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Hey UserX, thanks for the info, can u suggest something f...   by Surfer27   4y
Hey User X, Surfer27 here. I just looked at your text and I thought, it was very interesting!!! Um, you mentioned a couple of things for people, whoíve got extreme body odors, but what about people who have fecal body odors? Can you suggest something from the KingBio site, for these kinds of people like myself or others, who actually smell like feces all the time? I ask because, I have been a long time sufferer of this disease, called Fecal Body Odor, 4 yrs to be exact and have already tried all the homeopathic remedies, and to no avail, it hasnít helped solve my problem!!! If you can ge ...   613 hits
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Veroity of things that makes us smell   by CUPID45   25mo   View Entire Thread 2
Hello Everybody how are you ? I have a thought or maybe itís a question but i have notice that theirs alot of reason why we smell like fecal but when i go on other support page i dont see hardly anyone complaine about how bad they smell such as parasite,chrohn disease, ibs, constipation, candida, heavy metal (mercury). liver, and theres more but i just noticed that just a few from this page goes on the other page and talks about body odor . is something wrong with this picure?? if all these things makes us smell thin how come they arent complaining about fecal body odor ? and ...   1,131 hits
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Re: o.T. Eyesight improving   by vermicella   7y
Hi Prism I had the amalgam removed from my teeth 7 years ago. Since then I have been detoxifying (with pauses). I have been taking Iodine for about 2 months and had to stop because of cystitis and an inflammation of the thumb-joint. And I had a strange body odor, too. The cystitis ist ok by now, the thumb-joint not yet. I will start taking Iodine againg, when the joint ist ok. The body odor appears again when I take enzymes. I still havenít figured out, where the body odor exactly comes from. vermicella   1,166 hits
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Re: I'm 80% sure that I don't smell anymore   by #87575   3y
Thanks fecalodor for all your important research and updates. You didnít mind delving into issues at times that made you seem unpopular. You withstood every attack by remaining yourself and not being afraid to express the real you. I admire your boldness. On a side note though, while researching about body odor and bad breath, I found this important article about devices that can help detect body odor. Therefore, such devices can be useful for people who are still unsure whether they are cured from the smell or not and have to rely on peopleís bodily expressions which can be quite deceivin ...   8,395 hits
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Re: varies greatly from person to person/flush to flush   by #40253   9y
I did a flush formula based on someones testimonial on this forum, hereís the link ( I did the flush # 2, the reason I did this one is because, the guy who posted it had really bad body odor, and so do I . He had great success with these flushes.I donít know what the outcome would be for me , but I will see tomorrow, usually my body odor starts two hours after showering. I will be in class all day tomorrow, so I will see if I donít have really bad body odor tomorrow, Iíll be patient though as I know things take time. Iíll be doing another flus ...   905 hits
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For all who need Emotional Support For BO OR BB   by #46504   9y   View Entire Thread 3
I recommend all who just need to discuss a bad day or a bad hour to sign up for the support group at MSN for body odor/bb. I look for a cure everyday, but sometimes I need to vent and this website allows you to do so. Everyone on Curezone and MSN body Odor Support Group have the same agenda to find a cure and live a normal life, but in the mean time some of us who are attempting to live also have to deal with the constant rumors, jokes, whispers behind your back, and bad manners from family and coworkers. This website at least gives you strength to do that. Someone, awhile back from Cu ...   1,356 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Overheated and Body Odor   by Emster   8y
Well, it took quite awhile for me to figure out what was causing my body odor problem. I am hypothyroid. I had been on Armour Thyroid for 2 days and the body odor that has plagued me is now gone. If youíre having unexplained body odor, you might want to have your thyroid checked. It regulates virtually every bodily process. I was misdiagnosed as ĒnormalĒ for more than 20 years. They recently lowered the range to 2.0 for TSH testing. If youíve ever suspected youíre hypothyroid and have always been told youíre normal, get retested. If your TSH is over 2.0, youíre most likely hypoth ...   8,880 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Worms outside the intestines   by #112103   3y   View Entire Thread 4
I have been parasite and liver cleansing for the past two years now and am starting to get very frustrated. I have a bad body odor that I am convinced is caused by a large worm that I feel moving on my left side. I am suspecting that it is a tapeworm but I believe the reason I have had such trouble killing it (even after humaworm, zymex II, barefoot, sandra cobot, etc) is because it is outside of the intestines. It feels as if it sits near my left hip and I can also feel it moving in the back of my left upper thigh. The reason I think it is the cause of the body odor is because it cause ...   1,258 hits
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Hi there LivingForHealth!!   by Surfer27   4y
Hi there LivingForHealth, Itís Surfer27 here. I emailed you a post sometime ago, in regards to your success with Complex B vitamins and you had emailed me back, on your success. One thing, that I have come across, that I am thinking of trying for my fecal body odor, is this chinese elizer, which is for both bad breath and also bad body odor. Hereís the website, to check it out from. Check this out and let me know what you think about it, helping someone who has fecal body odor. Take care. Ryan Annunziello   1,507 hits
Forum: Body Odor

Re: Can Ozonated Water cure Body Odor   by leedster   6y
Iíve worked with people that had very bad body odor and/or Halitosis. I suggested that they drink at least 5-6 pints or liters of water a day, and to keep that up for a good few weeks, and then cut back to 4 if they find it tough going. Either ozonated or spring water was good. They reported good success. However, to help eradicate body odor, go and purchase some liquid Chlorophyll for the health food store. This is extremely good for body odor. It was used in the war years to clean up sores and wounds when medical supplies were low. The doctors using it reported that the smell of the s ...   1,949 hits
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Re: Extreme bad body odor need advie please   by nanasluv   5y
Hi thanks for the message. I have had the edema for two years now. When I lay down it seems to go down I joke with my bf when I first wake up that I only have nice legs when I lay down. The body odor I also have had for 2 years. Did you also have bad body odor that went along with your edema? IT is just so frustrating when I try and find answers from doctors and all they can tell me is that my blood work is normal and I need to move on with my life. How can I move on with my life when these weird sysmptoms wonít go away and I get extreme anxiety whenever I am around people afraid of them n ...   3,540 hits
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Re:   by #145630   3y
I donít know what blood type I have either. Iíve just started to think about something. The guy I was with and engaged in anal sex with before the fecal anal odor started with me sort of had a body odor as well, which was kind of fecal body odor and a little bit of bad breath. Could this odor be transmittable? And we werenít always very safe. Im curious, does your partner have any odor problem at all? Also, i would like to know which part of your body that you feel the odor is coming from? My main problem is with odor coming through my anus. Furthermore, it may be that Iím not digesting ...   8,762 hits
Forum: Body Odor

Hi P.U., just wanted to ask you some things!   by Surfer27   4y
Hi P.U., My username is Surfer27. I read your posting on Curezone a little while ago about your problems with a body odor. If I can ask you a couple of questions, that would be great! Okay first, how would you describe your body odor? Second, how long would you say youíve had your body odor for? Third, have you family and friends denied that, you have anykind of a body odor? Fourth, if you are working volunteer, part time or full time, do any of your coworkers complain about your body odor to you, or complain of a bad smell at all? Lastly, have you been to a doctor and asked if you have ...   589 hits
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Re: Vitamin B supplements   by Jax.the.Max   3y
Well I guess I should confess that I used to have my body odor under control two times in my life. And one of those times I was taking a lot magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin B complex. I was pretty much overdosing on all three of them and I didnít really give off a smell. I also would like to let everyone know that I found an article in the back of curezone about niacin(vitamin b3) relieving fecal body odors Hereís the link Not only that, I wrote an article about vitamins and minerals that are suppose destroy body odor and it turns out t ...   9,870 hits
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Does anyone have somewhat of a sour body odor?   by work in progress   3y
Good morning family,I was praying this morning,some of you may say ohhh no here he goes,well it may be for your benefit to listen anyway.As i was saying before I was so rudely interupted lol just joking ,in my prayer time ,i was meditating on a scripture or 2 (1john5:14-15 and 3john2)which was causing my spirit to almost do flips at times.I then went to the computer and as I was getting ready to go to sites ,this came up in my memory (remember about what people have said concerning you at times)So i looked up sour body odor.I then came across the site about ammonia body odor;side note when ...   3,181 hits
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Re: Hey Free09, just getting back to you!!   by Surfer27   4y
Hey Free09, Surfer27 here, just getting back to ya. Yeah, quite some time ago, I was taking an antiparasite formula called Humaworm and ya know what, after taking this pills for 3 to 4 months, it didnít have any effect on my fecal body odor!! Here below is a list of the things I have also tried, to get rid of fbo issues: Oil of Oregano Pro M Internal Deoderizer Body Odor caps CHlorophyllin Grapefruit Seed Abstract Probiotics Digestive Enzymes Charcoal caps Hemorrhoid suppositories and creams Anal Fistuala liquids for that specialized area Manuka Honey Graviola caps Bentoni ...   10,949 hits
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Liver Cleanse and TMAU   by Desperadonyc5   8y   View Entire Thread 4
I have suffered with body odor since menopause. It worsened in 2004 with volatile underarm odor. Hormone replacement stopped the underarm odor but I had a terrible body odor. Stopped the hormone replacement, and the underarm odor returned. In 2005 the odor moved to the occipital lobe area of my head. The odor could fill up a room, and summertime was unbearable. In Nov. 2005, I was diagnosed with mercury and lead intoxication. Subsequently I had all 14 amalgams removed, underwent chelation therapy, took loads of antioxidants, ate only organic, juiced, ate raw, colonics, sweat, mass ...   8,331 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Advice for you smelly people   by tammi45   10mo
In fact it is body odor without any perspiration whatsoever.   1,018 hits
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Re: Cheesy/Sour Milk Odor   by TC-12   10y
Hi, JC22. Sorry to hear about your predicament. Hereís a long list of random possibilities to explore. Links can be copied (ĒEditĒ button) and pasted into your address bar. Typing ĒodorĒ into the word search function (ĒEdit,Ē then ĒFindĒ buttons) can quickly get to the relevant lines in a given long article. Best wishes on a successful cure! ĒHot flashes are a very common symptom in both perimenopause and menopause. Over eighty percent of women experience hot flashes. The exact cause is unknown. But scientists suspect it has something to do with our changing hormone levels and our inter ...   55,054 hits
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Hey JT777, have you looked into this at all?   by Surfer27   4y
Hey JT777, Surfer27 here. I just read your text and I am only speculating here, but are you suffering with a disease called Fecal body odor? If you are, join the club, seems like alot of people have this problem and donít know what to do!! I am in the same boat, as these people!! I have dealt with this fecal body odor for 4 yrs now. I was just wondering, if you have looked into or tried Neem capsules before? Itís an indian herb, that helps cleanse the blood, as well as cleanse the skin of any impurities and as well, to cleanse the internal organs. Let me know, if you have tried it! A cou ...   18,707 hits
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Re: Hi Jax, just returning your posted email!!   by Jax.the.Max   3y
Yeah the message Iíve sent earlier was a typo. I meant to say that you were the person who tried all these remedies that supposedly cured other people of their fecal odor. I actually do have a lot questions, and I think we both might have the same disorder. My body odor gets worse whenever I eat or drink anything with sugar(refined) and dairy.But, you said earlier that your body odor doesnít get worse but it changes odor. I do believe some of these remedies work, but you have to work it in conjunction of a restrictive diet, you could take all these supplements at the same time but it won ...   3,396 hits
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Body odor can be eliminated through a change in diet   R by #1409   9y   View Entire Thread 8 printable article Saturday, July 30, 2005 Body odor can be eliminated through a change in diet This article touches on a subject thatís quite sensitive to many people: body odor. Here, we explore the link between the foods you choose to consume and the odor produced by your body (there is a direct correlation). With all the hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year on personal care products and deodorants, Iím amazed thereís almost no discussion about reducing body odor by changing your diet. In fact, when Iíve mentioned this subject to some people, they look at ...   6,335 hits     2 of 2 (100%)
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Re: Body odor problems making live lonely   RR Success by jasmine3afash   85d
Body odor and vaginal odor are usually caused by a yeast (candida) infection, parasites, and a high load of heavy metals in the body from silver dental fillings, food allergies to gluten, dairy, sugar or all of the above. I am a guy and I suffered with repulsive body odor coming from my groin area and severe jock itch for years and it wasnít until I completely stopped eating all sugar, cleaned my diet, took a break from everything in my life and did an intensive detox and focused only on fixing my health. I now have virtually no body odor and never use deodorants, I never stink even though ...   803 hits
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Unable to metabolize proteins   R by badattitude   8y   View Entire Thread 3
Finding this forum has given me some hope so I figure I should contribute what I found at health 911 awhile back... ĒAn inborn error of metabolism or some other problem that may cause about 7% of those suffering from body odor to be unable to digest certain foods. These undigested foods, which are often proteins, cause the body to give off unpleasant odors. Coffee and other stimulants increase apocrine gland secretion, increasing the possibility of unpleasant odorsĒ ĒSweat glands under the arms and in the groin secrete a substance that is the major non-food drink related cause of ...   3,435 hits
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am i the only one..   by #140147   3y   View Entire Thread 8
greetings curezone family.. first off were all here cuz we all suffer from body odor for whatever reason it may be but does anyone find their odor is stronger or worse right after taking a shower cuz i sware my odor is stronger and reaches farther after a shower,its like im giving off my regular bad odor but kinda like a wet bath towel might give off a mildew scent if its not aired out properly to dry...i think the smell goes back to normal strentgh after 3-4 hours after my shower but like i said after showering and then leaving the house to head to the subway i see people rubbibg their n ...   1,321 hits
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Hey DolphinMonkey, just getting back to you!!   by Surfer27   4y
Hey Dolphin Monkey, Surfer27 here. I just got your reply back. Thanks for getting back to me. I really appreciate it!! The way I see it, if we can all get back to each otherís emails, then weíll be able to figure out what we all have in common with this fecal body odor! I am assuming that, you do have whatís called fecal body odor, where you smell like feces right? Also, just wanted to say congrats on, you getting yourself better and your accomplishments!! It does take certain steps to get better, but once we figure out where to go and the medicines we take help us, it pretty much feels ...   1,291 hits
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Re: Can yeast infection, candida cause sweet odor??   by bobhoche   5y
Hey! I too have body odor and sometimes bad breath! It all started at puberty and when i was stressed! I had i sweaty type body odor then sometimes a fecal odor. I used to take lots of antibiotics and ate lots of chocolate. I think this lead to candida. The candida then releases toxins through your sweat glands(for me it started in armpits then whole body. The thing is that candida creates many allergies and food intolerance. So what you need to do is get tested for allergies and take some antifungals. However, when you start cleaning your body and killing the yeast, this will re ...   18,020 hits
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Hi SoundCard, maybe I can help you   by Surfer27   4y
Hey SoundCard, Itís Surfer27. I read your post about your body odor and thought, maybe I could help you. Okay first off, I just need to get some information from you. Okay, first, when did you notice your body odor was bad and by bad I mean, it was a malodor odor that couldnít be washed off? Second, how many years have you suffered with this body odor? Third, can you describe the smell of your body odor? Is it fishy, musty, garbagey, eggy, fecal, meat smell, burnt rubber, etc, etc? Fourth, have you explained your situation with a doctor who will believe you? If that doctor is able to hel ...   35,540 hits
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Hey Fecal Odor if u get this, get back to me!!!   by Surfer27   4y
Hey Fecal Odor, Surfer27 here. I did receive your text. So, one question for you. What is your real name anyways? My name is Ryan Annunziello. Anyways, in regards to your questions, I got tested from a naturopathic for candida and that came back negative, however I made a mistake. About the heavy metals, my naturopath said, I tested positive for elevated levels of lead and mercury in my body. I did do a urine test for heavy metals and got it sent down to the States and within 2 weeks, the tests came back as normal for heavy metals in my body. I have already done a heavy metal cleanse, us ...   13,657 hits
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Re: Please help! any advice?   by mpdela   6y
My pleasure tkb, For fecal body odor, look under ífecal body odorí in the íSearch posts through Labelsí in my blog, One important thing to consider is that alot of the odor, including fecal body odor, sometimes comes from a microflora imbalance in your gut.  See see the video   the following posts, , ...   3,279 hits
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Re: Does taking fish oil make you "smelly"? (Please help)   by white tiger   5y
Hi ilove80s, If you have a deficiency of minerals like magnesium and zinc you can be victim to body odor. Because of certain peopleís body chemistry they can emit a very distinctive and offensive body odor. For instance you can radiate a Ďfishyí smell if your body cannot metabolize foods containing large amounts of protein such as eggs fish liver and legumes. To get rid of this cut out these products from your diet. Onions garlic curry certain spicy foods coffee and alcohol are also prime causes of offensive body odor. Fried and baked food items may contain rancid fats and oils that lea ...   15,070 hits
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Body odor can be eliminated through a change in diet   RRR by LuellaMay   5y
Brought to you by The Best Years in Life Health News Body odor can be eliminated through a change in diet Tuesday, February 08, 2005 by: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor This article touches on a subject thatís quite sensitive to many people: body odor. Here, we explore the link between the foods you choose to consume and the odor produced by your body (there is a direct correlation). With all the hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year on personal care products and deodorants, Iím amazed thereís almost no discussion about reducing body odor by changing ...   2,384 hits
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Don't forget vitamin C/other vitamins   by LPN12345   3y
Hello everyone and Happy New Year: Someone printed something regarding vitamin C a couple of months ago. I just wanted to say that vitamins C,E and A are very good vitamins and very important for our bodies. Vitamin B-Complex is said to be helpful for fecal smells. (do the research) But I know that vitamin C does help with gums and mouth infections as well as  infections in the body,bad  breath, and some body odors.(500mg) or some may want to take a lower dosage.  But just be careful a what you eat because I read someone had poisoned themselves after eating sh ...   886 hits
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Fecal Bad breath with NO fecal body odor? Why?   by greenbay27   6y   View Entire Thread 6
Hi guys, Iíve been reading this forum for a few months now and Iím learning a lot. I suffer from Fecal bad breath, itís chronic and constant. I am now taking different steps to try to cure this but I guess itís all trial and error, figuring out what my body needs. My question is why do you think I suffer from the fecal breath but not the body odor?? Iíve had this problem for about 5 years or so. Iím 21. I always thought it had to do with Leaky gut and Candida, the leaky gut allowing toxins to enter my bloodstream. Or a Illeocical valve malfunction allowing fecal matter back into my blo ...   11,326 hits
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eureka! the secret to not getting arrested!   by trapper/kcmo   7mo Body Odor Prompts Police Call in Hannibal, Mo. Associated Press March 28, 2014 11:11 AM Share on email 124 View Comments File photo of lights on top of a cop car. (credit: Getty Images) Photo: Getty Images Related Tags: body odor, Hannibal City Hall, peace disturbance citation, police call Get Breaking News First Receive News, Politics, and Entertainment Headlines Each Morning. Sign Up HANNIBAL, Mo. (AP) Ė It wasnít loud noise or an argument that led to a peace disturbance call at Hannib ...   202 hits
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Re: How many here suffer from body odor? and How do you c...   by Pooman   7y
There is alot of ranting on the body odor section of curezone about champex , pro-m and odor cleanse. You should check it out. I had extremely bad fecal body odor in the past, but I started to use cleanse smart advanced 2 weeks ago and started to notice that the odor started to go away. You might have a toxin build up in your body. You can try cleanse smart advanced to get rid of those toxic toxins. If you do end up buying it, from online or a health foods store, then follow the direction thouroughly.   1,395 hits
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Hey Grem, just wanted to chat with you about your success!!   by Surfer27   4y
Hi Grem, Surfer27 here. I just wanted to chat with you about your success. I noticed in the post you mentioned trying Rhubarb Root and Flax Seeds. Has taking the Rhubarb root helped you, overcome your body odors at all? Also, what kind of body odor did you suffer from? Can you describe to me, the type of odor that it was, that you could smell? Lastly, are you still finding that taking what you are taking, is still working for you, in terms of combating the body odor? I only ask because, I have tried using the flax seed oil and that didnít do squat for me, in terms of getting rid of the o ...   2,185 hits
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Can yeast infection, candida cause sweet odor??   by #33027   9y   View Entire Thread 3
I am a male having a sweet odor from my body along with bad breath.But sometimes the odor is fecal. I was wondering if yeast infection,candida can cause that. I tried searching in google but all i could see was the just the term íbody odorí,bad breathí in the symptoms section with a lot of other symptoms. My feces also smell very bad. I dont any of the other symptoms of yeast infection-namely rashes. i have bloating and constipation. Nowhere does it talk about extreme body odor in length as a symtom of yeast infection.Could yeast infection jst attack the bowel not showing any othe ...   17,518 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: some help for fecal body odor   by #51831   9y
Do you know that zinc pill are the instant solution to body odor and they are found in every pharmacy very cheap? I am sure that whoever has the problem, has food allergy, and would like to hear from my experience with body odor, and bad breath and how I stopped it after having the problem all my life. I am sure that whoever has the problem, has food allergy, and would like to hear from my experience with body odor, and bad breath and how I stopped it after having the problem all my life. Type the word leaky gut , go to one of this sites and follow their method. Depending on the ...   2,593 hits
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Body odor on the Master Cleanse   by Lovey   9y   View Entire Thread 5
I went vegan, did a lot of cleanses and started taking Sun Chlorella. I had gotten rid of almost all of my odor. Now Iím on the Master Cleanse and this is the start of my 29th day, out of 40 days I plan on doing. For the past 3 or so weeks my body odor started. Thatís not strange. Itís supposed to do that, but it isnít going away. Infact, itís getting worse. You know how you when you get really bad, even your bedroom stinks like a cat died? Thatís how bad it is. I donít see how I could have body odor when Iíve only had lemonade, water and mint tea for this long. Are there any long term ...   4,833 hits
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Trimethylaminuria (TMAU)possibility.   by Pooman   7y   View Entire Thread 2
I have found a video on youtube from abc news about Trimethylaminuria (TMAU)which is also known as fish odor syndrome. It is when a fishy smell comes from you when you sweat, urinate, and breathe. In our case it comes from our skin. Maybe the people with fecal body odor actually have Trimethylaminuria (TMAU)and the fecal odor is caused by that disease as well. Maybe items like cleanse smart have taken care of our fecal body odors and all that is left is this nasty fish odor. Go to this youtube link: It is about a wom ...   10,147 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Odor-Free Underwear?? Fecal BO   by #120404   5y   View Entire Thread 2
I posted this before but it got deleted, probably because someone thought it was an advertisement so this time im not including the companies link. So I was smelling my clothes to figure out how I smell and nothing smells bad except for the back of my pants sometimes. I found this underwear that supposed to be odor free. One of the testimonials (i dont know how true they are) was about this guy with crohns disease that smelled like sewage and it stopped the odor for him. The website only mentions fart but I think it might work for fecal body odor. If it can stop the smell of someone ...   4,632 hits
Forum: Body Odor

Re: This cured my body odor, READ GUYS and MY STORY   by iammadasfok   12mo
hello, I am glad that you found a cure for your fbo!! It really is difficult living with this odor problem. well anyways, i have a few question... are you able to eat other things now that you cured your body odor or is it limited?? Did you have any symptoms along with the body odor such as: constipation, unable to complete a bowel movement, gas, bloating,etc..?? did you have a bad diet habit that may have lead to odor problem?? were you able to smell the odor yourself?? sorry for asking to many questions. i just need to get to the bottom of this problem that everyone on here has. a ...   4,792 hits
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A vitamin that's suppose to help with Body Odor   by LPN12345   5y
Dear Curezone Readers; I recently posted a message regarding vitamin K, but I went back to see if there were any messages from former curezone people who may have tried this vitamin and this is what I found, this was from 5 years ago, I donít know if it worked for him but I say for those who may want to try it do your research because I know for people who take blood thinner meds they should not take this vitamin: a vitamin thats supposed that helps against body odor by HELLBOY 5 year 498 Forum: Body Odor Subject: a vitamin thats supposed that helps aga ...   772 hits
Forum: Body Odor

Re: Day 15 on Humaworm and I still smell bad   by humaworm   5y
Hello Robin - Chronic body odor is a common sign of deep-seated parasite infections. HUMAWORM will help get rid of the parasites which in turn will help get rid of the odor. It does help remove heavy metals and excess yeast too. I would also recommend the The COMPLETE Candida Protocol Package which contains 1 Anti-Yeast Formula(to remove candida and other fungi), 1 RGís Medicated Cream (to use for skin problems - including body odor - some folks even use it as a deodorant), 1 Hu-Mana-Tea (this will help to bind to the toxins and metals to get them out of the body faster) and 1 HUMACLE ...   1,088 hits
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Fruit give you a bad odor?   by Jax.the.Max   3y
Hmm I wonder if your body canít process fructose? When you talk about fruit do you mean sweet fruit like apples, pineapple, grapes, watermelon, etc.? If this is so, there could be a possibility that your body cannot breakdown fructose and maybe that is what is causing you to smell? Remember, I am in no way, shape, or form a doctor. But, itís funny to me that foods like apples and peppers can give you an odor when theyíre both considered high in fructose. If you do find some correlation between sweet fruit and body odor then maybe you should avoid foods that have fructose. Hereís a list ...   1,842 hits
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Re: baking soda works!!!   by kire94   8y
Hi Im using baking soda for BO with potassium bicarbonate for alkalizing my body.Recently bought some cesium chloride and rubidium chloride too.I will try it when i would have all stuff together cause its expensive and dont want to get it away without full support of supplemantation.I have a job for holidays so hope it will be better when i buy everithing from vitamine stores.But about baking soda and potassium.I was testing my urine after starting taking it and ph was some 9-10 so its really strong alkalizer.Im waiting if the effect will come on whole body.Its some week now and saliva ph ...   2,853 hits
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Re: 4 years of smelling like poo is gone!   by helpme17th   8y
thanks.. for the info.. i also so wanted to buy glycolax but the prescription is preventing me.. i hope you can answer my question.. i have a sour/fecal body odor coming from my whole body. where is your fecal odor coming from? anus or whole body? is it sour or fecal sometimes or only fecal? did you have sour body odor first then after sometime it became fecal or it has always been fecal? iím comparing my situation with you. if we are the same. thanks,   11,636 hits
Forum: Body Odor

Image Embedded Healing from Body Odor   by Djehuty   5y
Body Odor by Djehuty Maíat-Ra Tell a Friend Causes of Body Odor A lot of people suffer with body odor today. What you are smelling in people with body odor or who stink are their insides (whatís inside of them). Believe it or not, body odor is a degenerative disease. It is totally predicated up diet and lifestyle and therefore is healable! Eating DEAD foods, especially meat (dead animal flesh) and meat byproduct (dairy) plays a major role in body odor, if not the most major role. Dead animals rot, decay, and putrefy in the body and the foul odor exudes via the pore ...   764 hits
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Hi BenHunt, here are some suggestions and advise for body...   by Surfer27   4y
Hey BenHunt, Surfer27 here. I donít know, if you still go on this message board here on Curezone, but if you do, get back to me. Here below, could be and I mean could be, some possible reasons for your body odor. 1.Candida Albicans 2.Hemorrhoids 3.Anal Fistulas 4.Not getting enough Betaine HCL into your body. 5.Toxic Body 6.Not getting enough probiotics when needed. 7.Lack of digestive enzymes 8.Hyperhydrosis 9.TMAU 10.Zinc capsules 50mg or higher. These are the only things, I could think at the time being as, I am currently still trying to find out why I have a fecal body ...   897 hits
Forum: Body Odor

Hey Big John, how do you handle explaining your fbo with ...   by Surfer27   4y
Hey Big John, Itís Surfer27 here. I just wanted to ask you a question today, if you have time? Okay, I explained to them (my family), that I am dealing with my fecal body odor and that it consistantly smells of feces, yet, they donít believe me and to make matterís worse, they say they canít smell anything!! What do I do, or what can I say to convice them, that I have more than just a physical problem here? I am at a loss for words, as to how to speak to my family about my situation!!! How do you deal with your family members and your body odors? Do you family members actually smell your ...   2,996 hits
Forum: Body Odor

Re: Nausea   by powerray   4y
You are doing so great and I feel like you want to keep going, keep fasting, and I feel like you would feel good with continuing the fast... just my impression! From what I read nausea and vomiting are pretty normal detox symptoms... For body odor I read somewhere to bathe using just a couple of drops of teatree oil in a bath. If you use more apparently you will itch horribly -- just a very little bit supposedly does the trick. I had horrible body odor at one time and just wore a lot of deodorant. It wasnít due to fasting -- it was detox, though. I noticed that the odor came on when I ...   817 hits
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hey you guys with underarm odor , try this!   by SMELLYGIRL23   8y
You are right to suspect that your increased body odor is due to stress. The body odor is caused by bacteria already present on your skin but the bacteria thrive when the bodyís metabolism is not in balance. In your case, stress is a primary factor and the general remedies of caffeine reduction, odor eaters and zinc donít always completely remedy the odor. They are more like band aids masking the odor instead of curing it internally. Another reason could be digestive upset. A lot of people get increased and highly pungent body odor when they have an illness such as Irritable Bowel Syndr ...   1,120 hits
Forum: Body Odor

Re: BB and BO that doesnt get better with diet, flushes, etc   by jahidas   8mo
I think your diet has to change. I have many of your symptoms, including armpit stench, smelly feet,smelly scalp, body odor that smells like garbage, fish, mildew or fecal that only other people can smell. I was able to get rid of the body odor twice in my life. The first time, I stopped eating sugar and the smell went away after a few months. Once I got better, I started eating all kinds of sugar and 3 years later my body odor became much worse. I ate plain broccoli for a week. Then I ate nothing but low sugar vegetables for the next few weeks. I slowly incorporated meat for a few week ...   949 hits
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Proposal for Workshop on Body Odor Metabolic Disorders an...   by mpdela   6y   View Entire Thread 8
Hello everyone, I jotted down a basic outline of my proposal for a Workshop on Body Odor Producing Metabolic Disorders (including TMAU, aminoaciduria, and others)and Infectious Conditions.  This is most definitely a very rough draft (outline), and I wanted to get your input on it.  Perhaps we can discuss it in our conference call today.  Please tell me what you think.  Here it is: Proposal for a Workshop on Body Odor Producing Metabolic Disorders (including TMAU, aminoaciduria, and others) and Infectious Conditions. 1.      An awarene ...   3,886 hits
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With BO, Also Consider Gut Bacterial Disturbances   by tc-12   10y
Dysbiotic (messed up) bacterial balances in the gut can not only produce stinky poopies or malodorous gas, but through the Ēleaky gutĒ effect can possibly transmit such odors and other manifestations body-wide. Pathenogenic infections of the gut, as well as gut bacterial imbalances of normal bacteria due to various causes, can be evaluated through a Comprehensive Stool Analysis (link #1). This can be helpful if you routinely experience some sort of gut disturbance. If not, Iíd probably pass of this $300 test. The small bowel (upper bowel) has modest amounts of bacteria due in part to st ...   9,998 hits
Forum: Body Odor   Trimethylaminuria

Re: Champex/Odor Cleanse   by Snapped   5y
Hi MCS18, I havenít been diagnosed so I have no idea what type of disorder I have. I do take probiotics but I have never really noticed a change while taking them. In the past I took chlorophyllin w/zinc, one with each meal. It was effective in neutralizing the odor of my stool but not my overall body odor. I have found that avoiding onions and garlic helps. If I eat ocean fish it gives my urine a fishy odor. You need to experiment with different foods and see what happens. This is the advice I have been given by serveral different people. Soon Iím going to take sugar out of my diet and ho ...   2,481 hits
Forum: Body Odor

After 40 years, I've found the cure for body odor!   by jan091929   10y
I saw the posting of someone who had used grape seed oil for their underarm odor and found relief. I suffered with body odor for 40 years, but now I am odor free. I recently just put on the market my own deodorant, and it has grape seed oil as one of its ingredients. Iíve been trying to get my product to the attention of those suffering with body odor for some time now and hope this is the right forum in which to do that. You can find my product at   990 hits
Forum: Market Place

Re: worth a try   by affliction   9mo
I tried it pretty much, didnít work at all. I got tested at the metabolic geneticist at a hospital I waited 6 months for the appointment, and I had no amino acid deficiencies that could contribute to the odor tested by plasma and urine. I was a little bit low on cysteine but the doc said a lot of ppl were. However naturopathic plasma test showed im deficient in 12 amino acid (below normal levels) and have nitrogen insufficiency, idk which one is true or if itís contributing to the odor so I bought that stuff as it is a potential help for some metabolic body odor disorders as listed in body ...   478 hits
Forum: Body Odor Cure

everybody read it now   by zoogirl020   16mo   View Entire Thread 3
Forum: Body Odor

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