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Re: Ovarian Cyst - What Can Cause Them? What Should We Do...   by LittleWhiteDove   4y
Great info thanks! I was diagnosed by the gynecologist with ovarian cysts. He prescribed progesterone. I did not take it. I must mention, I have very little faith in doctors. So, I think I will try and handle this myself, using a natural approach. I have modified my diet, eating as healthily as possible, and I supplement with Hemp oil - for the omegas. I feel much better, the pain has lessened. I also use Chaste Berry (Vitex), but I found that to cause some side effects. I have started doing yoga, to counteract my sedentary lifestyle. This has also helped. I am due for a check ...   908 hits

Body Odor/Food Smell-Suggestions?   by onlyskindeep   8y
I donít know how common this is but does usage of natural supplements and herbs, lead to a slight food odor smell for some people? I keep smelling a foody smell after I shower and moisturize. Iím a clean freak. It may not set in right away, but at some point it rears itself during the day. Can anyone suggest some decent natural deodorants to look into? Iíve heard that grapeseed and hemp oil based products work nicely but as far as brands I wouldnít know where to begin. I am coming to the realization that my commercial-based chemical one is loosing its touch. Suggestions MUCH appreciated. ...   626 hits
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Re: What is a good probotic?   by pepe   7y
I make a morning drink that consists apple juice, kefir, hemp oil, a green supplement and cacao powder. It is delish. Sometimes as a treat in the evenings I mix some Kefir and apple juice in a wine glass. I find Kefir and apple juice together real tasty. It can be a bit overwhelming with all the info and books and add to it that many contradict each other so one has to find the one that resonates for you and dive in. That is still no guarantee cause it will always be a work in progress as you keep experimenting to find your own groove that suits you and your lifestyle   1,827 hits
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Re: Multiple Myeloma Cannabis   by #174156   16mo
Iíve tried dandelion extracts of all kinds with no results.   Iím going with some hemp oil that I have on order (no THC, made in Canada and available to everyone) and will look locally for the other kind.  By the way - the "medical marijuana" shops in Washington State are still subject to federal crack down.  While the feds have basically exempted the traditional marijuana they have not exempted the medical which means that Iíll be at risk if caught buying the stuff locally.   I could use a few nights in the brig, Iím tired of cooking.   4,739 hits
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Re: I need your help, please   by trapper/kcmo   7y
here is what i see. dump the flax and barley. replace with hemp oil and alfalfa or chlorella. are you getting anything alive? fresh fruit? anything not cooked? i want you to study up on owens site: he is one righteous dude when it comes to feeling good and healthy. his wheatgrass advice is worth a mint all by itself.   935 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

What about...   by Candibar   5y   View Entire Thread 2
Hey Jeff there is a raw brown rice Protien new to the market called sun warrior protien. Do you think this would also be accepted to the plan as it is brown rice? I find more and more that eating nuts is not good. I went away for this last weekend and ate only salad with hemp oil dressing and my inflammation went down in just a few days. But when I got back and ate nuts my body flared up again very quick. It drives me nuts and feels like im allergic to everything!   907 hits
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Re: Wheatgrass/Barley juice drinking and coconut oil comb...   by #46892   5y
The coconut needs little digestion as does the grass juice, and the concept of evan being able to devalue chlorophyll after or while it is being taken is highly suspect. The hemp oil being so full of compounds would, I think, only enhance the bodies ability to use the nutricinal items in the others so that I cant see any negativity. They are all considered a good combination together. If you are feeling stressed dont forget to add to your daily routine some real relaxation other than sleep. Many who suffer have found relief, after trying dietary help unsucssefully, in regular, daily, qu ...   5,673 hits
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Re: Hemp seed oil   by nahanniriver   8y
Hemp Oil is a very good producat. We have found it helps in many ways. Examples: # Increases the amount of good fats your heart needs to thrive while drastically cutting the bad fats that can cause heart disease and high cholesterol # Replenishes your skin, hair and lips with a full, luxurious glow and sheen that looks and feels healthier # Lubricates achy joints and soothes inflammation and swelling caused by arthritis # Decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke # Contains vital nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, all mi ...   5,987 hits
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Protein, fiber and omegas 3&6: Kate please read   by Wrenn   8y
I would strongly urge you to use both the hemp oil, and also grind your own flaxseed it is cheap, takes seconds to do, and the seeds have excellent shelf life. NEVER buy preground flaxseed: it goes rancid fast when ground, and not refridgerated. also donít eat unground seeds they will just pass thru you undigested. Vegetarians really need to make use of these wonderful seeds and olis, since they are extremely high in the EFAís (omega 3 & 6) If you do not get these vital EFAís it can turn into a life threatening situation. I grind my own, in about a shakerful amt at a time, ...   2,356 hits
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Re: Desperate For Advice, Recommendations RE: Pinworms (B...   by earlgrey   15mo
Ozone therapy--- You can buy your own ozone machine and treat yourself and your daughter at home, however getting an oxygen tank is a pain in the neck (in NYC) so you need to buy an oxygen generator or if you know someone who has a scuba diving license or if you can get welderís oxygen.... You can funnel ozone to any part of your body to kill parasites, fungus, cancer cells, etc... Ingest 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of ozonated hemp oil 4 hours away from food before bed daily for 2 to 3 months straight and keep taking when necess ...   1,947 hits
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Re: sign me up!   by bugsy.   10y
Well, Iím not completely sure yet. I am just going to experiment and see what happens. I will do a lot of juicing using tons of different veggies (carrots, beets, apples, peppers, cabbage, cucumbers, celery) and with my juice, I will mix in a scoop of Superfood and a bit of hemp oil to help keep my blood sugar balance. I will also drink tons of water and also my Ēfake chocolate milkĒ drink which is just a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses mixed in water. Great for getting iron and other vitamins and minerals. I am going to start with that and see how I feel. If I need to change it up I ...   691 hits
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Multiple Myeloma Cannabis   by #174156   16mo   View Entire Thread 25
I live in the state of Washington and the U. S. attorney general has just announced that they will not pursue criminal charges in our state for the possession and/or use of marijuana. I have multiple myeloma Stage I/II (kind of in between, have just ended a phase of chemotherapy and am pre MM again) and am wondering if you know of anyone who has benefited in stopping or reversing MM with cannabis. I would in no way smoke it but am thinking of hemp oil - at bedtime. I donít want a high during the day. Things Iíve already tried with either no or downside results are: essiac tea, Pau día ...   4,980 hits
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Re: Run From the Cure   by spiceant   6y
being healthy is easy if you have a little knowledge. Hemp oil is hardly the only cure on the planet for "everything" (99%) of all disease and most of the things you can use are 100% legal and some are still seen as your birthright. The mysticís advice still stands. Ask and ye will be answered, knock and you will be opened to, seek and you shall find. A word of advice can be added. First ask, then empty your mind and listen for the answer. Donít pretend the clouds are going to part and a light and a voice is going to come through with the answer (altough that might happen). Never ...   762 hits
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Re: why I'm i not dead yet?   by earlgrey   16mo
Please try the cleanses outlined.... the bare bone of the parasite cleanse would be DE, ozonated hemp oil, humaworm, and zapper ($35 ones work as well-- there is a rubber wrist one at parasites are one celled and some parasites look like small round poop with white sesame seeds, slimy brown things or mucous so it would be difficult to tell if you are eliminating them...and you need to remove the mucoid plaque b/c the parasites will burrow in it... You are here for solutions that is the first patient cleanses take up to 10 months to 2 years to be 100% ...   1,544 hits
Forum: Body Odor

Re: vitamin C and curing cancer   by GlacialHealth   14mo
Iím not sure what youíre implying by telling me about Avaís death. The disease protocols Iíve read for cancer treatment are very specific and way above the daily high doses Pauling recommended. Itís hard to extrapolate from one case you present here w/o much info. Especially since I know of doctors who use this therapy for their own family members. But on this note of ways to help your body fight back against diseases like cancer - ultimately, the best cure is beefing up your internal defense force. Your immune system. Vitamin C is extraordinary - used as a communication molecule and we ...   804 hits
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Re: Doctor Henderson Saved my life with His Hemp Oil with...   by pitufo   21mo
My experience with dr henderson medical service has been very bad. i sent him the money for a treatment of two months. he picked the money and did not sent the medicine, inclusive he asked my husband for more money to be sent if we wanted the medicine, knwing how ill i am and how urgently i need the medicine. so i give this testimonie so that other people be carefour before dsending money to these man. fortunatley i have found somebody else who can provide me with the hemp oil, only i have to wait to have the money because dr henderson robbed my money. thanks   3,751 hits
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PAIN under left rib after coffee enema?   by journeytohealth   4mo   View Entire Thread 5
I did a few coffee enemas nearly 2 hours ago and then 30 minutes ago took my usual 4 probiotics 1 b12 vitamin flushed it down with lots of water then took my usual 1 tsp of hemp oil. Now I have a horrible pain under the left side of my rib which hurts if I apply pressure to it and only stops when I sit down and up right without moving around too much!! I did the enemas laying on my left side for 20 minutes, whatís going on?!! Have I done something wrong? Has anyone else experienced this?   362 hits
Forum: Enema & Colonics

Re: Multiple Myeloma Cannabis   by #174156   15mo
As I said - have used curcumin without any benefits. It is easy to go off in different directions at the same time which produces confusing or no results.  I have made up my mind to get hemp oil as it has many benefits besides a potential cancer cure.  I will be seeing my oncologist tomorrow and will get a prescription for the kind with THC.   My state (Washington) allows medical marijuana when you have a prescription from a doctor and purchase it in a medical marijuana shop which are locally established. Will eventually follow up to share my results. ...   4,640 hits
Forum: Multiple Myeloma   Cancer Support   Hemp

Re: on-a-mission   by Fruitloops   7y
oooh I hope it goes well with your penpal meet :) Iím sure youíll look lovely :D Iíve been trying to start the entire last week but Iíve failed... but I guess Iíve reduced my intake gradually and today I had juice, water, one cup of coffee and a few biscuits (tut tut on the coffee) so Iím more confident about doing it properly tomorrow. If I have got thru today (and Iím going to bed in a minute) I can get thru a days proper fasting, and if I can get thru a day then I can get thru 3 and thats when I hope it will get easier :) oh and I hope your headache has subsided :( I have heard a ...   668 hits
Forum: Fasting: Weight

Re: Beck Protocol: 6 Months Results on HIV positive indiv...   by manit   5y
hi my friend me to hiv for 4 years in uk been on the meds woke up one morning and sacked them all not taken them for a year or so doc think am still taking the meds now keep in mind ya cd4 goes up and down like a yo yo m8 i am not on any thing thinking of buyin my zapper from here in uk at £100 i might even get my pulser from here or make one out of a camera flash unit and save me £125 quid ya want ta get hold of cold pressed hemp oil i taken a tea spoon of it most mornings if i rember for about 6 months now feel good doctors say i look great but my bloods s ...   25,120 hits
Forum: Dr. Beck

Re: Off Topic but I need advice!.....   by Lapis   8y
Itís okay. First off hemp oil has no thc so your okay there. Most companies wouldnít hold pot smoking against you anyway. Many CEOís are alcohol abusers ;-) So thc is not worrisome to them. Ohter drugs such as cocaine and heroine are of concern. That said, if you are drug free for a few months and your hair is shorter and they take the sample from the root up, you will be fine. Also I would never place that kind of emphasis on any job that I would allow myself to be trapped into fear or become a slave to a corporation. Take ALL your power back ;-) ~Lapis~   673 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Can OP really cause THIS strong reaction?   by JohnMcClane   7y   View Entire Thread 24
Hello again Iím a bit worried now. I tried OP with hemp oil 4 times altogether (1 time on Saturday, 2 times on Sunday, and once yesterday); today I didnít do it. Since Sunday Iíve felt awful. Iím anxious, fearful, shaky and fatigued simultaneously. I wonder what is actually the mechanism that is causing this if I already spitted the toxins out. Does the OP:ing get more toxins (that werenít spitted out) out of their hiding places and now they are all over the place in the body? Any similar experiences? John PS. Iím going to try foot pads next to get the toxins out. Has anyone ...   4,477 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: after-fast dairy?   by pepe   7y
Kefir is an excellent probiotic and itís something I take every morning mixed into a breakfast drink I came up with. Itís a really good way to build back the intestinal flora after fasting. I would say mixing it with the OJ would be too soon and wait till after soup day on a 10 dayer and on 14 you might wait and etra day or 2 past that. Cheese or any other of the heavier foods I would wait to be back on solids regularly and that your eliminations are back to normal. Kefir to me mixed in apple juice is nectar of the gods ;+D In my morning concoction I also add Greens Plus, Ra ...   1,100 hits
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Hey Trapper, couple of questions   by 4Chunit1   5y
Whatís good man? Real quick here, first, I was noticing on my bottle of hemp oil that there was nothing listed under the protein section, which lead me to thinking, does liquifying something remove the protein? I donít see how it could, but I found that to be interesting. And second, give me the nickel tour of this iodine thing that you all seem to be talking about. Any links would be great. Sadly, my time to look into this stuff anymore is just about nil. But at least I learned as much as I could when I could : ) Peace buddy, and blessings to you and yours. The 4chunit1   294 hits
Forum: Ask Trapper

Re: Cure of cancer with Cannabis Oil   by #174156   15mo
Thank you.  Yes their messages are almost identical. I think that my alerts to the webmaster got the first two because I no longer see their posts. What tees me off is that I live in a state where real hemp oil is legal and I do have cancer and am "old" (donít feel old) and even with the legal stuff in my own city, there are scams that try to charge way to much for it in up front costs that are not required.  I simply do not like to see people with cancer get ripped off, particularly seniors like myself.   259 hits
Forum: Liver Cancer   Bad Breath   Acrophobia   Atheism Support   Appendicitis   Brain Cancers

Re: Hemp Oil - with THC   by JesichasHope   13mo
You may be right and I will agree Hemp oil should be in every cancer clinic along with BX Antitoxin but they are not because no one will make a million or two on a patient. It is plain and simple. If anyone believes their doctors love them and would do anything for them are fooling themselves; doctors are not stupid they know the score and have to go along to get along or they will lose their license. But saying that does not make it right, humanity does not deserve to be killed off for the sake of a big profit by corporations. So when a doctor gives someone chemo and he knows it will even ...   1,464 hits
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Re: ways to stop cancer cachexia   by Dquixote1217   30mo
A healthy ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids and has been shown to help ward against cachexia.  N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is considered an essential complimentary supplement to use with oleander. NAC may help protect against Cachexia and it is a powerful antioxidant amino acid and a precursor to the critical antioxidant glutathione. Is your wife consuming any superfoods powders, such as ones which contain chlorella and spirulina?  Such items are very good sources of non-meat based protein (both chlorella and spirulina are higher in protein by weight than beef). Als ...   1,462 hits
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Candida & Constipation   by GucciC   11y   View Entire Thread 4
Hi all, been treating myself for candida for two months now. Was on a great path to recovery when I cracked and binged on wine two weeks ago. Since then, been having bad symptoms all over agin (sob). But Iím pretty constipated now, and Iíve been trying ground flax, hemp oil, and even senna, and drinking lots of water. All worked so-so. Iíve also cut down on coffee. Any other advice? Any opinions on colonics or enemas? Any advice would be appreciated!!   778 hits
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Re: FAT theory   by Rick67   4y
Our bodies need a lot more Omega 6 (Linoleic Acid) then Omega 3 (Alpha Linolenic Acid). The ratio should be around 3:1 or 4:1. The so-called ĒexpertsĒ tell us weíre getting too much Omega 6 in our diet and that we need to take more Omega 3. The problem is the Omega 6 most people are getting in their diets is junk Omega 6 and the Omega 3ís most people are taking is made up of mostly Omega 3 derivatives. I recently discovered I was getting almost no Omega 6 in my diet. Iím now taking Hemp oil which contains almost the perfect ration of Omega 6 to 3 (3:1).   2,471 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Omega3/6 ratios   by uchihaMadara   3y
Grass fed beef has omega 3/6 ratios at 1:2, while grain fed beef has ratios of 1:4. Given that grass fed beef is more natural, can we not assume that their omega 3/6 balance is optimal at 1:2? I understand that hemp oil has omega-3/6 ratios of 1:3. Wouldnít it me more optimal to reach a 1:2 ratio, especially since some people consume more omega-6s from various and/or unexpected sources at times? A typical American diet of omega-3/6 is 1:14 to 1:25 according to the University of Maryland Medical Center Web site.   1,547 hits
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amino acids   by #46892   7y
Chlorphyll as in the juice of the imature wheat plant,aka wheatgrass juice, is always mentioned. It has all the essential aminos , along with vitamins, minerals and enzymes needed,except for one which is normally metabolised in the intestine. Someone here also, mentioned that hemp oil is also completete. All foods have some in differing concentrations, but as I noted the key to amino intake is that we only are able to utilize the amounts of all aminos in a meal w regard to the lowest amount of any one amino in that meal so that if we eat some grain and it has its particular group of aminos ...   854 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: notice to all/My update   by etslado   9y
Forum: Peeling Lips

Re: Interesting, isn't it?   by Larryb   6y
Trapper - you have two screen names? Hmmm - good idea. On your sayso I did end up buying some hemp oil to try. Man - this is some thick stuff. When I spit it out itís a weird solid consistency. I actually think it gets MORE solid while youíre swishing. The only different effect Iíve noticed so far (and this has happened both times Iíve tried it), is that right after swishing and rinsing, colors get more saturated. Itís just like turning up the saturation level on your TV, etc. And it just snaps in from one second to the next - so itís very noticeable. Itís pretty cool, but if ...   5,178 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: One more for Dawnbee   by dawnbee   5y
thanks for the response glax, i will put them both back on lugolís, but evry other day, 2 year old gets one drop, 5 year old gets 4 drops, interesting you said the orange stuff might be nesting stuff, my gut feeling told me it was bad rather than them both being stipped of something good. it has also gone from clear to orange to bright green now, looks a lot like what i cough up every morning, how delightful!!!! my ears are better, i mixed 1 tablespoon of hemp oil and 8 drops of lugolís and applied last nigh,t this morning the itch has gone and the flakey skin is far better, i am also o ...   1,023 hits
Forum: Parasite Glax

Re: After a month - long   by roadie   7y
Thanks, I was really wondering about that since I hadnít seen anyone else mention sensitivity to noise. I did not have that problem today at all with a recording session and a live show. Just the day after I pulled the hemp oil. Today I did sunflower then coconut in the morning and feel great. I think Iíll try flax before I go to bed in a couple of hours and see what happens. And yes, youíre right that Iím probably very toxic, Iím working on that. I just ordered humaworm for my husband and me, that should help, but itís another forum.   669 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

How to get back into OP?   by Lonnie   7y   View Entire Thread 9
Iím basically healthy, but I want to be even healthier. Iíve got a FAR infrared sauna. I have hemp oil in the refrigerator. I have a zapper. But I donít have any health problems pressing enough to motivate me to use them. I have no health insurance and a couple small changes to my skin happening. Is that enough to get me to detox? I donít know. I know my colon could be healthier. So my question is this: I think I could start with OP more easily than the other stuff. Any ideas on how to motivate myself to do it? Itís not fun and it takes up time. Thanks! Lonnie   920 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

How much I have lost   by daisyrafferty   7y
eeks, fFirst cleanse 21 days 20 pounds lost (last year) 2nd cleanse 10 days 10 pounds lost (last year) this cleanse 33 days thus far 21 pounds lost (currently) (I put back 10 pounds total from first cleanse) I donít know why I havenít lost closer to 30 pounds because my first two experiences were close to the 1 pound per day thing that Burroughs wrote about. I havenít done anything different from the previous cleanses. But! I am happy with losing what I have. pepe is right, we all need to really concentrate on what we will do after the cleanse. Iím into it. I am going to ge ...   2,040 hits
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Re: The Wall By Alfred A. Hambidge, Jr 3-9-3   by netav   11y
go to There is an article there from somone dating back to around 1990. He states that at the turn of the century, the U.S will have to pick a fight with a middle eastern country if theycontinue to use fossil fuel as their primary source. We can tell all the lies we want about he gassed his own people (they found out that was a lie, some of his people died from his gas that he used on the Iranians, but most died from Mustard gas that the iranians used during their war, Saddam never just gassed his people for no reason. you might find that dispicable that they used Gas on ea ...   1,043 hits
Forum: Politics 2 [A]

Re: Diet and Vermox.   by lovej0y   9mo
Peanut butter usually has sugar added which makes it off limits. Also, peanut is a legume and not a nut. Peanuts and cashews are too high in carbs for a zero sugar diet. Unless the nut butter is raw, it is no good. Roasted nuts have toxins and rancid oils. Dairy should be off limits unless it is raw. Pasteurization destroys and denatures beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Our bodies recognize pasteurized dairy as a foreign invader and produce mucus and inflammation to trap and expel the targeted toxins. This includes butter. Ghee, which is clarified butter, is dairy free and a better alt ...   523 hits
Forum: Parasites

Hemp Oil: Through day 8 results   RN by fallingsnow   8y   View Entire Thread 3
Iíve been out and busy for the past few days.  I must apologize for not keeping up with my/our journal of Hemp Oil.  Iíve some more interesting results to report, though!  Of note, since doing some research, I can leave Hemp Oil out of the frig if Iím going to consume it in 90 days or less.  The results from days 7 and 8 are with warm oil. Emotionally, I am just stable.  I think thatís the best term for it. Physically, however, Iíve been anything but stable!  Since my last report, of Days 4-6, Iíve some new things to report.  The stuff Iíve been ...   3,683 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Hemp, coconut, safflower, light olive oil   by summerhaunt   7y
I just started with hemp oil on Monday. From what I can tell, I think it works much faster on the skin problems, like keratosis pilaris ... the red spots are going away, while with the other oils the red remained, skin feels wonderfully smooth and new, like a babyís, and works great on brightening the teeth. It tastes a little nutty and a little like avocado (a lot of folks have said it tastes green). I like it a lot, but probably wonít continue with it after Iím finished with this bottle because itís so expensive. It was hard for me to locate to buy (versus buying off the internet). Itís ...   1,971 hits
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Image Embedded Video Embedded Hemp History Week, June 4-10, Let's Help Legalize Hemp   by YourEnchantedGardener   18mo
Blog: Plant Your Dream!

Re: Day 21 Juice "Feast"-Feeling fantastic!!   by pepe   3y
On the forcing your body thing to extract etc. You canít extract something that isnít there and there is no oil in vegs. You body needs oil to produce bile and when there is little to no bile to clean and flush your gall bladder stone formations can start thus itís fairly common knowledge for folks that fast to do a liver flush post fast.This is more crucial the longer one fasts so consider either adding a couple tbsp of hemp oil daily or flushing your liver post fast. The MSM which is just organic sulfur just made sense to me after all the reading Iíve been doing lately. Not a heck of lot ...   3,301 hits
Forum: Fasting: Juice   Raw Vegetarian   Juicing Forum

Re: Flax seed oil   R by Larryb   6y
I alternate between coconut, hemp, and flax but flax is still my staple I keep coming back to. It does the best job of infusing my skin, hair, etc and seems as good as coconut oil for the gums and oral health. Iíve had trouble with insomnia and coconut oil helps me sleep the night (which even melatonin canít do) - but if I take it in the morning it makes me nap in the afternoon (which I hate). I could swear it also makes me put on pounds if I use it too many consecutive days. Hemp oil is calming and seems to positively affect my vision. But Flax really infuses the body well, makin ...   11,000 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

What do you do when you've done everything?   by #70139   7y   View Entire Thread 12
Well obviously it is an internal imbalance that is producing my skin problems. I have had some dermatologists diagnose this as pustular dermatitis and others, acne. I guess the terms are ultimately synonymous because dermatitis is just an inflammation of the skin that contains pustular eruptions. I have been desparately trying to clear my skin for about 10 years. Someone please explain to me why this skin infection rages on despite all of my efforts. What I am doing: Fresh, raw (80%), organic fruits and vegetable diet protein from hemp, spirulina, and chlorella. probiotics (Bio ...   3,182 hits
Forum: Acne

Re: Issue 177: Science Project: Dyeing to Know the Answer   by trapper/kcmo   8y
i have seen stones turn color as they melt. the sun may also be having an effect. i say you need to do your own control. someone elses flush is not coming from you. my first stones melted into a dark red. what oil is dark red, you may ask? hemp oil, from the plant, not the seed. it is not only dark red but one of the most sticky substances on earth. i had smoked hemp daily for years. this still doesnt answer why sometimes stones form and sometimes they dont. red palm oil is already red. maybe a color is the wrong direction. perhaps some other marker can be put in the oil, ...   18,341 hits
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Re: another personal attack   by drugfree56   3y
Well. You may be thinking I am attacking you but that is not the case. As I said before:If you do have a legitimate medical condition and marijuana helps you then I do not oppose the use of marijuana for medical use. What I do oppose is all the ĒcretinsĒ who abuse and fraudulently use the medical marijuana system to obtain marijuana to get high on when they do not have a legitimate reason for using it. I have yet to see you post any articles about the fraudulent abuses and corruption of the medical marijuana system. The compassionate system that has evolved on behalf of persons su ...   4,492 hits
Forum: Consciousness   Drug Legalization Debate

Image Embedded So Where Do I Get My Healthy Omego 6   by plzchuckle   3y
This is from Wikipedia.  Iíve taken out animal sources and soybean which we KNOW are bad in other circumstances: Dietary sources The evening primrose flower (O. biennis) produces an oil containing a high content of γ-linolenic acid , a type of n−6 fatty acid. Four major food oils (palm, rapeseed, and sunflower) provide more than 100 million metric tons annually, providing more than 32 million metric tons of n-6 linoleic acid and 4 million metric tons of n-3 alpha-linolenic acid. [18] Dietary sources of n−6 fatty acids inclu ...   2,695 hits
Forum: Barefooters' Library

Hempseed oil is about $1 an ounce   by catawba   9y
Hemp seed and hempseed oil is really expensive. Hempola is a famous hemp retailer in Canada- Global Hemp is a website that is very informative on all things hemp- Here is another article on hempseed and its oil- The closest place to me that sells hempoil is 20 miles away. Where flaxseed oil is found everywhere including Wal-Mart, hempseed and oil, might not be in stock at your local health food store. It is out there and it will continue to spread now that the DEA Ēfinal ruling ...   2,092 hits
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Hair Restoration Tips   by risingsun   7y
Neem oil is one ingreient that I would find a way to add to my hair treatment for thinning hair. Neem oil comes from the neem plant found in India. It may be purchased online or at most any heath food store. It has many amazing properties. It does not smell very good though. There are a few ways that I have used it. 1. I massage it into my scalp. Use sparingly. 2 put a towel on my head; 3. leave the towel on my head all night; 4. Rinse out in the morning with diluted apple cider vinegar; 1 Cup of Apple Cider in one gallon jug of warm water. You can use the cheap stuff you get ...   7,458 hits
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Re: Regarding Home Remedies For Hair Loss   by risingsun   7y
Neem oil comes fro the neem plant found in India. It may be purchased online or at most any heath food store. It has many amazing properties. It does not smell very good though. There are a few ways that I have used it. The primary way I used Neem Oil to get the greatest impact. 1. I would massage it into my scalp. Use sparingly. 2 put a towel on my head. 3. leave the towel on my head all night. 4. Rinse out in the morning with diluted apple cider vinegar. I Cup of Apple Cider in a one gallon jug of warm water. * Our sense of smell does not occur after we are asleep so I ...   2,312 hits
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Re: Hemp seed oil vs Hemp oil?   by #174156   13mo
The "hemp seed oil" that I buy in the store (marijuana store, licensed by the state) in the state of Washington, has THC in it.  If you buy hemp seed oil on-line or in a health food store youíre going to get hemp seed oil, but no THC.  It is the THC that provides cures/benefits for such things as cancer.  It is unlikely that regular hemp seed oil provides any benefits beyond what regular olive oil provides because it doesnít contain THC. What I understand of Rick Simpson oil is that it is like what I buy - oil with THC.  However, in my state is is ...   660 hits
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Re: liver tonic between flushes?   by JohnnySmith   8y
I think that giving yourself 2-4 weeks between flushes is an excellent idea and essential cause you could likely run into problems as others have if you over do it and donít follow the established and tested protocol. As far as taking a teaspoon of flaxseed, I think that is an excellent idea. Crushed flax seed(crushed in a coffee grinder and mixed with yogurt or Kefir) is better than the oil. If using oil, you may want to take hempseed oil which has the perfect blend of omega3 and omega6 than flaxseed oil and is superior in absorbability th ...   1,118 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Skin parasites more common in humans than you think   by Boldyloxx   9y
Hi folks-- was able to sneak online tonight before bed -- havnt been able to get online too much this week. This skin mite condition I have heard others have as well. There is a Skin Parasite Bulliten board (not Curezoneís) that I posted the link to over at our Curezone Skin Parasite forum (see the first post there) However,they have that Bulliten board temporarily down for now. One of the things I recalled one member posting about was the use of Hemp Oil or any type of Hemp skin product. She had great success in controlling one particular skin parasites with it-- and after usin ...   3,775 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Liver Flush with Taurine?   by 1HEALTHYWOMAN   14mo
Iíd like to report a very successful personal experience with a liver flush using: 1 tsp l Taurine 2 cups homemade raw milk kefir 3 TBS hemp seed oil I mixed these 3 ingredients together without realizing what an amazing healing tonic and liver flush I was creating. Immediately on day one my body released hundreds of bile stones. Over the first week this continued to occur daily. I would drink this tonic alone and within 15 minutes I would feel some heaviness and aching in the area of my liver which would last about 30 minutes. Then a couple of hours later my body would release ...   1,966 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Off Topic but I need advice!.....   by   8y   View Entire Thread 4
O.K. Now this is very important to my continued existence on this planet but not be so much about pH so please forgive me! I have just got a really good job offer and am going to have to take a drug test. This company is very large and always tests your hair. Before anyone goes off the deep end I donít do drugs! (not to say I didnít before I came here 3 months agoÖ) Its just that I was using hemp oil and seeds for about a month up until about three weeks ago. The seeds are now out of stock and I use flax oil as opposed to hemp nowÖ mainly because of a thread I remember reading about ...   768 hits
Forum: Ask Moreless: pH

Re: Hemp Oil report, Days 4-6   by fallingsnow   8y
You said there were unknown substances flecked with blood draining from your vagina. Have you had a yeast infection? Never had a yeast infection in my life.  The substance wasnít itchy or smelly - it just was.  My cycle doesnít begin for another 2 weeks.  I am not sexually active (abstinence=best form of birth control).  Curious about the base of the fingernail with a greenish hue. Are your nails experiencing any soreness or tenderness? Any greenish hue at the base of your toenails? Lol.  Iím curious about that, too!  No soreness, no tenderness.  Not ...   3,423 hits
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Image Embedded Re: cap might be better   by Zoebess   7y
They make a special plastic cap for hair treatments. They are disposable and come in packs of 10 or 20 and run maybe 10 cents each that way. I find mine at WalMart. Anyway, I like to work the oil in my scalp and go outside and allow the heat of the sun to help saturate the oil. I leave the cap on for a few hours then wash my hair. I have used castor oil, emu oil, coconut oil and am wanting to try hemp oil but wonder if it would turn my hair green...anybody try that oil yet?? I can also recommend taking coconut oil by mouth for among all the other wonderful things it does ...   1,592 hits
Forum: Hair

Re: I'm not Poopman, but I googled cryptosporidium   by imalurnin   8y
On different occasions, I have worked with walnut oil, sunflower, and sesame - all are cold-pressed, unrefined. Three drops of oil of oregano or grapefruit seed extract in a tablespoon of your oil of preference adds a little something extra. Also, some OPíers are pulling with cold-pressed hemp oil (label says no THC), others with grapeseed oil, some like extra virgin coconut oil, and some pull with hexane-free, cold-pressed castor oil. Dontít use canola oil; you can read some posts about that. Dr. Karach says the results are not as good with EVOO, but a few said they are using it and s ...   8,628 hits
Forum: Body Odor

Re: Dry Skin   by Spirit   8y
Dry skin means that you are deficient on good oils: oils composed of Omega6 and Omega 3. Get fresh, soft cottage cheese (or yogurt), 1/2 cup, blend it with Fresh Cold pressed Flaxseed oil (5-10 spoons), add 1-4 spoons (after taste) of freshly ground flax seed (use coffee grinder), and one banana and one apple. Banana and apple are mainly for taste. You can use any fruit or vegetable you prefer. With banana and apple it tastes great. Blend it in a blender until it is all soft. Eat at least 1/2 cup or if you can, eat several cups of it every day for 30 days. Instead of Flaxsee ...   1,460 hits
Forum: Acne

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