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Re: is it possible   by MH   28mo
tape worms are suggested to be of any size, up to 70 feet long record wise......the brain seems to be a favorite spot for the eggs....can one stretch from the pancreas to the brain? Only patholigist could tell you or those that have studied such things.......I naturally would hope not. I found it ”unique” that Hulda Clark believed that in the human body we can only have 1 adult tapeworm at any given time, but literally thousands upon thousands of eggs and small immature worm stages. MH   564 hits
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Re: Worm indentification?   by MENDOMAID   29mo
It looks similar to a strongyloides, a roundworm. Do a search for ’strongyloides images’ or ”roundworm images in stool” I think it is best to stay with the gentler methods with these worms. People with weakened immune systems sometimes develop larval migrans if they use strong doses of either herbs or meds. You could start with H. Clark’s 3 herbs or Clarkia and then go on to herbs that are more effective against intestinal worms.   2,381 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Worms in stool..   by Ana Gazelle   30mo   View Entire Thread 4
I was wondering about something and thought I’d share it here and see what people think..I’m 24 and when I was around 8 or 9 I was on holiday in Malaysia and I remember seeing tiny worms in my then it didn’t bother me much and i didn’t think anything of it and it was only that time that I actually saw anything in my stool. But now after reading a lot about parasites, I am wondering now though that could it still mean that I still have worms or parasites from that time..Is it likely that they didn’t all come out in my stool..?   5,551 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

ATTENTION...Please read.   by journeykins   31mo   View Entire Thread 4
Just got home from my holistic doc and he was telling me that Zypan from standard process produces enough stomach acid to digest meat and fish so we dont get worms from these foods..I have been taking for a few yrs but had no clue it would keep you from getting worms from meat...Many of you may know about this already. Just thought i would mention it for those who dont know.There may be other digestive aids to that work as well...I get Zypan on Amazon if interested.....I take anywhere between 4-6 per meal,depending on meal size..   595 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

CT Scan VS MRI VS Ultrasound VS Thermography for detectin...   by Korhal   31mo   View Entire Thread 2
Hello, I feel a thick worm (maybe 1 inch in diameter) moving in my chest area and bowels... I am wondering which medical imaging technique would be the most effective in identifying any worm(s) in the chest+bowel area? CT Scan VS MRI VS Ultrasound VS Thermography for detecting tapeworm?... or other medical imaging if none of these 4?   984 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

CT Scan VS MRI VS Ultrasound VS Thermography for detectin...   by Korhal   31mo   View Entire Thread 7
Hello, I feel a thick worm (maybe 1 inch in diameter) moving in my chest area and bowels... I am wondering which medical imaging technique would be the most effective in identifying any worm(s) in the chest+bowel area? CT Scan VS MRI VS Ultrasound VS Thermography for detecting tapeworm?... or other medical imaging if none of these 4?   4,047 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

pancreas   by #144374   30mo   View Entire Thread 2
Hi MH, I was just wondering about the russian tablet post you replied to recently, in regards to the pancreas stones. As you have mentioned before using the tablet properly will blast them out and the worms should follow. So, assuming one is following all the other cleansing rules, de-worming etc i.e. a lifestyle which would not promote stone formation - much like someone in your case - would I be right in suspecting that the stones should not form again? Thanks   485 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Worms in womens areas!!yuk!   by sd2345   30mo
It also could be yeast you are seeing, but yes, somehow worms do survive up there for a short while atleast. I never had any kind of discharge or yeast in that area, but did have a few blood stained worms come out with a tampon a few times. I don’t think they made their way in from the outside, I suspect a few just got in there internally, probably attracted to the blood. I really don’t think they can survive in there for long, but don’t actually know for sure.   2,166 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Cannot cure pinworms... losing hope   by Samee   25mo
I dont like to write too much but : the pen-worm eggs could develop within 12 hours from entering the human body and it could be dormant and alive for 3 weeeeeeeeeeks female put 11000 eggs at least so who is the stubbed person that he wont to treat the pen worms using a drug just for 3 days doctors are stubbed , at least the treatment should be for 1 month or more duration otherwise no healing MY Email:   4,886 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: No bowel movements and no gas   by sd2345   26mo
Parasites, or more directly worms. It’s unthinkable, but very possible. These things can lock up your bowels and cause all sorts of havoc inside your body, and impeed normal organ function, such as adrenals, thyroid, gut, etc. I am just throwing the suggestion out there because this happened to me. No gas, no BM, no nothing for an extended period, then the unthinkable happened....after taking raw garlic for the bloat, I expelled worms and my saga began.   1,850 hits
Forum: Candida Support   Adrenal Fatigue   Liver Flush Support

Re: Desperate   by musimesipomahat   27mo
yes, you’re correct, these worms (I really suspect some type of filaria worm, probably onchocerca volvulus or dirofilarias - these two are absolutely nasty and can get very large and literally get anywhere in the body) also reproduce in the colon, so exactly, getting the colon clean is a number one task once the colon is cleaner, it’s easier and more manageable so the task is, really, keep doing anything you can to clean the colon   800 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Found first moving parasite!   by dwd84   4mo
They are Tubiflex Worms, but this isn’t what you/we have, it’s just that video is the only instance I can recal of seeing worms move that way. Almost like they are pulsating. What is ooo? Garlic definitely helps, as does the period around the full moon, which is now. If you see another moving one see if you can video it again. Thanks for sharing!   437 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Can Herbs clear parasites in the lungs and sinus cavi...   by smallaxetenatsnes   4mo
Yes, I am happy to correct you: no ivermective is not for ”scattered worms”; you have to know if you have Stronglodies or River Blindness if you use Ivermectine? why on earth would you guys just assume you have scattered worms? That is not a proper diagnosis of anything, and bad science! At least look up these drugs and which ones are for which, before you guys kill yourself by taking the wrong drugs   313 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Please help me identify these!?!?   by Firecracker   4mo
I think it may have stunned the worms but I have since learned that I do not have tapes... I have round worms!!! I just took 6 days of mebendazole and I am in a 3 week break now. I start another round on April 1st and I’m praying that it will take care of it. I have noticed a major decrease in my symptoms and I am also going to the bathroom more regularly on my own without the use of enemas which is nice. ;-)   898 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Ascaris question   by dpk   4mo
I don’t know. I think Madagascar cloves can do the job. I used to have the buzzing and vibrating feelings of worms in certain areas. I used to get strong reactions to mebendazole. That has seized for the most part and I haven’t had any vibrating worms for probably 2 months. I think adding the Madagascar cloves for ascaris is something that needs to be taken.   777 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Any fully recovered using Rife?   by david1o1   3mo
[quote] My parasites have either left or have become not-noticeable. [/quote] Reasonable words. missthang : I would add that getting rid of adult parasitic worms and others harmful organisms so the load is low and does not produce annoying symptoms must be done regularly. Considering that doctors do not consider a parasitic worms infection until the load becomes too high and causes annoying symptoms, and considering labs analyzes are not reliable to find a parasitic infection depending on the load and on the kind, i don’t know how you can classify somebody to ”be fully recovere ...   455 hits
Forum: Rife

Re: Antidepressant and Albendazole protocal   by Ohiogurl   3mo
I’m not sure if it will interfere, but if I may ask, Are the worms causing your depression? If you cured the worms would you no longer be depressed? If so, I would follow the protocol and wait to start the anti depressants. If you’re cured you won’t need them. What treatments have you tried so far? If they are only one dose treatments those don’t work hit them hard and get your life back.   243 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

My duaghter's strange parasites   by suzannaxyz   3mo   View Entire Thread 5
My duaghter is ten.Everytime she goes to the bathroom to pee, it smells. I have also noticed that she does not flush, and we don’t use that bathroom. After several days I see worms in the toilet. It happened 2 times already. Was wondering what is happening. Can the worms come out of the urine? Those look grey, long and thin.   406 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Is it normal?   by intrstelr   3mo
Yes, but meat does not digest properly n rots in the colon. You can find this info anywhere. It stays in the body much longer than other food, n rots, accumulating more worms n bacteria. Plus its meat, it already had worms n bacteria with it. Most meateaters do not have normal bowel movements.   273 hits
Forum: Parasites

Alinia working   by Cimber38   3mo   View Entire Thread 10
I started to have some gas last night and started to pass small worms today. I am guessing pin worms but not sure. They all look the same when they are small. So here is the question. Since I don’t pass these things unless I am taking meds does that mean they are still alive inside me? If so how come there are never eggs or evidence in the stool samples?   303 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Q: Indentations On Body   by Cimber38   3mo
Its either tape worms or ascaris. Nothing else will move strong like that. Hookworms will crawl under skin and leave creeping eruptions but they are small. I’m not sure tape worms can live in muscle like that. They usually encyst and don’t grow in muscle. wormwood isn’t go to kill anything that left your digestive tract.   329 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: newbie- yeast infection, parasites and sore throat   by Cimber38   53d
Some parasites could go anywhere in your body. Hookworms and ascaris travel through your blood stream, lungs and heart and they can get detoured or settle in the wrong area on their way back to your intestines. Tape worms encyst in tissues in the body Hard to tell one worm from another when they are tiny.   424 hits
Forum: Parasites   Parasites Protozoa

Re: Ruffage   by kasima   53d
I got so paranoid after my intial diagnosis with 4 parasites, that I started skin picking around my nails thinking every little bit of skin was worm. I finally stopped on my own, but I still wnat to see every little bit of anything around my nails as a worm. I haven’t seen anything viable in my poop in a long time, but I still look at it every time. It’s sad what this has done to me....and to all of us.   217 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: tapeworm I.d?   by linenup   54d
Looks more like a rope (not rope worm btw) - tapes have segments that are very identifiable, other worms have distinct tapered heads/tails. Signs of tapeworm would be white rice in the stool. Because this may be a rope does not mean you do not have parasites. Getting a proper diagnosis via labs is difficult but helpful, oftentimes it is necessary to test with more than one lab. Use a trusted lab such as ParaWellness.   263 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: 183425: Ivermectin Dosage   by Cimber38   54d
The alinia worked well for me for pinworms in the colon. You can try the ivermecin for extra days and just see how you feel. If you start to bruise take a break.The ivermectin alone wont get rid of the pin worms but it helps to interupt thier life cycle and works in your tissues to kill worms..   211 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Day 5: Albendazole   by Candidiaqueen   62d
how do you know if you have a big worm? I did pass a small clump of bean sprout looking things, maybe 8 worms tangled up. But nothing huge. If I take DE while on a break from the albedazole, will that help to eliminate any big ones? Thanks for your answer.   311 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Tapeworm together with pinworm.   by WhatNow4   66d
I had both together as well, until I drank Aloe Juice for three days. Within 24hrs I expelled the tape worm with the pin worms the following day.Your can get it at Walmart in three ethnic food section as a green bottle, or in the Pharmacy section as a high potency in a clear bottle with tan fluid. That one you will need to mix with a sweetener or juice.   133 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Need help with diagnosis   by Cimber38   65d
Looks like a fluke worm. What you are describing as your stool consitency suggests Steatorrhea and is consistent with this infection. If it is black in color you may have blood in it. The white dot suggest pin worms or some kind of helminth.   314 hits
Forum: Parasites   Candida

Re: I need help ASAP with parasites in head   by Cimber38   3mo
I used to get bad migraines at least once a week when I was heavily infected and didnt know. once I started to kill off a significant number of parasites my migraines stopped. I also found out that I’m gluten sensative and if I eat gluten I get headaches and muscle pain. The worms caused the leaky gut and gluten sensativity. Worms cause a lot of toxins in your system that your liver can’t handle.   454 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Even more worms from yesterday... Please help ID! (ph...   by bumblebee81   80d
I was taking Humaworm last month but I finished that a few weeks ago. I began to notice all of these worms in my stool before the Humaworm though. I think my diet is helping expel them. I pretty much only eat pineapple, avocado, garlic, ginger, brown rice, carrot juice, beets and tons of raw pumpkin seeds. Do you know what types of flukes these are? I expel this amount of worms every day.   486 hits
Forum: Parasites   Candida   Cleansing & Detox

Re: Parasites - Worms   by Cimber38   89d
I took the physical worms to 4 doctors. All except my pcp said they are mucous. My pcp said she didn’t know what they were and that they looked like worms. I had them in alcohol and they broke down some. Now I know to freeze them. I posted pics here. There is no way they are mucous.   318 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Sick. Worms   by intrstelr   83d
Its really discusting to, over the years, have near-death experiences n severe illness, n then come to a phase in life where I discover people have tons of worms. Not a very welcome phase. Its all that, I discover some of it is because of worms...! At least I know what it is so I can treat it, but yeah, not sure that that needed to happen...   208 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Tapeworm pieces with Sea salt flush   by L boogy   6mo
Thanks for that information on rope worms. I gotta say, I’m really scared about this whole thing. But where could I get the Gubarev enemas you speak of? Does it work on any type of parasite or just rope worms? Thanks again for all the help.   5,778 hits
Forum: Parasites Forum

Re: How to treat VAGINAL pinworms   by rg4411   6mo
The worms travel from your vagina to your intestines to eat. The worms live on the waste in your bowels. So the bowels is still the best place to kill them. Vaseline should take care of the itch. Do baby wipes, toilet paper, Vaseline. Wear disposable Depends.   6,848 hits
Forum: Parasites Forum

how do they work   by Viesia   6mo   View Entire Thread 6
I have a question. Can someone tell me please how these medications are working? I understand that Albendazole/Fenbendazole - stop with absorption of glucose Nitoxamide - messes up with worm’s metabolism Ivemoctrin - paralyzes Why would you take ivemoctrin for large worms? It will paralyze it for a little while and then they will go to normal life. I am just trying to understand these medications.   423 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Coughed this up, is it a worm   by CLEW   6mo
Here’s another bulb headed worm I coughed out by surprise. A severe asthma attack 2 days later landed me in the hospital. I think these worms were migrating in my lungs or something. It looks like they go all over... This is the backpost with pictures:   481 hits
Forum: Parasites Forum

Re Re Re Fenbendazole   by exhoop   6mo
If you think,that you harbour 1 gigant worm,than there are 1 small male too.The cestodes kill each other.(except the dwarf tapeworm) The ascarids could be quite large,but not kill each other. The nitazoxanide dayly dose for cestodes,or helminth parasites must be higher ,than the recommended doses on the box shedules.If the elevated doses,dayly 2-3 gr. doses,for 7 day not kill the worms,than you are faceing with multidrug resystance.   604 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar apparently contains...   by worms suck   6mo
”The Vinegar Experiment” The Vinegar Eel   2,014 hits
Forum: Parasites Forum   Apple Cider   Candida Forum   Addiction: Tobacco

Re: invasive tapeworm   by HEAVYGUT   6mo
i just realized i didn’t realize the invasive was larvae not worm, because every time i felt the crawling up my brow i was frightened a big worm was there and id squish them across my brow bone very viscously. i wonder if reinfecting myself because of this   523 hits
Forum: Parasites Forum

Re: Please help! URGENT Identification of parasites!   by sd2345   6mo
Roundworm or some type of worm that is not identified yet, but commonly reported on this site and others. Do a search at the top right (individually) for roundworm, ascaris, and rope worm and you will get lots of info. Do your research. You can cure all of your symptoms if you can find the treatment that works for you personally. Good Luck!   768 hits
Forum: Parasites Forum

Re Re Please help URGENT Identification of parasites   by dhgbrg   6mo
yes. looks like what i’ve been passing on a rope worm treatment (enemas etc.). nobody seem to know what these ”rope worms” are, but there’s been many posts about them here lately that you can check out if you want to know more.   716 hits
Forum: Parasites Forum

Re: upset   by nickedribs   5mo
The only thing I can think of is that Doctors went to school to learn to treat diseases, not nasty worms. This is why we have so many incurable diseases, because we never killed the worms that are causing the diseases.   675 hits
Forum: Parasites

Air bubbles in urine and bowel movement ,what type of wor...   by who knew   5mo   View Entire Thread 7
I have had tons of air bubbles in my bowel movements and in my urine .I keep trying to find a worm that will produce these and the closest I have come is rope worms :0 Does anyone know of any other types of parasites that will do this and has anyone else experienced this phenomena? Im not just talking about a few air bubbles here either ! I have passed some mucus strings on a couple of occasions .I wish i could remember exactly what I was taking at the time that expelled them .Has anyone else had any luck with eliminating the air bubble critters   890 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: upset   by scabdraggr   5mo
Funeralhomes are freaked out, they refuse to embalm those bodies that have worms crawling out of them, bet they lose a lot of business, my BF just died, worms coming out all over, he had ”Liver cancer” Right! No WRONG!   629 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Do pin worms scatter in nose ears etc   by who knew   5mo
I just read a reply of yours that was posted on another forum and you were saying that low eosinophils likely meant no worm infection .Mine were 2.0 which is pretty darn low and absolutes were .20 .But my basophil absolutes were high .I know I have some type of worm because Ive seen the darn things move .Any ideas which ones produce low eosinophils ? Or do you think that antibiotics before testing and supplements could have thrown the test off ? I bet this is why they werent taking the parasite thing seriously .   1,462 hits
Forum: Parasites   Parasites Protozoa   Parasites: Skin   Parathyroid   Zoonotic Disease

Colonoscopy   by #174499   5mo   View Entire Thread 5
Im getting a colonoscopy in a few days. I have digestive problems. Has anyone here have had a colonoscopy, and will doctors find worms, if you have them? Also I have to drink about a gallon of a laxative called Klean Prep, this will completely clean your intestines, will this flush worms out if I have them?   415 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Is this bugworm die-off   by Big Haunch   6mo
my wife agrees with you...she says im to ambitious with it...i might pull back much bigger guy than most...and i have a big i thought i could handle more...i guess a lesson was learned. i have taken de-wormers before with success but i always did the lower doses and so i wanted to test i went 4x the recommeneded doses 2x day...and then i saw more worms/flukes than that showed me...they often need to be shocked to death by de-worm bombs thanks for the tips   336 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: help please... worm infestation   by pretty1   6mo
dear worm infestation. i am going through similar problem. if you find an answer to this problem please let me know, i also found spiral shaped worm in back of my leg. i tell the doctor and they say that i need to see a psychiatrist. i have round shaped sores and it kind of looks like the sores are being formed from the inside out.   1,550 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Zapper   by david1o1   5mo
If you want to damage/kill protozoa or bacteria or viruses, take a look at this :   633 hits
Forum: Zapper   Parasites: Protozoa   Parasites: Skin   Candida Forum   Hulda Clark

Re: Delicious way to get 40 grams of fat.   by Cimber38   5mo
Well it stays in your system for awhile so I don’t think you screwed it up. I passed white thread like stick things that were straight as pins and much bigger than pin worms. I dont know what they were. Some were red also. I also passed white balls with worms sticking out of them that looked like a kush ball. It’s amazing what is in us that we don’t know about.   347 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Help ID worm and   by workonhealth   5mo
Thanks for your reply! Been more than a year since humaworm. So wondering if we see worms - is it die off or the system is so overload that it comes out. I’m starving today so maybe the worms are hungry :( Did you use the RG cream around the nose? Or can it be used anywhere? Thank you!   510 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

Re: Could Ropeworms be Candida? Photos included   by Cimber38   5mo
I took some of my larger worms (hookworms) and stored them in alcohol. They broke down and looked very similar to the first two pics in the second row. The ends of them frizzed like that and just a hallow tube was left in the middle. To me most of these these look like decomposing round worms and maybe some flukes.   1,396 hits
Forum: Parasites   Candida

Re: Please help me identify these!?!?   by Soly047   5mo
So hold on... Were the worms ever analyzed to see what they were? Why she gave you praziquantel without first ID the worms? Was that the case? But in your opinion praziquantel (Biltricide) was effective right? For 3 weeks?   1,170 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Passing lots of parasites. Im scared. Pictures   by RJGerard   5mo
Looks like intestinal lining to me, worms nromally either come out as white ”intact” living, or dead meaning dried up in a ball. You can put some ductape on your anus over night and see what you ”caught” the next day. However for your Lyme and Hypothyroid you should take Selenium. (Google it) Doctor can give you meds if you got worms, but if you stomach acid and bile flow is not right you will only be treating temporary symptoms and they will come back.   1,024 hits
Forum: Parasites   Lyme Disease   Candida

Re: Ivermectin Injection   by fightingpandabear   5mo
My sixth day, decided to rest one day without injection due to the increased heart beating. However no worms move on my body. This feeling is good, because I can focus to do something else without bothering with itchiness. But in the evening, I feel the more activity of the worms, and I added 5mg of ivermectin orally.   358 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Protocol help please   by Cimber38   4mo
Maybe it is a parasite that parasitizes ascari or round worms and like digs into them with tentacles and holds on and sucks them dry and then attaches to the intestinal wall with its suc***s to keep living. Then the dead worms hang onto it and tangle up like a rope. Not scientific but It’s a theory of mine.   443 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Freaking out   by CureAg03   4mo
It looks like a rope worm to me. They have that pigment and form until they grown to be 3 feet long. Electricity and electrical appliances tablets, pcs, cell phones power these worms, they are biorobotic. They grow first out of candida cells which spawn them They change into 5 different morphologies. Candida is inhibited at 3ppm by Ag03 and 3Ag03 per the clinical trials book.   398 hits
Forum: Parasites

vitamin c   by Viesia   4mo   View Entire Thread 9
Do you use vitamin c? If you do what kind? I used buffered vitamin c yesterday and it feels that my worm is getting strong again. Maybe it is just my imagination but maybe the vitamin c is helping the worms to get better? I don’t know. I am just getting hopeless :(   358 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Battling pinworms or something? I feel sad, need to vent   by samer2050   4mo
this is not sense at all , who know about this worms? , when you were child you can watch it crawling in the feces , then you will have the symptoms , you will take medications without an benefits ,but you will never see the worms again, you will feel it killing you but never seen it , why, what is the scientific explanation , are we all crazy ??? this happened to me and everyone who have pinworms , and there is no cure until now summary of our all same stores feeling sad   5,830 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Parasites

Re: Please help identify if I have parasites   by Cimber38   4mo
This looks like worms. Maybe hookworm. The white stuff I’m not sure about. Seems like people with parasites all have this yellowish stool that falls apart. I know I do most of the time. You need to take something that will paralyze the worms or kill them. Herbals make them scatter to other parts of your body and that isn’t fun.   419 hits
Forum: Parasites

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J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.
Kill Candida Now
The best treatment for chronic Candida and yeast.Works fast.Guaranteed Resul...
The Tesla Shield™
Transformational Technology For Mind Body And Soul.
Oasis Advanced Wellness
Premium natural health supplements including intraMAX superior organi...
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