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  • Re: My liver turned out pretty good + question   by #21277  7y   1,485  Nourishing Tradit.
    I eat liver pretty often (calf liver) - although I enjoy it eating with some sauteed onions once in a while, I usually cook the liver with a bunch of veggies, use a blender to puree the mixture and add about 100+ lbs of spices to the soup - tastes like magic ... ... I typically portion the liver/meats out and freeze into meal packs. ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Heavy Metal Detox - Which is best?   by #21277  7y   3,075  Ask CureZone
    Personally I’m using Extreme Health’s Heavy metal chelation supplement givn by my naturopath. ... It’s a fairly comprehensive formula with a wide varity of natural chelators and cofactors that support system while detoxifiying ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Hypothyroid or adrenal fatigue???   R by #21277  7y   835  Ask CureZone
    ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Tomorrow starting with amalgam replacement   by #21277  7y   965  Root Canals
    Mainstream dentists/oral surgeons wont pull a root canaled tooth out unless theres visible problem - I tried hard to convince them (oral surgeons/regular dentist) to pull it out but they looked at x-rays and they said it was perfect. ... ... Well, after finding a biological dentist and having pulled a couple of them out, they had sacks of infection in the roots (these are not visible in the x-rays). ... ... If you have them removed by a standard dentist you run into the risk of developing cavitations since they dont typically follow up with thorough cleaning (low speed drilling, iodine homeopathics ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: severe pain, please help   by #21277  7y   1,031  Dental Support
    I would imagine leaving a root behind can hamper the healing process - ... ... It possible that u may have developed a dry socket, which can occur within a couple of days after the extraction. ... ... Cavitation may be another possiblity, where improperly removed tooth can leave residual infection and spread to jaw bone (this may not create immediate pain). ... ... Either way have your dentist look at it if it doesnt seem right. ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: dental implant   by #21277  7y   1,473  Dental Support
    If the tooth was cracked due to impact than its possible that the roots may be healthy still - if it cracked because it’s rotting and roots are dead than its likely to have infection in the area. Either way, when extracting a tooth you should consider having the procedure done by a biological dentist/oral surgeon whos familiar with Dr Huggins protocol (includes removing socket low speed drilling of the area and cleaning up with natural disinfectants before suturing). This will minimize the occurrence of cavitations (pockets of infection in the bone). ... ... I believe it takes 3 months for the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Question about Blessed Herbs   by #21277  7y   775  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    That is exactly what i’m doing - I use the digestive stimulator (which works great), and bought the psyllium fiber seperately. ... This combo is working well ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Has Any Tried This Supplement?   by #21277  7y   1,198  Ask CureZone
    I have not had any mineral testing done to check for absorption - ... ... The levels of iron and b12 found in the daily value guides are general minimal to sustain health (since the primary focus of daily values are to be way below toxic levels)- also, the absorption levels in a lot of supplements may be very low (due to bioavailability, form, etc). ... ... I think the GOL supplement may only be good to help sustain good nutrient levels in healthy individuals (along with nutrient packed diet); for people who have nutrient deficiency symptoms, there may be a need to be more aggressive with supplement ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Has Any Tried This Supplement?   by #21277  7y   1,145  Ask CureZone
    I use GOL living multi (the genral one)- everytime it’s tested via EAV it has always been a very beneficial supplement for me. ... ... I understand you are a raw vegan - I’m sure you certainly know that iron and b12 deficiencies go hand in hand with strict vegetarian diet (animal sources of the two are much more bioavailable), specially if you have a parasympathetic driven metabolism (most women are as per Dr Kelley). ... ... Either way, I’m happy with GOL living multi, however I strive to get my nutrition directly from food nowadays. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: grass fed beef   by #21277  7y   926  Pets/Animals
    You can try and do a search for local farms around your area here: ... ... ... ... ... ... I also been looking at some online stores that sell grass fed beef at a reasonable price and found this one: ... ... ... ... ... ... I haven’t order anything from them yet but I’m looking to buy in bulk soon ... ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Salmon Info   by #21277  7y   1,132  Ask CureZone
    There’s really only 2 categories: farm raised vs wild caught (you can only have organic fish if wild caught). ... ... Farmed fish are raised in an artificial environment, are loaded with hormones and other chemicals, and fed the wrong diet (reducing nutritional levels in the fish) ... ... Wild caught would clearly be the best option - however, there is the concern of high heavy metal levels found in ocean fish (tuna, shark may have high metal levels depending on area caught). I think wild caught salmon from alaska is probably the best source if you can find it. Other fishes from the norway regions a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: antifungals and probiotics   by #21277  7y   1,114  Candida Support
    I’m convinced that it is extremely hard (or impossible) to either effectively reduce candida levels or reestabilish good flora in the gut without conducting a massive gut cleanse. ... ... One way our body protects itself of toxins from wrong diet is by producing mucous layer that coats the intestinal tract - undigested food gradually gets accumulated as the mucous buildup increases - this is the perfect home for some of the harmless species (like candida) to grow out of control. ... ... Unless you remove the residue buildup, the antifungals may not do the job properly (hard to acess internal mucous ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: --Question--   by #21277  7y   902  CureZone Debate
    Don’t mind him, moreless is just bored and needs drama/attention ... ...   [End]
  • Re: "Candida"   by #21277  7y   1,375  Candida Support
    Andreas reasoning is a valid one - the only reason why pathogens are able to make home in the human body is due to toxin/waste accumulation and weakening of the immune system (which is due to toxins). ... ... Fighting candida or any other organisms will not address the root cause as to why they are thriving in the body. Also the emotional mindset that goes with the focus on fighting and killing something may also bring unwanted emotional baggage into play. ... ... Many people feel better after taking antifungals only to find themselves riddled with candida shortly after - which indicates that the bo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Need a lymphatic cleanse plan   by #21277  7y   2,047  Lymph Cleanse
    If you are planning on cleansing the lymph it would help doing regular skin brushing and rebounding - this can help with drainage - bowel cleanse is important to be done first because if bowels are underperforming, the lymph can get backed up and toxins cannot be drained properly. ... ... I’ve used Nature’s sunshine lymphatic drainage product with good results, but i was also doing bowel cleanse and other practices. ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: are these the herbs?   by #21277  7y   676  Ask CureZone
    Yes I got the andreas kidney mixture from present moment website ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Perplexed about water filters   by #21277  7y   2,179  Oil Pulling  Cross-post
    Yeah most silver bashers try to undercut proven benefits with those scare tactics - I’ve been using colloidal silver for a couple of years now with no problems (silver salts are different beasts). ... ... As far as water goes I just simply follow my body’s response to different waters ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Composites strong enough for back teeth?? CEREC inlays??   by #21277  7y   1,605  Amalgam Support  Cross-post
    I had a few of my amagalms in my molars replaced with composite like 1.5 year ago and still there (although theyre thought of having limited life). ... ... Gold is very resistant and generally biocompatible but it still is a metal and like all metals it’s conductive - if you have other metals in the mouth (like in crowns, amalgams) you will generate a battery affect (saliva being the conducting medium) and can result in neurological disturbances in the affected meridians (also your mouth is very close to the brain). ... ... I heard diamond lite is the safest replacement and typically the most biocom ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Perplexed about water filters   by #21277  7y   2,259  Oil Pulling  Cross-post
    There’s certainly many views on the best form of water for consumption; ... personally I believe that distilled water is only good for short term cleansing as it may help pull some toxins out. ... ... However distilled water is thought as dead as it is stripped of minerals. The concern is not so much from the lack of minerals (you can get plenty from food): the problem is that distilled water may be hard to absorb properly and hence require energy; ... distilled water molecules are often clumped together irregularly and not as recognizable as pure spring water. Water needs specific minerals to help s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: SEEKING ADVICE - Abscess - Root Canal Advised   by #21277  7y   6,761  Root Canals  Cross-post
    Well, if the infection is deep in the roots of the tooth, it likely needs to be somehow cleaned up. Its hard to judge the nerve damage from the x-ray so the whether or not the tooth is functional may be hard to know until it’s opened up. ... ... Choosing a root canal on it can create numerous problems in the long run(it is next to impossible to disinfect a dead tooth so infection is likely to occur and potentially proliferate to other areas of the body). ... ... An extraction can be a better option if the tooth is dead, but also can have some consequences. You wanna make sure the extraction is done ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: The right and the wrong, the truth and the opinion, the real and the...   by #21277  7y   854  Ask CureZone
    That’s the problem with information overload - ... ... There are plenty of ways to health and plenty of ways to disease - if you choose to follow all the protocols available (some are antagonists), you are putting your body on a rollercoaster ride - all at the cost of placing priority of an opinion or advice over what your body is crying for. ... ... Even reading all the maladies and concerns that everyone here has is putting mental stress on your body - sometimes up to a point of manifesting ”sympathy symptoms” ... ... With placing conscious energy onto so many protocols and valid opinions, you may star ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Showing his true colors once again   by #21277  7y   771  Alkaline/Acid Debate
    It’s all about his attempt to be the ”male dominant” in this whole site (by bashing any other sucessful protocols/people with merit). Adventuring outside his forum gets him more drama, of which he thrives on. ... ... ... At this rate, a ”ML bashings support forum” should be open, to soothe some of the folks here that are looking for support only to find themselves trapped in the drama. ... ... It’s a bit silly seeing plenty of examples of double standards, where nonforums regulars can be banned for provoking/commenting just like ML does, while having other dismiss MLs threats as ”oh it’s just moreless ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Mercury removal   by #21277  8y   775  Blog: What's Wrong With Me
    You would want to make sure that you have the last filling removed before beginning any chelation. ... Having it done by a mercury free biological dentist can minimize the exposure if following protocol written by Dr Hal Huggins. ... ... Mercury metal does not have magnetic properties (diamagnetic) so it may not be attracted to a magnet (however mercury may be in many forms in the body from its metal state to organic forms). ... ... Supplementing with activated charcoal or even chlorella before and after the appointment can trap some of the mercury that may have been swallowed during the procedure, alt ...   [retrieve the message]
  • You know something is wrong when   by #21277  8y   1,203  CZ Experts Debate
    Most of the time is being spent on feeding the never ending drama that originates when common human beings are given the ”health authority” that is connotated with owning a forum in a high transit health site. ... ... This is specially evident when two or more recent ”health authorities” subconsciously require to have the upper hand, or in other terms, to have the mass herd on their side. ... Animal instinct at its best! ... ... I was grown under the impression that human beings have developed the ability to become aware of their animal instincts and further judge on them to determine whether or not th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Help please with weird symptoms   by #21277  8y   948  Ask Dennis Hardy ND
    I would look into your ca/mg supplement and see if they are indeed creating the symptoms you describe (the same happened to me). ... You can google dysautonomia for a more thorough explanation but it’s a basically a malfunctioning of the autonomic part of the nervous system due to underlying conditions like infections, nutritional deficiencies, etc. ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: What is Heptahydrate ?   by #21277  8y   1,897  Liver Flush Support
    Heptahydrate means that the magnesium sulphate crystals are bound with 7 molecules of water. ... ... It’s perfectly normal for salts to be bound to water molecules (there are different grades depending on what the salts are used for). ... ... As long as the salts are food grade they should be good ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Is anybody an "A" blood type?   by #21277  8y   1,101  Vegetarian
    I am blood type A, tried going vegetarian, energy plummeted - did biofeedback analysis testing meat and dairy products and showed that theyre one of the most beneficial foods for me (perhaps due to protein, efa deficiency). ... So I now eat dairy and meat and feel better energy wise - I think blood type may be only a limited fraction of the total picture - metabolic typing may be more accurate. ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Answer --Do "YOU" have a "FEEBLE" Mind ?--   by #21277  8y   1,204  CZ Experts Debate
    Since there are double standards in moreless’s forum, I am reposting my answer to his post (my answer was promptly deleted): ... ... What is the purpose of your “awe-inspiring” posts like this one? ... ... Is it to educate “trollers” via verbal abuse? Or is it to defecate on your support group? ... As you mentioned, you want to keep “trollers” out of your forum, so who is this post directed to? Your friends or foes? ... ... As they say, if you want to keep flies away, you need to get rid of garbage from your forum first. ... So, clearly, if you sling fecal matter (aka posts like this) around, you are expecting ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Best probiotic?   by #21277  8y   3,065  Probiotics
    When I was in Japan I ate it just about everyday, the spicy cabbage is excellent - i gotta learn how to make that ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Best probiotic?   by #21277  8y   3,449  Probiotics
    If you have dysbiosis (overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria) its possible that products similar to primal defense may help get rid of it. If you want to implant good bacteria then taking regular amounts of fermented products like kefir, yogurt, kimuchi are helpful. ... Another fantastic type of probiotics which I have had sucess with and tested via biofeedback (EAV) are lactobacillus sporogenes. These have the highest sucess for implanting in the intestine and they survive the trip down the digestive system. A good probiotic supp should have these. ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: In process of replacing the amalgams. Can I detox now?   by #21277  8y   827  Amalgam Support
    That product actually gives me strong flu like symptoms when I try to take the recommended dosage so I need to take the minimum dosage to not stir things too much too fast. ( I have high levels of mercury and very high ones of lead)   [End]
  • Re: In process of replacing the amalgams. Can I detox now?   by #21277  8y   886  Amalgam Support
    The suggested heavy metal detox process is to remove every source of heavy metals from your body first (amalgams are the usual culprits). ... ... By taking chelators while having amalgams in them outh will constantly pull mercury from the sources and overtax the elimination organs. ... ... Its possible your liver might be overworking so you may need a break from the chelation until you get everything out. (again chelation with amalgams on may worsen things). ... ... I too take the extreme health chelation and like it but you wanna make sure your elimination organs are up to speed (good nutrition, and cle ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Garlic?!   by #21277  8y   871  Ask Barefoot
    Dr Bob Beck mentions that garlic contains substances which pass the blood brain barrier and create severe neurological impair as in drowsiness etc. (Raw garlic specially). ... When I took 2 cloves of raw garlic I had severe panic attacks so there may be some truth to it. ... ... mike   [End]
  • Re: Why does my computer eat my letters sometimes?   by #21277  8y   4,629  Computer
    I believe it might be due to the ”insert” key being on - sometimes I hit it by mistake and anything I write at that point will replace old text. ... You wanna make sure that key is off. ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: getting worse, don't know what to do   by #21277  8y   970  Ask CureZone
    Sounds like a case of protein deficiency due to incorrect diet - incorrect diet will stress your digestive organs, and can result in nutrition deficiencis - this can cause depletion of enzymes and stomach acid which is essential to proper digestion (specially protein). If you cant digest protein (break down into amino acids) then you will be AA deficient - AAs are essential for every tissue - the digestive walls is made of these so leaky gut can result with AA deficiency - AAs are essential for collagen production which are present in high levels in joints and skin so arthritis fibromalgia ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Moreless needs the common sense here.   by #21277  8y   1,214  Ask Moreless: pH
    Moreless appears to have gotten a forum so he can go on and bash other people willy nilly while unsucessfully attempting to gather his thoughts into coherent conclusions. ... ... Perhaps it’s the owning of a forum that has gotten onto him, as if he’s now better than everyone else. All his comments objectively and subjectively point to this. No one can ask ”what if” without being reprimended by him. This is not a productive way to generate ideas. His narrow view (alkalize or else) hides the fact that he’s not comfortable stepping onto fields that he’s not familiar with - so he always brings the ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Tanning Beds   by #21277  8y   1,176  CFS / CFIDS
    Dr Mercola suggests getting sun when possible - but he also says some tanning beds can be beneficial when sun not available - however most tanning beds are harmful due to high emfs output and isolated wavelengths. ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Hole in sinus after tooth extraction! Need some good advice please.   by #21277  8y   79,478  Ask CureZone  Cross-post
    I too had a hole in my sinus after tooth extraction, a rather large one - he placed some collagen piece to allow for bone growth but apparently my body rejected it (it was painful removing it because the sinus were attaching to that piece). ... ... The bone apparently never grew in that area, it looks like the hole closed up with a thin layer of skin and now the sinus has a drop on that area which may allow for bacteria growth in that area. ... I always spray colloidal silver, never had any pain but I’m gonna see if I can get an oral surgeon fix that area if its possible. ... Sometimes I can taste th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: galvanic effect of having metal fillings   by #21277  8y   4,128  Amalgam Support
    The point I made is not so much for the EMF one may get with metal fillings (that we get by using cell phone, computers and other electronic devices). ... ... The larger concern with having metal fillings is the possibility of creating a battery effect in your mouth. All you need to make a battery is 2 dissimilar metals and a conducting medium. ... This battery effect can create large enough voltages to disrupt neurological activity - (specially being very near the brain). ... One of the biggest benefits I rececived by removing my amalgams is an immediated cease of numbness in tingling of my extreme ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Just how good does the diet have to be?!   by #21277  8y   1,028  Diet & Nutrition
    Every person is different so the diet needs to be customized to your needs - most importantly, listen to your body and hear what it needs and how it feels after certain foods. ... There are many foods which may not be particularly good for your body but may have emotional attachment and provide a sense of comfort and stability (as in having routine coffee). This can make a food viewed has ”bad” trigger a positive response on your body like going out for ice cream with the family and have a good time - this can trigger an emotional connection to the food. ... ... Also how you prepare the food can h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Heart palpitations and arrythmia   by #21277  8y   1,335  Ask Moreless: pH
    What helped arrhythmia/palpitations was a wide variety of things ... Proper ratio of ca/mg is important (everyone has different demands, personally I needed 6:1 of ca/mg - i also use citrate form). ... ... The most helpful was to get free form amino acids (including taurine and carnitine), plenty of good salt, good sleep schedule (skipped heartbeats return if my sleep schedule gets messed up - arrhythmia is often a symptom of dysautonomia not structural heart issues). ... Also EFAs do amazing things and are extremely helpful (personally I use a sunflower/flax seed combination with a 4:1 omega6/omega ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Being Made Fun Of   by #21277  8y   911  Obesity Support
    You have to learn to shift your conscious efforts and burn them deeply into your subconscious. ... ... You also need to understand that it’s a permanent change you should seek, and that is to be healthy. ”Diets” never work because the term describes a temporary effort that your subconscious is aware it will be over and go back to the same routine. ... ... Seeking happiness from food provides immediate gratification while exarcebating the problem. You need to untrain this and seek happiness from being healthy. Eat to live. Remember it is ALWAYS your option, it’s your reality and you are constantly in ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Desperate and In Pain~My Plan   by #21277  8y   1,240  Bowel Cleanse Suppor
    Oxypowder gives me a sense of being lighter and perhaps the oxygen makes me feel better - however I did fiber cleansing after and still got mucoid plaque out so I alternated a few times between them. ... ... I too got very bloated all the time but completely stopped when I realized that I was eating the wrong diet for my body (touted as the healthiest diet). So after eliminating most raw foods and following a diet close to ayuerveda with cooked warm food and plenty, plenty of oils it appears that my constipation is slowly diseappearing. ... I stress the need for good oils - and homemade cooked foo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Ox bile and digestive enzymes?   by #21277  8y   7,853  Ask CureZone  Cross-post
    Well, food should be primary means of nutrition, but if the digestion is impaired, than the food may act like toxin waste if not broken down and assimilated; ... in the interim, free form amino acids, efas, ionic minerals can help your body get the right nutrition - this will strengthen your digestion (now that yuor body can make enzymes etc) and be able to digest food better ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: I had my last two amalgams removed. Tooth will not settle down. Need...   by #21277  8y   3,548  Amalgam Support
    So your saying he prepared the tooth for a crown and did not place a temporary cap? ... That would definetely cause pain - my dentist put a temporary cap on a tooth until the crown was made. The cap came off and was in pain until he placed the crown in it. ... If he drilled the outside edges so that the crown fits then it will be very sensitive. ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: my Colitis symptoms have changed!   by #21277  8y   1,951  Parasites  Cross-post
    Bloating and excessive flatulence is a sign of weak digestion and dysbiosis. ... If pathogens are producing gases making you bloated is because your not digesting your food. So they will digest it and create toxins. ... ... If your stregthen your digestion and absorb your food properly they won’t have much to eat - of course this is more complex than this and at this stage it may involve cleansing the excess amount of pathogens, but until you fix your digestion your immune system may not strong enough and will invite pathogens back since there’s food leftovers for them. ... ... It’s like trying to prev ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: OMG! HELP. serious   by #21277  8y   1,294  Ask CureZone  Cross-post
    Curezone is a great place to seek advice, not to give away responsabilities on every decision making. ... ... It’s hard to know the situation but if your roomate is a sensible being he wouldnt do it out of spite. Consider a good thing - law of attraction is telling you take control of your life and trying to prevent you from dwelling too much on what ifs by reducing your internet time. That may be what you are subconsciously attracting (a good thing). ... ... College was the best thing that happened to me not so much for an education, but it entertained my mind is such a way that eliminated a lot of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Ox bile and digestive enzymes?   by #21277  8y   8,709  Ask CureZone  Cross-post
    Ox bile is typically secreted from the liver and mimics our bile - those who had gallbladder removed cannot concentrate large amounts of bile so when eating a meal (specially high in fat) supplementing with bile can help digest the fats. ... Most digestive enzymes are typically secreted from the pancreas - however vegetarian based enzymes will also be usable to break down food (or supplementing with animal based like pancreatin). ... ... You need strong digestion to break down foods to absorb nutrients while at the same time reducing metabolic waste. ... Weak digestion means less nutrients absorbed a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I hate calcium! Do the manufacturers think we are stupid?   by #21277  8y   924  Ask CureZone
    Most people are completely naive as far which forms are more absorbable - ... therefore manufacturers go for the cheap option (oxide, carbonates) because they can get away with it. ... ... You probably need to step up to more trustworthy manufacturers to find better options like pure encapsulation, thorne research, metagenics, allergy research, standard process - however these are not easy to find since they are typically professional formulas for NDs and the like. ... ... Calcium citrate agrees very well with me and it’s good absorbable form (citrate forms may be easier to find) ... There are some cheape ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Free-form Amino Acids Question..   by #21277  8y   1,639  Ask CureZone
    Typically a good blend of all essential amino acids in free form may be the best. ... ... There are 11 amino acids considered essential (your body cannot make these so needs them from food) and from these essential your body will be able to produce all others (like glutamine). ... ... It’s also important to have good ratios between the EAAs as to maintain balance. ... ... I particularly use Dr Vickery’s Platinum Plus essential amino acids with good sucess. ... ... I do take larger doses than recommended (if a normal person eats say 30grams of protein a day, that’s about 30grams of aminoacids if digestion is g ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Whats wrong with me desperate!   by #21277  8y   1,564  Parasites Support
    You may also want to look at other constipation factors like prolapsed colon and nerve damage (where trigger signals for bowel movement no longer function properly). ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Do I have to be Moritz vegan to benefit from flush?   by #21277  8y   693  Liver Flush Support
    I’ve eaten meat leading up to liver flushes with no real impact on their sucess - Andreas believes animal protein creates liver stones so that may be why he recommends to lead a vegan life (to stop creating a lot of the liver stones). ... ... Personally I appear to do well with meat and it may be largely dependent on the body type (metabolic specially) as to whether or not one can utilize animal protein for health. ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Celtic sea salt - is Moritz saying to eat more than normal salt?   by #21277  8y   1,084  Liver Flush Support
    Celtic salt may be around 98% NaCl, compared to chemical table salt which is 100% (some sodium iodide added as well in table salt), so in theory you should use about the same as you would for table salt - however its more important to add salt to taste - that should be your way of telling how much is good for you. ... Personally I feel that vata types may need more salt than others so it may come down to your body type or any maladies that might increase salt demands (ie adrenal fatigue and low stomach acid may be signs of low sodium). ... ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Need help, please, reaction to food - FRIGHTENED   by #21277  8y   1,263  Ask CureZone
    I believe first and foremost you need to heal the gut wall - a leaky gut is primarly responsible for most allergies, because it allows food particles to enter the blood stream and cause symptoms typical of allergy sufferers (hives, rashes headaches, itchy skin). A healthy gut will not allow this to happen. Dairy and meat can create a lot of the allergies because a lot of animal derived products may contain specific proteins that immediately trigger a reaction. Again a healthy gut with strong digestion will not allow this to happen as protein is broken down into aminoacids to be absorbed by ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Eating Meat   by #21277  8y   1,148  Parasites Support
    I agree, it really depends on your body type and current state - ... ... I high fiber, low protein diet can be good for temporary cleansing but may not be the way forward for a lot of people. ... ... By improving digestion you will be able to reduce any potential gut dysbiosis with parasites included. It is well known that stomach acid is the first line of defense against pathogens and if you produce the right amount of digestive juices then infections are kept at minimum. ... ... Many people get parasites/candida etc because they abuse their digestive system with the wrong diet and this gradual lack of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: --Beej and 21277 or Mike--   by #21277  8y   768  Ask Moreless: pH
    Here’s my ”issue”: ... ... You lead a ”support” forum, yet you pose yourself as the grand authority for everything there is to know - you do not care for the people itself, you simply seek approval from followers who may be desperate for an answer and give their hearts onto something they think it will help (placebo effect is effective): ... when someone has a problem or a question about ”the” protocol they often approach you seeking answers for some of their problems and you basically slap them on the face with innappropriate comments and literally insulting them. ... ... For if someone is having suce ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: --answer-- CH is rock powder   by #21277  8y   1,203  Ask Moreless: pH
    Again with the typical cynicism - ... ... whenever someone sheds light on the true nature of CH (rock based poorly absorbed by HUMANS), you began scorning them- ... ... and who are you to even complain about the one size fits all FDA approach? ... ... Do you realize that you are comparing the uses of CH in industries with the uses in humans? ... Do you realize that everything that comes out of your mouth is to advertise your drink for every single ailment that ever existed? ... How about that for one size fits all approach? CAre to explain that? is this the law of averages you talking about? ... ... Whenever someon ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: adrenal fatigue, high blood pressure, and potassium question   by #21277  8y   4,987  Adrenal Fatigue
    Apparently adrenal fatigue can decrease blood pressure; it’s tricky measuring bp and should be done several times at different times of the days to get a rough estimate. If you have high blood pressure there can be numerous reasons why such as impaired thyroid function, dysautonomia (creating fluctuating blood pressure), food sensitivities, anxiety etc. These are can all be somehow associated with impaired adrenal function so symtpoms can differ depending on the root cause of illness and several other variants. The site below contains a chart comparing general symptoms for low adrenals fun ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: hydrolized collagen   by #21277  8y   3,901  Candida Support
    Hydrolized collagen is something I am looking for to add as an aminoacid booster - ... hydrolized collagen is ”predigested” with enzymes so it breaks up normal collagen molecule (usually beef) into more absorbable peptides/aminoacids. This may be a good source of AAs at the right proportions, and since I know that my collagen is weak I’m trying to look for a gooud source of this. ... Ive been trying some brand I found but I’m not sure if it’s predigested (it’s in japanese). ... ... It seems that Arthred is a good process for making this - I wanted to get some from the ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: --answer --What to do for Bleeding from Bad cut !--   by #21277  8y   1,129  Ask Moreless: pH
    Perhaps I’m lacking these ”health questions” becauase you arent providing me with the ”answers” I’m looking for which are specifically testimonials/personal experiences claims etc of your calcium hydroxide powder stuffing onto large open wounds. ... ... As usual you resort to insulting people when the challenge your position since you have no coherent way of backing up your claims. ... ... Sad indeed that you feel you are above everyone else ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Its been a while...pls read   by #21277  8y   2,582  Candida Support
    I actually purchase them online there are a couple stores selling just google platinum plus essential amino acids by Dr Vickery. ... ... They are in gel capsule form and are pure aminoacids: the platinum plus version contains added msm, creatine monohydrate, and molybdenum to help liver detoxification, but they have just pure aminoacids as well (I take both). ... ... Thats the problem with leaky gut and inflamed internal digetive track. They get very weak, specially since dysbiosis (candida, H pylori) is there - again dysbiosis is due to weak digestion - if you cant digest food waste will acumulate ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: --answer --What to do for Bleeding from Bad cut !--   by #21277  8y   1,226  Ask Moreless: pH
    As usual you wiggle out from the question at hand: ... ... I pose it once more, where are testimonials, personal experiences (even yours), links, books any one else knows abou this ”magic” procedure? ... ... Anything, throw me a bone will you? ... I don’t care about science and choose common sense now as you are so adamant. ... ... Just give me personal counts of this method. ... You suggested this not me so please back up your claim. ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Excellent post...   by #21277  8y   2,433  Candida Support
    I do like nice homemade soups specially with beef in it - ... Fresh veggie juices make me bloated and I may have a bit of problem with the sugar content but once in a while they may be a great vit/min booster. ... ... But I feel I was missing the biggest essential nutrient of them all : aminoacids, which makes up every single tissue of your body. People think that they may take plenty of protein and that theyll get enough, but if your digestion is weak then it will hinder absroption of AAs. ... Proteins are large chains of aminoacids and they require enzymes and HCl to be properly broken down. If you ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Its been a while...pls read   by #21277  8y   2,552  Candida Support
    Michelle, ... ... I started taking a free form amino acid supplement called platinum essential amino acids. ... ... I actually increased the dosage of them but still these are nominal quantities to slowly boost your digestion and start utilizing the protein you consume. ... ... However since I’ve gotten to the point of hormonal issues, as soon I started taking them I notice a lift in anxiety immediately - ... ... My naturopath did biofeedback prior to that and again showed that i need plenty of proteinin my diet and I had went on a prasympathetic diet with high protein for a few months ( I loved it) - however ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: --answer --What to do for Bleeding from Bad cut !--   by #21277  8y   1,134  Ask Moreless: pH
    Moreless : ... ... Rather than entertain you with more facts on the science (since all people need is ”COMMON SENSE”) i’m going to cut to the chase again ask ”AGAIN” about testimonials of this great idea of yours: forget science, put it aside. ... ... I dare you to show me people that have used calcium hydroxide to heal large wounds and what were their experiences on this and if anyone who puts you on the pedestal is willing to sacrifice all in name of proving you right. ... ... It’s quite sad you go randomly google terms that you are not familiar with and attempt to disprove someone who has had persona ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Its been a while...pls read   by #21277  8y   2,621  Candida Support
    There seems to be a lot of people with similar symptoms and I for one matched very closely to yours (slowly improving). ... ... The problem with this cocktail of symptoms is that it is hard to pinpoint one single cause, specially with limiting testing available. ... ... CFS/FM/IDS are labels that have similar root cause but manifest in different ways and/or at different stages of disease progression. ... ... Chronic diseases are usually a combination of events that have pushed the body into a vicious cycle. Toxicity and nutrition deficienies are always the root causes, but it’s the timing and combination ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: --What to do for Bleeding from Bad cut !--   by #21277  8y   1,279  Ask Moreless: pH
    I would like to know more about your experience of stop profuse bleeding with calcium hydroxide. ... ... What my experience was with solid hydroxide powders in my skin was that at first I couldnt tell anything, and after a while my skin got red, and very dry. This stayed like this for a few days. ... ... Hydroxide compounds (including calcium hydroxide) will saponify the fatty acids in the skin. This how we make soap (I do this for a living). ... ... Now I would like to know how it’s better to use a harsh chemical at full concentration on the skin to stop bleeding versus covering it with fine sand (silic ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: --What to do for Bleeding from Bad cut !--   by #21277  8y   1,274  Ask Moreless: pH
    I think that may be a dangerous approach to healing a wound. ... First calcium hydroxide powder is a corrosive material so if you apply it in your skin full strength it will react with the fatty acids in your skin and corrode the top lipid layer (trust me I have ran into this at work). ... ... Besides the calcium will not be available since there’s no water to dilute it (as you say it’s full force dry). And if the blood does dilute it than you may be in serious problem as you may alter the very delicate blood pH. That and possibly damaging vessels. ... ... It’s dangerous to try to apply a concept/chemi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Let yourself be heard now   by #21277  8y   645  Amalgam Support  Cross-post
    Now is the best time to let your opinion/personal experience be heard - you have until Nov 9th to submit your story to FDA to be placed on record about the true dangers of amalgam fillings and how they impacted your health. ... ... Now it’s when it counts so please let yourself be heard. ... ... ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Flushes causing liver spots?!   by #21277  8y   928  Liver Flush Support
    I developed bumpy dry skin mainly on the back of my arms, signifying mostly EFA and oil soluble vits deficiency. ... ... By massaging oil and taking EFAs and vits A,E,D, the bumps completely disappeared and skin in now smooth and no longer dry. However these bumps turned into many dark freckles (I have had only minimal sun exposure). ... ... So perhaps the liver flushes have improved EFAs absorption and if you had skin troubles (collagen, EFAs deficiency), you may now be healing those areas. ... ... Or maybe perhaps the reallocating of stones as they move out may ”imprint” new liver spots on other areas ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Julia Chang flush question.   by #21277  8y   1,037  Liver Flush Support
    I believe that taking the ES prior to the flush is a great tool to minimize any potential complications. ... ... You’ve done a solid preparation in advance and the ES will take you all the way for a good flush. ... With all the preparation youve done, a lot of stones may be ready to come out, and the ES will make sure the ducts are relaxed to prevent them from getting stuck. ... ... ES flushes the intestines as well and a prper bowel cleanse before and after the liver flush will maximize benefits. ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Questions for the Dentist   by #21277  8y   1,043  Amalgam Support
    Conventional dentistry does not view amalgams as being obvious sources for mercury poisoning so if youre going to a regular dentist, most likely he/she won’t support the amalgam removal except for cosmetic reasons. ... ... Having amalgams removed by conventional dentist can certainly pose risks, as you may be exposed to large amount of mercury when having the filling improperly removed. ... ... Following Dr Huggins protocol is the standard for the safest approach with the littlest side effects. Read on that protocol and educate yourself before deciding to go to a regular dentist. There are some thin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Sleeping Earthed is the best thing!   by #21277  8y   1,469  Ask Moreless: pH
    mmm lamb - that sounds delicious - I crave indian food and been getting my fixes on a great indian restaurant in the area that serve authentic indian cuisine - sure satisfies my vata nature. ... ... I believe that sleeping earthed may be a very good tool for those who may not get the chance to discharge some of their built up charge (free radicals) into the earth. ... ... Since I moved to USA, I’ve always wondered why I started to get static shocks often when I touched metallic objects (never experienced this before) - well now I know its because of charge buildup due to my lifestyle change and no l ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Opinions on using cream to increase bile flow during flush?   by #21277  8y   1,052  Liver Flush Support
    I’ve used both Andreas and Kelleys protocols sucessfully. ... ... Dr Kelleys was certainly more enjoyable as you get to enjoy the berries and creams. ... Although I try to follow the protocol as close as possible, I found if times are changed a bit it won’t cause much of a difference. ... ... Both methods are valid in that one it asks not to eat fat as to build up the bile levels and purge it with the concoction, while the other asks for a heavy fat snack as to get the bile purged before the concoction (as to stir things up in the gallbladder). In a sense berries and cream behave can cause a similar ef ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Thanks Again   by #21277  8y   2,828  Ask CureZone  Cross-post
    Excellent - you can almost throw a foot detox party now! ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Help needed   by #21277  8y   954  Ask Moreless: pH
    Food allergies may be a result of the gut being to permeable to let some larger food particles into the blood stream. I should be tied in with leaky gut. ... ... Putting the pieces of puzzle together suggests that your digestion may be weak - weak digestion will not allow complete breakdown of the nutrients required to sustain the body. These nutritional deficiencies further exarcebate this vicious cycle, because it weakens the digestion even more (many nutrients required for enzymes, HCL production, bile etc). ... ... Personally I think you may have low stomach acid and insufficient enzymes so your ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I am now worried about P&B shakes.   by #21277  8y   955  Master Cleanse Supp
    I think the harsh effects of fiber like psyllium on the intestinal walls may have to do with how clean they are in the first place. ... If you have mucoid plaque buildup in the walls, than certainly take fiber to dislodge this mucous. ... ... After releasing the plaque, the villi may now be exposed to some abrasion caused by the psyllium, so at this point it may not be necessary to continue and perhaps switch to a soluble fiber supplement if diet does not have some of it. ... ... It may be possible that the fiber may create some abrasion as it passes through the small intestine, i’m not sure. ... But by d ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Best way to down apple cider vinegar?   by #21277  8y   1,410  Apple Cider
    I enjoy vinegar very much so I don’t have much problem downing it straight, but I like to add a bit of honey or even molasses to ACV. Don’t add too much water as to not dilute the digestive juices during the meal. ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Good Store bought?   by #21277  8y   1,364  Colloidal Silver
    Personally I like the American Biotech’s ASAP silver solutions if you can find them. ... Can certainly get them online. ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Results of Big Yogurt Project: What kills the good guys   R by #21277  8y   22,022  Candida Support  Cross-post
    That’s great experimental work with the yogurt. ... ... One should also be aware that when some of these are taken internally, only a few may reach the colon, where most flora exists. ... If the digestion is strong with good absorption and little mucus buildup, things like digestive enzymes will be used up to digest the food and will not reach the flora, therefore may not destroy it. Also things like raw garlic, if digestion is strong then most nutrients will get absorbed in the small intestine, and unless actives are wasted, it may not impact the flora. ... However if some of these work for candida ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Questions about existing amalgams   by #21277  8y   1,087  Amalgam Support
    It is my understanding the off-gassing of mercury vapors is just one venue to which it can get into the system. Since you have dissimilar metals in the mouth (in amalgams, crowns etc), you will easily get a battery like effect, where the saliva is the conducting medium. This should be the major venue to which mercury gets out of the amalgam (along with silver and other metals making up the amalgam). ... So as time goes by, the shiny appearance of amalgams get duller and eventually black due to oxidation. This allows the metals (now in solution), to seep into the tooth (that’s why a lot of old ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Foot Detox Pads..Molly, finallyfaith, fledgling, & others.   by #21277  8y   3,310  Ask CureZone  Cross-post
    I asked the pharmacist how you say foot pads in japanese while pointing to a box of them and he say they are called ”jewekisheet” (jew - eki - sheet). ... ... They had 5 or 6 brands of them and all of them had picture of the feet with the detox pads on them so its easy to see what they are (they were by the contact lenses and bandaids section but they had a thing dedicated just for the foot pads). ... These things are originally from Japan so you should be able to get some for 1500-2000yen per box of 20-24. ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: tooth removal more effective than amalgam replacement?   by #21277  8y   3,409  Dental Debate  Cross-post
    It may be more helpful if you place your question in the support forums. ... There’s a forum called Ask Torrie: amalgams - she works with a biological dentist in Mexico and a few people have gone to him to do that type of work (not sure how active that forum is). ... I don’t have any personal experience with him but make sure you choose a biological dentist that is familiar with Dr Huggins protocols (used to reduced potential side effects from improper dental procedures). ... Depending on the health of the teeth, I would try to save them by just replacing the amalgams with good composite or other s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Foot Detox Pads..Molly, finallyfaith, fledgling, & others.   by #21277  8y   3,152  Ask CureZone  Cross-post
    I am temporarily staying in Utsunomiya, north of tokyo. ... I bumped into the foot pads while checking their supplements area and was only able to tell what they were because they had a picture of it in the box and before and after shots of the pads (I used them before so I knew what they were like). ... I have to go back there today to get something so I’ll check the actual box and name of it (probably all in japanese). ... I know there’s a couple different brands. I even found them at the 100yen store (dollar store equivalent) so they are readily available (at least where I’m at). ... I’ll get back ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Foot Detox Pads..Molly, finallyfaith, fledgling, & others.   by #21277  8y   3,577  Ask CureZone  Cross-post
    I have also used detox food pads a few times; can’t say it did anything miraculous but had good experience with them overall. Felt they triggered some pressure points like reflexology and perhaps that aids toxins removal. I notice that the pads got lighter with usage (may mean that the dumping of toxins is reduced after initial purge). ... ... I ordered them at for like $1/pad. I’ve also used them here in Japan. They are widely available in every pharmacy and are affordable here (I love it that here there’s no pharma ads but rather natural supplements and things ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: I wished I had thought earlier to check out this forum!   by #21277  8y   881  Anxiety
    Did you have any silver fillings placed in your mouth? Root canals? Vaccines when you were 11yo? ... ... These are big culprits in panic attacks anxiety, so look into heavy metal toxicity. ... Also this can pose a toll on your glands (adrenals, thyroid) and symptoms include anxiety, depression. ... ... Cleanses and right nutrition certainly help but it would be nice to pinpoint the root of your problem and fine tune a protocol. ... ... ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: Help I am severely constipated   by #21277  8y   1,565  Dr. Schulze
    ... You could look at the function of your thyroid/adrenals - even if slightly under/overworking it can cause some symptoms you mentioned. ... ... My bowels slowed down when I attempted a more raw/veggie diet and energy was down. Cooked warm foods like in ayurveda has helped a lot (also strengths digestion). Perhaps you can check your ayurveda dosha and look into it. ... ... If you have high heavy metals levels, then it’s possible that they may be affecting your glands and peristalsis. Also, the bowels nerve ending may not be triggering properly maybe due to years of constipation. ... ... Mike ... http://www ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: How do I go about getting DMSA?   by #21277  8y   1,265  Chelation Support
    ... ****** By the way, EDTA is not a natural component. ALA is so natural that it is found in every single human body. It is possible, and much safer, to chelate using ALA alone as chelator. ... ... I’m talking about the extreme health chelation formula (not the heart formula). ... The chelation formula does not contain EDTA as has numerous clinical studies and explanation on each ingredient. (by the way i’m not endorsing the product but rather some of my personal usage and understanding of the product) ... ... There’s no doubt that chelation is a tricky procedure - you can’t get the metals out unless yo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: symptoms: infected root canals   by #21277  8y   3,574  Root Canals
    Sorry to hear about your troubles; ... ... Did you have the teeth pulled? What are you currently doing to fight off any infection that may be lingering? ... ... Mike   [End]
  • Re: another CS question...does it kill good bacteria?   by #21277  8y   1,315  Colloidal Silver
    Personally I feel that silver may be a great tool for getting rid of pathogens, specially bacteria - not sure on it’s efficacy on fungus/parasites. ... ... From what I’ve read, most good silver solutions get absorbed rather quickly, so it may not reach the intestinal area in full concentration (if any), so it’s possible that it may not harm the good bacteria in the colon. ... This may also mean that it may take larger concentrations to buildup on your system to kill dysbiosis in the gut. ... ... Mike   [End]
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