Device. Transformational Technology Fo...

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I Found Kidney Support
Please share this page to anyone with kidney ailments.
Secret To Healthier Life
Discover the hidden toxin in your laundry detergent.
Heal Type 2 Diabetes
Simple, 3-step natural approach heals diabetes within a month. No side e...
What is Inner Criticism?
Self criticism needs to be worked on at the subconscious level!


Liver Cleanse
Eliminate any foreign substances that may be trapped in your liver.
Hulda Clark Cleanses
Wormwood, Clove, Clarkia, Turmeric, Epsom Salt, Uva Ursi, Goldenrod
Free Dr. Clark DVD!
Bestselling author Dr. Hulda Clark claims to have cured cancer. Is she a ...
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Proven medical anti-diabetic benefits
Electrolyzed drinking water significantly reduces blood...
Ancient Sex Elixir 300% More Powerful
Prized by Chinese Royalty, this natural sex-booster is ...
Utopia Silver Supplements
Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine, ĒWhat the Coming Food Collapse Mea...
Destroy Parasites Quickly
Learn How to Destroy Parasites And Be Free of Your Unbearable Sympt...


Alkaline Ionized Water
Are there health benefits? What are people reporting?
Natural Cancer Remedies
Pine Cone Extract
Defends against colds, flu, viruses and bacterial infections


Lugolís Iodine Free S&H
J.Crowísģ Lugolís Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.
Worlds leading fungal treatment
Clinically proven effective against thrush, yeast infections ...
The Tesla Shieldô
The #1 Personal Energy Enhancement Device. Transformational Technology For ...
The Best Years in Life
Naturally live longer, healthier and happier and avoid mainstream mana...
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