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Re: A complex issue   by dennishardyND   6y
you need to follow this program for 3 days have only distilled water one gal or more a day, and do an enama each day next three days have a juice of 3 carrots one apple and a 2” wedge of cabbage every hour you are awake and an enama each day next 3 days have 6 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit (all raw) and 3 glasses of the above juice and an enama each day plus all the water you can drink (distilled) next 3 days have 6 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit (all raw) and 3 glasses of the above juice and an enama each day plus all the water you can drink and add one cups of lima ...   853 hits
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Re: diarehha with bleeding, and vomiting..please advise?   by spennin_gs   9y
sorry to here about your friend my friend also had most of those symptome and i found this and he took it and it worked for him.u could 1 day rush ship so u have it the next day.and have her take it and see what happends untill the kills.most every kind of parisite.becouse only the meds the doc gives u can kill one or 2 but all these meds 2gether have been proven to kill thousands of kind.every one on this site takes these and have awsome results.and u should still while taking these pills atleast get here to do 1 enama.i was afrade to do them my first time slso but it really wasen ...   915 hits
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Re: I am restarting this procedure   by aaronzh   7y
It’s been over a month since last time I wrote here. I am feeling ok the whole period with no medication. I am eating almost normal. I still eat brown rice and more veggies than normal people. I eat wood ears once a week. I eat out in restaurants since I am coming back more to the social events. I went out hiking or rafting almost every week. I ate some spicy food a couple of times. Got nervous and did felt discomfort, but don’t see much worsening and my stool is ok. I am much better than I was diagnosed. And without medication, I am feeling better than I had heavy medication before. I am ...   15,887 hits
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Re: Bowel Problems-Help!   by David G   5y
you could do a coffee enama in morning and get cleaned out.....but sounds like U have some type infection going on....bacterial or parasite or both.... add some flax seed pwdr fiber and charcoal.....then try some antiparasite herbs...cloves..wormwood...blackwalnut... also try no starch & sugar for while...this will help..... also I use a formula of cinnimon,cloves oregano essential oil....oral in capsule w/water... best David G   1,644 hits
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Re: i did a fleet enema and and like 6 werd things came out   by spennin_gs   10y
lol, i hear u. i felt weird doing the fleet enama and just talking about it makes me feel stupid thats y i put up a post just to make sure,i never saw anything move either and the pics here of the parasites dont look anything like it . so i just hope its what your boy friend thinks becouse it is true that your body cant digest all things.. any thing else u find out please let me know   3,705 hits
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Re: Ozone Enama?   by finallyfaith   8y
yeah, i think it would be great, the bad bacteria hate oxygen and the good ones love it, so thats great. also i was reading where ozone can kill parasites recenlty which is a new one on me, i never really thought about ozone killing parasites, and an enama would be the best way to deliver the ozone to the intestinal track. here is where is was reading that.   1,146 hits
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Re: todays the day   by mom2   9y
ok i’m a weirdo i love the lemonaid its awsome i think your right about being plugged up down below so for i haven’t been having very good bms even with the swf although to day i’m off to a good start 2 bms in the last hour the heartburn is from the salt i don’t like salt don’t normaly use it sorry about the visual but i would rather lick a skunks butt then use salt so i guess i better just grit my teeth and touf it out with the swf i don’t know how to do an enama but i’m definatly going to find out and try it man i can’t wait to get all this garbage out of my system   667 hits
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5yr old with severe constipation! Help!   by health4myfam   11y   View Entire Thread 11
Okay, I’ll try to explain this best I can. Laura turned 5 this yr. She has always had irregular bowel movements since birth. Tried lots of diffrent things along the way and the best that we could ever get was 1-2 times a week. Well every once in awhile it will take up to two weeks for her to have a BM. But this last time it has been 28 days,and we are worried!!!! what can we try. By the way took her to the doc and he said mineral enama’s for three days and something called colfalax. (We don’t like to take lab created laxitives.) We already tried Formula #3 if she takes more than 3/4 tsp ...   11,923 hits
Forum: Constipation

Re: when will it stop   by teri   10y
thanks for responding todgor. I used four tablspoons of epsom salts in four doses, two at night and two in the morning. It finally stopped around six o clock. this morning I passed one stone, a bit bigger than the rest. I think I will go get an enema today. Does it matter what kind? can you get a water enama or something natural and gentle? I’ll keep on flushing and hope I get bigger stones in the future, but I thought I read somewhere that if you dont get stones it’s because you have parasites?   1,056 hits
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newbie to enema world.. please help?   by turbo15cyn   9y   View Entire Thread 3
New to enama just wanting to know how to do a water enema and how to cleanse the enema kit.. little info/background.. i’m starting my first master cleanser tomorrow and am going to do the lax tea at night and swf in the morning but am going on a 15 hour car next week and want to do an emema since the swf isn’t going to be driver and I can have a little control with the enema.. but any advise would be grateful..thanks and happy cleansing!! Cynthia   1,433 hits
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Re: Ever tried ozonated water?   by mobiance   9y
hi propaul, wonder if hydrogen peroxide (3% solution) be used in the enama water to help break up the plaque, oxidize parasite, or clumped up bentonite attached to the intestinal walls? i may have the latter problem giving me pain in the descending colon. i was taking a teaspoon of bentonite mixed with a teaspoon of psllium then adding 8oz of water and shaking for a few minutes, and chasing it with another 8oz of water. but feel some of the bentonite has been plastered to zigmoid colon which has been a trouble spot for me for some time ( often feel gas moving down to that point but does ...   1,303 hits
Forum: Enema/Colonics

EXTREME pain after coq10 please someone tell me what that...   by cleansingfelin   6y   View Entire Thread 13
Hi... I am in a littile shock, i took 3600 mg of coq10 yesterday, and....please someone tell me if this is normal... at night i developed an EXTREME pain allover my abdomen i really thought i would die.. i beggegd my husband to call an ambulance becouse no pills from pain were working , he went online and realized my pain was a nerve pain and tylenol is for that so i tied that and it did pass. I have never experience anything that painfull in my life...i dont think i want to try another dose...even though i know how to stop the pain now, im affaraid this might not be ...   3,644 hits
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PAIN AFTER coq10 please advice   by cleansingfelin   6y   View Entire Thread 5
Hi... I am in a littile shock, i took 3600 mg of coq10 yesterday, and....please someone tell me if this is normal... at night i developed an EXTREME pain allover my abdomen i really thought i would die.. i beggegd my husband to call an ambulance becouse no pills from pain were working , he went online and realized my pain was a nerve pain and tylenol is for that so i tied that and it did pass. I have never experience anything that painfull in my life...i dont think i want to try another dose...even though i know how to stop the pain now, im affaraid this might not be ...   989 hits
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I've experience pain from coq10-need explanation /directi...   by cleansingfelin   6y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi... I am in a littile shock, i took 3600 mg of coq10 yesterday, and....please someone tell me if this is normal... at night i developed an EXTREME pain allover my abdomen i really thought i would die.. i beggegd my husband to call an ambulance becouse no pills from pain were working , he went online and realized my pain was a nerve pain and tylenol is for that so i tied that and it did pass. I have never experience anything that painfull in my life...i dont think i want to try another dose...even though i know how to stop the pain now, im affaraid this might not be ...   927 hits
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Re: gall bladder flush for removing stone by cleanses m...   by bksingh   12y
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Re: gall bladder flush for removing gall stone by clea...   by bksingh   12y
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Re: Pausing my procedure   by aaronzh   8y
I just received the #0551 vitamin E 1000, the color seems quite different from anyone I had before, marked with caremal color, like dark mixture. Just want to confirm with you that whether this is the one you recommended. I am restarting my enama. Also when you say I should eat all kinds of grain, what kind of grain do you mean, I thought your diet suggest stay away from grains, only eat barley and brown rice. If you think I can eat grain, how about the whole grain bread? Thanks.   16,818 hits
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Not sure an ER doc would know about GCG   by MidlothianGirl   10y
Unless he is an expert in Chinese herbs, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, doubt that he knew what he was talking about; no offense intended! It sounds like you have some problems in your stomach area on many fronts; I’m not so sure GCG was/is your problem. I COULD be; but I guess I don’t understand how a trauma doc would know for certain that GCG is/was any culprit in problems you’ve had in your stomach region. Don’t forget to do an enama or colonic after each flush! That is VITAL to removing toxins out of your system. As others have said, it’s not necessary to use epsom salts in flu ...   1,215 hits
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Can I skip ES morning doses ?   by #21204   10y   View Entire Thread 5
Hi guys After 4 months hanging around this website, read all the positive as well as the negative messages, spent last month to do parasite cleanse using Clarkia products then took whole GCG 250ml bottle from sensiblehealth, also prepared the family for ER scenario due gallstones stuck, I gained all my courage to do the first flush 2 weeks ago. Result: passed out some pea-size, look-like stones, dark green playdough. Not quite sure if they are stones so will do 3 more flushes before going for another ultra-sound to confirm about it. This weekend, I will do my 2nd flush. I just ...   948 hits
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Re: gall bladder disease   by Iris   12y
This is what I would do: I would start with parasites cleanse, you can find more info on this page: I would also read and try coffee enama, as explained on Liver Clense Page: /cleanse/liver/default.asp And also Castor oil packs. Try to get Flaxseed oil, and use it every day. Use also olive oil every day. But, to not make you confused, just start with parasites cleanse, and then include one thing at the time. regards Iris   818 hits
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nothing is moving   by godsbreath75   8y   View Entire Thread 4
this is my second MC and this is my fourth day. i water fasted the first 3 days and drank the lax tea at night drank plenty of water and pretty much nothing is moving? i get horrible cramps at night from the tea which didn’t happen before and not really anything to show for it. i want to step this up.i haven’t been doing the swf i will get the stuff tonight but i was wondering why arn’t i peeing more and would an enama get things going. oh and what is the purpose of water fasting i feel like i am in limbo i don’t feel bad i feel like nothing is happening at all? Thanks   707 hits
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just curious...   by #21357   9y   View Entire Thread 3
i am merely an observer... i’ve done many liver flushes and coffee enemas... but never a urine enama... but would like to ask as many as would care to answer... ***how many of you have tried a urine enema...??? (i would think ”urine” would be the ideal thing to bring the intestinal track back to perfect health... just seems logical to me)... click the ”yes” if you’ve done one... and vice-versa... and for those of you that have tried it... please give us your opinion...   1,352 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
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rice fast   by dream   11y   View Entire Thread 5
The detox is still ongoing. my tongue is very much coated and I am craving water. My colon is just emtying out all kinds of toxins I can’t bring myself to look. It’s disqusting and I think the rice is just working like a broom through my body. I am cooking one cup of brown rice a day and dividing it up among three bowls. It is amazing, I read that a rice fast was intense but I guess I didn’t believe it. The MC losened up a lot of stuff but I couldn’t get it out no matter how much enama or salt flush I did. Now it’s all coming out. This is good.   796 hits
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Re: should I drink Seasalt water on juice fast   by finallyfaith   8y
whether you do the smooth move tea and SWF is up to you. if you need it to have a bowel movement then its probably good. the key is to keep emptying your bowels during the fast so that your colon can detox. the manner in which your make sure your bowels move is up to you and is a matter of personal preference. there are some juices like pineapple and beet that, if you do enough of them, will stimulate a bowel movement. enamas are great, but not absolutely essential. i have been reading a lot of great things about the coffee enama lately, i may give that a try again myself. since ...   1,050 hits
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constipation   by beetlejuice   6y   View Entire Thread 2
i havent really taken a shit in like 4 days. LOL i seriously feel like im going to die of intoxication. i have tried a bunch of things other than an enama. but im just going to die before i start smoking again to get shit going. LOL anyone know anything good i can do? i have tried teas, mag07, close to 20 grams of vitamin C with a half gallon of water. my head is pounding, it feels like a bubble might burst soon. but F&*K it, im not smoking. im loosing sleep. i think it might be cancer now. LOL sorry for the additude, if you can imagin how i feel you would let it slid. any sugg ...   1,563 hits
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Re: Does flushing lower the immune system?   by Watch   5y
Hello incis If you are going to do the enema do it the right way and it does wonder. IMHO, especially the coffee enema is the king of all cleansing methods. I used the coffee enama for a couple of years on the early stage of my cleansing and detox regiment. It will not only cleanse and detox the body but will give you that superb job of clearing the mind and make you feel like you own the world, if not careful easy to be hooked to it. It’s been a while now since I used enema because I know I do not need it. My plumbing is working fine now. Regards, Watch   1,167 hits
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Re: bright orange, bright yellow and bright green stool =...   by outoftime44   5y
I see, thank you very much for the information. I was misinformed. What could have caused the loss of good bacteria? Could it be a combination of zapping/coffee enema/liver flush/water enama and have a colonscopy with a clearing out solution? I did a probiotic enema, but it must not have been enough. Thank you I will work to build the bacteria up to where it should be. Thanks so much for the information.   19,316 hits
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Osteopenia and reflux issues. What works the best for the...   by ventureman   7y   View Entire Thread 2
I have osteopenia and reflux (Candida issues). With the candida diet and supplements I was on I have reduced my reflux considerably and I am not sure how I am doing on the osteopenia. But I had reduced my body from 165 lbs to 130 lbs and was starting to have more health issues just trying to fix the candida. I decided this method of alkalizing would be much healthier than what I was experiencing. I have started the protocol and the reflux has started to return slightly. What things can I do to improve this? And how much more and what type cal/mag should I take on top of what I get from the ...   799 hits
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Re: My system just stopped dead   by valerie_cct   4y
Be very careful using epson salt in an enema as it can seriously impact your bodies electrolyte balance. My suggestion would be to take a full bag soapsuds solution enema with the water at 103 degrees F at preparation time as a first step. Although liquid castile soap is best, you can prepare the enama by swishing a bar of mild facial soap such as Dove in a pitcher of water until it becomes milky in color. Then pour into the enema bag. Follow that with a salt solution enema to rinse out any remaining soap residue. Use one teaspoon of salt for each pint of water, or 4 teaspoons for a ...   1,349 hits
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Re: Can coffee enemas cause anemia   by finallyfaith   8y
coffe enama? no. vegetarianism? yes! anemia can be caused by either low iron levels or low B12 levels, or both. take some B12, along with a full spectrum b supplement. B12 should be methylcobalamin, not cyanocobalamin. black strap molasses is a great source of organic iron. floradix has a great herbal based iron supplement. take the molasses or the floradix with some lemon juice to naturally chelate the minerals.   5,589 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: 9yo with soiling problem   by Naturalist   8y
Hi April32, I am happy to hear that your 7 year old daugher is better. During one of my impactions, the nurse put on a plastic glove and gently with her index finger started removing the impacted feces. She fingered it out in pieces and then gave me a fleet enama. I don’t feel that constipation is due to lack of fiber as much as it is the consumption of wheat, dairy products and processed foods. Please check out opioid peptides. Opioid can cause constipation. You have been given a lot of great information. I hope it is helpful. Wishing you Health...Naturally   993 hits
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Re: caster oil packs   by gavster   24mo
Hi Onwards, to be honest I have no idea :) I am in South Africa and don’t use it. I have read about it in ”Flood your body with oxygen” and it is mentioned a lot in Dr Pressmans yahoo group. I use a lot of ozone and do enama’s so I probally don’t need it. I am sure google should produce some results otherwise join Dr Pressmans yahoo group. We actually don’t get it here in South Africa but there is a product that is very similar simply called magnesium oxide.   796 hits
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Re: Shortness of breath - what could cause it?   by Naturalist   7y
John, What I will tell you relates to my own experiences. Grains contain large amounts of sugar and starch and helped to create high nutritional deficiencies in me, causing malabsorption problems especially where protein was concerned. I weighed 89 pounds fully clothed; I am 5’4”. I would highly recommend that you go to the Iodine Forum here on CureZone and read the R postings by Wombat. You may need to saturate your body with Iodine. I have been on high doses of iodine since February. I have passed everything under the sun in the way of parasites in previous years. I really and trul ...   6,048 hits
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Bowel incontinence   by acrossuniverse   27d   View Entire Thread 7
I have lived w a constipation problem for most of my life. I am 47 yrs old male. I have only had a bowel movement approx. 8 times in the last 27 yrs w/o taking something or using an enama. I have traveled to hospitals in 4 different states. The Mayo Clinic has called this Pelvic Floor Dysfunction That had given me hope and helped me out temporarily in 2004. I have tried it all when it comes to medications.over the counter ect.I have every herbal alternative remedy as well. Colonics,surgery zzzzzzz yawn. The most disruptive cause was my emotions and holding in a life of severe pain,resen ...   395 hits
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update on ttrhodes/question   by ttrhodes   10y
I have been busy getting all the things I need. I have done my 1st coffee enema. I felt that having been so constipated in the past I shouldn’t try to cleanse until I cleared things out a little. That was easy and went well. I have started the P&B shakes for bowel cleanse. I did one yesterday @ 4pm and one @ midnight. then another @ 8:30 this AM. So far, I have not had a BM since I did the enama @ 12:00 noon yesterday. I am a little nervous that I will start expelling plaque ropes at work tomorrow(Thurs). I only work one day a week. How long does this take - Average- for the process to ...   801 hits
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Enama Problems   by greatescape12   30mo   View Entire Thread 4
I have been trying to get healthy. I have been taking superfood for a couple of months now and some 90k cayenne that I found at the local cooperative. Daily I take 4-6 cloves of garlic. I have done a few liver flushes as well. I try to drink 48 ounces of fresh juices a day and I try to eat a healthy diet, mainly carrot/apple and orange. The problem I am having is I have been trying to do daily coffee enemas the last few months and I have found recently that I am not expelling sometime up to more than have of the coffee. I can feel the coffee and pressure in my stomach area. I can ev ...   822 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Enama Problems   R by Celestial   30mo
Good for you for doing all this work to help yourself! That is awesome and inspirational. My suggestions from two years of experience doing the enemas: Have you tried to switch to doing the 2c. back-to-back enemas? I usually do that and find that when I try to do a greater volume that I am not as successful at getting it all out either. I usually begin with a 2-3cup water enema to ”make room” unless I have had a recent BM. I think when a larger volume is used then it, of course, travels further up the colon and, depending on the possible pockets, tight spots and congestion that most ...   937 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Enama Problems   by greatescape12   30mo
Thank you so much for the reply. I think I will take a couple of days off from the enemas. I will make sure that I am hydrated and try the back 2 back enemas. I have also been having some kidney pain after the enemas so I think it is time for a break. Perhaps the 4 cups is too much and the amount I am retaining is causing the pain... The reason I do all 4 cups together is because I can really feel and hear the movement of the coffee inside of me wheras I don’t feel or hear nearly as much when doing a 2 cup. I will try to watch my retention time as well. I strive for 15 minutes, ...   762 hits
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Re: enama and zapper   by poppycane   7y
I ordered an enema bag from ebay, and they included a pack of organic coffee and instructions for making the coffee and doing the enema, but I am sure if you google ’coffee enema’ you will find loads of info and where you can buy them from. Here is where i got my first zapper from: Dont forget though that everyone is different, but I would definitely urge you to explore and research all options available. Good luck P   1,380 hits
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--Testimonials--Enama & Foot baths = Feel Better--   by moreless   7y
By, Well, things are slow going but I wanted to let those who have been following know that FEAR can be very acidic! Last night, I finally managed to get myself to do an E.S. / B.S. / H.P. foot bath for 5 minutes in HOT water and 2 minutes in VERY COLD water. My feet can put up the cold much better that my whole body. This and an enema have made me much better today! Well at least so far! I will continue the foot baths as above daily for a week or so and this should help greatly! “IF” I would have used my common sense, perhaps I would have remembered sooner, the comm ...   23,234 hits
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Re: coffee enama   by MENDOMAID   4y
the book ’Breaking the Vicious Cycle’by Elaine Gottschall has a good description on how a coating builds up on the inside of the intestine. This usually white coating is called plaque and I’ve read it comes out with colonics. I had some come out with a liver flush. Candida lives in a biofilm in the intestinal epithelium and if globs or patches of this comes out it could be what you describe. Often people with yeast overgrowths will see small whilt balls in clusters and chains in their stool after a LF. Mucus is a sign of irritation - it’s jellylike and strings out. It can be clear, opaque ...   8,647 hits
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Re: coffee enama   by MENDOMAID   4y
Hulda Clark wrote that everybody she tested carried tapeworms. I took 5 weeks of quassia and got out a tangle of tapeworms and other parasites on the next LF. Clark advised using Coenzyme Q to treat tapeworms because it kills the head buried in the intestine wall. Most parasite preps., including meds, often do not kill the head tho the segments will fall off. Then they regrow. People with tapeworms need to learn how to avoid being reinfected.   9,000 hits
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Re: coffee enama   by TonyOrlando   4y
Sounds bad. Could be any number of parasites, or their eggs. That doesn’t sound like Candida. Have you tried Diatomaceous earth? It kills a multitude of different parasites. It’s easy on the system. You take it with water over 10 days. If you can’t find it at the vitamin store, try Pet/Feed stores, or online. Take a look at Mastic Gum for H. Pylori. Also deglycyrrhizinated licorice, and broccoli sprouts. Worst case there’s antibiotics and PPI’s.   8,617 hits
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Re: coffee enama   by TonyOrlando   4y
I looked it up and found the correct term is ”chyle.” It is lymph derived from the intestines. Slightly gelatinous and milky, but not opaque. The coffee, it seems, beyond relaxing the bile ducts, stimulates peristaltic motion and can cause a large release of lymph, usually several hours after the enema. People, I found, often do dry brushing before coffee enemas to encourage this. So, I think it’s a possible explanation.   8,771 hits
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Enama Advice Please...   by Romany   8y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi all Does anyone know where I can find the diagram that I saw last year on the curezone; showing how to perform a self enema? I can’t find it anywhere and it would help with my confidence if I could check it out first. I am five days into the Lemonade fast combined with the Water flush; including 1ltr of salt water in the morning ... I plan to finish up with an enema or two before I complete the proccess with the Liver flush... If anyone has any advise they would like to share with me I’d be very grateful, as this is my first time.(blush) ps. I am also having the odd glass of ...   20,110 hits
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Enama before, during water fast   by TheWingman   6mo   View Entire Thread 2
Hello people, I´m now on day 11 of my 14 days water fast and my stomach is is still gargling. I wonder if I did everything right, probably I still have lots of stuff in my bowels, so I wonder if it´s mnfatory to do an enema or another form of bowel cleansing before the fast (like a salt water flush) Can it be dangerous to not do a flush before the fast? Also, I would like to know what kind of piquid i could use for my enema, I heard that coffee is good, but I’m afraid that would dirupt my fast.   469 hits
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Re: Enama before, during water fast   by terry040040   6mo
Hi i am on day 14 however i have not yet reached a state of natural hunger so i march onward. I would not go inserting coffee into my system during a water fast because it is a stimulant and this will then be absorbed back into your system, i would just go for warm water. My stomach also gargles frequently especially after i take water, even water has to be processed as it goes through your system so do not be over perturbed with some tummy rumblings ect I would not bother too much with enemas unless of course your bowels are trying to loose a motion and you can not, otherwise d ...   557 hits
Forum: Fasting: Water

Re: is this candida strings?   by riderjay253   20mo
ive been on olive extract,moly,mag.,enzyme blend,tea’s, gaps diet and started eating meat and yogurt and store bought kefir after being vegan for 3 years once i started the olive i seemed to get better mainly acne clearing, i did 3 nystatin enamas days. but now my throat got infected more then ever before i have a bad saliva gland that affects my throat and makes me weak and sick! ent’s just wana remove and not do tests and dont care about how sick i am, but admit theres a good chance of infection post surgery. I can see little translucent bumps in my throat! the worst its ever been witc ...   787 hits
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Re: Hiya Katie!   by RUDOLPHKT   10y
I did my first one a few months ago. I felt like a new person after it! Once I got over the ”AN ENEMA?!” reaction from people. And-They do not hurt. But the bucket is like having an out of shape person run 10 miles! So start off with just like 6-8 cups of water, or 1 bag if you have an enama bag. You hang the bag about 3 feet above you, like a towel rack height. Make sure the water is warm. Like 100 degrees, feels good to touch. When you let it go in, you will have an initial urge to let it out. That urge will pass. Hold it for 10-15 minutes. If you cant hold it first time, just let it out ...   2,093 hits
Forum: Bowel Cleanse Support

Re: way to much hydrogen peroxide in enema   by finallyfaith   8y
you will almost certainly be fine. if somehting really bad were going to happen, it already would have. this is what i would do. i would get some vit e and do a very strong vit e enama. as an anti-oxident it will clean up any unused oxygen hanging out in your bowels. thats what i did the few times i ODed on peroxide orally and it helped a lot. the vit e will also help heal any fissures or rawnes that the strong peroxide might have caused. sounds like you may have got a lot of gunk out that might not have otherwise come out tho!someitmes those mistakes end up being good things. here i ...   2,011 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: please help-does Msm help to reduce/stop cancer pain ...   by vince6898   26mo
Dear Bret, thanks a lot for the advice. abdomen x-ray last month stated it was non-obstructive and that is only a small amount of free fuild in upper abdomen and lower pelvis. there is increase lymph nodes and sizes in the left paraaortic and aortocaval area. her abdomen when tapped, sounded hollow, like drum or like you said, like tapping watermelon sound. to us, it sounded like lots of gas (that was what TCM doctors also said). she is not on any pain killers/narcotics, able to eat meals but about half of normal portion each time. occasionally, she takes only one omeprazol ...   1,995 hits
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Quantum Touch   by gavster   3y
Ok the party is over, no more pizza and wine for me. I don’t feel so great. I also went a bit heavy on the prescription meds and I think my liver is struggling a bit. Not only that I seem to have some chest pain and some anxiety even though I am taking the lexapro. The problem is I have tried almost everything over the last 6 years. The one area I did have some very good succes was with Reiki with this one lady. but then she stopped and I could never find someone as good as as her. But I have been reading about Quantum Touch, it looks really interestin ...   524 hits
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water - try some ozone   by finallyfaith   8y
sofia, you really should consider trying some ozonated water. it is absolutely the most hydrating and energizing water i have ever drank. i love it. i drink a tall glass first thing in the morning, and that wakes me up and revs up my whole system. its always best on empty stomach. when i get out of the habit of drinking ozone water i will drink and drink and not feel hydrated. then i say ”duh! - drink more ozone!” and so i do and then after just a couple of days i am back to feeling completely hydrated. i like it waaaaaay bettr than hydrogen peroxide, because with H2O2 you have to be so ...   876 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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new at 54........and scared to death!   by jackierawlings   8y   View Entire Thread 3
I have set up my fast for monday,and have been gathering stuff I think I’ll need.going to have DH check my BP and sugar everyday.I don’t have sugar but I thought is would be good to know what it is eash day.Got the juicer,going to buy veggys and fruit sunday.Got the enama bag..don’t know how offten I should use it or what to put in it.not sure how much juice and water to drink each day.I’m going to keep a log on everything.I’m in this for weight loss and detox.I have read everything I could get my hands on about juice fasting.I’m healthy for my age.I hate hearing people myage whine about h ...   926 hits
Forum: Fasting: General

Re: Pitta and Carrots   by ff.   10y
I too am very much a pitta, and I just was wondering the same thing. Here is my thing, I have been drinking a combo juice of 3 carrots, 1 beet with greens, 1 smallish gala apple, parsley and ginger for a total of about 12-15oz juice. (i have an omega juicer at home) When I have this juice, it seams to over stimulate parastalsis. I pass bms the color of the juice about 8 hours latter, and the ”movement” is much softer than usual. Not diareah, more like dairy queen ice cream. Also my pee is colored. This is happening even when I am taking 3 P&B shakes daily. I used to juice often, then stopp ...   2,607 hits
Forum: Ask Shelley 1[A]

Re: enema query   by MH   4y
Hi MH, HAY hope all is well. BUSY DAY, BUSY WEEKEN, BUSY EVERYDAY, SO ALL IS ”NORMAL”.. have a couple of specific questions on the enema if you don’t mind. NEVER DID ONE, SO NO EXPERT HERE.. going to do a 14 day OJ fast as per BOOK I, on a budget, so am gonna us an enema, and follow author’s instructions exactly. but just wanted to check: OK 1. will even a real cheap enema do? e.g. NO CLUE WHAT YOU CAN MEAN, A ENAMA COST NOTHING, YOU CAN BUY A CHEAP BAG/TUBE AT WAL-MART AND DRUGS STORES ETC...FOR ABOUT $10.00 or wou ...   989 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

enema???   R by ff.   10y   View Entire Thread 2
OK, I finally tried an enema, it was so easy! I have been taking the plantery formula liver clease for about a month, along with daily P&B shakes, lecithin, and occasional carrot, beet, parsley, apple, ginger juices (like,12oz 3X a week). Two weeks ago I was feeling somewhat toxic, so I just did a liver flush. I did a swf in the morning. I released lots of mushy stones covered with sludge. Latter that day I still felt quite toxic, so I drove 5 minuts to the drug store to buy an enema set up and when I was finished I felt much better. I released more mushy stones and sludge. Honestly, findi ...   1,132 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Ask Shelley

Danger of Enema Device in a Chinese Area. Enema in a Wron...   by jamesmk2003   7y   View Entire Thread 4
This was very funny. I wanted to buy this rubber container for enema so I go to pharmacy and ask for some kind of enema container. Chinese woman looked at me like she heard it first time. ...enama container, something to do enema. Enema? she repeted. yes. OK she turned to a shelf and got something in a box size of 4 toothpaste boxes. She took it out and assembled, everything is inside, you just put it together like that and put it on your mouth. I could see clearly it is some kind of breathing device but I had not intention of doing enema of my mouth or breath by my ass. No, I said it is f ...   1,702 hits
Forum: Fasting: Juice   Fasting: Water

Re: Colonic for a desperate kid? -- get her off grains an...   by mrnc   7y
I just delt with this problem from my 10 year old son. He was so impacted that the hospital kept him for 3 days to get him cleaned out (it was so bad the enama didn’t work). Anyway, there is an a name for it........encopresis. For my child, his colon was so stretched out he had to go back to pullups because he lost sensation for about 5 months but just recently regained his sensation. Also, like your grand-daughter, my son also became very irratable and moody. It is very common to get a bacterial overgrowth after going through this so we had to give him stuff to kill the bacteria and ...   6,491 hits
Forum: Enema/Colonics

Re: Urine Therapy: I Need to Get it Right   by amasi24   6y
Hi Nisa Q: I understand you more than you think. I passed by the same thing, but keep going.If you fail once day, restart the next one. Once you get use to drink your morning cup, you will need i...   1,516 hits

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