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Re: UK suppliers for zappers?   by Giz   10y
Hi Chris: Don Croft is the designer of the Terminator, he is at, his distributor in England is: Dave Mark at Dr. Clark’s Synchronometer is an electronic zapper with settings for individul parasites. I have been using the Terminator for about 6 weeks now and I am ’rewarded’ with lots of dead little critters in the toilet bowl for about 2 weeks now. There does not seem to be an end to the little black hordes. After the first week or so there were lots of white, transparent hairlike creatures from 1/2 - 1 inch long ...   1,040 hits
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Re: OK. I did it, I ordered my stuff... thanks to all!   by anunnaki   10y
Well I think most people would go the Terminator route over Becks Blood Electrification although this is EXCELLENT also. If you use a terminator you can see differences quickly and because Hulda’s zapper was poor they all aren’t. If you look into the beck unit you’ll find its still a form of zapper ;-) same as the Magnetic Pulser! A Terminator is fast anyhow but if worn correctly its very fast and can hit deep parasites under 1 months use. If you want something for deep intestinal parasites amongst others then try the Jaguar Enterprises but its 750$ but cheaper than a Rife unit etc ...   843 hits
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Terminator zapper 2, versus beck, versus Rife???   by pamela6000   10y   View Entire Thread 7
Hello, WOndering if anyone has experience with a zapper like the terminator, and or beck electro unit, and or rife type unit?? I have a new terminator and like it. I used to have a sota beck/sliver unit but lost it somehow, so am trying the terminator now. I have no major health problems...but have also been reading up on rife. They are very expensive, but seem to also be very good. If I ever had a serious illness, or chronic lingering one..I would not know which would be best. I do suffer much from very bad seasonal allergies, and sinus infections. Any input out there????????   2,644 hits
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Re: Terminator 2   by Jen62   10y
Thank you so much Annunki for the info. I am glad you responded because I was looking at the para zapper with copper paddles, wrist straps and food pads. I assumed that Dr. Hulda Clark’s was the one to buy. The Terminator 2 looks so different from the para zapper, do you just hold it in your hand? I am not sure what you do with it. The second website seems to only have the Terminator, must have been the first one. I will be ordering my Terminator 2 today, thank you once again. I can hardly wait until it gets here. Also your other advice on the other devices is most interesting and I can se ...   1,212 hits
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Will I grow a permenant dependency on my Terminator?   by Rob Cesternino   10y   View Entire Thread 3
I was poking around the forums and someone said that you should never go a day without zapping, and this made me wonder: if I use the terminator for a long time and then suddenly stop, will I feel weak or sick? (Sort of like a alcoholic does through withdrawal symptoms when he stops drinking cold turkey)? Would my immune system become weakened over time because it doesn’t have to do the work of killing bacteria, because they are automatically killed by the terminator? Also Wilhelm Reich said that if you are exposed to too much orgone you will feel dizzy and ill. This won’t happen on ...   768 hits
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ms Lightening   by anunnaki   10y
I was not trying to have a dig at you lightning and maybe I should have put something like this into the original messages but I guess I was rushing to get out but this computer steals my time to the very end ;-) I seriously doubt Don Croft changing his Terminator! It was designed for a purpose which it does very well. THere are some other people who make adaptions to the device but I dont know about handhelds. I would also like a handheld zapper and I might get a Ultimate Zapper to go along with my Terminator. I think if you used a Terminator with handhelds you might loose that e ...   1,014 hits
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Can you wear it too much?   by agapemom   10y
Hi Jen62, Don Croft (maker of The Terminator) recommends wearing it 24/7 for the first 30 days. I could not wear it that much because I am so acidic that it burned my skin during they day unless I held it to my palms which gets kind of in the way a lot. The Terminator won’t burn the palms of your hands or the soles of your feet. So, if you’re acidic like me I recommend that you wear it all night every night on the soles of your feet until you become less acidic. (The Terminator will cause you to become less acidic). I think it was after about a week of wearing it on my feet ...   1,643 hits
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Re: zappers   by Newport   6y
Zappers and Other Gizmos Zapper Tips I preferred the UZ from Ken to the other (Expensive) one I tried, that said the Terminator II also has its place. Couple of posts: View my posts on the UZ in this thread: Terminator, ken presner, or the 10 dollar one? Terminator, ken presner, or the 10 dollar one? Comments from when I moved to a Fre ...   1,068 hits
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Madelle   by Wrenn   11y
i got the beck terminator at for 110 $ usa it is a small box/ easy to use/and just need a ace wrap to strp it to you leg if youwant / i don’t even do that since when i use it i move it all over and generally plan to sit there for an hour anyhow. runs on 9 volt battery (comes with one) and i always keep a few spares aorund. the light goes gree (good) to yellow(need replace) it is not as fancy as the others or as variable in ability but it is based on clarks zapper design and was within the budget i had. i woudl liek to next when save up some money get a pulsar ...   991 hits
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toothache   by #27957   7y   View Entire Thread 4
I need some advice please from all you fellow zappers. I have a terminator II and recently went to the dentist for a cavity/toothache on tooth #11. The dentist didn’t give me any antibiotics or painkillers. The dentist says the tooth needs either a root canal or extraction. I have been using the terminator II on the area but have been experiencing some burning around my upper lip and cheek area. My question is will the terminator II take care of this situation or is root canal or extraction in the very near future? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.   3,022 hits
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Another zapper question   by stumpy   10y   View Entire Thread 2
I know Annunaki is a big supporter of the terminator 2 and I think it is the only one I can afford. I am not sure but I think it only as one frequency. If that is so, how can it eliminate all parasite, bacteria, fungi, virus and mold. I have done 2 boxes of paragone and am not sure if all the parasites are gone. Hulda clarks book stated that joint pain was due to flukes. I still have joint pain. Can the terminator reach flukes that the paragone can’t? Also I think I might have candida, can the terminator zap that away?   800 hits
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Re: Are you supposed to "feel" it?   by Giz   10y
Hi Bernt: Thank you for your interestin reply to my zapper questions. I emailed Don Croft to ask if he sells the Terminator in Europe. Here is his reply: ”I generally refer retail customers in Europe to our distributors. Mark Davey in England at: and Markus Emannuel in Switzerland at: are my favorites. Kolina at: www.freshairfoundation has them for sale in Holland.” I contacted Don Croft through his website at My Terminator is on its way; it should get here by the end of this week. By the w ...   813 hits
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Trialing the `The Silverado de Luxe'   by anunnaki   10y
I’m trialing the `Silverado de Luxe’ from Orgonise Africa on myself for a couple of weeks. I’ve swopped my precious and awesomely made Don Croft Terminator II for my mothers S.D.L. I decided to hit myself with a different slightly higher frequency and see if anything different occurs. My mother seemed to have some more die-off extra even after using the Terminator II all this time. I will see what occurs with me but with all the Silver and Ozone I take I doubt theres any differences. Its an excellent zapper for the money as its a Terminator II made by George and not Don with Don’s ...   522 hits
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Re: T1 and T2 diffferences?   by Giz   10y
Hi: I had the same question about the Terminator. I asked Dan Croft, the inventor about it and he said that that is an old denomination. The fact is that there is no difference. Toolsforhealing and others got their script from Dan Croft when he thought that it was a good idea to use this label, but he said that he does not use any distinction any longer. There is only 1 Terminator, although curezoners us the Terminator II distinction because they probably got theirs from Toolsforhealing. Giz. :-)   820 hits
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Re: Zappers...parasite vs. fungal???   by 66 medium   10y
Very good question. I would like the answer to that one as well. I’m thinking the Terminator would be the one I prefer, but would it knock out both candida and parasites? The web site claims: ”THE ZAPPER DESTROYS PARASITES (VIRUSES, BACTERIA, WORMS, YEAST, FUNGI, ETC.) THROUGHOUT THE BODY!” Can anybody verify that claim? Thanks 66   1,203 hits
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Re: anyone in here using the t2 zapper   by anunnaki   10y
Well this will become no shock, but I have used the Terminator II for months now. You can find the basic results within 20-30mins with your sinuses haha. It was the best zapper for a long time and personally I dont think theres anything better still. Yes theres the new multi-frequency models but the T2 has always had quicker results. People put this down to the healing power of ORgone which the T2 has and I can vouch for that. Theres the Crystal gems and mobius coil in there too. Get it from Don Croft or the other sites I provide. http://w ...   1,512 hits
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Duration - Terminator vs Super De Luxe   by KD   11y   View Entire Thread 4
I don’t have a zapper, but am trying to keep up with everything on this forum until I do. I’ve read of others doing duration zapping with the terminator. But I’ve also read of zapper burns, with a necessity of having to wet paper towels every hour (or something like that). Is there something different about the Terminator that allows for such long term zapping without burns, or are people with the terminator doing something special to prevent burns during these long term zap sessions? Is there a safe way to do duration zapping and sleep through the night without waking every ho ...   946 hits
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Re: Terminator zapper?   by Zoebess   6y
If I did not already have a couple, the original and the Zapper II, I would go for this deal~~ I like and use the Terminator for the main reason that I can use it and not have to sit and hold ”paddles”. I can slip it into my sock or my underwear or affix it to the bottom of my foot for sleep. I use an ankle brace and just slip it in underneath. I find the product to be especially effective with parasites but imagine ther ...   2,166 hits
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Got the terminator :)   by Zooii   2y   View Entire Thread 10
I just received the terminator and put in on although I saw you could write on a piece of paper to energize the doctrine which I did but I really want to be on the permanent doctrine list, so when can I do that. I only read ”Later it would be easier to be added to the Permanent Doctrine List”. Also will the doctrine work carrying terminator close to the body in a pocket or bag for example or does the terminator always need to be close to the skin? I guess it should be activated in three hours according to the egyptian table.   826 hits
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Re: Got the terminator :)   by Zooii   2y
Ok, just want to do anything wrong here. I´m still wondering if the terminator has to be next to the skin at all times or can I have it on in a jeans pocket for example. Also, when I first heard of orgone many years ago I ”built” orgone pieces at home, it´s very simple. But I had to use quartz crystals and I can´t see any quartz crystals in this terminator. This one is from oasis wellness. Are all the terminator II really orgone generators even though there is ny crystal in there?   817 hits
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Re: Parazapper vs Terminator II   by Ohfor07   9y
”As far as the new age orgon,crystals etc I don’t know.” If you don’t know, nuff said. I do know there is nothing newage about the Terminator and it’s use of orgonite components, possible exception beign those inclined to call it that without knowing. The orgonite is not for better electrical conductance, per se’, but is intended to enhance subtle energy; particularly the use and placement of a Neodymium magnet, some gem stones and a Mobius coil surrounding a small quartz crystal. I have 3 Terminators, they all came with instructions clearly informing that when new to zapping, it is cri ...   5,352 hits
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Image Embedded Re: Zoe?   by Zoebess   7y
How wonderful Beth~! Oh, how I wish I could wiggle my nose and get a reflexology treatment~! I massage my feet but have enjoyed others doing it enough to feel spoiled by that option...ggg. If you are talking about the pennies?? You can leave it the way it is and it is still fine. I have used toothpaste, or something called Never Dull to clean them though. Do not immerse in water ever~! You would only want to polish up the conductors, and that is optional. Hope this answered your questions? namaste, Zoe -_-   1,418 hits
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Re: ParaZapper : Thoughts on Terminator?   by ParaZapper   6y
- all your talk of 7min on 7min off is pure nonsense. electrical contact kills things and thats the bottomline Then why do so many customers report poor results when using continuous zapping as compared to on and off? Why do different zappers get different levels of results?   1,580 hits
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Re: Any suggestion on how to use the zapper   by 66 medium   10y
I was hoping someone more knowledgeable than myself would reply, but here goes. The zapper I have is a small black box with an on off switch on the side with a velcrow strap and to copper penny shaped coines on the box on the side you would put next to yoru skin.   891 hits
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Buy the Terminator II here!   by anunnaki   10y
You can get it from numerous sources but I will give you three which all of them sell Orgone too. I suggest you study up on Orgone and its healing effects. This is why some think the Terminator has had quicker healing than the other zappers when it came out. Its the best zapper for portability and can be put anywhere. Gone are the zapper hand probes or crappy wrist straps. Use the links below and enjoy this good product! The cheapest place to buy from is Orgonise Africa and he is reliable and fast too. His Terminator is a copy of Don Crofts with his permission. Georges Terminator h ...   2,143 hits
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Re: Question for Anunnaki   by anunnaki   10y
I am not the only one who has got some input on this subject. I will give credit to Comeback_Kid and some others. I have a Terminator II and wouldn’t be without it. Thats great you go yourself one but make sure you following Don’s instructions for 24hrs a day for a month. I believe Don should have put on his instructions minimum 1 hour a day instead of 20mins. I advise this as some people I have got Terminators have noticed Adenoviruses after even an hour zapping. Unless you have Tapeworms, Flukes etc you generally dont see them in the stools as they are busted up in the body and ...   849 hits
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The Silver Terminator   by justmarvin   10y
I am first wondering if skin irritation is a big deal with Terminator II zapping. I may have found a solution. If Terminator II usage causes skin irritation then maybe it’s worth it? If it doesn’t cause much of a skin irritation then I won’t bother with an altered design. I would feel better using the original anyways. Let me know about your experience with using the Terminator II. Here is what I found though. It is called the Silver Terminator. For $50 extra you get the Silver Terminator found at ”A third idea that ...   3,271 hits
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HAIR comes back from Radiation death   by anunnaki   10y   View Entire Thread 4
This is something I’d totally forgotten about till my mom brought it up in conversion again yesterday. My mother underwent Radiation therapy amongst Chemo when she had Breast Cancer. Unfortunately my knowledge was of a sheep at that time so these treatments were taken. After the Radiation therapy on her chest and arm she lost all her hair and growth. The hospital said its highly unlikely she wouldn’t grow it back ever. Her friend had the same and still has no hair at all there after 20 years. After about 1 year on my protocol which then was mostly Colloidal Silver & Ozone until s ...   1,485 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Tracey thanks so much   by MaryIgnatius   11y
There is something called ’terminator gold’ that I purchased for 40bux once. I took it as directed, and got through my test fine. But I had smoked only half a joint about 1 month before my test. Prior to that incident, I hadn’t had any marijuana for about 1 year(the stuff makes me sick sometimes). A few years before that, I had to take a urine test, and was in the same situation. A little weed smoked about 1 month prior to testing. I was told to drink a lot of water, drink half a bottle of apple cider vinegar(the real stuff, not the ’apple cider flavored’ stuff)(I assumed that to be ...   5,940 hits
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Re: Parazapper vs Terminator II   by Ohfor07   9y
Thanks freelastchance. I actually discovered zapping somewhat out of order, before some other issues that can affect health like the pervasiveness of parasites in this world. As it turned out, zapping caused me an unexpected benefit that I’d seen nobody else report - heartburn and GERD suffered for years that has almost but not entirely gone away. Learning about the use of the Terminator eventually allowed me to stumble on to other issues, including those directly related to health, cleansing, liver flushing, etc. The heartburn benefit suggests that zapping possibly helps correct acid i ...   5,242 hits
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Re: how does the wave/current go thru body?   by Ohfor07   8y
Yeah, I think the point you made makes a great point for comparison. You mentioned the resistance factor. I’m guessing that one of the reasons that Terminator users are more prone to observing the electric ”tingling” affect is because the Terminator is operating in a more localized human environment; the electrodes (pennies) are only 2 inches apart (on center). This suggests the current only needs to travel through roughly 2 inches of human body in order to complete a path, so this path of resistance is likely to be a lot lower than what it is, say, between the two hands of a human. Compar ...   1,029 hits
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Re: Earth's diminishing electromagnetic field and zappers.   by Steve888   5y
We know the body is bio-electric. When your energy is low ie stress, you have higher chances of getting sick. The extra little bit of micro-current the zapper adds to the body has beneficial effects for many people, combine that with a beneficial frequency like 15hz , 2500hz, or 30khz etc the body takes the energy, uses it to heal, and go after the bad guys. My non-scientific explanation. Just tool a quick look at the Terminator II Zapper benefits: What changes can I expect to see from zapping? * Cuts, scrapes, wounds, infections, etc., heal rapidly. * Eliminates si ...   1,845 hits
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Re: Parazapper vs Terminator II   by #51355   9y
Hello, I use a Terminator and have used one for years. My first one did not have the bells and whistles on it the Terminator II has. I used it as one of the *tools* I used in healing cancer and did so successfully. I had tried another brand of zapper which had paddles that you held but it was not convenient enough to motivate me to do it as often as I needed to. The Terminators are able to be slipped into a sock, or worn anywhere on the body one can snug it against the skin and wear it. I use it driving, sleeping, really as much as possible. I find it very easy to use and use often. I d ...   5,494 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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How to use Terminator II for Glaucoma & Compromised Lungs...   by #31158   10y   View Entire Thread 7
Terminator II ordered two weeks ago should be arriving soon as Healtingtools erraneously put incorrect postal code. I am 60 years old petite femaile, 5”3”tall. As a teenager my weight was arund 90 lbs. but incrased to under 100 lbs in my golden years, however lost 20 lbs in the last two years, 10 lbs for no reason and about 8 lbs when I did colon cleansing with bentonite clay and pysillium. At present I weigh around 90 bls and cannot increase my weight. My maternal grandmother, my mother, my maternal aunt dies of breast cancers. My oldest brother had stomach cancer and had his s ...   1,443 hits
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Terminator Seeds   by Liora Leah   8y
Corporate Greed + Destructive Technology = Increased Risk of World Hunger   Terminator Seed Moratorium at Risk January 10, 2006 When the Mississippi-based corporation Delta & Pine Land and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) patented a genetic process in 1998 to make harvested seeds sterile, farmers around the wor ...   1,051 hits
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Re: Reply to Maryellen   by MentalNomad   11y Here is Don Croft’s website, it’s not quite as informative as the literature that comes with the zapper unfortantly but it will give you a start. You can do a search on google for Silver Terminator and it will come up with another site that has some more information too. has a good price on the terminator--better than Croft’s site plus you can use a debit/credit card and don’t have to wait on the mail. :) The Terminator just has one frequency--15mhz, that Croft says kills all parisites and fungi and it is powered by a ...   1,217 hits
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Re: zapping babies   by MentalNomad   11y
I have a Terminator zapper and in the paperwork that came with it it said zapping was ok for 8 months and up. I have an 18 month old daughter and I put the zapper on the bottoms of her feet so she will not get any burns or discomfort. I have done it while she was napping, or hold her in my lap while we are watching a movie. With my three week old baby I tried serrogate zapping. I was wearing the Terminator and I would put my hands on Hunter. The Terminator also has an orgone generator and I could feel the energy in my hands. When I would put my hands on his head he would cry, so I just hel ...   819 hits
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Re: Tuning the brain:   by Giz   10y
Hi vidalia: So far I have not noticed any results, but the zapper should be worn around the clock to be efecetive in the short term. My Terminator zapper is on the way; it is easier to wear around the clock. Right now I am using the Bob Beck bloodelectrifier for about 4 - 5 hours a day. This unit creates a very annoying rash on my wrist and in my case it should be worn for several months to get results. I have only worn it for about 2 weeks. I have great hopes for the Terminator. I have read very good feedback on it on curezone. I hear from curezone that the Terminator can get dr ...   1,693 hits
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Your Crystal info   by anunnaki   10y
Etheric Fire is the cheapest place around for Don Croft Terminator Zappers. The Terminator and Terminator II are one of the same thing except when T2 the movie came about he called it this and now its back to THE TERMINATOR. The implants can be found with a device called a ZapChecker which is an excellent device and quite powerful. Many have found these and disabled them by using this Implant killer or placing half an inch - one inch neo-d magnetic over the area with tape for 24 hours. If you do not leave it for 24 hours sometimes these devices have come back alive after a few hours. ...   1,223 hits
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Beck I feel is the best form of Electrification   by -2tuff-   9y
Well I would expect to see proof of this statement which I have heard before again without anything concrete so therefore I will not believe it. Also anyone with any sense should be using a Terminator simply because its portable in a way where you can go out and shop as is your model. You will probably find that Mrs.Beck if she does wear a Terminator is because of this reason. I have seen quicker results with some problems with high voltage and higher microamps than with any zapper including the orgone models. I can tell you from just one experience with warts that the orgone zappers t ...   2,753 hits
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Anunnaki cs & Terminator - can I use both together? Than...   by #31158   10y   View Entire Thread 4
Anunnaki, I understand the cold symptom(die of reaction, etc. but I did not have any for a month) but my confusion was as to why after a month I suddenly develop the cold symptoms...I have done several liver flushes, parasite and kidney cleanses and enemas. Have taken pumpkin seeds as well. I did boil the water and used the hot water to make CS. ”””Keep it up just don’t wear it when you take Colloidal Silver just incase it messes up.”” Anunnaki, I am a bit confused... Should I not wear a Terminator whilst I am taking CS or I should wear a Terminator and remove it when I am drink ...   873 hits
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Image Embedded Re: Don Krafts Zapper reviews is it any good???   by Zoebess   7y
I have two terminators. An old faithful and a new one. I like them. I have used a zapper which was hand-held and I opted for the small size, the ability to slip it just about anywhere. I also have had great success in zapping over my gallbladder area. I have flukes in my flush releases after zapping. None if I do not zap. Those critters are real suckers~! I do so much stuff so it is hard to say its any one thing. I know I feel better zapping than if I do not. I used the zapper this summer during a month Master Cleanse and felt it really helped, or was helped, by the fastin ...   2,713 hits
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Re: Choosing new zapper, battery, ac etc. Help!   by sandwich   7y
Like you, I’ve been through all the zappers.  A lesson I’ve learned is, you can’t get ease of use AND effective zapping.  Choose which you need cuz you won’t get both. Some have wristbands, these are junk except for the Superzapper Deluxe wristbands.  Problem is, the Superzapper Deluxe isn’t that great (complicated, expensive, junk wristband wires, junk connector for wires, etc). Terminator zappers look awesome!  But they stink.  Croft says to put the copper directly on to your skin (it gets absorbed by your body, the copper wears away. BAD!) and the tiny con ...   888 hits
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Re: zapper vs electronic muscle stimulators   by Ohfor07   8y
I’ve been using Terminators for over 2 years. In my experience, the situation with the blemishes that occur when the zapper is left on one spot of the body too long (relative) decreased over time with regular use. Have read some theories on why this situation decreases over time, but will leave this for some other time. For some people, this may be a situation that turns them away from the Terminator, for me it’s been a minor nuisance. Different spots on the body coupled with skin moisture seem to be more sensitive and more prone for this annoyance to occur. In the mean time, an easy solut ...   9,304 hits
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Re: Info on using a zapper on children if anyone knows:)   by MentalNomad   11y
I used the Terminator zapper on my then one year old little girl for about 25 minutes one evening when she was running a bit of a fever and did not seem to be feeling well. She felt better immediately it seemed. I did not test her to see if she still had candida or not, but I don’t if it would have been long enough had she had it for sure. My husband on the other had had candida for sure as I had tested him using AK. He had the zapper on all night long, a couple of days later we went to see my naturopath. I asked her to test him for parisites and candida--he tested negative! I had not test ...   1,163 hits
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Image Embedded T2, Ozone answers   by anunnaki   10y
I’ve sent a thread to the Oxygen forum on here with some great links for Ozone and especially `The Story Of Ozone’ by Saul Pressman. Yes Ozone is so powerful and you wont look back once you start on this gas. I recommend the SOTA Instruments WOZ4 for its price, reliability & price. I got Ozone a month after seeing the benefits of Colloidal Silver and wham the effects are very quick acting. You notice your organs working effectively especially the bowel, theres some serious cleansing go on. Please read by information and links in the Oxygen forum on here and make that purchase NOW, don ...   1,664 hits
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Re: Terminator Zapper   by MentalNomad   11y
NewUK, you can go directly to this site and read about the Terminator ZAPPER: Inspired by Clark, improved by Croft If you want to buy one do a search on google or such as there was another company that was selling them for him and had them a little cheaper. My dad wears his Terminator almost constantly. He is really having benefits with it. You can read several of the testomonies on his site and how it works and all. According to Croft about 80% of diseases have been able to be cured by the Terminator, and the other 20% have been to due with ...   3,063 hits
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Re: Take no notice of Propaganda pushers   by ParaZapper   9y
- Bird Flu H5N1 is nothing to worry about at all! This is a truly moronic statement. H5N1 is not a problem for us now. The Bubonic Plague existed long before it became a problem. Syphilis existed long before it became a problem. Even cholera is not always virulent, but I am not dumb enough to ignore it. Marburg has been warned about for some time. It was discovered in 1967 when 37 people died of it. After that only one or two cases appeared every 5 - 10 years until last year. Over 350 people have died of it since. Anyone with reasonable intelligence can understand that diseases ch ...   1,481 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
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Re: Terminator II-Jen   by Jen62   10y
Hello Sherry, The Terminator II cost $168.10 Canadian. My surpise was that there was no tax??? What’s up with that? Not complaining by all means, we get taxed to death here! The Terminator II is a small little black box with an on off switch at the side. You tuck it in your waistline of your pants or strap it to your wrist, tuck it in your sock. I started out with my wrist to see what happened first, then tucked it in my waist of my pants, now I move it all over. It suggests 30 minutes but Annunaki suggested an hour. I was on a website that said you can strap it to the bottom of you ...   749 hits
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Re: All top Electro healer live for long times with good ...   by caprio   10y
No paranoia People will always ask if the zapper has any side effects. And they have every right to know. We are not talking about the Machines, Royal Ramond Rife, Nikola Tesla, George Lakhovsky, used here. They didn’t use a terminator II did they? Therefore wouldn’t it be good to have it scientifically proven (preferably by doctors)that the zapper has no side effects. Then it would be done and dusted and nobody (especially not the doctors) would be able to disparage electro medicine again. It will have to be done before the general public will accept it. No matter what any good ...   1,991 hits
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Re: My first zapper, where to buy   by Ohfor07   8y
Be aware that there are Zappers that are the original ”terminator”, then there are several people who through their collaborations with Don Croft have produced their own Terminator-like Zapper. From my observations, there are several more Terminator-like suppliers to be found than there are those who sell the original. This may explain why you are likely to find a better price of the former. As for the latter, if you do not get from Don ( I honestly do not know at this point who the other people are that he is currently reselling/distributing the originals throug ...   2,078 hits
Forum: Zapper Support

Re: Has anyone used the Terminator zapper?   by caliman   8y
I have been using the terminator II for about a week now for 23 hours a day along with taking clarkia and I was not expecting to feel this good. Before I purchased it I was doing the full beck protocol and wanted to kill my curiosity about using the T2 as ive heard alot of good things with people using it 24/7. My condition (hsv2) has seemed to almost be non existent in the last couple days and my results are just as good if not better than the beck protocol ’’with continuous use of the zapper’’. To me it was a very good investment. Terminator Design: Don Croft’s zapper is b ...   4,157 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Zapper Support

Re: Zapper electrode materials   by caliman   8y
if your going to be wearing a zapper for more than 8 hours a day the choice of electrode is very important. I have a terminator 2 and wore it 24/7 and it has created some burn marks/scabbing that has not fully healed and its been about a month.....and its not a pretty site. I now have a ’el silverado’ from orgonise africa which is a terminator 2 with pure silver electrodes and do not get burn marks or scabbing,..although it does leave silver oxides on the skin if the electrodes are not cleaned daily,...toothpaste and a q-tip keeps them clean... The gold(eldorado) from what I underst ...   1,064 hits
Forum: Zapper Support

Re: Parazapper vs Terminator II   by Johny Apple Bomb   9y
Another option is to add silver to the pennies as in the link below. Sometimes if your skin is to acidic the terminals are reported to burn skin. So I guess you like your Terminator 2 zapper. Is it more pleasant to use than other zappers due to the added components? Do you know anyone that has cured themselves of a serious disease with a Terminator 2?   5,320 hits
Forum: Zapper Support

Terminator info and more   by -2tuff-   9y
If your suffering with your Respitory then you should use the Terminator II on this area where your rip cage starts to go up just a little below the heart. Keep the Terminator in this position for as long as possible. I found Colloidal Silver in the nebuliser wasn’t that great but it may be having some healing of which you don’t notice. I found the best answer is to ozone some distilled water for 5-10 minutes and use this in the nebuliser with the PIPE fitment, do this at least 3 times a day. I will suggest you drink Cayenne Pepper drinks to help remove mucus from the lungs and eat r ...   1,644 hits
Forum: Zapper Support

Re: The Terminator   by rabbitears   8y
Vtool, excellent confirmation on the Terminator and the kind of thing I was looking for. One of the things that seems interesting about the Terminator, is that the technology is a cross between zapping and magnetic pulsing. Since I have an unsual case with parasites, it will be interesting to see what happens and I will certainly keep everyone posted on the zapping results. I ordered it and should be here Monday/Tuesday. Can’t wait! I’d also like to thank a good friend for encouraging me to look in this direction because I had been previously skeptical about zappers. Vtool, Than ...   4,597 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Zapper Support

Re: The Terminator   by vtool   8y
I don’t believe at all the Terminator will act as a magnetic pulser, nor replace magnetic pulsing or oscillating magenetic fields, which have been U.S. Patented proven to neutralize pathogens or microbes, and the MPG5 itself being now or at one time a CLASS 2 LICENSED Medical Device in Canada. However, I have heard nothing but GOOD things about the Terminator, and for GENERAL zapping, I have interest in it, if nothing else because of the low frequency matching the alleged hertz of the earth now, and it’s ease and size in being able to be WORN 24/7 :) . Please let us know how things go wi ...   4,566 hits
Forum: Zapper Support

Re: Need Zapper Purchasing Advice   by #32899   7y
I’ve been looking at zappers off and on for a while now . What worries me about the terminator is that none of the sellers of this device (and there seem to be many) show any pictures of the inside of this device . The fact that so many sites are selling them makes me nervous because who knows where they may be made . One guy doesn’t even tell you where he is located ! He states that he doesn’t even have a social security number !No way I’d buy from this wingnut. This just helps to make me more distrustful of this device . Why doesn’t Don Croft ...   1,411 hits
Forum: Zapper Support

Terminator II and the eye   by LS20   6y   View Entire Thread 2
I just have one very important question about this product and would appreciate it if anyone could answer. I read testimonials stating that the Terminator II was capable of riding a person of their eye floaters. I just want to this true? Is there any validation to this? Has anyone here used it for this purpose? I’ve read that it’s capable of actually stopping cancer in some form and I know that floaters is very small thing in comparison with that. I need to know is it possible, because if so I am thinking about purchasing this. I noticed its quite expensive so I don’t want to was ...   1,484 hits
Forum: Zapper Support

Terminator Zapper   by #90127   6y   View Entire Thread 13
Hi I have been using the Terminator for about 3 weeks now and it still tingles and itches when I use it on my hand. It has even burnt tiny holes in my skin (from the acidity?)but I dont seem to be feeling the benefits of it. I have a few small warts on the bottom of my right feet and they are still there. HOw long does it usually take before the itching/tingly feeling goes? I have been using it with Chembuster. Any thoughts on the Terminator?   3,716 hits
Forum: Zapper Support

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