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  • Re: Iowa Health Official Warns Against Tapeworm Diet by Alexa86  21d   138  
    that is awful. I could to imagine swallowing that. How gross and unsanitary.   [End]
  • lowering calories vs exercise is the way to go for weight loss by John McCain 2008  35d   98  
    Took me awhile to come around to this argument, but Iím firmly there now. I always wondered why my workouts werenít really losing weight on the scale, something I could measure, could see. Then I went to the lower calories approach, with limited exercise...and thatís where I saw pound per day results. Walah! Amazing isnít it? I could workout less but eat fewer calories, a trade I will gladly make. ... ... Getting lean from 40 on in your life is the only way to go. You donít want to be all bulked up going into old age because you wontí be able to keep up the routines, Iím telling you rig ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: how many calories should i eat to lose weight fast by John McCain 2008  35d   130  
    I try to keep the meals at 500 calories per. Many times with cereal, blueberries, banana, milk for breakfast I can go under that number. Lunch probably 550 or so. Dinner is the tough one when losing got to put that clamps down on calories for that meal because that is the one next to bedtime. Daily for an adult has got to be around 1800 or less or youíll probably have to exercise more than you like. Constant weight loss is achieved, my experience, when caloric intake is lowered vs extensive exercise. Donít know why, donít ask questions, just know it to be true. I can wo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Borage oil for acne by John McCain 2008  36d   175  
    I take Borage OIl daily and it helps maintain weight...wonder supplement if you ask me. Two fish oil, one borage, one cranberry, one multi per day keeps McCainster alive and well and trim.   [End]
  • Gaining weight after quitting smoking, despite mostly healthy lifestyle by #160209  36d   41  
    Hello. My friend has given up smoking. However, heís gained some weight around the belly and heís talking about taking up smoking again. ... ... He has a very active job, maybe not exercising all day, but certainly not sitting all day. He exercises every day--not a huge amount, but some. And he doesnít really eat a huge amount. ... ... Any ideas to help him take this weight off? I donít know what other options he has if heís fairly active and doesnít eat much.   [End]
  • 1000 ways to die............... by Corey  36d   171  
  • Re: The Fat Drug - NY Times by AngelofEventide  44d   131  
    Gladly.   [End]
  • Re: The Fat Drug - NY Times by fconzero  45d   151  
    Iíd like to trade you for some weight. ... ... I cannot gain weight and I can eat a truck load.   [End]
  • Re: The Fat Drug - NY Times by AngelofEventide  45d   211  
    Candida has caused me to become overweight and I cannot lose weight, even on a strict candida diet.   [End]
  • The Fat Drug - NY Times by GetCuredOrDieTrying  45d   251  Ü C Ü   BSA EDUCATIONAL
 ... ... What it doesnít mention is in severe candidiasis, there is more likely to be weight loss than gain. ... ... SundayReview|OPINION ... ... The Fat Drug ... By PAGAN KENNEDYMARCH 8, 2014 ... Photo ... ... Credit Jing Wei ... ... IF you walk into a farm-supply store today, youíre likely to find a bag of antibiotic powder that claims to boost the growth of poultry and livestock. Thatís because decades of agricultural research has shown that antibiotics seem to flip a switch in young animalsí bodies, helping them pack on pounds. Manufacturers brag abou ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Obesity........Mind.......Stam.. by Jasmin08  63d   144  
    Obesity is not really healthy and lower self-esteem and confidence. Obesity has something to do with over eating and also with genetic problems. Thus exercise, drinking lots of water, well balance diet should be considered to be healthy and well.   [End]
  • Weight Loss plateau at day 13 by thebash  63d   53  
    Hello, ... ... I have been very strictly adhering to a water-only fast for 13 days, so far (I plan on 24). While I have no desire to break the fast, I feel like my progress is slowing, which is somewhat discouraging. ... ... I definitely had a bit of weight to lose(25 pounds would be a good start), so I donít think thatís the issue, and I live a very healthy lifestyle outside of fasting (about 30-50% raw, 100% vegan, drink lots and lots of water). I have tried to be active, as much as my body will allow, but fatigue and lightheadedness (coupled with the fact that I live in a very hot and humid cli ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Obesity........Mind.......Stam.. by 4wheelchamp  73d   362  
    Stammering, I doubt it. Unless the obesity is causing some underlying problem. Depression, most definitely. When you are obese, literally everything is physically more difficult to do, and even doing nothing at all, the extra weight puts a tremendous strain on your organs. Think of how you would feel if it took extra effort just to clean yourself after using the bathroom for example. Worse, gaining weight is much easier than LOSING it. Most people have trouble reaching for long term goals, so when someone knows it could take months or years to get healthy, they feel a sense of hopelessness ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: how many calories should i eat to lose weight fast by cbright  75d   356  
    Hi there, you may find the below blog useful, it has easy tips on how you can start losing weight today: ... ... 1. Avoid ďwhiteĒ food. This includes white breads, pastas, many cereal products, and even cracker-type snacks. Think about some other white things too like flour, potato products, rice, and even processed milk and cheese products. Some white foods that are OK for you to eat are cauliflowers, fish, and chicken. ... 2. Ditch the sodas and other drinks that have calories, sugar, or even artificial sweeteners. I donít want you to drink much coffee either. Creamer? No. Itís white, isnít it ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Borage oil for acne by zeus10  83d   361  
    yep I agree.   [End]
  • Obesity........Mind.......Stam.. by venkatesharun  83d   188  
    Obesity........Mind.......Stam.. ... ... A friend of mine says that her obesity is affecting her mind. This is what she says,Ē My obesity is affectibg my mind. It is giving me depression. I have also noticed that i have started to have Stammering problem due to this. I even cannot concentrate on things now. I think my life is awful. People hate me and make my fun.Ē ... ... Now i cannot understand that how can being Obese cause Stammering and Depression? ... ... Need good explanation.   [End]
  • Re: How I lost 100 pounds by zeus10  3mo   18,339  
    Good job! Thanks for sharing.   [End]
  • FTC Sends Refund Checks Totaling nearly $6 Million to Consumers Who Boug... by LCD  3mo   748  Ü C Ü  
    FTC Sends Refund Checks Totaling nearly $6 Million to Consumers Who Bought Dietary Supplements ... ... ... December 20, 2013 ... ... ... ... An administrator working for the Federal Trade Commission is mailing 316,716 checks averaging $18.74 each to consumers who purchased acai berry supplements, ďcolon cleansers,Ē and other products from Phoenix-based Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc. ... ... In August 2010, the FTC charged Central Coast Nutraceuticals, two individuals, and four related companies with multiple violations, including unfair billing practices, and deceptively advertising Acai Pure, an acai berr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: how many calories should i eat to lose weight fast by DaltonLinda  4mo   436  
    Have you tried a fruit and vegetable diet that also comprises lots of water? This is the most natural way of losing weight that is guaranteed to work for most people. You might want to try it as well.   [End]
  • Re: Natural Way Lifestyle - for those tired of counting calories! by emclark89  5mo   305  
    Counting every single calorie is a sure way to make yourself insane! A better option is to note everything you eat in a daily journal. If you see that youíve got more unhealthy or junk foods than healthy foods then hopefully that motivates you to make some lifestyle changes. ... ... A calorie is different than another calorie, just as a pound of fat does not equal a pound of lean muscle. If you consume whole, natural, unprocessed foods like lean protein, veggies, fiber then caloric intake can still be low but you will feel satiated... instead of drinking the starbucks frappuccino that has almos ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 32 Weight Loss Ideas by ForestJames  5mo   316  
    Great tips! ... ... It goes to show you that there are many ways to incorporate healthy habits into our lives. Thereís no need for deprivation or starvation. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: how many calories should i eat to lose weight fast by ForestJames  5mo   556  
    To lose weight you must consume less than you are burning to create a deficit. The easiest way to do this is to count your calories and track your exercise and compare the two at the end of the day. Adjust your intake as needed! ... ... Best of luck. Hope this helps. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: how many calories should i eat to lose weight fast by JoeYoung  5mo   576  
    Iíve never been really overweight myself, but Iíve always had that stubborn layer of fat around the belly. Never bother to count calories cause it made me more mental than anything. Things changed when I finally changed the way I was eating... yes, diet does count for 75%. By switching to whole, natural, unprocessed foods instead of the packaged, processed, convenient & fast foods (loaded with fillers, dyes, chemicals, etc.), the abs started to reveal themselves slowly. Of course, I still have weekly cheat meals. The other 25% (exercise), I went from useless cardio like jogging and tim ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: how many calories should i eat to lose weight fast by greenfall  6mo   626  
    I have found that you need discipline to keep the best diets going and now use a methods of suppressing my appetite so i just done want to eat so much - appetite suppressants   [End]
  • Re: Borage oil for acne by White Shark  6mo   864  
    It most likely worked well cause you were deficient on Omega 3 GLA. ... ... Diet itself might have done the trick too. ... ... Just go for the flush, it may help. ... ...   [End]
  • Borage oil by search4truth  6mo   951  Ü C Ü   RRR Success
    Just looking for some thoughts on this. ... ... A while ago I read that if you take borage oil while doing a low-carb diet, youíll lose more weight. ... ... So, I did! I took 6 capsules a day which equaled 1872 mg of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) a day. ... ... I did lose a little more weight.. sure, cool. BUT all of a sudden my cystic acne decreased by 80%, period cramps went away, and inflammation went down systemically. ... ... Why do you guys think this worked so well?? ... I am now trying to cure acne from the inside-out.. every time I stop taking borage oil the acne comes back and I canít take it for the rest ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: how many calories should i eat to lose weight fast by Nicgianni1  6mo   658  
    May I kindly suggest that instead of counting calories, try eating low density caloric foods. For example, you can eat all the cucumbers you want and you will lose weight. ... It is hard to just count calories. ... I have a womanís diet that worked well on my husband too if you want. I got it at ... By the way, congratulations on your great workouts.   [End]
  • Re: how many calories should i eat to lose weight fast by melkhamilton  6mo   639  
    I found this post because Iím having the same problem - Iím still really hungry throughout the day if I try to reduce my calories. I donít know if you resolved this, but I started increasing my protein intake, so Iíd feel fuller throughout the day - protein shakes, Greek yogurt and lean meats. ... ... Yours, ... Melanie ... Glenora, CA ... Website Owner, ...   [End]
  • Re: Iowa Health Official Warns Against Tapeworm Diet by Riaharaj  7mo   654  
    OMG what a really bad way to lose weight. Isnít a disgusting way to lose weight. ... ... if you are so desperate you should understand that weight loss is just always a journey. Therefore it has to be gradual.   [End]
  • Re: the real weight problem source by LeonBlurry  7mo   302  
    Okay, so it is alkaline balance that causes adult to become heavier than the youngsters. So, what is the method to maintain the alkaline level in the body so that body itself doesnít store fat on its own? ... ... septoplasty cost birmingham   [End]
  • The Deadly Atkins Diet by frugivorous  7mo   324  
    The Deadly Atkins Diet ... ... Dr Atkins who promoted a heavy animal protein diet died before his time ... of a cerebral stroke which caused him to fall. He weighed 257 pounds ... at the time. ... ... TOXINS IN THE ATKINS DIET ... ... ... ... VEGANS AND FRUITARIANS WEIGH LEAST MEATEATERS WEIGH THE MOST ... Isocaloric (same number of calories in each group) studies done ... by Mervyn Hardinge at Harvard indicated that 3 control groups ... (vegans, dairy vegetarians, and nondairy vegetarians) given the same ... number of calories daily had a 23 lb.differential after 3 months, ... with vegans weighing 23 lbs. less than nonvegetaria ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Iowa Health Official Warns Against Tapeworm Diet by LCD  8mo   926  Ü C Ü  
    Iowa Health Official Warns Against Tapeworm Diet ... ... ... By: Channel 9 Eyewitness News ... ... ... ... DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) The medical director for the Iowa Department of Public Health is warning against the tapeworm diet. ... ... In her weekly email to public health workers around Iowa, Dr. Patrick Quinlisk recounted a recent incident: ... ... ... ... A physician sought the departmentís help for a patient who said sheíd swallowed a tapeworm sheíd bought over the Internet. The woman was hoping the parasite would help her lose weight. ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • how many calories should i eat to lose weight fast by #175089  8mo   932  
    Hello all. ... Iím trying to lose weight. By the end of this summer. Unsuccessful so far I guess. I still have too much of body fat and as a result, my abs are not visible. Iíve played ignorance when friends told me that I need to consider how much calories I eat per day and start to count them. I told them that I wonít do that because I donít need that. ... Well, I guess I need to do just that now. My weight loss stalled. My weight is the same for more than 2 weeks now. I am frustrated. So how many calories should I eat to lose weight again? Iíve calculated my basal metabolic rate to be about ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Want To Lose Weight? by dana7878  8mo   527  
 The Two Most Potent Compounds Now Combine Into One Powerful Weight Loss Pill. Raspberry Ketone with Garcinia Cambogia. Melt subborn fat away.   [End]
  • Re: 32 Weight Loss Ideas by #133453  9mo   509  
    I would think the difference would be because vegans eat a lot more fiber, so food doesnít stay in you very long. Good advice, though. Iím thinking of going vegan for only a few months to lose weight, then gradually going ovo-lacto vegetarian.   [End]
  • Re: coconut oil for weight loss by Adalin  9mo   2,532  
    Another great thing about taking coconut oil for weight loss is that it is absorbed by the body more quickly than other fats. This way it is quickly metabolized and converted to energy rather than being stored as fat.   [End]
  • Re: Natural Anti-Cellulite Creams by john2223  9mo   208  
    You can also use something coconut oil to help get rid of cellulite. This website here has further information on how to use essential oils.   [End]
  • Arm surgrey? by jessie12  12mo   232  
    Hello everyone! ... ... I am interested  in   arms surgery in miami  dues excessive fat.can anyone dsuggest me the best surgeon in miamim  area and its cost?Please help .thanks. ... ... ... ... ... ... lipo miami ... ... ... ... ...   ...   [End]
  • Re: Want To Lose Weight? by lindathompson  12mo   539  
    I really agree with your own personal guidelines on ways to lose weight. Very true indeed, just as to what this article - Do Running and Exercises Ė Make Your Own Lifestyle and Surpass Stress - was saying about.   [End]
  • Re: Can't wait to get Mirena out tomorrow! by cynthleal  12mo   1,133  
    Sorry but I have to disagree with you I didnít know a bout the crash but I know that I felt terrible after removal even more than when i had mirena. Every body reacts different. Iím now over 3 1/2 years post removal and even now around ovulation or my period I dont feel too good.   [End]
  • Re: Can't wait to get Mirena out tomorrow! by yvonne31  12mo   1,018  
    I did not have the crash. I think women got the crash b.c they expected it. If you think about it I think youíll get it. Iím glad to hear your feeling better. Itís amazing how good I feel.   [End]
  • Re: Can't wait to get Mirena out tomorrow! by greenkateyed  13mo   1,006  
    SO SO SO GOOD TO HEAR!! I am glad. I am just 2 days POST removal now. After 10 hours my breathing issue almost went completely away and I can feel it getting better. I had HORRIBLE hip pain that went away the day after removal. HOWEVER, day 2 and I got my period (first one in 17 months) and my hip pain came back with a vengeance at the same exact time. Did you have what other women are calling the ĒMirena Crash?Ē If so, what does that entail?   [End]
  • Re: Can't wait to get Mirena out tomorrow! by yvonne31  13mo   985  
    Iíve lost 14lbs so far, my joints do not hurt, my sex drive is up, Iím not tired, and my acne is gone. I feel like myself again. It was the best decision I made to have it out. I hope you feel better!!!!   [End]
  • Re: Can't wait to get Mirena out tomorrow! by greenkateyed  13mo   1,072  
    Hi...I was curious how you are feeling now since you are about a month post? or did they take your Mirena out? ... ... I go tomorrow and get my Mirena taken out and I cannot has been a nightmare, but I have only had mine for FOUR MONTHS!   [End]
  • 32 Weight Loss Ideas by frugivorous  13mo   885   R
    32 Weight Loss Ideas ... ... 1. One MD says drink water when you are hungry... that a lot of hunger is actually thirst ... . Other researchers say water drinkers lose more weight. ... ... ... ... ... ... 2. Many who recommend salt intake reduction say that salt retains water in the body, adding to weight as well as increasing blood pressure and stimulating appetite. Lemon juice is one suggested substitute. ... ... 3. Since coffee and tea with caffein are an appetite stimulant, reduce their intake. ... ... 4. Most s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Vegans Weigh 23 Pounds Less Than Nonvegetarians, 11 Pounds less than Dai... by frugivorous  13mo   876  
 ... ... ... Is a smoothy a cold soup? ... ... ... MANGO ALMOND-MILK SMOOTHY ... ... 2 cups almond milk ... 1 large mango.. sliced ... blend ... ... immediately energy polysaccharides ... are flowing through ones veins! ... ... The polysaccharides of fruit ... are time released energy capsules.. ... ... ... ... ... ... This article was posted by the writer on national and international forums under different pen names ...   [End]
  • Natural Way Lifestyle - for those tired of counting calories! by GreenHealthGuru  13mo   626  
    Hi everyone, ... ... Iím not sure if anyone here is yet familiar with The Natural Way approach to a healthy diet and lifestyle? Through this lifestyle you are fine tuning your health through balancing your hormones. In a nutshell: A healthy hormonal system is the key to restoring your health and ridding what ails you... weight problems, skin problems, digestive problems, you name it! ... ... I have mentioned the links below for those that are interested - if you are serious about getting your health back on track through a healthy diet and lifestyle (thatís easy to incorporate!),as well as enjoy ea ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Safe weight loss? by ramkishan754  13mo   461  
    hiiiiiiiii i read your post. Past time i am facing same problem.but at this time i am reduce my weight 10 kg. For weight loose i use many medicine,dieting prog.and many more,No muuch effect But now i am using ayurveda.and incredibly i loose my weight.So take a tour of Ayurveda. it will help you. thanks ...   [End]
  • Can't wait to get Mirena out tomorrow! by yvonne31  14mo   1,482  Ü C Ü  
    Iíve had my Mirena for almost 3 yrs. I only gained 25lbs my daughter pregnancy. I weighted 170lbs when she was born. The first 2 weeks the weight came off. The day i got my mirena put in i was 149lbs. Iím very active go to the gym, zumba and eat very well. Today iím 200lbs! Yes, 200lbs! The doctors kept telling me its stubborn baby weight. But i lost all of it when i had the mirena inserted. Iím bloated all the time and my breast when from a 36c to a 40d. I have acne like a 15 yr old. I get headaches all the time and it was told b/c iím overweight my blood sugar drops and raises to fast. W ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: green coffee bean extract by jamie89891  14mo   2,864  
    ... My experience has been pretty good, I bought a 30 pill ... bottle from to try and after taking it twice a day(800mg 2x a day) which lasted me a week and in the past 10 days Iíve lost 10lbs, Iíve also been watching what I eat and exercising regularly, but I ran out 3 days ago and i notice I havenít been losing as much ... weight as i was when I was taking the pills, in the 3 days I havenít taken them Iíve only lost half a pound, but while taking them I lost about 2lbs every 2-3 days, I bought a bigger 60-day bottle so weíll see how well they continue to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Caught up in a Calorie Battle by Logical Remedies  14mo   485  
    Hello everyone. There are a lot of people who are talking about how theyíre trying to cut down on calories and theyíre not sure how many calories are good or how many calories are bad or what someone told them about how many calories they should be taking in, etc. the list goes on and on. i would like to tell everyone, not just the sellect few that i personally replied to, that i have an opinion about that based on my experience. This is not going to require any ĒcorporateĒexpertise or anything like that. When you step on the scale itís telling you about your much you WEI ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The World Revolves Around You by Logical Remedies  14mo   320  
    Hello again! Iíve been reading a lot of peoples posts over the past few days and Iíve noticed a pattern...There are people who think very negatively about their diet and about themselves. People have trouble with their diets and think that they are no good or embarrassed with themselves. Others talk about how OTHER people are doing or how other people are bringing them down because theyíre overweight. If other people have a problem with you or make fun of you that means they donít approve of what God has created. Theyíre basically telling you that God made a mistake. That doesnít make ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Mind...Your Business by Logical Remedies  14mo   354  
    In my opinion...when people use the phrase Ēmind your businessĒ, of course itís used in a negative context. Iíve become very proficient at turning a negative into a positive so Iíve decided to call this blog ĒMind...Your BusinessĒ. ... ... Thatís EXACTLY what it is...YOUR business. Your mind makes up everything about you. Itís WHAT you are, regardless of ĒwhoĒ you are or what your occupation is. To understand more about yourself and what you truly are you have to get into the root of it all...MIND. Your mind is the catalyst for everything in your world. Trust me, I speak from personal exper ...   [retrieve this message]
  • lost 30 lbs last year and reached my goal weight by San2006  14mo   669  
    Hi All, ... ... 2012 was a great year for me. I lost 30+ lbs of fat and reached my goal weight of 108 lbs in 7 mths. Went from body pant size 8 to 2 or 0. ... ... I am very happy with my current weight now. When family/ friends were amazed to see my weight loss, I decided to blog about what I learnt during my fat loss journey. ... ... See how I did it at my website ... ... Feel free to drop any questions if you are struggling with weight. I will do the best I can   [End]
  • the difference between calorie restriction and detox in weight loss by Pamela Viktoria  14mo   436  
    I feel so sad that so many people suffer because they donít have enough information to lose weight. Everyone focuses on calorie restriction to lose weight. This always backfires! ... People overlook that the body stores toxins (that it canít remove) in fat cells. ... So the more food a person eats that has toxins (animal products, acrylamide from cooked sugars in grains), the more weight they gain. ... These food sources are obviously also higher in calories, so thatís what people focus on for weight loss. ... (These foods can also be low in minerals, compared to raw plants. So people over-eat, the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: green coffee bean extract by afong9999  14mo   2,796  
    Yes, there is a lot of info on the internet on Green Coffee Bean Extract.† Behind all the íreviewí sites e.g. hereís a site for Green Coffee Bean Extract there is around 3-4 main distributors of the stuff.† I would perhaps approach them if you wanted to obtain bulk but if not maybe source amongst the coffee distribution fraternity. ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Walking to Lose Weight by DelennChat  15mo   648  
    Walking to Lose Weight ... ... by Sarka-Jonae (personal trainer, Between Boyfriends author) ... ... Walking to lose weight may not burn as many calories as higher intensity exercise, but there are tricks to maximize the effectiveness of this simple activity. You could spend hours a day walking in order to burn enough calories to achieve weight loss or you can modify your walking workouts to burn more calories. Walking for weight loss is easy once you know what to do, plus it is low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints. Walking even staves off cravings for unhealthy snacks that sabotage your p ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Airola Paavo was a quack by spacecadet80  15mo   1,910  
    So, the guy is a quack because he died of a stroke caused by injuries he sustained during his emigration??? Now, I am no genius, but even I know that just because you live a healthy lifestyle doesnít mean youíll live forever. Longevity is not solely governed by ones physical health. There are hereditary factors, stress and environment, and of course past illness and injury that have long term effects on the body. Death is one of those things we canít determine when or how. Being healthy, to me, is more about quality of life than quantity. My obese mother who has smoked most of her life, ha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: calorie restriction vs toxin removal by RONBN49  15mo   685  
    When kids can eat all the calories they want and never gain weight that indicates the calorie intake distortion does not work and is not the answer however the acid intake and colon acid elimination health is the key to normal weight and health. weight is dangerous because the excess acids eventually affect the organs causing diabetes,cancer and heart disease just to mention a few of the diseases directly realted to high body acids. The body stores those acids and creates fat,cholesterol and water retention to protect itself.   [End]
  • the real weight problem source by RONBN49  15mo   678  
    Ever wonder why people get heavier as they age? Ever wonder why exercise never works unless you continue it for life? Ever wonder why kids are thinner than adults? All the crap out there all the foods, all the diets ,the Jenny Craigs, the Richard Simmons, the south beach diet and on and on never ending bs getting your dollars. There is no magic pill, there is no exercise, there is no special diet.Here is the best kept secret in the USA. This information is there but no one is shouting out, no one but me. The body maintains a 7.365 acid alkaline balance. When that balance gets a little more ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Has anyone else experienced these side effects of having the Mirena? by happyfamily6  15mo   1,479  
    Strange - Iíve had the knuckle pain with some swelling. Only my left ring finger. It started long before removal and then improved after removal, but recently flared up again. Always that same knuckle. Just one. Weird :)   [End]
  • Re: Has anyone else experienced these side effects of having the Mirena? by ravensinger  15mo   1,450  
    I canít say Iíve had the lumps. However, the seemingly random joint pain yes! ... ... I had my mirena for 5 years, and upon removal I suddenly had right hip and knee pain, as well as left knuckle pain in ONE knuckle. Itís lasted months. ... ... The most distressing symptom iíve had is constant right sided chest/back pain. Count yourself severely lucky. Iíve had the chest pain for the 4 months since removal with no relief in sight. It seems to feel like a type of musculoskeletal joint issue, except in the ribs. Before anyone asks, itís not costochondritis. Iíve been through the gamete of tests, with ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Has anyone else experienced these side effects of having the Mirena? by happyfamily6  15mo   1,751  
    Your symptoms sound very Mirena-related. I did not experience the lumps, but did experience most of the others. Honestly, I would say that just about any strange, new health issue that shows up after having the IUD placed could be related to it. If youíre having more than one strange issue, then itís even more likely. ... ... If you were someone Iíd just met, and I learned you had the IUD and did NOT have any problems with it at all, I would still tell you my story and beg you to have it removed. Itís just not worth the gamble. I think every woman on this forum would agree. ... ... Keep posti ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Has anyone else experienced these side effects of having the Mirena? by minimog  15mo   2,495  Ü C Ü  
    I got Mirena put in sometime in April 2012. I have had no problems with it that I knew of until November. Unfortunate for me it happened on Thanksgiving day. I woke up with bad joint pain in my left knee and my right elbow. I thought it was how I slept so I ignored it. Well days went by and the pain did not go away; in fact, a new symptom came up. ... ... I noticed a lump on my left shin. It was skin colored and felt like a bruise. I called the doctor and made an appointment. During this time, more lumps started appearing on my left leg and even some on my right leg. The doctor thought it was ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: calorie restriction vs toxin removal by BhsiahRD  15mo   732  
    Thanks sooooo very much! This information is life changing!   [End]
  • Airola Paavo was a quack by #136970  16mo   2,142  
    ... ... I was taken in by Paavo and thought he was great until - he died young, from ... a stroke at age 64. ... ... Dr. Airola Paavo was a quack and a fake.  For all his supposed healthy ... lifestyle he died at a relatively young age. ... ... ... ...   ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: calorie restriction vs toxin removal by Pamela Viktoria  16mo   733  
    Yes! ... breakfast: ... 500cal fruit mono meal ... soaked nuts(5), 3 tablespoons seeds, 5 prunes ... 500cal fruit mono meal ... Lunch: ... 500cal fruit mono meal ... saurkraut, soaked wild rice, raw veggies ... fig snack ... 500cal fruit mono meal ... supper: ... 20oz green/purple veggie juice ... sometimes fruit juice too:) ...   [End]
  • Safe weight loss? by misty24  16mo   584  
    I read an article that suggests that the media is so concerned with body weight and image that more and more people are choosing to try unhealthy ways to lose weight. What are some safe ways for me to lose and should I worry about what others think? I want to be a model someday. ...   [End]
  • Re: What are good vegetables for weight loss? by hilda3kim  16mo   705  
    Weight loss is a challenge for many but by having health lifestyle it can be just a normal thing. There are several foods which are best known for weight-reducing properties because of their low calorie-content; less amount of fat, salt and sugar.i am going to share you one site from which you can find good vegetables for weight loss.i have also reduced my weight by following dew steps.. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Want To Lose Weight? by nicolmiller  16mo   749  
    Follow these three factor: 1. Proper diet 2. Regular exercise 3. Rest and stress Free Choose a diet plan which is suitable for you, cut your daily calories intake and add fiber rich and raw food in your diet. Regular exercise is very important for weight loss and healthy lifestyle. Its help to burn fat and keep you fit and healthy. For more information visit: ...   [End]
  • Total baloney n/m by #136970  16mo   392  
  • Re: Anyone tried the every other day diet by Jon Benson? by dane lady  16mo   221  
    I did it and didnít lose an ounce. It didnít work at all for me.   [End]
  • Re: calorie restriction vs toxin removal by BhsiahRD  16mo   752  
    This makes absolute sense to me! Please, are u willing to share with me what you eat daily? For instance, tell me exactly what foods on any given day for 24 hrs. Everyone always says just eat this or that but never use specific details like ; 4 oranges a piece of toast a partridge in a pear tree etc.... If you could share that information it would help me. ... Thanks soooo very much   [End]
  • Re: 3 veggies that burn fat by mikaela07  16mo   652  
    These three veggies can help burn fat:cabbage, broccoli and kale.They are considered as cruciferous vegetables these contain unique phytochemicals such as I3C (indole-3-carbinol) that actually help to deactivate the effects of xenoestrogens in the body, and therefore, help to fight against belly fat! ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Anyone tried the every other day diet by Jon Benson? by #136970  16mo   345  
    ... ... There are a couple of versions of the Alternate Day Diet.  The other one ... is The QOD Diet ... ... The Alternate-Day Diet is written by an M. D. and has a caveat - donít follow ... it if you are over 60 years old.  I violated that as Iím now 81.  I ... did follow it for about four months and it is very difficult to follow but I ... lost about 15 pounds in that time.  I wasnít really overweight, just near ... the top of my BMI for being within ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Juice Fasting Conspiracy by FONDUES  16mo   2,346  
    Amazing piece on juicing. . it has been popular forever I read it can cure all illness even cancer naturally. ... ... Anyhow, I read tons of books on juice fasting by leading authorities Airola Paavo. My other favorite book is Conscious Eating by Cousens Wow an informative inspirational real eye opener. ... ... My story Iíve been ill for 14 mths. Unimpressed with the medical community snails pace, while my life is being turned upside down. I finally went to chinese medicine professor and chinese herbs helped most of my symptoms subsided, but not all. I ran out of ideas, but not hope. ... So I ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Want To Lose Weight? by 25beat52  16mo   889  
  • calorie restriction vs toxin removal by Pamela Viktoria  17mo   983  
    I feel so sad that so many people suffer because they donít have enough information to lose weight. Everyone focuses on calorie restriction to lose weight. This always backfires! ... People overlook that the body stores toxins (that it canít remove) in fat cells. ... So the more food a person eats that has toxins (animal products, acrylamide from cooked sugars in grains), the more weight they gain. ... These food sources are obviously also higher in calories, so thatís what people focus on for weight loss. ... (These foods can also be low in minerals, compared to raw plants. So people over-eat, the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded Juice Fasting Conspiracy by befurther  17mo   3,690  Ü C Ü   BSA EDUCATIONAL
    ... Thanks for the view REN: ... ... Yes it is so true that so many people are actually just opportunistic {though most will never admit it} and thank the made up story of something for the asking is gre ... [Video Embedded Here]   [End]
  • 3 veggies that burn fat by beanobee  18mo   967  
    To read this article click the link below - ...   [End]
  • I think I can Help You by YourNewPerception  19mo   1,016  
    Hi Jagdpanther, ... ... My name is Jessi Marino.. I am in the process of sharing my 100 lb weight loss story with the world. I have a series of videos, tips and soon meal plans and Yoga workouts. I would love to offer my advice and help you get to a healthy state. You could very well be stressing yourself so intensely that you are making yourself unable to lose weight. I touch on this in my books and videos. Please come check out what I have to say and email me personally if youíd like at ... ... ... Twitter: @jessijmarino ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: lose stomach fat by steverock  19mo   969  
    Start regular exercise and take proper diet and prefer fresh fruits and green vegetables and avoid oily food. ... DENGUE HEMORRHAGIC FEVER   [End]
  • Re: cannot lose by beanobee  19mo   858  
    This is something that helped me - ... ... Best wishes   [End]
  • Re: Help get rid of belly fat by steverock  19mo   860  
    Start regular exercise and take proper diet.prefer fresh fruits and green vegetables and avoid oily food. ... [url=] DENGUE HEMORRHAGIC FEVER [/url]   [End]
  • Re: coconut oil for weight loss by kyletaylor  19mo   5,713  
    That was an descriptive posting on coconut oil relevant to weight loss. Thanks for letting us know the advantage of it. ... sensa ingredients   [End]
  • Re: cannot lose by rogersmith  19mo   1,077  
    Hi, ... There is no problem that you are not getting results according to your will and i think you have tried most of everything to loose weight and your food intake is also good, i would suggest for a change you should try meditation as it make you stronger mentally, will improve your immunity and give you inner strength. Go for a strict veggie gluten free diet and all positives will fall according to you. ... ... healthy weight loss plan   [End]
  • cannot lose by jagdpanther  20mo   1,123  
    Hi ... ... I have been 2.5 stonne over weight for 3 years now. I have lost 14 lbs since start of the year. ... ... No matter what I do now, I cannot lose weight now. ... ... I am in me 40s, I do have sedentary job. I am trying to up my exercise. ... ... had blood tests for low thyroid etc. Did have elevated liver enzymes, ALT. ... ... hospital said weight loss was way forward. ... ... I dont drink or smoke, and was extremely fit in my 20s, 30s . ... ... My mum ballooned with weight when she turned 40 something, I do believe that could be factor, genetic inheritance ... ... my food intake is lowish carb, no bread, wheat. I be ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I got to met Dave Conrardy the raw food trucker tonight:) by knowledge seeker  21mo   5,143  
    Well I got to hear, met, get hugs from and take pictures of Dave and had a lot of fun. ... ... It was interesting to hear his story and how they saw him in the hospital when he had his stroke and how fast he is recovering. About 30 of us attended. ... ... Never thought Iíd met Dave who was a warm person who asked for hugs from everyone before they left which was nice. He also offered me an amazing incentive to go 100% raw which blew me away. ... ... He is doing important work reminding people of the power of raw foods, juices, juice feasting and greens. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Dave raw food trucker lost over 200 pounds and cured Cancer/diabetes by knowledge seeker  21mo   4,844  
    Dave cured his colon cancer, kidney disease, diabetes (in 4 days) and lost about 225 (he was 435). ... ... here is his before and after pictures ... ...;_ylt=A0PDoVxksg9QNzkAe0iJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n? ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Dave raw food trucker lost over 200 pounds and cured Cancer/diabetes by knowledge seeker  21mo   4,915  
    I am excited as tomorrow I gt to meet Dave..he is coming to our city to speak and there are about 20 of us in the audience so hope we get a chance to talk to him ... ... I hope I can ask him about his kidney disease so maybe I can post something encouraging to the people who read my big kidney heard, Iíd like ot know what stage he as in or how bad and if doctors said he was headed for dialysis and if it has all reversed now to give hope to those suffering from this dread decease. ... ... Iím wondering what to ask him? ... ... this is gonna be great seeing him off the screen...he seems like such a great g ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Day 5 of my 30 day challenge - any tips to share?? by KaitS  21mo   630  
     I just started the leptin diet and so far it is going really well! I started the jump start program Byron Richards recommends, but I modified it slightly. I havenít been feeling hungry which is so important for me to stay on track.  ... ...   ... ... The jump start program is having protein smoothies for B, L and D for 4 days, except on day 4 have a healthy dinner instead of the protein smoothie. I have been doing a protein drink for B and D and have a regular, healthy lunch so I can still enjoy eating actual food. I havenít weighed myself yet since day 1, but I have definitely star ...   [retrieve this message]
  • NEVER grill meat, unless you do this by beanobee  21mo   704  
    by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist ... Author of Best Seller: The Truth About Six Pack Abs ... ... Most people arenít aware that when you cook meat (whether itís grilled, broiled, or seared) there are carcinogenic compounds that can form called HCAís (heterocyclic amines). Now donít ingest various carcinogens all the time, even with some vegetables. You can always protect yourself with more antioxidants. ... ... Please Note: When you cook meat in a water base as opposed to grilling, broiling, or searing, you eliminate the harmful HCAs. So for example, meats cooked in a soup, or m ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Help get rid of belly fat by beanobee  21mo   1,284  
    My friend sent me a video that really had a positive effect on my health. If anyone is trying to get rid of any stubborn belly fat or any fat in any region, then you should see this video. ...   [End]
  • Re: Weight Loss with Fruits ? by SBradley  23mo   788  
    Yeah You can actually put your body into a much faster ketosis than just protein and fat. That method is very harmful and doesnít do it as fast as high carb. Just eating lots of fruits can and will put you into ketosis. Buring fat all the time!!!!!!!! EAT FRUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can live off fruit alone!!   [End]
  • Re: Top 3 Weight Loss Ideas ? by kristenrobert  23mo   1,153  
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful weight loss ideas with us. It is really very nice and effective too. ... ... Phenocal   [End]
  • Re: green coffee bean extract by #153328  23mo   4,746  
    Awesome Thanks for replying!   [End]
  • Re: green coffee bean extract by hellojoolee  23mo   5,211  
    I bought some green coffee beans at a local wholesale place. Ground them up, put them in veg caps and voila it totally works. I bought arabica type beans.   [End]
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