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Re: Could be Ascaris (common roundworm)   by suzie-uk   10y
Try Clarkia - I’ve put a couple of links for you to look through. I have just ordered two bottles myself. I think these are the kind that children get. Best of luck Suzie   1,290 hits
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Can't order Clarkia Tincture from An...   by Wawaweewa25   4y   View Entire Thread 3
Hey all, Trying to order a 4oz bottle of the Clarkia Tincture from and my browser is popping up a warning message saying the site is not secure. I tried calling the customer service number(they might be closed since its 3:30 Pacific Time) and it went to voicemail? Should I ignore the warning and still order it? Or is there another site to get the tincture? Thanks, Sunny   1,077 hits
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Re: Try clarkia   by suzie-uk   10y
I am new to this and have not done these cleanses before. Where do I get the things needed for the parasitic cleanse? Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength Wormwood capsules (200-300mg of wormwood per capsule) Cloves capsules (500mg per capsule) Arginine (500mg per capsule) Ornithine (500mg per capsule) I am in the Bay Area, California. Any particular store or online? Thanks!   1,191 hits
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Hulda Clark deworm safe?   by Bgone   4y   View Entire Thread 5
I purchased this parasite cleanse, and have been reading up on some of the side effects of wormwood. Do you guys think that the program from the link above is a safe and effective program? Is it o.k to take that much wormwood in one day? Suggested use on the bottle says 1-3 capsules once a day..   1,308 hits
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Clarkia vs Dr Clark Research Assoc   by stones40   9y   View Entire Thread 3
I noticed that at the site, they sell the Parasite cleanse as (3) separate ingredients (Blk Walnut Tincture, Clove capsules and Wormwood capsules). Then at the site, they sell Clarkia with all 3 ingredients in one tincture. Is there a difference in effectiveness? Are the websites related or 2 difference businesses? Which one is associate with Dr Clark? Thanks.   995 hits
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see link inside for clarkia directions/use   by Wrenn   9y
Hi, love this site. Today is day one of Parasite Cleanse. I am doing the wormwood, cloves, & black walnut tinctures on an empty stomach two times a day. I did it last night and this morning. WOW I feels sooooo much better already! It is amazing! So, I am interested to see if anything happens! Anyhow, I appreciate the info that has been shared about candida, I hope this cleanse will help. I have done a candida cleanse and drug store kit already with some improvements, but not totally gone. So, step 2.... Take care everyone!   2,378 hits
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Re: How long should someone do the Clarkia program and at...   by Wrenn   10y
goto it gives details how to use etc/ how to increase to normal doseage of 10 drops 3 tiems a day and to do it 2 weeks on / one week off for 8 treatmetns over an 11 week period then you goto maintenace after that. you can also give it to pets and kids/ by wt figurations easy to do/ comes with teh tincture np sorry my typing is horrid tonight.. had a long day falling alseep at comp 8)   812 hits
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Re: Is using clarkia the best parasite cleanse???   by Eric B   10y
What is best depends on who use it. Different people may have different experience. I believe that clarkia is better then any other product that I tried, and I have tried many, both from the web, and from healthfood stores. I have tried also Awareness products that are much more expensive, and Clarkia is far better. Anyway, I would always recommend to go for a tincture, it is 10 times stronger then pills. The cheapest clarkia is from producer at Eric   1,896 hits
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Re: New to all this, some advice please!   by #33180   10y
I used Clarkia after having bought the items separately and did not have any result with them. The quality of the herbs are important. With Clarkia I noticed a difference the same day I first took the herbs. About the 3rd day I noticed ”die off” symptoms which are flu like symptoms, itching, sleepiness. If you are not happy with your herbs you can try Clarkia at: I am pleased with this product.   1,674 hits
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Re: Instructions for using Tinture of (wormwood, and Blac...   by Eric   11y
These instructions are from If your tincture is similar, you could follow the same instructions. from: Take 10 drops (NOT ”dropper full”) 3 times daily, diluted in water! Important! When you start treatment, you can start with 3 drops 3 - 5 times daily, and then gradually increase. You can increase up to 10 drops, or you can also continue increasing up to 20 drops. So, you can use it this way: day 1: 3 drops 3 times daily. day 2: 4 drops 3 times daily. day 3: 6 drops 3 times daily. day 4: 8 drops 3 times da ...   3,567 hits
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Re: Are you just trying to rid yourself of parasites?   by suzie-uk   10y
I do not personally think that black walnut is strong enough to rid all parasites. You need a combination of Black Walnut, Wormwood and cloves. This can be obtained from the second link below. After completeing the program many might have to do a mop up with ozonated olive oil and L-cysteine or a big dose of Co-enzyme Q10. Some very obbstinate parasites have ”stages” that cannot be killed by the tinctures - these are tapeworm stages and Ascaris eggs. Bentonite clay and Psyllium Husks do draw toxins from the intestine, but if you are going to invest in these you might as well d ...   1,296 hits
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Anyone with pets, help!   by Mr.B   11y   View Entire Thread 4
Hello, I am a bit confused on what dose of Clarkia to administer to my pets. The Clarkia website states as an example ”A small dog or cat of 10 pounds would be 1/15 the adult dose.” Here’s the formula they provide: 10/150 = 1/15 15/150 = 1/10 30/150 = 1/5 50/150 = 1/3 60/150 = 2/5 100/150 = 2/3 So if my dog is around 75 lbs (75/150= 1/2) then he would need about 5-10 drops of Clarkia 3 times a day based on the average adult weighing 150 lbs and taking 10-20 drops 3 times a day which is the adult dose Clarkia website recommends. Ok, ...   1,739 hits
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Re: Questions about Clarkia protocol   by nspeth   11y
1&2, it is cheaper to do it at home. They are not very expensive to buy an already build one. 3 Just zapping alone will get the job done, but taking the tincture will speed up the process a bit. Depends on your tolerance for taste, that black walnut stuff is nasty! But if you can stomach it, go for it! 4 It tingles in your fingers. If you have acidic skin it can itch a little with the Terminator zapper 5 side effects are generally non-existant if you do not have lyme disease, as long as you follow the zapping protocol. be sure and zap long enough or you will have released parisites ...   1,018 hits
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Re: New, need advice!   by RainbowBright   4y
Wow thank you for the detailed advice! So, it sounds like I would buy the ”Worlds Smallest Zapper” along with some electrodes, and then attach the alligator clips from the zapper onto the electrodes and apply (tape) them onto the body. Here is a small zapper that also includes the handles: The cleansing herbs from Blessed Herbs sound really good. Do you use them during the parasite cleanse to help move things along? So it would be like a parasite cleanse and a colon cleanse together then? (And then move onto the ot ...   1,540 hits
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Re: someone please answer my post   by young   11y
If you do have parasite then you should try parasite killing products. You can buy Clarkia ( ParaGONE, Paraclear or Parazyme. Should start with bowel cleansing (check After a 2-3 weeks start with a parasite product. Then after 1-2 months, try a 3000mg Coenzyme Q10 dose ( Read thorougly what Dr Clark says. Change also to a healthy lifestyle. I still have after 1 month, worms crawling inside me but it can’t get rid of them yet. Garlic is really powerful against parasites.   1,862 hits
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i am using clarkia tincture extra strength, can get it at i have definitley passed out a few critters. get the 8 week treatment *2 bottles ) i am taking 10 drops 3 times a day. oil of oregano is supposed to help kill off other viruses and worms that the clarkia does not kill. i just ordered my slef some at goto o in the alphbet of products and click on oil of oregano/ i got the i herb brand in top right corner. it says best seller by it, and i think it is pretty good after comparing in gredients and prices with otehr companies p ...   3,478 hits
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lots of good parasite suggestions   by Wrenn   10y
you can opt to do a *treatment program* is great also you can zapp high carvocal % oil of oregano is helpful against just tons of stuff see for reading about the 137 things it is effective against and how to use. the oregano oil at that web is the highest % you will find at 85% carvocal!! you must dilute it a bit with a carrier oil like a few drops olive oil etc.. i think it is 20 $/bottle there and it will last you a long time since you really just use drops of it at a time. also there is a good list that has be ...   831 hits
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Re: Clarks   by John Cullison   12y
Do you know where you can get GREEN Walnut tintcure? It’s not Green Walnut Tincture, it’s the green inner hull of the Black Walnut. I’ve found Black Walnut Hull tincture in my local grocery’s health food section, which I’ve found to be pretty good. But if you’re going to follow the Clark protocol, then you might as well go buy the starter set from -- it’s $29.99 (+shipping) for the first time buyer, and it includes all three (the walnut -- in capsules, not a tincture -- the wormwood, and the cloves). You could also get the Clarkia tincture from http://w ...   1,212 hits
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Please help. Anyone from Europe?   by Edana   10y   View Entire Thread 2
Hello, I decided to do parasite and bowel cleanse but am unable to find sites that ship to Europe. I’m in Croatia. I wanted to order Clarkia from but payment is through paypal which is not safe and I can’t set up accout in my country. On they don’t ship it to Europe. I read so many different things and I’m unsure which product to use for parasites other than Clarkia and how to get it in Europe. So, if there are any europians on the forum who have done parasite and bowel cleanses I’d be very grateful if you could tell me which product you used and where di ...   743 hits
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Re: 8 days on parasite cleansing program. Nothing happening   R by #33180   10y
Are you taking the three items separately or did you buy them in one bottle together? I initially went to the heath food store and bought the items separately as I was impatient waiting to get my Clarkia through the mail. I used the items I bought from the health food store for 4 days and didn’t see any difference. About the 5th I received my Clarkia which has all three herbs in a tincture and immediately I noticed the difference in the quality and taste of the herbs. The same day I used it I could tell it was working. I wonder if the quality of your herbs has anything to do with yo ...   2,580 hits     2 of 2 (100%)
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Clarkia dosage   by rusal   11y   View Entire Thread 5
Anybody used Clarkia successfully before? I oredered it from, and it came with instruction to increase dosage from 3 to 10 or 20 drops first 14 days, then take break and repeat the same treatment again for the next 2 weeks. Does this mean, that after the break I need to start with 3 drops again and gradualy increase, or should continue with the amount of drops I took by the end of 1st two weeks? I would appriciate a comment. Good Health to everyone. Rusal.   1,449 hits
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Re: Hey seahorse4!   by seahorse4   10y
Thanks for your reply, fashionista - good to hear from a fellow Uk’er! I’m living in Cornwall, just returned a week ago to the UK after 2 years working in Australia and am really excited about doing these cleanses - been trying to get all the knowledge I need for them from the forums whilst in OZ thinking that ingredients would be easy to find here, but alas they all seem to be in the USA! I have found out that I can order Clarkia from (I think this is the address) as they deliver internationally, although we do have to go thru paypal which is a lengthy-ish procedure. I t ...   4,258 hits
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Re: does clarkia kill good intestinal bacteria? what's t...   by Deborah Lockett   10y
I’ll be taking the plunge with you soon, my Clarkia’s due any day now. I was planning to take it when my stomach is completely empty for maximum effect, even if I end up drunk. I’m planning to take it both by mouth and by enema simultaneously, last thing at night. A neat or slightly diluted enema (after washing out the area!) so that the stuff has a chance of staying in all night. Good thing I’m good at standing on my head, that will help the stuff circulate internally! This is quite at variance with the instructions, but we have to apply our individual common sense. Like you, I’ll a ...   6,144 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Heartworm   by Yessenia   11y   View Entire Thread 9
I think I may have heartworm. Does anyone know if hat Dr. Clarkia tincture from kills heartworm. Or does anyone know any other natural remedies? I’ve been looking all over the web, but all I can really find are lists of measures to take to keep your pets from getting them. The websites I went to said that a lot of the time heartworm medication would kill your pet. Either that, or the blockage of worms would. I wanted to try that zapper thing, but I’m afraid it would kill all of the worms at once and leave a massive blockage in my heart and I’ll die of a stroke or something ...   1,647 hits
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There is no such a thing ”THE BEST PARASITE CLEANSE”. There are many high quality products on internet ... you will have to choose yourself. Many products are expensive! I tried many different ones .... and there are many good ones and many bad ones. I now stick with Clarkia ( because that one is very potent and relatively cheap. Tinctures are usually better and cheaper then pills. Spirit   1,287 hits
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the answer is really rathe r simple.   by Wrenn   10y
well i think itis silly to think of getting rid of your cat/ youcna buy parasite treatment treat your self and your cat. then go on the maintenace. eat foods tha tpasrasites don’t like. if youbuildup into a hosstiel systme fo rpaarasites they won’t get in youanyhow. like taking in cayenne daily/ increasign an workign towarda mor ealkaline system oions, garlic, tumeric/raw pumpkin seeds/ there are a grea tmanyother foods tha they don’t like and evnetually you will reahc a state they woun’t want to tryto infest youadn if they do they will rapidly leave...o ...   1,116 hits
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Re: stick with plan   by #58   10y
well i think itis silly to think of getting rid of your cat/ youcna buy parasite treatment treat your self and your cat. then go on the maintenace. eat foods tha tpasrasites don’t like. if youbuildup into a hosstiel systme fo rpaarasites they won’t get in youanyhow. like taking in cayenne daily/ increasign an workign towarda mor ealkaline system oions, garlic, tumeric/raw pumpkin seeds/ there are a grea tmanyother foods tha they don’t like and evnetually you will reahc a state they woun’t want to tryto infest youadn if they do they will rapidly leave...o ...   1,070 hits
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Link to Dr Clark please note the risks esp.   by Wrenn   10y
i myself chose NOT to do the tapeworm treatment. though i did do her tincture / 8 week program. and also used oil of oregano @ 85 % carvocal for other parasites i made my decision NOT to do the ascaris/ tapeworm, procedure based on her own words of the potential risks that can occur as a tapeworm dies inside you . instead i have focused on trying to keep my system as clean as possible, eating good quantities of antiparasitic foods/ herbs/ and also zapping and drinking more good waters such as prillbeads (www.Global-L ...   2,659 hits
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can buy her tincture already made too   by Wrenn   11y the tincture order web already made. coem s witha weight chart to figure doses for kids and pets too it seems pricey but is well worth it... i have had no bad reactions to it. i got the 8 week treatment paln on the 3 rd treatment so far. i only use l-ornithine when i am super tense and need a goo dnights sleep. got mine at Twin Labs brand 500mgs/100 caps for 14.00 it doe snot leave me drowsy at all or drugged feelign i it is a natural amino acid. might do a web search also and rea dup on oil of oregano with good carvocal % lvles in it/ is a very ...   1,217 hits
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Re: CoQ 10 to kill worms?   by Wrenn   11y
i myself hav e not hear dof it used liek that.. bu ti tak eit in general small dose once a day at luch.. caus eit is normally found in high quntities in health y hears and livers... and helsp support the health y function of both. i heard zappign was esp good for parasite sin head caus eit disintegrated them and also the die soff that coem form them etc. i don’t have na expensive zapper my self... use the terminator from for 110 $ all i had to but was an ace bandage to hold it snug against my skin/ comes with good detailsnad interctions... it is a zapper ba ...   989 hits
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i never did the tape worm one   by Wrenn   10y
like i posted / i used her 8 week Clarkia treatment with np at all and i also use oil of oregano with high carvocal for other stuff is 85% carvocal oil of oregano for aboout 20 $ (the highest you can find % wise. !!) goto the survival web to read on it all the 137 things it is effective against. it is so concentrated you dilute it just a drop or 2 with a carrier oil like olive oil etc. one bottle will last you forever ! and i skipped the tapeworm treatment to jstu eat food setc /focus on detoxing and getting my ...   4,052 hits
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ps/ toxins   by Wrenn   11y
i myslef wonder in teh wisdom of stopppin ght paragone? cause i have read... i fyou stop mid program of a dewormign parasite kill program that the parasites et cthat liv ein them/will infest your body as they die off/ and your body is not at all prepared to tak eon a mass infestation liek that off new parasites that you have no immunity to... i myslef use the clarkia/ from and hav ehad not adverese reactions. also i use oil of oregano tha tis buy from searhc oil of oregano buy natures answer brand and type in the order code. ...   1,790 hits
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85% humans have parasites   by Wrenn   11y
it is not in the wondering/ but the knowing. probably you do have parasites since we often do not get it checked/ and many parasites don’t show up on tests. i myself use the clarkia extra strength tincture it is easy to use, effective/ clear to understand instructions/ and treats candida also and can be used on kids and animals (comes with wt chart/ to figure for them ) after going thru the 8 week treatment ( 2 weeks use / one week rest, repeat ) then after the 11 weeks total time has passed you goto a maintenance once a week /one dose. since parasites are a cau ...   1,389 hits
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Re: Flush Surprise   by alisaun   11y
Hi Lois, Clarkia is definitely Hulda Clark’s product. I hear that it is a bit more expensive but good. Let me see if I can find you a link. I also know that many people have tried Paraway. I was the one who used the one from I was all set to order my own bottle of Clarkia but then I got all impatient and there just happened to be a nice huge 2 oz bottle of the nowfoods stuff at my health food store. So instead of researching, I took a big chance and bought it. But I did notice that it had all 3 of the main ingredients in it (green black walnut hull, wormwood, and c ...   1,564 hits
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Re: mc recipe as youasked   by Wrenn   11y
oh i see.. i tought youaske d for the master cleanse whichis a detox fast / bu tnot a parasite cleanse. there are many diff parasite treatmens and many diff parasites. i myself have used teh one from for the parasites that are vulnerable to that tincture. i also take oil of oregano 55%carvocal fro search for oil of oregano when get there and then natures answer brand is about 20 $ for a bottel/highly cincentrated.. must shke it first an ddilute it with anohter oil like add ad rop or tow to a small couple drpos olive oil so oit do ...   1,252 hits
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Re: clarkia for candida?   by Wrenn   11y sells the tincture and i beleive it also states is effectiv ein treating candida also oil of oregano (wild mediterranean with good carvocal lvls % ) is effective i get my oil oregano from search oil of oregano/ then natures answer brand is listed as 55 % carvocal. typein topsmedia in oreder code box to get free shipping if promois still on. do a web search to read up on oil of oregano and why the good carvocal % is what you want and remember it is very concentrated so alwasy dilute it with another oil/ effectve against 137 diff ...   1,986 hits
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85 %of human have parasites and we are constantley being reinfected. because it is an unpleasant topic most fols want to live in denial... and assume their problems are some thing else. when the fact is parasites actaully create those problems many of them so to treat a problem ithout elimanting the source is like gving cough syrup to a coal miner. is a good parasite tincture there can giv eto kids and pets also no fuss/ and also oil of oregano is good aginst like 137 differnt funguses etc e coli- parasites tha tare not treatabl ethru the black walnut/wormwood/c ...   679 hits
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the 2 i use   by Wrenn   10y will get the parasites susceptible to the wormwood/clove.walnut other is for 85 % carvocal oil of oregano for 20 $ a bottle will last you a long long time.. go there to is extremely concentrated you dilute it with a carrier oil like a dab of olive oil etc.. it is effective against 137 of bacteria viruses mold fungus candida ecoli anthrax lyme disease / and tons of parasites that are not affected by teh wormwood tinctures 8) remember to dab a bit / diluted with oil in ears about onc ea week also / since that is ...   2,675 hits
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Re: Big worm found in my stool!   by sofia   11y sells the tincture and i beleive it also states is effectiv ein treating candida also oil of oregano (wild mediterranean with good carvocal lvls % ) is effective i get my oil oregano from search oil of oregano/ then natures answer brand is listed as 55 % carvocal. typein topsmedia in oreder code box to get free shipping if promois still on. do a web search to read up on oil of oregano and why the good carvocal % is what you want and remember it is very concentrated so alwasy dilute it with another oil/ effectve against 137 diff ...   5,009 hits
Forum: Parasites Support to buy the clarkis tincture   by Wrenn   11y
it is a whoel lot easier than ttryign to mix your own and easy to follow directions just remember normal doseage is 10 drops at 3 times per day fo r2 weeks then one week break then repeat. youcna optionally on your own increase the doseage but the regualr doe on teh bottle and on teh instructiosn is 10 @ 3 times per day i tis well worth the money btw/ easy to use/ and 85 % of people are infested and socne so many thign s problems we have are related to toxins released form parasites it seems the place to start/ to get worm free. hope that helps Ami B.   2,115 hits
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Re: Question about taking antibiotics, please help   by Rebeckah   10y
First off, you haven’t told us what the antibiotics were prescribed for. ? If it’s for parasites then your DR prob doesn’t know squat. I haven’t heard of parasites dying from antibiotics and if they did, _I_ would be clean as a whistle!!!! For sure! Antibiotics don’t help kill/clear candida either, so why were you prescribed antibiotics? If it’s chest pain, then what kind of tests have been run to rule out heartattack, or a thousand other things? If it’s parasites in your chest {do you mean lungs?} please LMK cuz I have a lung disease and all the DRs are stumped about it. Everybody ...   1,905 hits
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Re: If anyone knows how to use Clarkia as an enema   by Eric B   10y
I asked the same question and this is the answer I got: My question: ***I wish to use some drops of CLARKIA in a colonic irrigation (enema) to cleanse the bowel from parasites. Please would you let me know HOW MANY DROPS to place into WHAT VOLUME OF WATER. Answer I got from Dear Eric, You can use from 30 and up to 100 drops of clarkia on every liter of enema water (even 200 drops is not too harmful, but it is too expensive!). If using more then 20-30 drops, make sure that you add good quality probiotics or home made yogurt into the last enema water! ...   1,989 hits
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Clarkia instructions? alcohol? Better than Parastroy?   by pixie_poet   8y   View Entire Thread 3
Hello all! I have several questions: 1)I’ve tried ”Experience” and ”Clear” By Awareness corp in 1997 and it did a great job (I know because I reeked and farted for weeks), but it is way too expensive (like $100 per month for 3 months minimum). However, I didn’t see anything coming out. But one time, I saw a 17” tapeworm come out when I was just experimenting with apple juice and psyllium husks to cleanse my colon. WHy did that happen? 2)Why do the instructions for Clarkia say to take it for a week and stop it for a week? WHy stop it? (I’d like to know)??? 3)Is there any other ( ...   2,696 hits
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Re: Just started and this is confusing HELP PLEASE   by Rusfox   11y
Wow, sounds like you need good thorough clensing as soon as possible! It is possible you have all the problems you listed yourself. First of all start watching your diet. Eliminate all sugar, preserved food, heavy fatty fried foods etc. Eliminate mercury tooth fillings if you have any. Get out of bed, stay more outside in fresh air and get more physical activity. I know it is not easy with all your symptoms, but you should start somewhere. Do colonic clense, then parasite clense, and liver clense. Kidney clense you can do any time in between. You can actually start with liv ...   1,441 hits
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Re: Clarkia   by Wrenn   11y
hey i have doen the clarkia/ youcan do it anytiem and eat regular as you would is the web you buy it form i tcoems with instructions to build up to the normal dose of 10 drops (3 tiems a day ) soem folk go beyond tha tto 20 a 3 x’s a day .. bu ttha tis not the regualr doseage and is an optional thing. the drops in a drink will tast e liek cloves spice a good place to put them in is a nice tea.. i would even bother to be tested fo rparasites to start sicen infact it is to my knowledge 90 % of folks have parasites int ehm and we are constantly beign reinvested anyhow. ...   793 hits
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Re: DESPERATE!!!!! Please help me with de-worming   by outoftime44   5y
Colonix is good start. Keep fiber intact high to get rid of crap when you kill it. I would start with low dosages of MMS as well. A multivitamin is a must so try the intramix one mentioned below. Read this thread- Search for your issues on the forum. Very good old things Also consider the following advice given to me. I am doing it now and have killed a lot of things. ---------------------------------------------- Hi John, Yes it sounds like you are doing some of the correct things. It does sound like you do have the ta ...   1,261 hits
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Re: is it normal to feel worms moving around inside you?   by Wrenn   11y
i use the clarkia from also i use oil of oregano from in order code type in the word topsmedia to get free shipping if promo is still ongoing/ search oil of oregano when get to addy/ then to natures answer brand has 55% carvocal in it. (dilute it with a small drop of olive oil or anyoil/ since it adheres to oil and so if you put in on food or in drink it willnot stick onyour lips/ i use it in my ears esp since this is a common site for parasites. put a drop on a qtip/ with a drop of olive oil and swab ears about 2 xs a day. if have t ...   21,110 hits
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Anti-parasite regimen by someone who has cured themself o...   by outoftime44   5y   View Entire Thread 6
Shroom put me in touch with Mike, who has cured himself of parasites. I have not started this regimen, but will give it a shot and post results, but I wanted to share it with you (with Mikes’s permission) in case it gives other people some ideas. ------------------------------------- Hi John, Yes it sounds like you are doing some of the correct things. It does sound like you do have the tapeworm. One of the hardest to get rid of because of their cycle. Understand that there are a lot of things ”herbs” that cost $ and don’t really work. So I will guide you and try to save you money. ...   1,715 hits
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another suggestion also   by Wrenn   11y comes with by weight instructions fo r childern and pets.. btw if your child has parasites you do too... 90 % of folks do. so why not conside r you all go on the treatment? after tha tyo u go on a once a month maintenance one tiem dose to kill of an y new larave/reinvests/etc.. i hav ehad no serious problems my self with teh clarkia and we give it to teh dog also/ i had had die off feeligns form amny different detox things i am doign right now.. also oil of oregano is effective againt 137 doff parasites/ amoebas/ viruses bacteria candida/ lyem desease etc... m ...   1,311 hits
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don't stop til have alterantive ready   by Wrenn   11y
i think you might end up in even worse sitution i fyou jstu stop/ til you have a repalcement treatmetn ready to go... it is my understanding that worms paarasites etc/ giv eoff toxins a parasites and bacteria t aht live IN THEM as htey die off. these bacterais and toxins and worm parasites your body has built up no immunity to... tso yo umight end up with die off from ones you have killed/ plus superinfestation of what they shre doff as they die/ plus the larvaes et ctha t yo uahve nort fully kille dyet/ tkaign ovet too . 8( i know htis sounds prettty negative... but seri ...   9,192 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Compilation of herbal treatments   by linenup   4y
Parasites Alternative Medicine AHCC from fermented shiitake mushroom mycelium may help reverse herpes virus, candida and staph bacteria, parasite infections, or environmental toxins. AHCC increases the body’s own interleukin-2 (IL-2). AHCC - The Japanese Medicinal Mushroom Immune Enhancer Dan Kenner Artemisia annua l (Chinese herb) is used to combat parasites (especially giardiasis) often in conjunction with other herbs such as vitamin c, black walnut hulls, olive leaf, clove, grapefruit seed. Avocado (skin) has been used as an antibiotic, as ...   2,478 hits
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Re: First Step   by nosomethingislove   5y
hi I am at the same step too, you might want to try Diatomaceous Earth(DE) first, if you have large ones with braggs cider vinegar to detox. See how that goes for a week, then start up drclarkia’s combo or parasave’s. Then do some DE or bentonite clay with distilled water enemas. Take lots of veggies, pineapple, lots of water while on the process. You might also want to finish off with neem oil and or pine nut oil. Good luck   888 hits
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Re: don't stop til have alterantive ready   by Wrenn   11y
ye si know my posts ar ehar dot read / i am stillhealign form headinjureis. you are suppose dto use the oil of oregano as a routine in your pack of arsenals lol *) it is effective against 137 bacterias viruses lyme desease/ parasites not gotten by other paarasite treatments etc... do a searhc and read on it/ it is well worth getting. goto Dr. Vinogards forum/ cau se i know he posted where he gets his from onther e recnetly and the web i go t mine from is posted there also... no i doubt a one tiem shot killed p[arasites... fact is 85 % humans have them all diff kinds... and most ...   9,333 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Question on parasite cleanse at   by Wrenn   10y
Yes, I went to 8 week treatmen which is really 11 weeks total and then maintenance. i had no bad side symptoms/ we used it on our dog and my son has used to also .. my dauther only went 2 weeks but i think she is doing it privately caus she often does stuff i give her and keep it quieet 8) esp since some thing else i had given her and she said she wasn’t usign but just came and asked me for more 8) i did not pass that many but i also have lived a life of eating a lot of garlic and onins and spicy foods.. and do have my kids.. My son passed a few diferent than mine.. i m ...   589 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

i have used a variety of means   by Wrenn   10y
i first did the clarkia tincture on teh 8 week plan. you take it for 2 weeks /rest a week /repeat was where i got mine from. ........................................... i also still use oil of oregano at 85% carvocal it is effective against 137 diff parasites, bacterias, fungus, molds, yeast, anthrax, e-coli, lyme disease, etc.. you need to make sure if you get oil of oregano to get the highest content carvocal you can.. that is the highest i have found/ it is very potent and you need to be sure and dilute it with a ...   1,508 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

worms and webs and allthose things   by Wrenn   10y
first off 90% of humans ahve parasites/whether have pets or not.. we are also constantly beign reinfested.. if our body system is *friendly * to them they thrive best in acidic systems/ and alsoin fecl matter and *dirty* bowels. youcan correct alot of this by making changes to help bring about a great alkaline body.. and eating foods that cause them to die off or wan t to exit.. (cayenne, tumeric,, fresh garlic, onions, raw pumpkin seed, virgin coconut oil to list a few. ) if you click on the top blue headign at top of page onto clark then goto tapeworms/ascaris.. yes she ...   1,133 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Image Embedded Re: new to curezone and posting first picture   by tdakpj   6y
Shroom, Here are a few more. I tried to make them larger for you. One of the pictures I even turned over the parasite.   1,635 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Pin-worms won`t DIE, going insane......   by Wrenn   11y
i don’t know what the problem is... but i do knwo the clarkia tincture/ get a www.drclarkia.come has never givne bad side effects back to folks.... as far as i know. we giv eit to the dog etc/ it seems a bi t costly fo rht 8 week treatment/ bu then you jstu do a once a wekk maintenace. my kids and i ahv eonly passed dead stuff/ and we hav ethe dog on it too. also the oil of oregano liquid tincture is effective against 137 diff bacteria and viruses lyme desease etc and kill soff parasites that teh wormwood/walnut/cloves tincture don’t kill. i use that sparingly acoupel ti ...   7,754 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

right i'm ready to kill these buggers! i need some quest...   by msully   9y   View Entire Thread 5
Okay - I’ve been reading all the forum notes and conversing. Now’s time to order Clarkia and get cracking with it! I’m ordering from the drclarkia website from the UK but when I click on the ’BUY NOW’ button it doesn’t seem to do much. I end up sitting here waiting and waiting and waiting until it finally times out. I have looked for a phone number to place my order by phone but I see no phone number - hem! What do I do now? I would really prefer to use Clarkia! Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Also, I have order Dr Clarks book and the other other one, menace somethi ...   706 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Hulda's Program - PLEASE Clarify?   by #23743   10y
HI, 33796 Got this from Hulda Clark’s site: Hulda Clark says: ”Getting rid of all parasites would be absolutely impossible using clinical medicines that can kill only one or two parasites each. Such medicines also tend to make you quite ill. Imagine taking 10 such drugs to kill a dozen of your parasites! Good news, perhaps, for the drug makers but not for you. Yet three herbs can rid you of over 100 types of parasites! And without so much as a headache! Without nausea! Without any interference with any drug that you are already on! Does this sound too fantastic? Just too good to be tr ...   1,072 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

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