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Re: leaky gut diatomaceous earth   by Hveragerthi   4y
 Will these do:,-Japanese-Water-Crystals-3Tbls-43g_W0QQitemZ130350294588QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxq20091207?IMSfp=TL091207192001r24638 Yes, those will work.   2,063 hits
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Re: Does diatomaceous earth help?   by chirontherainbowbridge   4y
So, it sounds like nonotech, combined with GM (to me). And might natural fibres -ironically- like cotton become a bad idea, and it be better to wear and use synthtics, unless you can be assured of organic cotton? Bizarre. My sense is, since everyone is unique, with a unique íterrainí, it stands to reason the parasite profile, if you will, would be unique. Does seem confusing that the manifestations would appear to be 50/50 as you say...   1,485 hits
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Re: Putting my family on Diatomaceous Earth   by SeekerMom037   10mo
Do you mean on the show ĒMonsters inside meĒ? Well, for the lady,they did surgery on her because they thought she had a cancer tumor in her colon,but when they opened her up,it was a mass of worms that had died. But I agree with you 100%, I believe that doctors have to KNOW about all the parasites but they donít TELL us for some reason, maybey to avoid panic? Not sure :( If you have netflix,they have that show with lots of stories of parasites also itís on Animal Planet I have a recording set for it.   395 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth safety   by alleydog45   11mo
raw garlic is great for killing them too. you have to chop it up to get the Allicin to release íi think thats the substance that kills them is calledí, but I use a hand blender with the pumpkin seeds and a couple cloves of the garlic plus fresh ground spice cloves with some honey and stock or almond milk and chug it quick. they do not like it, but it has great antibacterial properties and is awesome as a expectorant for the sinus infection. starts draining like crazy 20 minutes after drinking it. If anybody has any suggestions for tackling the big ones PLEASE let me know!!!!!   2,217 hits
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Re: Putting my family on Diatomaceous Earth   by david1o1   10mo
[quote] Why doesnít the USA make a parasite protocol like Japan does?They give their citizens deworming meds I think yearly or twice a year.Why do veterinarians know and treat our pets for worms but doctors just assume we have never picked anything up? [/quote] This is a mystery to me too. Considering all vectors to get infected in the modern world, we should have access to efficient anti helminths medicines at least once a year.   502 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth and Liver flukes   by Charly   5y
Hv - I totally respect you and your advise. I know how you feel about liver flushes, and I believe using bitters cleans the liver. But I have wondered how to explain my sisterís experience and the many different kinds of stones I myself have passed. If it was a reaction to the oil wouldnít they have all looked the same?, how come they looked different in the same flush? And looked very different in different flushes? And I saw stones of many types in the same flush? I collected them in a colander used for that alone so I really saw what came out. And the results were favorable... mea ...   7,775 hits
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Diatomaceous Earth : Safe for internal use by humans   by parazapper   4mo   426 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth   by indigoaura   3y
??? Iím concerned that you have used a non-food grade product and hopefully not the kind for pool filters! Food grade DE does not cause candida die offs or scratch your intestinal tract. It is the most effective intestinal parasite cleanse you can buy. Gut flora will not be affected by DE at all, good or bad. The only way it may help with candida is to free up your immune system from the burden of parasites. I take 4 tsp a day and I have never felt a die off. I wish it killed candida but biologically speaking this cannot be the case - it has no chemicals to be anti-fungal, i ...   15,800 hits
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Re: AF + Diet Context + Tooth/Bone Healing + Diatomaceous...   by healthyartist   4y
Ha ha! Well, thatís all I can think of for now. Except for.... Well... Urine therapy!!!!! Ha ha!!!!! No, I havenít tried that yet. I have been contemplating fecal transplants though! Well, actually... No, I havenít. I have some fairly benign practices like oil pulling... Have you tried that? Itís not nearly as exciting as poop and pee, but if youíre lookin for some fun, it might excite you... Depending, of course, on how easily excited you are. Oh wait! Thereís more! I take baths in food grade hydrogen peroxide and real salt! Thatís kind of exciting. One more thing ...   1,960 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth Side Effects?   by stilljillofark   18mo
Good catch on the clay colors,....we canít be too careful now especially! You were right too,...the bentonite is what youíre seeing with the Tractor supply! I have three differing ígradesí,....and I use all three. The heavy/grainier stuff should be only 1 tsp. or 1 gram per day. That is (5) 00 pills. The lighter, fine powder I take twice that much. I also use the lighter stuff in a detox bath once a week. Her is a GREAT short article on PURE water,...pure medicine. It talks about DE,...and clays in general. You have NOTHING to fear! ĒThis principle can be applied in medicin ...   1,081 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth safety   by dave505   11mo
I was taking DE about 1/2 teaspoon twice a day cause i was already constipated. Felt it helped me with the smaller ones but not the big ones (probably this dose is not enough)and also with toxins. No scattering for me then BUT yes kidney pain. Im not sure about the cause of that - my research showed: - not enough water intake - some said DE can affect kidney/possibly - candida dye-off toxins /DE affect also candida and some bacteria (you should expect some dye-off like) I would give it a try starting slow dose and increase step by step. I was taking it 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of ...   2,284 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous earth / kidney question   by earlgrey   9mo
From all the parasite treatments I tried, 1/4 teaspoon of ozonated olive oil or ozonated hemp oil...4 hours away from before bed works best...can be taken daily for life...I try to take it 5X a week   9,783 hits
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Re: Day 20 Diatomaceous Earth   by everything   10mo
Hope things get better, just sent you an email of, I hope encouragement. I did see your post on the liver forum which kind of seemed like you were freaking out, well .. I think many people under your circumstances would. Even I do with my condition, sometimes .. itís self actuating. I did not have stones from my ultrasound either. Iíve told the docs, I am passing stones, Iím doing this liver/gb flush, well .. so I also brought in all my supplements because they asked me to, well now my doctor says I need to go see a psychiatrist because Iím a health nut now. Donít worry about what o ...   304 hits

Re: Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and Aluminum   by Hveragerthi   3y
 I recently found a chemical analysis of DE ( The aluminum appears to have a high occurrence. Is this something to be concerned about? I drink DE saturated water nearly every day throughout the day. Should I cut back?  I would not worry about the aluminum for several reasons: 1.  Aluminum has never been linked to Alzheimerís.  It was an assumption based on presence.  Now it is believed that calcification may be responsible as one of the hypotheses. 2.  Aluminum is so prevalent in the Earthís crust that yo ...   677 hits
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Re: GAPS and diatomaceous earth - my story and what I eat   by petluvr10   3y
Indigoaura, u are a godsend! U have given me such awesome advice...I really appreciate the time u have taken to write such thoughtful responses! I wish I had your number...I have so many questions and would love to pick your brain for hours, lol. Your knowledge astounds me! 1. Iím still confused as to the difference between SCD and GAPS. What worries me is that SCD says that any probiotic strain other than acidolphilus (and those that are in yogurt, as well as sacro B) can contribute to overgrowth and SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth). Is this true? GAPS seems to promot ...   2,818 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth (foodgrade) rid me of intestinal w...   by kia124377   17d
I recently started DE and after the first day I came down with constipation. I took a ducalax but nothing yet. Maybe I should take another. I also have been feeling like the creapy crawlies and about my body and I get weird sensations all over. Is that normal.????   2,322 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous earth   by Qwer   9y
Iím surprised I solely got one reply. According to studies made on animals (cows, horses and bears), it successfully helped them get rid of parasites, increased the milk production of cows, the coats looked better, the horses growed faster. It seems good both for parasites and health in general, plus it seems to have similar detoxification properties to bentonite and activated charcoal. I just bough 5 pounds of the stuff. Very cheap, I think it will last at least 3 months, using a high dosage.   2,116 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth Helps Morgellons   by Bugbuster   21mo
Hey Birk, That is like music to my ears! So glad that you are finding good progress. It will certainly take a proactive attitude and effort towards our health to avoid this crap from overcoming us esp. since we are daily exposed to it. Many of my friends have no idea of what mankind is doing to themselves with the chemtrail nano stuff. I believe it is a matter of time before they become symptomatic though I hope I am wrong. If they do, I plan on helping them to get well like I have. Hang in there and keep fighting for your health. BB   1,517 hits
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Re: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) got rid of my worm...   by storyofmylife   7y
I think DE is a bunch of crap. I havenít had any luck at all with it. I bought it a few years ago because it was supposed to be a ĒsafeĒ way of ridding rodents of mites. It didnít do anything for my guys however I kept hearing of people using it for their chickens and it working miracles. Itís high quality food grade, I bought it from someone who specializes in ĒnaturalĒ ĒholisticĒ type animal stuff and sells it for farm animals mostly. So yes, itís the ĒRightĒ stuff. Since I have a huge 5lb container of it, I did my own experiments and tests with it by pouring it on whatever bug was a ...   11,313 hits
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Re: Stop diatomaceous earth   by Melissa36   7mo
K, cz I also notice tht everytime I eat, the odor worsens as well. I read something on this site as well abt Miralax helping. Do u think tht might work? Cz it turns out tht the Dr. didnít prescribe me a laxative after all... Just the Flagyl.   922 hits
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Re: Pinworms Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Here!   by caroline111   4mo
Hello, I have pinworms, I have only seen two though. All of my stools are clear of pinworms. Except for the two that I saw! I have just bought Food Grade DE, Iím hoping I will begin to expel any that are inside of me and start to see a die off. Did you see many before the DE? I am worried because iíve only seen two. Itís strange! Glad you are experiencing success and I hope youíre better by now! :)   362 hits
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Re: Silica: Diatomaceous Earth vs Horsetail Grass   by Hveragerthi   3y
 "A spoon full of DE should last several years if it is not poured off in the water." Will the water contaminate if it is not thrown away for years? I am a little bit concerned about this. Contaminate with what?  The water is constantly being cycled as you drink the DE saturated water and refill the container with more water.  The new water dissolves a little more of the DE and the cycle continues.   1,544 hits
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Re: de (diatomaceous earth)   by Trochung   6y
I agree entirely with bunnyfawn. I have been taking DE (2 level tsp. 3x/day in 4 - 6 oz water) for about a month. At first I thought DE was doing nothing, because I didnít see any worms in my stools; but as I continue taking it, I realize that my stools are made up of sliced and diced worms. Sometimes the stools appear solid, but when flushed or left in the water, they quickly disintegrate into particles. Some say DE is constipating, though that has not been my experience. Whatever the case, like bunnyfawn, I would recommend cleansing the colon to keep things moving while taking DE. ...   1,921 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth Side Effects?   by stilljillofark   25mo
I absolutely KNOW it is working because I am getting out HUGE, shredded tapeworm heads. Their skin, if you will, is nearly torn off of them. Before DE,...all I got was tapeworm segments. The heads were absolutely not dying or coming out until the past 6 weeks or so. Also,...the volume is way down after these weeks on DE. I guess I canít vouch for any other íspeciesí,...but if you have tapes,...DE is proving to me to be a powerhouse player in my fight. Indeed, try only what youíre comfortable with,...first. If it works, great. If not,...DE is here! :-)   1,833 hits
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Diatomaceous Earth - abscessed tooth without antibiotics   by HealthEnthusiast   25mo
  A few days ago I had what I think was an abscessed tooth, it was very painfull and I could not chew on that side of my mouth. It was beginning to affect my jaw and the lymph nodes in my neck. I happen to read a recent post on Diatomaceous Earth on this forum and since I already had some on hand, I took a heaping spoonful of it with water in the morning. In less than an hour, I could feel a big improvement and would say it improved 80% that day, needless to say, I’m now a believer in DE (food grade). I like DE because it’s cheap yet effective. I also love iod ...   4,884 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth - abscessed tooth without antibiotics   by paraboy   25mo
It takes a long time b4 iodine will saturate the tissues to the point of healing infections, unless u r taking super gram doses. I believe my tooth abscessed was triggered due to the iodine displacing heavy metals and maybe too many at one time for my body to handle at this stage. I agree with the silica and it also, chelates out aluminum.   Thanks, Paraboy   1,788 hits
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Re Re Humaworm and diatomaceous earth at the same time   by faithinME   9mo
Personally, I would take HW by itself. On my 2nd round in October, I bought a papaya and made papaya seed smoothies with coconut and still no signs of worms. Just was spicy and really quite unappetizing. I contacted HW to see if it was reasonable to expect to have complete eviction of all parasites with only one round, and they said that yes, that was not out of the ordinary, and if after going through round 2 of humaworm and not finding ascaris or parasites in my stool then I should be confident that I got them all the first time. You can imagine my joy! I will do a 3rd round in the ...   1,005 hits
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Re: AF + Diet Context + Tooth/Bone Healing + Diatomaceous...   by MrBBQ   4y
Interesting... I have no tolerance for dairy, which is something I love - I would drink a litre/quart of cream every day if I could...I used to tolerate dairy, but maybe I just didnít notice its effects ítil I cut it out (or my gut got leaky). Do you eat raw eggs whole, or just the yolks? I used to make an egg nog drink with 3 yolks and 2 whites, whizzed with melted butter or coconut oil and a dash of honey/cinnamon - pretty good. Now I just eat cooked whites with soft yolks and the occasional egg nog. How do you prepare yours?   1,962 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous earth and tapeworms   by LoricaLady   3y
Actually you may have seen the dead worm because the DE killed it. When you say your daughter has a tapeworm... Have you considered that you may have them too? (Also probably no one has just one.) See link below for cayenne pepper challenge test to see if you have tapeworms (sometimes one sees seseme seed looking or cut nut looking things instead of ďwhite riceĒ), for example. Hulda Clark says everyone she ever lab tested had tapeworms & everyone had other kinds of parasites as well. What helped me in case any of it can help you: ...   10,453 hits
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Re: diatomaceous earth??   by LoricaLady   3y
The sad truth is that you probably had parasites before your trip. Further, there may be bigger parasites, maybe a lot bigger, than those you have seen. I do know D.E. will kill some parasites. Whether it will kill, say, a huge ascaris with its tough skin I donít know it kind of doubt it. Curezone has a gallery of parasites that may be helpful for you to look at. See link below for cayenne pepper challenge test to see if you or any loved ones have tapeworms (sometimes one sees sesame seed looking things, or ďblanched almondsĒ but usually ďwhite riceĒ in the stools), for example. Many ...   2,753 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth   by indigoaura   3y
I would start with the one heaping tbsp a day as that is the recommended dose. I would mix in a coffee mug of water, tea, milk or any beverage that you normally drink. I use water but the taste doesnít bother me. I chug it, then rinse down with more water - dirt is chalky but painless. I actually take 2 tablespoons twice a day since I know I had worms and want to be sure they donít come back. I mix in my dogís food as well. The recommended human dose is 1 tbsp daily, so I will probably cut back in a month or two to 2 tablespoons. Daily recommended food grade diatomaceous eart ...   16,117 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth?   by #17163   9y
thanks so much for the details. I am sorry to hear that your health continues to be a problem after so much work. Perhaps this is a difficult parasite issue. Curious as to whether or not you have tried long fasts. I think if all else fails its a good last resort (maybe along with prayer..) Mark 9:29 He said to them, ĒThis kind can come out by nothing, except by prayer and fasting.Ē I hope you find the solution soon, I know its hard to keep working on ones health (for me 3 1/2 years) God Bless you.   2,219 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth Helps Morgellons   by Bugbuster   21mo
Hello, Dr. Staninger is in LA California. I consulted with her on the phone. Her protocol is very involved and it took me about a year to feel fully recovered. My lesions were red (not white) with orange like plastic looking fake scabs with fibers. I realized that what I was dealing with was not normal since the immune system didnít respond and cause an infection. There was no infection in any of the sores that I had and they didnít heal until I did all the detoxing and replenishing according to Dr. Sís protocol.   1,455 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous earth / kidney question   by HelpForAllofUS   13mo
I wrote the above a long time ago, I too have taken a bunch now (47 straight days at a high amount). If you have taken it for a year, everyday? How much per day? etc... I took 1 rounded tablespoon with some water 30 min before meals or anytime I ate anything for that matter. I feel like this was excessive. My intestines got alot of irritation and inflammation as evidenced by mucous in stool. However, I donít know whether to blame the DE or a dairy allergy, or possibly candida? I am just very curious is youíve had any problems at all, or are you taking breaks from it occasional ...   12,847 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth and Zeolite question   by Ottotron   3y
ĒI think my doc wants me to do teh Sea Salt and water for my adrenals, not as a flush. She said to do 1/4tsp in the AM in like 4oz water, and work up to 1 tsp.Ē Oops, my bad. The SWF uses 2 tsps sea salt, so you can disregard my SWF comments. ĒCan I mix the DE in my homemade veggie juice that I drink prior to my breakfast (I wash some supplement capsules down with the juice too)...or will this cause an interaction?Ē Juices are fine to mix with DE. Solid foods might blunt the effect of DE (vs an empty stomach) ... but DE is quite versatile, so it should still be effective.   7,729 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous earth   by freelastchance   9y
Hey! I have a whole box of it! I didnít know you could eat it. :) Could I put it in a smoothie? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Favorite Helpful Links: http://www/ - Dr. Hulda Clarkís Information Center and Official Web Site. - Free Colliodal Silver Report and the $10 Zapper. - Really good priced, good quality MSM - Good Kombucha Mushroom Culture for $10 and the Free Recipe.   2,287 hits
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Re: Putting my family on Diatomaceous Earth   by david1o1   10mo
I asked my grandmother about what doctors did about parasitic worms in the past and she told me that after world war 2, they had medicines to take several times a year to get rid of Ēintestinal wormsĒ. Curiously, i have never met a doctor who considers parasitic worms to infect people easily and who prescribes the anti helminths medecines in a high enough dose and often enough in the year to not be bothered by this issue.   529 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth (foodgrade) rid me of intestinal w...   by kia124377   17d
Thank you so much for your detailed explanation of the side effects. I too recently started taking DE and am constipated. I took a pill and it hasnít started kicking in yet. I am having other weird sensations like tiny microscopic things crawling out of every orfis. Is this normal??? Iím kind of freaking out. I assume my parasites are many???   2,332 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth safety   by Xelaetaks   11mo
The CDCís website says no blood test can detect all parasites - ĒBlood tests Some, but not all, parasitic infections can be detected by testing your blood. Blood tests look for a specific parasite infection; there is no blood test that will look for all parasitic infections. There are two general kinds of blood tests that your doctor may order: Serology This test is used to look for antibodies or for parasite antigens produced when the body is infected with a parasite and the immune system is trying to fight o ...   2,195 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth   by healing naturally   4y
It gets rid of parasites in the intestinal tract. A researcher told me that a little of the DE gets into the blood and that the DE has been known to get rid of heart worms (like dogs get, but sometimes people get also), but that it takes 6 months of faithfully taking enough DE to kill the heart worms. Since DE is roughly 85% silica, it must be the silica that is poisonous to parasites in addition to the DE simply slicing and dicing them inside of the intestinal track. The wolf sanctuary website says people need to take 2+ tablespoons of DE a day since the recommended amount of DE for a 100 ...   1,989 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth   by jameskep37   3y
I think you did not read my previous post. I did the earth works FOOD GRADE powder. DE is a type of clay (absorbent that can soak up water) Your telling me i need science to back up a common sense statement? Do me a favor and do your own scientific experiment and put the DE powder in small bowl with some water and see how much water it will soak up in a week. I think youll be surprised with the amount of water it can soak up in a week. The websites that i have ordered it from said that it can "absorb" some oils/fats. There is companies that have actually used it to soak up o ...   15,690 hits
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Diatomaceous Earth for little dog   by HarmonicCharge   5y
YES I finally caved in and bought some DE for my dog, his poor itchy skin is just red with irritation... Do I just sprinkle about a teaspoon on his entire body? He is a long haired chihuahua, 3.5 lbs on a heavy day :) He is sensitive to something, maybe pollen in the air AND if he gets an occassional flea bite, he will go nuts chewing and scratching at the bite. So, he canít have a flea anywhere near him! I was worried about him breathing in the powder dust, but his allergies are so bad now, Iíll try anything.   695 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth (foodgrade) rid me of intestinal w...   by dave505   22mo
Mommy youíre not hipocondriac. and like yourself NO STOOL WAS POSITIVE for years CAUSE THERY WERE POOR PERFORMED. especilly those made in the national entire extended familly and neighbours and collegues thought iím just deliring. I was having symptoms since 3-4 years now including depresion, anxiety, sleepness, constipation, indigestion, crawling... you name it. I was sure i have parasites and by symptoms i figure out it was giardia and pinworms. but nobody believed it. my GP gave me regularly antidepressant - i took them one it it was sufficient. than i got very very ill ...   63,151 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth (foodgrade) rid me of intestinal w...   by IBDgone   16mo
Hi there realeyez, Thanks for the info on DE. Canít wait to find it here in Italy and start using it. Iíve got Crohnís disease and am currently infested body and home with some kind of bed bugs. I live out in the country. Same thing happened 3 years ago and was eventually ĒcuredĒ by a cream of vaseline and sulfur which killed the bugs and the itching. I eliminated all my rantles in my lungs once by taking Miracle Mineral Solution by Jim Humble. So much phlegm came out... then no more. It kills Malaria in 2 hours flat. Read all about it. It is used in swimmi ...   53,885 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth Experiences   by needtobreathe   4y
Iíve been taking Food Grade DE off and on for a while and I notice I am more regular, have more energy and my nails are growing in thicker and stronger. When I first started to take it I think I experienced some die off effect, felt tired, achy and just blah. After a couple days is when I notice the energy and plus I sleep better at night. I love the stuff. Make sure it is a quality, food-grade Perma-guard. I think DE is good for people with AF due to the fact it is rich in minerals (silica, magnesium and calcium especially). You may try a lower dose? Maybe a tspn, onc ...   6,218 hits
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Diatomaceous Earth   by wilm72   2y   View Entire Thread 8
I ordered food grade DE from a company called Natureís Wisdom. The DE is a fine powder - is that okay? For some reason, I thought it was going to be grainy. Also, is it best to work up to 1 tablespoon twice a day gradually? When I first start taking it, is it best to begin with about 1 teaspoon once a day or 1 teaspoon twice a day? Iím using it for pinworms by the way. The literature that was sent with it does not specific a dosage amount. Thanks.   1,712 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth   by LoricaLady   4y
I take DE every day on an empty stomach, about 1 heaping tbsp in water or juice or Kombucha. It has been about two months or so since I started taking it. It got rid of tapeworm segments overnight almost. The only side effect I have seen is improvement in my skin tone & taugtness & nails that grow faster and are more strong. People give this to pets. No one Iíve seen on the net is reporting any side effects at all for pets or people. I mix it in with my catsí dry cat food and they donít seem to mind it at all, and also have shown no ill effects from it. The stomach & intestines are ...   1,413 hits
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Can Diatomaceous Earth cause scattering?   by sanjean   4y   View Entire Thread 4
I just read that DE can irritate the bugs and they will then move out of the gut and scatter into other parts of the body. Unfortunately, this sounds highly possible and particularly disturbing. Iíve been taking 2 Tablespoons of DE a day for about 6 weeks now and did see some interesting things that my body spit out in the first week or 2 but I have noticed that I have recently felt the same thumping that happened when I took herbs and zapped. Then the bugs scattered all over and Iíve noticed recently that I have had that unusual thumping that I now recognize as some kind of parasite mo ...   2,214 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth-possible allergy?   by mshelski   59d
I just bought some íDiatomaceous-Food Gradeí from the States. I have been taking it as part of an anti-parasitic program x1 heaped tsp twice daily. Over the last 2 weeks I have been getting the feeling of a racing heart and heart palpitations throughout the day. This morning I was really scared because as soon as I drank it my head started feeling really hot, red and prickly like. My skin also got really tight and little bumps started appearing everywhere on my skin. It then continued to spread all over my body like an allergic reaction. These symptoms seem quite common, even for people wh ...   824 hits
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Re: diatomaceous earth didn't work   by Newport   7y
I tried that stuff once and it almost killed me. Certainly a no no in any diet for people with damaged intestines and that would include all infected by parasites. Also I can see some effectivness against tapeworms but there is other stuff if all you want to do is get rid of the segments yet keep the head alive. As for flukes I am not sure how many even live in the gut, most are liver, lymph, pancreas and blood...   3,855 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous earth / kidney question   by King13   9mo
Yeah to add on to this conversation I have some minor kidney problems and I took a small amount today and wham, back pain and headaches like no other. Painfull stools and painful urination for the first time in a LONG TIME. Iím gonna go ahead and steer clear of DE from now on.   9,750 hits
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Diatomaceous Earth-possible allergy?   by #88426   4y   View Entire Thread 16
Itís really time for me to do another parasite cleanse, but I canít afford it right now, so I decided to try some things I had that were cheaper.... I have never tried Alfalfa that I know of, and so I bought some because I heard it was really good for alkalizing your body. I drank a cup, and then I remembered that I had some Diatomaceous Earth that I had used on my pets for fleas....I had just read that it was very good for parasites, so I put half a teaspoon in a glass of milk and stirred it up and drank it. I immediately felt BAD and SCARED. I got really hot, kind of dizzy,and a ...   12,409 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous earth / kidney question   by #128526   4y
Thanks for your reply Cargoshorts66. Im at a lose as to what to do. The pain is still there and there has been quite a noticeable change to the frothiness of my urine which I know is protein even though I dont eat any meat. This kidney pain and frothy urine always go together which is why I was thinking that I may have damaged my kidneys more. Also the fact that I feel very sick and have thrown up plus I have really dark circles around my eyes that have appeared overnight make me think that something is wrong. (Any ideas HV?) I am always dehydrated due to my kidney issues so dont kn ...   24,608 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous earth and clays   by illysmanx   21mo
Cutting..? Yick, Iíd like to see those reports. utting..? Yick, Iíd like to see those reports. :) I donít know if Montmorillite is considered a bentonite clay or nor. Iíve have to research the subject. I can just stay teensily on the subject of Iodine though, I mixed my Lugolís powder into a 30% solution with distilled water some two days ago, and have been using between 2-3 drops of it in my supplement-juice. Iíve been using the kelp powder otherwise. Lots and lots. (well, up against that tiny 500-mcg spoon they put in the container, a half-teaspoon is huge!)   1,348 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth....aluminum content   by Hveragerthi   4y
 Any idea why itís causing this hypertension and heart pain for me please? Not based on such limited information.  There are a number of things that can cause hypertension.  I cover them here:   6,358 hits
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Re: GAPS and diatomaceous earth - my story and what I eat   by petluvr10   3y
Thank u SO much for the info!!!! U are such a big help! I am currently reading up on SCD...I ordered the GAPS books and will dive into those soon. The thing that worries me about SCD is that it allows honey and fruits---two things that directly feed pathogens. Did u do the Intro Diet on GAPS (the bone broth soups and 24hr fermented yogurt)? Are u consuming 24hr fermented yogurt? Iím thrilled ur child is doing so well! You saved her life!!!! How is GAPS simpler then SCD? They both seem a bit complex to me. SCD recommends lactobacillus, while GAPS recommends a full-spec ...   3,148 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade   by snazzberriez   9mo
Do you know what brand yours came as? I checked amazon and saw a ton of different ones. I tried calling around to local stores and all they could say was try a feed store.. which makes me wary of the cleanliness of the product for some reason! Thank you for your response!!!   1,533 hits
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Re: R-ALA, Diatomaceous Earth, and Zeolite advice   by jhan   3mo
You say: What tests I have had done indicated high adrenal stress, candida overgrowth in small intestines, and Iíve had a few blood tests with high phosphate. A spinal arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis runs in the family. Iíve been on this journey for a few years. Ē Spining head, especially so just after doing a mvt of standing up is adrenal fatigue - My naturopath tests it taking my blood pressure sitting down and then again standing to see. Chelating is hard on the kidneys hence and on the adrenals. Try rotating chelation and kidney cleases. Jhan   447 hits
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Re: Diatomaceous earth   by #172382   15mo
Thanks, everyone, for all the replies and info. I donít know for sure if I have parasites yet...Iím waiting on the results of my second GI Effects test. The last one said 4+ candida and Ēparasite positive taxidermy unknown.Ē Iíve never seen a parasite and I lack most of the symptoms, but I feel that something has to explain why I am constantly bloated and why my candida has not responded to ten months of treatment.   1,406 hits
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Re: Ordered Praziquantel, Diatomaceous Earth, and lots of...   by tomato   6y
I have tried the Diatomaceous Earth. I spoke to Gayle about this and all my uses of it. Maybe I didnít talk to board about it? I put in my shoes and all the family. I place around my chairs in house and in the vehicles to clean away any minute thing lingering. I put on my shelves to discourage the flying things and the lying things that happen upon various areas. I spread in the yard and on floors. I leave there to run off the fleas we had problems with and we donít own dogs or cats. How yards get fleas??? I donít think the town dogs come visiting much? It is good for ants too. ...   1,463 hits
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