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Can Giardia/parasites in general cause dizziness/motion s...   by AngelofEventide   24mo   View Entire Thread 2
We got a rescue in February. Mind you, I have been dx with other parasites in the past, mainly Roundworm and Ascaris and have done various parasites cleanses, including HM. I’m sure they’re still around though. Anyway, so we adopted our puppy and she turned out to have Giardia. She was treated for it and after two rounds of medicine, finally tested clear. I was instantly worried about getting the Giardia, as I know it can be highly contagious for humans. So this was back in February. About 2 months ago, Julyish, I started getting all day dizziness, motion sickness and short bouts of vertig ...   1,759 hits
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Re: In need of some advice regarding absorption of vitamins.   by candisufferer   26mo
I’M NO EXPERT - ONLY A FELLOW SUFFERER - TAKE WHAT YOU WILL AND LEAVE THE REST I embrace candida isn’t a syndrome, rather a symptom. Re-balancing your body will allow it to re-balance candida. Your seeking is sure to pay off...keep up the good work. I like saywhatagain’s advice about liver flushing: it’s not going to hurt anything and could help. Vit D People say to use swedish bitters over digestive enzymes to force the body to make it’s own enzymes and CHEW YOUR FOOD WELL which releases these enzymes. Your acid ...   1,567 hits
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Re: bitters   by Hveragerthi   5y
 Hello. All. I have been taking a swedish bitter product by nature works, and i must say that i have noticed no relief. I am still bloated just about every day and constipated a lot as well. Could it be that i need to try the grape bitters or should i get my stomach checked to make sure that it’s not a functional issue? Have the grape bitters helped anyone a lot? What about the tmg? I’m going to get some tmg today and see if it’ll help my digestion. Take care. AB. Remember that the bitters merely stimulate the release of stomach acid. You need the catalysts for the production ...   1,792 hits
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Re: Home Made Digestive Bitters??   by healing naturally   4y
Digeestive bitters are usually made out of herbs...bitter herbs. Look at the label on the Swedish Bitter or other brands at the health food store to get an idea of what herbs they use. You could potentially use a very bitter food, though getting an herb would be better. The trick is, the bitter has to come in contact with your tongue and sit there a while in order to stimulate the needed response in your body. So make a strong tea, take a good sized sip and hold it in your mouth, swish around, then swallow. Do this for the whole cup, sip by sip, about 20 minutes before you eat. Dandelio ...   1,922 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Considering detox am confused about sodium bentonite ...   by Grace2Marayger   11mo
Wow, Thank you so much! I thought that Vitamineral Greet was all Whole Food never considered these might synthetic... ”Vitamineral Green™ Enzyme Concentrate∞ Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Bromelain, Papain, Alpha-Galactosidase” Other Enzymes I had samples of had not been agreeing with me and I’ve only used the Vitamineral Green sparingly since it seemed to be a little hard on me. I had just noticed someone else was considering using it for a pre-detox to strict candida diet. I have and am using the recommended non alcohol Swedish Digestive Bitters. Again, Thank you!   622 hits
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Swedish digestive bitters or betaine hcl???   by teelovee92   6mo
So I was doing some research online regarding digestive enzymes and leaky gut syndrome and realized theres still some work to be done on my part to relieve some of my persistent symptoms (bloating, gas, food allergies/sensitivities). I now know that takind betaine hcl adds acidity into the stomach and helps with digestion but doesn’t alter the acidity, so can it be taken for the duration of treatment or for an extended amount of time. Then there’s swedish digestive bitters, based on what I’ve been reading this may be a better choice because it stimulates the vagus nerves but can this also ...   1,564 hits
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swedish digestive bitters or betaine hcl???   by teelovee92   6mo
So I was doing some research online regarding digestive enzymes and leaky gut syndrome and realized theres still some work to be done on my part to relieve some of my persistent symptoms (bloating, gas, food allergies/sensitivities). I now know that takind betaine hcl adds acidity into the stomach and helps with digestion but doesn’t alter the acidity, so can it be taken for the duration of treatment or for an extended amount of time. Then there’s swedish digestive bitters, based on what I’ve been reading this may be a better choice because it stimulates the vagus nerves but can this also ...   169 hits
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Bitters   by hanna   22d
I have been using grape bitters for several years, just half a dropper on the tongue to stimulate the vagus nerve. The trouble with Swedish herbs is that they have laxative herbs in it. Originally I did what it said on the bottle, but it was too much, I got light headed since it lowered my blood pressure. Since I am way over 40 I am glad it helps with the stomach acid.   195 hits
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Re: fibromyalgia   by Hveragerthi   5y
 "Bitters with meals is fine, but not with bitters." Did you mean to say bitters with meals is fine but not at other times? Or what? Sorry, that is what I get for posting when I am so tired I am about to fall over. I was referring to taking bitters with probiotics. This is not a good idea since the increased stomach acid can affect the flora as well as some of the antibiotic herbs in the bitters.   1,564 hits
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Re: regarding the bitters   by Hveragerthi   5y
 Yes, ginger neutralizes stomach acid. This is why I would not use Ginger Bitters. They are using the ginger because it has powerful digestive enzymes, then they have bitter herbs at the end to kick up stomach acid. They would have been better off using the bitters as the primary ingredient then using the ginger in small amounts for the enzymes, but not at a level that would affect acid levels. Therefore I would not use these but go with either the Grape Bitters, Chinese Bitters or Floradix Bitters.   27,206 hits
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Re: Problems with flushing   by downfall100   9y
You sound identicle to me...almost. I’ve done 5 flushes, the last 2 with no stones. I have done more then 5 flushes but I’m only counting my flushes since the first time stones come out. I took GCG and Chinese Bitters for 2 weeks and then I finally got a flush with stones. I stopped taking the tinctures to a personal problem I have with alcohol, but the effects of the tinctures must of lasted as I had 2 more succesful flushes, each one more so. But like I said, last 2 flushes and no stones...I KNOW it’s because I stopped the GCG and Chinese Bitters. I would give them a go if I were you. I’ ...   1,481 hits
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Re: Potassium Bicarbonate added to water - what do you th...   by Hveragerthi   6y
I am not so sure that you are acidic. Some of your symptoms sound more like hypothyroid symptoms, which would make sense considering your estrogen symptoms. Excess unopposed estrogen can interfere with thyroid function. There are several, safe things you can do to help balance out the hormones. The absolute most important is to cleanse the liver. The best way to do this is with digestive bitters. These are sold in health food stores under names like Grape Bitters and Swedish Bitters. Ignore the directions on the bottle though. You only need to taste them for the bitters to work. I recom ...   22,105 hits     1 of 2 (50%)
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Image Embedded Re: BIG crash   by Hveragerthi   5y
 so i started again with MACA, bioceuticals adrenoplex - and maybe a tab or two of TMG and B50 with food. yucca root too. all your erudite recommendations - that i’ve also researched myself - but bleh. big crash. If your adrenals are reallly shot then it does not take much to knock them right back down. I am thinking that either the Adrenoplex, due to the Panax ginseng, or the B50 are too stimulatory to your system right now. Can you find some nettle leaf and watercress?Both are good sources of vitamin C and B vitamins, and both support the adrenals. i’ve stopped them all. so ...   1,238 hits
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Re: Will my lingering 3 week cough finally go away on the...   by kakiebaby   4y
I’AM GOING THROUGH THE SAME EXACT THING!!!!! okay so I got a cold end of nov. the cold part went away but the cough got worse and worse I too went to a few doctors and got an xray of my chest cause it got so bad, all said clear! they gave me inhalers ($250 for one!!!) and got a little better then bam turned into hardcore asthma!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS CANDIDA!!!! I had no lung problems in my life, use to be a runner! I had the candida 3 years before it went to my lungs, WHAT A WAKE UP CALL!!!!! I have been on the diet for three weeks, and I can actually catch my breath now!! But the ti ...   1,054 hits
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Re: Cortisol Controls Recycling of Bile Acids   by Hveragerthi   3y
 By the way, I have started using bitters and all I can say is WOW! It really makes things move! Many bitters contain harsh stimulant laxatives such as senna, cascara sagrada or rhubarb root.  These are not good for use more than 2 weeks at regular doses though since they can lead to a laxative dependence.  If the bitters you got do contain these stimulant laxatives it is best to take no more than a half a dropper full around meals.  Since bitters work simply by stimulating the bitter receptors on the tongue it is not necessary to take the recommended amount on the ...   906 hits
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mh, please help!   by #57770   8y   View Entire Thread 9
I posted a few days ago about my son, and his eyes, and the sinus attack he had. (he also had this ”mesh” covering his eyes which he’s had for 2 yrs. now, he can see fine, excpet for the mesh which is a pain in the neck for him) but last Wed. he had such a bad sinus attack which came on him pretty quickly, and is just about NOW getting back to himself. It’s taken 6 days! OK, I thought I’d add a little more info. here to see if anyone knows anything about some of this stuff..... -he told me the other day that apparently had these ”tadpoles” swim across his field of vision .. that’s ho ...   807 hits
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Re: my acne experience and plan to tackle it   by thekat   10y
Wow, thanks for all my replies. I spent all day yesterday reading Curezone and also looked at the Sensiblehealth website. I keep changing my mind about what i ought to do. I did mean to mention liver cleansing too and I know that’s probably a MAJOR contributor to my bad breakouts. I.m also going to purchase an enema kit cos as much as I’d love to have a series of colonics I don’t think I could afford them on top of everything else. Iwould do it though, if nothing else seemed to clear my skin. It’s terrible at the moment, covered in bumps, redness and whitehead. I didn’t take my son to ...   1,130 hits
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Re: I might as well be from Mars   by approximatelyme   15mo
I had really bad constipation as well until recently. What is working for me: 1) Lots of fermented foods and beverages. I believe the constipation is largely caused by a lack of beneficial bacteria. My constipation became progressively worse when I tried enemas for a while--I think I was washing out what little flora I had left. In my experience, food/beverage probiotics are more beneficial than commercial probiotics. Right now I’m drinking as much water kefir, milk kefir and kombucha as I can. At least a litre and a half of each kefir, sometimes more (though sometimes I find that the m ...   565 hits
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Re: No drinky winkys   by recovering   19mo
Underberg is a herbal bitter. You don’t have to consume a whole bottle of Underberg to get the effect of bitters. If you have already purchased a bottle of Underberg try putting it in a dropper bottle and put a few drops on the back of your tongue after meals. You can listen to a great lecture on bitters at this link:   562 hits
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Re: skin problems   by Hveragerthi   4y
  What bitters are you recommending? It does not have to be anything in particular. Anything bitter tasting will work as long as it contacts the bitter receptors of the tongue. If you want an already made commercial bitter though Chinese Bitters, Grape Bitters and the bitters made by Flora are all decent.   1,271 hits
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Why the fructose?   by infinitelove   4y
It really makes me wonder why they would put a sweetener - and a corn one at that - into a bitters formula. The very purpose of taking bitters is to experience a bitter taste, is it not? Hveragerthi has stated as well that unless the bitters (and the bitters taste) is felt on the back of the tongue, that the vagus nerve fails to be stimulated which in turn dumps the to speak. So, I’m just wondering why this company - which is no doubt a good company - would include fructose.   1,790 hits
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--The Question of Bitters vs Kelp--   R by moreless   5y   View Entire Thread 7
Hi Ya’ll, What about Bitters could cause them to be of any help, if we were smart enough to select the correct bitters for the correct problem? Oh, so there is a Difference in Bitters? Ya, mean Different problems may need a Different Bitter? Why could this be so? Could this Cost us a Lot more Money? Could this make the one suggesting Bitters to seem like someone Important, because WE would have to be some Expert to know all the Different Bitters and how to match them up to all the Different problems? Could Selling Bitters be a Big Business? I wonder who Bene ...   2,428 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: grape bitters = acne outbreak???   by Hveragerthi   3y
 Do you think I should up my dose of Grape Bitters if I feel less fatigue? No, more is not better with bitters.  Bitters work through stimulation of the vagus nerve through the bitter receptors.  So all that is needed is enough to taste them.  And most bitters contain berberine sources such as Oregon grape root, barberry and goldenseal, which kill the flora, can damage the intestinal lining and raise the blood pressure if used in higher doses over a week or so. Also, what would be a good length of time to use the bitters for? OR is it ok to take the bitters on ...   1,112 hits
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A Swedish registry: Association between vaccination with ...   by befurther   3y
Results from a Swedish registry based cohort study indicate a 4-fold increased risk of narcolepsy in children and adolescents below the age of 20 vaccinated with Pandemrix, compared to children of the same age that were not vaccinated. The results are in line with those of a similar Finish registry study.   429 hits
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Re: and   by wombat   7y
here’s a good article:   894 hits
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Re: question... (edited)   by wombat   8y The poster is refering to Julia Chang’s gold coin grass, available at: It’s highly recommended. I’m gonna try it! It’s used to soften stones pre-flush. ”Sweetish” bitters is a mixture of herbs taken before meals to stimulate bile production, more of a digestive aid. :) Edited: I just re-read Lakelight’s post and saw that she was, indeed, refering to Chinese bitters. The main ingredient in both the Sweetish Bitters and the Chinese bitters is gentian, an extremely bitter herb. It stimulates bile ...   7,519 hits
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Using Chinese herbs to assist in a flush   by sparkletoes   9y   View Entire Thread 2
I’m using several Chinese herbs to assist in preparing for a liver/gallbladder flush (Gold Coin Grass and ”Chinese Bitters” aka Chinese Gentian & Bupleurum). Does anyone have experience using them? I’m a little fuzzy on the proper procedure. At this point I am thinking I’ll do the following (does it make sense?): 1) -Three weeks of Chinese Bitters (Chinese Gentian & Bupleurum) to decongest the liver. 2) -A few weeks of Gold Coin Grass to break up the stones. (I would like to throw in an intestinal cleanse with p&b here to help prepare as well, but can I consume p&b at the same tim ...   3,938 hits
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Usage of GCG, Chinese Bitters and Coptis question   by downfall100   9y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi, Having now decided on purchasing 3 of the herbal liver tinctures, GCG, Chinese Bitters and Coptis from, I would like to know the correct way in which to combine and use the 3 products. I have learned after a few searches on these message boards that Chinese Bitters and Gold Coin Grass should not be used at the same time. I did see someone though who alternated every day, with Chinese Bitters one day, Gold Coin Grass the following, and repeating like that. Would that be a good option to take, or would every other day of Chinese Bitters and Gold Coin Grass lose t ...   3,707 hits
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Re: Golden Coin Grass helping   by annie04   10y
I just received my herbs from sensible health. The directions say to take Chinese Bitters for 3 weeks, starting with a half teaspoon or less in the morning on an empty stomach. Because C. Bitters begins flushing the bile from the liver it can cause some toxic release and feelings of dizziness or headache and other toxic symptoms, but that’s part of the process of healing the liver. If the discomfort is too much for you, cut back on it. Did you start with a half teaspoon or a full teaspoon? the fact that you feel bad means it’s working to get the poisons out of your system. cut b ...   2,132 hits
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lost instructions for Julia's herbs - anyone know them?   by thekat   10y   View Entire Thread 5
OK, I’m a complete dumb-arse and have lost the instructions before i begin taking the herbs. I’ve got all 4 herbs in preparation for a liver flush (bitters, GCG, Coptis and Curcuma). Could anyone tell me the amounts and timings for them? I’ve tried to look and think I know for the bitters and GCG - 1 tsp before breakfast - but not sure of others. Am i meant to dilute them, and can should i take bitters and GCG on the same day, just to try it? ©†ƒ……•™¼‡_Original_Message_¾€š½ž¢«»¬ï°© OK, I’m a complete dumb-arse and have lost the instructions before i being taking the herbs. I’ve go ...   1,046 hits
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Re: bitters and mold?   by Hveragerthi   3y
 Hi Hv, I have been taking the grape bitters for a while now, I fill a 2 oz dropper bottle that I leave out and take with me and store the rest in the fridge, and have noticed dark spots and streaks accumulating inside the bottle and dropper after a few weeks, could this be mold? or just residue from the bitters? should the bitters not stay out for that long? thanks! It should just be the herb residue.  The bitters contain both alcohol and Oregon grape root that would prevent any mold growth.  This is why bitter tinctures do not require storage in the fridge.  With ...   582 hits
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Re: So there is a conflict of interest   by befurther   3y
”If you read my forum first of all you will see that I recommend Grape Bitters or Chinese Bitters. I do not sell either one. I tell people to get these at a health food store or online. Secondly, as I pointed out that bitters do things that ”liver flushing” does not do such as dissolves gallstones and cleanses the liver of toxins as well as raising stomach acid and pancreatic enzymes. So even if I did sell bitters they would not be in competition with LFs since bitters actually work.” Sounds like it could be a scam!   4,326 hits
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Re: Detox suggestions   by happyfamily6   31mo
You can always just use digestive bitters before meals. Not as fancy as the other protocol, but it’s a gentle way to detox. Start with one meal a day and slowly work up to three, drinking lots of water to flush out toxins as they’re released by the liver. Since the liver breaks down excess hormones, it’s also a gentle way to regain hormone balance. Most bitters are alcoholic (Grape bitters are popular), but you only need 1/4 of a dropper -just enough to taste them, which stimulates the vagus nerve. I use non-alcoholic bitters for personal reasons. (This is not my brilliant idea, but ...   985 hits
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Re: How accurate is morning spit test for candida?   by Hveragerthi   4y
 thats not the same bitters u see at a bad is it? I think you meant bar.  Yes, Angostura bitters are pretty much the original bitters.  Back particularly in the 17th century after big, heavy meals they would drink bitters as an after dinner drink to treat indigestion.  With current digestive bitters though that I am referring to you only use a tiny amount.  I recommend a 1/2 dropper full as opposed to a whole alcoholic drink.   1,115 hits
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Re: This Bitters thing is....   by Hveragerthi   4y
If you want already made bitters then there is Grape Bitters and Chinese Bitters, which are both very good. There are different ways to approach the making of bitters depending on your preferences. You can tincture an her or herbs to make a liquid bitters. If you want to avoid the alcohol you can make the tincture then add glycerine and vacuum distill off the alcohol for reuse. Or you can simply take a pinch of a bitter herbal powder and suck on it for a few seconds before swallowing. It does not need to be pre-extracted. Gentian root is one of the most commonly used bitter herbs ...   1,238 hits
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Re: Herbs Vs Liver flush   by Hveragerthi   5y
Liver flushing does not work.  Bitters, lecithin, and herbs do work.  Here is a write up on gallstones I write explaining it: The   liver flushes involving the olive oil, lemon juice and magnesium sulfate do not flush out gallstones.  The so called "stones" are an insoluble complex formed from a reaction between the sterols found in the olive oil and cholesterol from food or bile salts in the intestines. This is why these "stones" float instead of sinking like real gallstones.  It is actually impossible to pass most real   gall ...   901 hits     1 of 4 (25%)
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Re: Is this ok?   by Hveragerthi   5y
The kefir will not interfere. And make sure the kefir and bitters are taken at different times. The flora are acid sensitive so you don’t want to raise stomach acid significantly when taking the kefir. And some of the herbs commonly found in bitters can also kill the flora. The bitters will not directly interfere with the medications. But cleansing the liver can cause medications to metabolize faster, so doses may need to be adjusted.   946 hits
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Re: Got my bitters.....finally!   by Hveragerthi   5y
 So it’s the berberine in the bitters that kills the good flora? I thought not all the bitters products had that? They don’t. But the ones that don’t generally have the stimulant laxatives. I have no idea how much 1ml is. I take half an eyedropper of bitters. It is twice as much as .5ml or half of 2ml :-) Half an eye dropper full is not enough to cause problems with the flora or to overstimulate the intestines.   1,157 hits
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bitters and flora   by #91053   5y   View Entire Thread 2
’Some bitters also contain berberine (goldenseal, Oregon grape root, and barberry), which kills the flora. The flora generate beneficial B vitamins that also help the hair.’ You said this on a post regarding hair loss. As i’m trying to increase my beneficial flora, should i really be taking the bitters? Also i saw it mentioned by you to take bitters few times a week, where in other instances, it is before meals. Could you clarify Please? Thanks   775 hits
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Re: Jiaogulan Tea   by spudlydoo   5y
I do the same thing with jiaogulan, except that I would have only 2 cups of strong tea, diluted with extra water, throughout the day, and have never noticed any bloating or other discomfort from it. Maybe you should cut down a little and see what happens. Are you taking the bitters before each meal?? I did have bloating and cramps before starting bitters, but now I don’t have any. I have the bitters before each meal, and my whole digestion has been soooooo much better. spud   786 hits
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Kefir   by Pratt   5y   View Entire Thread 3
A few weeks ago was when i began taking kefir,bitters, magnesium malate and chinese bitters.I started noticing soon after that my mouth got extremely dry along with my tongue. I gave it all a break and the dry mouth went away,i took some kefir last night and rinsed my mouth and brushed my teeth soon after but this morning i noticed my mouth is extremely dry again.Does the Kefir do this?I thought maybe it was the bitters and not drinking enough water to help eliminate the toxins but i see that maybe this is the Kefir that is making my mouth dry.Any comments?   1,964 hits
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Re: Jiaogulan Tea   by #88964   5y
I did buy the Chinese Bitters from Sensible Health but haven’t used it yet as I take my time adding different things. I make my own Jiaogulan and Nettle Tea (I have one of those cast iron pots that has the strainer) and drink about 3-4 cups of each per day. If the tea is giving me the same effect as the bitters would then I will hold off for a while. Just out of curiousity, if I did take the Chinese Bitters would that be really hard on the liver?   1,739 hits
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Re: Floradix Bitters   by Peterbilt   5y
Sorry Hver I have one more question, I know you recommend the grape bitters but I’m allergic to corn and the alcohol planetary herbals uses in the formula is made from distilled corn alcohol. Im not sure if this will cause a problem because I’d really like to try the grape bitters. I look forward to your response about my first post and look forward to your thoughts on whether or not I will be able to tolerate the grape bitters due to the corn alcohol in the product.   1,324 hits
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Re: Gotta Get Blood Pressure Down For DOT Physical.   by Hveragerthi   3y
  My bloodpressure is only high when I go to the doctor so the last 2 years I put some bitters on my tongue before I go and that helps bring it down to normal. Might not work for everybody, but Hv once told me my lightheaded feeling was from using too high a dose of bitters. Yes, stimulation of the vagus nerve with bitters can lower blood pressure.   25,713 hits
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Re: vacuums and enemas   by #145122   3y
can u please give me more info on bitters? I cannot do any alcohol products, for most are grain/corn-based. Are any glycerine-based? How do u use them? Is this product better than animal- or plant- based enzymes?   2,201 hits
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Re: Will Mastic Gum kill good bacteria?   by #145122   3y
Plus, it wont break down fiber into sugars, which feed candida and led to bad BMs (since the fiber is broken down and not in its fiberous form). I still want to try bitters...I heard these are the best. How is this bitter: Any idea how/when/how much to take these?   6,892 hits
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Chinese Bitters or Chanca Piedra   by test123   10y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi Andreas, In The Amazing Liver Cleanse you discuss the use of Chinese Bitters; this forum has lots of discussion on the use of Chanca Piedra. Which (in addition to 6 days of apple juice or malic acid) is best for breaking up or dissolving old, hard to remove, hardened stones, Chinese Bitters or Chanca Piedra? Or would it be safe and effective to use both Chinese Bitters and Chanca Piedra together for several weeks prior to flush ? Thank you, Davey   6,339 hits
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Re: How do you get the liver to properly release bile??   by fledgling   6y
I read just recently that the liver will release bile upon simply tasting a drop of bitters on the tongue. To me, that means that a touch of radicchio, endive, aloe, or any bitter food, before a meal, is a good thing. Bartenders, and others, keep a bottle of ’bitters’ for special purposes. As a child I heard that ’bitters’ was a tonic, and blood cleaner...I don’t know how true that is. My best, Fledgling   1,468 hits
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Re: Liver Cleanse and type 1 Diabetes   by Hveragerthi   5y
Bitters will cleanse the liver and does not require not eating. In fact bitters are often taken with meals to aid in digestion. When bitters contact the bitter receptors on the tongue they stimulate the vagus nerve which raises stomach acid, bile and pancreatic enzymes. The nerve stimulation also stimulates the liver to flush as well. Since he is diabetic he could use bitter melon as a bitter source since bitter melon also helps to lower blood sugar.   1,010 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
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Re: No drinky winkys   by fivetoedsloth   19mo
”You can listen to a great lecture on bitters at this link:” More vegetarian drivel with lies, such as ”during evolution, Man ate plants”. That is a double whopper. There is neither evidence that Man evolved nor that we ever were foolish enough to plants before ~11,500 years ago.   513 hits
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Swedish Government Told of Oil-For-Food kickbacks to Iraq...   by bluepastry   8y
Swedish Government Told of Oil-For-Food kickbacks to Iraq in 2000 The story below does not upset Bush hating, Israel hating liberals. The Swedish government was aware that in 2000 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s government demanded kickbacks from companies participating in the U.N. Oil-for-Food Program. An yet to be identified Swedish company informed the country’s embassy in Amman, Jordan, in 2000 that Iraq was demanding 10 percent ”fees” on all deals as a way to avoid U.N. sanctions on Saddam’s regime, according to a Swedish Foreign Ministry document published on the Web site ...   1,024 hits
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Re: how to make bitters   by healthychef   5y
Does eating bitter food like a sprig of parsley or watercress work the same as taking bitters? If so, I wonder if that’s why plates are garnished with parsley. When making your own formula, can you licorice root to your bitters for flavor or does that take away from the eficacy? The bitters I bought are Fee Brothers Aromatic bitters without berberine. I contacted the manufacturer to verify the ingredients and this is her response: To our knowledge, our Old Fashion Bitters do not contain Berberine.  The extracts that we do use are Bitter Orange Peel, Clove, Cinnamon, C ...   1,525 hits
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Re: Dr Jeff, question on Adrenal Fatigue   by Dr.Jeff   29mo
1. Taking into consideration the fact that I have had adrenal fatigue for several years (I just didn’t know it until I started doing reading recently) do you feel it is necessary for me to take all of the above supplements and also add the Dr Ron’s Adrenal?? Or, is it possible to recover from Adrenal Fatigue without ”medicine”? If you have blood sugar imbalances, that can play a role in creating ongoing adrenal issues. Fixing blood sugar can fix adrenals. It is possible to recover. 2. Also, what are you thoughts on Bitters? Do those help with digestion as much as is advertised? If so ...   688 hits
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Re: Considering detox am confused about sodium bentonite ...   by Able90   11mo
Quote: I agree! Thanks for confirming this-- Do you think Healthforce Vitamineral green with approved green veggie juices, sprouted chia seed powder for 3 days would be OK? The main problem with the product to which you linked is the fact that it contains the synthetic enzymes; Protease, Amylase, Lipase, and Cellulase. Amylase: Diabetics are often given amylase blockers to block the starch in foods and supplements from changing into sugar. Protease: People with HIV are given protease blockers to block viral infections from occurring which otherwise can occur because of low ...   602 hits
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Herbal Bitters   by plzchuckle   10mo
Superfood Profile: Find the Health Benefits of Herbal Bitters (NaturalNews) Bitters are a compilation of various bitter-tasting herbs which serve as a tonic for overall vitality, while specifically enhancing digestive health. Bitters have held an important place in traditional medicine in cultures all over the world. Apart from modern Western society, most cultures still view bitters as a staple for health and longevity. A healthy digestive system is more important than many people realize. After all, this is where our body assimilates our food so it can be used to rebuild ...   3,388 hits
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Re: digestive enzymes or bitters   by TC-12   9y
Hello, Mary. Plant-based (mold sourced) enzymes generally work in a broader pH range than animal-based enzymes such as pancreatin and ox bile extract. Some folks may have reactions to mold-sourced enzymes, but most won’t. ”Ezymedica” brand enzymes have a good reputation, but they’re also pricey. I don’t know that they’re necessarily any better than other less expensive ”plant based” or ”vegetarian” brands, these being the operative words to look for on a label. Rather than buying individual enzymes, simply get a single all-inclusive formula. Bitters stimulate the digestive process, ...   1,666 hits
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Questions on timing the flushes and herbs   by dv   11y   View Entire Thread 2
Hello. I’m grateful I decided to research this before allowing the ”used-car-salesman” doctor to strong-arm my husband into removing his gall bladder next Monday. We only just found out he has gallstones after having his first attack this last weekend. I’ve been reading, reading, reading. Here are my questions. First we will do the parasite cleanse, but that takes 30 days for the process. In the meantime the gallbladder attack started up a kidney stone yesterday (he has had 2 before). We are going to order the gold coin grass and Chinese Bitters right away (I know he isn’t s ...   897 hits
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Dealing with gallstones   by Hveragerthi   4y   View Entire Thread 6
  The   liver flushes involving the olive oil, lemon juice and magnesium sulfate do not flush out gallstones.  The so called "stones" are an insoluble complex formed from a reaction between the sterols found in the olive oil and cholesterol from food or bile salts in the intestines. This is why these "stones" float instead of sinking like real gallstones.  It is actually impossible to pass most real   gallstones   since they tend to much larger than the bile ducts, even when dilated with the magnesium sulfate.  It would be like trying ...   2,960 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: Adrenal fatigue and coffee enemas?   by Hveragerthi   4y
 Thank you! Do you have any suggestions as to which bitter herbs to use? Any bitter tasting herb will work.  Bitters work by stimulating the bitter receptors on the tongue, which in turn stimulates the vagus nerve.  This increases output of digestive compounds as well as flushes the liver.  It is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day when using bitters to help flush the system.  There are several bitters on the market if you want an already made bitter.  The best currently are Grape Bitters and Chinese Bitters.  Ignore the directions t ...   3,267 hits
Forum: Adrenal Fatigue

Re: lecithin reaction   by Hveragerthi   3y
 i still have my gallbladder. do you think that maybe my biliary ducts are clogged? nevermind i would have other symptoms if they were clogged.. You are right, you would have other symptoms. maybe parasites? toxins? These would cause chronic symptoms, not just when you took the lecithin. i am noticing some aches and sharp pains from my third use of bitters. something is definately wrong with me to have these symptoms right? or could it just be stress or all in my head? There is one other possibility I just thought of and that in infection and/or inflam ...   1,031 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

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