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Re: First Step   by nosomethingislove   5y
hi I am at the same step too, you might want to try Diatomaceous Earth(DE) first, if you have large ones with braggs cider vinegar to detox. See how that goes for a week, then start up drclarkia’s combo or parasave’s. Then do some DE or bentonite clay with distilled water enemas. Take lots of veggies, pineapple, lots of water while on the process. You might also want to finish off with neem oil and or pine nut oil. Good luck   999 hits
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Re: clolarun: Treatment for Roundworms - Ascaris Lumbrico...   by Ivann   67h
Its similar to my stool. I don´t know what means the brown´s pieces   120 hits
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worms and webs and allthose things   by Wrenn   10y
first off 90% of humans ahve parasites/whether have pets or not.. we are also constantly beign reinfested.. if our body system is *friendly * to them they thrive best in acidic systems/ and alsoin fecl matter and *dirty* bowels. youcan correct alot of this by making changes to help bring about a great alkaline body.. and eating foods that cause them to die off or wan t to exit.. (cayenne, tumeric,, fresh garlic, onions, raw pumpkin seed, virgin coconut oil to list a few. ) if you click on the top blue headign at top of page onto clark then goto tapeworms/ascaris.. yes she ...   1,246 hits
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i have used a variety of means   by Wrenn   10y
i first did the clarkia tincture on teh 8 week plan. you take it for 2 weeks /rest a week /repeat was where i got mine from. ........................................... i also still use oil of oregano at 85% carvocal it is effective against 137 diff parasites, bacterias, fungus, molds, yeast, anthrax, e-coli, lyme disease, etc.. you need to make sure if you get oil of oregano to get the highest content carvocal you can.. that is the highest i have found/ it is very potent and you need to be sure and dilute it with a ...   1,626 hits
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Image Embedded Re: new to curezone and posting first picture   by tdakpj   6y
Shroom, Here are a few more. I tried to make them larger for you. One of the pictures I even turned over the parasite.   2,402 hits
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Re: Pin-worms won`t DIE, going insane......   by Wrenn   11y
i don’t know what the problem is... but i do knwo the clarkia tincture/ get a www.drclarkia.come has never givne bad side effects back to folks.... as far as i know. we giv eit to the dog etc/ it seems a bi t costly fo rht 8 week treatment/ bu then you jstu do a once a wekk maintenace. my kids and i ahv eonly passed dead stuff/ and we hav ethe dog on it too. also the oil of oregano liquid tincture is effective against 137 diff bacteria and viruses lyme desease etc and kill soff parasites that teh wormwood/walnut/cloves tincture don’t kill. i use that sparingly acoupel ti ...   8,337 hits
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Re: I think I have a type of fasciola or some type of liv...   by KillTheseParasites   23d   186 hits
Forum: Parasites   Parasites Protozoa   Candida

right i'm ready to kill these buggers! i need some quest...   by msully   9y   View Entire Thread 5
Okay - I’ve been reading all the forum notes and conversing. Now’s time to order Clarkia and get cracking with it! I’m ordering from the drclarkia website from the UK but when I click on the ’BUY NOW’ button it doesn’t seem to do much. I end up sitting here waiting and waiting and waiting until it finally times out. I have looked for a phone number to place my order by phone but I see no phone number - hem! What do I do now? I would really prefer to use Clarkia! Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Also, I have order Dr Clarks book and the other other one, menace somethi ...   793 hits
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Re: Hulda's Program - PLEASE Clarify?   by #23743   10y
HI, 33796 Got this from Hulda Clark’s site: Hulda Clark says: ”Getting rid of all parasites would be absolutely impossible using clinical medicines that can kill only one or two parasites each. Such medicines also tend to make you quite ill. Imagine taking 10 such drugs to kill a dozen of your parasites! Good news, perhaps, for the drug makers but not for you. Yet three herbs can rid you of over 100 types of parasites! And without so much as a headache! Without nausea! Without any interference with any drug that you are already on! Does this sound too fantastic? Just too good to be tr ...   1,181 hits
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Image Embedded Know This Worm?   by BarryC   15mo   View Entire Thread 7
Hi all, Does anyone know what type of worm this is? I presume it’s a parasitic intestinal worm of some sort as I found him backstroking in my toilet. It’s about 6-7mm long, 1mm wide, pointy black snout and tail. Cheers, Baz.   1,356 hits
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Re: Wondering about Parasites   by TC-12   10y
One thing I’d certainly suggest is a comprehensive stool analysis. Plenty of info below on same, plus tapeworms, parasites in general... ”...irregular bowel movements (if I went once a week, that was doing good)” !!!! Food in the gut that long is well past digesting, and well into fermenting.   815 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Chatroom!!   by Diagnosendisarm   25d
Hi and thanks for reading... I’m desperately seeking an answer to what is living inside me.. How much damage it can do or has already and how can I get rid of it asap?! Iv always been under weight and currently 31 but possibly have had whatever this or they are for some time...?? Most recently I have only come to the definite answer it’s parasites or worms or worse possibly both.. I may have had for years altho 5 months ago we ( me and my girlfriend) got a new puppy..! Yes I guess this is where it started.. After having him for a few days there were clearly little maggot loo ...   56 hits
Forum: Parasites

Can someone please tell me how to use the Wolrd's smalles...   by parazapper   3mo
Could the worlds smallest zapper be the least effective zapper? People need to seriously study zappers before buying one. They all work to an extent but there is a lot of difference between them. A comparison chart is at   264 hits
Forum: Parasites

Image Embedded Scratches around shoulder   by Xelaetaks   8mo   View Entire Thread 9
Anyone know what type of parasite could leave scratches around the shoulder? It seems to happen more after showering for some reason or at least it could be more noticeable then. Had a scratch like this recently too. A doctor gave me a test for strongyloides so will see if that comes up with anything. Trying parawellness too. Also may try drugs that go after tapeworm and flukes soon so will see what happens with that. Thanks   833 hits
Forum: Parasites Cure

Re: Blood tests from Dr office   by MENDOMAID   3y
I did a search for ’children heavy metal detox’ - here’s 2 of the results. Heavy Metal Cleanse for Kids | - eHow | How to Videos ... Heavy Metal Cleanse for Kids. The heavy metal cleanse is a healthy body cleanse ... There are many detox supplements your children can take which will cleanse … kids.htmlMetal Detox In Children | LIVESTRONG.COM - LIVESTRONG.COM - Lose ... Metal Detox In Children. Public awareness of the potential poisoning effects of heavy metals has increased greatly in the past few decades due to publi ...   992 hits
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Image Embedded Morgellon's/fibers/pinworm pics Att. Smuse!   by sniffs   6y
I know these are terrible at best ........but I tried my best with what i have............ Any ideas on what I can do ..............? All advice and opinions Welcome!!! Thank You P.S. Smuse let me know if you want any more pics......... I can e-mail them to you. I coughed up a starfish looking protozoa muccous thing with about 5 0r 6 blue strands in the center....... Trying hard to keep it together................. you can see the larger pics at parasites images. http://curezone.c ...   490 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded Re: After 4 days of ICU's drug protocol, it's not so worm...   by Birk   13mo
Dang it straight to hell! I was tryng to make these pics not gigantic like they always are in here and now when the detail is important because it’s through microscope it’s too small! Let me know if any look interesting and I’ll try and upload the originals if I can :-/ it’s already taken me forever to do this! Oh and I know ICU says no colonics and stuff, I had to do an enema today because i was soooo backed up (even though I’m pounding psyllium husks like crazy!), so I did a 1quart enema of Pao D’Arco. Probably not a great time to try out a new enema (previously only did garlic and c ...   1,346 hits
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Image Embedded Flukes???   by ocarina   5y   View Entire Thread 6
Does anyone know what these are????   2,649 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded Pictures of my parasites   by luz   7y   View Entire Thread 10
Hello, these are pics of the parasites i released after my last 2 liver flushes. Can anyone tell me what these strange looking critters are? I know the flukes, but the ”funny” ones I can’t identify Thanks and greetings Luz flukes   12,345 hits
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Planaria/flatworms,gastrotrichiae, chlamydomonas   by sniffs   6y   View Entire Thread 3
ENJOY!!!!!   751 hits
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Image Embedded Help identify this, please   by crystal79   3y   View Entire Thread 6
Same story as everyone - many tests - nothing wrong with me. I’m glad to hear that, because I would be concerned after seeing these photos. So, I’ve posted some microscope photos of some speciments I gathered during a cleanse that I need help identifying these. Going to new doctor tomorrow. Photos are magnified 200x’s, so the photos are in pieces. Thanks for any help you can offer. Am I doing this right? This is my first da ...   1,514 hits
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Image Embedded HELP!! Plz tell me what these are   by #126852   3y   View Entire Thread 4
Hello, I passed cup fulls of these white chunks with red stripes (worms?) along with what looked like possibly skins of some sort. I’m currently doing the Humaworm In-Between formula and detox tea. Close-up   1,438 hits
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Image Embedded Another View   by smuse   6y
  2,869 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded Nasal roundworm   by ughhatelife   3y   View Entire Thread 5
Should I bring this in or will the doc just say it is snot?   7,052 hits
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Image Embedded What kind of worms are these? I'm feeling so sick.   by iluvcapjack333   10mo   View Entire Thread 3
I think I’ve been infected with some sort of worm since July 2013 after going to the Caribbean island Curacao. It is now October 23, 2013. 3 months after infection i am taking my 3rd and biggest stool sample search for parasites. A 3-day long test and this is what came out on day 2:   964 hits
Forum: Parasites Cleanse Support

Re: Hi guys, long post but I hope someone can give me som...   by outoftime44   4y
For lyme go here: (1) Salt & Vitamin C: Stuff sea salt (from grocers) in empty capsules (from E-Bay or health food store). The protocol at   994 hits
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Image Embedded You answered your own questions, I think ...   by White Shark   5y
You said: ”Lots of time I eat cherry tomatoes.” Without doing DNA analysis, it is impossible to guess what it is. But, here are a few facts about digesting tomato skin, pepper skin, apple skin, eggplant skin etc: - can not be digested by humans. - comes out of you looking almost exactly the same it was looking when it came in - does not change it’s color on it’s way through intestines. - unless you chew it extremely long time, it will come out in a fairly large pieces, large enough to create those small rolls - have tendency to create small rolls while passing thr ...   41,918 hits
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Image Embedded Another Kind Of Rope Parasite   by CLEW   15mo   View Entire Thread 11
”scientists have long puzzled over the factors that control and promote the twisting of some species’ individual threads into thick cords sometimes inches in length.” Here’s an interesting article discussing cyanobacteria that have developed rope building skills in three different genera: This specimen could also qualify for the title ”rope parasite”. I’ve hesitated posting these images because I don’t know ~exactly~ what it is. The braided or twisted intertwined long filaments are either fungal or bacterial or both. ...   2,890 hits
Forum: Morgellons   Lyme ("Lime")   Parasites: Skin   Toxic Mold   Parasites Support   Mystery

Image Embedded Re: Are thes parasites/worms/mucus   by Ten1988   12mo
Green ones: Notice 2nd pic, size they are to naked eye from above. If you take the ”cottonballs w/ legs” out of the water, they don’t look like cotton anymore. The sac they are encased in is some type of thick slimy mucousy sac, these things pop in and out of it, and when they are in it they are protected. I have messed with them with tweezers and they are very weird. ...   13,116 hits
Forum: Parasites Support   IBS   Symptoms   Colon Cancer   Cancer Support   Candida Support

Image Embedded Kickings from Nitazoxanide   by smuse   6y   View Entire Thread 14
Here is what was kicked out of me in droves when I took Nitazoxanide: This Nitazoxanide removed droves of all of these, I only took it for 3 days, and it kicked this all out over a period of 4 weeks. No other de-wormer or anti-parasitic or herb has even come close to this. Do what you want with that information....but I tell you it is so ! I feel like I am almost well, my brain function is back and my memory is healed......unbeleivable, I came so cl ...   3,711 hits
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The Untold story of Psyhotropic drugging (the movie). Plu...   by 1234567   24mo
Hello guys :).. This topic is not really related to the forum it about to post to but I do think it is related to every one of us and could be really helpful in some cases coz the world we live in is getting crazier and crazier.. Here I have for u a few links to look at and the documentary about Psyhotropic drugging.. hope it will help some of u. :) The movie/documentary Psychiatry: Can it cure? Science or scam? Psychiatry the ...   365 hits
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Image Embedded Re: flesh eating parasites   by #2448   7y
here are the pictures.   9,640 hits
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Image Embedded Are thes parasites/worms/mucus   by inhoc1983   12mo   View Entire Thread 28
Ok this is along and drawn out story, for about 4-5 years I have been having to poop directly after I eat. When I am done eating 5-10 minutes after my stomach started to bubble abd i have to find the nearest bathroom and when it comes out its explosive. More recently (8 months)I started noticing odd things in my stool such as long brown strands of mucus like stuff with big ”heads”, very loose poop that is very slimy or looks like plants, brown specs as well (not food), flat skin looking things that i think may be some type of lining from a parasite or my liver/kidney/intestine. Now some ...   13,216 hits
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If Morgellons is parasites, I think they look like this   by threader   10mo   View Entire Thread 3
All of these items were removed from stool samples while taking Safegaurd fenben to fight Morgellons Syndrome. I would love to hear any possible identifications people might have. Possible worm casing?: The ubiquitous red, meaty material. Fluke or organ tissue?: ...   1,062 hits
Forum: Parasites Support   Morgellons

Image Embedded After 4 days of ICU's drug protocol, it's not so wormy, b...   by Birk   13mo   View Entire Thread 10
part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 - weird red thing part 5 - another thing from stool part 6 - some weird fiber or worm from one of the slides? http://curez ...   1,250 hits
Forum: Parasites Support   Helminthic Therapy

Image Embedded very interesting findings/my worms on gerson therapy   by adelaxxxx   5y   View Entire Thread 10
please could you help me to identify the worms i found?? im on Gerson’s therapy and they appeared after the 2nd crisis in the 6th week.   9,842 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded Re: Another test! More images! Are these parasites? Plea...   by SMalcolmB   4y
Thanks all for your help. I did a proper test this time and I found some unusual things. I have to know if these are parasites or not so I have definte proof to show my Doctor. If I am wrong she’ll just brush me off saying that they are normal things found in stools. Can anyone recognise any of these things. I hope I don’t sound to presumptious but I really don’t know where else to go for help. Google images only helps so far. Hope this is not too many pictures. These were taken during a direct fecal smear. This one was moving all by itself and I didn’t see anything ...   4,690 hits
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Re: Hulda Clark interview Parts 1-7   by jessesmom1987   5y
Thanks for posting that link Newport. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: (Liver Flush) Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7:   1,728 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded Poop du jour and a question...   by sanjean   4y
What makes some people more open to parasite infections and why is it so difficult to get rid of even pinworms? I’ve often seen this stuff on my toilet paper for months now. Any suggestions? Thanks! From, The BugBag   785 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded Unknown Microbiological- Please Identify   by BaDnOn   3y   View Entire Thread 2
Is this yeast? It is intermediate in size between the surrounding bacteria and protozoa (none found). These images are from 1000x oil immersion lens, iron hematoxylin stain. -BaDnOn   1,581 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

More Info on 'Hidden Lung Worm'   by JulieAKA87980   6y   1,014 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Are those intestinal worms?   by partyskinny   6mo   View Entire Thread 6
I’m kinda freaked out, any information will be very helpful: Thanks!   461 hits
Forum: Parasites

Image Embedded First Time identify   by #111645   5y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi All, I am 10 days into my first parasite cleanse and seems to be going well, many headaches and joint pains, but I guess that is not unusual. About one week into the cleanse, I decided to take a look at items ”passed”. Kind of regretted it, made it seem too real. Can anyone help identify these items, please let me know if you think that they could just be undigested food, but I am pretty certain some are roundworms and liver flukes. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks   2,122 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded Re: ..a variant of the "rope fiber" ?   by CLEW   15mo
Fungi you are braver than I am! I just can’t stand stool samples... Wonder why you only find the coils in yellow? That’s one color I don’t usually see much of. Here’s a few more of this white one to show how they are really ”getting busy” making this structure that looks almost insect-like to me... How do all those strands know what the other ones are doing?!   2,314 hits
Forum: Morgellons   Lyme ("Lime")   Parasites: Skin   Toxic Mold   Parasites Support   Mystery

Image Embedded Black Hyphal Filament Rope Parasite   R by CLEW   15mo   View Entire Thread 10
Oh I don’t know what to call it! But here is a similar version of the the fungal white ”rope parasite”. This was found right after a shower and was only a small black spec. After it dried out it swelled into a formation and took on a whole other appearance:   2,776 hits
Forum: Parasites: Skin   Parasites Support   Lyme ("Lime")   Morgellons   Toxic Mold

Video Embedded More Videos (old)   by kocc6ny2   7y
VIDEOS & ARTICLES : Ascaris Removal from Bile Duct Ascaris - Colon Ascaris - Duodenum Pinworm - Colon Pinworm]LINK3]LINK4 Launch in external player or down ...   2,327 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: White Florescent Parasites in Stool? What?   by Ivann   67h
Its similar to my stool. I don´t know what means the brown´s pieces   67 hits
Forum: Parasites

Is that a taenia?   by Ivann   17d
Is that a taenia? I have many belchings that incapacitating me What is that and How to do clean my intestines ? I don´t know what means the brown´s pieces   193 hits
Forum: Parasites   Parasites Protozoa   Ask CureZone   Digestion   Constipation   Leaky Gut

Please Help Identify   by HelpMe2014   5mo
I found this in my stool. Please help me identify them.   211 hits
Forum: Parasites

What is this? Gross!   by HelpMe2014   5mo   View Entire Thread 4
I found this in my stool. Please help me identify them.   577 hits
Forum: Parasites   Candida   Parasites Protozoa

Image Embedded Re: Borrelia Burdgorferi   by GaryRN   5y
This is die off from doing Rife for 15 min. on Babs frequency 570 and Bart 832.  The dieoff took 2 days post Rife therapy to come out of me.  <---this is a video I made of the below organisms     17,009 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded ?Worm photos from Cure Zone   by WellCome   28mo   View Entire Thread 3
?Worm photos from Cure Zone I believe the photos below show a type of worm. Mine were taken against a white commode. I believe the other pictures are also against a white commode. What is the name of this type of worm? I think they look like Ascaris lumbricoides… and mine generally fit the description with regard to diameter and length [~8 inches] as well as smooth exterior and no segments. Ascaris lumbricoides is characterized by its great size. Males are 2–4 mm in diameter and 15–31 cm [5.9 -12.2 in] long. The males’ ...   1,798 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded What is this?--warning photos   by Alienworms   5y   View Entire Thread 18
Does anyone know what this is? The photos aren’t the best but there are two pieces that look like this, both about two inches long with tons of small bits fraying off of a central tube like piece. Texture is sort of firm like cellophane. Thanks.   Here are the links to enlarge the photos:     3,546 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded Re: How eliminate parasites from long standing   by Ivann   3y
I read that its can be ascaris for its form. Anothers says tapeworms. This bug produced me a chronic constipation. I have some more pictures. What kind of parasite is this that showed in the pictures?   2,846 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded A Tapeworm Segment?   by CLEW   18mo   View Entire Thread 6
Now I could use some help on this one… I regularly use the parasite paste to draw out “stuff”, all over but especially around eyes, nose and brow ridge. A couple of days ago, after using it I was cleaning up the mess and some stuck on my finger. Thinking it was just some of the paste I tried to rinse it away, but was shocked to see this sticky gelatinous blob that was mostly in tact… usually there’s nothing left of something like this. It’s flat and embedded mostly in the center are what looks like scolices? Under the microscope you can see there are dark rings of hooklets on most o ...   3,534 hits
Forum: Parasites Support   Parasites: Skin   Morgellons   Lyme ("Lime")   Home Remedies   Headaches

Image Embedded Re: Drawing Them Out   by CLEW   3y
Hmm it probably can’t address the problem completely but it does give relief. While it might not get it all it reduces the load some... I really believe that the ”mud” draws out concretions, eggs/frass, mucous, larva, and the parasites. I need to clarify about the recipes. There are actually 2 different types that I used. I began with the bentonite clay, borax and bee venom cream mixed together with water to make the mud. I applied it over and over again. It would dry and reveal shapes of some of the parasites by staying ”wet” where they were. I think a few larger cyst type ”wormbal ...   2,817 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded Can someone confirm that these are flukes   by toadmario   3y   View Entire Thread 5
EDIT: What do I do about the size of the pictures? This is regular size and last time I posted a pic in its small form noone was able to enlarge it, should I go download photoshop or something? Before I go ordering praziquantel and albendazole for liver flukes I wanted a few of you experts to confirm my suspicion that the entities in these pictures are in fact flukes. If they are I plan to work on balancing my PH as well as taking flax seeds to help move the flukes out I have done two parasite cleanses now: 2 weeks on, 1 week off, 2 weeks on, and right now in the middle of a wee ...   2,794 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded Caution! Gross Pics!-Please help to identify this big cri...   by FireEarthWaterAir   6y   View Entire Thread 9
Hello everybody, I have gone through my 1st round of anti-parasites + Bowel cleanse + Master Cleanse. After it, I did some enemas to regain bowel movement. One of this enemas, a lukewarm kefir enema produce the ”output” I am posting in the pictures. BTW, it is months I havent eaten spagetti, so I can positively discard this as an ”input” producing this ”output”. I had the impression it was candida (or maybe I should say I preferred to have the impression), but at the candida forum I have been adviced it seems to be more of parasite nature. Does anyone knows what this monster could be ...   4,396 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded Am I passing parasites in my stool?   by #155001   25mo   View Entire Thread 7
I’ve passed these things in my stool and I wanted to know what in the world they are. I’ve ruled out being food related. I have a doctors appt. but it is a long ways away. I am desperate for answers. Thanks for your help!   1,956 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded Re: flesh eating parasites   by #2448   7y
  9,037 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

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