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Re: Please help me cure my dog! Golden Retriever 6, multi...   by csman   3y Serrapeptase will remove all cysts, dead tissue from you or your animal. They have one specifically for pets called SerraPet. Serrapeptase digests non-living tissue, blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaque and inflammation in all forms. The late German physician, Dr. Hans Nieper, used Serrapeptase to treat arterial blockage in his coronary patients. Serrapeptase protects against stroke and is reportedly more effective and quicker than EDTA Chelation treatments in removing arterial plaque. He also reports that Serrapeptase dissolves blood clots and cau ...   12,685 hits
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Re: o/t:Serrapeptase   by cybercrone   6y
I tried taking serrapeptase for vein cleansing but developed severe joint pains that at first I didnít associate with serrapeptase. However, after systematically eliminating various supplements, I got to serrapeptase and when I stopped taking it joint pain improved dramatically. Hard to believe since serrapeptase is supposed to RELIEVE pain. That was quite a while ago and I forgot about it. Recently I found a bottle of serrapeptase and, forgetting about prior experience, started taking it again in an effort to relieve joint pain caused by food allergies and the joint pain immediately g ...   3,273 hits
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Serrapeptase against biofilm   by tima16   3y   View Entire Thread 2
Serrapeptase vs. biofilms by FunkOdyssey Ľ Tue 2 Dec 2008 23:43 (excerpt) Although others may work, they only enzyme that has any evidence supporting its use against biofilms is Serrapeptase. I have heard that Alan MacDonald mentioned three agents that he thought would be effective, including heparin, garlic extract, and serrapeptase. I have not seen the 2008 UNH conference DVD to verify this myself. Serrapeptase and heparin definitely make sense to me, with serrapeptase being the more accessible/practical agent to use. I donít know if there is any evidence that orally-ingested gar ...   1,989 hits
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Another possible anit inflamatory for our EC?   by aceman   6y   View Entire Thread 5
Hey guys what do you this about this for our EC? it is called serrapetase its an enzyme that helps reduce inflamation in the body and its been used in europe for like 25 years. Could this cure our EC or at leats suppress the symptoms? What do you think? Heres the like to wekipedia on serrapeptase Heres where you can buy the enzyme   1,849 hits
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Iodine and serrapeptase   by killthavirus   3mo   View Entire Thread 4
I had an interesting experience recently with serrapeptase, the anti-inflammatory enzyme. I wanted to resume indoor cycling in order to lose some weight. After the second day of exercise, I had terrible pain in my right knee. I started googling íknee painí and the first thing that came up was a curezone post from a guy talking about iodine and serrapeptase being the two supplements being absolutely worthwhile. Being an long time advocate of iodine, this was enough for me. Sure enough, after one day on the serrapeptase, the knee pain was completely gone, along with some long term pain in my ...   717 hits
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Re: Newport--Elevated Nitric Oxide, ammonia   by jessesmom1987   5y   7,522 hits
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Serrapeptase: Silk Worm Enzymes For Carotid Artery Blocka...   by LCD   6y   View Entire Thread 5
Silk Worm Enzymes For Carotid Artery Blockage - Dr H A Nieper I informed you some years ago that Serrapeptase is apparently active in the cleaning of coronary arteries from occluding layers. The results are so spectacular that even Tom Valentine reported on this progress in the US (DC) press after speaking to several parties here. Serrapeptase is an enzyme produced by serratia bacteria living on silkworms. With this enzyme the worms melt a hole out of the cocoon. Unlike other enzymes in the field of biology, Serrap ...   15,038 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Cyst in hand has changed since Para.Cleansing & other...   by logan2020   19mo
Hi Pixie, Have you tried serrapeptase? There have been numerous evidence/reports that they break down cysts and scar tissue. ĒSerrapeptase digests non-living tissue - blood clots, cysts, arterial plaques and inflammation in all forms. Serrapeptase is in wide clinical use throughout Europe and Asia and is a viable alternative to Salicylates, Ibuprofen and the more potent NSAIDs. Unlike these drugs, Serrapeptase is a naturally occurring, physiologic agent with no inhibitory effects on prostaglandins and devoi ...   1,139 hits
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Serrapeptase- the miracle enzyme?   by logan2020   19mo   View Entire Thread 3
When we read our history books or even study the Bible for historical content, do you suppose that certain ĒmiraclesĒ..for instance, people becoming cured of skin diseases, being able to walk again, etc, the ĒmiraclesĒ performed by Jesus, occurred because he gave them serrapeptase? I realize that the translation of the Bible tends to be imperfect, and often our view of religious texts are tainted by our language and sociological influences, but it does pose an interesting question and promotes an interesting theory: During the time of Jesus, there were no methods of refrigeration of ...   2,227 hits
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Re: Serrapeptase   by peachteach   30mo
I know what your talking about with psoriasis. It is probably candida (overgrowth of yeast) but Serrapeptase (amongst a lot of other things) eats/gets rid of candida which intern will eliminate psoriasis. Also diet helps me greatly with Serrapeptase (no carbs) (little-no sugar.....and that doesnít mean substitute that with sugar alternatives) has higher doses of serrapeptase. When you go to higher MG or IU then you might have some minor achy feelings in places but the Serrapeptase is doing its job and eating away the fibrin from either old injuries there etc.   3,233 hits
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will this kill / dissolve intestinal parasites   by #128526   3y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi My stomach cant tolerate normal digestive enzymes on an empty stomach and was going to try these as they are the only enteric coated ones I can find (in the UK). Will this blend dissolve / digest parasites and how many do you think I would need to take on an empty stomach? Also does anyone know anything about Serrapeptase 60000iu Enteric Coated Tablets (from silkworms) Couldnt find any info ...   2,176 hits
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Proteolytic Enzymes?   by Rick67   4y   View Entire Thread 4
Has anyone tried using proteolytic enzymes or specific enzymes like Serrapeptase? I came across some info regarding Serrapeptase breaking up biofilms. Info was posted by someone in the comments section of this blog post. So I started researching Serrapeptase and came across a product called Syntol. It uses sporulated bacteria and several different enzymes including Serrapeptase. Check it out here: So Iím thinking a product like this or a pr ...   2,516 hits
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Re: Proteolytic Enzymes- Lyme inflammation   by Newport   5y
OK, my 2cents worth. I used AOR Zymes for a long time due to the amount of pancreatin in it and I still think this is an important combo to use. But now I am using two enzymes, and am very happy with this combo which BTW is imo better than Woblezymes. I should note I do take Bromelain with my turmeric anyhow so there was no need to double up The first one is used for aid in food digestion: Pancreatin (200 mg 4X Concentration) 800 mg mg Protease 4.2 X USP (106 USP*UNITS/mg) Amylase 5.2 X USP (130 USP*UNITS/mg) Lipase 24.1 USP*UNITS/mg Betaine Hydrocloride ...   6,232 hits
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Re: Nattokinase/pathogens....and Serrapeptase   by aspire2b   6y
I like your thinking and it struck a loud chord after looking into fibrin and various enzymes, which Iím big on. Just ordered this: Doctorís Best and Enzymedica also make good products, but did not see one with just these two enzymes at this strength. Which do you use, can I ask?   3,168 hits
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Re: I Smell Bad   by csman   3y
For removing plaque, you may also want to look at serrapeptase a digestive enzyme from the silkworm. It will remove all dead tissue from the body. If you have an injury with scar tissue it will remove it. You will have pain and tenderness until the area heals, but afterwards it will be much better. Serrapeptase also is an anti-inflammatory and will reduce inflammation in your blood vessels etc...   3,355 hits
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Image Embedded Use Enzymes for Fibrosis, Scars, Keloids, Lung Disease an...   RR by Tony Isaacs   4y   View Entire Thread 3
Use Enzymes for Fibrosis, Scars, Keloids, Lung Disease and Cancer by Tony Isaacs A primary benefit of natural enzymes is eliminating and preventing scar tissue and fibrosis. Fibrosis itself is scar tissue. As we age, fibrosis becomes a leading cause of eventual death. Around our late 20ís our bodies being to produce a diminishing output of enzymes and by the time we reach our 40ís we produce very little enzymes. Cystic Fibrosis patients have virtually no enzyme production to speak of, and even cystic fibrosis children seldom make it past their 20ís before they die of the ...   7,372 hits
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Image Embedded Use enzymes for fibrosis, scars, keloids, lung disease an...   by Dquixote1217   4y   View Entire Thread 2
Use Enzymes for Fibrosis, Scars, Keloids, Lung Disease and Cancer by Tony Isaacs A primary benefit of natural enzymes is eliminating and preventing scar tissue and fibrosis. Fibrosis itself is scar tissue. As we age, fibrosis becomes a leading cause of eventual death. Around our late 20ís our bodies being to produce a diminishing output of enzymes and by the time we reach our 40ís we produce very little enzymes. Cystic Fibrosis patients have virtually no enzyme production to speak of, and even cystic fibrosis children seldom make it past their 20ís before they die of the restr ...   7,389 hits
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Miracle pain relief!   by rennagade   4y   View Entire Thread 2
My doctor prescribed a medication for back pain, but I got severe side effects and couldnít take it. Then I remembered that a supplement I used to take for allergy relief is also an anti-inflammatory. (It cured the allergy.) I started taking it again five days ago. After three days, the pain was completely gone! The supplement is serrapeptase. It’s a MIRACLE supplement that has many other benefits. I’ve researched it for friends -- these articles are only part of the story: Serrapeptase: Natural Solution for Pain & Inflammation http://www ...   6,840 hits
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Miracle pain relief   by rennagade   4y   View Entire Thread 2
My doctor prescribed a medication for back pain, but I got severe side effects and couldnít take it. Then I remembered that a supplement I used to take for allergy relief is also an anti-inflammatory. (It cured the allergy.) I started taking it again five days ago. After three days, the pain was completely gone! The supplement is serrapeptase. It’s a MIRACLE supplement that has many other benefits. I’ve researched it for friends -- these articles are only part of the story: Serrapeptase: Natural Solution for Pain & Inflammation http://www ...   10,758 hits
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Re: 50% of amalgams removed, tremors   by Jerome99   3y
As of today I also have 50% of my amalgams removed. I definitely noticed increased brain fog today, MUCH more than Iíve had in quite a while, but I also just started taking Serrapeptase today (by itself) so Iím not sure if the brain fog is the result of mercury from the removal or die off from the Serrapeptase. Regardless, the Serrapeptase has been successful already, in one day, at resolving the issue Iím taking it for (a sore swollen lymph node). So I have to say it seems like a miracle enzyme at this point.   3,744 hits
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Re: Serratiopepsidase.   by ndul   7y
I have tried it. I bought Drís Best Serrapeptase from I have been fighting sinus congestion to the point of not being able to breathe at all through my mouth at night for years. I started on the Serrapeptase and immediately I could breathe during the night. It really opens the passages and allows drainage. I thought with the drainage I would be able to get rid of my perpetual sinus infection I just canít seem to kick, but it never happened. I started doubling the directed dosage of Source Naturalís Wellness Formula and it seem to be knocking out the yellow stuff and turnin ...   1,630 hits
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serrapeptase   by badcattoe   7y
A very nice lady in the Lymph forum (before the curezone crash) turned me on to a product called Vitalzyme to treat my fibroids. It is an expensive product so I researched the ingredients and bought them separately. The most effective ingredient in this product for FBD is serrapeptase which is an enzyme discovered in silk worms that helps break down fibrous tissue. There have been many clinical trials conducted on the effectiveness of serrapeptase on various conditions including swollen breast. While taking serrapeptase I did have marked relief from breast and uterine pain. Then I s ...   2,594 hits
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Re: Regeneration of Human Scar Tissue with Topical Iodine...   by jfh   5y
I really like serrapeptase. I am using if for clearing the veins and arteries though. Hoping to help reduce blood pressure. It should help you with internal scaring. I also like nattokinase. and   11,031 hits
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Intense pain - new to serrapeptase   by #154284   20mo   View Entire Thread 2
Hi - I have been taking serrapeptase Drís Best enteric caps (40,000 U) 3 to 4 pills 3 times a day on an empty stomach for a long-term lower and upper back pain issue. My hope is that the serrapeptase will dissolve the scar tissue in several places from old injuries. My question is, has anyone experienced debilitating pain when initially taking serrapeptase but found it lessened over time? I know my dose is on the higher side and honestly I am OK with the pain as long as I can expect it to gradually subside as healing progresses. I am not finding much useful info online about user experienc ...   1,323 hits
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Re: At a critical juncture in treatment Ė focus on Candid...   by BrightSideOfLife   14mo
The anti fungals you have been using wouldnít of had any effect except for one brief hit. After that the biofilm would adapt and filter out the anti fungals. Unless you deal with the biofilm and break it up you wonít destroy the organisms inside and you wonít heal. I ordered some Serrapeptase and Digestive platinum earlier and I am trying to get some Nattokinase but currently OOS at the store I wanted to purchase from. Those are known to be effective, at least the serrapeptase and nattokinase is. The Digestive platinum is cheaper than other other biofilm disrupting enzymes which include ...   860 hits
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Re: Feeling helpless due to Bartholin Cyst   by nayma86   6mo
Hi! Iíve got the same problem! Iíve tried all the things you have tried too! Iíve ordered some serrapeptase on ebay and gonna try it! read some reviews and it cured loads of people.. so Iím hoping it works on me too as Iíve been very depressed 2!and yeah.... wouldnít recommend having sex... as it swollens up so bad it looks like a god damn egg! i also had enough of it too, even tried to pop it myself...But it happened the same thing as yours... i donít want to have it drained as i really donít want stitches in my ĒniniĒ :/ lol so yeah... try serrapeptase too! Good luck! Iíll let ...   2,171 hits
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Serrapeptase cured my back!   by Cautious Guinea Pig   4mo
I donít think the Iodine is bad for the dog, but it may have stirred up something which aggravated the joint pain the dog has. About six weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my lower back while ĒcheatingĒ my last curl up while weightlifting. I know lower back muscles are slow to heal and expected it to be sore for a couple of weeks. Well after three weeks of pain and plenty of Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen, I thought I was well enough to mow the grass. Anyhow I sent my back muscle into intense pain and spasms, to the point where my regular NSAIDs just couldnít touch the pain. I laid down, Ic ...   588 hits
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Image Embedded Modern Day medicine in the treatment of heart disease   R by logan2020   19mo   View Entire Thread 2
In the 1970s, a German doctor, Dr. Hans Nieper discovered that the enzyme serrapeptase dissolves arterial plaques that lead to clogged arteries. He published this in a medical journal. He wrote that patients who were candidates for heart bypass surgery no longer had to have surgery after taking serrapeptase. Now, here in 2013, in the United States and elsewhere, the number one treatment for a clogged artery is a graft or a bypass surgery. Instead of telling patients to take serrapeptase, they are told to undergo this procedure: The artificial vein is prepared, and a graft is ins ...   2,710 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Take on an empty stomach   R by healing naturally   5y
I was told to be sure and take on an empty stomach, like 2-3 hours after eating. (Otherwise it stays in the digestive tract and digests your food.) I would say, based on the study below, that you shouldnít eat for at least 2 hours afterwards, either. The goal is to get the serrapeptase into your blood so it can go to wherever in the body it is needed. It is being used in Japan and Europe to clean up dead cells/tissue in the body, as well as reducing pain and inflammation. Intestinal absorption of serrapeptase in rats. Biotechnol Appl Biochem. 1994 Aug;20 ( Pt 1):101-8. A sensi ...   2,574 hits
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Re: Biofilm enzymes   by Grrmoth   3y
I did alot of reading on serrapeptase indicating that it could effectively digest candida biofilm before I started supplementing. I also liked that it was indicated for reduction of allergies and inflammation. Iíve had severe fall mold allergies for as long as I could remember, but from the moment I started taking serrapeptase in september of 2010, my allergies have been gone. Not a single sinus headache or pain in a part of the year when Im usually pumping myself with benadryl and wanting to die. I honestly couldnt believe how effective it is for allergies. Anyway, sorry to get of ...   13,234 hits
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Re: Enzyme sources and some info on mucous, cleansing & t...   by ceaking   4y
Hi My 1st post. I am very excited about enzymes in general and serrapeptase in particular. I found out that I had a uterine fibroid early this year while treating myself with shepherds purse and other herbs/spices (didnít know then that I had a fibroid) My health food store guy gave me serrapeptase. I took the serrapeptase for a few months every morning and sometimes at night on an empty stomach. I eventually developed a tight kind of sore pain in my neck on the left side. So I stopped taking it and then in a few weeks with the pain gone I started taking it again in about a week the neck p ...   2,801 hits
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Re: Biofilm enzymes   by Grrmoth   3y
Iíve been using serrapeptase to break up candida biofilm for about 4 months now, and I can definitely tell it is helping in my battle. The only antifungal I use is extra virg coconut oil, and the serrapeptase seems to amplify the oil, causing a more significant herx than taking the oil alone. Itís a delicate balance to avoid over-doing it and feeling like hell from too much toxic release. My candida goes back about 20 years. I think for those who have suffered with this problem for any extended length of time, it is important to take a biofilm dissolving enzyme. Iíve been actively f ...   13,492 hits
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Re: Regeneration of Human Scar Tissue with Topical Iodine...   by paraboy   4y
Here is part of an article expanding on the scar tissue eating enzymes.   Among the best enzymes for removal of scar tissue are serrapeptase and nattokinase. Chymotrypsin and pancreatin are considered to be especially valuable against cancer tumors, especially pancreatic cancer tumors. An especially powerful enzyme is serrapeptase, which is a proteolytic enzyme derived from a species of bacteria originally found in the intestines of silkworms. The bacteria Serratia marcescens E1 produces Serrapeptase, an enzyme that enables the silkworm to dissolve its tough cocoon and emerg ...   9,818 hits
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Re: How to Prevent and Eliminate Fibroids Naturally   by ceaking   4y
Thank you for this post. I believe that I may have asked you about serrapeptase on another topic on this forum. I wondered if you have used this enzyme. I used it about 2 months ago and I stopped because I developed a pain in my neck on the left side that had me concerned. I was sure that it was the serrapeptase because I stopped using it for a few weeks and the pain went away then I started the enzyme back up again and the same pain came back. I didnít know what to make of it and I had no one to ask that had any experience with serrapeptase. The pain was really more like muscle sorene ...   13,299 hits
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Re: Calling 58970...serrapeptase/colostrum question please?   by mooney   7y
Thanks for your seem really knowledgeable about this stuff...I am not sure my problem is gerd because I have only had heart burn when I was pregnant and I think that was to do with my son being so big. I may do as you suggest and up the dose. The only thing is that I am having some flare ups with some symptoms and I am not sure if this is to do with the serrapeptase or other things (as I mentioned I am taking homeopathic tablets at the moment). I am having real problems with my skin; itís really dried itchy and red. The homeopathy tablets are for this but then the other nigh ...   3,312 hits
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Re: Angina.   by #160333   22mo
Iíve had angina off and on for several years. I could do better with controlling it at times. But, what Iíve found for myself is that if you go on a plant based diet it usually goes away within a few days, for some people maybe it takes a few weeks. But the autolysis of the clogging of the arteries is a different story. For autolysis to occur, your body will first use all of your regular fat storage, so you actually have to go below what you might consider your normal weight and lose all extra fat before the autolysis of the arteries begins. You may be able to get the process to begin i ...   1,148 hits
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Sharing what worked for me-- via homeopathic pharmacist i...   by astralgirl01   11mo   View Entire Thread 10
HI there-- I came to this board a year ago when I has a BC flare up... I was scared and didnít know what to do. I did the warm compresses, I changed up my eating patterns, and I even tried a version of the Phoebeís treatment. All gave me relief, but none stopped the Bartholinís. I went to the renowned Willner Chemists, a famous homeopathic pharmacy here in NYC, and asked the gentleman (oy) behind the counter (1) if he had heard of Batholins -- HE HAD and (2) what he recommended. He took me to get 2 items: (1) Serrapeptase-- an enzyme that obliterates inflammation and as he told ...   8,290 hits
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Re: How to deal with goiter naturally... Q   by scottnelson02   5d
I got my report back from my recent Thyroid Ultrasound. I am pretty impressed to see that not only is the report better than the last scan, my tumors are getting SMALLER, The doctor is baffled : ĒLeft Lobe: These measurements are slightly smaller than on the most recent studyĒ and ĒI am uncertain as to whether this is technical in etiology or whether it has actually decreased in sizeĒ - My Doctor told me that what I eat has nothing to do with how I feel and changing my diet and cutting out Gluten etc would not do anything. He was not interested in hearing about me taking Serrapeptase (deri ...   76 hits
Forum: Iodine VWT

Re: anyone got rid of lipomas?   by Apitherabee   4mo
Lipomas are fatty tumors. I researched about fibroid cysts along with tumors. There is a fair bit of research done on ĒserrapeptaseĒ used to treat PCOS, which is a SIMILAR issue to deal with. Serrapeptase is the digestive enzyme silkworms secrete to eat through their silk cocoons. It is proven to shrink cysts. I am trying it for the lipomas. Itís only been a couple weeks and hasnít been long to judge , but I believe itís starting to ease some of the pains . Weíll see. Google and learn for yourselves if youíre interested.   1,149 hits
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HELP....Lots of scar tissue in nose after two rhinoplastys.   by frostbite53   6mo   View Entire Thread 3
I had two Rhinoplastys and have large amounts of scar tissue under the skin. Still continue to have changes in swelling years after the last surgery. A doctor said I may have Pollybeak deformity. I am taking about a million IUs of Serrapeptase a day....along with lower dosages of nakotonise and Bromalaine. Desperate for any help or recommendationís on how to reduce scar tissue in your nose. Or ideas on how to make Serrapeptase work beter. Truly desperate.   1,128 hits
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Re: excellent plan   by Cidesco Diplomat   17mo
I donít want to alarm you but you must not let the worm take over your brain. I have been struggling with this nasty tapeworm in my head since I was infected by a piece of pork 5 months ago and I can tell you~ you want the worms in your head to be dead lest they continue to lay eggs that hatch. The disease is called Neurocystercercosis and its nothing to laugh about. If the worm is not stopped it will destroy your brain and you will begin to have seizures. Then were will you be? I just tried Neem oil and hope it works. I would advise taking Serrapeptase to destroy the crystalis or cyst tha ...   6,580 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Baking soda injected in Canada (toronto)   by Dquixote1217   23mo
 Why would you want to inject anything into a BENIGN tumor?  Notorius Dr. Tulio Simoncini repeatedly injected baking soda into a womanís breast cancer in a Denmark clinic.  She died of acute alkalinosis. If you want to get rid of a benign tumor, try taking lots of digestive enzyymes several times a day on an empty stomach and/or take inositol/IP6.  Be sure the digestive enzymes contain several different enzymes (lipase, amylase, chymotripsin, serrapeptase, etc.).  You might have to supplement separately with serrapeptase, as it is not normally found in combo en ...   1,049 hits
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Re: my mom has spider varicose veins, anemia, sleep apnea...   by wrless1   26mo
Hi, Iím using the Sota magnetic pulser and I have varicose veins. Iím sure its safe to use with that condition but I donít know if it adresses varicose veins directly. Iím using it for parasites - and it is very effective! I love it. Iíve been taking high dose serrapeptase for about 5 weeks for my varicose veins. They are getting better but still have a ways to go. I read it takes 3 months with the serrapeptase. Perhaps that combined with Vit C as the other poster said? And the Pulser - couldnít hurt. One side benefit of those 2 therapies is that my skin looks great (where the ...   3,044 hits
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Re: Hulda Clark's mop up program   by dturner   26mo
Also I take Serrapeptase and need to start a regular daily large dose of that I think. I was taking a large dose a couple days in a row and I blew out two large ish chunks of clear jelly like substance. Not sure what that was, maybe itís protective coating? Thatís what my gut told me, that I might have weakened it with Gaia - wormwood/black walnut/ clove tincture in my mouth and ears and the Neem oil and then the serrapeptase ate away at the protective coating they put up and I blew some of it out and if I keep going this suc*** is going to die at some point.   1,403 hits
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Re: Opinion on Interfase plus?   by TonyOrlando   3y
IMHO, Enzyme therapy is an effective and gentle way to fight candida. It is not as effective as the stronger anti-fungals, but generally causes fewer die-off symptoms. Some other popular products are Candex, Candizyme and Serrapeptase. Be aware that Interfase Plus also contains EDTA which is a chelator of calcium and iron. Itís included in Interfase Plus as a means of breaking up bacterial biofilms. Klaire Labs claims it is effective on fungal biofilms as well. Be careful with the EDTA as it causes some people problems, ...   4,864 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: Serrapeptase   by hanna   3y
I have been taking a lot of supplements since the last 2 weeks and one is serrapeptase for my spinal stenosis. Realized from your post I was not taking enough, so I upped it. Last night I felt a movement in my lower back and there was no pain. It was kind of a funny sensation. After reading your post I assumed that some of my supplements might be working. I hope it is true so I will keep going. I had used serrapeptase before but probably did not take enough.   5,405 hits
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Re: worm killing   by wheretheresawill   3y
...thanks for letting me know your experience, still I will give it a try with no false hopes. Been reading up on some of the proteases, proteolytic enzymes, itís a complex area but it appears that the tissue invading parasitic worms secrete Serine and Metallo proteases to infiltrate the tissue so I would expect one should use a Protease Inhibitor like for example those that specifically inhibit Serine and/or Metallo. Here is a list of Protease inhibitors : Benzamidine inhibits Serine Protease [P] DFP -ditto- Serine P EDTA -ditto- Meta ...   1,523 hits
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Re: Nerve Damage   by White Tiger   6y
Hi molly bloom :) You can get costochondritis just by twisting positions in bed. I doubt is was caused by shingles, Iím sure you know by now to take olive leaf extract for shingles by now. Look for 15% or higher oleuropein content in tablet or capsule form with the olive leaf powder. Do not use any that has alcohol content. I suggest using noni and serrapeptase, and if it is too severe I would add some corydalis. I would also add ground flax seed or flax oil to the diet, ground flax seed taste great when sprinkled on most any foods. The flax oil should help the your body repair some ...   1,909 hits
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Re: Drob Beck Protocol Test Results   by Dquixote1217   4y
I consider it to be essential.  As you know, serrapeptase is the digestive enzyme secreted by silk worms to dissolve thier cocoons.  It is one of the most powerful enzymes for dissolving fibrin and in my opinion is a must for conditions where scars and fibrous tissue are involved. I rank it alongside chymotrypsin for use against cancer cells and tumors to strip away the outer protective layers so that the bodyís immune system and other cancer fighters can work best.  Serrapeptase and bromelain are the two enzymes I use myself alongside the outstanding Garden of Life Ome ...   5,337 hits
Forum: Dr. Beck   AIDS Support   Colloidal Silver   Eczema/Excema   Gay/Lesb. Support

Re: Newport--Elevated Nitric Oxide, ammonia and Lyme's   by jessesmom1987   5y
ĒHypercoagulation in LymeĒ....remember when Newport said he hadnít known your blood was like molasses (something to that affect)...and that the Blood Electrifying (or Godzilla) would help with that? Thatís what heís talking about. Blood Electrifying is not the same as zapping.   7,439 hits
Forum: Lyme ("Lime")

Re: 5 or 6 Months To Live   by mochi   8y
Hi Terence, Have you ever heard of systematic enzyme therapy? I personally donít know much about it but here is a website for Vitalzym, it contains serrapeptase which has been used on people with excess fibrin build-up and those things dealing with protein in the blood. Also, and Dr. Wong has studied serrapeptase extensively in regards to systematic enzyme therapy. He has a page where you can ask him questions.   3,082 hits
Forum: Glyconutrients

Need advise: would you use Serrapeptae?   by #102879   6y   View Entire Thread 7
This product is said to be able to deeply cleanse the tissues of the body, unclogging the arteries, and most importantly itís supposed to clear of body of cysts. Sounds great but what concerns me is the fact that itís made from silk worm enzymes. That itís made from worms doesnít sound too good since Iím trying to get rid of worms. Do you think it might have worm eggs in it that could contribute to parasite infections? Is it safer to just take something like charcoal instead? Although I know its good. I havenít read any claims that charcoal gets rid of cysts. Here is the site with the p ...   3,139 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Herbs for pain   by BugBuster   7y
Hi MH, My friend is having a double knee replacement surgery. She has had severe RA for years that has been destroying her joints. Her doctors are taking her off of her anti-inflamatory drugs 10 days before her surgery because of blood thinning effects. She deals with a tremendous amount of pain and ask me if I knew of anything natural that would help without thinning the blood. I suggested Serrapeptase and since it is an enzyme I donít think it would thin the blood. I will look into Serrapeptase more to make sure. I also wanted to check out herbs such as devilís claw and maybe celery ...   1,080 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Calling 58970...serrapeptase/colostrum question please?   by #83470   7y
Hi- I just read about the burning you got and I think itís from the serrapeptase. I got the same thing. Every spot that I have inflammation felt like it was burning the night I took my first dose. I tried it again and it lasted a shorter time. Each time the burning was less. I think itís a detox reaction and probably a good sign. Let me know how youíre doing with it if you decide to keep trying the serrapeptase.   3,263 hits
Forum: Sinuses

Re: message for hopinso   by Giz   10y
Greetings hopinso: Congratulations on your successful health journey. Reading your post reminded me of my net research on chronic inflammations. There is an enzyme called íSerrapeptaseí that is said to eliminate all manner of inflammations, chronic and otherwise, anywhere in the body. It is even said to work on chronic headaches like the one I have had since 1956. I only found out about this today. I will go to get some next week. I am very excited about this. This is a natural enzyme and it should be enteric coated when you buy it. It has been used in Europe for the last 30 years ...   1,158 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Dr. Cowden's & Others Natural Treatment   by rabbitears   5y I recently got the opportunity to talk with Dr. Lee Cowden about using herbs for Lyme. His core Lyme herbal protocol, which he is continuously refining, has helped so many Lyme sufferers, including our editor (that would be me). Iíll post the interview soon in our membersí area so you can listen to the conversation. Dr. Cowden is one of my heroes in the Lyme wars, particularly because he devotes a great deal of his time teaching other physicians how to diagnose and recognize Lyme in their patients. I t ...   3,098 hits
Forum: Ask Microbe Detectives

New, tried it 5 times today (long)   by annointed1   7y   View Entire Thread 5
Hi, I have been reading about this, and got some sunflower oil, and did it 5 times today. It foamed up all five times. I was doing a lot of computer stuff, so it was sort of easy to fit in today. I am guessing that I must be very toxic to have it foam white all five times? I didnít experience any earth shattering miracles, but my teeth seem whiter, and my face skin seems rather oily tonight... hope Iím not covered in pimples tomorrow. Iíve been trying to make some changes to get healthier. Started ACV, I am taking orotates- calcium/lithium/magnisium/potassium at night with GABA/Tauri ...   1,845 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Biofilm and MMS   by mostlysunny   5y
Itís a pretty complicated issue, silverfreak! I think some people have had success on biofilms with serrapeptase. I have tried a product called Yeast-Cleanse by Solaray & itís very good for yeast infections. It is strong - so check to make sure you donít have any allergies to the ingredients. It also may make you herx if you have Lyme since it has grapefruit seed extract. ----- Yeast-Cleanse by Solaray is a dietary supplement, with Caprylic Acid, Pau DíArco, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Tree Oil design ...   4,725 hits
Forum: MMS Support

Re: Vitalzym, Zymitol, Naticor   by award1   10y
Hi: Recently my friendís father was diagnosed with a lung tumor (probably cancer). As well as doing other Ēalternative healingĒ stuff he has been taking systemic enzymes, Vitalzym, to be specific. However, after researching this I have a few questions: 1. Iíve read how Vitalzym, has the potential to be effective against cancer by eating through the fibrin coating of the cancer cell. Does the same potential exist with Zymitol? And for this particular purpose is it as good as Vitalzym? (It seems that the difference to me would be in how much serrapeptase is used.) Am I mistaken? 2. ...   3,821 hits
Forum: Ask Dr Vinograd

Vitalzym, Zymitol, Chymotrypsin?   by award1   10y
Hi: Recently my friendís father was diagnosed with a lung tumor (probably cancer). As well as doing other Ēalternative healingĒ stuff he has been taking systemic enzymes, Vitalzym, to be specific. However, after researching this I have a few questions: 1. Iíve read how Vitalzym, has the potential to be effective against cancer by eating through the fibrin coating of the cancer cell. Does the same potential exist with Zymitol? And for this particular purpose is it as good as Vitalzym? (It seems that the difference to me would be in how much serrapeptase is used.) Am I mistaken? 2. ...   824 hits
Forum: Ask Dr Vinograd

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