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Re: DE/Diatomaceous Earth   by Ginagirl   5y
I must admit it took a while before I tried the DE; I thought it was another clay; all too constipating and drying for me. But; the DE simply act the opposite; really makes your bowels move (I cant take it daily or I have to go to the bathroom to often) I dont know about arthritis or pains; as I had none before taking the DE, but; I like the cleansing effect; and my cats love it in their drinking water.   1,255 hits
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Yarrow IS anthelmintic in sheep- toxic to calves   by jessesmom1987   6y
a study on sheep and yarrow for parasites Anthelmintic efficacy of Achillea millifolium against gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep: in vitro and in vivo studies. Tariq KA, Chishti MZ, Ahmad F, Shawl AS. Post Graduate Department of Zoology, The University of Kashmir, Srinagar-190 006, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Achillea millifolium Linn., commonly called íPehl-ghasaí, is used by farmers in traditional animal health care as a vermifuge. The objective of this study was to evaluate the anthelmintic efficacy of crude aqueous extracts a ...   8,166 hits
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Re: Old-Time Remedy For Large Tapeworms - Weird But True   by g0ddessw   14mo
hi sorry i just saw this. mine has been in there for as long as i can remember, at least 20 years. it hides when i open my moutb to bright light (i can feel it with my finger and it hides or squirms). it reacts to hot drinks etc.. i tried so many things, i once pulled it out as far as my tongue after days or trying with a clothes peg but it creates a lot of slime like a slug would when you pour salt on it and i couldnt get a grip on it. i did that a few times, tried cotton gloves to grip it but in the end had to give up. ive tried so many things over the years. this past 2 weeks ive felt m ...   16,544 hits
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Re: If it is giardia...   by Iolite   5y
Sweet orange oil is a natural flea killer. NOW Foods ( sells it in 2oz, 4oz and larger. Mix a few drops in a quarter size shampoo and bathe the dog. Let it shampoo sit for a bit (a minute or two), give the dog a relaxing massage with your fingers. The orange oil will kill any fleas on the dog. It is non toxic. I used this on one of my cats who was extremely allergic to fleas. One flea and he would literally pull the fur off his skin. Food grade diatomaceous earth can be used as a flea powder. ( 2.5 lbs will last a long time and yo ...   5,975 hits
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Re: cramps in dog leg   by Iolite   5y
I have read (somewhere) that poodles are very sensitive. Iíve googled Scalibor Collar and one of the side effects is neurological rigidity of hindquarters. Sounds like what is happening to her front leg. I think that it happens only in Spain when sheís wearing the collar pretty much incriminates the collar. At eleven and a half, sheís a senior dog and it takes longer for drugs and toxins to be processed out by the liver. Can you not try natural, non-toxic alternatives to the flea collar? Orange oil (NOW FOODS sells it as well as others) in her shampoo will kill any fleas on her. The ...   1,630 hits
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Why does DE cause irritation?   by nickysduck2   7mo
I read such wonderful things about taking Diatomaceous earth for candida overgrowth.I ordered some Perma Guard DE and began taking it 3 weeks ago. I put 1 heaping Tablespoon in a glass and mixed with bottled water and drank it down quickly each morning.A few days a drank 2 glasses of it but on most days only 1. I noticed right away that I had bad vaginal irritation flare up which I always get when I eat something Im not supposed to like cake or pasta.I also had bad itching on my legs.I assumed these might be die off symptoms so I kept drinking it everyday despite the horrible vaginal i ...   136 hits
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Re: Parasite/Bowel Cleanse   by LoricaLady   4y
Enemas may not be necessary but are very helpful in cleansing out dead & living parasites when you do a cleanse. You also get a good visual cue of how effective your cleanse is, when you see their nasty little dead bodies in the water. I would start out with diatomaceous earth, food grade, Pharmaguard (ebay probably) because it has no side effects. It will definitely kill some, but not all, parasites. Different bugs need different weapons. The thing is, you wonít be able to tell what the DE is doing for you! For example, I would not have known I had had tapeworms w/o discovering ...   802 hits
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Re: please help identify these   by girly624   5y
I havnt detoxed metals yet. I had a mercury blood test and I had 0 mercury in my blood. If I had a mercury toxicity problem, it seems like I would at least have some mercury show up on the blood test. I do have two amalgams in my mouth that Iíve had for about 3 years though. I tried out the sea salt cleanse, and so far I havnt needed anywhere near as much as the website suggests. So far ive worked my way up to like 4 grams a day, in 3 separate doses, with some vitamin c at each dose. I feel great.My muscle tension and brain fog has cleared up alot. After the first dose, which was only 1/2 ...   5,813 hits
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Re: Fasciola and a mildly amusing story   by #154965   15mo
Hi, So the health issues started a year after You were in South-East Asia? Thatís interesting for me, because I was in Indonesia myself about a year before my problems started. I always thought it was too long to have something to do with it. First of all here on CZ is also a parasite drugs forum where people know more about the drugs. This forum is mostly about herbs etc. I read You live in Canada, right? Here is a list of people who do the Clark protocol, two or three are in Canada. Ontario I think. ...   611 hits
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Re: Strongyloides/morgellons   by Bythc   4y
Persons who suffer from this condition report a range of cutaneous or skin symptoms including crawling, biting and stinging sensations; granules, threads, fibers, or black speck-like materials on or beneath the skin; and/or skin rashes or sores. In addition to skin symptoms, some sufferers also report fatigue, mental confusion, short term memory loss, joint pain, and changes in vision. I had all of these symptoms, most of which are gone. The morgellons has been a long hard battle. Part of the problem was teeth that were bad, that I did not know were bad. I was going to a denist, noth ...   7,222 hits
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Starting first round of Niclosamide, Praziquantel & Alben...   by Kolt Quinn   7mo   View Entire Thread 3
Iím asking for help and opinions as Iím about to start ICUís protocol the end of next week when my Praziquantel arrives. Iím trying to kill off the fish tapeworm family, cousins and all the relatives Iíve discovered living inside of me. Fat. It says it on the medication instructions, ICU says it and Iíve read fat mentioned many times here in the different threads. My questions is what fat is ideal to be taking with this medication? Dairy? Animal fat? Fats from nuts? Eggs? Olive Oil, Walnuts, beef fat, butter, ghee, ice cream? All these fats would be from organic, raw, gra ...   497 hits
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Re: Have I killed all my liver flukes?   by #101282   3y
I appreciate very much for your detailed response. I donít have a Rife machine. How about checking by the mainstream doctors, though their tests are infamous for being inaccurate? I do have many other parasites. I am 100% sure I have tapeworms, which are very difficult to eradicate. I have just finished my second round of extra strength Humaworm, but I still see many ďyellow rice kernelsĒ in my stool. I am now taking 3000 mg of CoQ 10 every 5 days. If this still fails, I will try Diatomaceous Earth. BTW, I have been trying to get rid of my parasites for one full year already. ...   2,527 hits
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Re: MMS so far - night sweats   by indigoaura   27mo
Iíve changed my activator to lime juice and itís much easier to drink for some reason. The smell is the same but getting it down is really not hard at all - and no real aftertaste. I donít have the time to mess with adding juice, I just chug it. Also the nausea is not nearly as bad (considering Iím still upping the dose). The citric acid, though Iím aware is the preferred method, was really not agreeing with me! Iím not sure why, and wonder if others who stopped taking MMS because of the taste have tried different activators? Anyway, my body continues to Ēclean out,Ē showing ton ...   1,563 hits
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Re: Need immediate help   by glaxony   24mo
I couldnít venture to guess what kind of parasites they are. There are so many. And they mutate so quickly. The good news is it doesnít really matter. What matters is figuring out how to get rid of them, or at the very least to diminish their numbers enough that you feel good and enjoy being alive. Have you done the Cure Zone cleansing protocol? You have to clean out your system and do routine maintenance in order to keep your parasite load low. We deworm our cats, we deworm our dogs, we deworm the livestock, but we pretend human beings donít have parasites. And they are bio-engineering bu ...   689 hits
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Re: What parasite cleanse are you doing?   by #53694   8y
Hi! here a message from someone who is so afraid of looking at worms that even seeing them on tv makes me scream. The first time I seriously thought about having one two years ago), freaked me out so much I was extremely nauseated for two days! However I have found an excellent solution: Iím on a cure now of Clarkia (2nd round) and Iím taking Diatomaceous Earth! 1st round I have upped the dose until 20 drops on day 14. 2nd round I only used 10x3 a day (to keep the little buggers off track). The reason for this is that as I didnít wanted to see anything I thought to cut them u ...   12,605 hits
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my update with DE   by kiran01   8y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi, i wrote about good results with DE (diatomaceous earth) a month ago, and to update i am still taking it like 4 days a week. I had severe hypoglycemia symptoms and the smallest amount of sugar would cause me to become tired and sluggish and generally not well in the head. Now i can eat any sugar product at all and i have little if but no symptoms!! But I also have candida, and i used to think my symptoms after eating sugar were down to the candida, but not so now as i still have candida but 95% of the tired/sleepy symptoms have gone with the DE. I read somewhere hypoglycemia may be c ...   982 hits
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Re: I need advice please on bowel cleanse!   by #5534   8y
WOW! that is a lot of info to take in ..I will have to read that a couple more times .well anyway let me tell you what I have and see if you think it will be good for me right now.. to start anyway and maybe I can get that later on as I have already spent 100$ on this stuff.. STEP 1--- paranix capsules -1st ten days take 2 caps in the morn on empty stomach with a large glass of water.Next 20 days take 5 caps .2 month program ingredients -black walnut hulls,clove buds,chlorophyll,food grade diatomaceous earth,elecampane plant,false unicorn root,fenugreek seeds,garlic bulb,(odorless powd ...   1,384 hits
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Re: Dark green hard stool - Help please   by MENDOMAID   3y
There are times when Drs remove the appendix when the real problem isin the gall bladder. This happen to my mom. You could ask your Dr to check the biopsy report of the appendix to find out if it was really so diseased it had to come out. Years ago my first symptom of gluten sensitivity was pain in the appendix area. The autoimmune reaction was taking place in the lower part of the small intestine near the appendix. Since your colon looks healthy the problem is probably in the small intestine and / or in the bile system and may involve the pancreas. So if your bile system is clogged mo ...   6,768 hits
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Re: Emotional Swings and Parasite Cleansing   by prestonsmomma   13mo
I have ornithine on my list but I am broke right now till next month. Itís that or food and gas. I ate a normal diet yesterday trying to get in enough calories. Eggs..veggies..fruit..and nuts. I donít have enough non protein food to fill me up. Are you talking just veggies and fruits because I donít eat a lot of bread if any. Yesterday I ate normal eggs..cheese..fruit..veggies. had some energy. I think I still feel these things I assume they are big roundworms as that is what I got out with pineapple fast. I did 6 grams co q 10 yesterday. So far I am not passing any ...   1,666 hits
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Saw my first dead worms in stool after using GSE 250mg   by SeekerMom037   4mo
Hello,I am new here and previously I only read the discussions to get an idea of what people were experiencing. I just passed my first batch of dead worms today,and I wanted to post my experience.My history is that I have been eating whole foods and superfoods and cutting back on ĒjunkĒ for about a month.I am a 37 yr old female with hypothyroid and past drug and alcohol addiction.Well the point of my story is that I have tried eating alot of papaya seeds,garlic and ACV and then I would do an enema the next day and the only thing I saw were little round pink things and some triangular thin ...   289 hits
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Re: aha! perhaps a clue to the "birdhead" mystery...   by angrymorg   4y
Fungihomeworld: God I love the pics, you do great work! I too think water is a huge culprit (use a lot of baking soda and diatomaceous earth in the wash); also the outdoor fibers, people should be careful if they have pets. As far as the water plants go, I know some engineers who say the general range for safe water is so wide that itís just a joke. I had one say they can hardly keep up with all the crap they see coming in (we get the crack houses here, everytime I go in for blood work they have to do their drug testing like Iím some delusional crack head (hmmm, think I have no cavit ...   1,961 hits
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Getting Frustrated!   by prestonsmomma   4y   View Entire Thread 19
I am on the 3rd week of Humaworm/P and B shakes, also did 4 days of CoQ10 at 4gms a piece and still I have this moving thing in me in the same spot every day like its just partying or something. I wanna kill it. Today I started Pure garlic cloves, pineapple and papaya seeds. I just want it to DIE! I feel like I have a huge alien in me and I am not sure what it is. I did have white round segments after the 3 days of COQ10 but they stopped. I am getting junk out but I dont know whats poo and whats just fecal matter, or bits of the psyllium and bentonite?? Sorry I am just getting fru ...   2,408 hits
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Re: Pure Funk!!   by Desperadonyc5   15mo
I used to have underarm odor that couldnít be washed away, but that ended through cleansing and fasting. I also found out that I have lots of parasites. Perhaps you have them too. 1. Try buying Black Walnut and Wormwood formula and take as directed on the bottle. 2. Add Diatomaceous earth to your diet. 3. Cleanse your colon use Colosan. 4. Drink lots of filtered water. 5. Cloves are also good for parasites as well. 6. Stay away from sugar and white flour. 7. Eat lots of veggies. 8. Try using hydrogen peroxide on your underarms and in your bath. 9. Soak your f ...   810 hits
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Re: What is Going On Here?   by CLEW   14mo
I got the ĒcrazyĒ label also, I went in for respiratory failing and told the ER doc that I also saw worms/stuff in my skin. He called me a crackhead!! Then he asked the usual, ĒHave you been out of the country?, in any water?, etc..Ē When I said yes that Iíd recently been rafting down Rainbow river, he scoffed and said, ĒWell Iíve never even heard of this íRainbowí river!Ē It was as if since he hadnít heard of it, it didnít exist! He was trying to make me look ~more~ delusional, like I was now making up places, like outta the freakín Wizard of Oz or something! Right then a disgusted ...   574 hits
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Maybe I was overzealous?   by miss helfinger   6y   View Entire Thread 12
Ok. I did mass amounts of parasite herbs for two weeks. Humaworm and about 30 drops of iodine and a little bit of Hannah Kroegerís Rascal. Iíve had A LOT of die-off, which Iím really happy about. But, I think I killed off some big ones and thereís a blockage in getting them out. Hereís why Iím writing and a teeny bit concerned: Iím drinking loads of water, taking magnesium, C, minerals, good diet and fiber. My bowels have slowed down way too much and Iím bloated. Iíve had quality visceral belly work twice and the second time it didnít produce near as much as the first time. The ...   1,626 hits
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Re: Crawling up throat and movement in intestines!!!   by Tugger   3d
Seems to be allot of people experincing worm scatter lately. Before you go to bed make a thick paste out of diatomaceous earth and rub it on your face, neck, ears and scalp if possible and let it dry. After 30 minutes remove the DE as best you can and rub some noxzema on your face, neck and ears. If you feel them crawling around your butt hole get a zip lock bag turn it inside out put your hand inside the zip lock and scoop up a generous amount of noxzema and spread in/on your butt, your crack and both cheeks. Do this after you take a shower, go to the bathroom (poop), and before you g ...   123 hits
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Re: Reverse Osmosis   by Hveragerthi   5y
 Iíve heard that reverse osmosis strips water of vital minerals and then leaches minerals from the body. Is this correct, and if so, what kind of effects can this have on the body? Yes, same with distilled water. The more pure water is the more solvent it becomes. Ultrpure water is actually corrosive due to its excessively high solvency. You should never drink distilled or reverse osmosis waters since they will rob the body of vitamins and minerals. The water will saturate with whatever it comes in to contact with.  Since it does not have a brain to say I&nbs ...   481 hits
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Why do some supps make me cold? And does anyone know if L...   by hopeblossom   3y   View Entire Thread 11
I have searched and searched and found very little. I have found that a lysine deficiency can cause a lowered thyroid function. Over the last few months I have noticed a list of certain supplements that make me cold when I take them. I wish I knew why. It is driving me crazy. The supplements that make me UNBEARABLY cold are: Chromium polynicotinate, phosphatidylserine, alpha lipoic acid, siberian eleuthero, silica - or diatomaceous earth, and I canít even seem to take hardly any iodine anymore either. Iíve also been getting sick more easily again. So this last week I have be ...   3,131 hits
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Re: Silica   by Hveragerthi   5y
 diatomaceous earth for (readily bioavailable) silica? Yes, added to water it will form orthosilicic acid, which is the absorbable and useable form of silica. hmm. i used to think of it for had forgeotten it, and tend to think of azomite, more often. It has been used to destroy intestinal worms by shreddding them. Iím curious. Why not horsetail? or infusion of stinging nettles? it just seems to me, that we are better of with plant-based...that we canít actualy do the chelating that plants do. Plants absorb and use silica in the form of orthosili ...   3,248 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: update   by vk260   5y
today all morning i talked to restoration company many have no idea of what i was talking about and some just suggested i get carpets cleaned...but there was one and he was actually helpful, he came out to the house and inspected the carpet and gave me an estimate as well as what i could do to aide in riding the powder that was trappped underneath, very helpful also had me talked to his chemist which he will let me know what is going on... but today we bought a new vacuum with a HEPA filter and boy that thing has some suction power...the restoration guy told me to vacuum as much as you ...   607 hits
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Re: What kind of tapeworm or worm is brown & non-segmente...   by Deesmiles   7mo
Hereís the Ropeworm pictures (created a Ropeworm file: some of which were the pictures I took awhile ago, convinced they were Flukes...No wonder none of the hardcore protocols worked! Woke up with more energy then Iíve had in years. This morning I got the smaller ones (picture of 2) out. I know there is another quite large one still present, nothing like the senior/huge one that would make my whole upper intestine move. 3 days prior to elimination there was a major biting sensation in the middle of the night that felt like a bloody tear. My con ...   1,287 hits
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Re: potential discovery - artemisia annua   R by freshairsun   5y
What do think about all of this? Is this the thread that is continuing the discussions about the Hair-like-parasites? I tried the combination: wormwood artemisia annua black walnut oil and cloves Attempted to thwart off the hair like parasites with this usually good remedy for worms or other parasites, but it has no effect on them, they seem to thrive on this combination and like it. Are these things molds or fungus-like in how they multiply? I also tried food-grade diatomaceous earth, (a fine white powder) and that didnít work... I also tried high concnetrations of le ...   1,614 hits
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Re: almost 5 years with BO - Update   by Desperadonyc5   28mo
Hi I think you have a parasitic infection. I have one. I went to a parasitologist and although he said he couldnít find any parasites in my stool, that my eosinphils were elevated. They are white blood cells responsible for fighting parasites. Lymphocytes are also responsible for attacking foreign invaders. Note doctors are clueless and most test are useless. I found out the hard way. I gave one doctor a stool sample and placed 2 parasites in the stool sample. The results read negative for parasites! I would start taking diatomaceous earth every day to get rid of them. (see Wol ...   991 hits
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Re: ***Did Juicing or juice fasting help your Illness or ...   by FONDUES   3mo
This is what we did first we did a parasite cleanse with 1 tablespoon food-grade diatomaceous earth daily for eight days and /or with hulda clarks parasite cleanse. Then we did the gallbladder and liver cleanse. After all of that we start our juice fast and we also got a professional colonic on day two this really cleans out the colon I would consider two or three colonic every other day on the week you start. This really jump starts your immune system. As you now day three is pretty crucial your body at this point begins to burn all the bad garbage diseased cells and this goes on for ...   800 hits
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Re: Hate to sound negative, but...   by jeeperscreepers   4y
This is my equine vetís opinion on DE. ĒDiatomaceous earth (D.E.) is a very fine powder made by grinding up marine fossils. It is a very effective filtration medium, absorbent, and soil enricher. It has many uses in the livestock industry as well, but there is little scientific evidence to support it specifically for prevention of internal parasitism. It kills parasites by creating multiple tiny abrasions in the exoskeleton, which is their protective waterproof outer layer, thus killing the insect through dehydration. This is somewhat effective for environmental pests such as lice a ...   824 hits
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Re: How to judge intensity of cleanse and other questions   by LoricaLady   3y
Well, I certainly donít know the answers to all your questions, but one thing is sure - you are killing parasites & they wonít ever reproduce any more. I am wondering if you are being reinfected somewhow, though. Any pets that need paracides? Is everyone, if anyone, in your home doing parasite cleansing too? I think parasites only check out through death. Yes, I have had great success with killing flukes through paracides though it took 3 months. About 2 years ago I saw quite a few of them, some the classic rolled up tomatoe skin kind, some kind of slug like looking. After 1 m ...   1,213 hits
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Re: Questions about DE.   by dreamhouse   3y
Normally DE is white, but if they are calcining an actual algae such as chlorella then it would have an off white color. I think they only use diatoms´ fossils. Also I read somewhere in the net that diatomaceous earth may be tan depending on how much iron it had. But the one I purchased is really low in iron, so....What can account for it´s creamy colour? Either is fine.  Spring water will already have some silica dissolved in it. But isn´t spring water already saturated with minerals, can it still absorb enough silica from the powder? Won´t distill ...   729 hits
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Image Embedded Re: Water, water everywhere, but what drops to drink?   by Hveragerthi   5y
 Thank you. I will be there. Iím considering Arizona Arizona is my favorite. or NM to buy my ranch, New Mexico has some really beautiful areas as well, but it gets WAY too cold for my liking. I am a desert rat and I hate being cold. I would rather be out in 115 degrees than 20 degrees. although I heard southern Utah has an undiscovered raw beauty (like me;-) I think Iím flirting with you!?! Southern Utah is very beautiful, especially from Zion up to Cedar Breaks. I personally would not live there though. I knew some ...   2,045 hits
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Re: I just found out I have a parasite in the most distur...   by LoricaLady   4y
I canít tell you what is the best, for I do not know. There may not be much difference between one herbal blend and another. All I know is what worked for me and that, after about 2 years of reading on CZ, I know those things are also highly effective for others. To ozonate olive oil you have to buy an ozonator & if you are on a budget, that might not be good. (Ozonators are wonderful to have, though for various purposes.) Ozonated olive oil probably does kill parasites, but the truth is lots of things do, so it may not be necessary. The cheapest zapper - & it works well, but handl ...   15,247 hits
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Re: Pods or cysts in lower and upper abdomen   by stumped   4y
sounds like morgellons to me, not typical from my internet travels but the same as mine and a few folks out there. Different contents it sounds like. Mine have cacoon or worm looking thing transparent with fiber down the center and sticking out of the worm thing. sometimes it has a truck about 1/3 down its body. Shaped like a cigar or slug. You may be interested in this these two posts she has the pods, long detailed history of how she got well ...   1,078 hits
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Re: Fighting the good fight against fleas   by Iolite   4y
Here is a list of natural flea fighters that I employ. 1) Beneficial nematodes applied twice a year (spring and fall) in the yard. 2) Food grade diatomaceous earth dusted on the fur of my cats and dog to desiccate the horrors. Put it down on the carpets to desiccate any fleas that are there too. It can also be put in their food to help remove parasites. BUT, be careful with cats prone to UTIís as it is high in calcium. 3) Orange oil - citrus oils are a natural flea killer that a ...   1,214 hits
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Re: Thanks nsbeth. American measurements confuse us Brits...   by nspeth   10y
Shelley, I have been reading your forum and several cleansing / detox books in the past few months. I have no major health complaints (several minor) but I want to get back on track with my diet and lifestlye. A few years ago I did an extensive parasite cleanse / candida cleanse that was supervised by a nutritionist with great results. Since then I have lapsed back into a bad diet - caffeine, processed foods, refined sugars, etc. I wanted to do the Master Cleanse but have never done any kind of fasting before. Several of the books I have read say that you should start off w ...   1,205 hits
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Re: headaches from receded gums / acid wear / over did it...   by #109287   5y
dear amy, thanks for your tip on bee propolis - that, along with the diatomaceous earth/silica that 107689 (thanks, 107689!) mentioned, iíve wanted to try for a long time, just never have the money for all these things i want to try, but iíll make those a priority because, the headaches iím getting from my teeth are distracting me all the time and starting to keep me from sleeping and iím so dizzy (itís like, if youíve ever bitten into a solid scoop of icecream and got a severe headrush - but ALL THE TIME)... dear jís mom, i so empathize with your mouth situation! ...those of us who bel ...   4,284 hits
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Re: New to parasite cleanse   by LoricaLady   5y
What has worked for me to get rid of more parasites than I could even count including 2 or 3 huge ascaris as big as garter snakes, many liver flukes & lots of strange things whose names I am not sure at all I know... The usual trio, black walnut, cloves (I use my own homemade colloidal silver as like cloves it kills the eggs, but if you make it only use distilled water) wormwood, cayenne pepper (if used 3X a day this will cause Ēwhite riceĒ to show up, i.e. tapeworm segments, which Hulda Clark says everyone has & which lets you know, yep, I have parasites tho the pepper does not kill th ...   757 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Real Scabies Cure!   by scabiecrusher   41d
AT wikihow Make-Clove-Oil clove oil GOOGLE IT cayenne pepper AT experienceproject GOOGLE IT Had scabies for 3 months before it was known that it was scabies, thought it was lice then bed bugs then lice again. so probably got it in November, started curing February 10, on week 4 now. week one- feb 10 2014 first permethrin treatment tried this in baths: boiled onion skin tea tree oil Environment: cleaned everything in hot dryer DE -diatomaceous Earth in home carpets on BODY DE+ Grapeseed oil mix paste DID a version of these all then did permethrin after 7 days Went ...   2,268 hits
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Re: Questions...   by LoricaLady   31mo
I donít know about acne, but people do break out with die off from parasite cleansing, sometimes. I am not personally familiar with Paragone though I have seen a few people complain that it is not effective. It wouldnít hurt to try Clarkia or Humaworm or the standard herbicides & see if it makes a difference in how you feel. But they all tend to cause die off of various kinds. I would start food grade diatomaceous earth first for a few weeks - Pharmaguard from ebay for example. The reason is that it will definitely kill off some bugs and it is the only product I know of that gener ...   790 hits
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Re: how do I get the hard to reach SOB's?   by rabbitears   9y
For months, Iíve tried a number of things to clear my body of various parasites. The hardest ones are tape and ascaris. This forum has been helpful -- wish Iíd known about it months ago! I started out with herbs, then allopathic and back to herbs. The allopathic meds didnít do much. In reading through the different forums, I have concluded that Parabuster (by OxyPowder) is the best way to go. In their forumla, they add the enzyme Diatomaceous Earth which slices into them and officially kills them, especially the stubborn ones. I called the company and they recommend 3 bottles (60 day co ...   998 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Emphysema   by Hveragerthi   5y
Emphysema results from a loss of collagen and elastin in the lung tissue. This causes a loss of elasticity in the alveoli so they stretch out and stay stretched. Collagen and elastin can be restored slowly with silica, vitamin C, and sulfur, which are components of these proteins. Do not use horsetail grass (shavegrass) for a silica source as it also is a source of nicotine. Purified diatomaceous earth, bamboo, seaweeds, butcherís broom, couch grass, and nettle leaf are all better sources of silica. The herb gotu kola also helps to stimulate collagen and elastin formation. It i ...   1,301 hits
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Back to square one - help!   by divagirl   10y   View Entire Thread 2
Shelly: Anything I do, any protocol I take, I respond very well, feel great when I do it, but then it either loses itís effectiveness, or when I stop doing it, I am back to square one. My history sounds similiar to yours, problems with constipation and digestion dating back to my childhood and anitbiotics. Iíve made great progress from where I used to be, so I am thankful. My health is so much better! Main concern: Ēstuck feelingĒ in high stomach, constipation, no appetite. Iíve done: Diet change Successful candida cleansing Colonics Colemas Hulda Clarks four cleanses a ...   762 hits
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Re: Battling pinworms or something? I feel sad, need to vent   by LoricaLady   5y
What got rid of pinworms for me, years ago w/o them ever coming back, was slathering the anal orifice with Noxzema and reapplying it after a bowel movement. This took about 2 weeks. The pinworms come out at ngiht to breed. If they meet the antiseptic they die and/or canít breed. Donít know which, but they went away. To be sure you have pinworms you really need to put on a latex free glove & search for them as the itch occurs. They are easy to find, white, small & wiggly. Often they show up on the stools. Some people have told me the Noxzema did not work for them. I am not sure ...   26,191 hits
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Re: What kind of worms could this be?   by beatty57   6mo
Epazote! Very potent, has been years since I had pin worms. See íherbals epazoteí for complete information and usage, follow with fresh clove to kill the eggs.There are hundreds of parasites, and all most as many remedies. They have plagued man and animals for centuries. A broad spectrum parasite and insect killer, used in animal husbandry for many years is animal/human grade, diatomaceous earth. Many agricultural and garden supply stores carry in 40-50 pound bags at less than 75 cents a pound, also some health food stores and online. It is a natural mineral from the skeletal remains of ...   316 hits
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Re: Parasite Experts Get In Here!!   by healing naturally   4y
Basically, start with whichever parasite cleanse you want to try, but realize that you will need to switch to different ones or you run a very high risk of the parasites developing resistance to the herbs. SO, if you do Clarkia first, then you may choose to switch to Humaworm, then switch to Awareness Clear, then back to Clarkia. It takes longer than one month to get rid of parasites. It is their job to try and remain undetected. Also, according to Hanna Kroger, they go dormant part of the month (and may not be affected or very minimally affected by the parasite cleanse during the dormanc ...   1,820 hits
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Re: Under Eye Bags   by indigoaura   25mo
Not much history to go on, but I can make a few remarks. Your eyes (you have beautiful eyes, btw!) look bloodshot and puffy to me. You mentioned drinking tons of lemon water. I think you may be dehydrated. Puffy eyes are a symptom of dehydration, and most ppl are compelled to drink more water, but without the proper electrolyte balance drinking more water just dehydrates you more. You need to add unprocessed sea salt like celtic or himilayan. Regular processed salt is NOT good for your health, but you can eat as much unprocessed sea salt as you want. A good indicator to know w ...   2,928 hits
Forum: Under-Eye Circles & Bags

Re: Heart palps, racing, anxiety attacks, bloating......   by sunshiney   68d
AngeloE-Though I donít have your symptoms, my health was deteriorating over the past 4 years. But then I started addressing parasites. I didnít know how bad I had them but they keep coming. I feel better than before but have more para to get rid of. I was apprehensive about trying the fenben as scabdraggr recommended but am so glad I did as it has helped me eliminate small to larger parasites. I think we have to realize that this is a long process since it didnít come upon us overnight and wonít go away overnight and so we have to think, plan and work to get these things out. Along ...   477 hits
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Re: I have a question about Diatomaceous Earth.   by Hveragerthi   4y
 I have read that diatomaceous earth absorbs protein. I am starting to work-out and I am trying to get as much protein as I can each day. From protein shakes, food, etc. My question is will DE absorb the proteins that I need for my muscles? I donít know where they are getting that, but DE does not absorb protein. It does provide orthosilicic acid that is a component of some proteins such as collagen and elastin. By the way taking excessive amounts of protein is not going to make you any stronger or larger. The body can only utilize about 90 grams of protein daily, which is abo ...   2,515 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: Results are in   by tlc23   4y
Hey. I feel your pain. I have found something Iíve been using for 5 days now. I thought I only had pinworms and thatís why Iíve started using this. I had NO idea I had other worms in me even until I started taking this. It is called Diatomaceous earth. Please research this because it has changed my life. I started using 1 tbsp in the morning with a smoothie and another tbsp. at night. I am now just puttin it in a glass of pineapple juice and swigging it down. It has no flavor really, just gritty. But I have started pooping out pieces of worms that are down right disgusting! Ki ...   1,243 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Yay I did it I did it! ^_^   by hoppimike   3y   View Entire Thread 2
I got out... well so far all Iíve SEEN is one large green/tan bile ĒstoneĒ, what looks like a small liver fluke (could be tomato but hell Iíve seen a hell of a lot of these ĒtomatoesĒ since starting Humaworm, even when I havenít eaten tomatoes lol) aaand Iím also seeing Ēwhite riceĒ which means there might be some mother worm in my intestines that Iím knocking chunks off lol Letís hope it likes the diatomaceous earth that Iím now taking as well as everything else!! Anywho yes - darker stool, a lil fluke and a fair size bile globule is alright as a start! I actually did the oil ...   730 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Re: LINENUP: Can you give us more info please?   by sanjean   4y
Climbing the walls JC. The Vermox didnít do anything for me and still waiting for the Albenza and hope it works better for me than it did for you! Are you getting all your meds from the same source? The feed store? At least you know that it is what it says it is. Herne found a post wondering if weíre getting the meds we order online or placebos. I canít sleep with them crawling over and through me. Getting tired and cranky and canít stand myself let alone anyone else. The only thing I found that helps is putting the zinc caplet up both but it irritates too much so now all I can do is p ...   561 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Nanomachines and nanomedicine.   by been there done that   7y
There is a world food shortage, so regardless of their safety, our future is going to be filled with nanotecnology. Many scientists in Europe complain that the safety has not been proven. The particles are so small that nothing medical could be used to counteract them if anything does go wrong. Morgellons disease (forum here at Curezone) is suspected by many to be mainly caused by nanotech (other causes also). The only thing that I know of that could interfere with them if something does go wrong in the body is FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth (very small and can be ingested, used for detox ...   631 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: To iloveamma   by iloveamma   4y
I started to feel generally legs and feet started getting really cold brain stopped functioning well...I was messing up words and not being able to think clearly..the brain fog...the total exhaustion...but I also have those are also part of AF. But it was the standard Hypo symptoms. Plus I was on my that makes a difference too. See for a full list of Hypo symptoms. I just made a new post, because I know you are using it..but...I would NOT use this if you are Hypo. I have done my own research and personal use to know that if ...   1,114 hits
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Healthy Weight Loss
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