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Inversion Therapy

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  • Inversion therapy helps reposition internal organs   RN by JMRN  8y   5,922  Ü Cross-post Ü
    I would like to recommend in home Inversion table therapy for better health of the spine and internal organs. I have been inverting for some years now and find it most refreshing after a long day on my feet or to get my day going before breakfast. I have found that due to gravity pulling us down constantly may cause a melpositioning of the internal organs and colon, a misalignment of the spine, nerves coming thru the facet joints going to the internal organs become pinched, intervertebral disc become dehydrated resulting in pain and to much sympathetic response. A ten minute inversion on a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: liver-flushing   RR by Zoebess  6y   1,556
    ... ... I had a friend whose mother gave him an ... appointment with an herbalist for a gift. ... Since I had been suggesting he do a liver ... flush, it was not a surprise when the guy ... he went to see told him, among other things, ... that he needed a liver flush. ... ... He came here to do it since he also did ... not think he could do it on his own. He ... drank unfiltered organic apple juice and ... used Stone Free by Planetary Formulas for ... two weeks also which helps soften stones. ... He breezed through the fasting, and really ... was great about sucking down the potion. ... Getting him to lie on his right side or ... back w ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • finally, a flare up!   RR by 00cyd  8y   3,467  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Iíve been waiting for my carpal tunnel to flare up so I could try something that I heard on QVC. Inversion therapy! There was a gal, a customer, of the inversion table they were selling and she said that her carpal tunnel went away after she began using her table. And since I have an inversion setup, I thought Iíd try it next time the carpal tunnel flared up. And it worked!!! Iím actually going to sleep tonight! Yeah!! I canít believe I didnít think of it being caused by a pinched nerve, before...oh well...Iím going to SLEEP tonight!! ... ... BTW, after that woman mentioned her carpal tunnel, t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Blood Pressure   R by sanctuary2  6y   2,103
    My husband has had issues with fluctuating BP and irregular heart beat so the doctor gave him an electronic BP monitor for a week to record what is going on..... Needless to say it has become the favourite toy of the moment at our house. ... ... So I had to check out the effect of inverting on BP. I took my BP before inverting. It was a pretty normal reading for me. Then I took it again whilst actually inverted. It went down 20 points. And my pulse (which is usually kind of high) also went down 20 points. Hubby said that is should be lower inverted, probably something to do with gravity. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Teenage son taken to hanging upside down.   R by sanctuary2  6y   2,000
    My son is a senior in high school this year and is really feeling the stress of exams and workload, so I suggested he try inversion. ... ... He loves it. He has had back, neck and shoulder pain (probably from hours on the computer), and he is finding that inversion therapy is helping with the pain as well as helping to keep him calm and relaxed. ... ... Inversion is awesome....... ... ...   [End]
  • Hair growing fast!   R by sanctuary2  6y   2,879
    I am really surprised at how fast my hair is growing since beginning inversion. I had hear that this might happen, but my hair has always been notoriously slow at growing and so I didnít hold out much hope. ... ... I had a particularly bad haircut a couple of months ago. I thought it would take 6 months to grow out. He cut it SO short, I couldnít believe it. I couldnít do a thing with it, it was just horrible. Well it has all grown back and is even longer than before I had it cut. ... ... I am even considering trying to grow it long again now. I usually donít have much success at growing long ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Everytime I invert...   R by San2006  6y   1,558  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Everytime I invert, I notice that my breathing automatically changes into deep breathing, which is extremely beneficial for lungs and blood cleansing. ... ... Anyone who has trouble practicing deep breathing, should invert and enjoy the benefits of deep breathing naturally and more oxygen to the lungs. ... ... PRANAYAM in yoga is all about taking deep breaths to cleanse and detoxfy the body. ...   [End]
  • Headaches....   R by sanctuary2  6y   3,660  Ü Cross-post Ü
    As I have mentioned many times on CZ I have had migraines and headaches for over 30 years. Yesterday I felt a migraine coming on and thought to myself that I would either kill or cure it by trying inversion. ... ... I was a little scared because part of me felt that hanging upside would make matter much worse. I know that if I bend over for any reason during a headache the pain increases substantially, and basically any movement at all makes things worse. ... ... But I thought, what have I got to lose. So I inverted. I did it much more gently and slowly than usual and I was very surprised to fin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Eye Problems...   R by San2006  6y   7,888
    As with any therapy, you will find positive and negative opinions. I did read about eye pressure caused from Inversion, but I think we just have to go slow if we feel pressure. Like lesser angle. we always must remember that we must invert only as long as we are having fun. Stop the inversion, if there is any pain, dizziness, headaches etc. The "no pain no gain" statement does not apply when inverting. ... ... Although I totally respect my chiropractor for fixing my back, he said he was against inversion. Then I read, how chiros are scared that if ppl start buying Inversion tables, t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Inversion therapy is the best treatment for sciatica out there!!!   by Willowley  5y   7,205
    I’m so happy you found it when you did, isn’t it wonderful when you find an answer to your problems?  I should have been a salesperson for the company I bought mine from, LOL.  I had my friends coming to the house using mine until it got to the point where they wanted one themselves, 5 of my friends each bought one because after using mine for a couple of weeks on a daily basis they were already seeing the benefits. I’m betting you still use yours even though your pain is gone don’t you?  You must because your lean, mean, and standing tall, lol I&r ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Inversion therapy is the best treatment for sciatica out there!!!   by Willowley  5y   7,891
    This forum doesn’t seem to be at all active, maybe we can get it going again.  I have an inversion table and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.  I didn’t really have any back pain except for when I lifted something too heavy and it wasn’t really pain it was just sore.  Anyway I bought the table because of the overall benefit gained from hanging upside down.  I hang every day, it is so relaxing once you get used to it.   Inversion tables are not just to be used if you have back pain, there are many benefits.  It reli ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: LarryB   by Larryb  6y   4,906
    I have to say that the IT is the one piece of exercize equipment that I just keep coming back to. Not every day like in the beginning, but a couple times a week. And again, if my high BP didnít make it less pleasant, more often than that. Before the high BP I had another inversion stool which I used religiously for years even though it wasnít nearly as comfortable as the table. ... ... If you like inversion and seek it out, youíll probably stay with it. ... ... As for your fears of becoming an old wrinkly lady, you CAN certainly do something about it. Take control of your health and try out the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Sirsasana benefits   by Jenifer  8mo   1,191
    Yep! ...   [End]
  • Recommended time   by UserX  12mo   223
    What is the recommended time you can stay in an inversion table ? ... ...   [End]
  • Inversion Therapy for Herniated Disc   by healthy66  24mo   864
    Using inversion therapy to hopefully avoid herniated disc back surgery is reported to be very successful in many cases. Though herniated disc surgery at times is needed in the end, it should be the last option used because of the risk involved with any major surgery. For anyone with a herniated disc here is a good source of information and advice, inversion surgery included. ...   [End]
  • Re: Inversion Boots vs Inversion Table   by pepe  26mo   907
    Inversion tables come in many flavors and quality of build and the foot restrains are different. ... ... You donít have to go whole hog and do full inversion to benefit and with the inversion table you have the option to do it gradually which I believe if a much better alternative than the boot where you go from 0 to 180 in one fell swoop and back again. ... ... The shoes you wear on an inversion table will make a big difference. For me I have found that wearing ankle high boots are a must. Many hiking boots have well padded tongues and sides that will help cushioning the foot. I have also used a f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Inversion Boots vs Inversion Table   by healthyhappyhippy  26mo   857
    Hi all... ... ... I recently purchased some gravity inversion boots from for use with my pull-up bar. However, I found that there was way too much pressure on the top of my feet to hold a full inversion position for longer than about 30 seconds. ... ... I am now considering purchasing an inversion table so I can hold the position for much longer but I am a bit concerned that there may be a similar problem. ... ... Has anyone found that inversion tables cause discomfort on full inversion for extended periods (eg. for 30 mins)? ... ... Are there any designs that are better than others? ... ... All ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Sirsasana benefits   by mtl777  29mo   2,535
    I used to do headstands but my Chiropractor advised against it. He said that itís bad for the neck. I wonder if heís just misinformed and I should get back to doing headstands again?   [End]
  • Re: Aging in Reverse?   by mtl777  29mo   1,122
    I used to do yogic headstands but my Chiropractor advised against it, saying that itís bad for the neck. I wonder if I should get back to doing it?   [End]
  • Re: Inversion Table Use   by ravick  31mo   804
    Hi, ... Just thought you might want to check out the arp wave at: ... It would probably take away your pain on the first treatment, since it has done so for many others with orthopedic problems. ... ... Itís in use by the NFL and lots of other prof athletes and has helped many avoid surgery for joint pain, knee surgery, etc. ... ... It actually strengthens your muscles to hold your bones in the proper position all the time. ... ... Check it out~   [End]
  • Inversion Table Use   by Ketch  31mo   992
    Hi, I am a 63 year old woman who happily is quite healthy, in fact (I am told) donít look my age. ... ... But for about the past month, I was certainly felt my age! ... ... I developed sciatica, horrible pain down my left side, ending in my left calf. God the pain! ... ... Had a cortisone shot and that only relieved the pain for about a week. Iím not a fan of medications, they juist do not agree with me. ... ... I began accupuncture (not bad at all and definitely there are results, as the pain is far less each time) plus I feel so energized afterward! Really (and you donít feel it at all) I think it ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: inversion therapy   by samjacobs231  31mo   717
    Hi, ... ... Itís been some time since this post. Did you ever find an answer to your question?   [End]
  • inversion therapy   by jaas  3y   1,042
    My husband has bad sciatic pain due to compressed nerve roots. He had a hip joint replaced in 2003. He tried an inversion table and we suddenly thought about the hip joint replacement. Has anyone with a hip joint replaced tried the inversion table without damage to the hip joint? Thanks.   [End]
  • Addressing the problem   by #94128  3y   621
    I have a new paridgm to approach a long standing problem. Dr Ann Potter has a seldom looked at you tube series ĒDoctoR RotcoDĒ that emerged two years ago after she got fed up with medicine the way it was practiced. A five year sabatical resulted in her ĒDoctoR RotcoDĒ series.I donít know how to nominate anything for a B.S.A. standing, but her work qualifies with me. More soon thank you.   [End]
  • Inversion wimps   by #94128  3y   643
    Damn this is weak,I look for news on inversion and see shoppers.Inversion Tables decompress your spine, your hips , your knees period. Cardio-benifits seem to be feared. High topped shoes are a must to keep your ankles from being the weak link.Real inversion tables are a piece furnature, justified by users that donít care what others think.Seven years, 5 neurosurgens,no surgery. I have 5 MRIís of a neck you donít want. How about hearing multiple times you donít have parkensons but just parkenson like symptoms? Ten minutes (a news cycle) in the morning and I can fill a coffee pot with one h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Medical Malpractice: Emergency   by scaredscaredscared  3y   1,807  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Hi. ... ... I am really scared and feel I cannot get help from doctors no matter what I do or say. ... ... What happened is this: 2 nights ago I accidentally while eating a mango swallowed a LARGE piece of the mango skin. It temporarily blocked my esophagus but after several very painful minutes went down. I didnít dare try to pull it out by sticking my fingers down my throat, lest I choke. ... ... Once the thing was in my stomach, I started to get bad, sharp, intermittent pain in my upper right CHEST! I have had this kind of pain in my chest (though not the right-hand side) due to gas bloating i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • advice?   by samh69  3y   481
    hi there , am about to by an inversion table off ebay within the next few days and just after any recommendations someone might be able to give ?(still reading about them/different types etc) ok thank you ... sam ...   [End]
  • Re: Inversion therapy is the best treatment for sciatica out there!!!   by knowledge seeker  4y   6,040
    I am currently in deep pain form sciatica and having much nerve pain with numbness, pins and needles, cramps etc in my leg --hard to walk., ... ... I cannot afford the hundreds of dollars for equipment but it looked kind of like lying on a slide upside down ... ... could one use a slide or board on the steps and lie upside down and still have it help? ... ... do you need to be completely upside down or just at an incline of what degree angle. ... ... thanks to anyone who answers this ... ...   [End]
  • Re: aches and pains and stiffness can go with inversion?   by RawGirl  4y   1,335
    Your stiffness sounds like candida. ... ... Have you tried the candida cleaner by Roger Haeske? ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Can Doing Inversion Cause A Detox Reaction?   by RawGirl  4y   2,758
    I am getting parts for my inversion table so I can use it (small parts were lost in shipping) so your thread is interesting to me. ... ... Have you thought about increasing your water? ... ... It is good to drink 1 litre (34 oz) for every 60 pounds of body weight. ... ... Also, are you having at least 3 BMs daily? ... ... This would be a sign that your body is in optimal elimination mode. ... ... If not having the minimum 3 BMs and drinking the water, you are not allowing the toxins to exit so this is why you are having the bad reaction. ... ... The inversion is going to impact circulation so it makes sense that it w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Which Inversion Table Do You Have?   by ciscokid  4y   2,205
    Perfect recommendation. ... ... As I tell folks when they are complaining of lower back (sciatica), middle upper and neck pain, get thee an inversion table pronto. When they start to get lost in the concern of thinking moí is bettaí in terms of cost, I just point to stuff like this. And say the key elements in all this are gravity which so far is still free, and technique. ... ... We have an inversion table, inversion chair (my sweetie has two total hip replacements, and a knee replacement which are not conducive to a table), some Ma rollers, and a neck traction unit. And function straight back c ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Thanks :-) n/m   by ladylove  4y   1,777
    :-)   [End]
  • Re: Which Inversion Table Do You Have?   by Megabite  4y   1,972
    A Calm Inversion Table (I think these are all the same): ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Yes. Do it.   by ladylove  4y   2,458
    Just go gently, persistently and slowly, and only stop if it feels wrong. You might have to start, then stop for awhile, then start again over periods of time, just keep going as long as it feels right. ... ... Donít try to force progress, just let it come. Donít worry about how long it takes, just get started. ... ... COMPETENT Massage will help as well. ... ... Louis Kuhneís Friction Sitz Bath will also help, and according to Dr. Kuhne, he has gotten rid of Scoliosis many times with it. The book has pictures which I am sure you will find inspiring and fascinating. No your doctor wonít know anything abo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Which Inversion Table Do You Have? n/m   by ciscokid  4y   1,986
    I have had an inversion table for almost 15 years. Love it love it love it. Stranded on a deserted island, what would I have? An inversion table. And chinese take out. And a beach house. And Satellite TV. And my sweetie. And... ... ... Well, I would want an inversion table for sure. Takes a little getting used to, but once done, it is the best.   [End]
  • Which Inversion Table Do You Have? n/m   by ladylove  4y   1,959
    ? ... ... tx, ... ... ll :-)   [End]
  • Re: Iodine...   by m4paws  4y   1,699
    Hi everyone, ... I know this post is pretty old, but in case anyone is still reading, I wanted to tell what has helped my hayfever. Every spring at the very start of hayfever season, I take a homeopathic remedy for a few days to a couple of weeks, and it has helped tremendously. The one I use is made by a company called BioAllers and I use their tree pollen remedy and also their molds/dust remedy. If you have a Whole Foods nearby, they carry it, or any health food market should. Iíve had hayfever my whole life and the BioAllers is the only thing (other than allergy shots I got when I was ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Can Doing Inversion Cause A Detox Reaction?   by #69242  4y   2,733  Ü Cross-post Ü
    I bought an inversion table this week and have inverted about 6 times since I got it. Usually for 5 minutes or less, but a couple of times for 10 minutes (but not at a steep angle). I feel like I have been hit by a truck. Body aches all over. I have been eating more raw this week too, so that might be contributing. But I just wonder can doing the inversion cause a detox reaction or healing crisis of some sort? ... ... Thanks!   [End]
  • Re: Chair style or DEX or regular inversion... What's the difference?   by MrCuddly  5y   1,784
    I personally think thereís some marketing going on. Teeter is a good brand, but theyíre on the expensive side. I bought a much stronger hospital grade inversion table for around $200 on ebay. And I donít even know the brand - but it feels much more sturdy than the Teeter ones Iíve tried.   [End]
  • Re: Love the idea, but...   by MrCuddly  5y   1,486
    Iíve had the same problem. I donít get them everytime - but often enough. When Iíve been more regular about doing inversion, it tends to stop after awhile. I assume itís because Iím overdoing it. ... ... Also, do you have high blood pressure? Iíve always wondered if it has something to do with my HBP causing small capillaries to bust or something. Aside from the cosmetics though, it never seemed to cause any problems. And again does go away when Iím inverting more regularly. ... ...   [End]
  • Inversion therapy with hiatal hernia?   by frederickson  5y   3,149
    I am a big believer in the many benefits of inversion therapy discussed on this forum. ... ... However, I am afraid I have one of the few conditions that Teeter has contraindicated with inversion therapy... a hiatal hernia. This is a relatively common problem, and I am sure many who invert have a hiatal hernia, but I have had acid reflux that I had not experienced for a few years before I started inverting. Now I had also begun more intense abdominal exercises recently as well, which could be contributing to the problem. ... ... In addition to the warnings from the manufacturer, hanging upside down ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Inversion therapy for a tall person   by Karen Anne RN  5y   2,048
    Thank you :)   [End]
  • Re: Love the idea, but...   by Willowley  5y   1,608
    I canít imagine what would cause that.  Iíve never heard anyone have that kind of reaction.  Sorry I canít help you. ... ... Willow  ...   [End]
  • Love the idea, but...   by masterplan  5y   1,715
    Every time I have tried inversion, I end up with red blotches on (especially) my forehead. It usually takes a day or so for them to not be visible anymore. I havenít heard anyone talk about a side effect like this. Any thoughts on what the problem is? Thanks.   [End]
  • Chair style or DEX or regular inversion... What's the difference?   by mostlysunny  5y   1,996  Ü Cross-post Ü
    I was looking over the info & inversion sounds helpful for back pain. I noticed there are the DEX type decompression machines, chair type inversion machines & the regular kinds. ... ... Whatís the difference between them in regards to what it does with the body? ... ... How about this therapy - Muscle Balance Therapyô? Is this a scam? ... ... ... Are other brands better or worse than the Teeter brand? Seems many people here are into the Teeter one. Is there any marketing going on here or is it really the superior brand?   [End]
  • Image Embedded Re: Lucky You~!   by Zoebess  5y   3,870
 ... ... Hi Corey, ... ... Way to Manifest~!! My inversion table ... I am using now is exactly like the one ... I have in storage and I went to look ... for it hours before I found it. I found ... it at a sports resale shop. It was still ... covered in dust and sitting on the side ... walk when I saw it. I waited until the ... storekeeper finished buying it before I ... asked him the price. He said he would ... clean it up and I paid a hundred bucks ... for mine. He did not even have to take ... it into the store, instead, loading it ... into my van. One of the little plugs on ... the end wa ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How to find/buy "quality"? Suggestions/info PLEASE...Re: Inversion t...   by Zoebess  5y   4,120
    Hi Uny, ... ... I also am a fan of the Hang-ups. ... My criteria when I went looking ... was safety and manufacturing. I ... wanted something that could offer ... me solid security when I was hanging ... it it. I sure did not want to fall ... out. I also wanted ease of use too. ... ... I had used a friendís inversion ... table once which was an older one ... of a different kind. There was not ... an easy way to bring myself up and ... I was alone and only through great ... strength was I able to right myself ... since the design did not allow for ... ease of recovery to an upright ... position. I never used it again ... since that experience ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Is it luck or Law of Attraction???????????   by Corey  5y   4,075
    I have read about the benefits of inversion and decided to get one, but I was in no particular hurry. I started scanning Craigís List for one. In about 2 weeks I found one listed at a yard sale 50 miles away, but in a town my brother lives in. My brother went to check it out and got it for $50. Seems the man got it through his insurance company because of a recommendation from a chiropractor and he rarely used it anymore. ... ... When I got it home and checking it out it seemed to be high quality. I was just now reading this thread and got curious about the make of the one I have. I just checke ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How to find/buy "quality"? Suggestions/info PLEASE...Re: Inversion t...   by jpc258  5y   3,852
    I didnít do much research on different brands, but Iím happy with the quality of the Teeter 550. For $300 it was a safe purchase for me. I saw some brands for less money, but I didnít have enough information about them to know if they were as good. I just found out about inversion tables on Curezone because I was looking for something to help my back. This seems to be the most popular brand going by all the youtube videos and Ebay. Itís a basic model that has a strap to limit the angle of inversion. There is a three position adjustment for responsiveness. When it is set at the most respons ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How to find/buy "quality"? Suggestions/info PLEASE...Re: Inversion t...   by Dquixote1217  5y   4,076
    Hiya Uny - ... ... I have done a lot of research and narrowed it down to one of two units I am going to get;  either the Teeter Hangups Dex II (about $350) or the less expensive Orthopod (less than $200).  My chiro says that he personally has an Orthodpod and recommends it highly.  Neither one of those two models require putting any stress on your ankles and knees - which the gravity boot type models do.  Ankles and knees, especially for those who are no longer teenagers (ahem), were not designed to handle the weight of the entire suspended body. ... ... All the best, ... ... DQ (T ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: How to find/buy "quality"? Suggestions/info PLEASE...Re: Inversion t...   by Willowley  5y   4,221
    Hi Uny, ... ... A few years ago I bought an inversion table and its one of the best purchases Iíve ever made.  All inversion tables are NOT equal, in fact some of them can be quite dangerous.  A friend of mine had one, her husband is an engineer and he did all the research before he bought one for my friend.  I went and tried hers out when she got it then did all the research myself. ... ... This is the table we both have, its the safest on the market in my opinion but just like you tell everybody regarding your tinctures and the IP each person has to have their own discernment rega ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • How to find/buy "quality"? Suggestions/info PLEASE...Re: Inversion table...   by unyquity  5y   4,108
    ...I have ALWAYS wanted an íinversion tableí - but when I look at the options (like with everything), Iím overwhelmed with the various types, claims & variations. ... ... What are the ĒbaselineĒ issues that need to be addressed when selecting a quality inversion table? ... ... Any and all help appreciated! ... ... Healthiest of blessings - ... ... Unyquity   [End]
  • Cool! Everybody I know of that has used one faithfully really likes it. ...   by healinginHiswings  5y   4,160
  • Inversion table helped me   by jpc258  5y   4,836  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Iíve been having back pain since December. It was getting pretty bad. I had a week off and I stayed in bed fasting for 3 days. I was still unable to sleep unless I was on my left side in a fetal position. I would wake up with my back muscles tightened more and having back pain all day. ... ... I started by setting the angle of the table to about 50 degrees. The next day I felt better, but the next 3 days I was in too much pain to use the inversion table. Then I started using it again on Friday. This time I removed the limiting strap and did the full inversion. I feel much better now. My ribs a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Inversion therapy for a tall person   by jpc258  5y   2,038
    The Teeter supports people up to 6í6Ē and 300 pounds. I got one last week and and Iím very happy with it. Iím 6í2Ē.   [End]
  • Inversion therapy for a tall person   by Karen Anne RN  5y   2,258  Ü Cross-post Ü
    Iíve read the testimonials tonight for inversion therapy, and tables. ... My husband is 6Ē4Ē and I would like to hear from any of you that are of similar height. Iím wondering if his height would pose any problems using one of these tables. ... ... I would also like to know what brand of table any of you would recommend for him. ... ... Thanks, ... Karen   [End]
  • Re: Inversion therapy testimonials   by redchiliflakes  5y   3,127
    The Teeter Hang Ups website just got redone, and they have lots of new testimonials too. ... ... ... ... I have their new EP-550 table, and I like it better than the old ones.   [End]
  • Re: Scoliosis   by Megabite  5y   2,860
    I donít have info but to me I think that the traction would help straighten out her spine as she is growing. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Scoliosis   by scottnla  5y   2,730
    My 12 year old needs to wear a brace due to 28 degree scoliosis. We are not fitted yet but i want to see if we can help as she gets older by using inversion. I have back issues and will buy the table soon ...we will discuss with the doctor but how could this harm? Invesion during the time she ages. Doe snyone have any infor on this issue. ... Scott   [End]
  • Re: Just stopping by   by Willowley  5y   1,952
    Hi Surley, ... ... Thanks for confirming what I thought, that rebounding would be fun. Iím thinking if you put on some great music it would kind of be like dancing.  Iíve been exercising but when I get mine I think Iíll still start slow to see how it goes.  Since it works every cell in the body I canít imagine what might ache once you get off of it ha ha. ... ... Iíll have to compare different brands, I know there are many out there. When I get mine Iíll post and let you know how I like it. ... ... Did you notice if it toned you up at all?  Just wondering I guess Iíll see for myself in ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Just stopping by   by surley  5y   1,808
    Hi Willow, ... ... After reading this I have second thoughts about that rebounder....will definitely replace it now.Iíve been rebounding for about three years now and I usually have a lot of fun doing it.I usually do it for about 10-15 mins at a time and I love jumping to good dance music!But it is advisable to start slowly and then develop speed.Iím sure youíd have no problem since youíre already a physically fit person.But,if one is not in the habit of exercising itís better to just bob up and down gently until one getís more confident. ... ... You will enjoy rebounding Willow and thanks so much f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Just stopping by   by Willowley  5y   1,918
    I agree with you Surley if people wonít listen then youíve done all you can do to help them. ... ... I read this quote from the Teeter Hang Ups website regarding lymphatic issues:   ... ... ĒInverting yourself to as little as 25° for even a few minutes can help relax tense muscles and speed the flow of lymphatic fluids which flush out the bodyís wastes and carry them to the blood stream. The faster this waste is cleared, and fresh supplies of oxygen are introduced, the faster stiffness and pain in the muscles can disappear.Ē So I do think inverting helps with this.  ... ... ... ... Iím t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Just stopping by   by surley  5y   1,853
    ... Nice to hear from you Willow,and yes,you do sound like youíll make a wonderful salesperson for the Inversion Table!But I totally understand your enthusiasm and where youíre coming from.Iím trying to spread the word around and I have to be careful...some people(friends and rels)look at me as if Iíve grown horns!But I try to do my part to educate them on how to heal themselves and if they wonít listen then too bad.I use my IT twice a day and when I have to go away on weekends I really miss it. ... ... My rebounder is shot and I understand from what Iíve read that the IT also exercises the lymph ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: aches and pains and stiffness can go with inversion?   by Willowley  5y   1,776
    Hi FP, ... ... Iím sorry I didnít see your post sooner but better late than never huh?  It sounds like you have a very long list of troubles, Iím sorry to hear that.  Zoebess posted a very good link that tells all about inversion therapy. ... ... ... ... It tells all the benefits you get from inverting and it sounds like you donít have anything that would prevent you from inverting.  There are some conditions that would prevent a person from inverting so check that section out too. ... ... If you donít have any of the things that would preven ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Just stopping by   by Willowley  5y   1,864
    Hi Zoebess, Iím glad to see another hanging gal.  I completely agree with you about the price of them.  I think lots of people wonít let go of the money with all thatís going on now but like you said if they knew just how great they would feel if they hung for a while I bet theyíd buy one. ... ... The thing I like about inversion therapy is that you donít have to have pain in order to reap the benefits of hanging.  I didnít want to be a stooped over little old lady years from now so I hang everyday whether or not I have back pain. For me itís just so relaxing, sometimes Iíll jus ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Just stopping by   by Willowley  5y   1,821
    Hi Surley, Iím so glad to hear from you.  I havenít checked out the forum for a while.  Iím so happy to hear that most of your pain is gone.  Isnít your IT one of the best purchases youíve ever made?  Thatís the way I feel about mine.  I wouldnít give it up for anything or anybody, I have people come over and hang around awhile  (pun intended) to try it and several have bought one.  You really canít tell people just how wonderful they will feel without them trying it, itís hard to get across the relief you feel when you hang. ... ... I havenít seen San 2006 a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Just stopping by   by surley  5y   1,834
    Great to hear from you Zoebess.As usual youíre a storehouse of knowledge and your pics just drive everything home.Yeah,the Inv.tables are a bit expensive but I know people who have been going to therapy for years now and paying a lot of $$ to the Chiro and their situation havenít improved much.For me,itís one of the best investments Iíve made.In Canada,a lot of people havenít heard of the IT but hopefully it will catch on in time. ... Take care Zoe and as usual, nice talking to you.Iíll go hang out now!   [End]
  • Image Embedded Re: Just stopping by   by Zoebess  5y   2,055
    Iím still hanging around~! ... ... ... ... ... I also would prefer a more ... active inversion forum. ... ... It is a little bit of an ... investment though. I think ... if people knew how good it ... was for them, they would be ... more open to trying it. ... ... I had my first inversion ... experience as an adult by ... staying with a friend who had ... an inversion table in her home. ... By the end of the week, I knew ... I wanted to have one of my own. ... ... I do think it will catch on, ... albeit slowly... ... ... ... ... ... blessings, ... Zoe ... ... -_- ... ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Just stopping by   by surley  5y   2,021
    Hello Everbody(whereís everyone,anyways?) ... ... Just thought Iíd stop by to visit but not much happening ... ... here!Anyways,just to let you know that Iím feeling great ... ... and all the back and neck pains are practically gone. ... ... Iím ever so thankful that I discovered Inversion therapy ... ... and especially this forum.I just love my Inversion table ... ... and will continue to hang until....itís a part of my daily ... ... routine now.For those suffering with back pain I canít say ... ... enough good things about this piece of machinery.I find ... ... that it also clears up my sinus as well and tones my whole ... ... body. ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • aches and pains and stiffness can go with inversion?   by fpmarch2009  5y   1,806
    Could the inversion table help someone like me? ... ... Hereís my condition: ... ... Iíve had awful stifnes and pain since last January- in my ribs, spine pelvis, groin, legs, feet, arms pretty much the whoel body. It also caused urinary incontince because the muscles in the concerned area were strained perhaps. There could be three causes or a combination of them: ... ... 1. Not layering enough in extremely cold weather (under-dressed) being new to cold climate ... 2. Jumping, dancing- on an empty stomach for an hour every morning five days a week for several months ... 3. Walking long distances in the cold/s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: My Update.   by surley  5y   1,594
    Hi Willowley, ... ... I was hanging for about fifteen minutes at a time at the 30 degrees incline and was comfortable with that.But Iíve just started the 60 D and itís a bit more difficult so Iím doing ten minutes twice daily until I get more accustomed to it.This table has the mechanism to change the incline built in near the handle bars and unfortunately there is no gradual change...only the degrees I mentioned.The only problem with the steeper angle is that I feel a lot of pressure in my feet.I have thin feet and I really feel it at this angle.Iíve worn extra socks and they help a little.But ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: My Update.   by Willowley  5y   1,488
    Hi surley, Iím so happy to hear your back is feeling better, Iím sure it wonít be long before your neck and shoulders fall into line too.  How long are you inverting at a time?   ... ... Are you not able to take off the 30-60-90 degree stops so that you can just go where you want?  I havenít seen a table where you couldnít do that. ... ... Anyway, if youíre like me youíll find that even after all your pain is gone youíll still get on the table just because it makes you feel so good and relaxed. ... ... Please keep us posted, happy hanging. ... ... Willow  ... ...   ...   [retrieve this message]
  • My Update.   by surley  5y   1,636
    Hi Everyone, ... ... Just want to let you know that my inversion is going fine so far.My sciatica back pain is hardly there after just a few days.My neck and shoulders are still painful but much better.Tonight I inclined at 60 degrees.The inclines can only be changed at 30,60,and 90 on this table.So my next stage will be full inversion...Iíll take my time getting there.... ... ... This is a wonderful piece of exercise equipment and I love it already.   [End]
  • Re: inversion table comparison.   by #38782  5y   1,617
    hmmm interesting question! Looking forward to someone answering that, since I donīt have mine yet. Have done head stands (yoga) years ago, but I guess this must be quite different. I imagine the spinal stretch is more complete when the body hangs head-down (totaly inversion)?? AND one has the option of doing the abdominal cruches (at a lesser degree)with the inversion table.   [End]
  • inversion table comparison.   by blues  5y   1,728
    How much different is the feeling from using an inversion table to using a incline bench that is used for abdominal crunches? I am not seeing that much difference between the two of them except that the legs are bent on an incline bench. The rest of the body is still getting the same stretch, is it not?   [End]
  • Re: It's here!   by surley  5y   1,477
    ... Hi Willow, ... ... The table is great.Yes,the angles are adjustable and the table is very sturdy and heavy-duty.I started out at 30 degrees and I was nervous at first.So ... with my husband watching over me I gradually got used to ... laying on it and inverting slowly.By last night I got the hang of it and it felt great. ... Today,I had to go help my daughter move to another condo (sheís a PHD student and accumulated six years of mess and ... crap)so by the end of the day my back and neck were killing me.I came home and just wanted to go lay down but I remembered my table and decided to go on.I did about ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: It's here!   by Willowley  5y   1,448
    Wow, you did get a good deal, especially if itís never even been used. ... ... Iím not sure how that table works but if it has a safety strap meaning you can adjust it to only go over so far, Iíd start out using that so youíll be able to get used to inverting before you go over all the way.  Just be sure to relax and donít go further than youíre comfortable with and gradually you can adjust it to go further when you feel more comfortable.  Inverting wonít do you any good if youíre stressed when youíre inverting, if the muscles are tense because youíre scared it wonít help you. ... ... On ...   [retrieve this message]
  • It's here!   by surley  5y   1,533
    ... Well,my husband just finished assemblying my IT and Iím ... ... a bit nervous.Itís the Healthware deluxe sold by Sears.It ... ... retails for $400.00 but I bought it off this guy on ... ... Craigslist.Apparently he bought it at a greatly reduced ... ... price and flipped it for $250.00,it was still in the box. ... ... He made a profit and I got a good deal too!And it looks ... ... quite sturdy.Iíll let you know how it goes. ... ... Thanks for all the help.Iím sure Iíll be asking a lot of ... ... questions as I get going on it. ... ... Take care and happy inversion. ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Thanks Guys   by #38782  5y   1,729
    Many thanks for your responses! Great to hear that Megabite is still very happy with his. The teether-table would be more than we can afford right now, but good to know how satisfied you are with it! Will join in as soon as we get ours! Best to you both....   [End]
  • Re: Thanks Guys   by Megabite  5y   1,694
    When you get your table and try it out, let us know how it works for you! ... ... Maybe we can get the Forum going again..... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: MEGABITE - do you still love the Inv. Table   by Megabite  5y   1,669
    Oh yes I LOVE it! I paid about $150 for the same table but I donít care because I still think itís such a great price for an excellent table. And itís VERY sturdy which is important. ... ... I definitely recommend this one at such a great price. My back and neck feel much better, itís like a natural traction machine. ... ... Go a little slow at first if youíre not used to it. It made me a little dizzy the first day lol... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: MEGABITE - do you still love the Inv. Table   by Willowley  5y   1,609
    Hi #38782, ... ... Iíve had my Teeter Hang Ups for more than 4 years now and Iíve never had a problem with it, I feel perfectly safe using it. ... ... I did tons of research before I bought mine and to me the Teeter brand went through the most vigorous testing of all of them.  The army even uses them and endorses the Teeter Tables. ... ... You canít go wrong with this brand, I realize they are more expensive but I feel my safety is worth lots of money, LOL. ... ... Good luck, let us know when you get one and what you think about it. ... ... Willow  ...   [End]
  • MEGABITE - do you still love the Inv. Table   by #38782  5y   1,725
    you bought? ... I checked out the link youīd put in and the price was right.... ... Weīre shopping around for one and Iīd like to know if you are still happy with yours! THANKS.   [End]
  • Re: Thanks Guys   by Willowley  5y   1,594
    Youíre very welcome, I hope you can get it soon because I know as soon as you start to hang youíll get much relief.  Just be sure to invert a little at a time so you donít get scared, once youíre used to it youíll do great, your back will feel better and youíll be so relaxed. ... ... Have fun. ... ... Willow  ...   [End]
  • Thanks Guys   by surley  5y   1,629
    ... Hey Guys, ... ... Thanks for all the responses,finally.Didnít mean to be rude but I do have to get an IT asap asI pulled something in my back a while ago and itís acting up real bad now.I did some researches and it seems that the IT is the best bet.Iím looking at the Healthware deluxe from Sears,it sells for $400.00 Plus taxes,shipping etc but it looks very sturdy.I can easily go to a chiro but finding a good one is the Iíve heard a lot of horror stories abt them. ... ... Thanks again to all and blessings for good health. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Wow!!I GUESS THIS FORUM IS NOT VERY ACTIVE N/M   by Megabite  5y   1,420
    Hi Willow, I almost got that one, thatís a good one too. Love to hang upside down it feels so good. Maybe Iíll be a Bat for Halloween ;) ... ... Yes today Iím feeling a tad better at least Iím on the upswing no pun intended lol! ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Wow!!I GUESS THIS FORUM IS NOT VERY ACTIVE N/M   by Willowley  5y   1,443
    Hey Megabite, ... ... I didnít she her post either so donít feel bad, not much activity on the forum. ... ... This is the table I have ... ... I love it, in fact I couldnít live without getting on it every night well, I guess I could but I wouldnít feel nearly as good as I do when I hang.  :-) ... ... Hope youíre feeling better now. ... ... Willow  ...   [End]
  • Re: Inversion Tables   by Willowley  5y   1,960
    Hi Surley, ... ... Iím sorry I didnít see your post earlier.  I have the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table, itís more expensive that all the others but it has been put through many tests that are very important where other tables havenít stood the same testing and broke. ... ... ... ... I wouldnít purchase a used one due to the fact youíll be hanging upside down and it could be very dangerous if you bought one that had something broken on it you might not be aware of. ... ... If you buy one youíll never be the same again.  It does so much more than help with ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Wow!!I GUESS THIS FORUM IS NOT VERY ACTIVE N/M   by Megabite  5y   1,532
    Hey sorry, didnít see your post until now. Been down for the count for the past week with the Flu and one-sided Sinus Infection (most likely one giant Herx) ... ... Anyway this is the Inversion Table I purchased, Iím very happy with it, itís very sturdy and does the job. ... ... .....Only if you buy it now you will get it cheaper than I did :( ! and no Iím not selling! This is a good deal, I would recommend this one: ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Wow!!I GUESS THIS FORUM IS NOT VERY ACTIVE N/M   by Willowley  5y   1,480
    I tried to get it going a while back but it seems people donít keep up with it. Do you have an inversion table?  I couldnít live without mine and I donít even have any back trouble LOL.  Itís one of the best purchases Iíve ever made. ... ... Willow  ...   [End]
  • Wow!!I GUESS THIS FORUM IS NOT VERY ACTIVE N/M   by surley  5y   1,412
  • Inversion Tables   by surley  5y   1,997  Ü Cross-post Ü
    ... Okay,Iíve been doing some researches on the In.tables and ... ... so far Iíve looked at three of them.One is a Healthware ... ... model,another is by Bodyflux and the third is a Lifegear ... ... model.The Healthware model seems to be the sturdiest. ... ... Can someone give me any input on this as I have absolutely ... ... no experience with this equiptment.I also noticed some up ... ... for sale on Craigslist and they looked fine.Is there any ... ... pitfalls in buying a used one? ... ... Thanks for any advice.   [End]
  • Purchasing an inversion table   by surley  5y   722
    ... Hi, ... ... Iím very interested in the inversion therapy and would like to purchase a table.I have some sciatica problems and I think this will help.Does anyone know of a place that sells them in the Toronto region so I can check it out and see how it works before purchasing? ... ... Thanks for any info. ...   [End]
  • Re: Off topic? Because they can? someone felt like it?   by blubruddah  5y   6,920
    Pick one...   [End]
  • I Love My Inversion Table   by Megabite  5y   2,798  Ü Cross-post Ü
    It gives me more energy and at the same time itís so relaxing and my back and neck are getting better. It does take a little getting used to since my vertebrae have been smashing down against each other for so long with no relief, but I feel so much better. And I had a slight Sciatica going on in my lower back that bothered me sometimes when I was trying to sleep and itís completely gone! ... ... Iím beginning to think that this may be better than relying on a Chiropractor all the time for adjustments. Everyone should have one of these tables. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Didn't Know About This Forum   by Megabite  5y   2,370
    Wow after the second day I feel great! I feel so refreshed afterwards. I didnít feel dizzy this time and Iím getting used to the balance. Itís easy once you figure it out. ... ... I feel more relaxed and my back and neck feels better. This is worth much more than the price I paid. I bet it makes everything we do to improve our bodies work better. Such as getting the blood flow going and getting all of the nutrients to the right places. Everyday the older we get gravity is working against us lol! ... ... Donít our heads weigh something like 5 lbs.? Thatís a lot of weight to be smashing down on our sp ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Re: Aging in Reverse?   by Donn  5y   2,658
    in∑ver∑sion (ĭn-vŻrízhən, -shən) Pronunciation Key ... n. ... ... 1. The act of inverting. ... 2. The state of being inverted. ... ... __________________________________ ... ... ... in⋅vert ...    /v. ɪnˈvɜrt; adj., n. ˈɪnvɜrt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [v. in-vurt; adj., n. in-vurt] Show IPA Pronunciation ... Ėverb (used with object) ... ... 1. to turn upside down. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [End]
  • Re: Didn't Know About This Forum   by Willowley  5y   2,391
    Hey Megabite, It took me a few adjustments too for the height weight ratio.  I’m 5’4” and to get it balanced right I had to put it on 5’5” and it was perfect.  I don’t know if your table has the 3 position self locking hinges that set how responsive the table is but once I changed the setting on those it was balanced great. I had never done anything like inverting so when I got my table it was a really strange feeling when I got off of it so I know what you mean.  When you think about it when we stand or sit down our spine compresses ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Didn't Know About This Forum   by Megabite  5y   2,407
    Hi Willow, ... ... Yes I do have a strap on it and have adjusted it so for now it doesnít tip very far back. And I know what you mean about adjusting for the proper weight and height, that took a little while for me to figure out that that was the right thing to do as I kept getting off the table and adjusting the height back and forth and at the same time reading the instructions. ... ... Now that itís been about an hour or so since Iíve been on it the weird sorta dizzy feeling has calmed down a bit, and now I just feel like my back had traction and I feel more relaxed. ... ... I know it will take a lit ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Didn't Know About This Forum   by Willowley  5y   2,574
    Hi Megabite, I just found this forum the other day myself.  Do you have a strap that you can adjust from going too far?  Once you get used to inverting it will feel so relaxing, take it little by little because if you are scared of inverting too far you’ll be so tense you won’t get the full benefit from it.  I don’t use the strap on mine at all, if you set it correctly for your height and weight you can control the inversion by raising and lowering your arms.  If the table is balanced correctly for your height and weight once you lock in your ankles ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Didn't Know About This Forum   by Megabite  5y   2,609  Ü Cross-post Ü
    I didnít know there was a Forum for this. I just got my Inversion Table today. I only have it at about 15-20 degrees and gently swung back and forth and hung there for about 10 to 15 minutes. ... ... Whoa, I feel weird and my back feels weird. It does feel like my back and neck had traction. ... I definitely have to get used to this! ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Aging in Reverse?   by motif  5y   2,762
    what is inversions? does it hurt? :)   [End]
  • Re: Hoodia   by Willowley  5y   6,960
    I’m wondering why this message was hidden there was nothing in it that was in any way inflammatory.  Could someone please tell me why it deserved to be hidden? Thanks. Willow    [End]
  • [Message Subject Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   by berzerkerca  5y   6,878
    [Message Body Hidden by a Forum Moderator]   [End]
  • Re: Inversion therapy is the best treatment for sciatica out there!!!   by Willowley  5y   6,919
    When Hoodia first came on the market a friend of mine used it and swore it really worked better than anything she had ever tired to suppress her appetite.  I took her advice and bought the liquid Hoodia first and it seemed to work for about 4 days then it didn’t make a difference for me so I bought the capsules and tried them and they didn’t work either, in fact just the other day I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and came across a bottle of the capsules and threw them away. With something like that I believe what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Hoodia   by #1877  5y   7,090
    My husband and I both tried the hoodia and it did not work for us. He had bought one bottle in the healthfood store, but did not try it again. ... I had bought several bottles on the internet, he did not know I had tried it before, but I sent them all (even the one I had used) back and they refunded my money.   [End]
  • Re: Inversion therapy is the best treatment for sciatica out there!!!   by berzerkerca  5y   7,097
    Hoodia is an all natural weight loss supplement. NOT A DIET PILL! I donít take pills. Hoodia stopped my appetite cold. No cravings, no desire to cheat on my diet. It works as well as or better than I ever imagined. As far as inverting of course itís probably a better idea to eat when youíre not full but I donít know that you have to wait any number of hours like swimming or whatever. I do it when I need it, yíknow like if I feel a spasm coming on or a little tweak in my muscles and probably if I figure Iím going to invert then Iíll adjust meal time around that.   [End]
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