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  • Re: Ukraine = Coup; Crimea = Treaty. by Karlin  22h   6  
    Further to the Ukraine crisis - by now, April 22, 2014, we see Russia taking the lead in diffusing the militants on both sides within Ukraine. ... ... I can only imagine that Canada’s PM Harper and O’Bo...   [End]
  • Earth Day is a Vote and a Test by Karlin  22h   27  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... Earth Day is a Vote and a Test ... ... ... ...      Earth Day is today, April 22. It is not obvious that it is Earth Day, most of us would not be aware of it except for the "Happy Earth Day" greetings on the news and on the sides of public transit. ... ... ... ...      It means something that Earth Day is not a big deal - in a way, we have voted "with our feet" and the results are in: ... * Earth Day got 5% of the votes, ... * Normal Busy Day got 75% ... * Keep The Weekend Going got 20% ... ... ... ...      Walter Cronkite announces it - &q ...   [retrieve this message]
  • GMOs and Gluten Intolerance plus Roundup by Karlin  14d   117  News  
    Further down this forum page InCharge posted about ”ROUNDUP CAUSES GLUTEN INTOLERANCE”. ... ... And now THIS study [below in this post] shows that GMOs all by themselves cause gluten intolerance ALSO... and of course we all know that most GMOs are designed to use ROUNDUP exclusively. ... ... So eating GMOs treated with Roundup is a DOUBLE WHAMMY for ”gut bloat”. ... ... I suffered from ”gut bloat” for years but I finally had reprieve from it’s terrible symptoms a year ago, with a minor bout occurring last week... I allways ate mostly whole foods, but I went ”very strict” a year ago to narrow my diet e ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Iron is THE cause of diabetes by Karlin  14d   125  News  C  
    The phenomenon of VERY DARK BLOOD is a factor of IRON/[bla bla bla hemoglobin?]. ... The darker one’s blood, the more IRON in it - is this right? ... ... And, so perhaps a visual test, very easy [just bleed a bit] could indicate who is a candidate for this condition you describe?   [End]
  • The whole thing makes sense [reflections on previous post] by Karlin  19d   144  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ...   I expected to get flack for that previous post, for saying that "ordinary people are just as bad as our evil leaders" - but people seem to be nodding in agreement. ... ... ... ...    Maybe our leaders are just like us but in a position to take bad to a higher level... and they rarely fail to respond that way. ... ... ... ...     So, is the world in BIG TROUBLE? Yes, on several fronts... and maybe that is exactly the way it has to be because of this uglyness in humans... we are bad, we create a bad world. ... ... ... ...      I don't see that con ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Not just the Leaders by Karlin  19d   36  
    Wow, thanks ren - I expected to get flack for saying that! ... ...   [End]
  • Not just the Leaders by Karlin  21d   167  Blog: Path of my Life  
    We see our leaders in government and in the corporate world abusing people, as if ”we the people” are just dog shit to be used for cheap labour and cannon fodder. ... ... On the other hand, there are a lot of people who are very disrespectful towards each other. ... ... If we look at the world of humans as being two groups - the powerful elites as one, and ”we the little people” as the other, it could be said that WE DESERVE WHAT WE GET because so many of us really are just dog shit. ... ... This is coming from seeing the many SCAMS that people perpetrate on each other, often using our own nat ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Ukraine = Coup; Crimea = Treaty. by Karlin  21d   36  
    Thanks Kerm, you are absolutely right. Even the ”good boy” Canada, where I live, now has PM Harper who was, as you point out, not legitimately elected. ... ... MOST Canadians are outraged at his polici...   [End]
  • Ukraine = Coup; Crimea = Treaty. by Karlin  38d   231  Blog: Path of my Life  
    If World War Three breaks out over Ukraine, we must not lose sight of two facts not being reported in the mainstream press ... ... 1] that the new government took power in AN ARMED COUP. They stormed the Parliament with guns ablaze!! ... ... Why not wait for the next election as most nations do, and then allow the majority to have a say? ... ... Not everyone in the Ukraine was unhappy with the old, or happy with the new, government. ... ... And then America’s Obama had the new leader at the White House within three days. ... ... Soon my own nation, Canada, will see our P M Harper meet with Arseniy Yatsen ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: South America - free at last!! by Karlin  38d   65  
    No, Antonio, perhaps I do not understand the Spanish at all. I am Norwegian and Canadian and my ancestors are cold, and cold hearted people. ... ... All I heard is ”Spanish feverish temperment” and you...   [End]
  • Re: South America - free at last!! by Karlin  38d   69  
    Yes, I agree - what Argentina is allowing Monsanto to do is criminal. ... ... Perhaps we could agree that LEADERS generally get addicted to power and wealth and then corruption takes place. Surely some...   [End]
  • Re: South America - free at last!! by Karlin  38d   58  
    Sorry I didn’t get back sooner - my computer died and I had to replace it. Lucky me to have enough to do that. ... ... I think you are being very one-sided in all this. I am probably wrong to put it a...   [End]
  • Ukraine Coup by Nazi Militants - Supported by America!! by Karlin  41d   116  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ...                                                         Ukraine, Crimea, Russia and America ... ... ... ...   Have you heard about the situation in the Ukraine?  Well, ya, it is all over the news....  but WHAT have you been hearing, and do you believe it? ... ... ... ... First, some definitions and facts: ... ... ... ...  &n ...   [retrieve this message]
  • CLSID Computer I.D. scam - By Phone - BEWARE!! by Karlin  58d   251  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ...  Although this scam is 10 months old, at least, they are still at it. ... ... ... ...  Read the Secure List website [the good guys] page before the CLSID scammers [the bad guys] call you [read it now, since you don't know when they might call you.. be prepared!!.] - the link is at the bottom of this post. ... ... ... ... If you get a call from a call center about your computer being infected and they say something about "CLSID" - BEWARE!!! - And don't follow their instructions about getting into your computer - IT IS A FRAUD!!! ... ... ... ...   In fact, it is probably NEVER a good ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Tar Sands - Not the Whole Problem by Karlin  71d   686  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ...        Tar Sands - "a risk no sane person would take" - But Not the Whole Problem ... ... ... ...    Whereas the Alberta Tar Sands is an obvious focal point where our values can be defined, we should keep in mind that the Tar Sands is NOT THE WHOLE PROBLEM. ... ... ... ...     People who defend or invest in the Tar Sands are on the wrong side of so much that is wrong with our world. ... ... ... ... Some Examples: ... ... ... ...  - the assault on nature could not be more stark with the toxic pollution forest destruction, and that the tailings ponds are world' ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Simple truth - Prosperity via Public Banking by Karlin  83d   305  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Economics doesn’t HAVE to be so massively difficult, as it is now where the average person cannot even have an opinion unless they have a University education in Economics. ... ... The simple fact we all can understand is not widely known - ”interest on borrowed money accounts for ONE-THIRD of everything we buy”. Really. ... ... Money is borrowed to pay for the machines that are used to make things, money is borrowed to meet payrolls, money is borrowed to buy the trucks that transport the goods, money is borrowed to open the store that sells them, money is borrowed to buy the store’s stock - a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Canada's P.M. Harper Destroys Science Books, and Libraries. by Karlin  3mo   925  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ...       P.M. Harper [Canada] has allowed, encouraged, and directed the destruction of a vast body of knowledge about Canada's rivers, lakes, and wetlands - covering 14% of our great nation - to be destroyed. ... ... ... ...    He has ordered that seven out of nine Fisheries and Oceans ["DFO "] regional Science Libraries are to be closed. The government website states that that materials from those libraries will be amalgamated into two remaining libraries, but it appears now that all of those valuable materials will be DESTROYED. ... ... ... ... ... What will ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Of Crimes and Perpetrators - NATIONS are not Perps by Karlin  3mo   616  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ...                         Of Crimes and Perpetrators - Not NATIONS ... ... ... ... ...      It is time we started asking how it was that it seemed so "okay" to attack an entire NATION for the crimes of a few INDIVIDUALS. ... ... ... ...     Normally when a crime is committed we go after the perpetrators, and if they were killed during the crime they committed we say "we would have executed them if we put them on trial and found them guilty, but since th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: South America - free at last!! by Karlin  3mo   225  
    So you would like to join the Priest Von Wernich and go back to the USA-sponsored Dirty War? [von Wernich was convicted for murder and torture during the Dirty War] ... ... Or is it that Kirchner PAID OFF the IMP debt, and you would rather continue growing beyond $93 BILLION in debt to the IMF? They were taking 10% of your GDP every year!!! ... ... What would you do different? - there had to be some pain to the upper and middle classes to get the economy fixed... and so you, Anthony, paid the price for the former governments mistakes. ... ... Besides, the VOTE was held, and the people elected, and then r ...   [retrieve the message]
  • Rush Limbaugh - may I correct you, sir? by Karlin  3mo   1,001  Blog: Path of my Life  
      Regarding the cold snap that saw extreme low temperature in the eastern USA, Rush Limbaugh had a section of his radio show devoted to the subject, and he ended upsounding slightly foolish. ... ... ... Allow me to explain - ... ... ...    Normally  the 24-hrs./day darkness in the Arctic in winter time creates a cold air mass in a well-defined zone between that cold air and the warmer air further south. This dense cold air mass rotates counter-clockwise [due to the Coriolis effect] and it is what meteorologists have been calling the "Polar Vortex" for over 150 years. *[1] ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: South America - free at last!! by Karlin  3mo   240  
    Ok my friend, I am so sorry your reality is not what I thought. ... But what was it like BEFORE?? Killing squads, dead socialists everywhere as USA sponsored militias fought against a fair election?? ... ... And why do people continue to support Chavez until his death? ... ... Hey, now that I think about it - you might be an American Apologist!! Were you trained at the School of the Americas by any chance? ... ... I think I will need more than your words to believe you. Sp many people say it is better.... ... ... Perhaps you are of the Elite class who only wants to believe you were middle class so you could just ...   [retrieve the message]
  • Image Embedded The Biggest story of 2013? by Karlin  3mo   729  Blog: Path of my Life  
    The Biggest story of 2013: ... Huge methane releases from the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean ... ... This diagram [below, or follow link] by the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) shows that in the Arctic, three problems are compounding one another: ... * emissions causing global warming, ... * sea ice loss causing accelerated warming, and ... * methane releases further accelerate Arctic warming. ... ... ... Diagram of Doom - Feedback systems in the Arctic ... ... ... Original source for the diagram ... ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Thoughts of a longer view as another year passes by Karlin  3mo   653  Blog: Path of my Life  
    January 3, 2014 ... ... ... Thoughts on the Passing of Another Year [since 9-11]: ... ... ... America's childish bawling over a slap in the face ... ... ...   Well it is 2014, we made it this far, hooray hoorah and three cheers. ... ... ...    In our personal lives, marking another year off by the simple act of hanging a new calendar on the wall, is something to cheer about because we managed to navigate the modern world, we survived, some of us thrived, some took a big dive, but mostly we are alive. So, yay me. ... ... ...   If you have read my blog before, then you already knew this post wasn't ...   [retrieve this message]
  • South America - free at last!! by Karlin  4mo   412  Blog: Path of my Life  
    There has been an amazing thing happening in South America in the past decade - they have gotten out from under America’s thumb!! For 4 or 5 decades the covert US agents were stopping South Americans from electing the government that the people wanted, thwarting democracy at every turn. In recent years Latin American nations have managed to keep their chosen leaders out of the line of American firepower and have elected socialist governments.... as they had done in the first half of the 20th C until America stopped it. ... ... ”America, the great defender of democracy”? - It would be a joke if ...   [retrieve this message]
  • "Pay us, or ELSE" - the empty threat of AntiVirus protection by Karlin  4mo   239  Blog: Path of my Life  
    December 15, 2013 ... ... Blog - would I feel good about ”joining in” on something with a ”zero-sum” benefit, especially if it costs me money? Or would I feel better about resisting the pressure to ”go along, everybody needs one”? ... ... I am talking about Virus Protection. This scandalous piece of salesmanship is a ”zero-sum benefit” in that the best we can hope for is that there is no damage done, that nobody plants a virus in our computer. And, even WITH the protection paid for, many computers are infected anyhow - it is said that a good hacker can defeat the most sophisticated anti-virus cod ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Hydrogen from Sewage and Sun by Karlin  4mo   224  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Sorry folks, I have really been falling behind... I have several posts to get done, starting with this slightly ukky one, lol. ... ... This post is about some great news on clean energy research that did not make it into the mainstream news at all, not one bit, despite the fact that it is very newsworthy. Clean energy is being kept quiet!! ... ... Okay, here we go - [links below] - ... ... A novel device that uses only sunlight and wastewater - raw sewage actually - to produce hydrogen gas could provide a sustainable energy source [hydrogen] while improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Why Are So Many Violent Criminals Walking Free? by Karlin  6mo   278  Drug Legalization De  
    And another layer of dead people lay at the feet of the Drug War enforcement officers. 100s of Americans are killed in drug raids that never should have happened - wrong address [”sorry we killed your 12 yr old son ma’am”], wrong target [”oops, old man living alone, maybe nobody will notice”]. ... ... And of course, even the intended targets at the correct address are bogus anyhow - the war on drugs is a farce that targets small time dealers while the cartel bosses enjoy CIA protection - some of them get ”elected” to government.   [End]
  • Who do they think they are? by Karlin  6mo   253  Drug Legalization De  
    Humans have a very complex and delicate mix of chemicals in our brains [and elsewhere, with lesser effect] that largely determine our moods, our pain sensitivity, our alertness, and our ability to perform mental tasks. ... ... We have learned a lot about how that complex mix of chemistry can be ”tweeked” by taking various drugs. ... ... The basic groups of drugs are produced by nature, and humans have developed [”evolved”] receptors for some of them [such as opiates] so that we metabolize the drugs without toxic effect. ... ... We have, in the past 100 years or so, added many drugs to those made availa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Huge contradictions in 'scientific' thinking revealed: Theory of evo... by Karlin  6mo   452  News  
    You don’t really understand the scientific method, or the fossil record, or DNA do you?   [End]
  • Plants Exposed by Melting Ice - New Climate Change Evidence by Karlin  6mo   864  Blog: Path of my Life  
    * I have not seen this study in the mainstream media... ... ... Plants Exposed by Melting Ice ... ... A new study shows that the present warmth in the Eastern Canadian Arctic exceeds the peak warmth there in the Early Holocene, when solar energy reaching the Northern Hemisphere in summer was roughly 9 percent greater than today. ... ... As ice caps today recede they expose dead plants killed long ago when the ice cap formed and then preserved ever since by the ice. ... ... This summer, 2013, a science team collected some of those newly-exposeed plants, in the form of dead moss clumps from ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: A mark of Quantum Gravity. by Karlin  7mo   265  Physics  C  
    I am just a quantum beginner but as I understand it the issue is that, according to our equations, the orbits of the electrons around the nucleas of every known atom should be decaying and would be falling into the nucleas. Over time, and there has been plenty of time for it to happen, all those ”known atoms” would not exist in the state we see them in now after the orbiting electrons crashed. ... ... And yet, all this matter continues to exist in a stable state. ... ... Whyyyyyyyy? ... ... And that is the basis of quantum theory.... to explain why, to identify the other forces that keeps atoms stab ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Sciense is a religion by itself. by Karlin  7mo   244  Physics  C  
    The god probably came up with the rating system used to decide which equations and theories to include in this ”top ten” list eh? It seems a bit self-serving, like it is giving the god an excuse to say ”Hark! Behold my greatest works - hear them live on Letterman Tuesday night, with special music guest Elvis coming back, at my command, for this one performance only” ... ... god Can be so irritating, with him its always like ”no matter how well the universe seems to function on it’s own, I can always get some believer guy to say ’na-uhhh, god did that’ - and all that the intellectuals can say ...   [retrieve this message]
  • World's Dirtiest Oil and some Very Ugly Politicians by Karlin  7mo   454  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ...                                 World’s Dirtiest Oil and some Very Ugly Politicians ... ...    For those of you who are interested in the Canadian Tar Sands, and the "government-corporate corruption" issues of today, there are some interesting developments outlined in a report from Ms. May, the Green Party M.P. [Canadian Federal Government Member of Parliament]. ... ...   It concerns the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Oil is Death by Karlin  7mo   375  Blog: Path of my Life  
                                                                                          Slow Death By Oil ... ...       Where the oil, natural gas, and co ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Sen. Kerry's "Rush to War" rings a bell by Karlin  7mo   367  
    Thanks for that saywhat. Ya, the NEWS people should be pointing this out!!   [End]
  • Re: RePOOPulate fecal microbe transplantation by Karlin  7mo   1,000  Candida Support  C  
    And isn’t that that amazing that ”medical science” is just now getting interested in gut flora!! Alternative health has known it is important for a long time, ”we” just don’t have the technology to investigate. ... ... About the FECAL TRANSPLANT - where a baby’s poop is given by enema to an adult who has, for eg., C. Difficile disease [which kills off elderly people by the 1000s every year in North America] and it cures their diarrhea. ... My own Mother was near death several years ago due to C.Difficile, but the rest of my family were too squeamish about the proceedure to ask the doctor to do ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Sen. Kerry's "Rush to War" rings a bell by Karlin  7mo   586  Blog: Path of my Life   RRR
      Just 10 days ago, there was a suspected chemical attack in Syria. Right now there are far more questions than answers about exactly what happened, but what is clear is that the United States is rushing ahead with plans for a military response. ... ...     Maybe others have forgotten the US election campaign of 2011, but Sen Kerry’s repeated criticisms of ”Bush’s RUSH to war” should be remembered now as Sen. Kerry takes the lead role in promoting a military response against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. ... ...    It is disturbing, and it is eye-opening, to see how Sen. K ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Worsening Depression by Karlin  8mo   381  Blog: Path of my Life  
    With that title, ”worsening depression”, I am referring to the idea of ”making depression worse” - it is not good English perhaps, but it got you reading. ... ... I have learned some things from a person I know who suffers from depression. She shows very clearly how depressed people have a tough battle in keeping things from either getting worse, or simply ”being as bad as they can be”. ... ... From the moment she wakes up until she cannot go to sleep at night, she passes a negative judgement on everything she sees and hears: ... - ”that damn bird chirping woke me up” ... - ”the stupid Sunshine is wa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Talking to Cars, lovingly. by Karlin  8mo   438  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Lots of people will admit that they talk to their cars... but do the cars LISTEN? Do our cars hear us? Do they respond to what we say to them? Does positive energy help our cars? ... ... Although cars do not respond VERBALLY - at least mine never has - I am starting to believe that our cars do respond to the love and appreciation we show them. ... ... Coincidence cannot be counted out, but I have a little story to tell... ... ... After I own a car for a few years, I find myself talking to it. At first I didn’t really like the car I have now - I only bought it because I got such a good deal - bu ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Heart Surgery in India for $1,583 Costs $106,385 in U.S. by Karlin  8mo   363  News  
    The USA health industry makes health care ”as expensive as possible” instead of being efficient. ... ... g00D Example here   [End]
  • Conflict resolution, or coping with conflict by Karlin  8mo   334  Blog: Path of my Life  
    An incident this past week reminded me of a life lesson that is VERY TRUE, but that despite it’s obvious nature, some people don’t seem to get it. ... ... What we have here are some neighbors who are intolerable drunken boors. They make too much noise, they have very little respect for boundaries [or even other people’s back yards!!]. ... ... And, then we have someone who is more polite than them, basically decent people, but who insist on trying to correct the boorish people’s behaviors by saying ”you are not allowed to do that”, and the classic ”stay out of my back yard!!”. ... ... So here is t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Rh Incompatibility in the 1950s - Long Term Consequences by Karlin  8mo   335  
    Gee, sorry, I didn’t see your comment until now - but that is very enlightening, exactly what I was wondering about. ... ... And you are right - ”who cares about us?” - they won’t even take my symptoms into consideration because these symptoms don’t fit a known [or popular?] disease profile. ... ... Or is it that there isn’t a specific PILL for these symptoms? Morphine is how I survive... but now they don’t want to prescribe it so they are cutting my dosage down. ... ... Throw us to the dogs eh? Sorry to hear you are suffering. Hmmm, I am at a loss for words...   [End]
  • Re: Norway Issues Warnings About Health Dangers of Farmed Salmon by Karlin  9mo   404  News  
    Thanks for that - farmed Salmon is a typical corp-govt collusion that shows why the world is going to snot. ... ... Alexandra Morton is one of those few souls who is courageous enough to speak truth to power.   [End]
  • Open Water at the North Pole? by Karlin  9mo   538  Blog: Path of my Life  
 ... ... Being scientists, those behind the camera are admitting that water can sit on top of ice, so it could be from a heavy rain, or flooding over ice, with ice beneath the water. ... ... Nonetheless, even those explanations, water has not been seen at the North Pole before, only ice, all summer, every summer.... until this week. THIS WEEK!! ... ... Also, perhaps more alarming, is observed releases of METHANE coming up out of the northern oceans near the north pole. Methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 is, and there are vast stores of methane frozen ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Government Secrecy Vs. Manning, Snowden - Kennedy Warning by Karlin  9mo   530  Blog: Path of my Life  
    July 6, 2013 ... ...   Government Secrecy Vs. Whistleblowers Manning, Snowden - Pres. Kennedy warning ... ...     President Kennedy referred to a "secret society" - what we know today as an insider group, or in a more poetic description - "a cabal of the usurpers of democracy that exists within the hallowed halls of government buildings". ... ...    Kennedy was being prophetic to the situation we see unfolding today,  first with Pvt. Bradley Manning and now with Edward Snowden, who sought only to inform the public of the activities and crimes ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Racism - Reviewing the Basics by Karlin  10mo   512  Blog: Path of my Life  
    I just want to review the basics of racism because I still meet people who ”don’t get it” yet.. well, one person in particular whom I will call ”my nemisis” [you know who you are]. ... ... First off, ”racism” is a form of ”discrimination”. Discrimination is the broader term, and and act of discrimination is made on the basis of something other than race - like ”women”, or ”men”. It is wrong to discriminate against women, or men, because even though many of them might have an identifyable trait to be critical of, the fact that if even just one of them does not have that trait it is not fair t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Things we do that are "too late to do over" - eg. cancer by Karlin  10mo   354  Blog: Path of my Life  
      Have you ever done one of the stupid things where it seemed like a good idea at the time, and when it works out it IS a good idea.... until it goes wrong and then WHAM there is no going back. ... ...   Shoplifting, for example. The food is free!! Eat well, enjoy. Do it again tomorrow... but once you get caught you cannot "do over" - it is too late now and it simply was not worth it. ... ...   Or sending that email... it is so easy to write nasty and hit send... then you regret it but it all happened so fast and you cannot take it back. Its too late. ... ...   CANCE ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Toxins - Pregnant women warned about household chemicals by Karlin  10mo   358  Blog: Path of my Life  
    A new report today, June 5th 2013: ... ... The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) says women should be made aware of the sources of chemicals to minimise the possibility of harm during pregnancy. ... ... Women can be exposed to hundreds of chemicals at low levels, through food packaging, household products, over-the-counter medicines and cosmetics, the report says. ... ... It advises women to take care when handling products such as moisturisers, sunscreens and shower gels, as current regulations do not require manufacturers to name all potentially harmful chemicals, when used i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Of Fecaliths and Bowel Health by Karlin  11mo   447  
    Does the CT show feces ”as formed stool” in the right sided colon, the ”ascending colon”? That area should not have stool, just a liquid slurry. I believe those ”right sided stools” can become fecaliths, and the can cause infections in the appendix, or interfere with the ileo-cecal valve ... ... {I am not a doctor, I just know more than they do!] ... ... Funny - ”aseending colon” is misnamed because the ass end is on the other side!! ha ha.   [End]
  • Chronic Pain Vs. Tissue Damaged painkilling by Karlin  11mo   384  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... note - ”tissue damaged” means where a leg is broken, or a burn, a cut, has damaged bodily tissues, or a disease process is damaging tissues, as in MS. ... ... PAINKILLING IS FOR REDUCING SUFFERING ... ... The degree of pain in tissue damaged patients could be more or less severe than the pain a chronic pain patient feels. For example, a tissue damage situation such as a hangnail might produce a lot of pain, or a little pain; Likewise, the chronic pain person might have a little pain or a severe pain. ... ... The reason doctors prescribe a painkiller is to reduce the suffering of the person ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I Have Crucified The "Person" Whom I Thought I Was! by Karlin  11mo   293  
    Wow, you answered every thought I had sent you, thank you for that. ... ... One thing that stuck with me for the past week after reading your posts is that idea about ”Christ speaking through us” when we speak the truth as we see it... ... ... What I am getting at is when we hold back saying what we know to be true - aren’t we insulting Jesus? ... ... I think of Bradley Manning [of Wikieaks fame] and how much trouble he got in for speaking up about serious crimes. I love him for doing that. What kind of a world is it where we are punished for doing that? - it was a small crime to steal the information, b ...   [retrieve the message]
  • Re: I Have Crucified The "Person" Whom I Thought I Was! by Karlin  11mo   290  
    I am getting a lot out of your blog tonight!! Three things now, you are hitting the nail on MY head, thanks. ... ... About this post - I am also good at disapointing people who want me to be what they think I should be. Family can be the worst for that... ... ... I tend to ”say it the way I see it”, like you do. Your words give me strength as I face a huge battle coming up.... I am full of fears what will happen if I say what I feel... these people have power, they really could hurt me where I am vulnerable. ... ... What makes us vulnerable though? Addictions, possessions, desires, attachments... I have ...   [retrieve the message]
  • Re: "We Are Stardust"! by Karlin  11mo   276  
    I LOVE that thought, thanks for posting it. Not that it could be said any better, but here is something to watch that is nearly the same [apologies for the ad]: ...   [End]
  • Thought on Personal Responsbility and Choice by Karlin  11mo   356  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Only when we have the freedom to choose does the responsibility go along with it - the consequences of our choices are not ours to bear unless we have the freedom to make the choices. ... ... If someone else assumes power and control over us, when they make choices for us, then the responsibility for our well-being then becomes theirs... but invariably they fail to live up to that responsibility - they do not assume the consequences, they force us to do that. ... ... That would be a crime in a just society. ... ... Personally, I would not want to make choices for other people. In fact, I think ...   [retrieve this message]
  • On May 9, 2013, atmospheric CO2 levels reached 400 ppm, by Karlin  11mo   403  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Quote: ... ...      ” On May 9, 2013, atmospheric CO2 levels reached 400 ppm, according to NOAA and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the two organizations that have been recording atmospheric CO2 levels since 1958” - end quote - ... ...      That ”400 ppm” is significant because it is the level beyond which most of the world’s leaders have pledged to avoid - because they agreed, at the most recent Global Warming Conference in Doha, that the science was clearly saying there would be serious consequences if CO2 levels rise about 400 ppm - including ”r ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Pyramid - means "Fire in the Middle" by Karlin  11mo   796  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Think about it  -     100s and 100s of large stone pyramids that were built about the same time all around the world - in Egypt, Mexico, South America, Cambodia, Bosnia, China, and elsewhere.    They were all built about 4000 to 5000 years ago, which was long before dependable transoceanic travel by boat was being done by people.    So, how did this come to be if those ancient people could not communicate or travel to the other places?    And, would they really be built as a ”burial chamber” only? How about a ”burial chamber with a specific purpose that only pyramids could fulfill”?    T ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Obama's "a-bomb-a-nation" of foreign policy - Israel Syria by Karlin  11mo   413  Blog: Path of my Life  
    President Obama claims it is okay to bomb another nation for simply having weapons that might be used against you. Go ahead North Korea, bomb America ”just because they have weapons they MIGHT use against you” - but retaliation for wiping out another nation’s weapons is NOT okay. ... ...  Of course, there has long been a double standard for Israel. No matter what THEY do, nobody should retaliate... in the eyes of America.  Pres. O-BOMB-A is no different. ... ...    And then, as was my experience today, American media - Reuters - quickly takes down any comments or articles that mi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Pushers and Doctors by Karlin  11mo   377  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... Do you remember that old Deep Purple song ”God Damn the Pusher Man”? ... ... ”The Pusher” would get you interested with small free samples until you are addicted and then they move up to larger and larger doses until, after some years perhaps, they would CUT YOU OFF and make you their slaves. ... ... I wonder what the College of Physicians and Surgeons wants SLAVES for? ... ... Here is the story - in 1992 I got my first taste of morphine from a doctor who prescribed it to me. Over the years that doctor took me from 90mgs per day to 450 mgs per day. Now I cannot live without it, but just t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Doctors being forced to reduce prescribed morphine dosages. by Karlin  12mo   404  Blog: Path of my Life  
                             Why are our dosages being reduced? ... ...    It is common knowledge that people who take opiate drugs such as morphine [as prescribed by a doctor, of course] develop a tolerance to it. For example, if a patient is prescribed ”60 mgs, three times per day” for a year, the doctor will have to increase that to ”90 mgs, three times a day”. A small increase once every 6 months to a year has been the standard prescribing practise for 100 years. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Of Fecaliths and Bowel Health by Karlin  12mo   431  
    I will check her out. ... ... Thanks for reading my blog!   [End]
  • Re: Morphine and Chronic Pain - The Terrible Toll of Tolerance by Karlin  12mo   457  
    Yes - that ”unmasking” of the pains the morphine has been covering up. ... ... I tried to quit three times, but it was too much. Worst experiences of my life. Such hell. ... ... Sorry to hear that you are going through that same thing, [yes, I still am]. ... ... I applaud you for going to work, it must be difficult. I kept working as long as I could, but eventually I just had to stop, or die or something... even my boss was saying it was obvious I had to stop, I was cramping up on the job, and my body language was giving away what I was trying to keep to myself. ... ... I hope you can keep working - it does g ...   [retrieve the message]
  • Rh Incompatibility in the 1950s - Long Term Consequences by Karlin  12mo   956  Blog: Path of my Life  
      ... ...    It was only recently that I was reminded of this matter at my birth, but I cannot help but wonder if it has something to do with my chronic pain condition, and other problems I have had all my life.  Mother-Foetus Rh Incompatibility ... ...   - The Long Term Complications ?    I will spare you the details of ”how what why and who” concerning ” Mother-Foetus Rh Incompatibility” except to say that it is a potentially harmful, even deadly, complication of pregnancy arising when the Mother’s blood is Rh-,  the Father’s blood is Rh+,  and the f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Untreated Rh Incompatibility and Brain Fog by Karlin  12mo   314  Brain Fog  
    Remember Rh Incompatibility? Where the mother is Rh- and the Father is Rh+ and the 2nd offspring [and subsequent ones] are at risk for ”antibody contamination”? ... ... It affects 1 in 1000 Americans, and is more common in white than others {white guilt take solice]. ... ... These days, babies get the gold standard treatment and attention when in the risk group for Rh incompatibility. ... ... Quote: ... ”If indirect bilirubin levels reach approximately 20 mg/dL (340 mmol/L) the fat soluble unconjugated bilirubin deposits in the fat-rich brain cells causing brain cell damage. Cerebral palsy, deafness, me ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Intoxication from Excessive Power and Wealth - Part 3/3 by Karlin  12mo   412  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Part Three - the other threat:           I ntoxication from Excessive Power and Wealth    Of the other threats to the human race, some are NATURAL such as ”space rocks” [but if we have enough warning we may be able to nudge them away from a path on course to hit the earth], and the ”far off or far out” possibility that the Sun will explode or that gravity will end or that the magnetic sheild around the planet Earth will stop working, but most of these threats are HUMAN CAUSED.   If the most significant, and ”likely-to-occur” thr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • "Genetic Instability" due to Radiation - Future DNA by Karlin  13mo   425  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Part Two -       Have we already wiped our-future-selves out?    There are very few things that pose more of a threat to the existence of the human race than defective DNA. The more immediate result of damaged DNA is the agonising reality of birth defects.    A study now in it’s 10th year is reporting that there is a strong indication that there has been genetic damage caused by nuclear power, nuclear bomb testing and the two incidents of their use, and D.U. [depleted uranium] weaponry.    Most importantly, that genetic damage is INCREASING as time goes on - it is not a spike of proble ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The Sins of Silence - Non-Reported Nuclear News - Part 1/3 by Karlin  13mo   423  Blog: Path of my Life  
        The Sins of Silence - Non-Reported Nuclear News * note - this is a Three Part Series on nuclear radiation problems, the other two entries in the coming week barring a complete meltdown in my crazy life. ... ... Here is one interesting bit of news not seen in the mainstream news:   ”Fukushima plant’s ex-chief “in worse shape” - Suffering from cancer — Almost impossible to question him, says Tepco” But that is small potatos, with corns on their eyes [mutations], compared to THIS NEWS:   ”POWER FAILURE AT FUKUSHIMA LAST WEEK - Tuesday March 21st, 2013.”     Did you hear about the recent p ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Monsanto is Evil - Round-Up, GMO, Argentina by Karlin  13mo   668  Blog: Path of my Life  
                                            Monsanto is Evil - Round-Up, GMO, Argentina ... ... ... ... First, some Background ...   ...    This story is about Round-Up, a chemical that kills weeds that grow in farm crops; the main ingredient in Round-Up is "Glyphosate". ... ...    Monsanto is the company that produces Round-Up, and they also produce the corn, soya bean, and o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Fukushima 2nd Anniversary - no harm whatsoever?? by Karlin  13mo   402  Blog: Path of my Life  
       It certainly does nothing to "grow the love" for someone when they insult their victims by denying that there was any harm done. ... ...     For example, if a drunk driver drove over a group of schoolchildren gathered at the bus stop and then publicly DE CLAREd that "nobody was hurt, it was no big deal", and that "driving drunk is perfectly safe" - wouldn’t that just make our rage towards him grow? ... ...    If he showed remorse and pledged to never drink and drive again, and to campaign against drunk driving, we could start t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Hugo Chavez has Died by Karlin  13mo   510  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ...                                        Hugo Chavez has Died ... ...     Hugo Chavez was Born on 28 July 1954, died at age 59 today, Tuesday March 5th. ... ...   Hugo Chávez was raised in a poor family in the rural plains of Venezuela’s Andean lowlands. The family had a varied ancestry of indigenous, black African, and Spanish backgrounds. His mother and father were local school ... [Image Embedded Here]   [retrieve this message]
  • Space Rocks 2013 - Fire and Brimstone, Revelations? by Karlin  13mo   537  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Space Rocks Galore!! ... ...  Let us not so soon forget that we have recently entered the New Age, a time of renewal, having officially begun on Dec 21st 2012. ... ...   Nothing significant happened on THAT day, but time move slowly when referring to a cycle that takes 26,000 years to go around. ... ...   It begins with one incident, then a few more, then something else that was predicted, and then something completely unexpected. Or, something along those lines.... Renewal, for a stubborn lifeform such as humans, often requires destruction, unfortunately. We are doing a good job of that on our o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Link by Karlin  14mo   646  News  C  
 ... ... Does this link work?   [End]
  • Re: HA Ha ha he he hee HAAA by Karlin  14mo   644  News  C  
    he hee heee heeeee ha ha HA ha ha ha HAAAAAA ... ... you are crazy, take a pill, he he hee hee HAA HAAAA ... ... ME TOO!!! I made a funny sound into the phone and then we BOTH laughed, crrrrazy eh?? We made appointments... to see the doctor.... NOT!!! HA Ha.   [End]
  • Re: 24 Doctors Report Distilled Water is very Healthy by Karlin  14mo   3,372  Distilled Support  C  
    I had heard both sides of the Distilled water debate, and the naysayers are all from mainstream medicine. The alternative natural health side is probably right then. ... ... I think I will try it for a few days at least. I have jugs of it here for my Colloidal Silver maker. My plants seem to like it, and I am more like a plant than a pharmaceutical company.   [End]
  • Re: Please what is this. Black specks/flecks tiny in urine look and fee... by Karlin  14mo   4,798  Kidney Stones  C  
    The dark specks are BENDABLE? WOW. I was going to suggest the dark specks could be blood because that is the way that blood shows up on a urine test strip. I cannot imagine they would be that ”tough” though. ... ... All I really came to say was that the B vitamins tend to color the urine that ”neon yellow”, at least for me. I wondered if that means I am peeing most of it out, and not absorbing any [because I didn’t need it, it was extra? - just a guess]? ... ...   [End]
  • Re: C.S. - I.V. information? by Karlin  14mo   684  Colloidal Silver  
    Thanks for good advice - hypothetical hyopdermic, experimental intravenous instructions - and that nebulizers are a good way to go when swallowing isn’t enough.   [End]
  • Re: Is the Komen Foundation running to find a cure or more money for its... by Karlin  14mo   1,304  Breast Cancer  C  
  • Warning - Another Drug "we all need" - treating PBA by Karlin  14mo   769  News  C  
       They are at it again, pedding a new "disease", this time it ia about laughing and cryin - basic emotions are now an illness according the the drug pushers [FDA approved, of course} ... ... ... Another Drug "we all need" - PBA Illness ... ... When we laugh, it is generally "uncontrollable" or it would be a put on, wouldn’t it? ... And, that "being easily overcome by laughter" is generally how laughter comes on, isn’t it? ... ...  Furthermore, is it not normal to OCCASIONALLY be "overcome by laughter" when we see Eugene Levy on TV, or do w ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: C.S. - I.V. information? by Karlin  14mo   742  Colloidal Silver  
    Ok, good ideas, I will keep my eye open. Its amazing how people buy health gadgets and never use them eh? ... ... Intention is one thing, but it has to be turned into action too. ... ... Meanwhile, I have started... I hardly dare mention it, it feels like I am a criminal to do the IV. I wonder if I would get into trouble with CZ mods if I posted a ”how to” for IV colloidal silver? ... ...   [End]
  • Re: C.S. - I.V. information? by Karlin  14mo   728  Colloidal Silver  
    Thx Hadash and Corey for the replies - that is true that it gets into the blood stream sublingually... and about nebulisers - does it work to just use a fine spray mist from a spray bottle and inhale that misty cloud of CS ddeply?? ... I suppose there are nebulizers to purchase, but $ is short.   [End]
  • C.S. - I.V. information? by Karlin  14mo   764  Colloidal Silver  
    I see there has not been a discussion of intravenous colloidal silver for awhile here. ... ... Also, there is no information anywhere online about it. ... ... It seems like it should be easy enough to do at home, by ourselves rather than pay some doctor $150 a shot to do it. And, it is not easy to find a doctor who would do it. ... ... Gees, if homeless drug addicts can inject without problems it seems that we could do it. The supplies we need would be available at a ”Harm Reduction” clinic for IV drug users, and they would have information on how to do it safely too. ... ... I think they might recomm ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: SilverGen Very Bitter CS by Karlin  14mo   527  Colloidal Silver  
    But don’t forget that WalMart is pure EVIL and that might make a difference :) ... HA!   [End]
  • Re: Alternative Silver Electrode Supplier? Silvergen SG6 $22 too much fo... by Karlin  14mo   751  Colloidal Silver  
    I usually have the same experience when friends show up with a toothache - CS helps very quickly. ... ... HOWEVER - remember to WARM it up or the coldness, even room temperature, will cause the pain to spike and the friend to give you a nasty look for awhile... until it works. ... ... About the SILVER RODS - some silver has tin in it, or other impurities... CS requires the purest of silver or you may actually harm your health with unwanted metals - that is why I only get my replacement rods from SOTA where I bought my generator.   [End]
  • Re: Alternative Silver Electrode Supplier? Silvergen SG6 $22 too much fo... by Karlin  14mo   764  Colloidal Silver  
    Oh I think Joe is not going to be happy - Silver is expensive - in the past 10 years it has gone from $5 US/oz to $50 US/oz, and back down to $32 US/oz now. ... ... Of course, our rods are highly inflated. 99.9% pure and made to fit [10 gauge, 12 gauge] adds to the price. kscmac - how much does a rod weigh? ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Colloidal Silver taken Intravenously by Karlin  14mo   616  Colloidal Silver  C  
    4 years too late, but let me say that really, there is nothing to it. If whacked out drug addicts can do it safely, I am sure you can. I started today, it was not so scary.   [End]
  • Re: What happens if i brew for longer by Karlin  14mo   380  Colloidal Silver  
    Basically, you will be fine. The low concentrations we are tinkering with these days have lots of ”safety margin”. ... ... I have brewed my batches longer than intended several times, the result does seem slightly stronger. ... ... The particle size should remain the same, and that is your only real concern as far as agryia goes... and we are so far away from that happening... they were using 400 ppm in a very crude process with huge amounts [120 ml] taken intravenously... so, no worries even at 40 ppm and oral dosing. ... ... PS - I am ”hiding” this because I fear backlash, but today I began ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I heard it in a Dream - "Love Hurts" by Karlin  14mo   584  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Love Can Really Hurt A Fool ... ... Let me tell you how I feel about the song ”Love Hurts”... ... ... For starters, just a little background - even though the Nazareth record jacket doesn’t say so, it was actually written by a husband and wife songwriting team Bordleaux and Felice Bryant. Maybe you knew that. ... ... Here is the scene - it is early 1950s, Felice and Bordleaux are middle aged by now, and Bordleaux is reflecting on his youth, thinking about what it is like now, in 1952, to be young. ... ... He wants to write a song about what it feels like to be 19 years old and working your first stead ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: table salt? Radiation/Thyroid by Karlin  14mo   522  Morgellons  
    Pectin eh? I will add that to the list, thx clew. ... ... Do you have any idea how much Iodine we get from table salt? Its probably very little eh?   [End]
  • Re: nuclear radiation contamination and morgellons by Karlin  14mo   984  Ask Trapper  
    hey trapper - just in case you dont see it in the Morgellans forum, here is an idea that backs up your theory [and adds a bit]: ... ... Thyroid health has gone downhill due to nuclear radiation contamination. ... ... Iodine was added to table salt in the 1950s because of nuclear testing - people might notice thyroid damage if Iodine was not added to the diet. ... ... Of course, iodine is just a temporary crutch for thyroids in the presence of radiation, it still damages the gland. ... ... And so, damaged thyroid, plus, as you say, the plastic’s PCBs and TBT [a new one, Google it] and heavy metals, an ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: table salt? Radiation/Thyroid by Karlin  14mo   544  Morgellons  
    I have a friend who likely has Morgellans. This forum is a godsend, thank you. ... ... As for iodine - what about the Iodine in table salt? Not enough to help Morgellans perhaps? ... ... And, with people now using natural Sea Salt, with no iodine, have we increased the Morgellans numbers and severity? ... ... Ironically, I use sea salt, my friend with Morgellans uses regular table salt with iodine in it [but maybe its not enough for her]. ... ... Just a historical note/question - I heard about the reason that salt is supplemented with Iodine, which started in the 1950s [right?], was done because of the nuclea ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: probiotic alone is not enough by Karlin  14mo   1,548  Eczema/Excema  C  
    Quite right, Probiotic alone is not enough to restore colon health, which means, for one thing, getting the populations of microflora established after ANY antibiotic treatments or whatever else might have killed the good ones off. ... ... Candida survives in the colon [it’s primary home] only because it takes over the colon; if good bugs take over then Candida gets crowded out [same with C Difficile, and other bad bacteria]. ... ... In fact, probiotic supplements might not make it past the stomach much at all, depending on the person. Getting all the way to the large intestine is even less certain ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Oops reposted Magnesium Oil by Karlin  14mo   1,194  Fibromyalgia  C  
    OOps, sorry, I looked for this topic but, you know, fatigue, I didnt see it and I started another [Feb 2nd]. ... ... I have been using the oil, rub it on. ... ... I also see a reduction in pain and it actually takes down a spasming calf muscle. Immediately, no 2 wks waiting period, batteries included. ... ... As for baths, it would be a LOT cheaper to use basic Epsom Salts, which are made from the same source as my oil is - ocean water. ... ... The RATIO would not matter when diluting it in a bath, would it? And the cost: ... My bottle of oil cost $20, a bag of Epsom Salts costs $1.50 and has, I would g ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Magnesium Oil for muscle cramps - does it work? by Karlin  14mo   771  Fibromyalgia  
    The topical magnesium oil - you lather it on the skin, supposed to be better absorbed than taking it orally. ... ... My Doc agreed, said something about ”first pass through the Liver” just kicks most magnesium into the bowel, its gone. ... ... So I have been using it and it does help me, I get a lot of twitching and cramping in my calf muscles and the oil can soothe it when they happen. ... ... Also, it seems to keep them away but of course how would I be sure when something DOESNT happen? Would it have happened. ... ... Try a test eh? ... I used it for three weeks, no cramps. Then I stopped using it for a week, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: candida starts by Karlin  15mo   1,242  Adrenal Fatigue  C  
    I am not a Candida sufferer, so I don’t know... but from what I read Candida really starts in the colon where the ”gut flora” is the first line of defence. ... ... From there, it crosses the bowel wall and moves into the bloodstream and THEN it can get into the liver? ... ... Once you have it you have to clean the liver but you will keep getting it over and over unless your colon has the good bacteria. Probiotics might help, and of course yogurt, saurkraut, femented soy [never eat soy that is NOT fermented, by the way!] and avoiding carbs and sugars and especially antibiotics {”probiotics Vs a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Of Fecaliths and Bowel Health by Karlin  15mo   1,158  Blog: Path of my Life  
    I recently found some mainstream medical literature where there was an X-Ray showing an old stool in the ascending colon. ... ... I also found a report of ”an urgent problem requiring surgery due to calcified fecal material in cecum”. ... ... These cases related to a problem I am familiar with, but that my Doctor ignores... despite the fact that it could be impacting my health. It could even explain my chronic pain. ... ... ----Generally ... ... I feel quite certain that there is a related problem that plagues many of us but that our Doctors are ignoring, or are ignorant of [they only know what they are t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Fecaliths - ignored but important; Opinions needed by Karlin  15mo   394  Probiotics  
    Please bear with me and read this, sorry about the length. ... ... I recently found some mainstream medical literature where there was an X-Ray and an urgent problem requiring surgery due to ”calcified fecal material in cecum”. ... ... I feel quite certain that there is a related problem that plagues many of us but that our Doctors are ignoring, or are ignorant of [they only know what they are taught]. ... ... If there is ANYTHING in our colon that should not be there, it is probably affecting how we feel. Something that should not be there is probably affecting our ”gut flora” - the bacteria tha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Morphine and Chronic Pain - The Terrible Toll of Tolerance by Karlin  15mo   588  
    WOW!! Thanks so much for the reply - sorry it took so long to get back to you. ... ... I imagine you understand that we ”chronic pain people” do not get to choose our schedule!! ... ... I would like to hear more about your Aussie experience with health authorities and pain - did you send the post to them? ... ... My nephew is over there, in western Australia....HOT.... boy am I needing some heat I wish I were there now.   [End]
  • Mali - Victim of Disaster Capitalism by Karlin  15mo   414  Blog: Path of my Life  
    An additional, or perhaps just re-framed, follow up to the previous blog posting on the Malian conflict, with a link and a quotation from Wikipedia: ... ... ... A review of some of the ”mostly ignored events” of the past 10 or 12 years that shines some light on how the Malian conflict got started would be in order. ... ... This selection from the link below gives a hint of what has happened in Mali, along the lines of the American tactics in North Africa that we have seen so much of lately. Starting with ”Disaster Capitalism” - weakening the economy on purpose or merely in an uncaring and wreckless wa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Calcified fecal material at Cecum by Karlin  15mo   1,006  Constipation  
    Hi Ya’all - just wondering if anyone has heard of, or has information, about what is called ”right sided stool”, which means ”faeces in the ascending colon”. ... ... [ascending colon is the first part of the large intestine; OR - just after the small intestine and the iliac valve, and cecum is the ascending colon]. ... ... Normally the ascending colon only has a ”slurry” of fecal material and water. ... ... ”Formed stool” [a turd] should not occur until the descending colon, and close to the end of it at that. ... ... -----personally: ... ... I was informed by my doc that ”formed stool in the ascending ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Mali - another "resource war" - metals, oil. by Karlin  15mo   675  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... Have you heard? Mali has significant amounts of GOLD, Plutonium, and several other metals beneath it’s soils. ... ... But lets go back a bit: ... Malian cotton exports were ruined by USA protectionism [USA govt. cotton subsidies to USA cotton farmers drove prices down],desperate for cash exports, Mali was soon being mined by Canadian mining corporations such as IAMGOLD, etc Cotton was, but now mining is, Mali’s biggest GDP factor... ... ... And today I hear on Russia Today, and the alt news, but not on Canadian or American news, that Mali has OIL [not yet mapped, but large shallow fields ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Pesticide Regulation by Karlin  15mo   480  Blog: Path of my Life  
 ... ... * U.S. regulators at the Food and Drug Administration do not require independent studies verifying safety before approving the release of these products into our food supply. ... ... Have a nice day!!   [End]
  • Tuning Out, Turning OFF - NO MORE T.V. by Karlin  15mo   566  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Now that I have been without television for over a year - it has been 16 months in fact since I cancelled my cable - I can honestly say that although there is a WITHDRAWAL period of about 3 to 6 months, life does normalise. ... ... When I am at other people’s places, I notice that the commercials are still REALLY LOUD compared to the programs.... although in Canada our regulator for media, the CRTC, is demanding that the volume of ads be no louder than the programs, as of last year. They cannot do anything about American channels though, I suppose. ... ... I also notice that there are A LOT of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Art is an Experience - appreciating music by Karlin  16mo   491  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ART IS AN EXPERIENCE ... ... I was trying to explain how I understand music, why I enjoy it, to someone who is NOT artistically inclined. ... ... Some people really do have a hard time understanding ”the arts”, maybe this is for you then. ... ... Perhaps you are someone who has talked with professional musicians and you heard them talking about ”keeping the beat” and ”having a great sense of pitch”. Timing and tuning are, in fact, the hallmarks of professionalism in music... but that is not what we listen for, or to, really. ... ... So then you go to listen to some guy playing in a bar; there ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: School Shooting - Adam Lanza's Mother by Karlin  16mo   502  
    Thanks for the reply mu-shen. I read about the SSRIs, and that surely fits... something is messing up the human brain.   [End]
  • Happy Precession Everyone - a 26,000 year anniversary. by Karlin  16mo   811  Blog: Path of my Life  
       Happy Precession Everyone!! It is a monumental anniversary if only because we are marking out a period of about 26,000 years... this must be the end/start of the longest cycle anyone alive now will ever be around for.    It IS true, there is an actual significance to Dec 21, 2012.   What is going on IN REALITY this Dec. 21st., of the year 2012, is an actual astronomical event.   The ASTRONOMERS are not actually certain that 2012 is the exact year when this cycle begins again, but what they do know that as our solar system wobbles and the earth wobbles that an imaginary line drawn thr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • School Shooting - Adam Lanza's Mother by Karlin  16mo   1,558  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Edit Jan 31st 2013 - see bottom for new link [thx mu-shen] ... ... For perhaps the first time in the blog, I am copying a an posting an entire article. It is very helpfull to read about what we are facing as a nation, as the human race. ... ... It is what Adam Lanza’s mother might have been living through... he was the most recent grade school shooter and multiple murderer, in case you have not heard. ... ... The article below is about the experience of a mother of a son who appears to Autistic, and becoming more and more dangerously violent as he gets older. There are five times more of these cases in 2 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • John Lennon was not who I thought he was by Karlin  16mo   801  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... 12 12 2012 ... ... John Lennon was not who we might have thought he was. ... ... Here are some of his lyrics [slightly altered]: ... ...    "Pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my opened mind, ... possessing and caressing me. ...    Sounds of laughter, shades of life are ringing through my opened ears, ... inciting and inviting me ...    Limitless undying love, which Shines around me like a million suns, ... it calls me on and on, across the universe." ... ... AND ...  "Nothing to kill or die for ;Imagine all the people, Living life in peace... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Correcting the Problem Is the Least Expensive Option by Karlin  16mo   494  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Correcting the Problem Is the Least Expensive Option ... ... ”The sooner we act the less it costs, Changing to clean energy will cost us less than not taking action” ... ... This is the message coming out of Doha, the Climate Change Conference on now. ... ... IF we had acted in 1990, when the problem became clear, we could already be declaring victory over climate change, we would have avoided $100s of Billions in storm damages and many fewer lives would have been lost... and THE COST would have been LESS than the amount of storm damage suffered since 1990. ... ... That’s right, that is what I am ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Bextra - "doubles the risk of heart attack and stroke" by Karlin  17mo   380  News  
    ... Bextra - ”doubles the risk of heart attack and stroke” - how is this news?? ... ... Remember Dr. Scott Reuban? He was the Doctor who wrote the report that the FDA used to approve Celebrex, a cox-2 inhibitor painkiller very similar to Vioxx [these drugs killed 50,000 people by causing heart disease and caused strokes in another 50,000 people]. ... ... Dr. Reuban’s report was based on his research... but he faked it all - no patients were ever enrolled in the study, he just went home and wrote it up as if he followed 1000s of patients who took Celebrex for post-surgical pain... but he didn’t. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Sodium Phosphate - food Additive by Karlin  17mo   566  News  
    Sodium Phosphate has been banned in most places as a laxitive used in preparation for colonoscopies ... ... It was found to cause ”acute renal failure” ... ... Quote: ... ”Phosphate nephropathy consists of damage to the kidneys caused by the formation of phosphate crystals within the renal tubules, damaging the nephron, and can cause acute renal failure.” ... ... But it is still used as a food Additive. I read, but did not purchase, the ingredients on Sugar Crisp cereal... there is was!! ”Sodium Phosphate” ... ... Sugar Crisp also uses Hydroginated Oils too... ... ... Can anyone say ”FOODf***”??   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Book - Ishmael by Karlin  17mo   1,428  News  C  
    This is interesting from the viewpoint of that book ”Ishmael” that looks at the changes in humans since the agricultural revolution starting around 10,000 years ago. ... ... It premises that we ”took control” and in doing so ”fell from grace” {indiginous populations avoided the mistake of presuming to control nature} ... ... ... {has anyone read it?   [End]
  • Re: AND Sodium Benzoate by Karlin  17mo   1,397  News  C  
    Soda pops often use SODIUM BENZOATE additive, and when it gets to your gut it produces small amounts of... can you guess?? BENZENE!! ... ... Benzene. Oh, THAT carcinogen... ahhh. Pop! ... ... Also anything like fruit juices that have Vit C naturally should NOT be using Sodium Benzoate because they combine to form small amounts of Benzene too. ... ... All this is off the top of my head, but go ahead check it out - sodium benzoate and benzene... benzo benzo!! ... ... PS - the sad thing is that Citric Acid and Sodium Ascorbate can be adequate as food preservatives, so there is no need for Sodium Benzoate... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Food Ads Aimed at Kids by Karlin  17mo   787  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Its not the TV, it is the ADS that are making kids fat!! ... ...    Did you know that, even without the sense of smell being present, that IMAGES of food will cause the human body to react? When the human organism sees fresh, warm, prepared food advertisements on TV, the bodily response is that we begin to salivate, our stomachs are preparing for food for producing extra acid, and the sensation of feeling hungry becomes stronger. ... ...   Adults have more self-control and are able to resist that urge to eat when we see food images [ads] on TV... but CHILDREN are much less able t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A Better Way - Giving by Karlin  17mo   696  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Almost everything is run on money, it is our basic currency and that is how we measure things. So, I have a suggestion for how to make a better world: ... ... A Better Way than trying to ”get all you can” is to ”do as much as you can” and still come out ahead. ... ... If, for example, you own a store or sell illegal drugs, you will see everything around you get better - from finances to friendships - if you give customers as good a deal as you can rather than trying to get as much from them as you can. Of course, you have to come out ahead on each transaction so you can stay in business, but the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Letter to Mitt Romney - Presidential LOSER Excuses by Karlin  17mo   1,016  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Perhaps you have heard about Mitt Romney’s excuses for losing the election. ... ... He says it isn’t fair that Obama promised ”free stuff” to voters. ... ... Really, eh? - is that instead of your giving ”free money” to wealthy oil companies and the military contractors? ... ... OK, so here is my Letter to Mitt Romney: ... ... ... Concerning your complaints about ”giving free stuff to voters”, I have to point out that there is a reason they call us ”THE 99%” - learn to cater to the overwhelming majority and you might win elections. ... ... Let me spell it out - ”d e m o c r a c y”. As in, the MAJORITY - r ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Presidential Acceptance Speech 2012 by Karlin  17mo   581  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ...      President Obama’s 2012 acceptance speech was part "whats to come" rhetoric, part dishonest appraisal and calculated distraction of the shamefull uglyness that exists in America, and that the American military continues to inflict on the world. ... ... Here is a sampling of phrases that Pres. Obama used in his 2012 acceptance speech - Quote: ...    our destiny ...    pursue our dreams ...    great heights of hope ...    the best is yet to come ...    I am hopeful tonight because ...    the task of perfectin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Let Them Eat Their Own Debt - Banksters can be Defeated by Karlin  18mo   821  Blog: Path of my Life  
    * See the Video and Article below. ...                      ...     Freedom From Financial Tyranny -  IMF comes onside with the 99% ... ...      Did’ja ever have one of those lives where everything you thought you knew turned out to be false?  Well, here it is, you and I have been living it. ... ...     For starters, where is the money? Six decades of mass production since WWII ended, and the world is in DEBT, without any signs of PROSPERI ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Synchronous Events by Karlin  18mo   660  Blog: Path of my Life  
    If enough synchronous events start piling up, is there hope for change? ... ... Within the microcosm of my own little world, perhaps not - and significant global change is not likely. If many seekers out there had synchronous events, it just might lead to big changes. ... ... I was sent a video link - see previous post, and the book ”Ishmael” arrived after an unexplainable two month delay, at the same time as my ”chicken-lady” neighbor wrote me an email that exposed her misguided attitude as being exactly what the book and the video were getting at. ... ... Meanwhile, my wealthy brother, an oil company C ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Dr. Gabor Matte - Addictions Video by Karlin  18mo   817  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... Dr. Gabor Matte is a physician who has worked for many years with the down-and-out, often homeless, drug addicts living in Vancouver’s "Downtown East Side" area. ... ...   He has seen it all, and he has many insights into addictions, and not only drug addicts. ... ...   "Addictions fill an emptiness of the heart; Powerfull people are some of the most heartless, they do the most damage - to other people and to the earth -  it is not right to judge drug addicts and not the powerfull people" ... ... This link to a video of a speech he gave at a medical conference o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Drive on SUNLIGHT - Telsa announces new EV by Karlin  19mo   935  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Tesla Motors Launches Revolutionary Supercharger Enabling Convenient Long Distance Driving ... ... ... ... Drive the Model S Electric Car Anywhere in the Country on Pure Sunlight for Free ... ... ... ... HAWTHORNE, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 24, 2012) ... ... Tesla Motors ( NASDAQ : TSLA ) today unveiled its highly anticipated Supercharger network. Constructed in secret, Tesla ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Fed Foreclosure by Karlin  19mo   1,160  Conspiracy Theories  
    All nations are now insolvent, therefore the debt is owed to non-nation entities. The world is now in debt to entities that have no affiliation with nations. ... ... The nation state is no more, it is only on paper now. ... ... All nations are now beholden to the said entities. ... ... ... ------ ... ... ... ... The ”Secured parties” is a surprisingly short list for $14 Trillion!! ... ... For one, Who the heck is HAMED GHOROUNDIDELCHEH? - I google that name and there are but TWO results - when does Google only give up 2? ... Or is it a play on words? - going down did lick? lol ... ... and then NAW ...   [retrieve this message]
  • GMO Bacteria - getting into our gut by Karlin  19mo   684  News  
    In 1911 it was discovered that certain bacteria produce toxins that kills insects. In it’s natural form, it has proven to be harmless to humans to use it to control insects. ... ... In fact, that ”bacterial toxin” is in use today by organic growers and others wishing to avoid the use of dangerous insecticidal chemicals to control insect infestations that ruin their crops. ... ... Specifically, it is the Bacillus thuingensis (Bt) bacterium, which is used in a liquid solution and sprayed on the insect infested crops. ... ... HOWEVER - ... ... Monsanto has taken that older technology and modified it gen ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Wikileaks Exposes US Officials Trafficing Drugs from Mexico by Karlin  19mo   769  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... Stratfor Emails Expose Drug Trafficing Permission Tactic, where US Officials ALLOW Drugs over the Border into the USA ... ... More than just ALLOWING illegal drugs to flow into the USA, US official are FACILITATING the transportation of cocaine and heroin into the USA from Mexico. ... ... Yes, this is all very hard to believe when the stated purpose of the drug prohibition laws is to protect Americans from the harms of certain drugs, but in fact trafficing of illegal drugs across the US border from Mexico is given the okay by US officials, on the basis that only ONE of the Mexican drug cartels wil ...   [retrieve this message]
  • State of Emergency remains in effect - over 9/11?? by Karlin  19mo   668  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... Did you know that the USA remains in an official ”State of Emergency” over the 9/11 incident? ... ... Now just over 11 years later, without a single further ”terrorist” incident since Sept.11th, 2001, there has not been even one incident of ”terrorism” such as a suicide bomber in a mall somewhere in America, not one shipping container with a bomb in it, nothing at all that threatens mainland America, and yet the State of Emergency remains in effect. ... ... If we peel back just the top layer of this onion, we see that a State of Emergency means that release of official information relating to 9/11 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • OWS Revival by Karlin  19mo   556  Occupy Wall Street  
    Well they are baaaack, much to my relief. I thought is was fizzling out, but Sept 2012 showed protests and ”occupations” of WALL STREET in NYC and various L.A. sites. ... ... Encampments are not so popular, but I think the best action is at the financial district buildings anyhow. ... ... If you gather some like-minded friends together who want to take action, just go sit in a bank and demand an end to their ”derivititives” plays. Derivitives must end, they are an obnoxious threat to the entire economy. ... ... Heck, if you feel great, demand an end to Money   [End]
  • For the benefit of OWS - Donations Request by Karlin  19mo   718  Blog: Path of my Life  
    I am simply repeating a message here from ”Anonymous” of OWS {Occupy Wall Street} - please note the website addresses below where donations can be made to the cause of Occupy Wall Street. ... ... PS - I was not asked to do this, I hope Anonymous does not mind... ... ... ---------------------From OWS: ... ... Not very long ago, we occupied the streets of New York City, Wall Street, and many other parts of not only the United States but the world. Sadly, we have not reached our expected result. The corrupt plutocratic government of ours is controlling our lives and still taking away our freedoms. The poor ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Its My Blog and I'll Cry if I Want to!! by Karlin  19mo   679  
    Thank you so much Rainy. Even though I am a staunch atheist, I have to admit that religious people are generally so very kind.   [End]
  • We are flooded with ghosts. by Karlin  19mo   850  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... We are flooded with ghosts. ... ... There are as many dead human beings as there are alive on the planet right now. This unique moment in human history is one that is crossed by all species at some point in time. ... ... It also means there are more ghosts now than ever before. Just 100 years ago there were just 2 billion living humans [est], and about 5 billion dead ones. Then our population exploded and now we have 7 billion + living, and those 2 billion died, and they are, quite possibly, ALL ghosts now. ... ... Oh, sure, not all dead people become ghosts you say. Let me remind you that never before ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Fossil Fuel - Polluter Pay!! by Karlin  19mo   723  Blog: Path of my Life  
    If oil and gas prices included the cost of pollution, renewable energy would be cheaper than oil and gas. ... ... ... Imagine if gasoline cost $5 per liter, or the USA equivalent of about $20/gallon!! ... ... Oh, it DOES? Yes, European nations pay $10/US gallon of gas, and even Canada pays $1.50/liter, which is the US equivalent of over $6/gallon. ... ... Americans are paying just $3.50/gallon of gasoline, despite that they import most of what they use, plus they use most of the world’s production of crude oil. You would think that kind of demand would drive up prices. ... {Links - gas prices in the USA h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Its My Blog and I'll Cry if I Want to!! by Karlin  20mo   1,103  Blog: Path of my Life  
    There is a point to all this whining, but first the whining: ... ... ”I dug a hole for myself, with some help from people who are greedy and selfish and not very sympathetic to those of us with chronic pain illnesses. ... ... I have allways been able to drag myself out of holes before, but not this time. I am just so utterly depressed that I simply could not lift a finger to save myself. ... ... It is beginning to rain hard now, and this hole is filling up. I am not able to move. The end, should it come soon, would be welcomed instead of resisted.” ... ... ... That kind of depression usually has a concurrent de ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Iceland Arrests Bankers by Karlin  20mo   1,470  Blog: Path of my Life  
    I realise this is a repeat, but it cannot be repeated enough: ... ... ”In response to it’s banking crisis, Iceland replaced it’s goverment with an election of candidates restricted to average people, and then that new government arrested the bankers who were asking for a bailout.” ... ... Iceland is now enjoying economic recovery and real democracy. ... ... Links to articles - ... ... ... ... ... ... *Please, if you would like to, DO copy the above and spread it around, post it on your Facebook page, whatever... or even PRINT it and put it up at the Post O ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Chlorinated Tap Water = Brain Cancer now Accepted: My Doctor says so!! by Karlin  20mo   882  News  
    The Medical Mainstream is the last place to get the truth from, so when the finally do admit something it is old news, but also ”too obvious to ignore”. ... ... So this week my GP blurted out that ”bleach causes brain cancer”, a mildly couched referance to new studies that show a clear link between drinking chlorinated tap water and getting brain cancer. ... ... Quotes on Chlorinated Crinking Water: ... ... 1] Brain Cancer Risk from drinking Chlorinated Water: ... ... My own Doctor. M said this week that ”bleach has been found to cause brain cancer” - a mildly couched referance to new studies, accepte ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Elites Controlling the Masses - How it is done by Karlin  20mo   1,112  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... Elites Controlling the Masses - Is THIS how they do it? ... ... ... ---scope: ... ...    Advanced beings may have come to Earth and produced offspring, and taught leaders of the time how to control entire populations ... ...    Oxytocin and/or Parasites could be the control vectors. ... ... ... ----Introduction ... ...  Advanced beings may have come to Earth and produced offspring - there is now some DNA evidence of that. ... ...    Those offspring or the originating Extraterrestrials, could have given the leaders of past civilisations, such as at the time of the great p ...   [retrieve this message]
  • First destruction, THEN renewal - timeline considerations by Karlin  20mo   682  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... Although I am starting to have a strong feeling that we will slide by the calendar date of December 21 2012 without incident, just as the year 2000 came and went, as did 2001, without incident, I just want to say here that if you are planning for a sudden catastrophe on December 21 2012, you might want to shift your plans a bit earlier. ... ... December 21 2012 is the Mayan date of ”RENEWAL”, and for renewal to occur there is usually a destruction preceeding it. A house is not rebuilt before it is destroyed, or at least significantly ruined. ... ... Therefore, ”the world” being a very large and so ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: American Governance Both systems concurrently exist today. by Karlin  20mo   572  Conspiracy Theories  
    Yes it is going to take some courage to break free of the bonds we have been complacent about for too long. ... ... People were willng to let corporate power exist and grow stronger, even to take over government, UNTIL that system failed to provide for us. We are losing our homes, we are barely getting by, and we cannot afford health care or education or even clothing and food anymore... ... ... Its TIIIIIIME!!! ... ... We CAN live without money. Food grows in the ground, it does NOT have to be paid for. Air and Water are here in abundance except for corporate control and ”despoiling” [polluting] of it ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Revolution 2012: It's Time To Rise by Karlin  20mo   534  Conspiracy Theories  
    Well done! Nice list of links there. ... ... I am a bit disapointed that the Summer of 2012 didn’t [yet?] explode into a general strike in the USA. ... ... Some people might be suggesting that a revolt would play into the Elite’s hands by getting all the activists arrested, filling up Obama’s gulags, but maybe it has come to that. ... ... Maybe the police and military regulars will join us!! If we can get them onside a people’s revolt, we will go a long way. They are part of the 99%, but doing the bidding of the 1%, kinda caught in the middle. They will have a choice to make when asked to shoot civilians.   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Taxes - a Redistrubution of Wealth by Karlin  20mo   683  
    Yes thanks. Keeping things positive - how would you like to reverse the trend of the 1% having a greater share of the GDP each year? ... ... Or, are you happy with that? Do you deserve better? Why not? ... ... Just seeking answers my friend.   [End]
  • Federal Budget from heaven - who's? by Karlin  20mo   756  Blog: Path of my Life  
    .... who’s national budget is this, can you guess? ... ... Quote: ... ”______________’s national Budget in 2012 will grow by 43% to Bs. 297.5 billion ($69 billion), as the nation continues to benefit from construction led growth and improved employment and social development indicators. ... ... ”Approximately 40% of the budget, or Bs. 116 billion, is allocated to social spending in 2012. This reflects increases in spending on housing (88%), social security (45.8%), health care (43%), science and technology (27%), culture (24%), and education (21.1%). ... ... ”The budget lists as one of the objectives of the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: 5yrs Pharma Drugs/Hypersensitive CNS from LIVER ISSUES????????? by Karlin  20mo   1,391  Psychiatry Alternati  C  
    I guess I am a bit late to this party... 19 months late! ... ... I just had to see who else was eating smoothies with raw eggs and coconut milk, avacados, etc. - Me TOO!! ... ... I also grind up sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, plus flax and other ”oil seeds” - best of them being HEMP HEARTS. ... ... And just this month [July 2012] I started adding the super food Chia seeds.   [End]
  • Mitt Twits Palestine/Israel by Karlin  21mo   689  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Sorry America, but I just have to say that the loser in the next Presidential election, Mitt Romney, is just so irritating the way he fudges things. ... ... To say that Israel is doing better than it’e neighbors because ”culture makes all the difference” is so totally, well, what do you call it when you are trying to impress people who are giving you money?? Farcical? ... ... As if the SANCTIONS against Palestine are not hampering their economy? ... ... AND, as if the BILLIONS of US dollars that America gives to Israel annually, and the MANY BILLIONS more in weaponry America gives Israel, are not doing a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Lies and Propaganda NOW by Karlin  21mo   705  Blog: Path of my Life  
    History clearly shows us that government lies to the public in wartime, but we have allways been at war with someone, WE ARE AT WAR NOW. The lies continue to be told today. ... ... You surely see that propaganda is real, not just a conspiracy theory, and that it has allways been a usefull tool of government - what is there to make you believe it is not being used NOW? ... ... You have heard the lies of authorities, possibly [likely] been fooled by them yourself as I was, and there is nothing to indicate that it is not continuing today. ... ... We have been subjected to lies and propaganda by government a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Is Iran less corrupted than America? by Karlin  21mo   715  Blog: Path of my Life  
    July 30, 2012 ... ... ... Bankers Sentenced to Death ... ... It sounds a lot like Russia after the USSR broke up and the cold war ended - the government owned factories and businesses were given away for a pittance to friends of the government, and the government members thereby benefited under the table. ... ... It also sounds a lot like the U.S.A. right now, with bankers making out like bandits while committing fraud - tinkering with interest rates, playing Ponzi Schemes, but most damning of all are those financial industry [bankers] playing risky games with derivatives losing huge money over transaction ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Taxes - a Redistrubution of Wealth by Karlin  21mo   1,159  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Lower taxes, lower taxes” - the RW wealthy people hate taxes and spout that same tired refrain over and over again and they claim that taxes are killing business. ... ... Not true. They ignore the real-world fact that in a restaurant, for example, hiring more staff is 99% dependant on how many customers come through the door. ... ... Paying 10% less taxes than they do now would not inspire the management to hire even one busboy, but 50 more customers a day would see him hiring a bus load of workers. ... ... And, how does he get 25 more customers coming in? - average people need to have more money and the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The Adult Bully by Karlin  21mo   1,459  Blog: Path of my Life  
    New neighbors, summertime, loud music blaring away for hours on end - sound familiar? ... ... I thought they were just jackasses, but now that I see it, it is clearly a case of bullying. ... ... Its not that playing loud music outside is a bully trait, but the response of some offenders is a complete refusal to accept their ”mistake”. ... ... But I have to be compassionate, and ”to understand what makes people the way they are is one of the most compassionate things we can do” [as the Dalia Lama said]. ... ... ... Instead of just calling them a jackass and making a complaint to the police or bylaw enforcement p ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A Small Group of Elites Controlling the Masses by Karlin  21mo   1,154  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Mind Control Revisited: ... ... A Small Group of Elites Controlling the Masses ... ... What good is consciousness if we do not have free will? Or, vis-vesra. To be conscious is to know who and what we are, and to know what we need and want and to know why, to have individual preferances.... BUT MOSTLY free will and consciousness add up to having a basic human right to make choices. ... ... If you have an addiction, you have given up some of your free will - the drug now controls some of your actions and motivations. ... ... If you were kidnapped and put into the human trafficing [mostly for sex] arena, you ha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Neutron Star in the Kuiper Belt? NOT!! by Karlin  21mo   1,199  Blog: Path of my Life  
    There are rumours of a hidden neutron star out beyond Pluto. ... ... These stars are only about 10 miles across, typically. Just 10 miles!! ... ... They form when a gigantic star, one that would fit 10,000 of our Suns into it, collapses. Keep in mind that the Earth is a tiny speck compared to the Sun. ... ... Remember the Big Bang? Oh ya, you weren’t there... I was, and EVERYTHING in the universe collapsed into the size of a pinhead. So something the size of 10,000 of our Suns collapsing into a neutron star just 10 miles across isn’t so startling.... NOT. ... ... ... Picture comparing the Sun to supergiant star ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Morphine is Usefull, and a Human Right by Karlin  21mo   1,102  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... Morphine ... ... Morphine is a very usefull and a very safe drug. ... ... The one drawback is addiction, but the benefits of morphine are almost endless. ... ... So, you get addicted... you will need to take three or four doses a day, each dose costs about 5 cents to produce. At the pharmacy, I get 200 pills for about $200, so $1 per dose with the profits of all the middlemen. Those middlemen could be eliminated I suppose, but lets let them have their ”socially arranged welfare” [either the production facility could have an order and shipping office and send the morphine to people directly for, say, 10 ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Dreaming of Sleeping by Karlin  21mo   739  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Here is yet another bizarre story of the broken cogs and wheels inside my head. ... ... The one thing I do know is that I lie down to go to sleep. What happens after that, I am not so sure. ... ... It seems that I begin to dream immediately. ... ... Last night I had a dream where I am trying to get to sleep, but in a big bed at some place like a lakeside resort. I am with my nephew and my brother, we all staying in one house or cabin and it is late at night and I cannot get to sleep because my nephew, who is sleeping in the same big double bed, keeps making noises and moving around. ... ...   The nuisanc ...   [retrieve this message]
  • THE TRUTH that any decent human would be telling about cancer is.... by Karlin  21mo   1,330  News  C  
    OMG, another ”never mind the FACTS, lets just talk” GOP candidate in Chris Collins. ... ... Perhaps he got part of his yap from the Cancer Society people, who claim that FEWER people die from cancer now... but that is another lie too: They changed the definition of ”dying” to mean ”surviving for 5 years after diagnosis”, and therefore fewer people ”die” from cancers. ... ... What is the hard truth? Of course it is that more people are dying of cancer than ever before, and that a greater percentage of the population is GETTING cancer than ever before. ... ... Wait... one more trick - they will claim that ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Happy Birthday, America!! by Karlin  21mo   677  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... ”America, the Beautiful” - Parody [see original vs. below] ... ... Oh Doubtfull now, for darkened skies, ... That oil and coal has stained ... Removing purple mountain tops, ... For which so few have gained ... ... America! America! ... No more God’s grace for thee ... For selfish gain does yet stain, ... The banner of the free! ... ... Haunted now by patriot dream ... That sees behind the tears ... Thine alabaster cities scream ... with homeless veteran fears ... ... Now known for thy False-Flag lore, ... fake threat of terror strike ... When once or twice, Bush fraud to win, ... Millions lost their lives ... ... ... ... ---------original: ... ... O beaut ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Gateway to Cancer - Pipe Dreams from Hell by Karlin  22mo   1,164  Blog: Path of my Life  
    [coming soon] ... ...   [End]
  • Police and Military - Our Freind or Our Enemy? by Karlin  22mo   781  Blog: Path of my Life  
                                                                       Police and Army - Friend or Enemy ? ... ...   What "future fantasy scenario" would it take to convince the public of Canada and the U.S.A. that the Government, the Police, and the Milit ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Responsibility for Government Actions is up to us by Karlin  22mo   810  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... Responsibility for Government Actions ... ... If you buy a dog and it bites people, isn’t that YOUR responsibility? - the law says it is, and you can be charged and fined if you fail to live up to your responsibility. ... ... If you drive a car, shoot a gun, or even play your stereo in ways that disturb or harm people, you are held responsible - it IS your responsibility. ... ... Why is government any different? It is our government, and if they are breaking laws and acting irresponsibly, it is up to us to stop them, to take their license away, to stop giving them bullets, to turn the volume down, to s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Canada's Harper is Bizarre by Karlin  22mo   715  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Prime Minister Harper [Canada] believes that it is impossible to harm the natural environment. Really!! ... ... How can he be so confident? ... ... The reason is that he belongs to the Alliance Church of Alberta, and they have stated that ”God won’t let humans ruin the environment”. ... ... In his obviously egocentric ways, he is forcing us all to accept his view that no human can harm the environment by changing regulations to allow more pollution and more environmental destruction. ... ... It is very dangerous to have a leader who thinks such utterly insane, self-serving, egocentric tripe as this. It border ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Pipeline Spills - Future Quotes by Karlin  22mo   740  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... Pipeline Spills - Quotes ... ... Well, now we know, in advance, thanks to yesterday’s pipeline break in Alberta, what will be said WHEN the Northern Gateway pipeline, with it’s especially toxic brew of solvents and tar sand’s bitumen, spills into the Salmon bearing streams and coastal waters of B.C. ... ... We recieved these quotes from that future spill from the officials in Alberta on the occasion of the 2nd spill into Glennifer Lake, and the 2nd spill this year by the same company. ... ... Here is what we will hear: ... ... ”Sometimes strange things can happen that are beyond their control so that will b ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The Way of the Good by Karlin  22mo   697  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... The Way of the Good ... ... ... Whenever and wherever there is powerfull forces that might be harnessed, there will be ego-driven people who will try to get it and keep it away from others. ... ... The idea of capitalism is exactly that - allow a few to have massive amounts of ”capital” [i.e. money] and they will be able to do things with it that could not be done otherwise, such as to build a big factory or lay railway lines across the nation. ... ... It is LIE!! - the idea holds water, but to believe that ”the capitalist way is the only way” is to allow the enslavement of the population by a few. ... ... Th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Financial Crisis Solution - declare assets dead by Karlin  22mo   855  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Financial Crisis Solution - declare assets dead ... ...   We watch the financial crisis unfolding, and we wonder what would happen ”if the economy collapsed”, or what that even means. We are not financial experts, and the whole thing is just too complex for us to understand. ... ...   Such a situation would make it easy for ”them” to pull the wool over our eyes, and so some of us are wondering if there are solutions that we are not being told about, that are not being considered, because those solutions risk the Elite Wealthy people’s money. ... ...   Would they really risk the ”entire economy”, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • New Legal Paradigm in Canada - del Mastro outlines it. by Karlin  22mo   763  Blog: Path of my Life  
       Let me tell you about the new legal framework in Canada - it is now okay to be a terrorist, as in someone who gets funding from known terrorists groups, uses that funding to go out and identify targets such as government buildings or christian churches and to build bombs. ... ...   It is okay to do all that, and to be a terrorist, up until the time you blow something up. Before today, the security forces had been tracking potential terrorists., to identify and track them, and arrest them before anything could be done. ... ...   The FBI has even gotten involved by helping ...   [retrieve this message]
  • More Corporate Malfeasance - Enbridge this time. by Karlin  22mo   770  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Northern Gateway Tar Sands Pipeline - More LIES ... ... The news today is about yet another lie, a devious bit of business by the oil company Enbridge where they employ a tactic used by TransCanada Pipelines on the Keystone route - they falsely claim local support when in fact the majority of locals are opposed. {The Keystone pipeline proposal is the one Pres. Obama personally delayed approval for, until after the coming US federal election.} ... ... The proposed Northern Gateway $5.5-billion pipeline would run from Alberta to the coast of B.C., Canada, moving about 525,000 barrels of diluted TAR SA ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A Lighter Shade of Pink Slime by Karlin  22mo   883  Blog: Path of my Life  
    On the ligher side... I have not watched TV for a quite awhile, as my financial situation provided me with the GIFT of getting my cable cut off. ... ... However, the Stanely Cup Finals are on, and I find a way. ... ... I have kept up on the news however, and I know what ”pink slime” is. See * below if you don’t know. ... ... So - ... ... A commercial for DQ comes on, it is the one called ”DQemistry” with a couple having a date at DQ... they start eating their burgers... ... ... Then, watch... the guy slides a gift towards the girl - ITS A BOX OF PINK SLIME*!! ... ... Wow, I thought to myself, TV has taken viewers down ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Radiation Alert - California Bluefin Tuna by Karlin  22mo   631  News  
 ... ... Its all there - Consciousness, Coneheads, Ghost in my apartment, horrible sexua| abuse next door [to you], and Fukushima alerts, its all there!! ... ... What a blog!! Read it and laugh, read it and weep, and most of all please leave a comment, I will give you a hug if you do. Heck, I will PAY you to leave a comment [payment in hugs only, and you have to come to me, but still it IS generous] ... ... Make it move into the top 20, I really could use the ego boost now as my Face Pain takes over from my Ghost haunting. Really, its all there!!   [End]
  • Radiation Update and Alert by Karlin  22mo   717  Blog: Path of my Life  
    BEWARE THE LOW DOSE!!! ... ... I could not have found a more opportune time to post this tidbit about nuclear radiation and human health. ... ... Today it was announced that the Bluefin Tuna sampled off the coast of California ALL have low levels of Fukushima radiation. ... ... Knowing that news, now learn about the Petkau effect: ... ... THE PETKAU EFFECT shows that low dose of radiation is WORSE than high dose, and not over much more time either: ... ... Petkau Effect ... ... ... ”Petkau found that 3500 rads delivered in 2¼ hours (26 rad/min = 15.5 Sv/h) would rupture a c ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I have to tell someone... by Karlin  23mo   751  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Next time you are feeling scorn for the miserable wreck of a human with sores on their body, obviously a drug addict, barely alive it seems... but they have been this way for a few years, how do they manage to stay alive you wonder. ... ... When you want to either look away or give a grunt of disgust... ... ... Think of what they might have been through. The tortures that are meted out by people upon other people would make you look away. I cannot believe they make movies of this stuff, or that people go watch them for ENTERTAINMENT. Its gross, its disgusting, I loathe the human race sometimes.... a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Years gone by... by Karlin  23mo   761  
    The H2O2 was a good idea, I suppose the problem just comes back though. ... ... Not having read through all the posts, maybe you have tried it, but some good quality plain yogurt smeared on and in just might do the trick... several days of a few applications per day has to have some effect... maybe right after the H2O2 [hydrogen peroxide] ... ... A CURE would involve replacing the offending bacteria with beneficial bacteria... no bacteria simply invites the bad ones back [which is shy H2O2 would be temporary].. ... ... I apologise for making ”simple” out of a problem that has been going on so long... goo ...   [retrieve the message]
  • US Govt. spending priorities - death, but not food. by Karlin  23mo   730  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Here is a comment posted below an article on American government spending on war machinery while at the same time cutting much needed social programs [such as helping disabled senior citizens live independantly]. ... ... I will pass the microphone to Mr. Paul Fretheim: ... ... ”Here is an example of something we must do to avoid suicide by carbon: ... Take the $1.5 TRILLION proposed to be spent on F-35 warplanes. It is enough money to put an $11,000 solar array on every single family home in the United States, about 74 million homes. That would cost $275 billion. That leaves $1.225 TRILLION from the sa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Bacterial Tidbits by Karlin  23mo   753  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Bacterial World ... ... Bacteria don’t make the world go around, but they do make it snow, they make our stools, and they make us well and/or they make us sick. ... ... Without the right kinds of bacteria in our colon, we would have diarrhea all the time. We would not be able to get certain vitamins and nutrients our body needs. There are millions of each kind of bacteria in our colons, and 500 to 1000 different kinds, maybe more. This all adds up to there bieng ”more bacterial cells in the human body than there are human cells”. Really. Google it. ... ... An important health dilema in the modern world h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What will the Elites do if protests take hold? by Karlin  23mo   757  Blog: Path of my Life  
    need I go on? Their imaginations for ugly evil shit is greater than mine... ... ... ... So, please, if anything really bad happens in the next year that appears on the surface to be an act of terrorism or a bad accident, don’t believe it is what the mainstream media will say it is - it will be the Elites pulling off a False Flag event. ... ...   [End]
  • Pharmaceutical Corp / FDA logic example by Karlin  23mo   383  News  
    I was looking up drug info for a friend when I came across a twist on logic on the part of the FDA, where they decided not to tell doctors to stop prescribing antipsychotic pills to dementia patients because... ... their reasoning in quote marks here: ... ... ”Both newer and older antipsychotics seem to increase dementia patients’ risk of death” ... ... ”the FDA is not telling doctors to avoid the use of antipsychotic drugs in dementia patients”. ... ... because - ... ... ”studies do not prove conclusively that the older drugs carry the same risk as the newer drugs” ... ... --- ... ... Karlin - so, because antipsyc ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Consciousness Quips by Karlin  23mo   695  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ... ”Consciousness IS What Thinking Does” ... ... ... ... What is the value of CONSCIOUSNESS if we are not FREE? ...   [End]
  • Re: What does it mean? by Karlin  23mo   1,633  Dreams  C  
    I just think that is the COOLEST dream!! I feel happy for you to dream like that:) ... ... The news from the sleep scientists is that ”dreams put things from the previous day together with all your experiences in order to form PROBABLE SCENARIOS FOR TOMORROW”. ... ... Kind of like seeing into the future, or preparing/planning for what tomorrow may bring. ... ... Fish that swim in air, as if the air is like water to them. You want to put them back, out of your concern for them... but maybe they won’t die - it sounds like you did not manage to get them back in, right? ... ... And that the fish ”turned exotic” ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Why three? by Karlin  23mo   779  Dreams  
    Are they middle aged people? ... ... Four is a number I understand, four stages of life for all living things on earth... middle age is the third stage... ... ...   [End]
  • Disturbing dreams and spirits, and a cure!! by Karlin  23mo   777  Dreams  
    I was having very vivid and distsurbing dreams for about two months, they would wake me up after 60 to 90 minutes of sleep and were so disturbing I had to get out of bed, all shook up. I hardly slept at all, for two months. ... ... The ”disturbing” part was ”being chased by young punks with knives, running and running in strange places, dark scary places, scary people”, that sort of thing. In one dream I had a cop slowly put a long steel rod up under my ribs into my heart. ... ... Also, I would dream I hear breathing, dreaming of hearing something breathing in my apartment, and some creature dragg ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The best way to protest is by withholding payment of taxes. by Karlin  23mo   487  Occupy Wall Street  
    Yes!! If we pay taxes, we strengthen them. ... ... ”GOVERNMENT” has been skewed to mean ”being governed” but really they are supposed to REPRESENT the people, and not be an entity unto themselves that weilds power over us. ... ... Our votes and our taxes gives them the power to enslave us. It is well past time to revolt. ... ... Revolution, even crashing the economy, won’t be so bad, nobody will starve and we come out the other side with some hope of being part of things again. ... ... If we just sit here and keep taking this crap we deserve no better. ... ... Lets do it!! Not paying taxes might get me arrested, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The God in the Machine by Karlin  23mo   577  Occupy Wall Street  
    My computer guy did the same thing. ... ... He tossed a new music sequencing program at me, with more features, better overall, and just hoped I would somehow absorb it and be happy, and he the hero. ... ... It takes months of learning those things. I had no success with it at all, he looked the fool. ... ... 3 months was lost to the production of my two best songs ever. The creative period was lost to that foolishness. ... ... When he came over ”to show me how”, because ”he knows software”, so surely he would know this simple thing I guess, he had absolutely NO CLUE how it worked despite all his training. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Spying on Me, Conehead Conspiracy, Radioactive Berries, by Karlin  23mo   919  Blog: Path of my Life  
    ----------Spying on us online - ... ... Go to a militant Islamic site [to them I say: ”sorry you have to be that way, I apologize for our western intrusions”] and watch your anti-virus program... Does it say ”updating”? ... ... And isn’t THAT odd? ... ... Why would it be updating every time I go to those sites, and not others? ... ... It is not updating, it is filing a report to Homeland Security on me!! ... ... I LAUGH at their little games, ho-ah ha ha ha. ... ... -------- ... ... Did you know that ancient Conehead skulls actually exist? Museums in Mexico have them, and in Peru. ... ... - its more than a comedic movie. They ha ...   [retrieve this message]
  • C02 Emissions - where do they come from? by Karlin  23mo   786  Blog: Path of my Life  
    MOST of the CO2 emissions come from tailpipes - our vehicles. ... ... ------ ... ... Many of the main spokespeople and leaders against climate change due to global warming are screaming about the Tar Sands in Albera as being a huge source of CO2 emissions. ... ... They will take that argument to their grave, and to hearings and use it in submissions to regulators. ... ... When the Oil Heads point out that they are wrong, and give the facts to prove it, the public will doubt that the environmentalists have any good points, and public support for emissions reductions will be lost. ... ... Sadly, it appears to be a m ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Did I have a GHOST here? by Karlin  23mo   870  
    Wow, thats powerfull stuff Michael. ... ... Your story opened my eyes to another possibility too, my visitor could be one of two young people who died near hear in the past couple years... because I was having a lot of very vivid dreams with young guys like those two in the dreams, but none of my dreams were about the guy who used to live in this apartment [who I assumed was ”haunting” me]. ... ... What we seem to know for sure is that some people have difficulty accepting they are dead... and that we do them, and everyone, ourselves included, a big favor by helping to coax them to the other side. ... ...   [retrieve the message]
  • Did I have a GHOST here? by Karlin  23mo   1,207  Blog: Path of my Life  
    I am still skeptical, but it seems I had a ghost here in my apartment. ... ... Here is a condensed but complete version of what happened here this past week, how I ”cleared the ghost” , and why, I have to believe, I feel SO MUCH BETTER, why I slept well for two nights for the first time in weeks, with no vivid dreams, no difficulty telling waking from sleeping as was the case for the past several weeks... and no breathing sounds at night, no cold blasts, no more fleeting images out the corner of my eye... ... ... [b][u] ... Ghost Clearing - Short Version[/b][/u] ... ... First off, some consideration should ...   [retrieve this message]
  • End the US Federal Reserve? Great idea!!! by Karlin  23mo   768  Blog: Path of my Life  
    Links at bottom - Denis KUCINICH and Mr. CONYERS introduced the bill to end the Federal Reserve!! ... ... here are my thoughts on it [I like the idea] - ... ... The Federal Reserve has become an instrument of all-powerfull goverment, and we never asked for that. ... ... ... We need to have our views REPRESENTED, we never asked to be ”governed” ... ... ... We surely do not want to BE GOVERNED, do we? Are we so inept that we need that help? No. ... ... ”Being governed” sounds a little like slavery, I prefer FREEDOM, as in ”don’t tell me what to do”. ... ... What is the point of consciousness if we are not free? ... ... ”Governing ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Authority Insanity - good work Karlin by Karlin  23mo   844  
    Well thank you, Oh Enchanted one!! ... ... More blog posts coming quickly now as the time approaches...   [End]
  • Conspiracy - No More Democracy by Karlin  23mo   806  Blog: Path of my Life  
                                                           Conspiracy - No More Democracy ... ...                                                   or: ...   ...   [retrieve this message]
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