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What parasite is this?   by Cleft-Asunder   5y   View Entire Thread 3
I still canít find a name for this. I have a worm-like parasite infestation on my body. But the front of the prasite is shaped like a diamond with a black speck in the center of it, and a tail. The smaller ones are light yellow, while the large ones are grey with a wale fin on the end of the tail. Originally I thought it was demodex. But these things can be really big up to the length of a finger nail. Perhaps demodex mutates to a larger size if the opportunity (weak immune system) arises? Any way, Iíve been using bentonite clay mixed with 3 large lemons. It removes them instantly, but ...   1,168 hits
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Re: Salicylic Acid and Zits   by anja   6y
Hi Mollie, thanks for that link, I had been using a really awful-smelling, sulfur and zinc oxide product from China aimed at killing demodex mite, thinking that was the cause of my adult acne that popped up in the last few years. Hasnít been helping in the long run, so I just ordered the acne kit from this company you provided the link for, and I might try some of their other ĒmatureĒ skin products, since at 40 my skin is starting to look older than I think it should. Did you have the acne and rosacea before starting iodine? What do you think about the suggestion of demodex as a possibl ...   3,264 hits
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Re: What sort of acne?   by DawnWine   6y
I would bath in epsom salts and borax. Maybe even a bit of HO. I would take a tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar 3 times a day. I would take MSM to support your skin. You may have demodex. But you also have staph. You not only want to clear out your liver, but support your skin. The epsom salts and borax are good for demodex and staph. The ACV will help your body get to a more acidic level, and fight the staph infection. You can take the iodine in the ACV. Then get some sunlight. Or light other than the bulbs and fluorescents that are everywhere. I might even go to a tanning s ...   2,373 hits
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Re: What sort of acne?   by trysten3000   6y
I do little to my skin besides once a day using the zz cream to treat the demodex mites. I wash it with organic soap in the morning, then apply a moisterizer like jojoba oil. Then sometimes I use tea tree oil where the bad infections are (seems to lessen the pain). Then unfortunately, makeup (gotta for work). After work, gently as possible wash the makeup off. I moisterize, let it soak in. Then before bed, I apply my anti demodex cream as gently as possible and go to sleep. The zz is the most important step. I absolutely must stay with that program. Anything else Im willing to change or ...   2,186 hits
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skin cream?   by trysten3000   6y
Hey thanks for this post! I had no idea humaworm had developed a cream for skin parasites! Im suffering from some type of skin parasite causing my terrible facial breakouts. I at first assumed it was the demodex mite but now Im not so sure. Its some type of mite/bug though.. I might go over to his forum and ask him if he thinks it will help me. I dont think I can use the zz cream from demodex solutions anymore. It seemes to kill mites but it destroys my delicate facial skin in the progress and the irritation is so terrible I simply cannot go on. :(   1,998 hits
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Will freezing kill demodex?   by Trysten3000   7y   View Entire Thread 4
Ha ha..this is probably a dumb question that no one will answer..but I was wondering if there is some way to kill demodex mites in makeup by freezing the makeup. I have these really big jars of VERY expensive mineral makeup that are only about halfway gone, but I know they are infested. Would putting them in the freezer for a few days kill off any mites or bacteria? Or should I just suck it up and toss them (I think I already know the answer haha..just curious if the demodex might not be able to tolerate the cold). P.S. I went and bought all new makeup today anyway I just hate to throw ...   6,892 hits
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Re: Distressed..what are Chances liver flushing will help?   by bluandyelo   7y
Just one more idea.... may have no affect at all, but I just got rid of my old pillow, and I am finding that already my skin is smoother, and I have much less crawly sensations on my face! I donít have acne, so canít report on that, but I am pretty sure there was a colony of demodex living in my pillow. Gross I know.... even with frequent washing of sheets and pillow cases with eucalyptus oil, the crawlies kept coming back until the last few days without that nasty pillow which have been great. I know you havenít complained of crawlies, but you said your acne is worse on one side than t ...   1,225 hits
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I have demodex mites, PLEASE HELP!!!   by #84230   7y   View Entire Thread 17
I did the test, and I have demodex mites. My hair has been failing out for months now and itching like crazy, including my eyebrows and eyelashes. My face and body gets tingling sensations right before they break out into whiteheads. I donít want to spend alot of money on the zz cream from, and heard that ponds cold cream suffocates these mites. Can I use ponds cold cream as an effective treatment to kill these things? Are there any other cheaper alterantives to killing these mites? I heard that borax and butt paste rash cream for babies are good for demodex mites to ...   90,333 hits
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Re: It's kind of pointless worrying about acne...   by trysten3000   7y
I have scars but mine seem to fade with time..some of the deep ones remain. One thing Ive noticed, my scarring was much worse when using BP. Im doing the demodex mite treatments from demodex solutions now. These treatments are quite harsh, but Ive noticed that once cysts and boils eventually heal, the skin underneath it looks almost new. They heal a lot faster without BP too, it seemed like when using BP my skin would take months to heal. NOw they are severe, but on their way to getting well in a couple weeks.   6,956 hits
Forum: Acne

Re: DEMODEX MITES Killed by Ionize Silver   by eksangha   8y
Sure, Iím using Silver Smart from Dr. Clark. Here is my failing finding. It seem that CS when applied to the scalp kill some of the Demodex but some not. Iím puzzled. Test after test, even with a 30ppm. It only work on weaker one, I think. I would like to use 100ppm but I feel it might be too dangerous to the participant. Iím new to this CS thing. DEmodex canít be kill by NORiftRife zapper at 682 frequency. Canít be kill by vitamin c, cayenne, ozone water, salt. borax, L-lysine,lugol, and dr.clark, parasite clean protocol. More test to be conduct.   3,516 hits
Forum: Colloidal Silver

Re: Elomite Cream   by 77777   8y
notdoctor: Thanks for sharing this. I didnít know anything about demodex. I would like to ask you some question. From what ive read, demodex lives in hair follicules. Did your doctor told you that it could also live in the lips? Are you sure it is called "elomite"? What does it contain? Is it the same as elamite? How long have you been using elimite cream and how many times a day? Thanks and take care.   2,656 hits
Forum: Peeling Lips

Re: Rosacea GONE with Ivermectin   by #16844   3y
You may as well try your local pet pharmacy. (Or farm pharmacy) Talk to the pharmacist and see if he or she will do it for you. I donít think iver is Rx only for pets. It worked immediately -- that is, it cleared up a lot of stuff over night. Then I used it again 3 nights later and more cleared up. Now itís just clearing on its own. Iíll use more in another couple of nights. I am being very conservative. But it is making visible changes. As long as youíre pretty sure itís demodex this will work. Not all rosacea is demodex, but a lot of it is. You know you can just order iver on ...   18,708 hits
Forum: Demodex Mites   Acne

Re: constant nausea and zits   by glaxony   25mo
I do not want to discourage you from systemic cleansing because everyone needs that, too. But 90% of all acne is caused by microscopic mites called demodex. Do a google search for Demodex Solutions and see what comes up. I used the sulphur cream and it made my face break out into a road rash for two weeks. It took six weeks for it to clear. Then all my zits went away for a couple of years before I needed to do it again. Be sure to clean your face daily with cold cream or Vasoline as that stuff suffocates them.   997 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Strange skin condition   by foutzsche   28mo
Thank you so much. Yes, I will add HCl supplement, Iím sure my stomach acid is low. Just one more question. At the moment Iím using Finacea which contains azelaic acid (antimicrobial propriety) because Iím afraid not to use anything, since if there is demodex, which I cannot exclude, that if will proliferate rapidly in the absence of any antimicrobial substance. But on the other side, there is in me a strong feeling that I should trust in my organismís natural forces and that putting those substances on my skin create only more imbalances, which I try to correct by adapting your Plan, ...   735 hits
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Re: pimples and bad smell in mouth   by glaxony   27mo
90% of all acne is caused by demodex. Go to this website and it will tell you how to do a test to find out if hers are: Demodex Solutions The products work. Used as recommended it takes about 6 months to get rid of acne. Bad breath can be solved in about 90% of all cases by brushing the tongue. Yes, it will make you gag at first. But you get used to it. And bad breath is making other people gag, so it is important to do so. It doesnít take much brushing to reset the gag reflex and she will soon be brushing all the way back. If these suggestions do not work, click the cleanse b ...   1,926 hits
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Re: Demodex in eyelashes?   by eyeshaveit   29mo
How did the eyelash cream from Demodex Solutions work? Do you still have mites? I have been losing loads of eyelashes after a case of blepharitis this spring, and have developed apparent eye allergies and occasional dry eyes. Iíve been using various methods to stop my eyelash loss, such as castor oil, tea tree oil in macadamia carrier oil, and recently caraway oil in macadamia carrier oil, but 8 weeks later, itís still not stabilized. Also, have you heard from anyone else about the Demodex Solutions eye cream? Thanks!   3,078 hits
Forum: Demodex Mites   Acne   Rosacea   Zapper Support

Re: Rotifer   by MENDOMAID   3y
Demodex, a microscopic parasite which causes skin and outer ear problems in some prople looks sort of like a rotifer. A different species causes mange in pets. A guy on the Parasite Support forum posted about a similar problem, had some small parasite looking things in his cracked heels. I suggested he take zinc to stop his heels from cracking and use a balanced Vit B supplement for skin health. Skin parasites such as mites can be treated with Diatomaceous Earth and there are several natural treatments online which contain various oils. Search for íhuman demodexí There are many parasite ...   3,605 hits
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Re: Dermodex are eating well...   by Labrat The Tenacious   4y
fungihomeworld, Your mite does look well fed. I can only imagine what she is thinking,ĒI always thought the fungus would get me only to be scooped up by a giant alien blade ship. Itís a jungle out there in this HomeworldĒ. You got an excellent picture of the girl (based on the shape). It appears to be somewhere in the 300X to 400X magnification range. I do concur that it is a Demodex. Do you think Demodex mites are causing you any problem? They usually are benign except in people with suppressed immune systems. I would imagine you qualify for a suppressed immune system based o ...   3,288 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Morgellons

Flea that infests humans and what it might carry   by whenwillitend   19mo I have a slide that came from my own skin of this flea...Iíve saved it for my doctor..on that same sample is several demodex mites...I believe I already had the demodex and a few others, but over a year ago was living in a motel where the water came from a well and in a deer tick infested area... I was very ill for over a month with extreme fatigue, pain, stomach problems..including blood in the stool and ended up going by ambulance to the hospital for r ...   485 hits
Blog: skin and scalp problems

Re: Demodex from HELL..Relief finally!   by justmejb   24mo
Hi everyone that read my post Ē demodex from hellĒ ..its been 37 days since i started using ponds cold cream and tea tree oil..i also bought borax powder and dissolve that and splash on my face and pat dry. I use borax on my body once a week too buy may need to everyday. My face has been looking clearer and no more tickling. The skin doesnít feel thick either as it did when the tickling was present ..thank goodness. But Iíve noticed what i thought were spots appearing on my forearms and chest..bur in sunlight i saw they were indentions!!..oh no!! Demodex devils moved!!? Iíve put tea tre ...   1,770 hits
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Re: SSKI 22 months...   by seek2clean   23mo
Fivetoes, yes I have looked into Demodex, as it started in eye area looong ago with blepharitis symptoms, but at that point all bodily systems were in chaos. I will give Lugols time to work. It seems possible the prolific Demodex may have found my terrain hospitable - skin has changed very much in several years. While I have made great strides in regaining health I seem to have a strange random freckling, clusters - like small version of liver spots. Also I am 11 years free of alcohol, but may be dealing with the consequences of lots of whiskey! seek2clean (I have written much in past ...   644 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Re: a bit of help with iodine please   by #167252   22mo
Fivetoedsloth did you deal with demodex? Or do you know anyone who dealt with this issue? Today my eyebrows itched like crazy and I had a look online for this demodex and it made me feel sick only seeing pictures of it and of the damage it can cause. When you say iodine kills it in time how long it could take? And is it sure that iodine works for it? I really canít believe it is happening to me. Itís like a nightmare. And I canít believe you have so much patience with me and others like me.   1,210 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Re: Weapons Of Mite Destruction   by bentnail   12mo
Hi Iím glad you found a cure for your condition. I keep an open mind about things so Iíll look into the Tinidazole and demodex mites which cause rosacea but I am quite sure Iíve been treating some kind of scabies mite, not demodex mite. The reason I am sure is I have/have had multiple symptoms associated with scabies: especially serpiginous (ĒSĒ shaped)lesions, crusted lesions, raised burrows with a dead mite at one end, ĒnestsĒ, ĒnodesĒ as well as the itching, to name a few. They are scabies because they respond to Ivermectin, Benzemul, and (diluted, 6%) clove essential oil. (WARNI ...   2,271 hits
Forum: Scabies Cures

Re: OT for iodine forum, but I felt need to tell you   by mango1   15mo
Well, I have heard of it but I am not sure I could do it. Also itís not really acne that I have technically. Itís mild papulopustular rosacea due to an allergy to demodex mite or the miteís droppings. I have not found anything about urine killing demodex mites specifically, and Iím not sure Iíd want to try that just to see... Itís also quite difficult to figure out what works and what doesnít, as it takes months to see improvement even if something is working. If you have heard of any papulopustular rosacea cases cured with this though, I suppose Iíd have to think about it :)   1,232 hits
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Re: Dont know what to try next   by braveheart007   17mo
you probably have a couple of things, demodex mites and a nat parasite. I read somewhere a Dr in guam put out a notice in the newspaper that people who were suffering from allergy like symtoms could have a nat parasite. There are a number of people that have nats in their system. google it. Try a bit of dry mustard powder (not very much as it can burn like crazy) in your favourite lotion. I use coconut oil. dry mustard powder killes demodex mites instantly. wipe it all over your skin at night and fry those critters!! :)   1,282 hits
Forum: Parasites: Skin   Demodex Mites

Re: Crawling on scalp and hair loss! help!!   by rob m   8mo
6% sulfur cream kills demodex mites, get ur pharmacy to make it up, 6% sulfur in aqueous cream. (Aqueous is the cream base). Its cheap. Put it on ur face just before it gets dark & leave it on all night every night. Use it on ur face or eye brows, Ur eye brows will grow back just like mine did. Buy sulfur powder & mix it in with ur shampoo, use around a level teaspoon mix with the usual amount u use per wash (use a cup add a level teaspoon then add abit of shampoo & stir add a tad of hot water & stir). Lather on ur scalp & leave for 15-30 minutes then wash out ( only do this when its dar ...   10,330 hits
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Re: Jock itch   by glaxony   65d
i am pro petroleum jelly that it clogs the pores is the solution for suffocating demodex mites living in the pores if you have no demodex on the skin, it wonít cause white heads, just makes skin supple puts a layer of protection to keep the mites off it protects from skin parasites and cures if you already have them i love love love petroleum jelly in my 60th rotation around the sun many people are asking me what i use on my face when i tell them petroleum jelly twice daily they are shocked it works better than christian dior and costs a lot less if i had started ...   204 hits
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Re: Candida infection all over my body?   by braveheart007   19mo
Ok stop it getting down on Dr.s that is not helpful. I have these black things coming out all over my body and face too. Now I thought they were demodex mites as they fit the bill except I can see them and supposidly you canít see demodex mites. So what are they? I have tissues full of them, big ones, look like lice/mite and then baby ones. I used to do the tto stuff but now I just slather myself with coconut oil after morning shower and evening bath and then I pick them off with tweezers. Iím on like day 7 doing this. One came out of my eye into the corner of my eye and it really hurt. Ií ...   2,030 hits
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DE Facial   by Charly   5y   View Entire Thread 4
I finally got Diatomaceous Earth and started using it. My husband questioned the safety of it. I was finally convinced by the users on this forum. I bought it mainly to add to my drinking water, but there are so many uses. I read about making a facial out of it, here - I think it was a post from MamaCatPatch - but I changed it a bit. I have a mild case of rosecea and always wondered if it was demodex mites... I used cold cream for a year hoping to smother them if I had this - didnít clear it up. I mixed a small amount of water with some DE and applied it to my face, let dry and ...   1,440 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Elomite Cream   by notadoctor   8y   View Entire Thread 7
I had peeling lips among my other skin problems and I found something that really helped. First every day I take one Cod Liver Oil capsule. Also I take probiotics. But the thing that has helped the most not just with my peeling lips but my skin in general, is Elomite Cream. It is to kill Demodex Folliculorum. It has to be prescribed by a doctor. In this case my dermatologist prescribed it to me because nothing else we tried was making my face itch less. Since I have started using it I have noticed much better skin and my lips do not peel at all anymore. They used to peel incredi ...   3,064 hits
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Re: Elomite Cream   by Notadoctor   8y
I have not been on Curezone in a while, but I just read all of the replies. First of all, I think it is spelled Elimite and I had spelled it wrong originally (on my container it just says ĒPermethrin 5%Ē. Second, I use it once a week and it has been a month now that my lips have not peeled. I am feeling my lips now and they feel incredibly smooth. Under the drug information it says that one use is generally curative, but that is only true with treating scabies which this medication is also meant to be used on. Since everybody has demodex on their skin and it is very easy to get inf ...   3,026 hits
Forum: Peeling Lips

Re: Itching Sensations..   by anja   8y
check out Itís a company based in China that makes topical treatments for what they believe is the root cause of most adult acne and rosacea - Demodex mite. Apparently most people carry it, but some people react more than others to it. It can be on the scalp, as well, some people have it on their back - they live deep in sebaceous glands. There is a lot of information there, and their discussion forum moderator is very helpful. I used their Zongzhou ointment for about six weeks because based on my own observations of my symptoms, I felt I had picked up ...   1,305 hits
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DEMODEX MITES Killed by Ionize Silver   by eksangha   8y   View Entire Thread 6
Good news everyone. You can auctually kill the Demodex mites with CS (ionize silver)a 25ppm strenght. Under a microscope I added one tiny drop of (fresh) cs to the living Demodex, in less than 2 minutes, The mites died. At first I thought maybe the liquid drown it. Prior to this experinmentation. I tried to add one drop of 3 day old 25ppm cs but the mite still swiming, crawling for a long time 30minutes or so and the still the mite didnít die. The cs stored in the amber brown glass. Three days old make the cs weak, I donít know. My experinment is not end there. Iím pouring 1 ...   7,197 hits
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Re: mitholodian girl and rosacea/candida sufferers, I wou...   by vidalia   9y
the best thing i have done for myself are the liver flushes. go to Andreas forum- order his book the liver cleanse and do that until you are clean. there is a way to flush your liver so you can do it with ease. i have used this method. also- go to the demodex website. do a could also have mites on your facial skin.....seriously. it is a very informative site. i think itís but remember to flush your liver and follow Andreas protocal exactly. i have also used Goji juice for the past 6 months. that has helped a lot too. i know itís a juice- but i had candi ...   4,571 hits
Forum: Acne   Accutane Survivors

Quick update on my health journey   by Trysten3000   7y
Well the demodex mite treatments certainly are causing an apocolyptic meltdown on my face. I truly feel there is a war going on. Scattering, screaming, angry mites running around in my skin. Skyscr...   1,635 hits
Blog: Destination Health

New mite theory, and started my parasite cleanse!   by Trysten3000   7y
Im taking a different approach now. Ive become suspicious that demodex mites may be a part of this horrible puzzle. So Ive been doing Glaxony's cold cream therapy every day for about a week now. My...   2,021 hits
Blog: Destination Health

Re: Acne questions from an acne sufferer   by trysten3000   6y
I have that book. I did most everything in it, and while he is right about a lot of things, I dont think it can cure acne neccessarily. Its a case by case thing. Something I found out recently is about demodex mites. I now feel that the mites are a BIG part of the situation causing my acne. Ive been treating them for 6 weeks now. I believe weak immune system, hormonal problems, toxins in the body, etc. Can make you weak to the mites and set off flares on your skin. I think thats why liver flushing helps so many people, as well as the other cleanses ...   1,835 hits
Forum: Acne

Human Demodex Soap and Borax   by just a woman   12y   View Entire Thread 13
Dear guys, Have any of you heard of these mite that lives in human face skin and causes a lot of disfiguring like acne and blotchy skin? Well, I have seen a message about it on acne forum and decided to try Chinese soap that has natural ingredients. I have ordered it through the Internet, even though the guy who told about human demodex bought it at an herb store. In addition to the Demodex soap which is costly (about $20), I got from the same people soap with borax and moisturizing cream with the same as the Demodex soap ingredients (the total was $60 :(). I ...   24,510 hits
Forum: Acne

Extremely itchy eyes from treatmeant for ridding dermodex...   by qujexz   6y   View Entire Thread 4
Hi, I have been trying to treat demodex infestation for my Keratosis Pilaris for about 3+ weeks with Sea Buckthorn products. My skin on my face and arms started getting significantly better only 3 days after using the Sea Buckthorn soap, shampoo and lotion (which shocked me cause I was expecting a break out phase). However a few days ago I started using the Sea Buckthorn oil for the first time, and it got worse (but not thaaaat much) so I guess Iím in the breakout phase now. Donít know how to explain the sudden extreme (temporary) recovery 3 days into the treatment though. Anyway, ...   7,899 hits
Forum: Demodex Mites

Re: Why has cleansing never worked?   by Tioh   7y
Plasticat, I have read over a few of your messages to get a good idea of your symptoms. Believe me, I can relate! There have been times my face has been so covered in pustules, there was no visible skin to be seen. It does look like the plaque! I know what it is like to not be able to leave the house. No matter how strict my diet or how many cleanses I did, my face was still a mess. Well, my skin today is not perfect but it is much, much better and I no longer get pustules. It took me years to figure out what was wrong we me (canít even remember how many doctors Iíve been to wh ...   3,663 hits
Forum: Ask CureZone

Re: Why has cleansing never worked?   by plasticat   7y
I have tried the demodex soap and lotion before and it dried my skin out to a crisp. I dried my skin out to the point that it basically had no flexibility whatsoever. The soap for demodex is soooo harsh. My face already has no moisture. I did the demodex self-test years ago when I first started to have these problems. This one company sent me a kit in the mail that I could swab the skin and put the sample under the microscope (my dad has a microscope). They showed pictures exactly what the mites looked like and I showed no evidence of mites. I guess I could test again, but my ski ...   3,522 hits
Forum: Ask CureZone

Demodex Mite/Acne/Rosacea   by anja   9y
So I just started another round of De-Wormer last night. I know I should fast, but Iím just not ready. My diet is pretty clean, mostly raw, though not perfect, and Iíll confess to being under more stress than usual lateley. I developed an itchy, red rash with bumps around my nose about a month ago that isnít getting better. I know my immune system is compromised right now because Iím developing seasonal allergies for the first time ever, also a plantarís wart, and yeast flared up. Also more pimples. I read that Demodex mite is implicated in adult acne and rosacea, and I suspected ...   758 hits
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Seb. Derm. additional thoughts. Try Zinc Pyrithione first...   by crazylife4   5y   View Entire Thread 3
Joellie. Your message says you still have a rash even after using the Honey. Trust me, the zinc pyrithione will get rid of the white areas, but without seeing you, it is very difficult to advise anything for any rash you may still have. Here are my thoughts: Go to a doctor for an exact diagnosis, if you havenít already. They wonít be able to help, but at least you will know where to start looking to help yourself. I do not advise the Eldel gel at all. It has a black box warning, and should only be used as a last resort. Order the Z Care. Try the Head and Shoulders on the areas, if yo ...   9,381 hits
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Re: Human Demodex Soap and Borax   by Karl   11y
I recently learned about the human demodex connection when I spotted a simple, anonymous, non-commercial glossy leaflet in my local health food store. It said: ****************************************************************** NEWS RELEASE Over 98% of adults are infected with a parasite that causes ugly skin. A team of doctors in China isolated a small unseen parasite called human demodex that can cause peoplesí complexion to become rough, lumpy and reddish, as well as hair loss, premature aging of the skin, enlarged pores and acne. The parasite looks like a microscopic worm, and ...   22,003 hits
Forum: Acne

Re: Trying a new cold cream   by #144063   3y
YOU DO NOT HAVE DEMODEX MITES/PARASITES I thought I was a suffered of Demodex Mites for 10 months. Every day for 10 months I felt those ĒbugsĒ crawling and wiggling. I spent about $2K buying creams to include Ponds Cold Cream, lotions, soaps, shampoos, going from doctor to doctor who either ignored me, or gave into my demands for Ivermectim. I even purchased 10 boxes of Borax laundry detergent to bath in, tea tree oil, colloidal silver ĖI was desperate!!!! to no avail. I saw 4 Demonologist, 1 Neurologist, and 1 Immunologist without any success. I worried my Primary Cary Doctor ...   38,504 hits
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Re: self diagnosed with morgellons pls help   by Cookey   3y
YOU DO NOT HAVE DEMODEX MITES/PARASITES I thought I was a suffered of Demodex Mites for 10 months. Every day for 10 months I felt those ĒbugsĒ crawling and wiggling. I even felt worms wiggling out of the crown of my head. I spent about $2K buying creams to include Ponds Cold Cream, lotions, soaps, shampoos, going from doctor to doctor who either ignored me, or gave into my demands for Ivermectim. I even purchased 10 boxes of Borax laundry detergent to bath in, tea tree oil, colloidal silver ĖI was desperate!!!! to no avail. I saw 4 Demonologist, 1 Neurologist, and 1 Immunologi ...   2,879 hits
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Re: do not know what is wrong with me   by Megabite   3y
Well if it is Demodex mites, than they tend to dig deeper when irritated by something on the surface. Hence the bleeding They burrow into hair follicles, so you have to hit them from the internal, and use something on the skin at the same time. MSM cream is one thing to use. A Zapper helps immensely, and an oral herbal program like Humaworm at the same time. Check your inbox I responded to your PM.....   3,159 hits
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Re: could you let me know what and when you get cured?I ...   by Natural Cure   3y
If you are not sure you have Scabies or Demodex and you are experiencing itchy bumps, paper cuts, lesions, red ípinheadí marks, dry, hard scaly skin, swollen follicles, or red itchy eye/ lashes then you may find some helpful info in this blog: (Not affiliated with any Business - Nor Selling any products - statistics or other- just sharing personal experiences)   4,922 hits
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Re: Demodex in eyelashes?   by LeeRoyy   29mo
i didnít use this cream for one of the reason - it made in China and if it is from china it is most likely cheep and bad, made in bad condition etc. i am using Eyes n Mites lotion, it is natural product made in THE USA, in FDA Approved Lab, It helps almost immediately, i felt relief from itching. been using it for about two weeks now on and off. recommend to anyone who has the demodex mites in eye lashes and eye brows.   2,868 hits
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Re: My first parasite and its a doozie   by glaxony   27mo
start taking sski immediately, best source is Trapperís (ask Trapper forum) imho put some tea tree oil, eucalyptus, thyme and whatever essential oils you have on hand in grape seed oil and rub on your skin, a strong smelling formula eat raw organic vegetables and juice juice juice order demodex solutions soap if it is a doozie you will have to fight with all your might the biggest cannon in the arsenal against parasites is bloodroot it is not for sissies i donít recommend it if there is anything else that will work for you   1,343 hits
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Re: constant nausea and zits   by MENDOMAID   25mo
Most people carry Demodex in their skin but it is not considered the cause of acne. Hulda Clark found the roundworm Trichinella in all of the acne cases she saw and wrote that it was involved in acne along with some bacteria and hormone imbalances. She advised using a Zapper or frequency generator set at404.5 KHz extending 5 KHz on each side to be sure to include (killing) all eggs and other molt stages. She found that this treatment cleared up acne in 10 days.   1,092 hits
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Re: Can someone identify these please   by shroom   5y
Hi BB This could be a number of things, and likely antigen specific problem [genetics-sorry] Viral is one example, and sounds like you might have a problem with demodex mites. This leads to certain hormonal issues--likely excessive. This could be affecting you microbial ecology. I would try and avoid sugar, and greasy food. Adjust your diet with healthy oils. Iím no nutritionist, but I think certain dietary adjustments could benefit you. Shroom   1,181 hits
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Re: Perioral dermatitis a detox of HW?   by needtobreathe   3y
Thanks for the input...I havenít drank as much water as I should be the past couple days. I was also wondering if it could be demodex mites? I would assume the the HW would make them quite uncomfortable... Iíve had a history of adult onset acne and rosacea and heard this could be caused by the mite. I also notice I do have that crawly feeling on my face and scalp. Hoping it could be my imagination!   2,642 hits
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Demodex in lymphatic   by #172263   18mo   View Entire Thread 8
Does anyone know much about the Demodex mite, have been dealing with them for years, just when it seems I have found relief, there they are crawling around my face and ass, they come from up my nose in my mouthand ears. The reason they keep appearing is they breed in your lymph nodes and only emerge through the skin as adults. If this is correct, how do I get them out of there, I have mega detox, been on antibiotics and have morgellons, does anyone have a theory on this. Thanks to everyone.   751 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: Demodex in lymphatic   by jamyang   18mo
So sorry I am not to good with computers and I have pressed report abuse. Not intended as I find all the information you give amazing, I was so happy when you replied about Demodex, but I was wondering as to what your theory on what they could be, I need a road of investigation as I have run out of options. So sorry again for pressing the wrong thing, we are truely blessed to have your wisdom. Many many thanks for your time you give to all of us.   605 hits
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Re: Could the Demodex mite be the root of all evil?   by laloca3030   87d
I really think (in my moms case) that is demodex. when she go on a light and almost raw diet her face was clean..but when she have (time ago) stomach problems for eat wrong food (bloating and more) her face was very red and full of pimples   396 hits
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Re: Need your help Trapper!   by glaxony   7mo
I know this was intended for Trapper, hope you donít mind me butting in with some ideas. If so, please ignore and excuse me. Demodex Solutions has a great shampoo. Try putting some listerine in a spray bottle and spray your scalp with it. Get Flourosone cream cardiospermum ointment thy Boerke and Tafel to rub on it. Have you put Iodine directly on your scalp?   266 hits
Forum: Ask Trapper

Re: Human Demodex Soap and Borax   by just a woman   12y
Well, it was to premature to tell anything about the Demodex soap. My inflamation got back and now I donít know what else I can do. My acne now is not like one I had before; they seem to come to back exactly at the same place where I have already had it. It collects a lot of pus underneath which gives me pulsing sensation. I will post another post for everybody after seeing a naturopath.   16,191 hits
Forum: Acne

Update: Skin Scrubbing can help too   by godmadeusperfect   5y
I soak in epsom salt baths with baking soda, 1 to 2 cups each, and also scrubbed my skin with a good natural brush and got rid of what I believe were demodex mites that were mysterious invisible biting bugs that would bite under the covers in the dark at night usually. You gotta scrub them off and also scrub the dead skin off that they can hide in. Leave no stone unturned and evict the SOBís I say! Never had a problem since!   4,602 hits
Forum: Demodex Mites   Acne

Re: Post Liver flush and I'm eating like a maniac?   by bluandyelo   7y
Hi Trysten3000, Have you tried glaxonyís method? She suffocated the demodex mites that caused her acne with some cream from China, but thinks that Ponds cold cream works just as well. It causes die-off initially which will worsen the acne... anyway check out this video, itís all on there, plus some posts in curezone. Peace   1,084 hits
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