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Re: TMG??   by Hveragerthi   4y
  I did have one more question about Vitex. Is it the berry only or whole plant that I should be looking for to take? For the hormones the berries are the part used.  Other parts of the plant have other properties.  The leaves are thought to be a good sedative, and they have been found to be great mosquito repellents.  The root bark is a preventative for some cancers. Is there anything important to note about the quality? If using the powder it should have strong characteristic smell still if it is still fresh.   992 hits
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No Period for 9 Months   by Sarahlzbthz   4y   View Entire Thread 3
Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what might be wrong with my niece, or what she can take to help her problem.... She’s 17 years old, and has not had a single period for 9 months... She is a bit underweight, she has a fear of eating calories or fat of any kind... But she started missing periods before she became this way... She is also a vegan... She’s been taking chaste berry/vitex, and raspberry leaf for awhile now, but they have not helped... She does not eat soy (which I know can cause bad hormonal imbalances), has never taken birth control or anything like that (ne ...   822 hits
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Re: Ovarian Cyst - What Can Cause Them? What Should We Do...   by LittleWhiteDove   4y
Great info thanks! I was diagnosed by the gynecologist with ovarian cysts. He prescribed progesterone. I did not take it. I must mention, I have very little faith in doctors. So, I think I will try and handle this myself, using a natural approach. I have modified my diet, eating as healthily as possible, and I supplement with Hemp oil - for the omegas. I feel much better, the pain has lessened. I also use Chaste Berry (Vitex), but I found that to cause some side effects. I have started doing yoga, to counteract my sedentary lifestyle. This has also helped. I am due for a check ...   907 hits

Ashwagandha and R   by #91053   4y   View Entire Thread 6
Hv I took Amoryn (sjw and 5htp) for few weeks for anxiety, but ended up throwing them in the bin. I really did not like how they made me feel. I’m not depressed, more anxious, so maybe just not right for me. I take Seredyn on a as needed basis and I now take the occassional kava if i can’t sleep. I know you say you don’t know much about rhodiola, as used to be expensive. It is not expensive here in the uk. I want to mix Ashwagandha and rhodiola together in caps, for anxiety and concentration. I’ve seen this mix in the health food store. Do you think 1/2 teaspoon few tim ...   1,837 hits
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Re: Low cortisol & low progesterone supplements, anxiety   by hugablemom   4y
Hi, I am a scared to do a liver detox because of how extremely sensitive I am & and I do mean extremely sensitive!!! What kind of detox symptoms do you get from a liver detox. The iodine detox put me down for 2 weeks. I have 6 children, a husband & a job that I have to do. When I get down it seems that everything falls apart. Please let me know how you make out with this. I would love to do one, but I feel that I would have to take off work to get through it. I am going to try the vitex. Which one would you recommend. I did a search for it & all different kinds came up. Thank you for ...   12,711 hits
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Re: Desperate Ex-Mirena User   by spudlydoo   4y
I am also an ex-mirena woman. This form of BC actually caused my body to stop making its own progesterone, this continued even after getting the mirena removed. Hv’s advice on using bitters is great advice, and adaptogen herbs are also very usefull. I currently use jiaogulan and vitex. My body is now making its own progesterone again, and my levels are back to normal. Celary seed is a very good diuretic, and I found this very useful when I had a lot of water retention, I also found celary seed to be good for lowering blood pressure, as water retention and elevated blood pressure go ...   958 hits
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Re: overweight and celiac disease   by spudlydoo   4y
The only definite way to know if you have celiac disease is to have a biopsy done on your bowel. Many people, however, do have wheat sensitivity, this is not considered celiac disease, but can cause inflamation of the bowel, so the symptoms can be similar, but not as severe as celiac disease. If you are having swelling of the fingers this is normally due to water retention rather than weight gain. Celery seed can really help with this, and it also helps to lower your blood pressure, as the two often go hand in hand. Estrogen dominance is also something to look into, particularly afte ...   1,855 hits
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Re: Adrenal Fatigue, orgasm, very unusal Question   by cps0843   4y
Hi thanks thats very interesting. I was so sure it was my throid because of the tighness, but it obviously wasn’t and I just caused more problems being so focused on the thyroid, I cause my thyroid to swell a bit and I became more hyper. I even tried emotional homeopathic products without success. I can be mentally calm yet my body is totally hyper. I have been on all kinds of adrneal products but I have a bad reaction to hyrocorticone and pregnenoone/dheam. It feels like my body is on alert all the time and will never calm down, and build up of pressure, no matter how I relax an ...   6,510 hits
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Re: Please Shelly A few Questions about Herbs   by shelleycat   10y
Why are you taking Vitex? It’s estrogenic. Not safe. Tea or tincture is fine - go for whatever is most convenient. You can mix most tinctures no problem. Chinese bitters only needs 20 minutes, then you can take olive oil and lemon juice. About 20 minutes after that you can have breakfast - if you still want it! :) Olive oil and lemon juice will force the liver and gallbladder to expel bile. This is how the liver exits the toxins it cleanses out of the bloodstream. It has to go somewhere, after all! :) The bile goes into the small intestine, then passes out the large intestine. ...   693 hits
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Re: hormones   by shelleycat   10y
The only hormonal remedy I recommend is Vitex, which is in Julia Chang’s herbal tincture ”Fem-Mate.” Before you take it, however, you should thoroughly cleanse the liver and bowels. Fem-Mate may be purchased from in Canada. Taking that much Advil will do damage to your kidneys over time. Having damaged kidneys myself, I can tell you that it’s no fun! no fun at all. So do try other remedies that may allow you to lower the dose of Advil, or alternate between Advil and Tylenol and Aspirin. Castor oil packs are wonderfully relaxing, as are warm compresses of magn ...   648 hits
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Re: candida and hormone imbalance   by shelleycat   10y
Hi Carrie! Well, the liver is involved in both candida and estrogen. A weak, congested liver will cause estrogen issues, as will weak adrenals, and that will compromise digestion and assimilation enough to increase candida. Then once candida gets out of hand, the liver is compromised even further, so even more estrogen issues come on board to party... yippeee..... ;) Avoiding foods high in estrogen (soy, flax, evening primrose) while taking the herb Vitex (it’s in Fem-Mate from www.sensiblehealth) and liver detox herbs should bring you back into balance. Beware of taking any estroge ...   829 hits
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Re: Hormones   by Hveragerthi   5y
Bitters cleanse the liver, which in turn allows the liver to break down excess hormones.  This includes the androgens that lead to acne.  Zinc, 50mg daily with a large meal, is also recommended to help with hormones balance.  B vitamins are important for the liver to break down excess hormones. Food sources such as rice bran, seaweeds, nutritional yeast, etc. are best. Progesterone is very effective in suppressing the libido in both men and women.  Vitex (chaste tree berry) will raise progesterone, but it takes several months to kick in. Progesterone can make ...   1,137 hits
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Re: Botanical Relief for Menopause Discomforts   by spudlydoo   5y
I’ve had good results with the vitex after about 6 weeks. When I first went off birth control, my body had stopped making progesterone, due to the artificial progestins in the BC. I did use a bioidentical creame for the first month, as I was not making my own progesterone. It was good as a stop gap, but I didn’t want to be using it all the time, I wanted my body to start producing its own progesterone. With the help of herbs I’m now balanced hormonally. It does require patience, but its worth it in the end. Thanks Hv for all your help with this:) spud   1,866 hits
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Re: The myths and dangers of "bio-identical" hormones   by Hveragerthi   5y
It sounds like you are probably referring to endometriosis. Getting the hormones under control is essential. Bitters are the most effective way to break down the excess estrogen. B vitamins are also essential for the liver to break down the hormones. Rice bran would be a good source of B vitamins and will help feed the flora that then further break down the estrogen metabolites. Vitex (chaste tree berry) will help elevate progesterone levels naturally, but it takes a couple of months to really kick in. Dietary phytoestrogens can also help by antagonizing estrogen. The list o ...   1,597 hits
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Re: Healing Crisis or Setback?   by Hveragerthi   5y
 But two days ago I began not sleeping well again and was getting a mild pain on my left side just below my ribs. Then my face began to break out. Yesterday my emotional/mental state went way off track and depression set back in big time! This really sounds like a hormone issue. Breaking out is from androgens, which can be either testosterone or progesterone. And increases of estrogen from progesterone or testosterone can cause depression due to the suppressive effects of estrogen on the thyroid. This could be a temporary shift in the hormones as your body is trying to ...   2,295 hits
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Re: Vitex   by Hveragerthi   5y
The role of vitex is to help the body generate the progesterone it needs. An adverse effect of this though is suppression of libido, thus its other name chaste tree berry. History of the herb is that monks used to use it for this purpose. For the adrenals and thyroid I would focus on herbs like jiaogulan, schisandra and ashwagandha. And foods and herbs high in vitamin C, pantothenic acid and iodine such as watercress, nettle leaf, amla berry, pollen, black walnut hull, papaya, kiwis, and berries. The TMG I have mentioned in previous posts also helps with the production of neurotransm ...   749 hits
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Need Help with Balancing Hormones   by Charly   5y   View Entire Thread 11
I feel so stupid... yesterday I found myself in my health food store without a list, with a faulty memory, I bought soy lecithin, nettle leaf, Vitex and Astragalus (Is this the correct one?). I have been using a progestrone cream Emerita’s Pro-Gest for the last 5 years - not as much or as regularly as the directions. Hv’s posts have convinced me that there are much better ways to balance hormones. I’ve spent 2 days trying to figure out if these are the right things to use and if I’ve forgotten anything, but can’t seem to find the right information. I can return whatever I don’t ne ...   1,826 hits
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cycle back : )   RR by pjc   5y   View Entire Thread 10
just an update on me and metformin and cycle etc and the information you gave me a few weeks ago dont need or want the metformin i am so not a fan of medication!!! tossed it out, instead i followed your advice got some magnesium, had the GTF chromium and vitex changed my vegaterian diet so that i reduced the number of carbs i intake daily and with in a couple of weeks i had PMS !!! and today i started my cycle for the first time in many months, has been the worse PMS ever but i got my cycle, still so crampy but glad the breast tenderness is disipated cause they hurt bad, so i want t ...   1,206 hits
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Re: Update on Health and a Question   by #88964   5y
I was thinking of these same things. I am going to the store to buy some vitex to see if that helps. I noticed my hair isn’t falling out anymore so something is better on that front. I just bought DE ....I know you said to put a teas. in a gallon of water. Is that the best way to take that? If this is fungal will DE take care of that? I take one b-complex a day. Maybe I will increase it to two as the label says 1-2 a day. Or, I could take Schulze’s Superfood and the b-complex. I know that has a lot of b’s. I’m not feeling overly anxious but I feel a little more anxios than n ...   1,051 hits
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I am truly amazed..   by #38539   5y how similar our experiences are. Especially with the stuff that’s supposed to help the estrogen dominance making it worse. This has been my experience with vitex, chaste tree, soy, transdermal progesterone, oral micronized progesterone, pregnenolone, etc. It ALL ended up worsening the problem in the long run. The oral progesterone did give me back my quality of life, though, I have to say that. I regained my appetite, lost the constant nausea, the panic attacks diminished about 90%, I was able to sleep without the drenching night sweats (which started when I was only 18 years o ...   2,924 hits
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Re: and now.....   by mamado65   5y
Get some Activated Charcoal pills and they will take care of body odors and also bloatedness.... hope all works out for you.. Its been a little over a yr since I had the mirena removed and Im still not feeling well at all... taking vitex... charcoal often for bloatedness.. and need to get me some progesterine cream but havent yet... hope just one day I will wake up and feel so much better... lets start a prayer chain for each other say every morning at 9:00 will say a prayer for all the mirena ladies to be healed and gain our life back again... Love to all and GOD BLESS...   1,138 hits
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Re: What else can I do?   by BalancedStep   5y
Thank you very much and I agree. I have not had much luck with supplements either (tried for a long time) they ever really turned things around. Isocort made me depressed after a while too. Ginseng, pregnolone, DHEA, Licorice and flax tended to make my PMS symptoms worse (breast tenderness). The only thing that ever helped me was an herb - Vitex, so I have explored more herbal options and whole foods. It just seems to make sense to me.... I had all but one tiny one mercury filling removed when I was a teen. I agree in the protein too - it seems to help me. I am gluten intolerant ...   4,007 hits
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Re: hyperhidrosis and hormones   by mamaj   5y
Well, it would make sense, since the progesterone production is so high in pregnancy. I actually stopped using the cream. Not because it didnt help (it did), but I am trying to let my body rebalance as naturally as possible. (the cream is not recommended for long term use), so the sweating is back, but not too bad. (still using the vitex) I never tried the pill. I do have a prescription for the an underarm roll-on that eliminates the sweating, but I really dont use it-it has had some potential for causing other problems as well, and it makes me itchy. I have had this problem f ...   3,079 hits
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Re: Does anyone have continuing GI issues?   by mamaj   5y
you might want to try digestive enzymes. Even if we eat super healthy foods, if it is not being broken down properly, the nutrition doesn’t get where it is suposed to go, and can cause a whole slew of problems. IBS is one of them, immune problems, along with many other of our symptoms. This was one of the first things I tried (before removal). the Doctor who specialized in these enzymes was the one who pointed me to my endochrine system in the first place. they definetely help me. You can get them in any health food store, and they are reasonably priced I believe. sorry I cant ...   11,249 hits
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Almost 1 yr removal   by mamado65   5y   View Entire Thread 6
Good Morning Ladies: Well on the 27th I go in for my yearly exam after having this monster removed... please pray for me that my PAP comes back normal this time... they did my PAP last April at the same time they took out my IUD and it came back abnormal and had to go thru series of tests.. yuk!!! has anyone else had there PAPS come back abnormal since removal? cant believe its been ayr and I have to say, I still feel like s--t!!! still no energy, still fat :(, still having joint pain, headaches, anxiety attacks... backaches, legaches and arm aches.... I never knew there was such ...   1,350 hits
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Re: estrogen dominance   R by Hveragerthi   5y
The body can regulate its hormones pretty well in most cases provided the liver and adrenals are functioning properly. This is why I recommend bitters to cleanse the liver. And many of the adaptogenic herbs, that support the adrenals, also help to balance the hormones. In particular suma, wild yam and licorice root. The minerals boron and zinc, and B vitamins, also play roles in maintaining proper hormone levels. So these will go hand in hand with the phytoestrogen based foods. And if you need a boost on your progesterone levels, the herb vitex (chaste tree berry) will incre ...   3,508 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Menopause   by GrannyCat   5y
Yeah maca is great! I’m about 9 years ’post’ menopause but honestly the only thing that stops is the bleeding ... the rest of the hormonal cycling goes on and on and on and on! Like a listing ship ... I keep trying things to help get rebalanced and sail on! Thanks to HV’s wisdom, I bought and plan to start taking soon Vitex for hormone balance. I believe HV also said TMG helps hormonal balance too and that’s also on my ’to start’ list.   897 hits
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Tender Breasts After Period   by mrsnelson78   5y
I don’t even know if this is Mirena related, but I had a pretty decent ecperience this month. Not too much anxiety- in fact it felt like I was about to get anxious but never got there. Don’t know if that makes sense. But this was the first month with me really sticking to the Vitex and other supplements and actually being really regular so everything seemed to be functioning normally. Anyway, AFTER my period stopped I noticed my right breast was very sore/tender and tingly and I had a really large vein running along the bottom of my breast under the areola. No lumps that I notice. ...   1,477 hits
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re: 11 months   by mamado65   5y
Well Ladies: It has been 11 months since my removal and finally starting to feel a little better.... as in reading in other posts, I think the ~VITEX~ is the thing... I was off of it for about 2 weeks and started feeling really bad again and just started back taking about 5 days ago and am feeling really good again... also for the heavy bloating and stomach pains I have been taking the activated charcoal pills 2 of them before I get ready to eat a meal... so my stomach doesnt hurt that much anymore.... still got to struggle with this weight gain and yeah still have those emotional moment ...   347 hits
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Re: Pre Menopause   by mamaj   5y
My FSH test came back high-and the vitex is suposed to lower it. AKA- pre-menopause-my eggs are aging. My estrogen, testosterone, progesterone FS are all ok. I am 41. Dr. says I should keep ”doing what I am doing” because it seems to be working. She also said the l-theanine should be fine to ween me off the xanax. she seems very open to all the herbal remedies i am trying, and still agrees mirena is the probable cause. Have you had your FSH levels tested? From what I am reading-this is the best indicator.   1,064 hits
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Re: Questions regarding FBD and salt loading, etc.   by WillowS   5y
”Another question for anyone with FBD, anybody using Progestrone Cream to aid in the healing of FBD?? I’m post menopausal and this has been a freightening trip for the last 2 years until I found Curezone!” I have used progesterone cream with great success for FBD. I stopped using it because my doctor said, since we don’t know if my mother’s cancer was progesterone receptive, I probably shouldn’t use it. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know. He did recommend I try Vitex (chaste berry) in place of the progesterone cream and I have to say it works really well. It takes a little whi ...   2,701 hits
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2 months post removal.. when does this get better??   by mss727   5y   View Entire Thread 5
I am 2 months post removal from what I like to call the ”devil”. I have had one period so far after it has been removed. I had the IUD for almost one year and never felt myself but didn’t even realize it was from the Mirena. Then I had anxiety hit at 11.5 months of having the iud and that’s when I had it removed in Jan 2009. Most of my side effects have gotten much better except for the anxiety. I never had anxiety in my life and 100% blame the Mirena for screwing up my hormones and causing the anxiety. I had no period for about a year while having the IUD. I am taking a liver cle ...   1,711 hits
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Re: post removel   by mss727   5y
Hi I am 2 months post removal and going through the same thing. I felt better once it was removed but then felt like crap again. Just yesterday I started my 2nd period since the Mirena was removed. All last week, I felt terrible and now I feel better. The last 2 months has been a roller coster and can’t wait til I am back to myself fully. I am taking Vitex, magnesium, and liver cleanse. Don’t know if it’s doing anything because it’s only been a few weeks on the vitamins. Good luck... I’m going through the same thing!! How long did you have the Mirena for??   937 hits
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Re: The thing about this 4 month crash...   by mamado65   5y
I have the Crash every month, right before I get my period... having it right now.... Ill, _itchy, brainfog, lazy, no desire to do anything.. and most of all my joints hurt and I am soooooooooooo tired and sleepy as if I have OD on some drug or something.. I hate this and wish is would stop... I am 11 months removal and things just dont seem to be getting any better... I take the Vitex everyday and magnesium.... but not feeling better... Hope you are well soon..   1,084 hits
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Re: advice...   by mrsnelson78   5y
It has to go or it will get worse. Even then it may take some time to feel better. This is about you and your body. Trust me, the $150 will be money well spent. Think of it as being slowly poisoned over time. After you get it removed you’re going to want to help the ”recovery” process along by cleansing your body. Lots of water. Healthy foods. Exercise. I also suggest supplementing with Vitex and/or evening primrose and a good multi vitamin and fish oil. Also, make sure you are regular. It helps. I promise. Journaling will be good for you mentally, I think. First thing’s firs ...   632 hits
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Re: New here need some support   by mrsnelson78   5y
Nope, sorry 5 months may not be enough time to get back to normal. I say give your body at least a year and don’t be discouraged because you have made progress. I’m 10 months post and still get a twinge of anxiety around that time but it gets better and better every month. I think the Vitex I’m taking helps too. Just be patient with your body and think of it as unlearning a bad habit. If you journal you will see how far you’ve come. That should be encouraging.   941 hits
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Re: anyone with acne use the progesterone cream????   by mamaj   5y
It’s actually one I created. I took a list of all my symptoms and embedded them into the chart from john lee with the estrogen/progesterone/ovulation cycle. It also shows where estrogen dominance kicks in. I used the chart for a while before I went with the progesterone cream and vitex. My symptoms track almost perfectly. Today is the best day I have had since removal. I am at the peak of where my progesterone s/be in the cycle. Almost feel like myself again, and I have to say it is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know if you want to see it, and I will e-mail it to you.   1,412 hits
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Re: Premenopause help!   by #67737   6y
Hi Ruby - sorry to hear you;re having such a hard time. As you’ll see below (neuropathy etc) I’ve still got lots of problems to sort out BUT you could try some vitex (and look at websites for otehr ideas on non-estrogenic herbs and foods) - that helped me a lot with menopausal symptoms until I developed palpitations and found almost everything made them worse! You cojuld also try having some rolled (or freshly ground) flaxseed as a cereal (I just mix with water to make a sort of porridge), and mix flaxseed oile with yoghurt (it emulsifies) to make a salad dressing. The flax helps me a l ...   2,083 hits
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Weird "Film" With BM   by Newswoman   6y
I’ve been doing cleanses for several months now. I have been clearing up candida as well as parasites. A few months ago, I found out I have fibroid cysts. One is a little bit bigger than a tennis ball. Since I don’t want to go the surgical route, I decided to shrink and dissolve the cysts myself. Some of the same herbs that are used for candida and parasites are used to remove cysts. I’ve been taking pau d’arco, vitex (chasteberry), black cohosh, wild yam root, aloe vera juice, and acidophilus. After about two weeks of taking everything, I passed a massive amount of parasites. It ...   524 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Herbalist told me to take this..So Far So Good!   by beach07   6y
Hi, I take the 1000mg, one a day, Vitex capsule. You need to take it first thing in the morning. My tonic contains St Marys Thistle, burdock, Siberian Ginseng and Withsania (Winter Cherry). I do feel a lot better on it. I think what has made things worse for me is that my doctor’s solution to the MIrena aftermath was to put me on the pill. Equally as horrid. I know I need to do a liver detox after we get through the silly season!   776 hits
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Re: Period for 2 1/2 months.   by mooney   10y
Hi I am sorry to hear that you are having these problems and I hope that you are still managing to enjoy your baby and this time in your life. I also am no expert, thought I have done quite a bit of reshearch due to my own problems since having my son, 2 years ago. I think having a baby can put an enormous strain on your body and hormones. There is a herb called Vitex, which maybe helpful, it balances hormones, also a web site that you may find useful is www, the women there Juila had problems which she cleared up by taking herbs for the liver, which she believes was th ...   911 hits
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Re: Adrenals, Estrogen Dominance, Hormone Balancing...   by mooney   9y
Hi I am sorry you are having such a hard time with youre health problems. I have estrogen dominence problems such as endometriosis, I actually found that taking progestrone cream made my symptoms worse. Having said this I know a lot of people have fould that it works for them. For me it made my breast much more tender. I have found that a herb called Vitex worked a little, it balances hormones. Its better to take it in a tincture form as the tea taste so bad that it make it almost undrinkable. I wish you the best with your health...good luck Moonie   12,443 hits
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Re: Adrenals, Estrogen Dominance, Hormone Balancing...   by butterfly   9y
Thanks for your message Mooney, One of my dogs’ is named Moon and his nickname is Moonie. :-) I think my progesterone cream is too high a dose and is part of the reason my breasts were so tender. I have been told the lower dosage creams are better. Which one were you using? I have been told that a cream called Endau is supposed to be good. I am afraid to use herbs like Vitex because I was told that they can inadvertantly increase progesterone too. And I definitely don’t need that. Thanks again for your message. peace & joy, *Brigitte   12,280 hits
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Re: Long lasting heavy flow periods.   by Chicka   9y
Hi! I’m having the same sort of problem. I sometimes skip periods and then have a ten day one, or sometimes have one, then two weeks later have another. But this time the bleeding has gone on for almost six weeks. I contacted my doctor and she said to take Vitex. I did, but it honestly hasn’t seemed to help. I’m also using some wild yam cream. For me, the bleeding seems to be heaviest in the afternoon/evenings. Is this true for you as well? I have an appointment to see her on Tuesday, so we’ll see what she says. I would be interested to hear what your doctor says as well!   1,676 hits
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Re: For people who have had endometrial ablation.   by ANVIL   9y
I guess I’m just looking for someone to say that they took them and it wasn’t that bad. Some reassurance. I wish that my heavy menses could be treated alternatively, but I have tried them all, from liver flushes, colonics, primrose oils, vitex,shepherd’s purse,black cohosh, progesterone cream, candida free diet... and the list goes on. It’s been that way since day one, accompanied by bad PMS, so to be able to get rid of the period is a bonus. I can find stuff on the web about people’s reaction to the surgery, but not their reaction to taking the meds.   1,059 hits
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Re: post 9 months removal   by mamado65   5y
Yeah Im trying to take back control of my life and not let this IUD get the best of me.. I am taking Vitex to balance hormones and Im gonna get me some Iodine supplements and take them also... maybe it will decrease the size in my fibroid... And LO and Behold this morning when I was out in the sunlight I looked in the mirror in my car on the way to work and DAMN I have started getting all this fuzz which is now turning black, along with a DAMN mustache and I have never had anything like this before.. do I get it waxed, does it make it worse or what...   851 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD Forum

Re: My Infertility Protocol   by melisadki   8y
You may want to watch out for vitex though if you have polycystic ovarian syndrome. It made me worse. Just thought I would add that. Something with high LH levels already I think it hindered my ovulation. I think Vegan should be a choice...For me it is near impossible because I am insulin resistant and depend on higher protein and less carbohydrates. I do eat organic foods though..all the meats found in the store are full of hormones, antiobiotics, and who knows what else. Good points!   2,396 hits
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Female Balance   by Jo   11y
Female Balance is an effective and gentle herbal recipe that helps balance the female body to better cope with the unique symptoms of PMS and Menopause. Proprietary Blend Valerian Root (Valeriana officinalis), Dandelion Root (Taraxacum mongolicum), Rosemary Leaves (Rosmarinus officinalis), King Solomon Seed (Polygonatum multiflorum), Angelica (Angelica sinensis), Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex agnus-castus), Black Seed (Nigella sativa), Black Cohosh Root (Cimicifuga racemosa), Chuanxiong Rhizome, Crampbark (Viburnum opulus) (Caprifolaceae), Squaw Vine (Mitchella repens), ...   894 hits
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Re: PLease Help   by ICOC_98   11y
There’s no way that these problems can be brought on by the mental means. I feel so bad for her, she must be suffering a lot. She should go to the doctor to get a complete examination, she may have ovarian cysts or tumors, endometriosis, etc. Try Vitex, it’s an herb that has been used for years for hormone balance. Also, try avoiding all meat and milk that is not organic. They have hormones that set our bodies into hormonal turmoil. Have her try to eat mostly veggies and some fruits. She may need to do parasite cleanse. Get rid of all the dangerous white foods, such as sugar, flour, rice,e ...   1,097 hits
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Re: Endometriosis   by tandy   11y
I just had a laparoscopy--stage 2 endo. The doctor removed all the endo he saw. I’m now on ortho evra (the patch), and have started using progesterone cream. Do you thing that’s OK to do both of these? A friend of mine told me about Vitex, too, so I picked up a bottle of it. Is it OK to use along with all this other stuff. And if so, when do I take it? (Every day, or just days 6-28?) Thanks much for the help!   1,578 hits
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Re: Advice?   by ellen cherry   11y
Thank you so much. I am really focusing on cleansing right now. I did my 1st liver flush and will do another in 2 weeks. I am also taking herbs to decongest my liver so that excess estrogen can be released. I have just started P&B shakes and I hope they start to work soon. I am also planning to do a parasite cleanse. The vitex supposedly helps to regulate hormones, no matter what the imbalance. I chose it because it seemed the most natural approach. It definitely is doing something, I just wish I could see some concrete indications that it is working. I am feeling very premenstrua ...   987 hits
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good news   R by ellen cherry   11y   View Entire Thread 5
I ovulated yesterday! Finally- it’s been 3 months. I noticed a spike in my basal body temperature and also had think ”egg white” discharge. I don’t know whether or not this is related to my quitting the vitex last week, but I will stay off of it for now. I will be interested to see how long of a luteal phase I have, because before I started all of this healing mine were only 4 days (very estrogen dominant). Anyway, thought I’d share the good news and I hope that I have a nice long luteal phase. ellen cherry   1,654 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
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forgot   by WhiteIris   10y
Two herbs may help a little, not a cure though: Red Raspberry tea and Chasteberry also called Vitex. Try to get capsules not alcohol or glycerin tinctures. Even the littlist things aggravate candida. I don’t know how sensitive you are. Also all the times you come off candida diet and binge on cookies and bread or whatever your not good for the pancreas. Remember the hypoglycemia you are havinng. that is why. I did the same too, the candida diet m,made me worse not better. So don’t feel alone. gracey   877 hits
Forum: Gynecological

Re: estrogen dominance   by nanekitoo   10y
What’s been helping me is taking Vitex. I’ve been estrogen dominant for quite awhile because I was not ovulating. No ovulation means no progesterone is being produced in the second half of your cycle and progesterone is what balances out the estrogen. I’ve actually ovulated 3 out of 5 cycles since I started using it and it’s making a difference for me. Of course, it really depends why you are estrogen dominant. You can also try eating organic meats to cut out xenoestrogens and I’ve heard good things about using natural progesterone creams to supplement during the second half of your c ...   1,043 hits
Forum: Gynecological

Re: -Elly-   by elly   10y
Hi Ev, Thanks, they do have wild yam cream and vitex at our health foods store. She said that we need a prescription for natural progesterone cream. I am in B.C. and right now it is so hot that i think it may be a little bit of the humidity that is causing more perspiring, but i am still having night sweats. Everyone seems to be complaining about waking up and being drenched at night here. After it starts to cool down here i will see if i am still perspiring at night and then maybe try the wild yam cream. Take care LL   1,300 hits
Forum: Gynecological

Re: Oxygen?   by Hveragerthi   6y
A couple of suggestions. First stay away from caffeine. Secondly this is a problem of a hormone imbalance. Consuming more phytoestrogen rich foods will help. These include soy products, sage, yams, peas, beans, seaweeds, and kudzu. Flavonoids also have phytoestrogen-like effects. Berries are great sources of bioflavonoids. The herb vitex (chaste tree berry)can help by stimulating progesterone production. It does take a few months to build up. Cleansing the liver with digestive bitters is especially good since the liver is responsible for breaking down excess estrogens. Drink a ...   1,242 hits
Forum: Oxygen

Re: Female Formula recipe   by beena22   11y
The recipe that I have for Dr. Schulze’s Female Formula is this: 1. Put together equal amounts of the following TINCTURES: angelica or dong quai root (angelica sinensis), mexican wild yam root (dioscorea villousa), chaste tree berries (vitex agnus-castus), These ingredients make up 75% (or 1.5 oz) of the Female Formula. 2. Put together their respective amounts of the following TINCTURES: 3 parts damiana leaf, 1 part licorice root, and 1 part hops flowers. These ingredients make up the other 25% ( or .5 oz) of the Female Formula. Hope this helps.   2,484 hits
Forum: Dr. Schulze 2 [A]

try mixing your own from bulk hebs   by #33901   9y
  Since the capsules you were taking contained equal parts of Vitex (chaste tree) and wild yam, you could buy the powdered herbs in bulk and mix them yourself.  You didn’t say how big the capules were, eg, "0" or "00" size.  If you are only taking two capsules a day, I would suggest 1/2 teaspoon twice a day, mixed with some warm water.  The taste of both of these herbs is not especially strong or distasteful. I’ve taken both in the manner described. You can buy the herbs from HerbalAlchemy or Present Moment. I’ve pasted a link here below.&nb ...   1,051 hits
Forum: Home Remedies

Absolutely Grog!..................Also...............   by Robbie   11y
Hi Grog, I agree with you totally! I think she should visit Andreas’s forum because post pardum depression is a classic sign of liver congestion causing an inbalance in the hormones estrogen & progesteron. When estorgen rises and progesterone falls abruptly right after child birth, depression and all the other symptoms associated with this can be overwhelming and cause all kinds of mental health issues. It’s all a inbalance that can be corrected with some cleasing of the liver,bowel & kidneys can stand a good cleansing too while your at it. I made some supplement suggestion in my above ...   1,888 hits
Forum: Depression

Re: not sure if this is good or bad   by Dee08   6y
Same position as you , had mine taken out on the 26th of September. Didn’t want to take chances so I started taking Vitex Agnus castus tincture on the 3rd of October. Had my period on the 13th of October ( last cycle was 17th September with mirena in) - My cycle was normal , no clots but fresh bleed, not heavy flood type bleeding .Finished up nicely in 4 days and hope God willing to conceive ASAP!!! Best advices is just relax, don’t be too anxious trust God and be prayful and let him bless you! Blessings.   935 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD Forum

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