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Re: Sour and stale-smelling head. soap or shampoo allergy?   by #4715   9y
This is an excerpt from a website about allergies. -------------------------------------------- alpha-Pinene is used in bar and liquid soap, cologne, perfume, shaving cream, deodorant, dishwashing liquid, and air freshener. It can be a moderate irritant to skin, eyes, and mucus membranes. alpha-Terpineol is used in perfume, cologne, laundry detergent, bleach powder, laundry bleach, fabric softener, stick air freshener, Vaseline lotion, cologne, soap, hair spray, after shave, and roll-on deodorant. It can be highly irritating to mucus membranes and can also cause excitement, ...   13,995 hits
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I think I know what I did wrong chrisb1   by lownskater52   18mo
Been 7 hours since my last meal. Bloated and digestion is going very slow. I still look like someone who is suffering from serious malnutrition. Pale face and hands, low blood pressure (104/63), insomnia, muscles spasms, and crawling skin. Same stuff as before. I am going back to a water fast now and am hoping to hit ketosis soon. Iím hoping 1- 1.5 days. I broke my fast 3.5 days ago and only ate fruit and some steamed veggies so Iím hoping ketosis comes back quickly. Here is where I think I went wrong from the beginning that got me here. The fast went for 20 days and I began ...   507 hits
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N-acetylcysteine (NAC), an anti-oxidant not as safe as th...   by grzbear   7y   View Entire Thread 6
When it comes to supplements, do your homework and use common sense. More is not always better. I wonder if things like this could be one reason why athletes tend to have enlarged hearts? These enlarged hearts may raise the risk of heart issues including cardiovascular disease and heart failure... too much exercise = not good. Moderation people. Made me think of Jim Fixx... Certain preparations taken to enhance athletic performance or stave off disease contain an anti-oxidant that could cause harm. According to new research at the Univers ...   1,866 hits
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well I've nailed it! Soy lecithin responsible for unpleas...   by tiredofthis   10mo Soy lecithin is known to cause adverse effects, if consumed in excess; or worse, without a practitionersí prescription. Some major discrepant fallouts are as follows: ➢ Soy lecithin can lead to side effects; such as, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. It is known to cause mild digestive upset, resulting in loose stools. Gastrointestinal problems are caused due to soy lecithin as well. ➢ Some people have experienced excessive weight gain after the consumption of soy lecithin. Contrarily, loss of appet ...   587 hits
Forum: Body Odor

Re: Day 31 water fast maybe time to transition to juice/w...   by ALB   3y
I have lately been dizzy, faint ,lightheaded when just walking around. I posted that not sure whats up canít see actually how not taking in any salt at all for 31 days can be good thing. Low salt causes low blood pressure and bet mine has fallen off the map! So thinking either try salt pill or start to drink some juice as most has some salt in it. I donít quite want to break the fast totally and start to refeed just yet wanted to lose still another 5 or so pounds minimum am 220 but would like to at least make 215 or even 210. I could possibly do juice for a few days and then water a few ...   3,322 hits
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Re: Eating in restaurants: Should I even think about it?   by pb3046   7y
My candida diet is protein and vegetables. Unlimited vegetables. You are limited because you are vegan. Actually protein is necessary for tissue repair and if you are healing candida, protein can be helpful. And adequate protein cuts carb cravings. The Mexican tacos with grilled beef, onions and cilantro would be on my diet, and cilantro is so good for detox. Add the radish that they serve with it and you have just jumpstarted your liver. You could have any protein, with any number of vegetables or salad if you eat out. Even McDonalds has a grilled chicken salad. If there is a Chinese ...   2,228 hits
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treat Hypertension: CAPTOPRIL   by #96026   6y
Hypertension: CAPTOPRIL (captopril tablets, USP) is indicated for the treatment of hypertension. In using CAPTOPRIL, consideration should be given to the risk of neutropenia/agranulocytosis CAPTOPRIL may be used as initial therapy for patients with normal renal function, in whom the risk is relatively low. In patients with impaired renal function, particularly those with collagen vascular disease, captopril should be reserved for hypertensives who have either developed unacceptable side effects on other drugs, or have failed to respond satisfactorily to drug combinations. CAPTOPRI ...   658 hits
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Re: Day 27 of 40   by ALB   3y
Good to hear you are doing well.So you have no fainting feelings when walking around and not just talking when standing up quick? I am thinking that drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water my last fast was responsible for washing too much sodium and potassium out of my system. Took potassium pills and maybe should have took sodium pills but next time around was going to try drinking when thirsty and see how that went. Also was thinking to buy a blood pressure monitor so know what is going on better. Since not doing supervised fasting be good to have more data. Energy and the fainting wh ...   849 hits
Forum: Fasting: Water Only

MH's Sister   by plzchuckle   3y
† My sister smoked for about 40 years. After 1 visit with an accupuncturist she hasnít smoked since. This sounds really great, but it seems to me that after that visit, she has never been the same again, fighting high blood pressure and aches and pains of all kinds for some years now. When she goes to my chiropractor she feels like she can barely get up on his table. Her diet is yo/yo/yo/yo up and down all the time and stress with a capital S, makes her life a mess at times. High blood pressure makes her ears RING and heart RACE and she has spent hundreds of nights up in fear of h ...   3,425 hits
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Re: List of grandmas medications   by ObeyTheSloth   4y
Your grandmaís cholesterol may or may not be a problem, since high cholesterol readings donít mean anything by themselves. From what I know, dangerous, oxidized cholesterol occurs thru consumption of hydrogenated oils, which reacts with the cholesterol in the body to íclogí the arteries once theyíre inflamed. The oxidation + inflammation work together to do this and itís NOT a mere issue of cholesterol. But, high cholesterol in healthy, good-eating, active people is usually nothing. For ex., I knew a 13 yr old girl that ate very healthy and practiced soccer for a couple of hours a day, yet ...   1,010 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Hibiscus Tea   by TELLTHETRUTH   8mo   View Entire Thread 3
I just read more information about hibiscus tea being the MOST antioxidant of ALL beverages, even more so than green tea! I absolutely LOVE hibiscus and drink the tea on a regular basis. I can literally get this stuff by the barrel, and always have PLENTY bags of it in my cupboard. So, needless to say, I make my tea using the dried flowers, not the commercial tea bag brands. But, if you have to buy a “Lipton” or some other store bought “herbal” tea, read the labels first. Besides its MEGA antioxidants, Hibiscus is RICH in vitamin C, fights free radicals, ...   416 hits
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Oregano oil in pregnancy   by Dr Mom   5y
I have had some private e-mails come in by people who didnít want to post publicly, asking if MH is right about oregano during pregnancy. Since he is giving a first-hand testimony on itís usage, I think you should pay attention. I have used it safely on infants, children and adults. However, I have not had personal experience with it during pregnancy because of the research I have done. In spite of this, I have learned through personal experience to pay more attention to actual case histories than to random research. Hereís how I see it - some plants in nature are pretty specific on ...   1,520 hits
Forum: Ask Dr Mom

Re: Were missing something?   by Carthage   7y
It seems you have many neuro-toxins running around in your systems, ie the regular toxins talked about in here. Sinusitis is a very illmeaning condition if it gets out of hand, first of because the cavities around the nose, temples, behind the eyes and eustachian tubes lay very close to the brain and when itís aggravated with wrong nutrients then the toxins have a very close range getting into it, your brain it means.. Thatís why the depression and anxiety may hit like a hammer. Sinusitis is best off treated by temporary fasting, avoiding dairy, starch, sugar and so on. Th ...   1,035 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Juicing for a diabetic following surgery Re: Fresh Vegeta...   by water01   4y
This is a juice recipe used by a diabetic who had surgery. 3 quarts a day of the vegetable juice combo. Plus, 1 pint of 1/2 apple and 1/2 grape was drank. You could WATCH the tissue heal and within 3-4 days normal blood sugar readings were reached and stayed level. _________________________________________________ 1/2 of the juice blend was carrots. The other 1/2 was a combination of: celery, brussel sprouts, bell pepper, cucumber, spinach, sting beans. Excerpt from here: In cases of diabetes, the entire elimination of all conce ...   883 hits
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I Think I Know What Went Wrong From the Get Go Chrisb1   by lownskater52   18mo   View Entire Thread 9
See lower posts Been 7 hours since my last meal. Bloated and digestion is going very slow. I still look like someone who is suffering from serious malnutrition. Pale face and hands, low blood pressure (104/63), insomnia, muscles spasms, and crawling skin. Same stuff as before. I am going back to a water fast now and am hoping to hit ketosis soon. Iím hoping 1- 1.5 days. I broke my fast 3.5 days ago and only ate fruit and some steamed veggies so Iím hoping ketosis comes back quickly. Here is where I think I went wrong from the beginning that got me here. The fast went for ...   591 hits
Forum: Fasting: Water Only

UNY--PLEASE HELP--I need to order   by niteblume   4y   View Entire Thread 2
Uny, Iím thinking maybe that nobody saw my questions of a week ago. I am needing to order and have lots of questions. I know I want lobelia(muscle cramps and nerves), ginkgo biloba(memory, circulation, blood pressure), red clover(circulation), cayenne tincture and powder, hawthorn(blood pressure). I also want echinacea for immune system. I want IF#1(maybe there are no questions on that except how many I need to get). On the IF#2, I know I want the ground flax but wonder what the ULTRA is. I need a parasite herb for a protozoa. Do I need the dry, liquid, or garlic. Iíve been concerned about ...   703 hits
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Can i do the plan?   by aviator   5y   View Entire Thread 6
Hi Dr.Jeff, My health problems started in June 2007 after recieving a DT(Diptheria Tetanus)shot. My blood pressure slowly started rising after the shot and I started exhibiting a lot of candida like symptoms including, sensitivity to spice, digestive issues, foul smelling bowel movements, eye floaters, head aches, heart palpitaions etc. During the summer of 2008 my MD suggested I try EDTA chelation which he conducts in his office. I had about 20 of these sessions two times a week 3gms EDTA in a 500ml IV bag for 2-3 hrs. This did not bring down my blood pressure but gave me energy. ...   820 hits
Forum: The Candida Expert

Re: questions for you girls!   by nile   3y
My little girl will be a year old in a few weeks. For the pregnancy, I had terrible morning sickness, but I had that with my #2 daughter as well, so not unusual. I had a little bit of heart palps from Mirena, but they got better after the 1st tri. Less stress on my body at that point, Iím guessing was the reason. The last week of my pregnancy my blood pressure went up slightly, and I was retaining water. Not unusual. I had to be induced as I was overdue, happened with the other 2 as well. The one thing that happened that hadnít with the others was that after delivery my blood press ...   789 hits
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Re: Hello and general update   by #17329   9y
Hi Anne - wow, the master himself wants you for a case-study. i would def. do it. just think - youíll get unlimited definitive, unyielding and occasionally surly opinions about how to chelate! oh boy : ). seriously, i would do it. cutlerís help may prove very valuable to you. I was eating chocolate fudge cake straight after breakfast, how bad is that!!!! I have such a sweet tooth...well my candida has anyway ;) so itís not just a piece but the whole lot! Iíve been clean since then! I hope youíre not suffering too much :) mmmm, chocolate fundge cake... oh man. yup - i ate pretty h ...   1,279 hits
Forum: Candida Support

peripheral neuropathy - please advice   by pankulsh   8y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi All: After doing incurables program, I felt pretty good and have continued eating healthy raw foods, Dr. Schulze ís superfood, Dr. Christopherís BFC capsules and massage oil, blood pressure formula, cayenne ointment, do hot/cold showers, enema, juicing, aerobic and weight training (love doing it). Result has been that I have more energy, no medications (all stopped including blood pressure medication), more stronger than before. I am work in progress but with Godís Love I will reach there. Praying to Him has helped immensely. Something new seems to have crept that I need help with. ...   1,823 hits
Forum: Dr.Schulze's Miracle

Hypertension and cheese   by Sorefingerz   3y   View Entire Thread 3
Uncontrollable hypertension, urgent hypertension, hypertensive emergencies and consumption of cheese. It is my intent to make this a short version and make a long version available. I searched for hypertension & cheese for years now and found nothing. So, with that in mind, I will combine hyper tension, high blood pressure, cheese, aspartame and NutraSweet quite a few times in hopes search engines will pick up on this and associate the terms for future searchers. I have had HBP since around 2004, it was controllable with medications (from 165/85 to 120ís/70ís). Then, about three years late ...   2,098 hits
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Re: cat can't breathe   by white tiger   8y
Echinacea is known for its benefits for immune functioning and for its antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Used as a natural antibiotic, immune stimulant and anti-allergy agent, Echinacea is also effective as a tonic for the lymphatic system and has been investigated as supportive treatment in AIDS therapy. Regular use can help to keep your pet healthy and resistant to a range of illnesses. I would use echinacea, catís claw, mullien, and Vitamin C Mullein leaf is supposed to be good for loosening mucous. give her 5 days on, and 2 days off so she doesnít become depende ...   875 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Ask CureZone

Need help - Could this be candida? Also been diagnosed wi...   by #186027   4mo
Hi.  I don’t know when you put your post, maybe you’re doing much better.  Saw the photos. If you’re not doing better, here’s my advice.  I believe the medical world has changed.  The majority of the doctors will not cure you if you don’t have something serious, they like you sick so they can make money off of you knowing you’re not going to die, then you have the rest that might care, but have no clue, and then you have the very few that care a lot and know a lot or might look everything up in order to cure you, but finding ...   706 hits
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Re: Ok will eat a bit of humble pie ,experts please fai...   by ALB   3y
Yes likley 100% water only. But who has gone 30 or more days on water only drinking only till thirst and not gotten dizzy,faint when walking around not just when getting up? I canít possibly see how you get any salt or potassium with on water only. I read over the Shelton stuff very closely but found nothing much mentioned about salt or potassium. How can a person not take in any salt.It makes blood pressure.Zero salt would bring blood pressure down super low. I have no way to measure it at home maybe can go to place to see what it reads in doctors office of something.I would think its v ...   1,689 hits
Forum: Fasting: Water Only

Gotta Get Blood Pressure Down For DOT Physical.   by hopeblossom   3y   View First 20 Messages of 32
My husband is trying to pass his DOT physical for a job. The only job opportunity he has I should add. I searched and came up with this exact same problem that was posted before: The really frustrating thing is my husband can get it down at home with a multitude of supps and meds, but once he gets to the office, he gets anxious and it goes up. At home we get it down with Lisinopril, Hawthorn, Vit E, fish oil, and Coleus. The reading this morning was 127/78 then we get to the doctors office where the physical is being done and it jumped up ...   27,299 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Broke a 28 day water fast today   R by InCharge   12y   View Entire Thread 6
Wanted to go a little longer, but my body was telling me it was over. As opposed to my last lengthy fast when I was about 1/2 my present 64 yrs of age. I lost energy instead of getting more. Not sure if it was the age or the fact that between the metals and candidiases that I was trying to get rid of this time it took everything out of me. My last 21 day fast I started gaining energy on the 5th day. At the time, I was working a minimum 8 hrs of heavy work every day. After the 5th day I could hardly wait to get home to go run 21/2 to 3 miles at a good 7 minute mile. I just couldnít seem ...   2,037 hits
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Re: My Healing Journey from Stage 3C Adrenal Exhaustion   by Sherpa   3y
Red Robin, I am not highly experienced with Adrenal Fatigue.. I have only recently started to research it and treat myself. So any advice from me.. take it with a big grain of salt. I think itís best to stay off the competer unless you need to be on it.. to find information. What I did to get myself into a better state was to take all time off of work (close my business, sadly) ... take Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and other vitamins... you can see details in my original post. I started with small doses and worked up. As far a Ēstimulatory nutrientsĒ - I donít know what Dr. Lam means ...   14,684 hits
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Image Embedded 12 Free ways to stop stress   by mo123   5y
heart disease overview > stress management > 12 Free Ways to Stop Stress 1 of 14 Next>> ...   1,224 hits
Blog: Longevity - Make the choice to live better

Chiropractic testimonial! :)   R by muttgirl   7y   View Entire Thread 6
I have been seeing a chiropractor for terrible foot pain during hiking. It turned out that I was totally out of alignment, my hips were not level, one leg was longer than the other, and I had some cervical vertebrae (C3,C4) way out of alignemnt, as well as one near where my bra strap is. The problem was not in my foot, my whole body was misaligned and compensating making my muscles tight all over. They have been using the massager on me and not doing hand adjustments, because my muscles were so tight. I had an appointment 2 days ago. He gasped when he pulled my hair back, because he cou ...   1,791 hits
Forum: Ask Dr. Sutter

Re: epson salt bath??   by Wrenn   9y
you do not say what juices you are doing and even if doing swf etc with it? salt can often lead to sore throats, and also simple detoxing as well. it is not good to hastily assume it is lympth related, when it may just be throat irritation from certain drinks or other irritations as part of a minor healing crisis symptom. since toxins are also released thru lungs and thus would affect throat mouth area as well. I would suggest gargling with a bit of apple cider vinegar diluted in water, followed by a small bit of baking soda in water swish between teeth etc (DO NOT SWALLOW!) ...   3,696 hits
Forum: Lymph Cleanse

--answer--High Blood Pressure----   by moreless   5y
Hi Free2Day, Your question: Hello Moreless, Youíve asked me to report back to you with results... Well overall itís going very well. My High BP has dropped. The lowest was 127/75 pulse 70. Excellent! (with BP meds also) Question: What do you believe has allowed this blood pressure drop? End. I couldnít handle the epsom salt thing for some reason. Became very ill due to salt overload in my system. Question: How much Epsom salt did you take? End. I do have one problem you can help me with... Because of the bad side effects of my prescription drugs, I had to cut them ...   1,773 hits
Forum: Ask Moreless: pH

27th day of a fast and elevated bilirubin   by #117950   5y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi Dr. Hardy, I am on the 26th day of a fast (have not decided how long to fast yet...just taking it one day at a time). The first 23 days were on the master phase of the Arise and Shine cleanse. In addition to the shakes and herbal supplements, I added some additional nutritional supplements including some amino acid supplements (L-tyrosine, GABA Calm, 5-HTP, DLPA, Balanced Amino Acid supplement), multi vitamin, high lignan flax oil. Over the course of the fast I have also been having vegetable broth, watered down grapefruit juice, and a vegetable juice blend. I have now shifted to ...   3,785 hits
Forum: Ask Dennis Hardy ND

Erythromycin, if used alone, doubled the risk of sudden d...   RN by _BOB   10y
Antibiotic Interaction May Raise Heart Death Risk Wed 8 September, 2004 22:02 By Gene Emery BOSTON (Reuters) - Doctors have known for years that the antibiotic erythromycin can, in rare cases, spark an abnormal and sometimes fatal heartbeat. But combining it with several common drugs may dramatically increase that risk, researchers warned on Wednesday. Their analysis of 1,476 sudden deaths in Tennessee found a fivefold increase in the chance of dropping dead from a heart attack among people taking erythromycin plus one of a handful of drugs. Yet even erythromycin, if used al ...   1,463 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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HDL cholesterol   by happyfamily6   4y   View Entire Thread 8
Hv, My husband and I just had our yearly physical through his work. They checked glucose, cholesterol, BMI, blood pressure. I was just dandy in every category except for HDL. And my blood pressure was low (102/60). My total cholesterol is 137. HDL is 37 (needs to be 50 at least, they say). Iíve never had my cholesterol checked before this, so I donít have any other baseline. I drink small amounts of raw milk and other dairy. Not a whole lot. I donít eat much red meat - more poultry or fish. But I do use a lot of butter in my baking and kitchen. I started doing this last yea ...   642 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

** ph balancing adrenals thyroid and blood pressure   RN by LD Di   7y   View Entire Thread 7
Since starting to use the alk drink and detox baths, I no longer seem to need to do enemas, bowel cleanses, parasite cleanses, or take anything for the candida I had for YEARS! At times in the past, these seemed never ending, with little to show for my time and effort. Also adjusted diet toward more organic, less meat (even organic, free range) more alkaline producing (for me personally, as indicated by testing with PH strips) and started eliminating prescription and massive use of suppliments. OPing 4-6 X a day. Improvment happened quite quickly, within a month. Perhaps because I wa ...   1,926 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Ask Moreless: pH

Re: Emotional Health   by Shalfen   5y
Hello!! What a coincidence. Two days ago we had a lesson about ĒThe truth about ageingĒ as part of a EFL course at university. I asked my students about their grandparents. One of the students told us about his grandfather, aged 92, who still plays football with him. According to this student, his grandfather has a positive attitude towards life, despite having being a widower for three years. In addition, he lives with his family, but in a separate flat, between the seaside and the countryside. He always cooks his lunch, eats an apple a day at 11 a.m. and has only a cup of caffel ...   5,031 hits
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Re: Adrenal Fatigue Questions   by Hveragerthi   3y
 HV, a few questions on Adrenal fatigue. 1 If you have anxiety attack, does it necessarily suggest Adrenal fatigue? No, a build up of lactate is a more common cause than excess epinephrine release triggering anxiety. 2 Does that mean low cortisol or high cortisol? Neither. 3 Could there be some other reason? Yes, a build up of lactate is the most common reason.  This can occur for a number of reasons such as shallow breathing and some metabolic disorders.  Excess epinephrine with a lack of acetylcholine to balance it can also trigger off panic attac ...   856 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: Anyone used CardioVital from Biowell for Hypertension   by ELVISFOREVER   6mo
This is now current year 2014, but it still applies. You may have gotten your answers already. 2005 is a long time ago I realize. But I have researched this product from several sites and found two discrepancies. The milligrams for one sit had it 425mg the other 320mg. Also the ingredient for CARDIO VITAL PLUS at one site: wwwcalcompnutritioncom/cardio-vital-plushtml had American mistletoe as their one of 12 ingredients. That ingredient is bad and dangerous and should NEVER be used! Here is what it causes: AMERICAN MISTLETOE Overview Information American mistletoe is a plant. T ...   783 hits
Forum: Hypertension

Re: what does protozoa die off feel like   by jazzydude   25mo
At my best I can keep all these things in check, but itís always lurking there, centered maybe in lower area below the navel. Itís possible that you have H pylori and or a protozoa. The thing is to get properly diagnosed. Labs are not very reliable and I have had many false negatives and some positives for protozoa.   1,453 hits
Forum: Parasites: Protozoa

Re: Australian's with Morgellons   by SueKaiser   7y
Hello, thanks for the replies.. I really appreciate it! I guess I will stick to this CSalt thing for awhile longer, but got a little discouraged. I think it was working well until I was low on money and bought something called EsterC because it was on sale; started using that and my night sweats, more specks, and everything came back. It took me about 10 days on pure vitamin C (and sodium chloride) to get back to having mild symptoms again. I really didnít study that silver thing at all; just looked it up real quick on google, saw a picture of what could happen and closed the window! (didn ...   6,139 hits
Forum: Morgellons

Re: Day 32 now juice fast.   by ALB   3y
Had enough being dizzy and nearly fainting walking around on water fast.Could be salt and resultant low blood pressure so whatever last night drank 8oz total over about three hours of almond milk think breeze is brand.It has salt in it ,potassium too I think .I got super hyper few hours after drinking it got only 3 hours sleep last night not great but feel actually much better today. This morning drank diluted 50/50 pina colada 100% juice and have had that now about three of our times in 8oz glasses. I am not trying to force down the juice but when feel thirsty just drink.Not drinking much ...   3,252 hits
Forum: Fasting: Weight

Re: I have been drinking baking soda and water... I feel ...   by #132242   3y
the rise in blood pressure could be due to the fact that baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. sodium is known to raise blood pressure. i havenít read too much about the moreless program, but a lot of people do well on these types of programs made popular by dr. robert young. it is an interesting theory that the stomach is actually designed to be alkaline. not sure if i agree with it, but the proof is in the testimonials. also, a lot of people do not do well with these types of alkalizing programs. if it were me i would jsut try to listen to your body. obviously there is something t ...   150,531 hits
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Liver Cleanse   RN by gpascucci   9y   View Entire Thread 4
My friend Andreas Moritz has written, ĒThe Amazing Liver Cleanse.Ē (AMAZON). I was not feeling well and my closest friendís wife had just died of pancreatic cancer in 2000. My friend asked if I would go to Mexico after his wife died to take a break. I was told by a psychic friend that on my trip I would meet two very metaphysically like minded people. Low and behold they were staying in my friends bed and breakfast. It was Andreas and his girlfriend Lily. Andreas told me about the liver cleanse and said I was not sick but my liver was congested. I performed 8 liver cleanses over the ne ...   3,209 hits     2 of 2 (100%)
Forum: Liver Flush Facts

Does this sound like a hernia?   by searchingforclues   5y   View Entire Thread 10
Hver, I hope you can bear with me here while I self diagnose and maybe youíll be able to tell me if Iím right and what I can do about it. I posted earlier about having gut dysbiosis and thinking I have a hiatal hernia. I mentioned that when, from a sitting position, I lift my right leg to put on my sock I sometimes get what feels like a spasm below my right ribs. The last time it happened I put my hand on that area and felt a hard lump then went away when I pushed on it. Iím thinking itís a hernia. Also, I feel a lot of discomfort on my right side. Sometimes Iíve thought it was m ...   7,218 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: Diabetes and the Master Cleanser   by Richard   12y
Hi, I am not so sure if fasting would help your mother depending on how bad her condition is. I can relate to your problem as my late mother had the same problem - type-2 diabetes. She passed away when she was 86 and her last few years were with a much better quality of life, health wise. My mother was a diabetic for more than 30 years and in addition, she had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, rhuematoid arthritis, etc.. She also had sores that took a long time to heal (months) and that with lots and lots of strong antibiotics. The antibiotics also caused her to have lots of ha ...   1,018 hits
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Some very interesting points...   by #38976   8y   View Entire Thread 3
Symptoms of Low Metabolic Energy Although many of the symptoms below seem unrelated, they may all stem from the same root problem of low metabolic energy. General Low body temperature. Coldness. Low Energy or Fatigue. Weight problems (canít lose or gain it). Slow healing . Brain Depression. Anxiety. Poor memory, focus, or concentration. Sleep disorders. Immune system Under-Reactive or Over-Reactive: Frequent infections (skin, sinus, bladder, bowel, yeast problems, etc.). Allergies. Auto-immune disease. Musculoskeletal Fatigue. Fibromyalgia (muscle or joint pai ...   1,253 hits
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Broke a 28 day water fast today   R by InCharge   12y
Wanted to go a little longer, but my body was telling me it was over. As opposed to my last lengthy fast when I was about 1/2 my present 64 yrs of age. I lost energy instead of getting more. Not sure if it was the age or the fact that between the metals and candidiases that I was trying to get rid of this time it took everything out of me. My last 21 day fast I started gaining energy on the 5th day. At the time, I was working a minimum 8 hrs of heavy work every day. After the 5th day I could hardly wait to get home to go run 21/2 to 3 miles at a good 7 minute mile. I just couldnít seem ...   16,456 hits
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Re: Using Ephedra while water fasting   by chrisb1   5y
HisMomma07, with all due respect your post would be better suited to the Fasting for Weight-loss forum, where it specializes in weight loss via fasting. If you read the above forum description you will understand what I mean. However, now that you are here I must point out the dangers/side-effects in taking any herbs or substances that will have a ĒPharmaceutical effectĒ on the body, and this is a fairly comprehensive list in the use of ephedra................ * nausea * headache; dizziness * irritation of the stomach; diarrhea * anxiety; psychosis * k ...   3,755 hits
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Re: Hi Catherine and Michael :)   by MentalNomad   10y
Hi Catherine, I was touched by your post and wanted to share that I will be praying for you, and you too Michael. :) Something I wanted to share for your allergies and sinus problems--two very cheap therapies. One is food grade hydrogen peroxide, it helps tremendously and cures allergies. The only difficult thing with it is taking it either one hour before a meal or 2-3 hours after a meal so they do not coincide and negate the h202. You can buy 35% FOOD GRADE (not that sold in a drug store :) at a health food store very inexpensively. It only takes a small amount so the smallest bottl ...   769 hits
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Dietary and Metabolic Acids Lead to Obesity and Heart Dis...   by plzchuckle   11mo
Heart specialists at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere report what is believed to be the first wide-scale evidence linking severe overweight to prolonged acidic inflammation of heart tissue and the subsequent damage leading to failure of the bodyís blood-pumping organ. The latest findings from the Multiethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA), to be published in the May 6 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, appear to nail down yet one more reason for the estimated 72 million obese American adults to be concerned about their health, say scientists who conducted the rese ...   3,207 hits
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Nearly 7 in 10 Americans Are On Prescription Drugs   R Educational by Dr.Jeff   16mo   View Entire Thread 2
Antibiotics are a "gateway" drug to a wide variety of diseases and conditions. The bacteria normally found in and on the body form a protective barrier against our environment. This is especially important for people living in major cities and those consuming processed foods, as toxin exposures are much higher. As noted in the recent study below, antibiotics are also the most prescribed drug in the U.S. and most likely throughout the world. China, for instance, prescribes 10x tas many antibiotics as the U.S. Taking antibiotics will "prime" the brain for a life of chroni ...   424 hits
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Hyper and Hypo...??   by fury   15mo   View First 20 Messages of 30
Ok.. first a quick update on where I am with my Iodine protocol. Week 8 already and am on 14 drops (twice a day) of Lugols 15%!! Everytime Iíve had any detox symptoms I have done the íSalt Flushí and alleviated many of the problems. Next day (I donít know why.. just instinct I suppose!!) I tend to step up the Iodine by a drop. Hence now being on 14 drops (Twice). Of course, I have also been taking the Magnesium, Selenium, Multi-B vits, plenty of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Digestive Enzymes, Betaine HCL, Probiotics, Borax... Also daily protein supplement mix (trying to gain weight!), include ...   1,137 hits
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Summary for Week 5 on Raw Foods   by drpr   8y
February 12, 2006 WEEK 5: Itís the Weekly Raw Weigh-In Show! This week my calories never dipped below 1200. My fat intake was higher than Iíd planned, but it doesnít seem to matter as far as weight loss goes. I canít tell you what it means to my arteries to eat 62 grams of plant fat, but raw foodists will tell you that it isnít the least bit harmful. I havenít made that doctorís appointment yet, but itís on my agenda to get all my levels checked. Iíll report my cholesterol and blood pressure, etc. as soon as I get íem. Here is the weekly summary with the weight loss reported below. ...   1,049 hits
Blog: Raw Odyssey

Re: Slowly easing into ketosis?   by ALB   3y
I have chronic fatigue as well. I didnít seem to have it on my fast which was 31 water,3 juice, 2 water ,4 juice. It went away and was hoping for good but seems to have come back post fast. It might have something to do with food allergies. Maybe gluten not sure but donít seem to get usual gluten allergy symptoms, not much bloating,or gas so not sure. You could try longer juice fast or maybe juice 5 days then water 2 or vary things a bit . Juice gives way more energy and less problems with low blood pressure, fainting,etc. Wife went 28 days on her first fast on juice. I was hop ...   2,212 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
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Ozone - Self Experimentation   by firstblood   4y   View Entire Thread 5
Friend just got a medical grade ozone generator from a place nearby that went out of business. I believe itís a cold corona unit along with the sauna tent (bag) too. However, I could be wrong, nonetheless, the lady used it for internal therapy with great results. We asked if she could provide us with some information regarding the proper way to use ozone. Her is answer was check the net, itís loaded with information. Like I already didnít know that! So, my friend and I are going to use ozone to see how it actually works. Iím very excited and so is he. H, this is where you come in, please ...   1,036 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: Made It, But Update   by vektek   32mo
I probably did say in one of my post that I couldnít fast just because I have a lot of the conditions that they say is contraindicated with fasting. I have hypoglycemia, severe adrenal fatigue, really low blood pressure, deficient in everything probably, pretty thin, etc. Iíve not tried to fast since my last 30 day water fast, which was nine or so years ago. So, I was nervous about doing a fast at all. I didnít want to tell anyone really because I didnít know if Iíd make it past a few hours, much less a day. I was pleasantly surprised by it. It was just something I wanted to try. ...   1,477 hits
Forum: Christianity Biblical

Image Embedded Beat High Blood Pressure With Chiropractic Instead of Drugs   by LuellaMay   16mo
  Beat High Blood Pressure With Chiropractic Instead of Drugs by Barbara Minton See all TBYIL articles by Barbara Minton ( The Best Years in Life)  One thing is sure about a visit to a chiropractor: when it is over, you feel better! This is because a chiropractor restores harmony to the bodyís natural systems, allowing the wisdom of the body to again take over and restore a state of health. Blood pressure normalization is one of the outcomes of this process.   Read More .   161 hits
Forum: Ask Tony Isaacs

Is Inflammation The Cause of All Diseases?   by akroach7   4y
Iíve been reading a lot of articles today stating all disease is caused by chronic low grade inflammation. The articles listed every disease & disorder you could think of including diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and stroke. As we go through life our body fights one infection after another causing inflammation. And when we eat the wrong types of food it causes low grade inflammation. This chronic low grade inflammation can also be inherited or have genetic factors. The body responds by increasing inflammatory cytokines which leads to increased levels of insulin resistance. ...   639 hits
Blog: Raw Vegan For Health

day 16   by ALB   19mo
Well think its day 16. Anyway things are going ok. I checked blood pressure a few times and last time it was low normal range. The fast has been proceeding fine just very bored. Boredom is my biggest problem past two weeks or so. Weight is 225 and has been there for last couple of days. I am trying to mostly stay to water. I did treadmill for about three days in a row but took today off. Didnít do any exercise other than the treadmill. Energy levels are pretty good. Still take some green tea capsules most days. Also I am not a purist have not been juicing from machine has been drin ...   892 hits
Forum: Fasting: Weight Loss

Re: Are Thyroid Disorders reversible??   by Iolite   5y
Yes, the 24hr saliva test will test for addisons too. It will give you your cortisol levels for 4 times during a 24 hr day with the normal ranges. Healthy adrenal glands will give a reading at the top of the range in the first morning reading and then slope gradually down to the bottom of the range in the last reading of the evening (10-midnight). The more outside of the range indicates varying degrees of AF. The lab sheet will also explain it briefly with a chart of normal adrenal function range (two lines corresponding with the low and high normal ranges of each time) with your result ...   8,343 hits
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