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Oregano question   by HOWBURN   8y   View Entire Thread 5
Hi everyone, I just went onto an oregano complex anti fungal today. An hour or so after taking my first dosage, I felt violently sick. It was the way I used to feel when my stomach was full of candida, before I started to treat it. It went on for about 30 minutes or so. Do you think it was the oregano killing some candida still lurking in my stomach, and the nausea was the vile chemicals it gives off when it dies? Fiona   823 hits
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Re: I NEED MORE INFO ON MC   by Theresoren   11y
i don’t wan tto sound liek a kill joy but it is a cleanse not a wt loss diet. teh only wt you will really lose is the toxins and old gunk in your bowels/ aside form that i fyou do not rethink your old eating habits yo uwill probably regain back a great deal o f wha tyou lose. 8( look at it as a cleanse time and do soem serioous thinking about dietary eating habits that you need too consider changeign o ryou will end up right back in teh same boat. use the tiem for a good life change tiem out break to move forard into better eating and better health in the future. tak eit s ...   605 hits
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Re: Pain under right rib, high pulse, puffy/burning eyes   by jameskep37   27mo
Pain under right rib---Liver/gallbladder might be having trouble digesting one of the fats or oils your eating. Olive oil(long chain oils) can be hard on the liver if too much of it is eaten. Thats been my experience in the past is I had to pinpoint what oil/fat was causing pressure/discomfort in my liver area. Vitamin D supps irritated my gut in the past. May not do that for others. Not a fan of calcium supps. Very hard to digest and can cause digestive issues to the nature of how it buffers acids. There is a reason why those supps are only 30-40% absorbed and minerals from food are ...   2,220 hits
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Re: Ready to Quit! Please Help with Toddler!   by Iolite   4y
The magnesium oil and epsom salt in the bath is for him to absorb the magnesium. Can you load the tub with toys and play with him to keep him in for a while? You can dilute the mag oil with more water, get a little spray bottle and put a little mag oil and dilute with water. If he’ll let you spray him with it, great. Have you tried Flora magnesium & calcium? My daughter is not big on swallowing pills but she thinks the liquid magnesium by flora is yummy. From what I understand with glutamine, you need to get at least a few grams a day in him. The gal at Vitamin Shoppe told me ...   4,629 hits
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Re: Yeast Infection is gone - Pinecone Extract/Udo's Oil   by ericbakker   12mo
Protein is important for the body in many ways. It is not good to call a person ”AN IDIOT” because they have different views to you, pokermaniac. I would tend to disagree with your view that ”everybody needs 0.8 grams of protein per kilo”, this is like saying ”everybody needs short hair or they are an idiot”. Some folks do really well on low protein, some on moderate and some on high. After treating many thousands of candida patients for over twenty years, I have found NO evidence that keeping protein intake under 10 percent has any beneficial effect on reducing candida. In fact I do belie ...   1,294 hits
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Re: Olive oil   by Mira528   4y
Thanks! I’ll try the oregano oil in the olive oil. I’ll try the olive oil at night too. That’ll be a different kind of nightcap! I thought I had also read on this forum that during an Orange Juice fast, it’s good to put 1 TBSP of olive oil in each glass of orange juice/distilled water. Would you recommend that? Graham is one of the only authors to recommend a diet of primarily fruit, but it seems that no one else but you, MH, are giving us all the pieces - dental, plant fats, eating fruit, orange juice fasting, etc. No matter where else I look, I keep coming back here because ...   803 hits
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Re: Help! How do I get rid of Candida?   by crapshot   11y
Best thing to do is go back to all my last post starting with Regarding Oregano .It says everything you may want to know and a bit of what I learned over the last ten 8 years. If you have any questions after that feel free to ask. I was taking 2 or three Oregano a day and the holistic doctor wanted me to work it up to about 6 a day but I only did that a couple time for about 15 days. Skip   672 hits
Forum: Candida Support

13 Health benefits of Virgin coconut oil   by excelcombine   6y   View Entire Thread 3
13 Health benefits of Virgin coconut oil What is Virgin coconut oil ? Virgin coconut oil is derived from fresh coconuts (rather than dried, as in copra). Most oils marketed as ”virgin” are produced one of three ways: 1. Quick drying of fresh coconut meat which is then used to press out the oil. 2. Wet-milling (coconut milk). With this method the oil is extracted from fresh coconut meat without drying first. ”Coconut milk” is expressed first by pressing. The oil is then further separated from the water. Methods which can be used to separate the oil from the water include boiling, ferm ...   5,602 hits
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Re: Dentist story   by InnerCalm   4y
There are several ionizing tooth brushes on the market. Any one should do the trick. A more costly back up solution for already damaged teeth is to use an led device with the proper light frequency (color). Alt dentists are using them with great results and they are now available as a consumer product. I have and use the Sota Instruments one. The great thing is it has many excellent uses besides oral health. You can use it to stimulate regeneration of tissue, eradicating pathogens, tissue healing, great for burns etc. Many m ...   1,033 hits
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Re: I started cleansing today and already results...   by #76802   7y
Yeah you can slow it down a bit or you can help elimination. To help elimination: -eat plenty of food or juices containing alkalizing minerals, like greens classically. If you have access to it, this is a good season for dandelions and nettle, make teas, soups, salads, juices (not too easy, you’ve got to have a good juicer) or alternatively take some and chew it very very well. -take detox baths, very important, the simplest is epsom salt (not food grade it costs nothing) very very hot, you can add also ginger, baking soda, oil of oregano (little), look around CZ in full of info on th ...   1,102 hits
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Re: Liver flush?   by cyclotheme   13mo
Hi! Sorry, I read threads on my phone, but can’t reply until I get in front of a computer. Comments on the above: First, thanks for your reply! Liver flush is following the Clark Protocol. The first one, I didn’t have a BM until almost taking the olive oil. I got sludge out in the next few days, and a few yellow stones. The second one, when I wrote the above message, I couldn’t even take the full amount of olive oil, because for sure I would have vomited. I also didn’t have a bm until after taking the olive oil, but I took it anyway. Shortly after, I had a totally liquid b ...   244 hits
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Re: How about the founders of the probiotic movement?   by crapshot   11y
Hope it works for you. I’m sure theres going to be alot more brands out there but my whole point since I stated my Message about regarding oregano is that since alot of probiotics dont seem to work for many it may be possible that by useing the Oregano and yeast dysfuntion the month before I reduced the or weakened the candida to a point that the probiotic that I used was ably to work more effectively. Skip   1,280 hits
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Re: Amalgams   by Scouter   5y
I have amalgams too but I’ve also found that the enamel has eroded from several of my teeth. They were not like that before Oil pulling followed by washing mouth out with MMS. I suspect the MMS is the culprit. This has made all the amalgam stick out on the back of my teeth. The dentist says there is no way to put enamel back on the teeth. She agrees one can remineralise them but I don’t think that’s going to help stop the pain I now have when chewing. My teeth are super sensitive now. She gave me some Tooth Mousse to try and that didn’t help the sensitivity. If anyone remembers, ...   1,684 hits
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Re: Recurring fungal infection   by Kiwi Mango   5y
My only concern with olive oil is I think the fungus or yeast or whatever it is will just start feeding on the olive oil. I’m taking a break from the black walnut salve at the moment and am using a product containing essential oils of thuja, tea tree, lavender, calendula, st johns wort, as well as extracts of about 6 other herbs in a sweet almond oil/beeswax base. I found this formula online awhile ago, but symptoms were gone so did not pursue it. It is from kal Sellers. What do you think of this? The simple formula co ...   1,396 hits
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OP May Be Killing, Not Pulling.   by larx   7y
.I have a pretty good knowledge of anatomy and physiology and I don’t know of any reason to think toxins are pulled out through the skin of the mouth. I don’t think the salivary or mucus glands pull toxins from the blood etc. I think they just secrete saliva and mucus for digestion and lubrication. I don’t think there are any sweat glands in the mouth for removing toxins. There is one way, though, in which toxins do move through and out of the mouth, besides spitting out junk that accidentally enters the mouth. Mucus glands in the air passages, including lungs, secrete mucus that does pick ...   1,706 hits
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No! I'm Practically Anorexic! & Confused Flush Mechanism   by WannaSeeWorms   6y
sorry, I meant re: NEEDING to get some weigh on. I’m losing more every day and I’m 5’8” with larger scandinavian bones and down to 111! At my age, I’m calling this the corpse-hag or the skelet-babe look depending on pessimism vs optimism. That’s why I’d sure like to be able to tolerate the coconut oil at least. I will continue to eat some brown rice and baked potatoes. Doc! I cannot EAT butter! This is what I’m trying to say: if I eat any butter or olive oil (still not taking 1tbsp at night, waiting on herbal liver cleanse till more online?) or flax oil without having crazy diarrhea and po ...   940 hits
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Re: Oil Pulling, Urinary Tract Infection and Erectile Dis...   by mdaman   6y
uti is caused by bacteria but i doubt if oil swishing can help because of the distance between the two (mouth and uterus), although nothing wrong if you try. for uti, i would do the following, 1. drink lots of water (quantity=half of your body weight in oz. instead of lbs; example, 120 lbs. weight is 60 oz. per day) to reduce the acidity in your uterus lining. 2. don’t delay urination. if you feel it’s there, go right away. 3. wear clothing that allows air circulation in there (not wearing pants especially when doing perspiring activity. 4. wash your vagina after sex. tell par ...   4,591 hits
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Re: Need advice please   by plzchuckle   6y
Candida can be a complication.  I can only tell you what worked for me: Drinking PURE water, organic juice, herbal teas only. Eating orgnaics, most of it raw, most of it fruit and leafy greens ... supplementing with unrefined, cold-pressed organic plant oils - 3 tablespoons a day at this house, a different oil each time. You hear that fruit is bad for candida.  Candida was driven from my body eating a diet that was mostly fruit!  I supplemented the candida progress by taking wild pure Turkish oregano to take care of the mutated/fungal ...   740 hits
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Re: new to oil pulling help   by molly bloom   8y
I read one of your other posts. You’ve got some issues for sure, probably worse than mine. I once had loss of taste too many years ago. And everything I smelled was very chemical too. Two allergists could not figure it out, but the one thing that was obvious is that when I exercise heavily, this seems to occur. In my case at least, there is a condition out there that happens with exercise. Yep...I’m allergic to exercise.....great excuse huh? But I do it anyway, and still smell that chemical smell when I done. It’s any nut or seed oil. Preferably organic and either cold pressed o ...   658 hits
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Re: Eyelash mites and droopy eyelid question   by Boldyloxx   9y
when washing your face (morning and evening) add some eucalyptus oil , and/or sea salt to the water rinse. Dab some Neem, or Hemp oil in the corners of the eye and entire eyelid before sleep also. In the morning dab some grapefruit seed extract or tea tea oil (pharmecuetical grade) in the eye area. Rinse the eye with sea salt in warm water. Get any globs of mucous- no matter how small out from the inner corner of your eyes with a cotton swab. Also, carry a can of Saline solution (used for contact lense wearers-- canned saline, not plastic bottle) and squirt in the eye throug ...   3,029 hits
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Re: Yeast Infection is gone - Pinecone Extract/Udo's Oil   by Sydney Keith   12mo
Hi Eric, Yes you’re right, I guess you need to know how to take them and I have not been taking them properly. I haven’t had success with it is what I should have said :) When it comes to probiotics, different strains of probiotic bacteria have different health benefits. The problem is the distinct benefits of each strain of probiotic bacterium haven’t been categorized. Also these dietary supplements have little regulation and may not contain what is on the label. Probiotics don’t have a very long shelf life and and if not kept at a certain temperature just die off. If one knows h ...   1,213 hits
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Re: leaving egypt(bondage to the system)   by trapper/kcmo   6y
oregano oil - actually i am doing about 8 drops or so in a cap once a month. its just to keep the worms at bay since i have 4 cats and one dog. i dont feel the need for more than that. i like putting it in my oil pulling oil, but i just havent been. i like the taste. as for the pregnancy question, i think that would depend on the individual. i would not do the concentrace. instead i would do a good herbal mineral like barefoots mrs barefoot. one can always have him do a custom blend as well. mrsB would make a good base. plenty of sunshine and coconut oil daily as well. i belie ...   974 hits
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Re: Gardening at night   by wombat   4y
dirtboy, you simply must grow some cilantro and oregano, doesn’t take much space and then you’ll have most of the fixin’s for: A) salsa B) mediterranean cuke/tomatoe/oregano/garlic/olive/feta sah-lad... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   552 hits
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Re: Castor Oil Pack instructions from another website   by Corey   8y
Castor Oil Pack Therapy A.R.E. Clinic Brochure on Castor Oil Pack Therapy By A.R.E. Clinic Staff Castor Oil Pack Therapy is recommended for a variety of conditions, including: enhancing the immune system, encouraging the flow of lymph, reducing inflammation and infection, and calming the nervous system. You can also use it specifically over an injured area to promote quick healing. Materials Needed for Castor Oil Pack • Castor oil — cold pressed is preferred versus refined • Flannel cloth — wool is preferred over cotton unless unavailable or allergy • Pack Holder ...   1,745 hits
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Re: audibly hear parasites in the brain?   by Bluerabbit   3y
I have them in my head, I hope they aren’t in my brain. I can hear and feel them, especially after I eat something sweet. I get lots of worms out of my sinus using a qtip and hydrogen peroxide. The parasites I had in my intestines (they were perfectly happy there, I wish I would have known the proper way to get rid of them there) scattered because I drove them out with herbs and supplements, obviously not taking the correct amounts or combinations to kill instead of annoy. If you take good quality oil of oregano oil several times a day they will try to get out - this is how I get ...   1,433 hits
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Molly's thoroughly self absorbed rant....   by molly bloom   6y
According to MY sources, coconut oil is the highest oil in inflammatory substances. What say you about that girlfriend? Hell, I’m about to give up and go back to a life of Doritos Chips and transfat. Damn. You can’t eat this, you can’t ingest that. The air above will kill you. ALL the foods you eat will kill you (not enough proteins, chemicals, pesticides in organic...). Cotton causes parasites. EMF Waves in the air will kill your brain. All fats were good, and now they are bad, and the good ones will kill you. The government is killing you. Computers are killing you (Ha ha ...   1,174 hits
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Question--Whats the Ultmate Cure???   by tasha92337   7y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi, everyone! I suffer with dark circles and puffy eyes which are known as ”hypothyroidism” Anywhoo, my liver is congested as well as my candida needs work. My question is what is the ultimate cure for sinus since i heard that sinus is a part of cause of dark circles. Has anyone used a ”NETI POT??” I read a post on and this person did this: 1) Oil Swishing. This is done every morning for 5-20 minutes. Other essential oils can be added for more effect such as oregano oil. OO really gets the mucus flowing. There are also suggestions in using this practice ...   2,328 hits
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OPing with Oregano Question   by ajgasper   6y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi, Six days ago I added 4 drops of Wild Oil of Oregano to about 4 ounces of Sesame Oil. At first my gums felt ”itchy”. Not sure how to explain it. Sort of like what my gums feel like after camping for a week, and forgetting to bring my toothbrush. The feeling has been reduced substantially, but still have a slight feeling of it. That bottle is almost empty, and have added 10 drops to 8 ounces of a new bottle of Sesame Oil. What has been everyone else’s experiences been when they first started out with OOO in their OP oil? Does anyone have a formula where you start reaching d ...   1,030 hits
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Remineralization of tooth enamel   by nettie   8y   View Entire Thread 20
I know the subject was discussed but I can’t find it. Rooting (oops sorry that’s English slang, I mean nosing :)) around old message I found a link to a natural tooth care dentist’s site. From there I found another good site with this information about remineralization I am continuing to pull with sesame oil inc a couple of drops of oil of thyme and some heavily diluted sage oil from capsules (do not dilute your own!) Oregano is no longer easily available here as my health food store says there was an issue with aromatherapy oils (not pharmacutical grade ...   8,121 hits
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Re: Herbal antibiotic studies   by Hveragerthi   5y
  so what is herbal equivalent of tetracycline?   What I would choose would depend a lot on the type of infection.  For example, for urinary tract infections I prefer uva ursi or manzanita leaf with a little calcium citrate, which does a better job than antibiotics, and is specific to the urinary tract.  So it will not cause secondary infections like conventional antibiotics.  For pneumonia or microbial bronchitis I prefer chaparral, thyme, horseradish and eucalyptus essential oil.  Again, more effective than conventional antibiotics and specific to the re ...   1,418 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: You are my last hope ... can you help me?!   by plzchuckle   7y
whew, Kris, bless your heart. #1. drink PURE water, organic juices and herbal teas ONLY ... 1/2 oz per pound minimum daily. #2. eat organic food, most of it raw (fruit is better than veggies) ... supplement with unrefined, cold-pressed plant oils ... liquid lecithin and coconut oil would help you on a daily basis.  Completely avoid the junk foods!!!!  NO white flour, NO white sugar, NO tablesalt, NO grocercy store oil ... to completely avoid these, you’ll need to eat NO processed foods, these are all hidden there. #3. do the cleanses . ...   987 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Help Me With A Protocol ASAP!   by Tony Isaacs   5y
I like your protocol; however, with HIV and Hep-C I would consider Sutherlandia OPC an absolute must.  I also like the olive leaf extract and oil of oregano.  Uniquity here at CZ makes a killer echinacea tincture that is good for just about anything, the same as is true for blackseed oil (Nigella Sativa).  Her cayenne pepper tincture is topnotch as well.  I am not a huge fan of MMS, but will not go into any criticisisms here.  For that runner’s knee, try a product called Ultra Joint Support from Utopia Silver (you can use the CZ discount code of LR001 and get 15% o ...   1,437 hits
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Re: Warts, Tags, symptoms of viral infection (Australian ...   by Butterfly   9y
Greetings, The name of the oil I mentioned in my previous post is Australian Blue Cypress Oil. I purchased mine directly from Healing Waters, a local flower essences, essential oil, boutique where I live. I am certain you can purchase it online, HOWEVER, make sure it is pure with no other ingredients. I remember it being costly, but it is well worth it. It does the job. Remember, warts are viral infections. I actually placed a drop just below where my thumb and first finger meet and licked it off (thats what Jennifer told me to do.) but I am sure you can just place a drop on yo ...   4,249 hits
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Re: Pinworms - Desperate   by TheADONIS   6y
Pure Oil of Oregano, one drop every hour for 8 hours a day, for 21 days. Herbal Dewormer, one teaspoon every 2 hours, every day, for 8-10 hours per day, for 60 days. Olive leaf powder/extract/tincture every hour for 8-10 hours per day, for 30 days. Wash sheets/clothes,towels,washcloths, ect. in hot water with 20 Mule Team Borax daily. Apply one drop of pure OOO mixed with 10 drops olive oil to anus every night before bed. Eat one teaspoon of Virgin Coconut Oil three times daily(minimum). The trouble with pinworms is that they can leave the body, thereby leaving the bloo ...   2,645 hits     2 of 2 (100%)
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coconut oil for topical infections?   by Melis19750   3y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi dr jeff can you tell me of a coconut oil product you rec? specifically one that is best at treating various things of skin- fungal, bacterial, even possibly viral like HSV i found this- oxygenated coconut oil but not sure if its better than using reg ol extra virgin unrefined coconut oil   1,912 hits
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Re: Whassup with hyssop?   by Hveragerthi   4y
  Yes, that is how I heard it was in the oregano family. Many Christian natural & alternative health people have mentioned it and said that it was part of the oregano family. They are related, but in the Lamiacea (mint) family.    857 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: athelete's foot & dandruff advice...   by MH   5y
Hi, HAY I would be very grateful for some advice. THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO ASK, WHERE ALL CAN READ.. I have dandruff, athelete’s foot and a mild case of jock itch. OK, SO YOUR SKIN IS OVER LOADED AND EXPELLING ACIDIC WASTE THAT ARE ITCHY / FLAKY. Without going into too much detail, I have had these for several years and ”maintained” these by a combination of showing, changing my clothes especially underwear with fresh clean pairs very regularly, trying to keep the ”infected” areas dry and applying tea tree oil topically. OK, TAKING THE TEA TREE OIL INTERNALLY MAY HAVE ...   742 hits
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Morgellons Remedy   by AustinM   17mo   View Entire Thread 2
6 Essential Oils used by a guest on the "HOROKANE Hour"   .... Here is the LINK to the outstanding show.     The essential oils I do not sell, but the guest identified her supplier, and most health food stores carry the following six oils:   CINNAMON CLOVE OREGANO LEMON RED THYME ROSEMARY THESE ARE PRESCRIBED: Three or six drops of each taken three times per day. The regimen is reporte ...   1,108 hits
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Re: Has Anyone had success keeping the virus suppressed o...   by #21622   10y
Well, I don’t know for sure, but I am thinking that this high dose of OmegaRX fish oil seems to be doing the trick. I hate to get too cocky and think I have this thing licked, because whenever I do, it seems to sneak back up on me and say ”Had you fooled!” It really is a beast. I have also used some 5htp to boost my serotonin levels. Whenever serotonin levels are low, a person’s pain threshold is lower. I have tried everything else previously: getting alkaline, oregano oil, laying off the high arginine foods, hydrogen peroxide therapy, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum. After 20 someth ...   1,090 hits
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Re: Oil Pulling Advise for Loose Teeth & Gum Infection   by littlemissy   4y
Thank you so much Music Man for your fast reply. I am anxious to get started and plan to go purchase these items immediately. (Praying to God I see some results!). Was planning on trying coconut oil (because it taste good) or oil of oregano (because I read on this forum it was the strongest). But if you say sesame and sunflower oils are the best, I’ll take your advise. Two more questions: 1. Where do I find these items? I’m thinking either a health food store or Whole Foods? 2. What are the chances that OP will work for me considering that I won’t really be able to PULL the o ...   10,161 hits
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Re: Newbie here! Planning to start my liver flush tomorrow!   by Gardeninginthefog   9y
Black Walnut Tincture I think the dose she recommends is 10 drops. I always use at least 20. A time or two when I didn’t have that I used a few drops of oil of oregano which works fine (but your burps aren’t as tasty [yuck, sorry! Sometimes the torture of it all gets the better of me! :P]). I have never used the HCL because it was too hard to find, and not really necessary. I also don’t use the vitamin C powder, or the orthanine because I subscribe to the view that vitamins should come from natural sources and not be synthetic. Also I find that when I follow the ”no drinking any ...   748 hits
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Re: Cannabis Oil On Lyme Disease and Lyme Co-infections   by Johny Apple Bomb   69d
Or some simply use a fruit-vegatable-wheat grass juicer. Single auger like an Omega 2004   461 hits
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Re: Infection and Oil Pulling. HELP   by oneseven   7y
It definately would not hurt. If it doesnt help her infection i am sure her mouth and teeth will at least be the best they have ever been. It purpotedly pulls toxins and bad things from the blood thourhg the mucous membranes, so it is definatly worht a shot. I can tell you after 4 days of OP once a day, my teeth are the best they have ever been. 1 tablespoon, sunflower oil, 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes, preferably on empty/near-empty stomach (before meals is good), and, preferably, no fluids for an hour before the OP. THOROUGHLY clean and brush the mouth after OPing. I hear t ...   738 hits
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My accidental Liver Flush!   by TheADONIS   9y   View Entire Thread 7
So last night I was in a weird mood, weird cravings all night, I took a bottle of Cold First Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and poured a GOOD amount into a bowl and started dipping bread into it, I couldnt get enough of the stuff! I ate alot of bread and ALL of the olive oil, then I thought,”TheADONIS, why dont you take a hot bath???” so I did take a really hot bath and sat there for an hour+ reading about the great pryamid and drinking a little thing I call ”TheADONIS Nightcap” which is: Pau ’d arco tea, una ’d gato(cats claw) tea, red raspberry tea, one scoop of noni powder, one hea ...   1,394 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Holistic Healing   by tasha92337   7y   View Entire Thread 6
Nutrients -- Very important. Essential fatty acids ... Acidophilus or Bio-Bifidus ... Caprylic acid ... Dioxychor ... Garlic ... Quercetin ... Vitamin B complex ... biotin ... vitamin B12 -- Important Calcium ... magnesium ... vitamin -- Helpful Coenzyme Q10 ... amino acid complex ... Glutathione ... multivitamin ... vitamin A ... Grapefruit Seed extract ... L-Cysteine ... vitamin C Herbs Pau d’Arco (also known as taheebo, lapacho, and Wild Cherry) bark tea (boiled) ... clove tea ... maitake tea. RECOMMENDATIONS o .. vegetables, fish, .. brown rice, millet o .. yogurt (w ...   933 hits
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Re: Aromatherapy recommendations for Candida, Hypoglycemi...   by onemoretime   4y
I have had a terribly distressing cough for close to 7 years. Been to all the doctors, had tons of tests, tried loads of things. Finally, went to a chiropractor who got my organs back in position and got me using Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. I am on month 3 of pretty much daily use and am clearing out the most gruesome stuff from lungs, Eustachian tubes, nose, and throat. I feel like hell, but seeing what is exiting my body is more than worth it. Exiting practically every orifice - and I understand that is par for the course. There are many anti-fungal, anti-bacte ...   1,864 hits
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Re: 21 day fast has begun   by MH   4y
mh HAY I enjoy you products and use them every day for the last 3 years MANY THANKS ie: plant fats, all in one, oregano oil, 80% fruit diet,ect.. WOW, THAT IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did a liver flush this weekend for the first time in six months since my last 108 fast YOU FASTED 108 DAYS ON FRUIT JUICE/WATER OR SOME OTHER METHOD OF FASTING? to see how clean I have become and noticed alot of liver stones still in my system. OK, WERE THEY GREEN, ETC..? I AM SURPRIZED YOUR GALLBLADDER OR YOUR LIVER COULD HAVE BUILT UP STONES IF YOU WERE TAKING PLANT FATS DAILY FOR TH ...   845 hits
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Re: How does a Naturopath test for parasites?   by #35289   9y
What my naturopath prescribed was frozen castor oil pills for parasites in my lower intestines. For the rest of the blood problems he gave me a detox formula be Heel, which contained three different herbs (sorry I don’t have it on me right now but it’s on-line), and zypan digestive enzymes for the undigested protein. The detox herbs really cleared up my blood and I began to sleep better. As well as all of this, I have tried all kinds of things to deparasitize, and at this point I’m not even sure what’s working, as I am constantly expelling flukes and god knows what else, probably escaris ...   1,765 hits
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Re: Not a Neti pot, but...   by prettysoulful   8y
My post nasal drip has been majorly improved by 3 specific things. 1) Oil Swishing. This is done every morning for 5-20 minutes. Other essential oils can be added for more effect such as oregano oil. OO really gets the mucus flowing. There are also suggestions in using this practice for people with dental work. 2) Enteric Coated Peppermint Oil: This helps clear up small intestine bacterial overgrowth that can prevent adequate digestion of foods, especially sugars and starches which seems to contribute to excess mucus production and a more comfortable home for candida. Use this 3 time ...   4,602 hits
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How to stop bleeding from hemorrhoid? Don't want urgent c...   by b2reflect   7y   View Entire Thread 20
I have had a hemorrhoid ’out’ since Tuesday. I have done much to get it gone or in (for lack of better words). I used CS but my potentcy is only 16 ppm. I used a mixture of iodine, oregano oil and coconut oil. I even used a garlic oil (crushed garlic and olive oil) with cayenne...yes this one did bring LOTS of awareness to my bum! At any rate, I would put whatever on a cotton ball and insert in my bum, leave it in for a while. It seemed like it was ’drying’ up. Today I didn’t seem to have much problems, yet when I used the restroom before I began my overtime, there was a little blood on my ...   31,015 hits
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Re: Oral thrush   by runlong71   5y
my diet - no sugar at all (no fruit, no alcohol no real or fake sugar), no grains, no beans, starch. Basically I eat meat, eggs, low GI veggies, some almonds and pumpkin seeds and lots of good fats (coconut oil, butter, olive oil). no yeast or moldy foods. Under the care of a natropath I take a fair amount of supplements - B complex, Biotin, Mg and Ca, Oil of Oregano, pau d’arco, garlic, Vit C, Cod Liver Oil. Two weeks ago I added undenatured whey and Selenium and got some great results (no more gas or bloating). I added Inulin 2 days ago based on Duncan Crow’s candida info http://he ...   2,738 hits
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Re: For everyone's information   by peggyaus   5y
Hi Shroom and anyone else interested: Great information and insights throughout this thread! From your hypothesis (fungus comes FROM parasties), I went BACK to parasite cleansing about 2 weeks ago... this is after 2 years at least of doing massive parasite cleanses of all different types and I thought I’d done it all in terms of moving most of my parasite load out of me (having passed lots of worms and creatures already). Never thought there could be MORE... Then, amazingly to my utter surprise, I moved at least 3 BIG juicy coral coloured flukes a few mornings ago. There might have ...   1,124 hits
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Oil Pulling Advise for Loose Teeth & Gum Infection   by littlemissy   4y   View Entire Thread 13
I’m new to this forum, just learned of oil pulling, and I need help before I lose all my bottom teeth! Here’s my problem: This dentist convinced me to have a complete mouth restoration to correct my bad bite several years ago. What he failed to mention was that all the new crowns were going to be connected, and, by the time I found out that was the case, it was too late. Now, I just noticed my gums are infected along my front four bottom teeth, and my front lower teeth feel loose. The gum is still pink closest to my teeth, but is dark red and feels weird (tingly perhaps?) on the botto ...   10,801 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling   Dental Health   Dental Support

Re: Help liver flushing   by mo123   5y
Mo123, I get shaky some and need some stevia to balance my blood. The reason I want this for me is activities in the brain still. a ringing which moves from one area to another area of the head. I know what I have but don’t know how to remove. Where to get this black seed oil Mo123? Do you have some to buy? blue tomato. ---------------------------------------------- No tomato, I don’t sell any, just have some sources I recommend which I posted in the other thread. Ringing in the head, I have pressure in my ear from a previous car accident and the doc told me this is a disc ...   1,379 hits
Forum: Sara's Soup Kitchen   Black Seed

cheap $10.00 version Bloodroot paste still gave me good r...   by Boldyloxx   9y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi folks! I got this home-made bloodroot paste at our healthfood store for only $10.00. It is in an olive/castor oil base with other herbs. Some small herbalist company called ”Wise Way’s” Herbals made it ( ) . It’s not the full strenghth stuff for real tumours, but it actually worked for me on a flaking blemish on my nose that wouldnt heal. The label reads ”Penetrating, deep drawing escharotic skin salve for cellular imbalances or tumours.” Contains: Olive Oil, extracts of Organic Blood Root, Chaga Mushroom, Yellow-Dock Root, Calendula & Red Clover Fl ...   3,020 hits
Forum: Bloodroot

Re: oil pulling cured my gum infection!   by wombat   7y
YAY! I just read your message in the dental forum & told you to post here... :) hehe, look’s like you’re right on top of it! Dang, i wish I would’ve known about this years ago...CONGRATS!   1,672 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Oregano Herxheimer?   by mh   6y
1 drop oregano per day is enough, even though many have taken 8+ drops daily. Oreganois going to increase circulation and elimination, you should have opposite the reactions you mention and naturally if you ignored the LBB, then the waste may be trying to go out the skin, etc. because the intestines are too weakened to keep up, same goes for the kidneys, this is why the pre-cleanse kit covered the intestines, kidneys, parasites, liver and a bottle of oregano. MH   1,545 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Fleste olivenoljer er OK   by Eric B.   10y
Fleste olivenoljer er OK Statens næringsmiddeltilsyn har nå analysert 26 nye olivenoljer, alle er i orden. I alt er 46 olivenoljer analysert, og bare noen få typer er klassifisert som helsefarlige. Her finner du full oversikt. Av Hanna Hånes Statens næringsmiddeltilsyn (SNT) har forbudt salg av olivenolje laget av olivenrester og to såkalte jomfruoljer av merket Diana. De inneholder alle rester av tjærestoffer eller PAH. Før helgen kom resultatene fra 26 nye oljer, i alt er nå 46 olivenoljer analysert og tjærestoffene er bare funnet i noen av dem. - Butikker som selger de he ...   2,311 hits
Forum: Norsk

Re: I tried this today   by tek   7y
Hey Megan - Not sure whether it is the diluted version or not, but I’m going to guess it is. The brand is Oreganol, and I have seen it at Whole Foods, although I got it at my local health food store. The label says that a serving size of 2 drops is 100 mg. of a ”proprietary blend of ”Wild Mediterranean oregano oil P73 in extra virgin olive oil.” Not sure if that helps! If it is diluted, it feels pretty potent when I take my usual 8 drops with water. The tea tree oil is only that. I saw a bunch of products with added ingredients but I bought the Desert Essence brand. There have ...   1,045 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

calling Trapper or Newport (or anyone else)   by #69336   6y   View Entire Thread 19
I am a diabetic (have been for 15 years) who has refused for several years to take meds or insulin. I now have an infected embedded big toenail -- tried to cut more out last night but it’s a little worse today. The redness on that side extends below the toenail. I can feel it with each step. Today I went to an alternative supplement store and the ND there (who before told me there’s no such thing as mucoid plaque, although I wish I still had mine to show him) told me (without looking at it) that I am in danger of blood poisoning as this can start streaking up the leg. I’m taking salt/ ...   1,207 hits
Forum: Ask Trapper

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