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Re: DIVA in DISTRESS!!!!!How do I begin ????????   by candida123   6y
I really dont see what the master cleanse does but make you lose more weight. First, check if you have LEAKY GUT. You can easily heal the leaky gut by drinking culture cabbage juice, coconut oil and eating HOMEMADE kefir. If you have a leaky gut, its a must you take digestive enzymes and bectaine HCL.Check to see if you have LOW STOMACH ACID (very important!!) You can heal this problem by taking 1500mg of HCL AFTER meal NOTE: No matter how much items you put in your body, w/ having low stomach acid, you will NOT rid your candida. Next, it’s time to clean the intestines by doing a colon ...   1,067 hits
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Re: Candida sufferers, have you done these yet?   by tasha92337   6y
RESEARCH first. Please do not waste your money on things youve read. Take some time and do some research before you try everything in the book. Start with the simple body cleanses first. If you have a toxic body, nothing will fix your candida. The cleanses I truly recommend are colon cleanse and LOTS of liver cleanses. I recommend a colon cleanse mixture of psyllium/bentointe powder, aloe vera juice,& fresh papaya juice followed by a glass of water once or twice a day. Presto! Then I recommend Clark’s liver flush. Drink apple juice prior to cleanse and you will get some green sto ...   1,368 hits
Forum: Candida Support

EBV - Epstein Barr Virus   by ahr   6y
I remember being checked for EBV and I do have it. I am curious how many with chelitis have be checked for this. Once you ahve it stays residient and in times of stress it can come life. Burning and tingling and swelling in the extremeties are some of the symptoms and I noticed some people have have said that they taken L lysyne an antiviral and it helps with their chelitis. I have also noticed people taking herpes type cremes which have given some improvment but they are only superficial. Its very interesting. They say its passed through saliva but mode of transmission i ...   1,046 hits
Forum: Peeling Lips

Candida   by #90061   7y   View Entire Thread 2
I had mild candida but extremely weak liver, clogged colon & LOW stomach acid. In addition, I had leaky gut & malnutrition issues. My symptoms were dark circles, depression and weight loss. I started attacking my leaky gut by going on a 4d slippery elm & cabbage juice fast. That was pure HELL but has helped me tremendously! After the four days, I introduced beet kvass & kefir into my diet. This is helping SO much with my stomach issues. My dark circles have lighten up alot thanks to help of liver flushes that I do twice a month. Prior to a liver flush, I take P&B shakes?oregano every nig ...   902 hits
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steh   by #74989   7y
i happen to read one of tasha92337 post about fiberzon and she kepted blowing it up on how ”great” it was so i tried the samples first. It helped somewhat, nothing major. Then i started adding caprylic acid in the colon cleanser from one of remi96 posts and thats when I started seeing things in my toilet:) candida cannot be controlled if you have a clogged liver, clogged intestinal tract, and tons of mercury fillings that are literally causing candida overgrowth to begin with. You can do rotation diets, you can cut out all simple carbs, sugars, etc.....but you will not control it if yo ...   1,466 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: Leaky gut and arthritis ?   by stannarad   7y
Taste doesn’t matter to me since I’ve lost almost 15 years of my life to being sick ( some of that house/bed bound ). I eat raw cultured sauerkraut with every meal which isn’t exactly palatable and smells like dog crap. When I began eating that about two years ago my health began to finally turn around. You could try that becuase your digestion is most likely poor ( i know mine is ). Their site is But if you are concerned with taste then that wouldn’t be an option. I’ve adressed my candida overgorwth in numerous ways over the years 1) bowel cleansing with ...   1,249 hits
Forum: Leaky Gut

Re: kombucha!!!   by realdeal   7y
Please do NOT add anything to the most wonderful Kombucha Tea. This drink is one of the miracle natural products around. It’s good to know your making it homemade rather than purchasing it. Most purchased Kombucha is junk as it’s been PASTEURISED which kills what your after within it. Also some sellers sell pathetic tea bags and people without a clue take them. Properly made Kombucha well I cannot trump it up enough as it’s a miracle worker. You should note that Kombucha is one of the most powerful healers/detoxifiers/cleansers of the Liver there is thanks to a certain Acid present. ...   1,231 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Prayer needed from Christians   by linenup   7y
I have always had trouble w/ Christians telling me ”God told me” so I really don’t go there.... I refuse to speak on the behalf of God... in that I would find that potentially abusive... however I do beleive that God has given me a gift of insight .. does this make sense? But MCS are always due to toxins...the liver is congested ... as other posters have made smart comments about pathogens and heavy metals causing problems... Magnesium (food source and supplement source (*best to stay away from Magnesium OXIDE) would be a great idea ... food sources would be whole grains and dar ...   1,349 hits
Forum: Prayer   Christian Healing

Re: 3 years in Pain - help ?=(   by tasha92337   7y
I had issues with leaky gut and i recommend amazon rainforest herbs. They are bio energetic herbs that helps balance yin & yang and your meridians. You not only heal your symptoms but also your body overall. I had dark circles, puffy eyes, and leaky gut/candida. I needed to target my intestines/colon, liver & kidney while eliminating enviromental toxins while healing my gut. I drink shitabeu rainforest treasure tea with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar which flushes out heavy metal, toxins, while alkalining the body. I take liquid illumination ”whole body tonic” in purified wat ...   3,998 hits
Forum: Leaky Gut

Re: Please help me. What am I doing wrong?   by tasha92337   7y
You are welcome! Please do keep me posted and feel free to ask any questions or concerns. Trust me, you can not go wrong with ayurveda healing. Fiberzon, Aquazon, illumination, treasure tea, & digestazon plus are my ”must have(s)” and has helped me overcome my leaky gut syndrome. These 5 products contains all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, vitamin b’s,antioxidants, and glyconutrients that my body NEEDS to function. I sometimes do the liver cleansing salad w/ tumeric because I have found it to be great for healing the gut. I throw it (quite liberally) on my evening meals. I ...   3,511 hits
Forum: Leaky Gut

What is your liver flush protocol?   by nanner2   6y   View Entire Thread 3
Hello, I have done 6 liver flushes. Before #5, I started having alot of pain in my back and right arm, which indicated to me a stuck stone. I did a olive oil/lemon juice/epsom salt flush, and got 600+ stones. About 30 were garbanzo bean sized, and one was cherry tomato sizes (which passed two days post flush). Since I was still in pain, I did flush # 6 one week later, in which I got 150 small stones. But I am still in pain, although I think some stones are still stuck in my bile duct. I have a tourniquet like sensation in my right arm, that seems to move up and down throughout the wee ...   1,049 hits
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Re: Itchy Itchy in lower colon   by #87980   6y
I haven’t set myself up with a microscope yet, but I have every intention of doing so. I have a friend who is a dog breeder who checks his animals himself, and he is going to show me how to make a slide, and how to use a cheapie microscope. If I get stuck with unidentified critters, he knows a vet who charges 10 bucks a slide to identify what parasite it is. I’m so sick of bad, hoity toity medical care, I’m going to take care of this myself. In terms of herbal wormers, I’m used Purify, by The Life Tree, and worked. I’m currently taking humaworm, and it’s worked on round worms. I’ve ...   823 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Can I cure this natural or am I waisting my time   by mo123   6y   View Entire Thread 7
I had been pretty positive about this disease and now reading the recent post, I am now discouraged. What do you mean you have this disease for 10-15 years and then give a list of tens of tens of pharmeceuticals. Just not possible for me. I live in jordan on a few dollars each month, barely enough to buy food and pay the rent so what I want to know is can I beat Candida with no extra junk. In Jordan cant get all of those fancy brands and many things just not available even if I could aford. I have been taking kelp, yogurt and flax seed, black seed, grape seed, vit c, b complex, tume ...   801 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: Going Raw   by mo123   6y
I was suggested to be a barefooter by plzchukle, and they told me to take one tablespoon of cold pressed olive oil, 4 drops of oregano oil and 1/2 drop of olive leaf oil so here is what i do. I take a small plate and put in one tablespoon of olive oil add my 4 drops of oregano oil and then I have fresh dried olive leaf which i ground up in the blender and i had 1/2 t. of this and let sit a little to soften, then i lick it up with my tongue, maybe sound a little course but in one day my tongue is improving. I have been raw one day and my digestion has improved drastically, look on the r ...   1,240 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: Let me try to explain this cortisol thing   by ahr   6y
Do both. Internally and externally. But give it a chance. The most important time is night time. By this I mean when you sleep its the best time to put this stuff on your lips and in great quantity. However throughout the day you should be taking this stuff internally. I have job that keeps me in ocntact wiht people. i cant put things on my lips during the day. So at night I put globs of things on my lips that I am trying. During day I take internal stuff. Right now I am just doing internal lysine. I need to get the melatonin, sesame oil and tumeric. But will do one at a time. ...   1,047 hits
Forum: Peeling Lips

Re: Never ending neurological symptoms...please help!!!   by mo123   6y
Hi, I am new to this forum today but thought I would join in. I have Epstein Barr and they told me that after 15 years I would get MS and cancer. I have had it 22 years so got worried and went on a very strict diet and discovered I had Candida. I have all the symptoms as you but not so extreme. I have recently got more foggy and worrying me greatly. I must suggest a strict Candida diet which is no sugar, grains, white rice, and basic low glycemex foods. Cut out all colas and sweets. I personally think Doctors are a waste of money and believe in the strick natural diet. I take gin ...   2,561 hits
Forum: Epilepsy/Seizures   MS: Multiple Sclerosis

Re: Please help   by ParaZapper   6y
Sorry to hear about your mom. Sometimes all that we can do is to provide support, love, and care. First, liver support using Milk Thistle. Any good doctor would agree to this and should have already suggested it. Taking Co-Q10 in the Ubiquinol form (50 mg 2x daily minimum)is highly recommended as this is important for liver support. Tumeric is also used sometimes. BTW, Curcumin is one of the better anti-cancer herbs. Oregon Grape root is good for liver support and is anti-nausea in some cases. Second, to help keep food down, try juicing fresh raw (preferably organic) vegetables. Smal ...   920 hits
Forum: Cancer Support

Re: Please, post how you healed!   by wildallan   6y
glad you overcame this stuff, man it sucks! ive had what everything tells me are mrsa boils on my face and back of the neck for a couple months now. started out mild so i thought it was just a bad patch of stress related acne but about two weeks ago after it started getting out of control I made the realization that the tenderness, frequency, and persistence was just not like anything i’d experienced before and couldnt be the same ’ole acne im used to. a little under a week ago i started on a tsp of tumeric 4 times a day and 7-8 grams of vitamin c, plus all sorts of other vitamins i ...   2,646 hits
Forum: MRSA

to: someone who replied to me last night   by mentallystrong   6y   View Entire Thread 7
hi there, i wanted to reply back but I couldn’t. it said that you have specified to block all private messages from forum visitors. ^-^ yeah, i thought about it too, that hepatitis may have any connection with BO (I myself have hepatitis B). I asked my father about it but he just laughed.. T-T So I want to figure it out myself since I am a medical student. Wheat? OMG, i just ate a lot of bread 10 minutes ago. I didn’t know that! I thought it was only meat and dairy that I have to avoid! Thanks a lot for telling me that! Yeah, since UT, I have noticed a little improvement in BO. I thi ...   989 hits
Forum: Urine Therapy Support

Re: to: someone who replied to me last night   by #88078   6y
Hi mate!!! yes i really think that the bread causes a bad reaction with the smell. It makes me so bloated too. A lot of research ive done there is a relation to the liver, gallstones and celic disease due tob the gluten in wheat. i also feel a lot better when i dont eat it. Funny thing is its the thing i always crave the most...bummer. You can buy tumeric anywhere in most supermarkets cheap. about the flush, its good to have a few days consuming lots of fresh apple juice or apples to soften the gall stones. Good luck with that. Well im trying to do the urine fast but caved in toda ...   898 hits
Forum: Urine Therapy Support

Re: New To Candida, some advice needed   by tasha92337   7y
candida is based on immune system, nervous system, digestion and colon. colon- Fiberzon, enemas 2x wk Digestive System- digestazon, trikatu Immune System- Armit kalash, CHAVANA PRASH Parasites- Zapper Tongue Scraper- Stainless Steel nutritional Yeast- B vitamins and Minerals Liver- Tumeric, lecthin, Liver cleanse cleansing tea- nettle, peppermint, dandelion, aloe vera, licorice. 15 min before meals take ginger with celtic salt, lemon 30min before meals take trikatu, neem, cayenee pepper EFA oil- flax oil, coconut oil, olive oil its a must best foods for lactobacte ...   870 hits
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In-between herbs recipe ideas   by mamahuhu   7y
I was wondering how on earth I was going to get the in-between herbs down me. I experimented and thought I would pass these along for anyone interested... For the yummy herbs... 1/4 tsp each cinnamon, ginger, cloves water and meat from 1-2 young thai coconuts 1 tsp aguave vanilla Blend together and drink. Very very tasty and a whole meal to boot. Fast and easy. And it’s not overpowering in taste with the herbs. ******** For the savory herbs... 1 cup flax seeds 1 cup water 1/2 tsp each onion powder, garlic powder, sage, thyme 1/2 tsp tumeric Celtic Sea Salt to tas ...   276 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

Re: Breakfast ideas? Giving up ALL grains, need some help...   by stannarad   7y
You know, I used to feel if I cut out this or that I would get well. I always tortured myself wondering what I was eating or doing that was keeping me from getting well. This went on for years. What I’ve found though is that I continually improve every so often--by not changing anything in particular. In fact, whenever I get the ’bright idea’ to try something new it always backfires. I mean always. Take for instance last week. I got soooo sick because I decided to try digestive enzymes. I just don’t tolerate liver can’t handle them. The onyl two things I do are chlorella ( and t ...   1,247 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: I Dont Know what to do anymore   by LiittleSion   7y
Hi Everyone, I have got to say I feel such an overwhelming gratefullness to all of you.. Thank you all so much for replying. Reading all your messages has made me feel so much more proactive. There are so many ideas you all have put foreward that Ihave not even tried. I feel so much more proactive and am now writing a shopping list of the things I will need to get. Alkalise your body resonates with me so much and now drawing up a list of veggies and foods to replace my current diet. I also have been making curry masala’s and going hard on the tumeric and cloves and fenugreek. Giving up mi ...   1,302 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Re: I need some help and suggestions...   by Zoebess   7y
Here is a recipe I found using Grapefruit Seed Extract and oil~~ Cysts, Polyps, Benign Tumors, Lipomas and Wens: (To shrink) Mix (?) drops grapefruit seed extract in 1 Tbls. of olive oil, almond, sesame, avocado or vegetable oil. Rub on 2 or 3 times daily, especially if the growth is increasing in size, If this mix is irritating to the skin add a little more oil, if necessary. also another treatment using clay~~ and perhaps bloodroot may be another treatment which may have some benefits~~ h ...   1,377 hits
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Major Progress!!   by tasha92337   7y   View Entire Thread 9
What I take: Sangre de Drago extract -ultimate anti-oxidant and natural healer - contains 90% proanthocyanidin (OPCs) -it helps stop leaky gut FIBERZON intestinal cleanse formula -special formula’s blend of 15 organic rainforest herbs INGREDIENTS • Psyllium • Hibiscus ”Okra” • Licorice • Fennugreek • Licorice • Flax Seed • Boldo ”Gingko” • Slippery Elm • Oat Bran • Uña de Gato ”Cat’s Claw” • Sego Palm • Camu Camu ”It contains up to 4,000 times the amount of vitamin C” • Jatoba • Papaya • Sangre de Drago • Artichoke AQUAZON super food formula -blend of fre ...   2,504 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Major Progress!!   by tasha92337   7y   View Entire Thread 20
What I take: Sangre de Drago extract -ultimate anti-oxidant and natural healer - contains 90% proanthocyanidin (OPCs) -it helps stop leaky gut FIBERZON intestinal cleanse formula -special formula’s blend of 15 organic rainforest herbs INGREDIENTS • Psyllium • Hibiscus ”Okra” • Licorice • Fennugreek • Licorice • Flax Seed • Boldo ”Gingko” • Slippery Elm • Oat Bran • Uña de Gato ”Cat’s Claw” • Sego Palm • Camu Camu ”It contains up to 4,000 times the amount of vitamin C” • Jatoba • Papaya • Sangre de Drago • Artichoke AQUAZON super food formula -blend of fre ...   1,789 hits
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Major Progress!!   by tasha92337   7y   View Entire Thread 8
What I take: What I take: Sangre de Drago extract -ultimate anti-oxidant and natural healer - contains 90% proanthocyanidin (OPCs) -it helps stop leaky gut FIBERZON intestinal cleanse formula -special formula’s blend of 15 organic rainforest herbs INGREDIENTS • Psyllium • Hibiscus ”Okra” • Licorice • Fennugreek • Licorice • Flax Seed • Boldo ”Gingko” • Slippery Elm • Oat Bran • Uña de Gato ”Cat’s Claw” • Sego Palm • Camu Camu ”It contains up to 4,000 times the amount of vitamin C” • Jatoba • Papaya • Sangre de Drago • Artichoke AQUAZON super food formul ...   4,278 hits
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6 days in, and no die off it working?   by Trysten3000   7y
Hmmmm...well Im 6 days into my parasite cleanse and havent had any die off yet. In fact, considering all Im going through with pms, and treating demodex mites on my face {horrible die off breakouts happening there}, Im actually feeling pretty good. Im wondering if taking P&B shakes along with the cleanse is helping, or if the last round just killed off most of them and now there are much less inside of me. Of course its only been 6 days. Im taking: ”Paraphyte” which contains: Calcium 140 mg 15% Black Walnut Hulls 375 mg * MSM (methylsulfonylmethane [optimsm] 300 mg * Garl ...   592 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

What can crush calcium gallstones   by leslie114   7y   View Entire Thread 4
I have had 3 ultrasounds in the past year.....when I look at the report I would question if they are for the same person. The first report stated multple calculi the largest 1.6 cm and the bile duct 3.8mm. The second ultrasound report just stated gallstones. The last report just stated multiple small shadowing calculi. The technologist for the last report did tell me the l.6 cm stone was still there and my gallbladder was very full of stones. So I have a couple of questions. Is a 1.6 cm stone a small stone? Or what would be the size of a small stone? Is 3.8mm small for a bil ...   1,869 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

my cleanse plan so far   by ozone bubble   8y
the cleansing shakes and cleansing drinks mentioned are the recipes from! 1. Initial 2 weeks - improving digestion and elimination routes fennel tea, flax seeds, egg yolk shakes, cleansing drinks, lemon/oo drinks, egg yolk cleanse, flaxseed oil, epsom baths 2. Next 2 weeks - blood/general cleaning and supplementing nettle tea, goji berries, blackseed oil, rosehip tea, cleansing shakes, raw milk/raw yoghurt, enema/coffee enemas, acv 3. Next week - supplementing and liver/immune boosting spirulina, olive tea, probiotics, milk thistle, epsom baths 4. Next 10-15 d ...   1,267 hits
Blog: The Natural Way

Turmeric Folliculitis   by risingsun   7y
The folliculitis causes about 1cm wide spots, filled with puss, very sore, and they are slowly joining together. From 3 days ago, I tried a teaspoon of tumeric, mixed in a little cold water, 3 times a day. The results are amazing. When I tried anti b’s, I would see no results for 5-6 days. With turmeric, within 24hrs, my swelling had halved, and now, 4 days later, although I still have the red marks, the swelling has gone, 100%. I’m amazed, and the happiest man on earth! I’m sure it will not cure me, but the pain and irritation relief is unbelievable. I hope it continues, and if a ...   6,780 hits
Blog: Turmeric Cure Research Blog

Still MORE good news for K2!   by 2yourhealth   7y
MenaQ-7: Now Shown to Help Prevent Calcification in the Skin Yet another study was published this month showing the importance of vitamin K-dependent protein called matrix GLA (MGP) in managi...   1,738 hits
Blog: Calcification & Disease: Treatments and Prevention

Re: as for Ayurveda   by anja   7y
do you take a particular brand of tumeric as a supplement, or just cook with it? what’s your dose? I love it as a spice, but have never noticed much therapeutic benefit from it, though maybe I was not using it in the right form and dose. as a side note- if you get this message - did you notice constipation on the SCD diet at first? I’m still having a fair amount of gas and bloating, and needing to take herbal stuff and magnesium just to keep things moving since I stopped the grains, even tho virtually everything I’m eating is loaded with fiber. I’m not doing meat more than once a da ...   2,446 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Re: Oxy-Powder   by Zoebess   8y act like this is your *last* Master Cleanse! You can always experiment with shorter cleanses and Oxy-powder. It was on my shorter cleanses that I deviated and found things to do which were effective and *fit* for me, like the different teas and essential oils. Something I did after my last cleanse which I would do again if I did not have to go so far (4 hours) was an Ion are a couple of informative links. I really felt a major difference. I may see if I can find someone with a unit closer. It was the same price as a colonic and I could really tell a difference.. ...   474 hits
Blog: Master Cleanse for Mind and Body

Great Power Healer GuruDev   by munificent   9y
Golden milk contains the magical ingredient TUMERIC! see below for a great recipe from the Earth Clinic Website: Gurudev Khar Khalsa, a Sat Nam Rasayan healer and Kundalini Yoga teacher in Los Angeles sent us this Ayurvedic tea for lubricating the joints. Gurudev tells us that the almond oil is a very important part of this recipe. Turmeric is called ”the internal healer” in Ayurveda. Turmeric is also a blood purifier and is best known for its ability to help the female reproductive organs. Some research indicates that turmeric may be of value in preventing diabetes and cance ...   622 hits
Blog: Yoga Path

Re: Liver flush changed stool color from dark brown to pa...   by #68417   8y
before I go ahead and try to explain your pale stool post flushing I would like to make sure that this is definately not food induced. Cheese, cottage cheese or some veggies or fruits can make the stool turn into a pale colour. If you did not eat something like this the past days something else must have caused this changes in colour. Furthermore: Have you floating stool e.g. does it swim on top of the water? If ”yes” I would guess your fat digestion is compromised and that the liver does not release enough bile into the intestine. I will try to explain why this might happened ...   7,085 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Hey thanks- that was a 10 answer.   by hkp   7y
Well thanks Telman. That ws extremely helpful considering where I am. My gall bladder is not happy. Things are just not right in there. And my flushing is not successful. So I am looking at this from another angle. Maybe I need to stimulate what I have in there. Who knows. I had some stomach gas this AM and decided to chomp on a bit of ginger. Well it helped the gas and shortly thereafter left me nauseated... I couldn’t figure it out. I ate some more ginger... got more nausea. Then I decided when you get nauseated for nothing it is the liver dumping. It has happened before. ...   2,816 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Re: Parasitic Study on Foods - Fruits, Vegs and Meats   by Infinitelove   7y
This is great information, rabbitears! Parasites and other nasties in foods/beverages were once addressed by the ancients - and still by indigenous folk thru the use of spices. The Eastern Indians use tumeric, garlic & ginger not alone for their taste but for the action it has as a broad spectrum antiinfective. This is where American cuisine falls so devastatingly short. Cooks who design the typical American fare run roughshod over the fine art of seasoning. They slap on the MSG & the natural flavors, load us with salt, and the typical American palate agrees with it - or rather has a ...   1,472 hits
Forum: Ask Microbe Detectives

Parasite cleansing before flushing...   by neverlack   5y   View Entire Thread 8
I’m in the process of parasite killing before I start liver flushing. I’m at the 15 drops twice per day level for MMS (second week and now I’m dropping back to the 6 drops per day maintenance level) and started taking Hulda Clark’s herbal parasite killing formula with it last week. Then, I began taking turmeric capsules (made myself) around the same time, large ones ”00” size vegan caps, 3 capsules twice a day with warm milk. Then, began coffee enemas every night before bed. All of a sudden, I started having flush bowel movements - frequent ones - all day yesterday that contained fluffy tu ...   1,014 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Ginger and other substances to shrink tumors   by #139029   17mo
I have been looking over the inexpensive cancer treatments listed on here : for the past week or so. on the 2nd section ’How to combine these treatments for special situations’ im a little confused and im wondering if its an error in the site... on the section that says ’combinations for when a tumor is involved (some swelling would not be dangerous)’ that means that it would be ok for the tumor to swell up by 50%... but listed under that is ginger and the sister mary eymard oydock phd protocol. however below on the descrip ...   986 hits
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Re: My Story Adrenals, Mental, ADD, CFS, alternative trea...   by ToHemp   32mo
My sister had a lot of the same symptoms. First she had IBS for 3 years. Next came thyroid issues, lupus panniculitus. It was 13 years before the thyroid issues was recognized as Hashimoto’s...she has taken numerous supplements over the years. They helped to keep her going but nothing really got her back to normal until about 11/2 months ago. It was metabolic/systemic enzymes..taken on an empty stomach twice a day, a couple of hours or longer away from meals. I can’t begin to tell you the difference they made. She still takes some supplements that address healing the digestive tract and ...   3,501 hits
Forum: Adrenal Fatigue   ADD/ADHD   Depression   CFS, ME, CFIDS   IBS   Fibromyalgia

Re: Frustrated, please read. (a little long)   by ToHemp   32mo
Hi, A lot of what you describe sounds like what I went through a few years back. A lot of problems begin with poor digestion and chronic stress. Not being able to get the nutrients you need from your food and an imbalance in your hormones can wreak havoc. Also getting the proper amount of sleep helps you to produce progesterone. A good naturopath would recommend getting some sleep before prescribing a cream. I felt uncomfortable messing with hormones my self. I can tell you what has helped the most. A therapeutic probiotic..there is one in the health food store that has 200 billion a ...   2,207 hits
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Re: Frustrated, please read. (a little long)   by ToHemp   32mo
Up front...the enzymes aren’t cheap but they are the ones my sister and I found worked the best for us so far. We’ve tried others in capsule form...advertised as being enteric coated so the digestive acids didn’t destroy them, which sounds good, but...the loose powder brand we use has made the biggest difference for us. They are from the Raw Food World and it’s their cleansing enzyme formula. You can find them in their on-line store. We noticed a difference after about a week, and keep making improvements. My sister was house-bound due to an anxiety disorder. She ate healthy, took s ...   1,951 hits
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Re: Is a vegetarian diet good for everyone?   by OneLove   11y
Greetings Val I would like to jump in here before Andreas and see what he has to say too. Animal meat has two components which vegetarian food tends to lack. That is warmth and energy. The vegetarian ayurvedic diet adds warmth by adding warming herbs like ginger. Energy is added by supplementing the ayurvedic diet with energy herbs like ashwagandha. However, I do not feel many people who adopt a vegetarian diet pay close enough attention to properly adding warming herbs and supplementing with energy herbs. I have heard many people who adopt a vegetarian diet complain of low ener ...   2,624 hits
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Image Embedded Re: Questions on dissolving gallstones to Telman   by dannywanny   4y
46025; hi; I am not tellman, but; ...... If you are looking for a easy way to expel gall/liver stones without doing a liver flush protocol; then you can try a herbal formula that uses 3 herbs. This herb formula will cause the stones to be excreted over a course of weeks and months, according to the guy that accidently discovered it. 1.Tinospora cordifolia (Ind. Gudduchi), 2.Phyllanthus niruri(The Stonebreaker) and 3.Tumeric Go to and do a search for ”Bill from the Phillipines” messages. He tells of his experiences with the formula and how to make it. ...   7,512 hits
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Rice only first 24 hours then heat   by Dreamz   10y
rice= rest, ice, compression. elevation for 1st 24 hours NEVER apply ice directly to skin wrap it in a damp wash clothe. the ice is to reduce swelling during the 1st 24 hours. after first 24 hours, you apply WARM/ heat but still rest, compression/ elevation. if you keep re-injuring it so easily , this implies to me that it has never fully recovered from initial injury. and that you keep over straining it. rest means REST you must give your body the right time to heal or risk permanent injury. at this point the healing may take 6 months even. i would invest the 5- ...   1,646 hits
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Re: India spice cure for malaria and other diseases from ...   by #19236   8y
Interesting link. Too bad the author does not cite any case studies or facts on incidence numbers and references of bad tumeric or bad horseradish etc. Mold on grain and bread is more of a viable concern then mold on hot red cayenne chili peppers. Bread grows green mold and bacteria, fungus and gets moldy in a few days. My cayenne red peppers stay great looking for months (no mold, no fungus growth) unless I store them next to bread or moldy grain or tampered with fruit. I refer to WHO’s position of ”Time Tested Cures”, ancient cures so old and so time tested they are accepted and viable, ...   3,931 hits
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Uni and others please. Need guidance with h pylori eradic...   by #53734   3y   View Entire Thread 4
Uni and others please. Need guidance with h pylori eradication plan below. I posted on Ask Curezone, ulcer and acid reflux forums last weekend but have not received any response. I just realized I should have asked you. Please help me to figure out if the order of supplements I am taking do not cancel out the benefits because I think I may be defeating the object of h pylori eradication and messing up. The following is the regimen I am following to eradicate H pylori infection (I think I have had it for at least 8 years) and a bit of GERD in the last few months (just feel that I ...   975 hits
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Re: Anybody about not wearing clothes   by #19236   9y
In africa and islands no one wore clothes or they wore simple white cloth wraps or for color, dyed the cloth with non toxic natural fruit and plant juice stain, non toxic dye, then, we care charities sent clothes, shamed the natives into clothes and the natives wore the clothes and toxic azo dye seeped into the natives skin transdermally, inducing poisoning. Azo dye was banned from manufactor in usa in the 1950s as a KNOWN biopoison, but azo poison dye makers went off shore to make azo dye and toxic azo dye is still in tons of usa clothes. h clark said azo dye is found at the core of every ...   1,509 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Rage   by Zoebess   6y
HA~! as my neighbor likes to admonish me when I am reluctant to try something new~~ ”stop being a pussy~!” It does not hurt AND with your history it would really help you. Take a gander at the image files in the liver flush image file and look at some of those honker stones that people have passed without any pain. and this one~~ You can also pay attention to adding more plant-based oils to your diet which will be beneficial in stimulating more bile production. Take a spoon of olive oil or flax or ...   1,020 hits
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Re: Warning about supplements   by mo123   6y
Miss Heffinger is definetely right. The parasites get to the brain so you have to cleanse for parasites. I did alot of cleanses and that is why I did so many pumpkin cleanses. You have the ability I did not to have the availability of barefoot and humaworm. Parasite cleansing must be done for life. But that is just the beginning. First we have to revitalize the patient. How is that done? I will be posting a paper that I followed and that helped me greatly. Number one is to get rid of all gas appliances and number two to get rid of all aluminum which includes even medicines that ...   1,093 hits
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Happy Halloween   by JulieAKA87980   6y   View Entire Thread 3
Although we never get even a single trick or treater, hubbie and I stocked up on candy, just to be on the ’safe’ side. Of course, we bought what we actually like to eat ourselves, and figured that at least that way it wouldn’t go to waste. I happen to love herseys kisses with almonds. I’ve been practicing a day trading program, and I lost most of my play money as soon as we got home, so I ate about 1/2 a bag of hershey’s kisses. I got feeling pretty guilty, so I decided to use it as worm bait, and about twenty minutes after eating all that chocolate, I started stacking herbs. I’m not ...   753 hits
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Re: Pain in lower left abdomen among other things...   by kathryn101   7y
54791...Your liver problems probably ARE due to the Glucosamine/Chondroitin. My own liver problems have come about from taking Synthroid for over 30 years. But I’m working on fixing the liver and you can too. :-) You said you have a juicer...I always start with a carrot juice base...and then add what I think we need...I almost always add spinach...but some things that are good diuretics are..cucumber...asparagus...celery...parsley (don’t use much parsley..a sprig or 2 is plenty)...just add them to your carrot juice. Carrot, spinach and beet (I even add a beet leaf or 2) are all g ...   856 hits
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How to treat children's sore throat at home by webmd   by mo123   6y   View Entire Thread 4
Understanding Sore Throat - Treatment What Are the Treatments? Since most sore throats from infections are due to viruses, antibiotics -- used for bacteria -- are not usually needed to speed recovery from a sore throat. Some sore throats, such as that with strep throat, do require an antibiotic. Check with your doctor to be sure. At-Home Remedies Get plenty of rest and drink a lot of fluids. look for natural pain relief such as ginger and tumeric Suck on a zinc lozenge. The jury is still out, but some studies show zinc can relieve sore throats and other cold symptoms. Ga ...   2,535 hits
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Green beans, potatoes and carrots over basmatti rice   by mo123   6y   View Entire Thread 3
This is what I will break my fast with today. Take 2 cups of fresh green beans chopped into medium size pieces 2 med potatoes cut into larger chunks 3 carrots cut into large  slices 1 med union chopped in med [pieces 2 cloves of garlic 2 cups of stock 3 tomatoes (puree in blender) salt and pepper to taste Place the stock and enough water to cover the veggies in pan and add all the veggies.  Salt and pepper to taste .  Pour the puree of tomatoes on top and cook until tender.  The veggies are cut in larger pieces so all cook at the same time. Boil some basmatti rice with ...   714 hits
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it works, be patient and prepared mentally   by Madelle   11y
redengine - I, too, am new to this. My symptoms are mainly centered around nervous system - cognition, memory - I had to do something, as the medical people still cannot figure it out. I came here, started reading and was in tears for hours - because I felt I had (still do) found answers. I am glad to ahve read a lot of the current forums, plus some archieved ones. It has helped me learn and then decide what I will use and not. I take (in capsule form) CQ10, plus black walnut and added garlic, plus p’au d’arco, and P&B shakes. I also take psyllium in the caspsule form - some days I ...   3,814 hits
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Re: Worms/parasites outside of the intestines   by mikeh   9y
Yeap, sounds like my life for the last 4-5 years. You have to attack the parasites, but you have to detox as well, otherwise they keep coming back. They can ”hide” in places where toxins are prevelant and in areas with blocked meridians. In addition to the other parasite cleansing, you might want to consider: Eating more organic foods, and eating grains in the form of ”Sprouted” breads. Spice up your food with things like Thyme, Oregano, Tumeric, etc. Eat things like Beets, Onions, and Carrots, raw when possible. Don’t eat any sugar, unless its something like molassis or pomag ...   2,132 hits     3 of 3 (100%)
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Re: Wormy?-Help Me With This Experiment   by believer2   11y
Hi, I am new to this whole worm thing. I am willing to try the pumpkin and tumeric. I had worms about 10 years ago and took a black walmut cleanse. In the last 7 months I have been passing a small white worm out of my nose. I also have at times rice like little things in my stools, which the doctors said they couldn’t figure out what they were. My dog had fluke worms about a year ago and I understand that flukes will climb up into your nose. Gross!! I have been eating a lot of onions and garlic, but I have cravings for sweets really bad. I started on Wormwood and a Black Walnut tict ...   6,012 hits
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Re: Wormy?-Help Me With This Experiment   by believer2   11y
Hi, I am new to this whole worm thing. I am willing to try the pumpkin and tumeric. I had worms about 10 years ago and took a black walnut cleanse. In the last 7 months I have been passing a small white worm out of my nose. I also have at times rice like little things in my stools, which the doctors said they couldn’t figure out what they were. My dog had fluke worms about a year ago and I understand that flukes will climb up into your nose. Gross!! I have been eating a lot of onions and garlic, but I have cravings for sweets really bad. I started on Wormwood and a Black Walnut tict ...   6,026 hits
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