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Wednesday's Natural Remedy - Anthrax   by LuellaMay   7y   View Entire Thread 3
Anthrax and Bioterrorism Herbal Remedies for Anthrax and Bioterrorism: Herbal preparations may help bridge the gap between uncontrollable bacterial infections and ineffective pharmaceutical antibiotics. The herbs often play a supportive role. Echinacea, for example, won’t directly kill infectious bacteria, but it may help the body’s own immune defenses overcome them. A strong immune system helps the body fight its own battles. Ginger tea is a good example of a traditional diaphoretic with anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties. The bark of the South American pau d’arco tree k ...   953 hits
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Re: Anyone ever try this colonix program?   by kevinnader1   8y
I don’t know about healing skin cancer itself, but I’ve had great luck using Oregano Oil to burn off irregular brown spots on myself. I’m still experimenting, but so far, so good. You have to apply the Oregano Oil (100% pure) to the brown spot with a Q-Tip, and let it sit on the spot as long as possible. It will burn. The spot should turn hard and crusty, and then turn into a raw looking red spot. I follow this up with applying Colloidal Silver about 5 times a day. This begins the healing very quickly. There appears to be zero scarring. I was very brave, because I did this on ...   779 hits
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Canker Sore Thanks   by sandover   8y   View Entire Thread 4
Hi -- Many thanks to everyone who wrote with suggestions. I am really grateful for this forum and for the wealth of support and knowledge that flows so freely here! I don’t think it is a mere canker sore. I have tried in the past week rinsing with ACV and peroxide, etc. I staggered back in to the doctor this morning after another night of no sleep and the verdict was some sort of herpes thing (which I do think was elicited by the OP with oregano oil). If I did not have twin babies and a husband in his first year of law school, I would follow this path a little longer and see how l ...   2,422 hits
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day 19 - High body temperature, feel cold. Lots of thick ...   by MaisondeAlbicans   5mo   View Entire Thread 6
Does the above sound normal? My theory is that as old mucus is dislodged through using these herbs nasties are unearthed also, taking hold as my body expels them. what do you all think? I’m expelling lots of thick green mucus with the aid of camphor/mint/garlic and onion, blocked sinuses that even saltwater/GSE are not unblocking. Huge headache, high temperature and some serious lethargy/brain fog. I’m unsure as to whether this may be Lufenuron kicking in (this started on day 3 Lufenuron), whether it is the raw garlic (this reaction started the day I started the garlic), the iodine ...   709 hits
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No Pest   by plzchuckle   12mo
For about 12 years I have had what I call NO PEST. It is basically a blend of spice oils that works for the garden, the hot tub, Spray III, etc., etc.... The main ingredient is extremely hard to come by, not made in the USA, well; actually none of the ingredients are made in the usa as far as that goes....Only 1 of the ingredients is s rare, I am thinking maybe there is only 1 source on earth for it now and I don’t even know the real source, because my source protects their sources, etc......but for now, I have enough to play with. My estimate is that No Pest is about 8x hotter+ than ...   6,907 hits
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Re: preventative measures! (:   by Boldyloxx   9y
Hi Ryger and beht. Actually the reason alot of us havnt gotten back to you yet is because most of us arent even online right now-- I just logged on about 10 minutes ago!! Ryger, from what the Barefoot Herbalist HIGHLY reccomends as a maintenance measure against future parasites is Oregano Oil and Olive Leaf (tincture or capsules) The both kill parasite larvea and eggs. Two drops of Oregano Oil under the tongue 6 days a week-- and olive leaf capsules with meals will not only prevent alot of parasites from hatching, but may even be a good idea to stock up on for flues and co ...   867 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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What in the world was this?   by inquiringmind   10y   View Entire Thread 5
I am currently taking a colon/liver cleanse combination from my ND. I have also been taking a digestive enzyme and in trying to fight off a bug that was going through my house I was taking Oil of Oregano caplets in a dosage recommended by my ND. I had a loose BM and noticed 2 white objects that appear to be partially dissolved Oil of Oregano caplets. They were still rather large, fairly close to the original size. I can’t imagine how they could have gone through without dissolving. I haven’t noticed this any other times. Could it have been something else? If so, what? Also, althoug ...   732 hits
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Re: Ryger, we'll miss ya! but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!   by boldyloxx   8y
I do think Ryger has a good point. It’s not healthy to get mentally obsessed with parasites, or over-paranoid about food. I eat organic, but i’m not worried about parasites because I just simply wash everything to begin with and cut off any rotted or bruised parts on the produce. We’re all bound to pick up some parasite larvea no matter where you live or what you do- but when you take care of your immune system , clean out toxins from your body , make sure the digestive tract is in running order, and get upbeat nutrition and anti-oxidants you won’t have to obsess if you might poss ...   745 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Okay, I'm a bit frightened here!!   by magic_glitter   8y   View Entire Thread 12
I’ve been cleansing since June 2005 and I think I’ve reached a point in my cleansing where I’m getting good results (raw food, vegan, taking cleansing + purifying herbs, supplements, switching to natural soap, toothpaste, make-up, ect. and I’m looking into getting an air purifier in a few months). So I think it may be time for a parasite cleanse. I’m scared to death that I’ll have bad results (January 2006 I did a parasite cleanse with oregano oil drops + oregano oil capsules) and I had horrible cleansing reactions. I feel fine intestionally now, but I still have crawling and itching sensa ...   1,084 hits
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Whose here for dinner ?   by RawDad   3y   View Entire Thread 3
MH et ALL, I have noticed I have to eat a bit go start ”getting mine”..... Let me explain.... If I have 8 oz juice... it seems I have no energy. 16 oz... it gets better. 32 oz... I feel pretty darn good.... Obviously... some THING is here for dinner. I know of the FUNGUS - I certainly have it - am working agressively (1 meal per day seems to be allowing me to take more oregano oil and olive leaf without feeling awful)... I have taken the parasite cleanse (2 bottles) & 2 bottles of PWA. Do you think there is anything else to be concerned with ? Maybe just f ...   582 hits
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How are you doing, 59636?   by #25098   8y
Is it clearing? A female family member showed me that she sometimes gets cracking on a fingertip. It’s sore, but she didn’t mention itchy. (Her diet is astonishingly bad, but I don’t say anything because of her strong preferences.) Myself, I get tiny pinhead blisters on my hands or feet. They can drive me nearly out of mind with itching. I’ve learned to avoid plants of the nightshade family, especially tomatoes. I don’t know what those websites have suggested, but there are two things I’ve found useful. One is Grapefruit Seed Extract. Dilute with water for use on the skin, ...   1,091 hits
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parasite killer!   by #134352   4y   View Entire Thread 2
Hello. Have a question about olive leaf you sell. Am on a mission to kill those evil parasites that I am infested with. Being using your adult dewormer and pure oregano oil. Both are great. Would like to try olive leaf next. You have: - capsules - powder - formula - tincture which one is the most powerful one (or the one you would recommend a newbie to olive leaf to use)? also, i noticed what is called the ”adult parasite kit”. woah!! very impressive kit! big money, but i’m sure HUGE RESULTS! could you tell more me about this? to kill the parasites effective and quickly, ...   1,262 hits
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Re: Dewormer is in Overdrive! Amazing Day Yesterday   by #23001   9y
lauren, what mg percentage is your oil of oregano? i just bought a bottle of solaray OOO today at the local health food store. it’s 68 mg and it’s pure. i placed one drop in a gallon of water and it was WAY too strong, lol. thank goodness i tested it with my tongue first! :P i was disappointed that i was unable to consume it:( oh yeah, and you mentioned olive leaf tincture. would one be able to substitute that with one drop of olive leaf extract from a capsule? would that be considered the same thing? thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences thus far! ©†ƒ……•™¼‡_Orig ...   1,598 hits
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Re: white oak bark for teeth and cramps??   by Boldyloxx   9y
Hi Blueandyello! I also am having similar teeth problems at the gum line of my back molar (facing the cheek) I just ordered MH’s tooth powder and got carried away and ordered a whole bunch of other goodies he has too! I cant wait to try the powder. What has helped me in the meantime is chewing Xylotol gum after rinsing my mouth out with water after eating anything.-- as well as oregano oil (diluted) on the gum, then I open a capsule of Thyme herb and dab that right over the tooth and gum- with the oregano oil on first. And I sleep with the Thyme on the tooth over night. I a ...   1,603 hits
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Re: Head Parasites.   by PMJ   6y
I did go to a Dr and the stool sample came out I just kept praying and checking the forums here for what to do. Just to let you know I had terrible die-off yesterday and the best thing I have found for die-off is Oil of Oregano. I think when the dieing happens it causes inflamation and the brain swells....anyway I feel much better today and have decreased the dosage to 10-12 drops 3 times a day for a while. Oil of Oregano helps with inflamation. I buy mine at Puritan’s Pride with the 3 for 1 offer. And I still am not feeling them sliding like you said....when I lie down or b ...   891 hits
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Re: Not sure if I have candida or not   by Jke348   13mo
Could be candida for sure. The green urine is concerning though. I have many of your other symptoms, and food intolerance is also classic candida. The one thing that pretty much confirms that i have candida is die off. Eat a large amount of anti fungals, and if your symptoms worsen within the 8 hours or so it takes them to get through your system you probably have candida. For me, when my symptoms were at their worst, all i had to do was chop up a clove of garlic and eat it with 4 drops of oregano oil and within an hour i would be super dizzy, un coordinated, extremely anxious, and b ...   1,057 hits
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SOS Head cold/flu advice?   by cecile   9y   View Entire Thread 2
We have had a horrible Sinus cold for 2 weeks now and I don’t know how much longer I can take it. I am very thankful not to be at the hospital or dead from pneumonia with the many others in this area! I at first thought this was no big deal since we never get sick for more than a day or two and haven’t been sick at all since beginning the Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf, and Cleansing, not even at Christmas time (a Miracle)! We have done a 3-day Orange Juice Fast, Super Tonic Plague formula (it’s 2 yrs old and perhaps not potent enough?), Garlic, Oregano Oil (1-2 drops/day), Olive Leaf (3 drops ...   682 hits
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Re: Yes I have seen it Derek.   by Derek   10y
Hi there Stannarad. I have stopped taking it for the timebeing, it was just making me so damn sick in the stomach. I have in the meantime been enquiring around the medical and alternative health industry here in Australia to see if someone can do the Heidleberg test. So far no-one has heard of it. I am reluctant to go back on the HCL without a positive diagnosis of low HCL production. The Baking Soda challenge seemed to indicate that I do have low HCL, but how accurate is this test? I am going around the bend at the moment. All I am taking right now is Threelac (yes I’m back to that again ...   735 hits
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Something's fishy with the "smoker"...Killi? Is she (?) b...   by sandover   7y   View Entire Thread 20
Killi, In this recent post she signed her name as ”Karen” and in her first post as ”Kris” -- either it’s Dissociative Personality Disorder or she (?) is a chronic liar. Is she now banned from OP or Curezone? I am fine putting up with honest sick people, but people who come here to intentionally get out their sh*t-stirrers are not welcome on the forum or the site, IMHO. Another thing that I felt was that perhaps she (?) was not a she. Sometimes men and women have slightly different styles of usage and taht seemed to be a possibility here. And finally, her (?) style is to go onto a for ...   1,796 hits
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Re: Please help my Mom!   by Bythc   7y
Since my tests for lymes came back negative, I can’t say for sure that I have(had) lymes. I have seen every weird thing shown on the web site below. At one point I was covered all over with the rash, I am not itching anymore. You may not be able to give your mother very high doses of vit.C or alot of salt as is suggested in the lymesphotos site, the C is a great help to me. Maybe citrus? I also have had sucess with MSM, use alot of herbs goldenseal, oregano, wormwood, parsely. When I was really ill, carrot juice helped alot. Carrot and spinach ju ...   1,982 hits
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Midlothian girl...another question   by 282915   9y   View Entire Thread 26
Heres the deal... My live blood cell analysis showed no liver congestion or liver problems, no mucoid plaque in the bowels and no candida or yeast.. What it did show was ”parasite” and ”bacteria” overgrowth in the intestines..By looking at my blood this is the only possible cause for current acne problems...Judging by the test results im diagnosing myself with gut dysbiosis. What do you think are the necessary steps to eradicate the gut dysbiosis for my situation? I have already completed the month long paragone program along with oregano oil. I am now doing a 10-12 day colosan cleanse. Af ...   1,844 hits
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Black Bean Soup from e-cookbooks   by mo123   6y
Black Bean Soup -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 oz. dried black beans 8 cups chicken or vegetable stock 2 teaspoons olive oil 1 onion, chopped 1 cup carrots, chopped 1 cup celery, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 teaspoons dried oregano 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 bay leaf 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 3 tablespoons fresh lime juice Fresh cilantro (optional) Rinse and sort though black beans, discarding any that are shriveled or discolored. Place beans in a large stockpot. Cover beans with water and refrigerate to soak over ...   243 hits
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Eating Well roasted Fish Catalan   by mo123   5y
eating well Roasted Fish Catalán Makes 4 servings Ingredients 1 pound thick-cut, firm-fleshed fish fillets (Pacific halibut or mahi-mahi) Salt & freshly ground pepper to taste 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 large onion, thinly sliced 3 tablespoons dry white or red wine 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 14-ounce can whole tomatoes, drained and coarsely chopped 8 black olives, preferably Kalamata, pitted and coarsely chopped ¼ teaspoon dried oregano ¼ teaspoon freshly grated orange zest eating well Roasted Fish Catalán Ingredients Cont. eating well Roasted Fish ...   323 hits
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My success with nail fungus   by giggle71   5y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi there. I’d like to start by thanking everyone on this forum for their advice and suggestions. It is because of all of you that I have finally seen results in my quest to free myself of horrible nail fungus after 10 years. I first noticed the fungus on one of my toes, which then spread to a second toe and one finger. I tried every over the counter treatment I could find, with no luck. It seemed I would need something more powerful, as not all fungi are created equal. I refused to try Lamisil after hearing horror stories, an acquaintance is on Liver meds after using the drug. I dec ...   3,548 hits
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Re: MH-so wierd   by bluandyelo   9y
Hi jackierr, Have you tried MH’s dewormer, I haven’t, but it sounds much more effective than a lot of the others, also his recommendation of olive leaf and oregano oil for parasites. Oregano oil is great (its the only one of these I have tried so far). When I was 21 I gained 21kgs in 9 months (this is 46.2 pounds I just found out) (you have probably already read this on my other posts). Anyway, it was a major hormonal crash in my case. Thyroid and adrenals freaking out. I tried to fight it, eating less exercising a lot, but the weight didn’t budge until I was 23 and started doing a ...   1,246 hits
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Re: 6 month old possible HSV1 infection. What do we do?   by splash   6y
MH is out of town for two weeks so you won’t hear his response. From what I remember he says the Oregano Oil works for all viruses. Dr. Cass Ingram was the pioneer in making this knowledge available. You can find more on this subject by checking out the RRR files or simply type Oregano Oil into the search engine on ”ask Barefoot’s” site. As for your Mother In law I would make a clear request regardless if it hurts her feelings for her to stop kissing your baby. This is your child and as a parent it’s your duty to protect that child despite her carelessness. The generations ahead of ...   3,039 hits
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Re: Has anyone here successfully beaten their candida iss...   by t_montreal   4y
Hi Water, Thanks so much for your help:) I have been taking the oil of oregano by the company Natural Factors. It says that it has an 80% carvacrol in it, whatever that means!;) I was taking it all last week, maybe five days in a row, I did like 4-5 drops under the tongue with water, maybe 3-4 times a day. Then I felt it was better to stop for a couple of days, which I did. That’s when it got bad again, the yeast that is, and today I took it twice. I also ran out of IF2 a few days ago, which I was taking previously 3-4 times a day for the last month. This issue just waxes and wanes b ...   1,039 hits
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Re: Ozonated olive oil   by newport   8y
There is a difference between concentrated ozonated olive oil and just ozonated olive oil. Here is an excerpt I copied down for reference months ago: Ozonated Olive Oil You can ingest a teaspoon of ozonated olive oil once or twice a day and get a steady internal application of ozone. You can use any olive oil, but I prefer to use organic Extra Virgin Olive oil. I nearly fill an 8 0z. glass jar (with a screw on lid) with olive oil. You can bubble ozone through the oil for 60 minutes if you’re using a 100-200mg ozone machine or 30 minutes if you have a 400 mg. ozone machine. After scr ...   4,318 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Daily Colon Cleansing!   by virginiab_ghc   7y
The protocol that you have is differently a good start. However, I do not see anthing in your protocol that actually addresses your candida issues. Candida which is a parasite because it is feeding off our body. You can add a Parasite cleanser and you could also add an organic oregano oil. The one that I use is called Paratrex. The company that makes the Paratrex also makes an organic oregano oil. The usual life span of a Parasite is 6 weeks. You will need to take the product for at least 6 weeks. I would write down a list of your symptoms prior to doing a parsite cleanse. Then you should ...   3,155 hits
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Re: Help with 1.5yr olds ear infection   by Dquixote1217   4y
Mesosilver would be the best choice of the two (and in my opinion Mesosilver or Utopia Silver would be the best choices of any silver solutions). Try this exceptional remedy for earaches (though you may have to use a small cotton ball in the ear if you have problems keeping the toddler still): Colloidal silver, garlic, tea tree oil, olive oil and apple cider vinegar.  Mix together three drops of tea tree oil with a two tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of colloidal silver and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.   Warm slightly and then lie on your side with your he ...   6,043 hits
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first thigns first   by Wrenn   11y
if your motehr is weak and unhealthy and a weak liver to start i mysle fdo not thhink it wise fo rher to do a liver flush. i woudls eeriously advise you to utilise Dr.shulzes intestinal formula 1 to helps trnghten her liver, while focusing on cleanin g up her diet/ no red meat no cheeses/ make sur eonly oils she hasa re gOOD ones no dairy /use oliv eoil/seame oil virgin coconut oil/peanut oil etc. NO soy or canola!!! cut out the fish (increible high dioxin rates!! after she gets her liver strnghtend she should also condier a kidney tea flush to help dissolve kidney stones.. by then ...   940 hits
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Re: Morgellons? Just found black fiber... (having knee sp...   by Bythc   13mo
I hate having to be one of the first victims. Well, then, don’t be. Fight. High doses of vit. C, olive leaf extract, goldenseal, dandelion, oregano oil, C.S. ozone therapy, food grade H202, to name a few, help. Make sure your teeth are not part of the problem. Had all my root canals pulled. Eat organic, stay away from GMO, grow some of your own food. Try not to freak out, stress does not help this disease. Soak in warm baths with lots of Epsom salts. Take cold showers. Use coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil on your skin, it doesn’t like oil. Sweat. Swim in clean waters(good luck ...   901 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
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4 New Pets, by MH   by mh   8y   View Entire Thread 5
We visited the Amish Family that we purchased Lacy the Blue Healer Pup from a few months ago and then went next door to see about placing an order for apple juice. The apple orchard owner has been making the cider for some time, but as I suspected he advised once again to wait until mid October, when the apples are in the prime and the good stuff made just for me!!!!! I agreed to wait and the boys have always loved their pigeons, they have hundreds and we ended up with 4. One of these pigeons was born in 1992, 2 of them this year and not sure how old the 1 is. They now have a new home, ...   802 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Q fever..coxiella burnetill   by MH   3y
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Parastroy vs Humaworm   by LoricaLady   3y
Pharmaguard Diatomaceous Earth, available on ebay, seems to kill tapeworms. Hulda Clark says everyone has them and that they are maybe the most difficult to get rid of. It will have no effect on candida that I know of. Changing the diet and using things like oregano oil and kefir (both orally & rectally) can help kill candida. Kefir eats it. Also, yogurt helps displace it. Things like oregano oil can kill it but I have heard such things also cause it to morph after awahile. If you have a lot of candida build up you may need to do a long series of enemas to really get it out of ...   2,264 hits
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Re: What precaution to take against Avian Flu??   by boldyloxx   7y
I agree with Zoebess and Hanna. Personally, I think if this Avian Flu Does mutate, it will not have done so naturally, but will be made to mutate at the hands of some pharmacuetical company scientists, or some wacko population control pyscho-- to help boost sales of Tamiflu and all the mandatory vaccines they are eager to make $$$$$ on by forcing on all of us if the flu mutates. Otherwise, it is over-exaggerated. What to do in the event it is made to mutate is the following: 1- Keep hands clean -- as Zoe Bess mentioned, use surgical or rubber gloves when opening doors, etc. ...   749 hits
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Re: First Timer, but oil tastes rancid   by awebaby   7y
I would say that if it tastes rancid it probably is. I know the smell and it is unmistakable. I am forever notifying the bulk section people at the market about nuts and seeds and even rice that have a rancid smell. I don’t think they realize that all sorts of things contain oils that can get rancid. As you probably know damaged oil is one of the worst things in the world for you to ingest. I use coconut oil because it tastes great and is very stable and Molly says it is really strong too - i purchased a gallon of organic, on line because it is much cheaper. I also buy spectrum sesame o ...   4,324 hits
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A reply   by anunnaki   10y
Yes I’ve come across some stuff on that Wild Oregano Oil too which clearly means your informant is correct. Although I dont think its much of a feat to destroy Anti-Biotics in its own field. Colloidal Silver, Manuka Honey, Wild Oregano Oil and thousands more can be wildly more powerful and effective than anti-biotics which are pretty useless. I strongly suggest a deep research into Vitamin C via websites like Vitamin C Foundation which is jammed with PROPER vitamin C information. The way I see it is this, if a twice nobel peace prize winner (twice is amazing) pushes Vitamin C when ...   1,322 hits
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Re: RG's Medicated cream   by matchmaker   4y
This is not coconut butter. You can cook with this. I even put a tablespoon in my oatmeal for my omega’s. It is called Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. It is the kind of oil our body needs. In the Summer it is liquid and in the winter it is solid. It will never go rancid like other oils. I think it is because of the lipids in it. If it is solid, your body temp turns it to liquid quite quickly. Lot’s of people use it to Oil Pull also. Some put a drop of Oregano Oil in it. If you have RG’s Cream then dilute it like the post said before or you can probably dilute it with the Extra Virgin Coconut ...   1,817 hits
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Re: Burning neck   by flowerchild59   10y
Pat, I know exactly what you are talking about. I just had my last flush (10th) with the last full moon and I passed alot of castings too. Boy it took me 6 months and 10 flushes to see castings. About a week or two later I started a parasite cleanse and I passed some old dark stinky bile with some fluffy dark parasitic looking things, the size of garbanzo beans that had wormy ”hairs” coming out of them. I was at work and didn’t have my usual ”dissecting tools” so I didn’t get to look at them or take pics. Since then I have been having a healing crisis I believe. I am much more t ...   904 hits
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When You GET IT   by plzchuckle   3y
  A nice one: Hey Guys, Received the package, no problem. AWESOME! I was so excited when it came..kind of like a kid in a candy store. NOnetheless, I will have to start this Monday taking the herbs as I mentioned before I want to follow the right protocol to maximize the full potential. of the herbs. Can all the herbs be taken at the same time, meaning one dose after another? I will do the precleans for about 7 days then hopefully a liver flush and then straight into the 14 oj fast, what kind of food do you recommend during this period? Also, MAN, your oregano oil is the real ...   3,767 hits
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New here, what do you think of my cleanseing plan?   by thathippieguy   24mo   View Entire Thread 12
Hey guys and gals First of all, been reading all your forums for about a month now. A heads up in thanks to you all. Recently I underwent a 3+ months course of Cipro for prostate infection, and during the third month, started experiencing cipro toxicity symptoms, so i stopped taking it. About 2 weeks before this, I ate a meal with mushrooms, and the next day, wham, my stomach is distended quite noticably. Mind you, i had developed a gential yeast infection maybe 2 months prior to that. Fast foward 2 weeks since discontinuing the antibiotics, and I’m at a bit of a stand still. i ...   1,430 hits
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Re: Hot and COld compress   by nanaysdaughter   20mo
thanks MH, she looks fine now and went to school this morning. i’ve found a way to make her like taking Max Restore.. I make her eat a banana and a date immediately after taking it.. for oregano oil, no luck giving it to her orally.. so I just use the oregano oil to steam her face.. and then our bedroom too... we will still see the chiro tomorrow afternoon and see if she/he is someone I can trust my daughter with.. will shop around for chiro till we find the best one.. any tips on what I should look for as far as chiro practitioner is concerned..? I am seeing another chiro near my ...   405 hits
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Re: Hi DEREK, how are you?   by DEREK   10y
Emrald. All I’m taking is Garlic and Oregano Oil at the moment. In the past I have taken Nizoral, Fluconazole, Nystatin, and Lamisil, as well as range of other natural products such as GSE, Threelac (6 months), Goldenseal, and other herbs. Most worked for about 2 weeks then the effects just seemed to wear off. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I had finally found the cure and thought I was healed, only for this dastardly beast to come back and haunt me. I will continue to work on my digestion with the HCL and Niacin supplementation, and increase my fibre intake. Maybe in a weeks ti ...   590 hits
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You probably have awful candida   RN by MidlothianGirl   9y
The reason why you will break out is because of severe colon dysbiosis. Your good bacteria have been knocked completely out, and candida and other pathogens and bacteria have taken over. About the only you can do is get off the antis for good and start building your gut flora. You should watch the sweets and fruit (and you probably crave them bigtime, because of the candida....but eat some low glycemic fruit, but only a cup a day). Do some google searches on candida. Personally, I recommend Threelac because it will help beat the candida without going on a highly restrictive diet. ...   1,957 hits
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The Game Plan   by seunim   8y
I began this journey about two months ago when I stumbled across the cure zone. Rather than jump into something that sounded really good, I opted to read as much as possible in order to make an informed decision. I believe this was benefical in putting together a plan that I thought was best for me. Prior to returning to the U.S. last Saturday, 6/17 (I live and work in Germany), I ordered basically everything I felt I needed online and had it delivered to the house where I would be spending the summer. My initial order consisted of the following: Oxypowder 120 ct. Clarkia 4 oz. ...   1,871 hits
Blog: Seunim...My Master Cleanse Journey & More

Re: Post your health routine's :)   by rmaksuta   6y
All, Workout 5X/week. Light weights and running. Followed by 30 mins sweat in dry sauna. 0430 - Green Drink (Garden of Life - Perfect Food) + 6 LBB + Olive Leaf + Oil of Oregano 0500 - Workout 30 mins - circuit training 0530 - Sauna 30-60 mins 1000 - Fruit (12 soaked prunes + 2-3 apples) 1030 - Vegetable Salad - (1 cooked veg mixed with 1 or two others raw) + 1 small baked potato 1730 - 6 LBB 1800 - Fruit in season - mono or atleast similar (combine properly - ie: pineapple with citrus or grapes with apricots, pears, apples, plums, mangos, banana with dried sweet fuits... ...   775 hits
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BM tips   by paulyb   29mo   View Entire Thread 6
Hi MH, Hope all is going well on your side. Need some advice with a little dilemma I currently have. Originally I started over 2 years ago with your LBB, and did the 9 months 8 caps a day to treat fungus toe which I guess would be considered ”fully blown” (athelete’s foot, jock itch, dark lines in finger tips etc). Also done several clark flushes etc being de-worming, taking plant fats and transitioning my diet to all fruit. Everything is going great. Finger tips are all clear, jock itch gone, athelete’s foot practically gone, toe’s still not great but I’m sure they will get ...   608 hits
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Re: Dog Parasite Cleanse   by MH   13mo
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Life time   by MH   12mo   View Entire Thread 2
I have seen with many things in ”health”, it is ideal to obtain a lifetime supply. In past years I have been acquiring lifetime supplies of the best herbs and various herbs/supplements that are not available in my area, such as those out of country. Naturally prices go up every day............last night I acquired the ”extra” ingredients to make the top shelf 108 concentrate and in just a chort few months, the same ingriendts cost me over $100 more, making it well over $300 extra just to make the 108 formula over any of the other concentrates.........inflation is destroying the america ...   377 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Funky business going on   by MaisondeAlbicans   5mo   View Entire Thread 5
I’m expelling lots of thick green mucus with the aid of camphor/mint/garlic and onion, blocked sinuses that even saltwater/GSE are not unblocking. Huge headache, high temperature and some serious lethargy/brain fog. This is on day 19 or so of humaworm cleanse, Candida from birth, fighting it for 5 years, finally appears it may be on the back foot as i’ve never felt this good/bad at the same time. My theory is that as old mucus is dislodged through using these herbs nasties are unearthed also, taking hold as my body expels them. what do you all think? I’m unsure as to whether this is ...   353 hits
Forum: Ask Candida Exp.

Re: Anyone know what these parasites are for sure?   by neverlack   5y
Thanks all for trying to help me id these things. I know the pictures were terribly small. I have to find a better way to take pics in the future. Putting them in alcohol is making them shrink a bit. The largest specimen really was about half an inch long when I first got it out with the wooden spatula, and about 1/4 inch thick. Very fleshly things! UGH! I think they are larger than liver flukes. I’m learning. Actually I just want all of them out, period. Getting more MMS for sure. It was taking the MMS up to the optimum amount for a week that brought the best results. At that point, I had ...   1,202 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Update on my progress and a question.   by Gehna   11y
Hello LL :), I am still on the oregano oil and I think it is working. Been on it for about 1.5 months at the dosage of 2-3 drops twice a day. I can feel it working, so that is good. Also, I did try the spiro-K from Kroeger herbs and stopped it as having an allergy to it. It has nettles in it and am sure have an allergy to nettles as tried to drink nettles tea and for about 1 weeks severe congestion. I stopped it and one week later much better. I have tried the spiro-K and feel I cannot take it. I feel for me anywyas, the oil of oregano is the best. it is helping my lungs, the sinus, ...   1,115 hits
Forum: Lyme ("Lime")

Re: I have CANDIDA TROPICALIS - HELP   by Pokermaniac   22mo
This diet working for Candida Guilliermondi NON albicans like Tropicalis for 70 kilo human: 4 meals: - 4-5 eggs + butter 30g, with big raw salad (cabage,lettuce, onion..) - 200 grams of cooked Broccoli, 200 g of cooked parsley - 200 g cooked sauerkraut + flax with herbs like kurkumin, ginger, oregano - blackstrap molases for iron, molybden and cooper - 200 grams of cooked Broccoli, 200 g of cooked parsley - 200 g cooked sauerkraut + flax with herbs like kurkumin, ginger, oregano - fish (20 grams of protein) + big raw green salad (cabage,lettuce, onion..) with olive oil little 40% ...   696 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Which Anti-fungal?   by udoknowjac   4y   View Entire Thread 8
I am still trying to figure out the regime I should take from here. I have been on Diflucan for about 3 weeks and will take for another week. I started the diet this week. I have been taking a probiotic but I am going to switch to Nature’s way Optima. It is my understanding that I should do some type of bowl cleanse which I plan to try. Do you do the bowel cleanse at the very beginning or after you have been on the antifungals for awhile? After the Diflucan I am guessing I need to continue with some type of antifungal? On my stool test it said that I was sensitive to Garlic, Uva Urs ...   835 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Itching, 1st time poster long time browser   by grannieP   8y   View Entire Thread 3
Good Morning, I love this forum. I recently started swishing as I have a tooth that is giving me trouble. No blood but dosen’t like pressure. After I swish with the sunflower oil, I rinse with tap water, then again with a cap full of hydrogen peroxide and a cap full of water + I have oregano oil that came with a glass applicator. I run the applicator around the inside rim of the bottle to remove any excess oil then swish it around in my water/hydro-proxide combination. Feels very nice. I haven’t been releived of this yet (not consistent at first). My teeth are definitely cleaner look ...   847 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Anyone used olive leaf for parasites!   by evergreen   11y
Hi, new here. I just started using Oil of Oregano (OoO) with olive leaf extract in it, while also starting a liver cleanse. Oil of Oregano and Olive leaf extract both have antiseptic and antibiotic properties that are said to kill fungi, yeasts, bacteria, viruses and parasites, including tapeworms. I’ll let you know if I have any results from it! I plan to use it indefinitely. I noticed this morning a particular headache I get when my body is throwing off toxins so I am pretty sure the OoO is having an effect. I’m taking it by putting the drops into a capsule rather than directly in my ...   4,334 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Essential oils internally   by Hveragerthi   3y
 Yes marijuana would relax me yet cause anxiety mentally at the same time. But my body would be relaxed. With these oils it’s like my brain and body are relaxed What are your thoughts on fungal or infection causing mental symptoms. I saw on a webpage that listed symptoms of fungal infection and I had every single one. 50 different symptoms maybe, but probally less. Ordered some pau d arco and olive leaf and oregano oil and plan to see if that helps. I have yet to see any real evidence that mold toxins can significantly affect the brain.  There is limited evidence to dest ...   614 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: The cause of - Hair Thinning/Loss?   by panoslydios   11mo
Expelled heavy metals that get trapped in the follicles. Hormonal imbalance that causes extra bacteria to feed on them. Bad circulation from bad habits,bad diet,bad enviroment. Scalp expansion that make difficult for the blood to feed the follicles. Remember once with good circulation you have a difficult time to age. Solutions- Boar bristle brushing everyday to stimulate scalp. Check detumescence therapy which is just pinching of the scalp to make it relaxed,break fibrous tissues and reform collagen and break accumulated fat and waste. Dr christopher program- the first two days ...   957 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

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