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Re: Diatomaceous Earth Experiences   by needtobreathe   4y
Iíve been taking Food Grade DE off and on for a while and I notice I am more regular, have more energy and my nails are growing in thicker and stronger. When I first started to take it I think I experienced some die off effect, felt tired, achy and just blah. After a couple days is when I notice the energy and plus I sleep better at night. I love the stuff. Make sure it is a quality, food-grade Perma-guard. I think DE is good for people with AF due to the fact it is rich in minerals (silica, magnesium and calcium especially). You may try a lower dose? Maybe a tspn, onc ...   5,581 hits
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Re: diatomaceous earth didn't work   by Newport   7y
I tried that stuff once and it almost killed me. Certainly a no no in any diet for people with damaged intestines and that would include all infected by parasites. Also I can see some effectivness against tapeworms but there is other stuff if all you want to do is get rid of the segments yet keep the head alive. As for flukes I am not sure how many even live in the gut, most are liver, lymph, pancreas and blood...   3,665 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous earth / kidney question   by King13   6mo
Yeah to add on to this conversation I have some minor kidney problems and I took a small amount today and wham, back pain and headaches like no other. Painfull stools and painful urination for the first time in a LONG TIME. Iím gonna go ahead and steer clear of DE from now on.   5,471 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth....aluminum content   by Hveragerthi   4y
 Any idea why itís causing this hypertension and heart pain for me please? Not based on such limited information.  There are a number of things that can cause hypertension.  I cover them here:   5,792 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous earth / kidney question   by #128526   4y
Thanks for your reply Cargoshorts66. Im at a lose as to what to do. The pain is still there and there has been quite a noticeable change to the frothiness of my urine which I know is protein even though I dont eat any meat. This kidney pain and frothy urine always go together which is why I was thinking that I may have damaged my kidneys more. Also the fact that I feel very sick and have thrown up plus I have really dark circles around my eyes that have appeared overnight make me think that something is wrong. (Any ideas HV?) I am always dehydrated due to my kidney issues so dont kn ...   20,306 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous earth and clays   by illysmanx   18mo
Cutting..? Yick, Iíd like to see those reports. utting..? Yick, Iíd like to see those reports. :) I donít know if Montmorillite is considered a bentonite clay or nor. Iíve have to research the subject. I can just stay teensily on the subject of Iodine though, I mixed my Lugolís powder into a 30% solution with distilled water some two days ago, and have been using between 2-3 drops of it in my supplement-juice. Iíve been using the kelp powder otherwise. Lots and lots. (well, up against that tiny 500-mcg spoon they put in the container, a half-teaspoon is huge!)   1,148 hits
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Diatomaceous Earth-possible allergy?   by #88426   4y   View Entire Thread 13
Itís really time for me to do another parasite cleanse, but I canít afford it right now, so I decided to try some things I had that were cheaper.... I have never tried Alfalfa that I know of, and so I bought some because I heard it was really good for alkalizing your body. I drank a cup, and then I remembered that I had some Diatomaceous Earth that I had used on my pets for fleas....I had just read that it was very good for parasites, so I put half a teaspoon in a glass of milk and stirred it up and drank it. I immediately felt BAD and SCARED. I got really hot, kind of dizzy,and a ...   11,026 hits
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Re: GAPS and diatomaceous earth - my story and what I eat   by petluvr10   3y
Thank u SO much for the info!!!! U are such a big help! I am currently reading up on SCD...I ordered the GAPS books and will dive into those soon. The thing that worries me about SCD is that it allows honey and fruits---two things that directly feed pathogens. Did u do the Intro Diet on GAPS (the bone broth soups and 24hr fermented yogurt)? Are u consuming 24hr fermented yogurt? Iím thrilled ur child is doing so well! You saved her life!!!! How is GAPS simpler then SCD? They both seem a bit complex to me. SCD recommends lactobacillus, while GAPS recommends a full-spec ...   2,475 hits
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Re: Ordered Praziquantel, Diatomaceous Earth, and lots of...   by tomato   6y
I have tried the Diatomaceous Earth. I spoke to Gayle about this and all my uses of it. Maybe I didnít talk to board about it? I put in my shoes and all the family. I place around my chairs in house and in the vehicles to clean away any minute thing lingering. I put on my shelves to discourage the flying things and the lying things that happen upon various areas. I spread in the yard and on floors. I leave there to run off the fleas we had problems with and we donít own dogs or cats. How yards get fleas??? I donít think the town dogs come visiting much? It is good for ants too. ...   1,401 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade   by snazzberriez   6mo
Do you know what brand yours came as? I checked amazon and saw a ton of different ones. I tried calling around to local stores and all they could say was try a feed store.. which makes me wary of the cleanliness of the product for some reason! Thank you for your response!!!   990 hits
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Re: R-ALA, Diatomaceous Earth, and Zeolite advice   by jhan   15d
You say: What tests I have had done indicated high adrenal stress, candida overgrowth in small intestines, and Iíve had a few blood tests with high phosphate. A spinal arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis runs in the family. Iíve been on this journey for a few years. Ē Spining head, especially so just after doing a mvt of standing up is adrenal fatigue - My naturopath tests it taking my blood pressure sitting down and then again standing to see. Chelating is hard on the kidneys hence and on the adrenals. Try rotating chelation and kidney cleases. Jhan   127 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous earth   by #172382   12mo
Thanks, everyone, for all the replies and info. I donít know for sure if I have parasites yet...Iím waiting on the results of my second GI Effects test. The last one said 4+ candida and Ēparasite positive taxidermy unknown.Ē Iíve never seen a parasite and I lack most of the symptoms, but I feel that something has to explain why I am constantly bloated and why my candida has not responded to ten months of treatment.   1,292 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth safety   by Xelaetaks   8mo
I made a mistake about albumin, bilirubin is what has come elevated. I even saw endocronologist cause of that and also elevated calcium levels at times and their tests found nothing. I even mentioned parasites to them and they didnít know what to say about that. Also by the way the first time I took anti parasite herbs a big black thing came out in the bathroom almost as if it was a huge worm, it was suprising and I wish I would have taken a picture of it back then, it may bet he only time I saw that in the bathroom. Itís possible that could be what people refer to as ropeworm. I ...   1,576 hits
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Re: Master Cleanse/Diatomaceous Earth   by pepe   3y
Itís not a matter of "belief" or being a "purist" . Itís a matter of knowledge, just plain ole common sense and practical >facts< of how things >actually< work. Beliefs are subjective and people can believe anything they want and more often than not beliefs are tainted by the individuals wanting to do something regarless of  any pertinent facts or empirical evidence. DE while apparently being an inert substance there are a few things that it will do that can affect how the MC works. One is that main workings of the MC is to give the digesti ...   3,248 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth and Liver flukes   by spudlydoo   5y
What was your sisters diet like? She must have been terribly emaciated if she had so many tapeworms and other parasites. Severe infestations of tapeworms can cause malnutrition, often extreme hair loss, skin infections, and many other nasty symptoms. Pin worms and hook worms are the most common parasite in humans, both are easily dispatched with DE. As I said before, infestations of other parasites are unlikely, particularly if you eat a good diet, and avoid foods that are likely to be infected with parasites. Many doctors do understand about parasites, as do biologists. They study ...   6,932 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth-possible allergy?   by #114216   4y
I am sensitive to MSG and the reaction you are describing is very similar to what those who are reactive to Ēfree glutamateĒ or msg. I donít tolerate Alfalfa as I believe it is high in glutamates, so that could in fact be what is happening there for you....sometimes the free glutamate (msg)reactions can be delayed several hours or next day or even three days later so always hard to pinpoint the cause. Or another thought is that the DE has mold or yeasts in it (naturally occuring due to it being earth stuff and all - though I donít know much about the product). If you have candida es ...   9,142 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth (foodgrade) rid me of intestinal w...   by Exterminator   4mo
I have been taking for two weeks with no noticeable differences. I take a tablespoon in the morning and a teaspoon at night. My sinuses are still playing and the back of my head sometimes hurts and mucus runs down the back of my throat. Any advice?   13,518 hits
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Re: R-ALA, Diatomaceous Earth, and Zeolite advice   by frostymug   15d
The R-ALA is a liver detoxifier and probably should be taken with food. By the way, although the R form is the active form of ALA, the mixed R & L form is WAY CHEAPER. The mixed has only half the amount of pure R form but is almost 10 times cheaper. Just use twice what you would use of the R form. Diatomaceous earth is tiny silica skeletons of single cell organisms. The organisms are gone, DE is just the ĒshellsĒ they lived in. They cleanse, flush, detoxify the gut by physically scraping things down there. Donít worry, doesnít cause bleeding. It will physically puncture and kill parasi ...   239 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth Helps Morgellons   by Bugbuster   18mo
Hi again, Like I said in the previous post, her protocol is very involved. I didnít follow her protocol exactly. The main thing is to learn all levels of detoxification and then use very healthy food to help the body heal. It took everything I had to recover and I spent countless hours in my far infrared sauna. This is the basic protocol that I did: Morgellons Recovery Protocol Please keep in mind that this is not Dr. Staningerís protocol. Some of the things she recommends, but not all.   1,353 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth   by ecogenie2   22mo
I am just posting my two cents here. It would be nice if you could prove to us your findings some how. Maybe take a photo of your mucus and have the person that gives your colonics to document it. There have been thousands of people using DE and I have never heard of one problem. What drugs do doctors give for candida and how many side effects come with them? If it does cause a little mucus what long term damage will be present from it? I think antibiotics makes the condition worse and can lead to more serious health problems. Give me a choice and what do you think I would do after sufferi ...   12,183 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth (foodgrade) rid me of intestinal w...   by Mommy2011   20mo
What do you mean a Ēhatching from your sinusesĒ? I am quite sure I have some sort of tiny worm inside my sinuses that I canít seem to get rid of. Iíve been fighting g what I assumed was pinworm for years and years. When I started to treat myself aggressively I began feeling crawling sensations in my eyes, nose and ears. Long story short, Iíve takens herbs, teas, colloidal silver drops in eyes, DE, albendozole and recently started using the terminatir zapper. Getting them out of sinuses feels hopeless though and u think my precious toddler has them too, as I see him rubbing at his eyes ...   52,144 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth   by jameskep37   3y
DE causes mucus production in the GI tract because of its scratchy diatoms/ silica compounds. It also can be dehydrating. It seems to help with die offs but also creates die off as well. Its an absorbent that I have used occasionally if i eat a fatty/spicy meal. Seems to help take the edge off after eating that kind of meal. But all in all DE seems to be counter productive. De works great for reducing itching on skin rashes. Ive used it on my athletes foot with great results.   13,359 hits
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Re: GAPS and diatomaceous earth - my story and what I eat   by petluvr10   3y
Forgot to ask: Is there a general carbs/fat/protein ratio that GAPS recommends? I need to ensure that I am eating balanced and not over-consuming one type of macronutrient, which could lead to major issues. Is this more of a high-fat diet? Bee Wilder, who advocates a sort-of similar diet (but way more strict) this about her plan: basically, 10% carbs, 15% pro, 75% fat. Yikes. Thats a crapload of fat. Any ballparks on GAPS? Thanks!   2,059 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth   by jameskep37   3y
The diatom shells are covered in sharp spines that make them dangerous to exoskeletal insects, but not to animals with internal skeletons. The spines of the diatom skeletons pierce the soft body tissues of insects between their hard exoskeletal plates and it is through these numerous microscopic wounds that the insect loses bodily moisture to the point of desiccating and dying.Ē ĒThe spines of the diatom skeletons ĒpierceĒ the soft body tissuesĒ. Wouldnt something that can pierce soft body tissue be stronger than just ĒbrushingĒ ?   13,257 hits
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Re: sorry long post - GAPS and diatomaceous earth   by petluvr10   3y
Is rejuvination brand of raw organic sauerkraut ok? can u post what a typical dayís diet is like for u and your kid (sample breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)? Why did u decide on GAPS instead of SCD? Do u eat the 24 hr fermented yogurt? I ordered a water kefir kit... is this ok? Should I NOT be taking my probiotics? How do I know when to add fermented foods? I have not removed the protein powder bc IDK what to use to replace those cals/protein. My diet is so limited and IDK what/how to eat. I DO know that grains ARE an issue (after reading Breaking the Vicious Cycle, ...   2,259 hits
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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) got rid of my worms/pa...   by realeyez   7y   View Entire Thread 14
Iíve been trying to kill off my worms for the last 2 1/2 month with a variety of remedies. A couple weeks ago I stopped taking everything- because it almost seemed that my worms were growing strong again. Since then Iíve been using FOOD grade Diatomaceous earth (for anyone who doesnít know itís fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. Kills intestinal worms and parasite from the outside in- shreads them up and dehydrates them to death. DE isnít habit forming, can be taken continuously until worms are gone and has other nutritional/ health benifits.) I didnít learn about ...   10,023 hits
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Re: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) got rid of my worm...   by realeyez   7y
Yes, it wonít kill parasites that live in the blood for instance. But something amazing happened for me. I knew I had a bad case of worms, but I also have immense itching in my skin every night, every morning I was covered in tiny bumps/bits (I believed they came from inside my body.) Now I canít quite explain it, but the itching has almost entirely stopped, I donít wake up with tons and tons of bits, and the mucus in my lungs in clearing since taking the DE. Intestinal worms can lodge in the sides of the intestines and excrete their eggs into the blood stream; sending eggs circulating ...   9,816 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth and Zeolite question   by Ottotron   32mo
Ēcan I mix the DE in this saltwater drink...or would this interact?Ē Good question. DE is a pretty laid-back, mellow supplement, so you could probably get by with mixing it and receive most of the benefits. However, my instinct tells me that DE works best on an empty stomach without any interference for 30 minutes .... Sea salt + H20 (SWF) must be taken alone in order for the SWF to function properly, because you need the liquid to have a specific gravity within a certain range.   7,018 hits
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Diatomaceous earth / kidney question   by #128526   4y   View First 20 Messages of 30
Hi HV I have some kidney issues and slightly reduced kidney function which is made worse from parasite infection. I started to take Diatomaceous earth today 1tsp x 2 so far and I have noticed that my kidney pain is noticeably worse. I was hunting around on the net and some sites say that silica can help kidneys but also came across some articles that suggested the too much silica can cause irreversible kidney damage (See last sentence of paragraph in article below) Horsetail is generally considered safe. Horsetail will promote urination, adequate fluid should be consumed when tak ...   20,328 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth Experiences   by MrBBQ   4y
DE is only a good source of silica - the rest is trace, including aluminium. It was food grade DE, so I donít think thatís a problem. The dose I had was a tiny amount, which was dissolved in water after the remainder settled to the bottom, plus I only had a couple of gulps. Apparently, this is the best way to consume DE to make it bioavailable - taking DE straight off the spoon is mostly unavailable. Iím gonna try the DE again tomorrow and if it causes my hypertension/heart pain, I think Iím going to try bamboo...   5,288 hits
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R-ALA, Diatomaceous Earth, and Zeolite advice   by joegrane   15d
Re Reaction to Chlorella. Do you have a similar reaction to consuming lots of high thiol/sulfur foods like eggs, broccoli, etc? Some people are sensitive to them. Low iron can be involved in that. If there is a history of inflammation and candida, low would be the better bet. ALA is controversial. It turns into a dithiol--DHLA--that has two SH groups. Some heavy metals such as mercury like to grab onto the SH groups. ...   202 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth   by AngelHealing   4y
Iíve been using DE daily for probably 6 months now and I can attest to the fact that it does not hurt your intestines. I have VERY sensitive intestine mucous membranes due to the fact that Iím fighting a very large fish tapeworm and the toxin load due to taking wormwood combos and bromelain is really high. Iíve seen long slices of tapeworm pieces after using it so I do know it works but not as fast on really large tapeworms, at least not for me. I continue to take it daily mixed in my morning oatmeal. Since I take bromelain and zymex II on an empty stomach I donít notice as much since ...   1,433 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth....aluminum content   by needtobreathe   4y
"Frankly, Iím getting desperately sick of these "back to the drawing board" moments in my healing journey - nothing seems to work for me!" I know how you feel BBQ....thatís how it is with the DE..I find something that I can tell a difference with and then am left wondering if Iím slowly poisoning myself instead! Ughhh... I would wait a couple days and then take a small dosage of DE and see if that produces the same effect. And you could be right that the DE could be working on any cholesterol/blockage issue..just take it nice and slow. Iíve seen where yo ...   5,647 hits
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Re: diatomaceous earth   by jboy7185   3y
Simple fact remains, there is TOO much debate on the use of this product. therefore I will avoid it an stick to what iím doing. Juicing, brown rice, coconut oil, IF1, an almond butter. thatís all i do. my main priority anyways is benzo addiction...then i hit full force with cleansing. another kidney cleanse is in the works when i get the money. i just moved an juicing alone is hard to maintain financially.   3,944 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth and Liver flukes   by spudlydoo   5y
Liver flukes are common to people who live in environments where they come into contact or eat fish that share their environment with fresh water snails. This is common in many tropical countries, because people live and work in areas such as rice paddy fields, or areas that are flooded regularly by monsoonal rains, the people eat the infected fish and then become infected themselves. In most western countries it is rare to see people who are infested with liver flukes, so Hv is correct in saying that it is a good idea to find out whether you are likely to have them. http://en.wikip ...   6,975 hits
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Re: diatomaceous earth?   by humaworm   8y
Diatomecious Earth (DE) is the crushed fossilized bodies of sea creatures. When ground into a fine powder - it is like shattered glass. It is effective for killing hard shelled insects such as ticks and fleas. The insects crawl over the DE, it slices their shells open, they then dehydrate and die. It is great for topical applications on lawns or on your pets. DE loses itís effectiveness when wet, so there is a debate as to whether or not it works internally. I personally do not think that DE is a good choice for internal parasite removal. 70% of parasites are microscopic so it wonít ...   3,459 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous earth and tapeworms   by meliscious   73d
how long did you cleanse? the info Iíve seen on tapeworm cleansing with diatimaceous earth recommended using double the usual amount of 1 T. per 100 pounds for at least 90 days to catch any hatching eggs. shorter cleanses may not remove all the eggs and then they reinfect as they hatch.   980 hits
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Re: Questions about Diatomaceous Earth   by Cimber38   42h
It sounds like pin worms and round worms. Albendazole 400 mg twice a day for 15 days and ivermectin one a day will kill many round worms even big ones. It will also kill pin worms but you will have to treat for these every 9 weeks for quite awhile because they keep coming back. Most of your symptoms point to round worms. If albendazole canít be taken sometimes it is harsh. Alinia will work for both types of worms and works very well for pin worms. It wont get the stuff that is systemic though (under your skin) Only albendazole and ivermectin will do that.   67 hits
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successful results with Diatomaceous Earth!!!   by cleansingtime   4y
Well, now that we are back home and not on a Ēcleansing vacationĒ it is hard to go into great detail every day on what is happening. Life is happening alongside the cleanse now. But, we finished the Humaworm last week, and overall, the results were minimal. In the beginning we had a lot of expectation of severe die-off symptoms, but none happened. We repeated the pineapple and pumpkin seed fast (this time making sure that our bowels were moving all the time with enemas and OxyPowder), but again no real results except that it screwed with digestion -- esp. for my husband, it took a few ...   6,098 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth   by spudlydoo   5y
Ceramic bowls are better for water for animals, they like the water from them better, My dogs would prefer to drink from a bowl with a little algae in it than a clean one. My vet also gave me a tip when trying to get sick animals to drink water. Put a couple of spoonfulls of garden soil into the bowl, let it settle to the bottom, and the animal will want to drink the water. I have tried this and it works, given a choice of bowls, the animals will always drink from the one with the dirt in it, never the clean water. Wonder why?? spud   1,360 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth (foodgrade) rid me of intestinal w...   by heartchakra   28mo
Hello, I am writing from India. I seem to have some sort of parasites or toxins as since a while now I have been getting fibromyalgia like symptoms and my esonophilia and WBC count is elevated. I have just started on PARAGONE . Today is the 4th day. Would you say the DE is more potent ? I am not having any major effects with Paragone except that my bloating is reduced. I just want to attack this problem from all angles. Would you say I add DE to the paragone protocol or switch to something else ? Any advise would be appreciated. With love, heartchakra   58,308 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth....aluminum content   by MrBBQ   4y
Apparently, high silica is anti-aluminium (hence the studies showing the high silica content of beer is anti-alzheimers). So enjoy your diatomaceous earth... On an alternative note, Iím seeking a good source of silica to help my skin, teeth/bones etc., particularly because Iíve noticed stronger teeth with silica. My DE arrived yesterday and I made some ĒDE waterĒ with it, although I noticed when I drank the water that sometime after, I got a hypertensive feeling and then some stinging in the area of my heart until I went to sleep. I know that silica is high in the aorta, so may ...   5,847 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth question for you   by nutnberrygirl   5y
Nice little story there! Thanks ;) I was thinking for a minute the she was totally stopped up. I should be getting some delivered this weekend. Should I take it on a weekend? I am thinking so, because I donít want to deal with that at work! Eek! I am on a parasite killing spree. I have been on ivermectin, I wonít tell you how much but I think it was a lot, but I hope that has worked. I have also been taking Helmin plus Wormwood from Standard Process. I am seeing an Internist/holistic Dr. and hopefully the parasites are on their way out of the house because they are not welc ...   2,745 hits
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Re: diatomaceous earth ?   R by Hveragerthi   5y
Actually a tablespoon will last you years.  Here are a few responses explaining the best way to use it and why: Taking DE like that will not be as effective as adding to a large volume of water, letting it settle out then drinking the water.  Silica is very poorly absorbed, so taking a half or full teaspoon at one time will not increase absorption.  It will only mean more passing right through the system.  This is why I add a spoonful to a gallon of water.  Then I let it settle out.  The water will dissolve a tiny amount of the silica forming orthosilicic ...   2,383 hits
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Diatomaceous Earth (foodgrade) rid me of intestinal worms...   by realeyez   7y   View First 20 Messages of 40
Iíve been trying to kill off my worms for the last 2 1/2 month with a variety of remedies. A couple weeks ago I stopped taking everything- because it almost seemed that my worms were growing strong again. Since then Iíve been using FOOD grade Diatomaceous earth (for anyone who doesnít know itís fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. Kills intestinal worms and parasite from the outside in- shreads them up and dehydrates them to death. DE isnít habit forming, can be taken continuously until worms are gone and has other nutritional/ health benifits.) I didnít learn about ...   68,180 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth   by #118552   4y
Hi Charly, DE was reommended to me before and Iíve a lot of posts from people saying it really helped them. But I also read some warnings that itís very sharp/hard and that it couldnít do such damage to worms and not be doing damage to the intestines, etc also. But at this point for me, having taking so many products and still have pinworms, Iím thinking of trying it. From what I read, short term use wonít cause a problem. Have you used it Charly? If any one else has tried it, please let me know if it you helped you, especially killing pinworms. Any noticeable effects, good or ...   1,278 hits
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Re: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth   by Iolite   3y
There are a couple of options for herbal dewormers for your cat: humaworm and Clarkia. Humaworm is a powder that you sprinkle on her food and you only have to do it for 5 days, two to three times a day. Take a 90 day break before dosing again (which you may or may not have to). Humaworm is very thorough and will even take care of heartworms. Clarkia is a liquid that is very concentrated, the dose is 1 drop for every 10 pound, 2-3 times a day. But you do it for 14 days, 7 days off for a total of 4 treatments. Iíve used both before and some of my cats had no issue with the hu ...   1,444 hits
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AF + Diet Context + Tooth/Bone Healing + Diatomaceous Earth   by MrBBQ   4y   View Entire Thread 13
Hey all, What do you think about the best diet in the context of AF? Iíve been eating paleo (no dairy except butter and no grains) for a while now, as a means for strengthening my teeth/bones etc. Personally, I had good success when eating plenty of animal fats, meats, organs etc., although at the same time, I think this became a stressor contributing to my AF. I generally acknowledged the work of Weston Price et al, although I could not consume bone broths due to free glutamates (almost their most ĒhealingĒ prized food alongside cod liver and butter oil). Anyway, with AF, m ...   2,057 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth - 84% Silica - Human Use   by Zoebess   6y
Hi Grz, Yeah, I bought my first shipment from Herbal Healer Academy. When I buy again I will get 50lbs from the link I provided in my post~~ With shipping, it comes out to be around a buck a pound. That is a much better deal than I got with the Herbal Healer Academy. Here is more info~~ and testimonials~~ best wishes, Zoe -_-   6,723 hits
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Re: Does diatomaceous earth help?   by chirontherainbowbridge   4y
And you donít buy the nanotechnology idea? I what about the fibres? well, Iím not aiming to debate. It seems that people are reporting great things with Nutrasilver. It advertises at Ēno more than 3.00 a dayĒ --but they say, if you stop taking it, the lesions and all the other symptoms come back--so whatís that about? It bothers me that someone is making a lot of money on it -- I suppose though, this might be the best thatís out there, for the time being. Besides working to improve the inner terrain as much as possible, and so on. best to you, Chiron   1,724 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth?   by hopinso   9y
I really donít feel any of the cleanses have been failures. I have experienced dramatic improvements, especially through liver flushing. Yet, for some reason none of the cleanses or the excellent therapy and chiropractic care has resulted in a cure. Even my doctor cannot explain why I cannot get better and stay better. For about 18 months I considered myself 85-90% back to normal. I still had a lot of chronic pain issues and never completely regained the high level of energy and clarity I had before my spinal injury. A series of falls, including two very hard ones has aggravated the nerve ...   2,158 hits
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Re: AF + Diet Context + Tooth/Bone Healing + Diatomaceous...   by MrBBQ   4y
Ah, cut it with that stuff! ;-)) Iíve eaten just about everything raw without any sterilisation, including all the organs, bone marrow etc. I shed my fear of eggshell-borne pathogens long before I feared parasites and the like, hehe... It makes me wonder what other cool practices youíve adopted (particularly via our friend HV) - do share please! The DE and raw eggs is just fine with me (even though bone broth is out), so do tell of any more...;-)) Cheers to you, Scotty   1,887 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth   by greenie   10y
Diatmacious earth wonít work if taken internally in food or water. First to understand how it works you need to know what it is. diatamacious earth is the shells of diatoms (frustules) and are made of silica. These are very sharp edged. Insects are small in size but what is important is that they have a large body surface in comparison to their bodies volume. This makes them susceptable to dehydration. The sharp edges of the diatamacious earth gets into the joints of the insects and basically cuts them. This causes them to dehydrate and die. It is very effective when used dry and i ...   1,973 hits
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Re: diatomaceous earth?   by teacup   7y
You need to do a real parasite cleanse. Humaworn is good and he will make it to order for you so it is really fresh. It supplies supporting herbs which it sound like you really need. On my 16 day of human worm. Al the bloating pain and gas are gone what a relief it is to finally have all that pain gone. Often could not sleep from it and when did had to sleep propped up as could not lay down all the way without pain. For now yuu need to get the bm moving try a salt water flush first thing in the m ...   2,724 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

Image Embedded Re: Diatomaceous Earth   by High on Water   5y
Good schtuff! When my dogs get itchy now, and see me grab my jar of DE, they run for the door. We then go out, where they run for a spot in the grass, and they lay down, impatient for their ĒdustingĒ. I work with it a little at a time, because I donít want it to dust into their nose or eyes...but my yellow one especially LOVES this dusting so much that she MUST kiss me while Iím dusting her! lololol When Iím done with her sides, she then rolls over, exposing her belly, as if to say, ĒDonít forget HERE, donít forget HERE!Ē lol I have less of a problem with earwigs in my basem ...   1,250 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: Diatomaceous earth / kidney question   by OneMooncat   9mo
I read this stuff can increase urination by around 30% - for me after taking it increases by about 200% I am seriously pissing clear water all day. Which I donít think is good (I already have to take magnesium all the time to stave off cramps) I wonder if thereís something in this Kidney thing. I also have pains around my back, but tbh this could be coming from my guts - I wonder if that is the pain some people are feeling? I REALLY want to use this for all my bugs, infections etc - but again like others I am scared of it now. I only took 1 teaspoon!   7,585 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: Purified Diatomaceous Earth   by Hveragerthi   6y
Some health food stores carry it. It is also the source of silica in Solgarís Ocean Silica, and is used to make other silica products. You can open the silica capsules and add it to your water. Otherwise you have to go through raw material suppliers, but they require a 25kg minimum purchase. The best way I found to use it is to add a spoon full to a big jug of water and let it settle out. Drink the water above the sediment. As the water level goes down add more water and again let it settle out. Small amounts of silica will dissolve in to the water each time you add more water forming orth ...   9,194 hits
Forum: Energized Water   Structured Water   Cancer Support

Re: Ordered Praziquantel, Diatomaceous Earth, and lots of...   by tomato   6y
must have a poor grade. Not all DE is good. Some can be old too. The cloves was too strong for me and did not work like you said. Sorry we all are different. But I will stand behind my DE because it has done nothing to me but good and I wonít allow you to turn people away from itís many uses and aids. All you have to do is read and research to find that it works. All you have to do is place it around your home and see what critters you find dead. Too much history how the pioneers used it was enough for me to believe in it. Cloves is a disinfectant and strong smelling for uses ...   1,305 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: Diatomaceous Earth   by tomato   5y
in shoes for odors in rugs for vermin in cars for purifying in me for building tooth enamel,bones,removing large ascaris, outside for helping to control vermins and good cause it wonít harm babies,pets,good for dry food storages. olden days placed in horsesí food to keep flies away. olden days did not have alot of food so it was a fill in for large families to incorporate in their staples like cornbread.   1,197 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: Diatomaceous Earth???   by bunny 1   7y
hi luv your pix. i was thinking about trying this. i dont know how safe it is. i would be concerned about how clean it is or the place where it came from , i guess it is full of dust. i would want to know where it was mined and something about the company. only problem i was reading others post about this . this makes since: if it gets wet it turns into clay , well then it wont work and you got a belly full of clay. so that kinda scared me away from it. bunny   796 hits
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