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i am considering having an IUD inserted.   by sarahgrace86   8y   View Entire Thread 2
hi, i am considering having an IUD inserted. This week i am going to my doctor for an IUD culture, and i am somewhat nervous. i have read things that are say they are no good. I do not particulary want a copper iud inserted because i have found that i am allergic to alot of metals and fear that i will become allergic to it. i have been having problems with my menstral cycle, it did not come for the entire month of august, and a pregnancy test came back negative, and i have also been bleeding during and after intercourse. i am monogomous and so is my boyfriend. i also developed a horrendous ...   2,042 hits
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Re: Mirena IUD Side Effects   by #11714   11y
i had the mirena inserted in april 2003 while i did enjoy the ease of not having to think about birth control i finally had it remove when i could no longer deal with the side effects...insertion was painful but i suppose shoving a piece of plastic through you cervix and into the uterus some pain can be expected...i had low grade headaches...was extremely tired...mood swings... cry me a primary care sent me to a neurologist for sciatic pain and numbness in my right foot...i gained 10 pounds... i had two vaginal infections...need i say more...6 days ago i had it removed after 8 m ...   33,124 hits
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Re: probable parasites?   by sanjean   4y
Interesting that your cat is sick too. I assume that you’ve read this thread.... I read that the test IgG will possibly show anti bodies to Toxoplasma gondii. I’m not sure but would a tape worm infection cause such acute symptoms or would the symptoms be more gradual as the worms took hold? I went to an herbalist that had lived in Africa, then went thru medical school in Canada. She became disenfranchised with western medicine and became an herbalist. I had great hopes that she could help me. She came highly recommended by a friend ...   986 hits
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Re: Doctors???   by Violet24   7y
My diagnosis was based on my recurrent vaginal yeast infections. That was how this all started. My recent protocol seems to be working pretty well, and I haven’t had a vaginal yeast infection in nearly 3 months. But, for nearly two years, I had a vaginal yeast infection most of the time. Unless I was treating myself w/ boric acid or tea tree oil suppositories, or unless I was on my period, I had a yeast infection. I’m not sure when I started to notice the symptoms outside of the vagina. Things are going okay now b/c I am following the dietary guidelines strictly, I completely stopped drin ...   1,889 hits
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Re: First 5 day water fast   by ginkgo   7y
I read your 46 hour post above. It sounds like with your IBS you have candida overgrowth. Fruit is the best food but with you it is better to eat lower sugar foods like tomatoes and cucmbers (non-sweet fruits). For people with IBS, they should drink a lot of carrot juice. Dr Walker treated 40,000 people with colon problems. One guy (out of 40,000) was so bad, he had him consume only carrot juice (no other food) for a year. If you do not want to make it, you can buy the powder and add it to juice or water. To see one product, see the HEALTH FOOD STORE on site below. You can take an enema be ...   1,494 hits
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Re: another use for coconut oil   by mrsfergie   8y
Steve, I don’t know which brand you are refering to. Even if the brand I use does not have the amount you are talking about, my POINT is that these coconut oil pills ARE helping MY vaginal yeast infections!!!!! I am not trying to indorse any particular company or form of coconut oil!! I am simply trying to let other people know what has worked for me!!! If someone you know has never dealt with CHRONIC vaginal yeast infections(one EVERY single month for over 6 years!!), you don’t know how wonderful it is to find something that does help!!! I now only have about 1 every 3 to 4 months. ...   2,132 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Image Embedded Addressing Heavy Menstrual Periods Naturally   ~RN by LuellaMay   4y   View Entire Thread 7
  Addressing Heavy Menstrual Periods Naturally by Luella May Every month millions of pre-menopausal women dread the effects of menstrual bleeding they experience due to the heavy bleeding and cramps. Although heavy bleeding and cramping are common during menstruation, many women experience blood loss and cramping so severe that they find it impossible to maintain a normal daily schedule, a condition known as “menorrhagia”. Many women may consider menorrhagia to be a lifelong sentence; however, heavy bleeding and cramping can be effectively controlled with tri ...   3,611 hits
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Image Embedded Addressing Heavy Menstrual Periods Naturally   by LuellaMay   4y
  Addressing Heavy Menstrual Periods Naturally by Luella May Every month millions of pre-menopausal women dread the effects of menstrual bleeding they experience due to the heavy bleeding and cramps. Although heavy bleeding and cramping are common during menstruation, many women experience blood loss and cramping so severe that they find it impossible to maintain a normal daily schedule, a condition known as “menorrhagia”. Many women may consider menorrhagia to be a lifelong sentence; however, heavy bleeding and cramping can be effectively controlled ...   742 hits
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Re: Mirena IUD Side Effects   by misscarol   11y
I had the Mirena inserted 1st November last year. I have been having problems with extremely heavy periods, leading to anaemia and a general lessening of my quality of life. I am 51 years old, but not menopausal yet. The gyno thought this would be a good way to stop the bleeding as I was opposed to a hystectomy. I had it inserted under general anaesthetic as the gyno wanted to do a hysteroscopy too. I had no pain on insertion or afterwards. However the bleeding went from extremely heavy periods to non-stop bleeding for 4 month. In April, I had about a week without bleeding and I wa ...   33,318 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
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HELP PLEASE!!! insane itch!!!!!   by gibby   5y   View Entire Thread 19
Has anyone had the most insane itch that sends you into complete panic? This itch has no relief. (Anal and Vaginal) I could itch until I BLEED with no relief. I am dying. I don’t know what to do. I have tried every single cream I have, now I’m trying my strongest steroid cream and still itching like mad. Everything that touches my anal area, and skin surrounding makes it itch like crazy. I’ve had a pinworm infection, tried and done it all, and it’s only gotten worse. The itch has never been so insane. I’m going crazy and going mad. I can’t get anything done in my life becaseu ...   7,709 hits
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Re: Female Question   by detour   8y
Years ago I witnessed my sister going through hell during her periods, and I researched and found something that really helped her,Dong quai. Dong quai is an aromatic herb that grows in China, Korea, and Japan. The reputation of Don quai is second only to Ginseng and is considered the ultimate, all-purpose woman’s tonic herb. It is used for almost every gynecological complaint from regulating the menstrual cycle to treating menopausal symptoms caused by hormonal changes. Dong quai is frequently used by the Chinese as a strengthening treatment for the heart, spleen, liver and kidneys. B ...   833 hits
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Mirena removal   by #88924   7y   View Entire Thread 9
I had my Mirena removed at the beginning of August...I had a period at the end of September. I thought everything was getting back to normal...I had bleed the entire time that I had Mirena in place (a total of 6 months). Then a week after I finished my period in September, I started bleeding again...for about a week. Then after that, I started bleeding again 2 weeks ago and haven’t stopped. I’ve had some heavy bleeding and clots passed. I’ve seen my ob/gyn and she said that it’s the effects of the IUD removal and it’s just my hormones getting back to normal. Has anyone else had this ...   1,481 hits
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Re: Missed period while on I.U.D. Is it normal???   by Kabel   7y
yes it is normal not to have any periods at all while on mirena. so if that is your only problem you are one of the lucky ones!! Everyone is slightly different and symptoms do not stay the same, since the mirena chemical builds up in the body, so symptoms ”progress” for want of a better word!! I had the mirena put in to stop me bleeding - i had thickened uterus lining with each period and i had been bleeding constantly for a year! When the mirena first went in i still bled for a few months, then it dried up a bit, and i went for a couple of months with out anything at all, which was wonder ...   19,789 hits
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Been taking Paw Paw, will these herbs lessen it's effect?   by Kindredspirit   9y   View Entire Thread 4
I have a tumor (vaginal) that the doctor recently told me may begin to hemorrage at any time, he said it bleeds very easy, at just a slight touch. I have gone through this before 2 years ago when I had cervical cancer and DON’T want to go through that again! I just started taking Paw Paw, and just learned it can help in stopping the blood flow to tumors. However I want to start on a bowel cleanse (Colonix) very soon and it’s largely herbal and I don’t want those herbs to lessen the Paw Paw’s effects. Below is a list of the Colonix ingredients, I hope someone here can tell me. Thanks very m ...   3,308 hits
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Mirena Problem's   by JrzeyMom   8y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi. I am new to this site and was thrilled to see posts about Mirena problems.(I was looking on the web for other’s with problems with the IUD) I had it for almost 4 months and bled about 95% of the time. My Dr. kept saying to give it a little longer for my body to adjust-so I said OK. Well my spotting/bleeding never stopped and I also had constant cramping. I finally just got it taken out on Thursday....felt soooo much better.(Going back on the pill) However I had a little bleeding at first, which I kinda expected, but now I am bleeding heavy(2 days later)....I don’t know if it’s a pe ...   1,612 hits
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Re: miserable vulva   by MENDOMAID   4y
I have had Candida/yeasts for years starting with a vaginal problem. The first vaginal cream I tried burned but another brand was OK. I had to be careful after that to not eat too much sugars or carbohydrates and wash often if the itching started to flare up. I also developed intestinal candidias, apparently had it for years, and it wasn’t until I saw tiny clumps and strings of white/transluscent balls during a liver flush that I realized I had an overgrowth in the intestine. In the past I used the herb Pau d’Arco tea for the vaginal flare-ups and it did help. Candida lives in a biofilm in ...   18,372 hits
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HERBOLOGY lesson two Emergecy Herbs   R by dennishardyND   8y   View Entire Thread 6
Lesson Two Emergency Herbs Herbs work very quickly, efficiently, and consistently, this is especially true in emergency situations where seconds count. Never under estimate the healing power of herbs. Below is a list of herbs that the Master Herbalist should have on hand at all times, they will save lives, don’t be with out them, have them in your office, at home, and in your house call kit. These are not just first aid herbs, they are emergency medicine herbs. 1.Cayenne (Capsicum Frutescens) part used: the fruit Cayenne will stop a heart attack or a stroke, it will normalize blo ...   1,874 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Tumor bleeding problems   by #24713   10y   View Entire Thread 3
Andreas, I need HELP! my breast tumor has been bleeding more profusely since last Sunday which sent me to emergency room .It stopped after i used alot of QR on it at home..Thats a powder you get from the drugstore that seals the wound on contactIts been okay since then, however ,Im fearful of another episode..I have to change the bandage and that disturbs it to bleed but i have to keep it clean dont I?Do you know what causes a tumor to bleed like that?Sometimes after cleaning it it doesnt bleed .I cant figure out what causes it to bleed profusly at times. And what can i do to control ...   2,579 hits
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is bleeding this much normal???   by mbhsmustanggyrl   11y   View Entire Thread 4
i just had a baby two months ago, i have all ready had my first perid so i am on my 2nd one or atleast i think so, only i am bleeding heavier than ever, i fill a pad in not even a half an hour and i fill the toilet when i use the know how after you have a kid you bleed a lot the first few weeks well thats what this is like, i am not sure thats normal after two months, its terrible, it doesnt even stop in water like i tohught it was supposed to. is it normal?????   516 hits
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Re: heavy bleeding with iud   by SashaGirl   8y
If your IUD is hormonal then this bleeding could be quite normal. Hormones always play tricks with us especially when they are fluctuating. With hormonal IUD your hormonal levels do increase and the bleeding is somewhat expected but if it doesn’t stop in a few days, it would be wise to see your gynecologist. ------------------ SashaGirl   933 hits
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Re: Definitely. Will keep everyone updated.   by #118887   4y
Figured I should write this down before I forget as I’ve never seen this happen before...   Even though I don’t remember doing it, appears I rubbed part of my hand on something sharp as I noticed was bleeding quite a lot.  Seconds later I washed my hand and noticed there was no red mark or cut and the bleeding stopped immediately.   The blood came out through my pores   631 hits
Forum: Rife

no more bleeding gums!   by letmehelp   8y   View Entire Thread 3
I was introduced to this product a month ago I ordered I been using it for 2 weeks now I glad I gave it a try. It’s very good my gums don’t bleed anymore. As I always suffered from bleeding gums no matter what toothpaste I used, I find now that this has stopped since using Aloe Vera. I would recommend it to anyone.I don’t want to make a sale here but, yes i do sell aloe vera, but i truly believe that this can help you because IT IS HELPING ME. e-mail for any questions   1,704 hits
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--Success Testimonial--Nail ripped off, used pickling lime   ~RN by presterjohn64   6y   View Entire Thread 4
My sister fell somehow and ripped part of her nail off. It was causing a lot of pain and bleeding pretty badly, so I put some pickling lime on it. She said it was very cooling, and hurt at first but gave her a lot of relief and it finally stopped bleeding after a few minutes. A couple days later the skin around the nail looked healthy and there was hardly any scab considering what happened. Great stuff to have around!   1,541 hits
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Re: I've been spreading the message! :-)   by sanctuary2   7y
”A bit of a funny -- have you come across anyone who didn’t totally listen to you and put Lugol’s directly in their mouth, then wondered why it wasn’t a pleasant experience??” A few days ago I put lugols directly onto my bleeding sore gums (post teeth clean)and it felt wonderful. Instantly stopped the bleeding and my gums felt so much better the next morning.   915 hits
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--Testimonials--Nail ripped off & Healing with Pickling L...   by moreless   6y
My sister fell somehow and ripped part of her nail off. It was causing a lot of pain and bleeding pretty badly, so I put some pickling lime on it. She said it was very cooling, and hurt at first but gave her a lot of relief and it finally stopped bleeding after a few minutes. A couple days later the skin around the nail looked healthy and there was hardly any scab considering what happened. Great stuff to have around! By presterjohn64   20,687 hits
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What would Uny do (deep cut/laceration) Re: ~~Testimony~~...   by unyquity   3y
Assuming I was at home with the ’perfect first aid kit’ at the ready: I’d let the wound bleed long enough to ensure it had been cleansed of any debris or toxins from whatever cut me and/or utilize Dr. Schulzes Anti-I for cleansing/disinecting (a fantastic formula we are working on now to ’duplicate’, as he’s never published the recipe for it).  Cayenne IS a very powerful "disinfectant" all by itself:). I would take a dose of Cayenne tinture internally and see how much that stopped the bleeding.  I’d take another dose internally if it didn’t stop the b ...   2,173 hits
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Re: MH question re: hormone replacement   by mh   6y
It has been 14 sinceI had a hysterectomy and was more then willing to do it before I bled to death!! If only I knew then what I know now:( Anyway I have been on HRT’s for all this time. I’m using compounding hormones that are from a plant and not the horse urine. Regardless it is a drug that I want to get off of. My ovaries are gone so I’m on estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. ”IF” you supplement these things, your body will not make them and no way to maintain a balance, etc... I have been reading about Maca root I tried a couple droppers and it is way too powerful, I per ...   996 hits
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Re: The never ending period..has anyone had this?   by bkhusker   5y
My wife experanced this.She was diaganosed with cancer and put on a strict diet,no sugar ect The bleeding went on to the point that when the doctor pricted her finger to get a blood sample,he had to squeeze her finger to get any blood. We started on a product called MMS Miricle Mineral solution and in three days the bleeding stopped. Her next period was normal. Google MMS,Its cost effictive and worth a try. Good Luck   69,316 hits
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is bleeding this much normal???   by mbhsmustanggyrl   11y   View Entire Thread 3
i just had a baby two months ago, i have all ready had my first perid so i am on my 2nd one or atleast i think so, only i am bleeding heavier than ever, i fill a pad in not even a half an hour and i fill the toilet when i use the know how after you have a kid you bleed a lot the first few weeks well thats what this is like, i am not sure thats normal after two months, its terrible, it doesnt even stop in water like i tohught it was supposed to. is it normal?????   581 hits
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Upper Intestinal Mass bleeding seriously   by merrilysinger   8y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi, I have been taking Dr. Schulze’s herbal formulae for some time now. I am writing on behalf of my dog, Samantha. She has been diagnosed as having an intestinal mass that has ulcerated after being taken into the hospital with anemia. Her red blood count dropped very low, to 15, and was given a transfusion. Back at the end of December, she had been taken to the hospital for the same thing, and while on our way to the hosiptal, gave her some cayenne to stop the bleeding, intestinal 1 and 2, and echinacae. She had been given a blood transfusion to raise her red blood count. Well, the bleedi ...   897 hits
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Cramping?   by madison and aidens mommy   7y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi. I have been on the Mirena IUD for about 3 months now and I have been having bad cramping these past two days it feels like when they put the IUD in for the first time. I also have stopped bleeding is this normal I was spotting like every day sometimes real light sometimes a little heavy and now it just stopped I dont know if this is normal my doc said it would take about 6 months for the spotting to stop I dont know please help!   1,155 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD

103 days since removal   by Aussie-Net   6y
Well its been 103 days since I got Mirena removed, I dont feel a lot better yet, but soon I hope. I am on my 4th period since removal its been REALLY bad, so heavy.I didnt know you could bleed so much without bleeding to death its been non stop heavy for 3 days now,I cant leave the house.I think I will have to go back on the pill to control it until I get my Hystorectomy. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. All the best. Hugs   968 hits
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Re: Accident preparedness   by 13mongoose   5y
Great question. You’re on the right track with taking the BF&C formula...that stuff is really amazing from all the testimonials I’ve heard when people have nasty injuries. I think I remember MH or somebody mentioning some herbal powder that when placed on a bleeding wound stops the bleeding immediately. Do you remember something that fits that description MH? Such a thing would certainly be quite handy in case of an emergency.   946 hits
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so much bleeding normal??   by mbhsmustanggyrl   11y   View Entire Thread 2
i just had a baby two months ago, i have all ready had my first perid so i am on my 2nd one or atleast i think so, only i am bleeding heavier than ever, i fill a pad in not even a half an hour and i fill the toilet when i use the know how after you have a kid you bleed a lot the first few weeks well thats what this is like, i am not sure thats normal after two months, its terrible, it doesnt even stop in water like i tohught it was supposed to. does anyone know if its normal?????   1,358 hits
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Re: headaches from receded gums / acid wear / over did it...   by #107689   5y
I’ve had difficulties with bleeding gums and have looked for solutions.  One thing I’ve found is flossing helps.  Yup, at first it’s probably going to cause them to bleed somewhat but the gums will strengthen from this activity and will eventually stop.  Also, I’ve found that taking silica helps a lot too.  I take this both in the form of horsetail and diatomaceous earth and am currently combining the two.  If you get diatomaceous earth make sure that it is food grade because anything else can do you harm. Silica will also flush out any parasites you h ...   5,515 hits
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Re: Great News / Update   by cureforcurezone   7y
mine did too but believe me, leave them alone and the situation will turn for the better, i stayed in one whole summer for 3 months and left them alone and didnt touch them when they were cracking and bleeding, after the summer i started using an all natural balm so i could go out, but sparingly, and they slowly stopped the cracking and bleeding, the still do if i put on lots of balm, but only if i do that.   1,160 hits
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Re: Need advice on badly cut finger   by unyquity   3y
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. ’Welcome :) I did pack it with cayenne about 12:30 but it continued to throb and burn Yep, any deep wound is going to throb for hours...sometimes it’ll "burn" too, even without the cayenne.   For the most part/most people (for some odd reason), packing cayenne into a fresh open wound doesn’t seem to cause burning - but we’re all different.   that I took off the band-aid about 20 minutes ago thinking I could perhaps use slippery elm instead. Well as soon as I wiped off the cayenne the blood started flowing as bad as it ...   7,577 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: This site is sooo big now that I am unsure what to re...   by brandi82   6y
i had mirena inserted on july 11th 2008..and although i have none of the same side effects you’ve been experiencing.. i’ve been bleeding ever since. it’s been 17 days and still no change. my son was born on june 2nd and the postpartum bleeding had stopped 3 wks prior to the insertion of mirena but I hadn’t had a cycle yet. even though..that usually only last 5-6 days so i’m unsure if this is normal!! any insight??   855 hits
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Re: Mirena/BLEEDING   by Sunshn621   6y
Welcome to the world of non-stop bleeding. I was told that Mirena would be a wonderful solution in birthcontrol. I had my Mirena inserted on January 29th and today is April 20th...I am still bleeding! Worst part is, there is nothing they can do to stop it, outside of having it removed. I was told by my Doctor that bleeding or spotting may occur for up to 30 days. When I went in to have it checked, I was told, no, the bleeding can last up to 90 days. I am getting ready to go on a mini-vacation with my husband for the first time in 3 years (we have 2 kids 18mos and 6 mos) and there is ...   2,015 hits

Re: Has anyone had this particular problem?   by Kabel   7y
i had the opposite - my periods stopped altogether, with just the odd bit of spotting here and there. That is what was supposed to happen, i was told, because i had mirena to stop my periods - i had been bleeding continuously for over a year previous to mirena and was badly anemic, as you might imagine lol. The bleeding stopped after the first few months, and it was heaven! But that is when all my severe side effects started! For other people though, bleeding gets worse - this is a known side effect of mirena, and your Gyn. should be aware of it. Many people bleed constantly with mirena. ...   1,035 hits
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Re: Thinking about getting Mirena, but am scared to death...   by wendymarie   6y
It’s not our decision to make for her. She’s asking for our advice. So my advice is not to get this. I was told side effects would be minimal. I had mine in for nearly 5 years. I never even associated any of the problems I was having with Mirena until it was removed and those things went away. My doctor never associated them either, and believe me I had many of those side effects listed on that site. I was never given the information about them though. I was told that I would have lighter periods, possibly none at all and that it wouldn’t effect me like the pills/shots did becaus ...   9,097 hits
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Re: Tailbone pain caused by Mirena?   by sarahlmass   4y
I had a Mirena IUD inserted with no problems about two months ago but began experiencing intense tailbone pain almost immediately. If I drive or sit for long periods of time it is almost unbearable. I also had it put in to deal with excessive bleeding. It has helped with that but I am about to have it taken out because of the constant. I am worried that your pain didn’t go away after they took it out.   9,020 hits
Forum: Mirena

Definitely seeking alternatives, thanks   by gmtsHP   5y   View Entire Thread 3
I am 55 years old and have a history of of excessive bleeding/endless periods/anemia as my body attempts to go through menopause. OB/Gyn is recommending Mirena, to be inserted tomorrow. I have a history of migraines, had a prior bout with fibroids, and a (currently managable) back injury. THANKS for your notices educating me on the side effects Mirena which were not mentioned. I will find another choice. Suggestions?   1,195 hits
Forum: Mirena

Re: water fast and menstruation   by #61930   8y
You must have alot of weight on you and mucus build up in you. Maybe you are overweight. But a healthy girl who is thin from eating a raw food diet and fasts regularly will have stopped periods. Her periods will stop completely while fasting. Then when she starts easting again, her periods will start back up. If she eates a fruit and vegetable diet, her period will slow down to a few hours instead of the usual 5 day bleeding. If a woman is overweight or full of toxic, then they will bleed and get their period and notice nothing. But a healthy girl will have stopped periods. Nothing to be a ...   6,713 hits
Forum: Fasting: Water

Re:conception control   by adamson77   6y
cookie cutter doctors dont work doctors need to be doctors again instead of drug dealers. i only had pills for 3 months when i was 16, cause my mom didnt want me mating with someone she didnt like. lol condoms til i was 27, i was doing great and wanted a check up before i started a job and my own diet plan. i was talked into getting the patch to give me regular periods, who knew the harm? i almost bled to death and had to drop out of college but stayed in night school. to stop the excessive bleeding from the patch i was given the mirena, which i could feel and didnt know it was a ...   2,180 hits     1 of 3 (33%)
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Re: Trying to concieve with constant bleeding   by Miss_Happy_Butt   10y
Hi Daniz, It sounds to me you have a Hormonal Imbalance.I had heavy Bleeding non-stop for a long time.I went to my Gyne he put me on higher dosage of Depo-Provera because it usually stoped your period...didnt work.. He did an office D&C...didnt work...finally changed Gynes..She put me on 10 MG Provera(Hormone)the first 10 days of each month and my problem stopped.I started having regular periods without bleeding inbetween. Talk to your Doctor about this.To my knowledge Women that take Depo-Provera shots usually dont get Pregnant for up to 18 mths AFTER stopping the shot. I would ...   3,534 hits
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Any advice Shelley?   by #19419   10y   View Entire Thread 6
Hi Shelley, I don’t have time to go into my entire health background right now - I only hope i can give enough info here for some suggestions... I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and I also have very bad systemic candidiasis which makes it extremely difficult for me to take the synthetic progesterone (or natural progesterone for that matter) - any form of progesterone I take tends to aggravate the yeast condition - causing me to become suicidally depressed. I hate when that happens. I never ovulate (as far as I’ve ever been able to tell), but I do get ”periods” every now and ...   627 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Ask Shelley 1[A]

Re: Cayenne Pepper - EMERGENCY USES   by StarweaverTx   3y
Wasn’t sure where to post this, seems there should be a Cayenne Forum. My husband recently had a large kidney stone which was stuck and caused lots of bleeding with urination. After taking 1 Cayenne Fruit capsule 40,000HU the bleeding stopped. The next day he was fine and didn’t take any. The next day the bleeding returned so he took another capsule and it stopped again. He then took one capsule per day and no more bleeding. I used it on a cut to my finger and it stopped the bleeding with no burn as stated frequently. I’ve been working up to drinking 1 teas per day of 40,000HU ov ...   1,945 hits
Forum: Natural Emergency Care

Re: Cayenne and Stomach Ulcers   by white tiger   8y
Just like you can get 3rd degree burns on your skin...cayenne can actually cause seriouse burns on your stomach lining. When eaten, it may cause painful irritation of the mucus membranes of the mouth and throat and excessive intake can be dangerou Drink Aloe Vera Gel mixed with a little water 4 or 5 times a will cure ulcers and bleeding ulcers. Take before each meal. Or buy Aloe plants and juice the stems yourself.   1,367 hits
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Re: More research   by adamson77   5y
Increased menstrual bleeding, often with pain, is the most common problem of IUD use and the most common medical reason for removing IUDs. In clinical trials about 4% to 15% of women stop using IUDs for this reason within a year after insertion. Percentages are usually higher for the Lippes Loops and other unmedicated devices than for copper IUDs. Older women and women with children generally have lower rates of removal due to bleeding and pain (332, 463). The kind of counseling and support women receive and their attitudes toward using IUDs also influence rates of discontinuation due to ...   6,380 hits
Forum: Mirena

NORETHINDRONE was prescribed to me to stop bleeding.....   by fran74   7y   View Entire Thread 3
I am such a fool. When I called my Dr weeks ago to ask for something to help stop bleeding fromt he IUD he prescribed NORETHINDRONE. Well, after I took the darn IUD out I figured it would help if I continued to take this med and slow the bleeding I expected to come. Guess what ladies... this drug is also a hormone. The side effects are the same as having the IUD without the birth control effect. Depression, fatigue, irritability, PMS symptoms et cetera. Nice. So, I just wanted everyone to know it did not help stop bleeding and the side effects stink also. No wonder I was a maniac yesterday ...   3,089 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Mirena IUD Forum

Re: Safe things for pregancy? Can anyone help? Very Very ...   by Ev   8y
Good advice - but theraputic (large) doses of cayenne can thin the blood therefore may cause excessive bleeding during delivery - Also you don’t need the Atkins diet to cut out simple carbohydrates, just encourage her to eat whole grains, lots of raw fruits and veggies and lean pure sources of protein. Encourage her NOT to eat processed, packaged, artificially preserved foods containing white flour and sugar. No soda pop.   751 hits     1 of 2 (50%)
Forum: Ask CureZone

Re: --What to do for Bleeding from Bad cut !--   by moreless   8y
Hi Mike, The Difference between me and you, may be that you just think, but I have had personal experience with this to confirm what I have suggested , as well as an understanding of some things you may be Lacking in ! True, the Calcium Hydroxide may be corrosive if gotten all over on your skin in large quanities ! But, maybe one needs to consider how major wounds which have much Bleeding to them may have been corrected, or may we say, how the Bleeding has been ”STOPPED” in the Field of Battle, where you needed to do with what was at hand ! In some of these cases one would Bur ...   1,232 hits
Forum: Ask Moreless: pH

Re: Threelac and missed period..   by Lovey   10y
I had to stop 3lac because my hair started falling out in globs. I also got mild stomach cramps. Plus my period, which normally ran for 7 days would run for 3, stop for a couple days and then start back up again until there was a full 7 days of bleeding. It bothered me because then I had to expect bleeding to start twice that month instead of just once. It didn’t occur to me that was also 3lac until I just read your post. After I stopped, I experienced a normal cycle and my hair no longer falls out. Lovey   3,387 hits
Forum: Ask Shelley

Re: Kinda' bummed and surprised.   by cora   5y
This is the excessive bleeding that Lugol’s helped me fix. :( Can’t understand why you’d need to cut back on the Lugols for any reason. Get that bottle out, kiddo. What’s holding you back from feeling better? I’m sorry you’re feeling blue. We’ll get you back in your riding boots pronto.   1,413 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Re: Need advice on badly cut finger +edit   by unyquity   3y
All deep cuts (no matter what we do to them) will throb for quite awhile, sometimes overnight. First, make sure the wound is ’clean’. Then I suggest straight cayenne powder packed into the wound (or a blend of cayenne & slippery elm). Yep, it’s gonna burn (for maybe a few hours), but the burning will stop (and the throbbing will stop ’when it does’), and it then it will heal with virtually no scarring. Not that long ago, Rocky cut himself very VERY deeply with a very sharp cleaver (with all the force behind it that a man can yield - it was DEEP). Cayenne tincture stopped the bleed ...   7,643 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Similar condition.   by aluna   10y
Hi 5751, I didn’t have a lot of blood, but when the cyst/tumor first surfaced, I had a lot of puss with blood mixed in. I did put pressure on the area and that caused more blood to come out, but I never had to be concerned with stopping the bleeding. It stopped on it’s own, and I will guess that it was never more than 1/2 ounce in volume. The hole in my breast was about the size of a dime at it’s worst, and now is a small dimple of a scar. I understand that Flax Seed Oil is a natural blood thinner, so that might be an issue where your wife’s tumor is an open wound, and could cause ...   8,760 hits
Forum: Cancer Support   Breast Cancer   Tumors

Re: Menstrual changes and flushing/cleansing   by Andmor   11y
THis has been reported by others before you. After a liver flush, the body’s ability to remove excessive protein and other waste products is enhanced, and it finds a good opportunity to clear them via menstrual bleeding, which could be stronger then as it normally would. You may also wish to adjust your dietary habits to help support your healing process and body type needs (see The Key to Health and Rejuvenation, With kind regards, Andreas   803 hits
Forum: Ask Andreas

Incurables for Dog?   by merrilysinger   8y   View Entire Thread 7
I have been using Dr. Schulze’s products for years and have been healed by using them. I also own a very special dog who has been a part of my family for many years since conception. I have given her some of Dr. Schulze’s formulae, like echinacea, according to her weight. I have given her the 5-day cleanse with good success. She is very ill, though, right now. Her doctors have written her off. She has three tumors inside the size of grapefruits that are bleeding(no one knows how fast). she is hardly eating and I know she needs drastic measures like the Incurables to stop the disease. I am ...   1,054 hits
Forum: Dr. Schulze   Cancer Support

Re: Question about Doctor stopping my cycles, I need to k...   by trapper/kcmo   8y
i think the problem all along was the toxins trying to come out in the blood. when i cut myself these days, a dont hardly bleed at all. mh says this is because the body isnt trying to get rid of toxins through the breach. i know women who have stopped their flow by cleansing. your flow was stopped by the medicos in their typical slash and burn method. before i got into natural medicine, my wife was bleading heavily and she had done what you had and it stopped. i believe it destroys the inside of the uterus so that it scars up and the person cant bleed there any more. if i were y ...   778 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

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