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  • Image Embedded Modern Day medicine in the treatment of heart disease by logan2020  12mo   1,465  C   R
    In the 1970s, a German doctor, Dr. Hans Nieper discovered that the enzyme serrapeptase dissolves arterial plaques that lead to clogged arteries. He published this in a medical journal. He wrote that patients who were candidates for heart bypass surgery no longer had to have surgery after taking serrapeptase. ... ... Now, here in 2013, in the United States and elsewhere, the number one treatment for a clogged artery is a graft or a bypass surgery. Instead of telling patients to take serrapeptase, they are told to undergo this procedure: ... ... ... ... The artificial vein is prepared, and a graft is ins ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Use Nature to Safely and Effectively Lessen and Eliminate Old Scars by Dquixote1217  4y   10,019  C  
      Use Nature to Safely and Effectively Lessen and Eliminate Old Scars ... ... by Tony Isaacs ... ... Few of us go through life without accumulating a few scars. Sometimes those scars can be unsightly and in other instances old scars and scar tissue can cause physical discomfort and other problems. If a person is persistent however, scars can often be greatly diminished and even eliminated naturally. Before opting for cosmetic surgery, chemical peels or botox, consider the following safer options: ... ... Digestive Enzymes are particularly effective in removing and reducing scar tissue. Scars a ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Old Keloids, Fresh scars, needing some advice by andreagwolford  3mo   1,380  
    For fresh scars, invicible scars as well is a great product. ...   [End]
  • Re: Serrapeptase by zella1  10mo   868  
    Hello Dane said here that you healed your ovarian cycts with sepp. How were you able to do that? Thanks so much. I have fibroid tumors.   [End]
  • Re: Intense pain - new to serrapeptase by peachteach  10mo   442  
    I have been taking 2 caps of Dr. Best 120,000U/day for a long while now. The discomfort comes and goes when I am going through a ”healing crisis” or when there is scar tissue that is old from injuries when I was a kid (I’m 38) being eaten/destroyed. Sometimes it can be quite painful then it goes away. Burning has occurred too. Achy and almost like ”growing pains” ... ... It is working though.   [End]
  • Re: Serrapeptase- the miracle enzyme? by logan2020  12mo   882  
    Hi Robert, ... ... I did not realize you had trademarked ”The Miracle Enzyme”. Apologies! ... ... Do you think serrapeptase kills parasites? ... ... Brooke   [End]
  • Re: Serrapeptase- the miracle enzyme? by robertredfern  12mo   976  
    The Miracle Enzyme is the name of my book and is a registered trademark and while I am happy for it to be used a link to my serrapeptase information site where a free download is available is requested.   [End]
  • Serrapeptase- the miracle enzyme? by logan2020  12mo   1,278  
    When we read our history books or even study the Bible for historical content, do you suppose that certain ”miracles”..for instance, people becoming cured of skin diseases, being able to walk again, etc, the ”miracles” performed by Jesus, occurred because he gave them serrapeptase? ... ... I realize that the translation of the Bible tends to be imperfect, and often our view of religious texts are tainted by our language and sociological influences, but it does pose an interesting question and promotes an interesting theory: ... ... During the time of Jesus, there were no methods of refrigeration of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Old Keloids, Fresh scars, needing some advice by logan2020  12mo   4,817  
    Hi, ... ... I wouldn’t suggest taking the bromelain supplement. Any scratches or light scars that would ordinarily take a few days to heal persists for weeks on bromelain. ... ... Serrapeptase yes, bromelain no. ... ... Brooke   [End]
  • Intense pain - new to serrapeptase by #154284  13mo   799  
    Hi - I have been taking serrapeptase Dr’s Best enteric caps (40,000 U) 3 to 4 pills 3 times a day on an empty stomach for a long-term lower and upper back pain issue. My hope is that the serrapeptase will dissolve the scar tissue in several places from old injuries. My question is, has anyone experienced debilitating pain when initially taking serrapeptase but found it lessened over time? I know my dose is on the higher side and honestly I am OK with the pain as long as I can expect it to gradually subside as healing progresses. I am not finding much useful info online about user experienc ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Serrapeptase, cancer by peachteach  23mo   2,034  
    I am so sorry to hear about your experience with the Dr. ... ... Serrapeptase is a phenominal product/ It eats away cancer, tumors, lymes disease, candida, fibrin etc. ... ... If you go to you can get higher dosages of the product. If you increase it just be aware you might feel some discomfort but IT WILL GO AWAY and it means it is at work eating something. ... ... Cleansing your Colon either by having a colonic 1+/month or even more helps greatly. Also, Colosan which is a great product to clean your colon (it cleans your small and large) Salt Water Flushing cleanses yo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Serrapeptase by peachteach  23mo   2,537  
    I know what your talking about with psoriasis. It is probably candida (overgrowth of yeast) but Serrapeptase (amongst a lot of other things) eats/gets rid of candida which intern will eliminate psoriasis. Also diet helps me greatly with Serrapeptase (no carbs) (little-no sugar.....and that doesn’t mean substitute that with sugar alternatives) ... ... has higher doses of serrapeptase. When you go to higher MG or IU then you might have some minor achy feelings in places but the Serrapeptase is doing its job and eating away the fibrin from either old injuries there etc.   [retrieve this message]
  • fyi- not only by peachteach  23mo   570  
    Not only is Serrapeptase great for pain relief and is an natural anti inflammatory but...... ... ... -it eats at scar tissue, fibrin, cancer, tumors ... ... -a natural blood thinner and cleans the blood. ... ... I am posting this because I am not seeing any mention of these wonderful things it does listed.....only seeing the pain relief mentioned. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Serrapeptase by linenup  28mo   3,298  
    enteric coated serrapeptase is probably better (source naturals)   [End]
  • Re: Serrapeptase by Piccolo  28mo   3,061  
    Do you think serrapeptase works also against candida or only against fibrins? The candida wall is mainly made out of cellulose.   [End]
  • Re: Serrapeptase by Piccolo  28mo   3,115  
    The doctors dont want to know. They get more money when people are sick.   [End]
  • Re: Old Keloids, Fresh scars, needing some advice by explorer2009  29mo   8,798  
    Actually all these symptomes relate to excess of harmful Dryness energy. ... If these tend to locate at neck the acu recipe ... will be: ... Heat (neck region): Dryness sedate, Heat tone up ... and the scheme itself is simple enough for self-treatment. ... If interested I can draw it to test. ... ... Also, you may have ”natural” excess of dryness energy for the ... Energy Constitution everyone has from the moment of birth. ... This can also be corrected in rather easy way.   [End]
  • Re: Old Keloids, Fresh scars, needing some advice by #146205  30mo   8,955  
  • Re: Any success with Serrapeptase? by surley  3y   1,903  
    ... Wow !! That’s really amazing.It’s been a while since I posted but thanks for the feedback.My husband did not take the serrapeptase for long...had no patience with natural stuff but so far he’s been doing okay.I’m sure the arteries are still partially blocked though since he didn’t take anything else for it.I’m going to try and convince him to go back on it.What brand did your friend take?I had bought Doctors Best but I would like to find out if there is a better one out there. ... ... Really appreciate your post and glad to hear that your friend has been helped.   [End]
  • Re: Any success with Serrapeptase? by BayareaRich  3y   1,903  
    Yes. I assist patients and was called and asked what will help my girlfriend. She had been given less than month to live and I suggested Serrapeptase. Without question and really nothing to lose she started with 9 pills a day. I was shocked at first at the level but it turned out very beneficial. At 2 weeks she had her energy back and at 1 month the doctors gave her a clean bill of health. All the blockage was completely gone.   [End]
  • Re: Serrapeptase by csman  3y   3,969  
    inflammatory response ... ...   [End]
  • Serrapeptase by SkinProbSufferer  3y   4,395  C  
    I’m 38 y/o female and have had psoriasis since I was 7. I tried all sort of treatment from contemporary medicine to holistic but nothing has really proved to be working on a long-term basis. ... I started taking Serrapeptase supplement since mid March, and it’s just doing wonders!! I say 70% of my psoriasis is gone. ... ... Does anyone know if there has been any study done on this in relation to psoriasis? ... ... Why does it improve psoriasis? ... ... Thank you! ...   [End]
  • Serrapeptase, cancer by #227  3y   4,770  C  
    Hi. ... ... ”They” say (today) I got cancer (3 tumors) in my upper and left side of abdomen, related to lymph or liver..., ... and want to put me in a CT, take samples of them, check my bonemarrow etc. ... I feel healthy and ok exept from some food intoleranse, ... that can shift from foods like cherries, milk etc. ... and make my stomach swell like I am 5 months pregnant. ... I can feel the tumors (or something)is there. ... I wonder if taking Serrapeptase would break the outer capsule of tumor and make the cancer spread? ... ... I took it for some weeks last November and started to bleed a little for a week or so, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Serrapeptase by hanna  3y   4,351  
    I have been taking a lot of supplements since the last 2 weeks and one is serrapeptase for my spinal stenosis. Realized from your post I was not taking enough, so I upped it. ... Last night I felt a movement in my lower back and there was no pain. It was kind of a funny sensation. After reading your post I assumed that some of my supplements might be working. ... I hope it is true so I will keep going. I had used serrapeptase before but probably did not take enough.   [End]
  • Re: Serrapeptase by grzbear  3y   4,328  
    there could be several things at play here. ... ... look up *vitamin k* and *arterial plaque* and *heart disease* ... ... Many people are deficient in all of the fat soluble vitamins due to the crappy, refined, GMO oils sold in the stores... and we must assume that they are used in ALL restaurant foods unless specifically stated. ... ... While I am not a fan of vegan, or vegetarianism for *most* people in part, because of this very issue... high quality, healthy fats loaded with A, D, E, and K, in the most bioavailable forms, for all people are found in free range animal products, poultry products, and w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Serrapeptase by MamacatPatch  3y   3,811  
    Hubby had a heart attack last Tuesday and ended up getting two stents due to the plaque! I’ve been researching the best things for him to sup with to help heal and this is one of the ones that keep popping up the most! I think we’ll BOTH take it!! ... ... ... ... ... Marci ...   [End]
  • Re: Old Keloids, Fresh scars, needing some advice by Kyrakitty  3y   10,390  
    Since I was using lugols and it stains I would cut off the 3 inch portion of a pointer finger from a non-latex glove and slip it over my entire pointer finger. Then I would hold my hand horizontal with my pointer finger pointing out (palm side up) and carefully drop 1 drop onto my pointer finger and then rub that onto the scar. ... ... I would keep rubbing the liquid into the scar for a few min after a few min I would lightly blow on it to help it dry faster. in 3-5 min most of the iodine is absorbed and the scar is stained with the lugols. I would do that 3-4 times a day. I keep reusing 3” ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Old Keloids, Fresh scars, needing some advice by Kyrakitty  3y   10,246  
    I will explain tomorrow. To late right now, promise. ... ... I will pm it to u in case u don’t check this post.   [End]
  • Re: Old Keloids, Fresh scars, needing some advice by SoCurEuS  3y   10,638  
    Hi Kyrakitty, ... How did you get the solution to stay on? Is there some sort of binding agent one can mix with the liquid? I will try your routine on an older keloid (4 years old)and this can be my base line for testing. It is on my inner arm so most of the solution may rub off...should I just keep reapplying it? I may be able to soak the solution and apply some tape over it...   [End]
  • Re: Old Keloids, Fresh scars, needing some advice by Kyrakitty  3y   10,992  
    Iodine for keloids is a commitment. It takes work. I have keloids after a surgery and covering them with any kind of plastic makes it itch like you are going insane. ... ... Trust me you will not want to cover them. I read in another link here on cure zone that the author covered them specifically to take better pictures for the paper you read and that he said it will work just as well if you don’t cover it with plastic. ... ... My scars were reduced by 30%. It is like a chemical peel but instead of using acid you use lugols... it turns the top of the scar into a hard brown thick shiny plastic l ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Calcification and Serrapeptase by peachteach  3y   1,386  
    Does anyone have experience with Serrapeptase and Calcification in the valves of the arteries? Will Serrapeptase help with this?   [End]
  • Re: Serrapeptase by dane lady  3y   4,340  
    I’m sure some doctors do know about it but it’s not approved by the FDA so they won’t tell you to take it. I take it also. I got rid of ovarian cysts using it. Just take a maintenance dose now.   [End]
  • Serrapeptase by csman  3y   5,265  C  
    Diagnosed with arithtis and basically told about NSAIDs and future hip surgery, etc... ... ... Found out abut serrapeptase from a private forum (webbot) and ordered some. ... ... I took 40,000iu’s the first night. I then took 160,000 iu’s the next morning and next evening. The following morning I woke up and it felt like somebody had sandpapered my hip and knee joints. I related this to the removal of scar tissue. Continued 160,000 ius of serrap twice a day. Pain in hip sockets and knees descreased each day and after 5 days, essentially pain free on knees and hip sockets. Range of movement on ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Serrapeptase is working by recovering  3y   1,533  
    I started taking Doctor’s Best Serrapeptase recently. I believe it’s working. I wake up in the morning felling refreshed and I’m starting to feel minor pain around injuries that are decades old again. That is proof to me that the serrapeptase is reducing inflammation and dissolving scar tissue around the old injuries.   [End]
  • my keloids shrunk by popeJohn3rd  3y   12,680  
    I had just had my wisdoms pulled. Was having complications because the Ortho. that did them apparently did not know what he was doing. He left me with complications. ... I drank a small glass of O.J. with Pure Radiance (brand) vitamin C, about 3 or 4 times a day just to heal my infected gums. ... One benefit that I noticed was that some keloid scars on my body had significantly shrunk as a result of the vitamin c. Not all vitamin c supplements are the same. I like Pure Radiance C because they have other ingredients in the product that are high in vitamin c as well. Try that and see if it wo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: Old Keloids, Fresh scars, needing some advice by Iolite  3y   10,934  
     Dr. Christopher’s bone, flesh and cartilage oil. ... ...   ... ... ... ...   ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Old Keloids, Fresh scars, needing some advice by SoCurEuS  3y   11,609  C  
    Hello everyone, ... have been reading through CZ and hope to find help. I have some old keloids from a fire I’m trying to get rid of and recently had surgery to remove some that were preventing me from moving my neck. I am hoping to use iodine and silver or whatever works but am not clear on how to start. Do you have any suggestions? ... My surgical site is almost healed except for a large scab where some skin died as it never got a blood supply. I read through the Dr Derry iodine papers where he just soaks old scars in iodine and seals them in plastic until they dissolve. I think that is a lit ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Use Nature to Safely and Effectively Lessen and Eliminate Old Scars by mikemelvin  4y   8,711  
    And I always thought Aloe Vera is the best natural treatment for scar tissue removal. Aloe vera is well known for moisturizing and soothing the skin, help keep the skin moist while promoting new skin growth. A good agent to deminish scars. ...   [End]
  • Re: Use Nature to Safely and Effectively Lessen and Eliminate Old Scars by healing naturally  4y   8,592  
    What about internal scars like in the pancreatic ducts? Any idea how long it would take to clear scar tissue inside the pancreas?   [End]
  • Re: Miracle pain relief by SamMag  4y   6,414  
    hi, ... you know, while I was curing my arthritis I’ve found also miraculous way of treatment. this is kind за physiotherapy, called magneto-therapy. it reliefs any pain and fatigue, has no side effect and effective in action ... you can get an information about magneto-therapy here:   [End]
  • Miracle pain relief by rennagade  4y   9,707  C  
    My doctor prescribed a medication for back pain, but I got severe side effects ... and couldn’t take it. Then I remembered that a supplement I used to take for ... allergy relief is also an anti-inflammatory. (It cured the allergy.) ... ... I started taking it again five days ago. After three days, the pain was completely ... gone! The supplement is serrapeptase. It’s a MIRACLE supplement that has ... many other benefits. ... ... I’ve researched it for friends -- these articles are only part of the story: ... ... Serrapeptase: Natural Solution for Pain & Inflammation ... http://www ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Any success with Serrapeptase? by surley  4y   2,753  
    Has anyone here had success using serrapeptase to unclog ... their arteries? ... ... My husband has just been told by the Dr that he has carotid artery blockage and I’ve just put him on serrapeptase to see if it would help. ... ... Thanks for any feedback.   [End]
  • Re: Stopping stent restenosis by Hope60  4y   2,835  
    ... If you want to Reverse ANY Disease - switch to RAW DIET! ... I had hypertention, arthritis and whole bunch of other - all are GONE! ... My husband’s Diabetes - reversed! ... So, if you want to Live abd be Healthy - go to Natural Way of Eating - as we and all animals evolutionery evolved - on Raw Food! Cooked food is killing us! ... Be open minded and investigate this option - it is your chance to live. ... ... I am not fanatic - i came to this by errors and trials... and i am glad i did it. ... Could be Raw Vegan or Raw Paleo - either will save your life.   [End]
  • Re: Stopping stent restenosis by Blackbeard  5y   3,566  
    I am not a doctor, but it depends on what is causing the restenosis. If her artery is rejecting the stent and closing around the stent, I am not sure what to do. ... ... But I have found relief from my heart problems using Angioprim which clears out the calcium deposits, and does it much faster than anything else I have tried. If her arteries are clogging up with calcium deposits, I would recommend Angioprim highly. ... ...   [End]
  • Stopping stent restenosis by johnnybgood  5y   3,782  C  
    Hi. My wife has had 3 angioplasties, the 1st in 2001, the second in 2008 and the last this year (2009). The procedure in 2008 resulted in restenosis of a stent and caused her to return in 2009. It seems that restenosis is occurring again as her chest pain is beginning to return. ... ... We have already modified our diet and lifestyle and feel that apart from the issue of restenosis we probably have the heart disease under control. ... ... Does anyone know of any way to stop or reverse restenosis which has already begun in a stented artery? We would like to find some way to do this so as to avoid ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Throat scarring by InCharge  6y   2,755  
    Never heard of it before. ... Here’s a site that says it will work for scarring, and gives dosages. ...   [End]
  • Throat scarring by HowardMoon7  6y   3,411  
    A friend of mine has scarring in her throat, would gargling with serrapeptase dissolved in a small amount of water be beneficial? Also can anyone recommend me a suitable dose for this? ... ... Thanks   [End]

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