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Re: Cayenne   by QT_Aya   8y
Cayenne pepper doesn’t work for me. My canker sores are CAUSED by eating too much cayenne pepper!! (I am serious guys. My diet is extremely high on cayenne peppers and other hot peppers, becuase I crave them. It is genetic. My father is from Zhechuan, China. ^_-) In traditional Chinese medicine, canker sore is a sure sign of too much heat, and cayenne pepper adds to the heat so it can aggrevate the sores. (My body nature, according to Chinese medicine, is ying deficient with execssive internal heat. And I get canker sores a lot. My blood type is A by the way. ^_^) Oil pulling did ...   6,499 hits
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Re: ATTENTION by MH   by senior moments   4y
Hi MH, Daily, I take your adult dewormer, oregano oil, cayenne and the All N One Kit. Also spray III and II when i remember. Does all this already equal your new ”108”? I took 20 tablespoons in 20 hours of your adult dewormer last weekend and the next day took 7. I did pass three approx 1” pod looking things with a skinny string (or worm)approx .5”-1” attached to each pod - they all looked the same. I looked it up on the internet and it could be a tapeworm egg/pod although the picture I saw had a scolex attached and mine didn’t have that. If not from a tapeworm, what other type of wo ...   1,122 hits
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passing parasites now   by #26467   9y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi, I posted before about doing a 30 day parasite cleanse with your dewormer and taking a drop of oregano oil a day. The anti-parasite herbs produced a antibiotc like side effect on me, headache, slight temperature elevations, minor nausea. After finishing that cleanse and passing a little bit of white rice parasite thus far, I decided to do the co-q10 ”bomb” (4mg). Had a horrible headache. I passed some blue and green nastiness, lots of gas. Then the worms under my skin started traveling up and down and around my body constantly. I did some research and ascariasis infects mostly the intes ...   1,008 hits     2 of 2 (100%)
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Re: Pinworms   by MH   10y
Pin worms are easy to kill, but they multiply so quick! I always suggest a 30 day dose of 1 tablespoon morning and night, then 1 tablespoon weekly. Plus 1 drop of pure oregano oil and 6 olive leaf capsules per day, 5-6 days per week for life. WHY? Because of my experince with very stubborn pin worms this one woman had. She passed 3 buckets before she was rid of them. her problem is she was born not being able to sweat and this caused her to accumulate mucus in the lungs and pin worms made a home of her! Fluke worms of all sorts fall out like dead fleas on a dog, but the smaller the wo ...   1,247 hits
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Major Progress!!   by tasha92337   7y   View Entire Thread 20
What I take: Sangre de Drago extract -ultimate anti-oxidant and natural healer - contains 90% proanthocyanidin (OPCs) -it helps stop leaky gut FIBERZON intestinal cleanse formula -special formula’s blend of 15 organic rainforest herbs INGREDIENTS • Psyllium • Hibiscus ”Okra” • Licorice • Fennugreek • Licorice • Flax Seed • Boldo ”Gingko” • Slippery Elm • Oat Bran • Uña de Gato ”Cat’s Claw” • Sego Palm • Camu Camu ”It contains up to 4,000 times the amount of vitamin C” • Jatoba • Papaya • Sangre de Drago • Artichoke AQUAZON super food formula -blend of fre ...   1,926 hits
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Using different oils   by InnerGardener   7y   View Entire Thread 7
I keep reading about people having such good results with Coconut oil. Are you using cold pressed? I’m picking some up for my detox bath mixtures I make and wanted to get the kind I could pull, too. I’d like to give it a try. Is anyone pulling with one oil in the morning and a different oil later in the day? I was thinking of doing that with coconut and sesame. I really liked how my teeth whitened with the safflower oil I was using the first week. Sesame doesn’t seem to whiten my teeth like the safflower (I think I said saffron in one post. was a mistake). I wasn’t able to find sunflower ...   887 hits
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Re: sunne,   by Wrenn   9y
since you mention all the pets... and barefoot ,etc i would greatly suggest a parasite cleanse first. you can also treat your pets too based on pet to wt ratio. I used the clarkia 8 week treatment, also i used oil of oregano 85 % carvocal now a days i eat anti- parasitic foods, herbs, spices and try to keep my body as alkaline and flooded with oxygen as much as possible by using such things as colosan etc. i will reedit this in a bit with links to these things for you ©†ƒ……•™¼‡_Original_Message_¾€š½ž¢«»¬ï°© since you mention all the pets... and barefoot ,etc i ...   1,488 hits
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Please help! Ringworm growing!!!   by Fayma   7y   View Entire Thread 16
I have had ringworm show up on my skin maybe 3 or 4 times before this latest outbreak. The rings have always been small and few and I would use over-the-counter creams with success. This time I wanted to see how natural methods worked so I put tea tree oil on the two small rings I had that were near each other. I just put straight undiluted tea tree oil on the rings and was generous with the amount I used. One of the rings started clearing pretty quickly and then I tried apple cider vinegar,which seemed to kind of burn the other one, so I stopped with that. I kept using the tea tree o ...   24,494 hits
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Re: parasite in eye   by boldyloxx   8y
Hi! I’ve had these-- they are long and clear-- and doctors will only tell you they are just simply ’floaters”. I’ve had them in my sinuses also. Those types are also long and clear- and have a long red line running through them (their digestive tract containing the host’s blood) Makes sense that they are probably larvea stages of intestinal worms. What keeps them under control-- as well as completely revising your eating habits to all raw fruit/veggie and eating alot of raw citrus, ridding your body of heavy metals, and changing your bath, cleansing and beauty products to all N ...   1,461 hits     2 of 2 (100%)
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hi 8)   by Wrenn   10y
lots of folks do that. with np at all. yes about putting your dog on a treatment with you. the instructions for clarkia that come with the treatment , give easy to follow dosage ratios per wt of pet or child. .......................... also consider the oil of oregano 85% carvocal in it,the bottle just need a few drops/ several times a day see to take care of any other parasites/ fungi/viruses etc.. esp important to dilute that with a few drops of olive oil etc. ..................................... ...   1,174 hits
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Re: Praise to the Master Herbalist   by musimesipomahat   3y
ok, thanks so much for your input I will do some research and will try to get some pure oil. Even this one leftover I have works good. By filtered water I mean reverse osmosis, I boil it too to make sure it’s clean. I have a distiller but it has funny taste because where I live they must’ve been puting something in the water that even distiller doesn’t remove. When I drink reverse osmosis filtered water I don’t taste the ”funny” taste, that’s why I prefer it now to home-made distilled water. But if you think I’m better off to use the home distilled water, maybe I can first ozonate th ...   619 hits
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Image Embedded Staph Infection   by Djehuty   5y
Staph Infection by Djehuty Ma’at-Ra Tell a Friend A common infection many people are suffering today is ”Staph Infection.” Staph infections are considered a degenerative disease and as such, can naturally be reversed or healed. Before we can heal from anything, we must first know what we’re dealing with. We must know the particulars of the disease we seek to heal from. So let’s find out first what a staph infection is, followed by its etiology, and then work our way to various remedies. What is a Staph Infection? A staph infection is medically defined as ”an infection cau ...   1,792 hits
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canadian here where do i get pure products?   by imsick   5y   View Entire Thread 5
hello fellow canadiens I just wanted to know where can i get pure quality products. I usually get my products from MH but he is no longer shipping to canada or any other country apparently. I have gotten the LBB from him so i can no longer get that. Also i use to get the dewormer from longer i can get that. Also the oil of oregano i cant get that either. I know that most things even in health food stores are not the right stuff. For example the aloe vera juice is filled with chemicals and diluted. oregano oil is watered down. where can i get quality olive leaf powder a ...   890 hits
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Re: Okay, I'm a bit frightened here!!   by finallyfaith   8y
is there a health food store near you that sells herbs in bulk? if so you can make a small batch of your own parasite cleanse and see if you react to it or not. black walnut, wormwood, and cloves are the main parasite killing herbs in just about any anti-parasite formula on the market. you could get a small amount of each, encapsulate them (these herbs taste awful!), and take a few caps to see if you react. if not you could continue on making your own, or get another product wit them in there. your reaction to the oregano oil may not have had anything to do with parasites at all, it may ...   1,048 hits
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Re: Help! Oregano Oil Dose???   by #60265   8y
I think the P & B shakes, in conjunction with oil of oregano or caprylic acid are useful because together, these ingredients neutralize and then physically remove the yeast from your GI tract. I actually like decenoic acid (formula SF722) better than the OOO or the Cap. because it’s more lethal to the yeast. The oil of oregano/caprylic acid/decenoic acid (any one of these) in conjunction with the bentonite help kill and/or weaken the yeast, and then the psyllium actually latches onto them physically, so that you get rid of them when you visit the bathroom. Really, the more you can rem ...   4,586 hits
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Re: Expelled another of those Gel type worms!   by Boldyloxx   9y
Hi Lydia! was think’n of ya ! Good news-the mucous you are passing belongs OUT of your body! That is definitly a GOOD sign. The body needs liquid- but mucous is moisture gone putrid-- and is nesting material for many a worm. I remember spitting up mucous in the middle of the night after first changing my diet to raw fruits and veggies- and stopping the flour products. I read that it is important to not reswallow it- but spit it up in a tissue. As tired as I was from being awoken from this mucous rushing up my throat- I grabbed a tissue and spit it out-- then went back t ...   865 hits
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Re: Oregano question   by remi96   8y
Hi Fiona Absolutely. That sounds like intense die off to me. I had the exact same thing happen to me for months when I started the liquid caprylic acid. Not as bad now. But I would take it and then I felt poisoned. And actually my symptoms were that of feeling of poisoned with candida, so that is what my die off started out as only worse. If you had this particular symptoms before and then it happened right after taking the oregano oil, it is undoubtedly die off. Question is can you put up with that. It could happen everyday for a while until you kill more of it off. How long did ...   834 hits
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flushing white things with black dot out of nose   by kkrwh   4y   View Entire Thread 3
so, i posted this as part of another post, but i’m still curious to know what other people think this may be. about a year ago i started seeing white blobs in my nose. i started feeling a digging crawling feeling and then it has recently stopped. i just found out i was pregnant as well, and i’ve been having a lot of health problems for the last two months, and was told that this was part of the detox and that my body would get rid of whatever was going on in there. a few minutes ago though i did a nasal rinse with oil of oregano (yes, i know i’m not really supposed to use it internall ...   2,447 hits
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Re: Blastocystis hominis   by #31895   10y
Hi Brancusi, Have you done a bowel/colon cleanse? If not, you might want to consider it too because Blastocystis hominis can hide in mucoid plaque. This is a substance that can build up in the intestines and makes parasites more difficult to eradicate. I’m currently trying Colosan to do this. Blastocystis particularly likes grains and I’ve found improvement to IBS by avoiding these (Blastocystis can cause IBS) I am wondering whether to try Oregano oil for 6 weeks - one of the websites below says it is one of the best treatments but someone told me she found it harsh. Also, som ...   10,062 hits
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Re: do parasites hate ginger?   by TC-12   9y
Parasites don’t hate Ginger. They simply prefer MaryAnne, as do many folks. Although not the obvious ”hottie” that Ginger was, MaryAnne had those girl-next-door good looks and innocence that were very appealing. Plus, the coconut pies MaryAnne baked for the Professor and Gilligan were awesome, something Ginger was much too lazy to bother with. As for the herb, ginger, while having many good qualities and applications, is probably not one of the more potent anti-microbials. Herbs such as garlic, goldenseal, oregano oil and the like would be stronger choices for killing various organisms. ...   2,848 hits
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Re: Cheshire: No 100% cure possible?   by dvjorge   4y
We are all sick doing our best to realize how to overcome this s..t in the best possible way. Finding a website like this claiming that Oregano Oil, Caprylic Acid or WHATEVER (see the word WHATEVER) don’t work and the only thing that works is the FAKE formula he is using, is a joke. Telling people that no diet has been closed to his diet is another boastful. Giving credentials to something like this isn’t favorable for any of us. If you are now planning a business selling ”anticandida” products in the web and you list caprylic acid, oregano oil, olive leaf, garlic, etc, What is going to ha ...   8,283 hits
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Re: How does the body respond when too much coconut oil   by Zoebess   6y
Hello, For me, too much coconut will exacerbate die off symptoms of headache, aching, general malaise. If drinking water does not move things along, it is best to cut back on your intake. It is all about balance and it is a personal thing since the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, and many of the other aspects of coconut oil benefits when ingested do also carry the responsibility of gauging the body’s reaction and regulating the dose appropriately. I like to suggest starting with one teaspoon. Either add or subtract or skip days to find the optimal dose for you. As far as u ...   97,712 hits
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Re: Discomfort,Removal and Wow!   by Boxer222   6y
Plzchukle, Reading your e-mail may have triggered why this happened to me,but let me tell you my protocol: Hulda Clarke Liver Flush: every 2 weeks (the standard way:stop eating protein/fat on the day before the flush and take no vitamins.Next day light breakfast: oatmeal,fruit,bread & jam and repeat same for Lunch.Stop eating at 2pm.The last couple of weeks have been drinking 1 litre of Organic Apple juice on Wed,Thurs,Fri,Sat(Flush Day)& Sun. Epsom Salts @ 6&8pm.At 10pm Grapefruit & Olive Oil,Ornithine(4caps),Black Walnut Caps(2)& 1/4 tsp of Citric Acid. Just recently I have ad ...   993 hits
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Re: Need help from curezone!   R by White Tiger   6y
Hi montrealhomegrown, Exfoliative cheilitis, in simple terms means the skin grows to thick, peels off the lips and exposes raw skin. And the cycle keeps repeating. Mix one drop of vitamin A oil with one drop of vitamin E oil. Apply to your lips with a clean finger when they become dry or when they are peeling. At night, Mix one drop of vitamin A oil with one drop of vitamin E oil and add a sprinkle of folic acid. by opening a folic acid capsule, you can sprinkle a small amount into the oils and put the cap back on the capsule for later use. Do this test to be sure you do not ha ...   1,819 hits
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Re: Chronic Staph Infection   by MH   9y
Dr. Christopher would suggest these things happen to those that consort with the MD. If you read the free 108 page booklet you will get many ideas. I suggest you have a very serious problem and it is only getting worse. If you have the will to read and try things you can use natural things, or you may need to see a professional naturopath, but odds are their education will only make you worse! I would start from scratch and after your 1st liver flush I would go on maximum oregano oil, plenty of olive leaf and all the liver cleansing/blood purifying herbs that you have the desire t ...   4,712 hits     2 of 2 (100%)
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Can I continue oil pulling whilst half inside premolar #5...   by rosycheeks   6y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi Everyone: I have been oil pulling for a couple of years now. Four weeks ago whilst I was overseas my right upper inside premolar which had broken last February and was glued back came off. Upon my return I have continued oil pulling but am wondering if it is wise as I understand that the exposed gum may be collecting bacteria and would oil pulling add to this bacterial load? I also understand that my only option is to have this pristine, virgin half outside premolar pulled as I am afraid of crowns and root canal from what I have gathered from my curezone friends. I have to ...   1,512 hits
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Re: Herb for Herpes?   by boldyloxx   8y
Hi! there are a number of herbs that will kill the herpes virus-- but the drug cartel companies have diluted , irridated, etc., thier over-the-counter strength so buying a bottle won’t be all that effective unless you take hundreds a day. I did also hear (not from Kevin Trudeau’s book) that there were certain berries or herbs over in the rainforest Countries that were found to cure Herpies so Kevin wasn’t lying-- I just forgot the names. Im thinking the Noni fruit, but im not sure of that one- there are several. I did hear that Cat’s Claw herb, Astragulus, Olive Leaf, Oregano Oil ...   2,393 hits
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Re: oil pulling and scars...Molly --   by sandover   7y
p.s. Molly , just read this after posting a reply -- but FYI I have, as I said in the reply to Plasticat, been mixing a couple of drops of Lugol’s with sesame or olive oil and using it on my face at night. I love it! A few months ago I stopped using face soap and now I cleanse with oil, wipe with a very warm damp washcloth, and then use a couple of drops of olive or olive and oregano with a couple of drops of Lugols before bed. (Let the Lugol’s dry before hitting the pillow to avoid stains.) It is WONDERFUL and I really see a difference in skin tone. I did this because I have some su ...   8,080 hits
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Re: To NewUK ...and others :Giardiasis keeps Candidas thr...   by jake1111   10y
Georgio, I read your posts and I got choked up inside and wanted to sob.. You have went through so much friend and I feel for you. Especially how you mentioned your wife left you. I had systemic yeast so bad at one point I was rushed into emergency. I read your information about giardiasis and it does sound like a good avenue to research into. One question I have for you is have you ever had your stomach PH checked? I noticed your mentioned you are over 50. Low stomach PH is major contributor to health conditions, Candida included. If your stomach does not have the proper acids to ...   4,812 hits
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Go Lean with Green   by LuellaMay   7y   View Entire Thread 3
Go Lean with Green Crisp green beans make for a great side dish, but you don’t have to load them with butter to boost their flavor. This recipe incorporates delicious sautéed tomatoes and aromatic herbs, adding lots of flavor without additional fat. The onion provides sweetness and, combined with garlic, add a variety of phytochemicals to this colorful dish.   Green Beans with Tomatoes and Herbs * 1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil 1 small onion, minced 2 garlic cloves, finely minced 1 large ripe tomato, diced, or 1/2 can (7 oz.), diced tomatoes, drained ...   833 hits
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Castor Oil Swishing Caveat   by Azurite   7y   View Entire Thread 12
As a testimony to the remarkable power of castor oil and to the exquisite design of the human body I thought I would add an addendum for anyone who might consider an OP with castor oil and this is a reference to the prior discussion regarding the pathways from the mouth and microbes that can impact various organs. One way to test this pathway from the mouth is to OP with castor oil. If you should choose this unorthodox method then be sure to have easy access to a bathroom in the most likely event that you shall be needing it. And if you have ingested any oregano oil in the meantime then ...   2,523 hits
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Re: Okay, I'm a bit frightened here!! Help!!!   by magic_glitter   8y
There is a healthfood store near me that sells bulk herbs, BUT I wouldn’t know where to get empty capsules where I live in Canada. Would it be better to take half a dose of a cleanse like paragone or something? Would that do anything? I did a paragone cleanse a year ago and had a horrible reaction, much like the oregano oil. I did the oregano oil a few months later because I still felt ill (candida) - I then took probiotic megadoes which helped. Could I just take probiotic megadoes again to the same effect as paragone, or do you need something stronger? I asked on the Humaworm forum ...   1,025 hits
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Re: Which Anti-fungal?   by udoknowjac   4y
Thank you for the information. I bought some more ground flax and plan to start taking that again in addition to mag. Not sure yet if I will do anything further in regards to the bowels since I am getting so much conflicting information. ”If you want to do your own Anti-fungal regimen, try picking two out of your ”still working” list and use them for a couple of weeks, then switching to another two after that, etc. That’s what a lot of people do.” Thank you this is a great idea. My list includes garlic, uva ursi, oregano, cats claw and Oil of thyme so perhaps that is good place to st ...   810 hits
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Re: Coconut Oil on Unwashed Face for Acne?   by Zoebess   6y
I do not think it would harm you to apply it to an unwashed face, although, getting the dirt of a day off your face would probably allow you to feel better. I frequently use a few drops of VCO oil, perhaps the size of a dime and add one drop of lavender oil which also has great healing properties. You need to take care not to get it too close to your eyes, but smoothly it over your cheeks, forehead, nose and neck. Here are some coconut oil facts which may help you feel encouraged to keep using it on your face~~ COCONUT OIL FACTS You can take coconut oil both internally a ...   19,069 hits
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Natural Anti-histamine herbs   R by mo123   6y
Anti-Histamine Herbs Tess May 1st, 2007 Histamine is a chemical, which is involved in our local immune response as well as regulating physiological function in the gut, acting as a neurotransmitter. During the time of seasonal allergies, the body’s immune system sees pollen as an invader. In an allergic reaction, our body produces histamine, as a defense mechanism. This inflammatory chemical attaches the cells in our body and causes irritation. It is the deficiency of this enzyme that triggers an allergic reaction as histamines gathers in the synapses. An antihistamine serves to r ...   4,712 hits
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Re:Try This   by Bythc   6y
Sorry, but I have never taken boric acid, I have put it in bath water. I took, baking soda(not with the cs or h2o2), H202, CS(one or both) mixed with distilled water. When you tooked the H202, you added it to eight oz of distilled water? I started with one drop. Are you taking vitamin C, B12, iodine or anything else. Epsom salt baths really help me. Lots of oil,”wear oil, swish oil, eat oil”, coconut, olive, castor oil, ect. Drink lots of pure water, lots of green foods, goldenseal, ginger, cayenne pepper,green tea, herb teas in general. Organic if possible, learn to grow your own food ...   10,956 hits
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Re: Anti-Viral formula continues to give me massive headache   by bagsy   5y
In the past I’ve taken other supplements such as oregano oil, grapefruid seed extract, and olive leaf. The grapefruit seed did the most for me. Oregano oil depended on the brand -- there is a HUGE difference between some of them. I figure the headache is caused by major die-off. Last night I thought about waiting until after the holidays, but this morning I decided to take one capsule of the anti-viral. So far I don’t have a headache. I’ll see how I feel after taken one more this evening. If I still feel okay tomorrow, then I will stick with one capsule twice daily until after th ...   1,373 hits
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Re: I'm go'in on anti-biotics   by #1727   10y
hi i think you should take good probiotics while you’re on antibiotics/oregano oil. preferably a homemade kefir, thats the only type that really works i’ve found. it’s the best probiotic i have ever come across by far. i take kefir and primal defense. kefir had the power to change my digestion in days by itself. i also take primal defense just to add more and different types of beneficial organisms. even if the antibiotics and oil of oregano can help cure you, homemade kefir/probiotics should multiply your progress, and allow you to more easily battle pathogens/parasites/yeasts. it ...   653 hits
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Re: Also...   by Blueduck   9y
I think this is the best one. I have used it. I have not ordered it from this web site. I get it from my local health food store. Some places sell junk kind of oregano oil. It is not even real oregano oil, it is some thing else....I cannot remember what it is right now. North American Herb seems to be the best. Wrenn uses some other brand and she says its really good too. The one she uses costs less than the North American Herb one. I started off by putting a couple drops of it right under my tongue. It is HOT! I leave it there for a few seconds, as long as I can stand it then I dri ...   1,511 hits
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Re: chronic vaginal yeast infection   by melscooter   11y
So, do you recommend 3Lac? Is is something that I will have to take on and off for the rest of my life? I have totally cut out sugars/starches/yeast/alcohol from my diet for approx. 2 1/2 weeks. I’ve been taking acidophilus for 3 weeks. I did a Candida Cleanse called CandiGone which did nothing. Just 2 days ago I started taking Oil of Oregano. What I need to know is am I looking at months of more suffering as I heal with 3Lac or whatever I try? Should my boyfriend be taking anything like acidophilus, antifungal creams, oil of oregano etc. to insure not to reinfect me through ki ...   7,038 hits
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Re: IF   by Zoebess   8y
If you receive no other responses here, you may consider posting your question in the Ask Curezone Forum. Hang in there though. Sometimes it takes patience and perserverance. Also a WILL to put one foot in front of the other and look for answers. Edison had a thousand failures before he finally succeeded in inventing the lightbulb. If this were my problem, I would consider looking up your old anti-depressant online in the PDR which is the Physicians Desk Reference, and see if any of the side effects are ones you are experiencing. Also, you know your b ...   1,068 hits
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Re: Doing Great as a Fruitarian   by mo123   6y
She was a life saver to me here is her blog. Also I did change the oil of oregano protocol as suggested by barefoot to sticking my finger next to the thumb in the jar and wetting the inside of my cheek and then drink a big glass of water and much easier. I use sundried olive leaf and grind up in blender and put in caps and take 3 a day. Mo, 2 yrs ago, I stumbled into this forum having had NO digestion for over 3 months. Here’s my story of the communications by email between MH and myself and what it did for me: ...   4,836 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Canker Sore Thanks   by sandover   8y   View Entire Thread 4
Hi -- Many thanks to everyone who wrote with suggestions. I am really grateful for this forum and for the wealth of support and knowledge that flows so freely here! I don’t think it is a mere canker sore. I have tried in the past week rinsing with ACV and peroxide, etc. I staggered back in to the doctor this morning after another night of no sleep and the verdict was some sort of herpes thing (which I do think was elicited by the OP with oregano oil). If I did not have twin babies and a husband in his first year of law school, I would follow this path a little longer and see how l ...   2,576 hits
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Wednesday's Natural Remedy - Anthrax   by LuellaMay   7y   View Entire Thread 3
Anthrax and Bioterrorism Herbal Remedies for Anthrax and Bioterrorism: Herbal preparations may help bridge the gap between uncontrollable bacterial infections and ineffective pharmaceutical antibiotics. The herbs often play a supportive role. Echinacea, for example, won’t directly kill infectious bacteria, but it may help the body’s own immune defenses overcome them. A strong immune system helps the body fight its own battles. Ginger tea is a good example of a traditional diaphoretic with anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties. The bark of the South American pau d’arco tree k ...   985 hits
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day 19 - High body temperature, feel cold. Lots of thick ...   by MaisondeAlbicans   7mo   View Entire Thread 6
Does the above sound normal? My theory is that as old mucus is dislodged through using these herbs nasties are unearthed also, taking hold as my body expels them. what do you all think? I’m expelling lots of thick green mucus with the aid of camphor/mint/garlic and onion, blocked sinuses that even saltwater/GSE are not unblocking. Huge headache, high temperature and some serious lethargy/brain fog. I’m unsure as to whether this may be Lufenuron kicking in (this started on day 3 Lufenuron), whether it is the raw garlic (this reaction started the day I started the garlic), the iodine ...   865 hits
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Re: Anyone ever try this colonix program?   by kevinnader1   8y
I don’t know about healing skin cancer itself, but I’ve had great luck using Oregano Oil to burn off irregular brown spots on myself. I’m still experimenting, but so far, so good. You have to apply the Oregano Oil (100% pure) to the brown spot with a Q-Tip, and let it sit on the spot as long as possible. It will burn. The spot should turn hard and crusty, and then turn into a raw looking red spot. I follow this up with applying Colloidal Silver about 5 times a day. This begins the healing very quickly. There appears to be zero scarring. I was very brave, because I did this on ...   817 hits
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No Pest   by plzchuckle   14mo
For about 12 years I have had what I call NO PEST. It is basically a blend of spice oils that works for the garden, the hot tub, Spray III, etc., etc.... The main ingredient is extremely hard to come by, not made in the USA, well; actually none of the ingredients are made in the usa as far as that goes....Only 1 of the ingredients is s rare, I am thinking maybe there is only 1 source on earth for it now and I don’t even know the real source, because my source protects their sources, etc......but for now, I have enough to play with. My estimate is that No Pest is about 8x hotter+ than ...   8,036 hits
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Re: preventative measures! (:   by Boldyloxx   9y
Hi Ryger and beht. Actually the reason alot of us havnt gotten back to you yet is because most of us arent even online right now-- I just logged on about 10 minutes ago!! Ryger, from what the Barefoot Herbalist HIGHLY reccomends as a maintenance measure against future parasites is Oregano Oil and Olive Leaf (tincture or capsules) The both kill parasite larvea and eggs. Two drops of Oregano Oil under the tongue 6 days a week-- and olive leaf capsules with meals will not only prevent alot of parasites from hatching, but may even be a good idea to stock up on for flues and co ...   899 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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What in the world was this?   by inquiringmind   10y   View Entire Thread 5
I am currently taking a colon/liver cleanse combination from my ND. I have also been taking a digestive enzyme and in trying to fight off a bug that was going through my house I was taking Oil of Oregano caplets in a dosage recommended by my ND. I had a loose BM and noticed 2 white objects that appear to be partially dissolved Oil of Oregano caplets. They were still rather large, fairly close to the original size. I can’t imagine how they could have gone through without dissolving. I haven’t noticed this any other times. Could it have been something else? If so, what? Also, althoug ...   767 hits
Forum: Ask Shelley 1[A]

Okay, I'm a bit frightened here!!   by magic_glitter   8y   View Entire Thread 12
I’ve been cleansing since June 2005 and I think I’ve reached a point in my cleansing where I’m getting good results (raw food, vegan, taking cleansing + purifying herbs, supplements, switching to natural soap, toothpaste, make-up, ect. and I’m looking into getting an air purifier in a few months). So I think it may be time for a parasite cleanse. I’m scared to death that I’ll have bad results (January 2006 I did a parasite cleanse with oregano oil drops + oregano oil capsules) and I had horrible cleansing reactions. I feel fine intestionally now, but I still have crawling and itching sensa ...   1,129 hits
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Re: Ryger, we'll miss ya! but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!   by boldyloxx   8y
I do think Ryger has a good point. It’s not healthy to get mentally obsessed with parasites, or over-paranoid about food. I eat organic, but i’m not worried about parasites because I just simply wash everything to begin with and cut off any rotted or bruised parts on the produce. We’re all bound to pick up some parasite larvea no matter where you live or what you do- but when you take care of your immune system , clean out toxins from your body , make sure the digestive tract is in running order, and get upbeat nutrition and anti-oxidants you won’t have to obsess if you might poss ...   785 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Whose here for dinner ?   by RawDad   3y   View Entire Thread 3
MH et ALL, I have noticed I have to eat a bit go start ”getting mine”..... Let me explain.... If I have 8 oz juice... it seems I have no energy. 16 oz... it gets better. 32 oz... I feel pretty darn good.... Obviously... some THING is here for dinner. I know of the FUNGUS - I certainly have it - am working agressively (1 meal per day seems to be allowing me to take more oregano oil and olive leaf without feeling awful)... I have taken the parasite cleanse (2 bottles) & 2 bottles of PWA. Do you think there is anything else to be concerned with ? Maybe just f ...   617 hits
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How are you doing, 59636?   by #25098   8y
Is it clearing? A female family member showed me that she sometimes gets cracking on a fingertip. It’s sore, but she didn’t mention itchy. (Her diet is astonishingly bad, but I don’t say anything because of her strong preferences.) Myself, I get tiny pinhead blisters on my hands or feet. They can drive me nearly out of mind with itching. I’ve learned to avoid plants of the nightshade family, especially tomatoes. I don’t know what those websites have suggested, but there are two things I’ve found useful. One is Grapefruit Seed Extract. Dilute with water for use on the skin, ...   1,129 hits
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parasite killer!   by #134352   4y   View Entire Thread 2
Hello. Have a question about olive leaf you sell. Am on a mission to kill those evil parasites that I am infested with. Being using your adult dewormer and pure oregano oil. Both are great. Would like to try olive leaf next. You have: - capsules - powder - formula - tincture which one is the most powerful one (or the one you would recommend a newbie to olive leaf to use)? also, i noticed what is called the ”adult parasite kit”. woah!! very impressive kit! big money, but i’m sure HUGE RESULTS! could you tell more me about this? to kill the parasites effective and quickly, ...   1,317 hits
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Re: Dewormer is in Overdrive! Amazing Day Yesterday   by #23001   9y
lauren, what mg percentage is your oil of oregano? i just bought a bottle of solaray OOO today at the local health food store. it’s 68 mg and it’s pure. i placed one drop in a gallon of water and it was WAY too strong, lol. thank goodness i tested it with my tongue first! :P i was disappointed that i was unable to consume it:( oh yeah, and you mentioned olive leaf tincture. would one be able to substitute that with one drop of olive leaf extract from a capsule? would that be considered the same thing? thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences thus far! ©†ƒ……•™¼‡_Orig ...   1,676 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: white oak bark for teeth and cramps??   by Boldyloxx   9y
Hi Blueandyello! I also am having similar teeth problems at the gum line of my back molar (facing the cheek) I just ordered MH’s tooth powder and got carried away and ordered a whole bunch of other goodies he has too! I cant wait to try the powder. What has helped me in the meantime is chewing Xylotol gum after rinsing my mouth out with water after eating anything.-- as well as oregano oil (diluted) on the gum, then I open a capsule of Thyme herb and dab that right over the tooth and gum- with the oregano oil on first. And I sleep with the Thyme on the tooth over night. I a ...   1,690 hits
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SOS Head cold/flu advice?   by cecile   9y   View Entire Thread 2
We have had a horrible Sinus cold for 2 weeks now and I don’t know how much longer I can take it. I am very thankful not to be at the hospital or dead from pneumonia with the many others in this area! I at first thought this was no big deal since we never get sick for more than a day or two and haven’t been sick at all since beginning the Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf, and Cleansing, not even at Christmas time (a Miracle)! We have done a 3-day Orange Juice Fast, Super Tonic Plague formula (it’s 2 yrs old and perhaps not potent enough?), Garlic, Oregano Oil (1-2 drops/day), Olive Leaf (3 drops ...   722 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Head Parasites.   by PMJ   6y
I did go to a Dr and the stool sample came out I just kept praying and checking the forums here for what to do. Just to let you know I had terrible die-off yesterday and the best thing I have found for die-off is Oil of Oregano. I think when the dieing happens it causes inflamation and the brain swells....anyway I feel much better today and have decreased the dosage to 10-12 drops 3 times a day for a while. Oil of Oregano helps with inflamation. I buy mine at Puritan’s Pride with the 3 for 1 offer. And I still am not feeling them sliding like you said....when I lie down or b ...   908 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Yes I have seen it Derek.   by Derek   10y
Hi there Stannarad. I have stopped taking it for the timebeing, it was just making me so damn sick in the stomach. I have in the meantime been enquiring around the medical and alternative health industry here in Australia to see if someone can do the Heidleberg test. So far no-one has heard of it. I am reluctant to go back on the HCL without a positive diagnosis of low HCL production. The Baking Soda challenge seemed to indicate that I do have low HCL, but how accurate is this test? I am going around the bend at the moment. All I am taking right now is Threelac (yes I’m back to that again ...   788 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Something's fishy with the "smoker"...Killi? Is she (?) b...   by sandover   7y   View Entire Thread 20
Killi, In this recent post she signed her name as ”Karen” and in her first post as ”Kris” -- either it’s Dissociative Personality Disorder or she (?) is a chronic liar. Is she now banned from OP or Curezone? I am fine putting up with honest sick people, but people who come here to intentionally get out their sh*t-stirrers are not welcome on the forum or the site, IMHO. Another thing that I felt was that perhaps she (?) was not a she. Sometimes men and women have slightly different styles of usage and taht seemed to be a possibility here. And finally, her (?) style is to go onto a for ...   1,827 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

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