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Re: Do you do a seperate parasite cleanse or just coloson   by Wrenn   9y
when i first started here, I did the clarkia 8 week treatment, which actually extends into an 11 week program, since you do 2 weeks on, 1 week rest and repeat etc... the clarkia treatment only kills the parasites that are vulnerable to those herbs, i utilised with my clarkia the use of 85 % carvocal oil of oregano i will give you a link, that you can read all the uses and benefits of this product, and that will take you directly to the site i buy from with even further info on an incredible array of uses. The colosan is NOT a anti parasitic, however as it deteriorates old fe ...   857 hits
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Re: Need advice   by MH   6y
Hello, HAY I have some questions, GREAT 1) I got some plantar warts on my foot, OK Warts & Moles Definition: An elevation of the skin, more rarely of the mucous membrane, formed by hypertrophy of the papillae. Symptoms: Generally raised, darkened areas on the body. Cause: Warts and moles are usually the result of a nutritional deficiency and they should be treated internally, as well as externally. Potassium deficiency. ------------- I went numerous times to the dermatologist, YIKES, YA DROPED SOME CASH THERE! he keeps freezing it, and it doesn’t see ...   660 hits
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Coconut oil stopped my itching - Amazing!   by texasangel   7y
To say that I am ”eaten up” with candida is a serious understatement. I have it in my ears, belly button, and in and around my Holy of Holies. I’d wake myself up most nights scratching like crazy and have holes in some of my underwear. Sorry, not a pretty visual. Even products like Vagisil ointment/cream didn’t help. Trust me, I’ve tried them all - over the counter and prescription. I’ve battled candida for years, but usually kept it in check. I went on vacation for a month during the Christmas holidays and was really bad as far as eating junk and I haven’t yet gotten the candida ...   54,088 hits
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Re: Rotating antifungals the worst thing you can do.   by LBP   4y
Yeah, it never made sense to me. I don’t know why you guys don’t believe that undecenoic acid works. Do you know the mechanism of how it is anti-fungal? It’s really not an antifungal like oregano oil, and all sorts of other herbs tried to ’kill’ candida. Candida needs fatty acids to continue life and build its fungal membrane. With doses of Undecenoic Acid used daily it allows candida to build with this fatty acid. Essentially you have the same problem the Titanic had.. cheap structure. The Fungal candida walls will have flaws and fail, thus reverting back to the yeast form (whi ...   8,536 hits
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wow, another post by me   by #62503   8y   View Entire Thread 2
hi i’ve been posting so much the past few days. i’m begining to annoy myself. sorry bout that. so i decided yesterday after i went through a severe panic about everything that i’ll just start trying absolutely everything out there. i’ve tried so far p and b shakes, caprylic acid, hydrogen peroxide for a loooooooong time, raw garlic, pau d’arco tea, diet obviously, diflucan, tonnes of other perscriptions for creams, lotions, shampoos. i have easily spend over 1500 on this crap. yesterday i decide to try some oil of oregano and pau d’arco extract. wow, i cant even tell you the differen ...   688 hits
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Re: New to herpes...questions...please help!   by Niki12345   8y
I have had 6 years of ob after ob, and then I stumbled across oregano oil, it is awsome for the immune system, I started taking it dirung an ob, and I cut my healing time in half and I have thought I may be getting other ones and took it and so far nothing, I usually get one a month with my time of the month and I haven’t gotten an ob with my last two periods, so it seems to be working for me, I would have her give it a try, I wish I had known about it years ago, although better late then never. My brother has had luck with it for a different chronic skin condition, (not STD related, a fu ...   833 hits
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Re: children parasite   by Boldyloxx   9y
Hi, your doctor will probably put them on anti-biotics. If so, then you should immediately go to the drug store and get some high strength PROBIOTICS to give them as soon as they are finished with the doctors perscription. This will restore their good bacteria that the anti-biotics will kill off- and if you have worms, you need all the good bacteria you can get to prevent reinfection. Also when they eat meals, dont immediately give them something to drink right afterwards. Childrens hyrochloric acid in thier stomachs isnt that strong- and drinkin g right near meals dilutes it even fu ...   561 hits
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Re: Worst decision of my life!!   by plzchuckle   7y
PC, TAKE A DEEP BREATH, OK? When toxins are trying to come out thru the skin ... the reason is simple, the cure the most enjoyable part of cleansing! The lymphatic system is designed to take cellular waste and toxins down and out ... this gets screwed up ... the system gets clogged and the toxins start looking for a way out. The toxins build up under the skin waiting their turn for elimination ... in comes parasites, the bacteria is there to help you get rid of the toxins ... NO THANK YOU, right? I do not have acne, but I do have eczema. I believe you’re already drinking plent ...   1,297 hits
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Re: Results from a fast and Parasite Program   by Onwards   4y
Welcome to my world! I would like to know how much dewormer you were taking to kill this big one. I have been battling the big ones for 9 months. At the 6 month mark I thought they were gone. I had been taking 9 tbsp per day for over 2 months. I then went on a maintenance dose of 3 tbsp every 3 days. This was not enough to keep the ascaris in check. They came back. You will not know they are back unless you take sufficient wormer to kill them. I wasn’t feeling well so I upped the dewormer to 6 tbspn again and they poured out of me. I will never again go on such a small maintenance do ...   1,414 hits
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I'm pregnant! Great :) Now what?   by laurieannj   6y   View Entire Thread 3
Okay, I just found out this morning, this is great we really wanted to have another. The only problem is that I know I have parasites and I really had planned on doing a cleanse BEFORE I got pregnant. I have been on and off of this forum for years, from far enough back when barefoot was known as MH. I’ve been admittedly stupid with the yo-yo of health-no a dog returning to its vomit. Been so long this time I don’t even remember my was something like ”I’m LJ” I have 2 bottles of your dewormer, but from what I’ve read in searching some here in ask barefoot i ...   820 hits
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Re: Tooth Decay and Severe Toothache   by MH   21mo
Dear Barefoot hello I have a tooth decay and root canal problem BEEN THERE, DONE THAT and currently I am not in my native country OK to get the treatment, Is there any remedy to ease the tooth ache as it is troubling me a lot. The sedative and the pain killer is not helping. I HIGHLY BELIEVE IN PURE OREGANO OIL, ON THE TOOTH AND SWALLOW IT...IF I HAD ONLY 1 THING, IT WOULD BE OREGANO OIL. I havent had the root canal yet THEN DO NOT GET IT, IT KILLS THE TOOTH, WHICH MAKES THAT TOOTH ROT AND THE TOOTH AND THE METALS WILL POISON YOUR ENTIRE BODY...SO ALL ROOT CANALS SHOULD ...   717 hits
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Re: baby kicks...?   by lilaug   9y
Hi! Even though you may be thin - as your young enough yet where parasites dont do a number on your Thyroid gland-- affecting your metabolism., you still can have parasites. Not saying you do- and that the kicking feeling you felt is actually a parasite, however, they do live in the lower bowels-and we all know what normal gas feels like compared to something moving in us that we havnt felt before. Everyone has an instinct about their body and what is not ’normal” about it. Dont panic. Just use these next few months to watch what your eating (no beer or alcohol, no refined s ...   1,126 hits
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Getting Results Deworming.. Liver Flush Question..   by leem9905   6y   View Entire Thread 7
I’ve been on Barefoots Dewormer for over a month now, as well as Olive Leaf Powder and Oregano Oil.. I occasionally take Chinese Bitters, but I find that I get very ANGRY and blow up at folks when I’m on that (which I’ve read others say the same thing..) so I stopped that for the time being.. While on the Dewormer, Olive Leaf, and Oregano Oil, I’ve seen some crazy things come out in the stool! Not always, but every couple days or so, I’ll see red tomato skins, milky white stuff, and what appears to be pieces of a worm.. usually 1/2 to an inch long and rectangular.. maybe 1/4 inch wide - ...   1,063 hits
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don't see the audio link   by #12274   9y
I’m pretty sure you are referring to an ”eye dropper” drop. I don’t think this kind of a drop is exact in quantity, but moreso the point is that the quantity is very small. Drops of whatever stuff are generally prescribed for two reasons: #1, to begin slowly exposing your body to a particular new substance, such as Black Walnut Hall Tincture; #2, to minimize the amount of really potent stuff, like Pure Oregano Oil, HydroChloricAcid (HCL), etc. In the case of the former, one starts out on drops (2, 5, 10, 20, whatever) per dose, but after a while (days or weeks) the body should gradual ...   1,139 hits
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Re: Help Please! Weeping Eczema!   by aunty   9y
Hello, There is no need for the oil of oregano, since you are using the nourish as your moisturizer. You don’t want to overwhelm the skin with a multitude of different products. According to the ingredient listing of the nourish, you’re feeding the skin the necessary nutrients needed to promote healing. Give it the time to do its job without adding other factors; such as the oil of oregano. Simplicity is key. Finding a good skin cleanser/exfoliator and a good moisturizer is sufficient to handle the job. The key is finding the natural product that works with your skin type. I thin ...   19,446 hits
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Re: Healing With Vegetables   by boldyloxx   8y
my 2 cents worth is for washing veggies-- just soak the loose bulky stuff like lettuce or broccoli- in a big bowl or sink with water- and cheap apple cider vinegar added in. You could probably also throw in some hydrogen peroxide if you wanted then rinse out. I’d let the apple cider vinegar /water soak the veggies for about 30 minutes. Then rinse well and use a salad spinner to spin out the water. You shouldnt worry about parasite eggs-- if you wash your veggies and fruits. Heck, one can even breath in minute dust-like parasite eggs just from walking outside! that’s why m ...   1,105 hits
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Re: What's up with nose parasites?   by Boldyloxx   9y
Yep, those were nasal parasites. They live in the sinuse areas -- are clear and have a red line (digestive tract) running through them. They are clear- yet firm- so you can tell them apart from clear nasal discharge. if you rinse them with water the water will wash away the clear mucous and leave them behind. Another member here had them also- and so did I . She found out what they are called-- I forgot, but I recall that they are passed on from birds to dogs, and people can get them from bird droppings or dogs. Dogs also can get them from humans also. If they get really bad ...   1,443 hits
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Antifungal Mineral Lotion: Do it Yourself   by TonyOrlando   4y   View Entire Thread 2
This is a cool little trick. You can make your own Antifungal Lotion and supplement your Minerals at the same time. Here’s how: 1. In a container, mix Coconut oil with Epsom Salt/Trace Minerals. Epsom salt flakes dissolve well and provide you with extra Magnesium. I also add Colloidal Trace Minerals as the molecules are small enough to absorb through the skin. 2. Add Lecithin and Water. About four Soft Gels or a 1/4 tsp should do. 3. Whip the mix however you like, with a fork, whisk, etc. It will thicken into a cream. The more water you add, the thicker it will become. ...   1,921 hits
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Toxic Mold Exposure, advice on detox. Abandoning almost e...   by Tink22   29mo   View Entire Thread 12
I was exposed to toxic mold a year ago, and subsiquently didn’t know it at the time. I have moved several times and have downsized each time to what I thought was a safe level. After moving from one state to another with what I thought was safe belongings I have now contaminated my best friends home. We hired a remediator who did a shotty job. We have tired to clean for 4 weeks now and I am still severly sick. I run a fever, burning eyes, runny nose, phlemy, I am red from head to toe, and my knees turn red and purple off and on all day and my face burns. I am frightened. We are mo ...   6,270 hits
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Animals and diseases   by mhs1627   5y   View Entire Thread 5
I posted this on the pets forum, but I wanted your opinion on it as well, MH. ( and anyone else as well) I have 3 dogs ages 4, 2.5 and 16 months. They are all the same breed and in general, the breed is very prone to cancer and lots of random things that can cause death at an early age. Do you think its just because these dis-eases keep being passed on from generation to generation like in people? Like if mom has a certain parasite or problem, it will get passed onto baby as well. I assume thats the same with animals but its just never stopped before its too late and puppy gets it? ...   808 hits
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Re: Is this 3 day sinus headache from candida or weather?...   by kakiebaby   4y
i went back to my natural doctor today and now she thinks I might have meningitis!!! what the hell is going on with my body! It is trying it’s damned hardest to kill me. I don’t know what to do? I started taking oregano oil last night and breathing it in, within a half hour of taking it orally I coughed and a ball of clear flem came up. weird my sinus’s were all dry before... So she put me on oregano oil and tricyline (beberine sulfate, artemisin, citrus seed extract, black wallnut hulls). I’m very scared now. I want to go the hospitol, how do they test for it, blood?? I have had so many s ...   2,376 hits
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A Friend of Mine   RR by Azurite   7y   View Entire Thread 12
A friend of mine was self medicating a tooth using herbs like clove and oregano oil. Like me she was a big believer in natural health. One day she was feeling ill and went for a doctor’s visit. She went to the bathroom and did not come out alive. They opened the door by pulling off the hinges and found her laying there. Every tooth has a pathway that connects to a different organ. The tooth she was self treating connected to the heart. An autopsy revealed that her heart had dissolved into a mass of bacterial mush which had drained into it from the tooth. Because of this I use multipl ...   4,185 hits     3 of 3 (100%)
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Re: A Cleansing Bath   by Zoebess   8y
Ah, good to know about the Oregano oil since I did work up to 8 drops a day but I did one drop a cap an hour apart for 8 hours. I went through some pretty heavy duty detox so backed off which is why I am so impressed you just plopped 8 drops in a cap and downed it. I plan to begin another fast the first of June and take the Oil of Oregano then. Probably wouldnt do to detox to fast under those circumstances. I only put 5 drops in my bath. Its still plenty hot but after walking barefoot in the country I think I am wiping out any critters trying to burrow in! I bought a liter too of MH’s spec ...   2,111 hits
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Re: anti-parasite for kids??   by mh   6y
My syrup/tincture formulas are very well accepted by children, but never give them pure tinctures unless used as a medicine... babies from birth up do amazingly well on the baby calm, diluted oregano oil as needed and the mrs. barefoot powder. By age 2, the oregano oil, olive leaf or mrs. barefoot powder and the pica formula. The dewormer given once a week in small doses should be taken easily by small children, they actually should grow to like it. I suggest the parents take it first and learn about how they feel using it and then only they can decide to give it to their babies/c ...   650 hits
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love at first pull   by nexus   8y   View Entire Thread 6
Hello all. I’ve been a shameless lurker here at the zone for far too long, between the numerous daily check-ins on my regular forum stops..., then the mosaic just in case there’s something to good to miss..., then to the archives, where little by little, page by page... i’m getting through them all, well, i’ve had little time to post. I wanted to say hello here, as i have just begun oil pulling a week ago, thanks in large part to the wonderful gang of regulars here, who never fail to inform, inspire, intrigue and amuse me..., thank you all so very much. As i see many of these same ...   1,340 hits
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Re: MH: Your children's behavior and their health...   by mh   7y
We have seen this through out: If the boys are not going full tilt every day, then they must be sick. SO YES, ”they” drive MOM CRAZY most of the time, anyone that has made phone orders have surely heard the boys going at it with each other...They are not really trouble makers though (well; not all the time); they just play hard every day. They have this problem of wanting to do what the oldest is doing and that seems to be the root of their problems; they are so COMPETITIVE with each other, always wanting to out do each other. I am the youngest of 4 and there was a 5 year gap, so ...   534 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Die Off Symptoms: Need Help   by carolynmil   4y   View Entire Thread 22
Over the last 2 - 3 weeks, I have been taking 4 - 6 drops of Oregano Oil per day, interspersing with Nystatin (occasionally). I have suddenly lost my appetite, feel like I have a bad case of the flu, my eyes feel heavy / tired. I occasionally have chills, constipation and a very dull perceptive space. My stomach is upset, I belch a lot after eating (and even drinking). My sinuses are draining constantly, making for an intense post-nasal drainage issue. Overall, I just feel really crappy. I want to know if it is possible that this is die-off, and what is the best way to handle. I am los ...   3,620 hits
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Re: Looking for a fasting buddy for accountability! :)   by NigelRowan   3y
Hi, WaterDesign, Not to discourage you if you feel like WF-ing, but, in my opinion, if it is really Giardia you have, a ”WOO” fast would be much more effective within a day or to or three, and you don’t even need to make it a fast. WOO is wild oregano oil, such as NAHS makes (see - I do not sell it. Or you could go on a colloidal silver program with or without fasting. What I would probably do is this: take 3 drinks a day of distilled water (about 10 oz), 8 drops Nutribiotic-brand Grapefruit Seed Extract (also called GSE) and 8 drops Wild Oregano Oil; and yo ...   683 hits
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Re: Help with Radiation poisoning please!   by lilaug   9y
your so welcome ! ohh, he has 4 metal fillings still in him? So do I -gulp! I will be getting them replaced 2 by 2 up until September 1st- God Willing. Well, I would not take any Cilantro or any chelating substance at all til those 4 fillings are out- and even then I think he has to wait like 90 days for the body before he can begin using any chelating substance (including cilantro) otherwise, he will just be pulling out any existing mercury out of those fillings and into his body with the rest of the metals already in there. Aloe Vera juice is highly reccomended though.-- esp ...   737 hits
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Re: Four Week Update   by sandover   6y
Hi Arnold, Thanks for this great post. I think it’s interesting that so many people have had tooth sensitivity around OP and parasite cleansing. But, as you say, it becomes difficult to ascribe any side effects (good or bad) when one is trying several different therapies at once. I began oil pulling in part because I was still nursing my daughters and some of the things I wanted to do (like a parasite cleanse) were things that were not advised if you were pregnant or nursing. Oil pulling was about the only thing I could do for a while! (I did do some liver flushing and got some grie ...   2,110 hits
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Major Progress!!   by tasha92337   7y   View Entire Thread 8
What I take: What I take: Sangre de Drago extract -ultimate anti-oxidant and natural healer - contains 90% proanthocyanidin (OPCs) -it helps stop leaky gut FIBERZON intestinal cleanse formula -special formula’s blend of 15 organic rainforest herbs INGREDIENTS • Psyllium • Hibiscus ”Okra” • Licorice • Fennugreek • Licorice • Flax Seed • Boldo ”Gingko” • Slippery Elm • Oat Bran • Uña de Gato ”Cat’s Claw” • Sego Palm • Camu Camu ”It contains up to 4,000 times the amount of vitamin C” • Jatoba • Papaya • Sangre de Drago • Artichoke AQUAZON super food formul ...   4,349 hits
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Re: Wormwood Complex   by UnCanned   26mo
Thanks for info. I have all 3, and am currently on the Natures Answer. However, I’ve been taking 40 drops 3x a day for about 3 days now and haven’t noticed anything. I may be kind of foggy for 10min after taking it then that’s it. (I`m guessing due to the wormwood). That’s why I was wondering if this Natures Answer isn’t very good, I don’t seem to notice anything, and it doesn’t actually taste bad more like cloves. I think I`ll give this one another 2-3 days and then switch to the GAIA one and see what kind of results if any. I know the bottle on one says for 10 day usage ...   8,076 hits
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Possible Parasites   by Katara   5y   View Entire Thread 6
New to CureZone. Found it through Earth Clinic. Few months ago started oil pulling, alternating olive and sesame and baking soda tooth brushing after. Some times use baking soda to clean face. Started to have boogers, I thought, nasal drainage, but came out in same shape, some smaller some bigger. White, waxy with what looks like hooks on one one end. Kind of flattish with segments. curl up when expelled. Didn’t notice at first, but now notice the sameness, only difference is in size. Also some clear mucous, fatter at one end with white that is really really stretchy. ...   1,390 hits
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O/T Traveled without my Iodine: Oil of Oregano to the Res...   by #53476   5y
Just wanted to share my recent success story with Oil of Oregano. I went to St. Martin for two weeks and forgot my Iodine and Trapper’s SSKI. I didn’t panic . . . until I noticed that everyone on my plane was coughing and sneezing. Everyone on the island was coughing and sneezing and talking about something going around. It didn’t take long. Within a few days, I began coughing and sneezing and had tightness in my chest, fluid in my ears -- generally felt like crap. Wasn’t too worried until fever started. All I brought with me was my Super Strength Oil of Oregano that I use every day ...   432 hits
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Weight Watchers - Vegetable Barley Casserole   by mo123   5y
Vegetable-Barley Casserole Vegetable-Barley Casserole side dishes POINTS® Value: 3 Servings: 6 Preparation Time: 15 min Cooking Time: 30 min Level of Difficulty: Easy This Tex-Mex casserole is jam-packed with tasty, fiber-rich ingredients. We used Swiss Chard but spinach, kale or turnip greens are all great options. Ingredients 2 tsp canola oil 1 small onion(s), chopped 1 large garlic clove(s), minced 2 cup(s) frozen corn kernels, thawed and drained 3 cup(s) Swiss chard, thick stems removed, coarsely chopped 14 1/2 oz canned diced tomatoes, with chilie ...   423 hits
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Re: 4 1/2 with excema and no allergies detected   by curlyzone   8y
Hi, First get her PH tested. Her system may have become too acidic when long-tem use of antibiotics disturb the health intestinal flora.. Consider the possibility of candida overgrowth and parasite issue, they overproduce when the bowel flora is not balanced. Get her on a cleansing diet..and cut out all the processed food and especially the sweets. Add mild antifungals (coconut oil, garlic, onion, thyme, oregano, etc..) and lots of natural probiotics to her diet (homemade kefir and yogurt from organic goat milk). Cow’s milk increases acidity in the body, however goat milk helps establish ...   1,285 hits
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Re: what toiletries do ppl use?   by bkrisp   8y
I stopped using all toxic make-up, deodorant, and lotions. However, I still use face wash by Desert Essence with sea kelp and tea tree oil, Kiss My Face shower gel (has sodium lauryl sulfate from Palm and Coconut oil if that makes it any better), and Giovanni ”organic” Smooth as Silk Sham. & Cond. w/ Rosemary, nettle, thyme, birch leaf, chamomile, clary, lavender, coltsfoot leaf, yarrow, mallow, and horsetail oils. Instead of make-up, I take Burt’s bees wax products (lip balm or eye cream), gloss my eyelashes and them curl them after heating the curler for 10 seconds with a hairdryer. ...   1,022 hits
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Re: What can I expect, if anything after several oil pulls?   by perusing   7y
you’d have to go into the backpages to see about the amalgams. I’m not sure. depends on the oil-- I started with VCO and Safflower and Oregano Oil and occasionally Castor Oil. Castor Oil supposedly makes your teeth whiter the fastest. as far as what I ”felt”: 1. drawing out the mucus 2. getting stuff from between the teeth better (I only floss occasionally.) 3. better breath (related to #2 and also brushing my teeth with soap.) other people have had better experiences. One of my friends had an abcessed tooth and on her FIRST oil pull she felt a noticable decrease in pai ...   1,109 hits
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Re: Tried liver flush 3 times   by ANVIL   9y
Thanks for your input. Yes I took a bottle of colon cleanser tablets for a month, then a bottle or oregano oil,then I took wormwood, unripened black walnut hulls, and cloves till I used them up, and then I did the flush. I have tried the flush with grapefruit juice the first two times, and this time with lemon juice. I also used apple juice for a day for the first flush, and epsom salts for the other two flushes. I have no idea what causes the bloating. I was diagnosed with IBS 18 years ago, and have tried all kinds of different things, like the candida diet, colonics,fiber, nystatin ...   846 hits
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the instructions should say   by Wrenn   10y
i use colosan.. that i buy in powder container thru just go there, search colosan and go for the powder not capsules. it is tasteless, and anyhow i like it i believe they also sell oxypowder there too there is a product called oxy-Dan from same company too the colosan instructions say use for 7 days to start , then once a week afterwards as maintenance. (it is wise to start small with these products then adjust up) i am short/ and very sensitive... and slow to get to b room /still limited in how fast i can move. i have found that 1/3 teaspoon works well for me vs the r ...   544 hits
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Not digesting veggies- candida diet   by #180583   5mo   View Entire Thread 7
Hi, I have been following a strict candida diet for about 5 weeks now. I have lost a lot of weight and am concerned (look like a skeleton). I don’t feel like the diet is really helping, as I continue to have issues with gas, bloating, constipation. My diet consists of only meats, seafood, veggies, coconut and EVOO, along with very small amounts of low sugar fruits and occasional pumpkin seeds. I also take: Diflucan (only for 2 weeks, about to end) Oregano oil (10 days on, 10 days off) L-glutamine Probiotics x 2 a day Pau d’arco, garlic oil, and grapefruit seed rotated on non or ...   483 hits
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2 Thumbs up on the flax oil   by nutnberrygirl   7y
I highly recommend the flax oil. I used a whole bottle of Barleen’s and working on my next one. I have tried the olive, apricot, coconut, sesame seed and sunflower. I want to get some hemp oil but will have to order it in or have to make a trip to the city. Flax is a stronger flavor, but I’ve taken some pretty rank herbs and I can take it, especially with the results I’ve had only oiling in the morning for 20 min. Better sleep is a huge benefit. Also my skin, hair and nails are much better. Nerves are calmer too. Heels are softer...I could go on and on. Other oils haven’t give ...   835 hits
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Re: Another Round of Worm killing   by MH   5mo
High dose P/W E C suggest your stomach is made of cast iron and that surely should be enough. I naturally can make that ands any formulas ”stronger” as an adult de-wormer, but you risk the possibility of puss expelling out of your skin and I never would suggest using the potent de-wormers more than 30 days at any given time. You would judge everything based on your total health every 30 days, as long as you are feeling and looking better, then theoretically you are going in the right direction. Safest is upping your de-wormer ”yearly”, which allows your elimination organs plenty of tim ...   416 hits
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Re: 5 years old Developed several brown Skin spots   by molly bloom   8y
I don’t know about healing skin cancer itself, but I’ve had great luck using Oregano Oil to burn off irregular brown spots on myself. I’m still experimenting, but so far, so good. You have to apply the Oregano Oil (100% pure) to the brown spot with a Q-Tip, and let it sit on the spot as long as possible. It will burn. The spot should turn hard and crusty, and then turn into a raw looking red spot. I follow this up with applying Colloidal Silver about 5 times a day. This begins the healing very quickly. There appears to be zero scarring. I was very brave, because I did this on ...   1,018 hits
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Re: The Best Enema for Candida?   by Jhan   8y
Oregano oil is NOT a standard type of enema, so you should be VERY careful, experimenting with your body. As the first message above says is to well, intestines are fragile and they have very few pain nerve. Sooooooo, when you feel pain in there it is to be taken very seriously. Oregano oil comes at various concentration and what might account for 4 drops in yours could be the equivalent of 1/2 a drop in someone’s else o.o. or vice versa. You have to be careful about this all. I totally agree with the first message. You just dont put anything into an enema. There are standard enemas re ...   10,321 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Image Embedded Black Bean Burgers   by mo123   5y   View Entire Thread 3
Black Bean Burgers         Serves 6 These easy-to-assemble burgers can be shaped ahead of time and cooked off when you’re ready to eat. Ingredients 1 (15-ounce) can black beans, rinsed and drained 1 free-range egg 1/2 organic yellow onion, chopped 1 cup whole wheat bread crumbs 1 teaspoon dried oregano 1 teaspoon dried basil 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder or granules Salt and pepper to taste Hot sauce to taste 1 to 2 tablespoons olive oil 6 whole wheat hamburger buns 6 organic g ...   674 hits
Forum: Sara’s Soup Kitchen

Re: Tracking down side effects (physical and mental)/ cou...   by MetaPost   5y
Also many types of oregano oils derive their health properties from phenolic compounds, among which is also quercetin. Therefore oregano oils could have inhibitory effects on some phase II enzymes. Some examples of phenolic compounds with inhibitory effects : ellagic acid, curcumin, genistein, kaempferol and quercetin Phenol-sulfotransferase Glutathion-S-Transferase Combining th ...   4,017 hits
Forum: MMS Support

Ruptured kidney cyst   by pumpkinette   27mo   View Entire Thread 2
Dear MH, my husband (age 65) just had an accident, he fell on his back, hurt his kidneys... and ruptured a kidney cyst. He has lower abdominal pain, feels very tired and sleepy. He didn’t eat for the past 3 days, only taking some juice, kidney cleansing tea.. and some oregano oil, cayenne tincture, elder berry sirup. Our family doc scared him with horror stories about cysts growing to be cancerous... he (doc) wants him to take all kinds of tests... Please tell me what more i can do for him besides making him comfy, lots of rest, OJ diet for the next few weeks... maybe ...   640 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: What can a litre of Oregano Oil be used for ?   by plzchuckle   8y
Each morning, I’m taking 1Tbls of olive oil w/1 drop of pure oregano oil and 5-6 drops of olive leaf. Before bed, I take another, but use flax seed oil. This is really spicy, but not too hot for me ... more like WOOOOOHOOOOO, OH YEAHHHHH!! For months, I’ve been aware of ”something wrong with my ear.” My lymph node under my chin on that side is swollen. Yesterday, I decided to start trying to do something about it. I tried putting my oil dose of pure OO and olive leaf in 1 oz of olive oil. I had my daughter pour this into my ear. It didn’t burn at all. The sensation in my eustaci ...   1,035 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

A Fresh Approach   by Zapp   8y   View Entire Thread 15
For the last three months I have had my candida under control, through a strict low carb diet. Most of the time, if I stick to the diet, I feel pretty good. But if I was to have a couple of glazed doughnuts for breakfast tomorrow, I would pay for it dearly for the next three or four days. The typical candida symptoms, the sinusitis, the brain fog, the tinnitis, and the insomnia would all come back. That is because I have been unable to implant healthy, thriving clonies of lactobacteria in my intestines. Healthy colonies of intestinal lactobacteria would prevent the candida from flaring up ...   1,166 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: ATTENTION by MH   by senior moments   4y
Hi MH, Daily, I take your adult dewormer, oregano oil, cayenne and the All N One Kit. Also spray III and II when i remember. Does all this already equal your new ”108”? I took 20 tablespoons in 20 hours of your adult dewormer last weekend and the next day took 7. I did pass three approx 1” pod looking things with a skinny string (or worm)approx .5”-1” attached to each pod - they all looked the same. I looked it up on the internet and it could be a tapeworm egg/pod although the picture I saw had a scolex attached and mine didn’t have that. If not from a tapeworm, what other type of wo ...   1,046 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

passing parasites now   by #26467   9y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi, I posted before about doing a 30 day parasite cleanse with your dewormer and taking a drop of oregano oil a day. The anti-parasite herbs produced a antibiotc like side effect on me, headache, slight temperature elevations, minor nausea. After finishing that cleanse and passing a little bit of white rice parasite thus far, I decided to do the co-q10 ”bomb” (4mg). Had a horrible headache. I passed some blue and green nastiness, lots of gas. Then the worms under my skin started traveling up and down and around my body constantly. I did some research and ascariasis infects mostly the intes ...   957 hits     2 of 2 (100%)
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Cayenne   by QT_Aya   8y
Cayenne pepper doesn’t work for me. My canker sores are CAUSED by eating too much cayenne pepper!! (I am serious guys. My diet is extremely high on cayenne peppers and other hot peppers, becuase I crave them. It is genetic. My father is from Zhechuan, China. ^_-) In traditional Chinese medicine, canker sore is a sure sign of too much heat, and cayenne pepper adds to the heat so it can aggrevate the sores. (My body nature, according to Chinese medicine, is ying deficient with execssive internal heat. And I get canker sores a lot. My blood type is A by the way. ^_^) Oil pulling did ...   6,031 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling   Canker Sores

Re: Pinworms   by MH   10y
Pin worms are easy to kill, but they multiply so quick! I always suggest a 30 day dose of 1 tablespoon morning and night, then 1 tablespoon weekly. Plus 1 drop of pure oregano oil and 6 olive leaf capsules per day, 5-6 days per week for life. WHY? Because of my experince with very stubborn pin worms this one woman had. She passed 3 buckets before she was rid of them. her problem is she was born not being able to sweat and this caused her to accumulate mucus in the lungs and pin worms made a home of her! Fluke worms of all sorts fall out like dead fleas on a dog, but the smaller the wo ...   1,139 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Major Progress!!   by tasha92337   7y   View Entire Thread 20
What I take: Sangre de Drago extract -ultimate anti-oxidant and natural healer - contains 90% proanthocyanidin (OPCs) -it helps stop leaky gut FIBERZON intestinal cleanse formula -special formula’s blend of 15 organic rainforest herbs INGREDIENTS • Psyllium • Hibiscus ”Okra” • Licorice • Fennugreek • Licorice • Flax Seed • Boldo ”Gingko” • Slippery Elm • Oat Bran • Uña de Gato ”Cat’s Claw” • Sego Palm • Camu Camu ”It contains up to 4,000 times the amount of vitamin C” • Jatoba • Papaya • Sangre de Drago • Artichoke AQUAZON super food formula -blend of fre ...   1,852 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Using different oils   by InnerGardener   7y   View Entire Thread 7
I keep reading about people having such good results with Coconut oil. Are you using cold pressed? I’m picking some up for my detox bath mixtures I make and wanted to get the kind I could pull, too. I’d like to give it a try. Is anyone pulling with one oil in the morning and a different oil later in the day? I was thinking of doing that with coconut and sesame. I really liked how my teeth whitened with the safflower oil I was using the first week. Sesame doesn’t seem to whiten my teeth like the safflower (I think I said saffron in one post. was a mistake). I wasn’t able to find sunflower ...   848 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Please help! Ringworm growing!!!   by Fayma   7y   View Entire Thread 16
I have had ringworm show up on my skin maybe 3 or 4 times before this latest outbreak. The rings have always been small and few and I would use over-the-counter creams with success. This time I wanted to see how natural methods worked so I put tea tree oil on the two small rings I had that were near each other. I just put straight undiluted tea tree oil on the rings and was generous with the amount I used. One of the rings started clearing pretty quickly and then I tried apple cider vinegar,which seemed to kind of burn the other one, so I stopped with that. I kept using the tea tree o ...   22,253 hits
Forum: Ringworm   Healing Crisis   Apple Cider

Re: sunne,   by Wrenn   9y
since you mention all the pets... and barefoot ,etc i would greatly suggest a parasite cleanse first. you can also treat your pets too based on pet to wt ratio. I used the clarkia 8 week treatment, also i used oil of oregano 85 % carvocal now a days i eat anti- parasitic foods, herbs, spices and try to keep my body as alkaline and flooded with oxygen as much as possible by using such things as colosan etc. i will reedit this in a bit with links to these things for you ©†ƒ……•™¼‡_Original_Message_¾€š½ž¢«»¬ï°© since you mention all the pets... and barefoot ,etc i ...   1,411 hits
Forum: Ask Dr Vinograd

Image Embedded Staph Infection   by Djehuty   5y
Staph Infection by Djehuty Ma’at-Ra Tell a Friend A common infection many people are suffering today is ”Staph Infection.” Staph infections are considered a degenerative disease and as such, can naturally be reversed or healed. Before we can heal from anything, we must first know what we’re dealing with. We must know the particulars of the disease we seek to heal from. So let’s find out first what a staph infection is, followed by its etiology, and then work our way to various remedies. What is a Staph Infection? A staph infection is medically defined as ”an infection cau ...   1,434 hits
Forum: Articles

hi 8)   by Wrenn   10y
lots of folks do that. with np at all. yes about putting your dog on a treatment with you. the instructions for clarkia that come with the treatment , give easy to follow dosage ratios per wt of pet or child. .......................... also consider the oil of oregano 85% carvocal in it,the bottle just need a few drops/ several times a day see to take care of any other parasites/ fungi/viruses etc.. esp important to dilute that with a few drops of olive oil etc. ..................................... ...   1,073 hits
Forum: Ask CureZone

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