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  • This Candida forum is a complete mess by North  21d   163  Candida  
    This Candida forum is a complete mess. The layout changed in the past 6 months making threads clump together. ... ... And when I reply to a message, the reply takes me to all the other forums that the original poster had also posted his/her message to.   [End]
  • isocort is not thyroid! it is adrenal! by North  21d   180  Adrenal Fatigue  C  
    ISOCORT IS NOT THYROID! IT IS AN ADRENAL HORMONE! Shees people, get your facts straight! Isocort has cortisol, which your body makes with your adrenal glands. Not the thyroid glands.   [End]
  • More RUDE phrasing from MichaelB by North  54d   143  Chelation: Cutler  C  
  • You are being completely rude to Tizona. by North  54d   127  Chelation: Cutler  C  
    You are being completely rude to Tizona.   [End]
  • Okra pepsin did not work for me by North  56d   243  Candida  C  
    Okra pepsin did not work for me, my constipation problem was the same on it. And I’m not sensitive to lactose, I can leave lactose out of my diet and not get any change, good or bad. ... ... Some other things that can cause the constipation (also called slow motility) in candida people is an incorrect ratio of other bacteria in the gut. Candida itself often causes diarrhea, but if people also have too much of certain kinds of bacteria (not candida) in addition to their candida problem, they may get constipation in that way. ... ... Glad you find it helpful for you though.   [End]
  • Re: Neon pee by North  59d   151  Candida  
    I’ve always been told it’s just excess of the one or two of the B vitamins that are yellow in color. Look at the capsule/tablet, it is yellow inside. ... ... On a separate subject, whether or not the pee becomes yellow, b vitamins can be used by yeast/candida living in your body. So, taking b vitamins does unfortunately help the candida somewhat to thrive. ... ... My answer has been to use B vitamins topically (mix with drops of water and rub onto skin). I read a study somewhere showing that they do get into the blood this way. This bypasses the digestive system.   [End]
  • Re: Topical vitamins and minerals by North  61d   342  Candida  C  
    The B vitamins I use on skin, that give me personally a quick energy boost (and that is how I know they do get into blood from skin, although I read some study somewhere saying that as well) are in this product, although I’ve used another brand and it worked too: ... ... ... ... I look for those that have: ... ... the methyl form of B12 (methylcobalamin) ... the methyl form of folate (which is better than folic acid) ... ... ... And don’t get me started on these forms of B12 and folate, that is a subject for that othe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Topical vitamins and minerals by North  64d   354  Candida  C  
    I suppose if the candida is systemic, then yes the vits/mins in your blood would also feed the candida...but we need some ourselves too. I figure this topical method is better than putting these particular vitamins and minerals into the gut, where the worse problems are with candida. A compromise, I guess it is. ... ... Sublingual is supposed to be faster than applying these vitamins to the skin, but I have no patience for leaving things sitting in my mouth for long. I’ve heard that sublingual absorption does take awhile (half hour for a lot of absorption, or something like that), and I’d ra ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Doxycycline and fluconazole: Killer or fuel for candida? by North  64d   369  Candida  C  
    You’re welcome. The forum link I sent you has a section about B12 that discusses different forms of B12 being better or worse, it might be useful. ... ... One more thing, I experiment with using vitamins and minerals on my skin (”topically”) and am reading that some of them absorb into the blood that way, thus avoiding feeding the candida in our guts. Only some vitamins seem to work this way though - the B vitamins do work for me this way. ... ... I can tell because certain single B vitamins give me energy shortly after taking, and I get that same soon energy in the same amount of time if I use th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Doxycycline and fluconazole: Killer or fuel for candida? by North  64d   376  Candida  C  
    Hi Studiotea, ... ... If you don’t want to name the doctor that’s ok; I can’t travel anyway (I live in the US). ... ... Some websites say it can take 10 days - 2 weeks to get die-off symptoms, even if your protocol is killing candida well, and some say that die-off symptoms can come sooner. ... ... I do think that lactoferrin would be good, to escort any iron in your food into your blood, and keep it away from candida in your gut. But I still would not take any supplemental iron during your plan, or eat much high-iron food during your plan. ... ... As for the doses listed in the study, from the quick rea ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Doxycycline and fluconazole: Killer or fuel for candida? by North  65d   473  Candida  C  
    During these days that you have been taking doxy, diflucan, nystatin, and probiotics, have you had any new symptoms? symptoms that could be ”die off”...or could be something else, but have you had any new symptoms at all come up during this time, that were not there before you started taking all these things? ... ... Based on your message, I found the study and read the summary of the study report. The part about iron means: ... Don’t take any iron or eat high-iron foods while on this program, because iron weakened the synergistic effect of doxy and diflucan against the candida. ... ... In other word ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Prescript-assist update; new probiotic by North  71d   692  Candida  C  
    Try resistant starch #3; there’s some long discussions about bifidobacteria attaching to this special kind of starch, and being carried by the resistant starch #3 down into the middle gut and lower gut, where the bifidos do the most good. ... ... This kind of starch is not the same as other PREbiotics. ... ... A thread that got me started reading about this: ...   [End]
  • Re: Lufenuron: Warning from Pet Consumer Report by North  77d   324  Ask Candida Exp.  
    What does this have to do with a forum for human candida sufferers? Is it now turning into some other kind of forum?   [End]
  • Thanks; it seems various factors can affect results by North  82d   568  Nutritional Balancin  
    Thanks; it seems some people make progress but others don’t; it depends on other factors. ... ... Someone in an earlier post said that if you have any infection (including candida), or have food sensitivities that haven’t been addressed, NB won’t do as much. ... ... My entire health life has been ”this won’t work if you don’t fix candida and avoid all the foods you are sensitive to at the same time”. ... ... People with a long list of food sensitivities like me need other options, unfortunately. If I avoided all of the long list of foods on my list, I’d never leave the house. I do the best I can, b ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Be aware that parasites in animals are documented cured without mineral ... by North  82d   466  Nutritional Balancin  
    Be aware that parasites in animals are documented to be cured without mineral changes in the animal’s intake. So, why would this be different in humans? ... ... For example, horses (owners of expensive race horses have entire websites documenting results of antiparasite products), and even the common housecat. When a housecat gets tapeworms, the usual medicine given in the US in praziquantel, and the result in 24 hours is no more tape worm eggs on the cat’s overnight sleeping bed, which, before the medicine, had been visible every morning. Yet the cat’s diet did not change - no changes in ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Wired, please use the correct terms, otherwise confuses people by North  82d   538  Adrenal Fatigue  
    Wired, please use the correct terms, otherwise it can confuse people - I think the word you meant was ”agonists” not ”antagonists”. Agonists of GABA will artificially raise GABA. Antagonists would lower GABA, and the items you mentioned up there seem to raise GABA, they don’t (that I know) lower GABA. ... ... Your point is great, I just think that the point gets a little lost if some readers don’t realize the word meant there.   [End]
  • Progesterone cream is useless and risky if you are not LOW in it by North  85d   322  Iodine Supplementati  
    Progesterone cream is useless and risky if you are not LOW in it! I’m so tired of hearing this pushed at us from so many books and websites. Too much progesterone leads to awful symptoms, I have been there, and no, the body does NOT always convert it to other things. Shees.   [End]
  • Re: Taking Coconut Oil, Garlic, etc.. BEFORE meals. by North  85d   287  Candida Forum  
    I agree, taking my antifungals before the meal allows me to have somewhat more carbs at that meal and get away with it, without bloating. ... ... It is a useful tool in our little toolboxes!   [End]
  • Linenup, I agree with your message. NM by North  88d   349  Nutritional Balancin  
  • Godhelp, you are doing what you accuse others of. by North  88d   310  Nutritional Balancin  
    Godhelp, you are doing what you accuse others of. ... This is an advice forum. That is what the person you are accusing was doing, giving advice. And so are you. Just because advice sometimes comes from someone other than yourself doesn’t make it wrong.   [End]
  • Nutritional Balancing, reports of no progress by North  3mo   674  Nutritional Balancin  
    Have other people noticed a sad lack of progress by many people on Nutritional Balancing? ... ... There seem to be other health issues that many posters on this forum face, that maybe are not being addressed by Nutritional Balancing... ... ... If it is working for some people, great - but I wondered if, anecdotally, any of you know others who have dropped out due to lack of progress.   [End]
  • The above post is an ADVERTISEMENT to SELL their product by North  3mo   139  Acne Cures  C  
    The above post is an ADVERTISEMENT to SELL their product.   [End]
  • The "it takes months to do anything" is a big hurdle by North  3mo   170  Candida Forum  
    The description of this protocol as ”It may take one or two months before significant reduction of yeast-related symptoms is achieved.” doesn’t get me very excited about trying it - that long for even any reduction in SYMPTOMS? Even plain old caprylic acid gives symptomatic relief in a day or two, but it doesn’t cure the problem enough to where we can have a reasonably normal diet and stop the caprylic acid. ... ... So the fact that this flax oil/special form of NAC protocol, based on the old Wondro remedy, doesnt even give symptomatic relief before a month or two...well it’s hard to get jaz ...   [retrieve this message]
  • EDTA absorbs rectally, less expensive than IVs by North  3mo   170  Oxygen Therapies  C  
    EDTA absorbs well in the rectum, and if done at home is much less expensive than IVs are. Lots of companies sell EDTA suppositories, which deliver the EDTA into the rectum, and from there into the blood. ... ... The suppositories are overpriced (although not as expensive as IVs are), and a way to make the process even less expensive, is simply to buy EDTA on any major supplement selling website, open up the capsule and put it into a little water, and put that into an enema bottle to be put into the rectum. ... ... Another thread: ... ... ...   [End]
  • Update: cheap form of EDTA is NOT caustic to skin by North  3mo   224  Chelation Support  
    A much belated Update: the cheap, easy to get form of EDTA is NOT caustic to skin. I bought some Calcium Disodium EDTA from Iherb, various companies bottle it and you get it for cheap at various big online supplement selling websites (Iherb, Vitacost, etc). ... ... I mixed a capsule full into about a quarter cup of water, put into an enema bottle, and into the rectum it went. No burning whatsoever. No side effects at all. ... ... I’m going to try it long term to reduce calcium deposits in my arteries. some sites selling other forms of EDTA argue that the Calcium Disodium EDTA form ”won’t remove ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Mannan Binding Lectin - Alzheimer's & Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidi... by North  3mo   248  Candida Cure Forum  
    But of course the highly paid scientists doing this study have no idea what to do about this information - unless someone knows how to reduce this lectin in the body.   [End]
  • Re: L-Carnosine by North  4mo   176  Chelation Support  C  
    A few years ago I read a message by someone who said Carnosine made his candida grow like wildfire. I’ve avoided it since then. He did not have any theory as to why it did this.   [End]
  • So actually none of this thread is about Saccharomyces Boulardii by North  4mo   306  Candida Cure Forum  
  • But Dvorge, you stopped taking S. Boulardii according to December post by North  4mo   276  Candida Cure Forum  
    But Dvorge, you stopped taking S. Boulardii according to your December 2013 post, where you described a program that you said finally worked for you, and that program did not use S Boulardii. ... ... So just to clarify for readers, S Boulardii may not help everyone. ... ... Also, those who have an actual allergy to yeasts, in addition to a candida infection, will get worse on S Boulardii because it is a yeast and will set of that person’s allergic reactions.   [End]
  • Re: Candida and Hemochromatosis by North  4mo   368  Candida Cure Forum  C  
    I hope readers can ignore the rude, close minded post directly before this one. Calling all other posts ”nonsense” is that person’s standard thought process.   [End]
  • An in depth forum on ME and CFS is at Phoenix Rising by North  4mo   851  CFS, ME, CFIDS  C  
    An in depth forum on ME and CFS is at Phoenix Rising (link below). The people posting there tend to be very scientific in their approach, and there are detailed ideas on methylation, gut pathogens, genetic issues, mercury, etc. ... ...   [End]
  • No, the gums and brans you listed are not the best resistant starch by North  4mo   246  Candida Cure Forum  
    There is much updated information on the subject of resistant starch. The gums and brand you listed, H (I can’t spell your user name) are very different from a type of starch called resistant starch, found in only a few foods. Resistant starch can help those who cannot use ordinary soluble fibers, (like me). ... ... Updated info is here: ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Help please! question about Seriphos by North  4mo   270  Adrenal Fatigue Cure  
    Seriphos, and also ordinary phosphatidylserine, can in some people cause elevated norepinephrine, which makes a person jittery and unable to sleep. It’s a genetic thing where some people’s liver processes handle it differently. ... ... A good forum to read about that is here, you can do a search there for the word ”phosphatidylserine” to find posts of people who have the same problem with it: (some people on that forum handle this supplement just fine, but others have problems with it) ... ...   [End]
  • Angel, do be careful with ALA by North  4mo   742  Candida Cure Forum  
    I’ve read some of you posts over the years Angel - happy that you are finding some answers. ... ... Just a word of caution on one of the things you are taking though, alpha lipoic acid (ALA) can move mercury around in your body if taken incorrectly, a worry for anyone who has mercury amalgam (metal ”silver colored”) fillings in their teeth. It’s really a bigger subject than I can do justice to, but wanted to at least alert you to it. ... ... The MTHFR subject is interesting, I’ve been bumping into it in other reading and plan on learning more. ... ... keep us updated if you can. ...   [End]
  • Dvorge, you tolerate S. Boulardii, progress? by North  4mo   449  Candida Cure Forum  
    Dvorge, in one of the posts on this thread, you say you tolerate s boulardii well, so are you taking it? Have you made any progress? If you are not taking it, why not?   [End]
  • Nice, but we need stories about candida. by North  4mo   405  Ask The Candida Expe  
    Nice, but we need stories about candida. I have yet to see a story of someone who cured their candida completely, using probiotics or cultured foods. ... ... Most people I talk to who have serious candida problems do NOT have common other illnesses, never even get the flu or colds. I work in a health food store, and dozens of people with candida problems come in every month. Just about none of them get colds/flus (they tell me this), and none of them have cancer. ... ... Yet these more common illnesses are what we hear about in mainstream media. And of course, cancer we see written up a lot - an ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: marketplace for special diet foods? by North  4mo   141  Candida Cure Forum  
    Every state has silly laws about what you must do in order to sell food to the public. Special kitchens, etc. Big hurdle there.   [End]
  • Re: Molybdenum and back pain by North  4mo   293  Chelation Support  C  
    Molybdenum may chelate copper (or, may remove copper from the body in some way). I’ve seen hints/arguements that it does and that it doesn’t. ... ... And, copper is needed for healthy cartilage in the body. Most people (but not all) have too much copper and would want to lose some of it, but maybe you don’t have enough copper. ... ... Or to open a bigger subject, google biounavailable copper. Then it gets really complex.   [End]
  • You'll never get a consensus on this by North  4mo   356  Candida Cure Forum  
    You’ll never get a consensus on this. It’s been debated back and forth on this forum for years and years, and it ends up fueling some very mean posts from certain people. Just so you aren’t surprised if it happens. ... ...   [End]
  • No, Jerusalem artichokes are not the same resistant starch by North  4mo   889  Candida Cure Forum  
    No, actually Jerusalem artichokes are not the resistant starch. They are high in inulin and oligofructose instead, which are very different from resistant starch. The key ingredient I read about is a certain kind of resistant starch called resistant starch #2, and it is NOT a fiber actually. The wikipedia page on resistant starch has a short description. ... ... I think to avoid confusing people, it’s best to call it resistant starch, not fiber, because it works differently and isn’t a fiber. And it helps some people for whom fiber did not help. ... ... Here’s 2 quotes (and then the link I got it f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: If you suspect a SIBO problem...a unique starch by North  4mo   824  Candida Cure Forum  
    And about the psyllium that I would leave out of the mix, I’d leave that out just because for me personally, psyllium is a problem. I’m sure many other people could leave it in the recipe. ... ... But the main point of this new topic is the resistant starch, which again, works much differently than any fiber, differently than psyllium.   [End]
  • If you suspect a SIBO problem...a unique starch by North  4mo   805  Candida Cure Forum  
    I stumbled on the following link. If you suspect you have a SIBO problem in addition to or instead of candida, maybe this link is useful. ... ... It talks about using a special resistant starch in your diet, it lasts down into the lower gut to feed probiotics there, and the theory is that it may even drag gut bugs out of the upper gut where there are too many, into the lower gut where they are more appropriate. ... ... I have no idea if this works, but the special kind of starch is certainly cheap enough to buy: it must say unmodified potato starch (NOT flour), and must be eaten UNcooked to work. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Resistant starch for your gut bugs = better body temperatures by North  4mo   541  Adrenal Fatigue Cure  
    Resistant starch resists digestion by you and lasts into the lower gut, to feed your good bacteria there. ... ... I don’t want to get into a debate about it, just wanted to post a link to a forum where people are methodically trying resistant starch in their diets and posting results. The forum happens to be one for low carb people BUT the thread I’m posting is a discussion amongst people who are on varied diets, not just low carb people. It’s really a nice mix of input on the thread: ... ... ***The starch they refer to MUST be a special kind and MUST be eaten uncooked in order to be resistant s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A different forum that deals in EXACTLY this by North  4mo   604  Diet & Nutrition  C  
    A different forum that deals in EXACTLY this is the methylation forum on Phoenix Rising. There, people discuss methylB12, methylation, and important: tense muscles that can especially kick in when you are improving your methylation -- they say there that it is a temporary increase in your body’s need for potassium: ... ...   [End]
  • Thank you for your straightforward post, Candida911 by North  5mo   4,173  Candida Debate  
    Thank you for your straightforward post, Candida911. Reports like this, in list form, are helpful to others. ... ... I look forward to reading about what did work for you when you have time to write it up.   [End]
  • You've been on it two weeks, now later - did it work? by North  5mo   275  Candida Cure Forum  
    When you wrote this post you wrote that you’d only been on this germanium plan for a couple of weeks but felt that it was working. Now that a few months have passed, I haven’t seen a follow up on whether this product ”cured” you? How are you doing now? Are you still taking this product and are you still having to follow a strict diet?   [End]
  • Re: What does everyone think of this? by North  5mo   170  Candida Cure Forum  
    That site is about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). I tried it diligently once, it did not help any of my candida symptoms. I don’t think those two guys pictured on that website have any idea what a real candida problem is (although their diet may work for other problems).   [End]
  • I think you mean "fluconazole" by North  5mo   153  Candida Cure Forum  
    I think you mean ”fluconazole”. I’ve heard of people buying the products labeled for animals, and using them. Have not tried it myself though.   [End]
  • Re: Blood circulation problems and candida by North  5mo   714  Candida Cure Forum  C  
    I only know that when I’m having other candida symptoms flare up, I usually, but not always, also have flare ups with poor circulation in my legs. But not always, so I’m not sure of the connection. ... ... A correction, to keep visitors to your post from being confused: candida is a yeast, it is not a bacteria -- the products that your son is taking are probably antifungals, not antibacterials (you had first used one name and then the other, but they aren’t the same ”bug”).   [End]
  • Re: I made some videos: My trip to the bottom of hell and back! by North  6mo   1,034  Adrenal Fatigue Supp  C  
    How resourceful - what a good way to communicate what you’ve done and the results. ... ... I don’t see the links to the rest of the videos, am I missing them?   [End]
  • Nopal juice is what the above posting is discussing by North  6mo   182  Headache Cure  
    Nopal juice is what the above posting is discussing. Sold by various manufacturers. I haven’t tried it, just clarifying the above post, since the name of the product wasn’t mentioned this specifically.   [End]
  • Why does this headache forum not appear in the forum list? by North  6mo   165  Headache Cure  C  
    Why does the ”headache & migraines cures & alternatives support forum” not appear in the forum list? I am talking about the following forum list, which is supposed to list ALL forums that exist in curezone, no matter how often they have activity: ... ... ... ... I’m sitting here looking at the page titled ”headache & migraines cures & alternatives support forum”. We had to do a key word search to find it, it’s not on the list of forums.   [End]
  • Actually the disregard for spelling feels uncomfortable by North  6mo   893  Parasites Debate  
    Actually the disregard for spelling feels uncomfortable when it’s so much of the post; some people take that to mean the writer doesn’t respect the reader’s time to even bother trying to spell anything correctly. Just saying, that’s how some people may react negatively to how the post was written. ... ... On another subject, I hope you find some useful information in these forums despite the extreme health protocols that some people write about - I agree that one needs to filter through posts to find those written with the approach one believes in. There are many completely different health a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Glutamine controversial for candida patients by North  6mo   747  Brain Fog  C  
    Glutamine is controversial for people with candida, some say it feeds candida. I can’t find the best study right now, that i’ve seen in the past, but here’s this page as a start. Online searches for ”albicans” and ”glutamine” in the same search box bring up some info elsewhere. ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Brain fog - help by North  6mo   687  Brain Fog  C  
    That site has two separate pages on resistant starch and brain fog, and does not draw a link between eating resistant starch somehow helping brain fog. He talks about resistant starch being helpful in other health issues (weight loss, for example), but I do not see where it says that it does anything for brain fog.   [End]
  • LDN stands for "Low Dose Naltrexone" (some folks may not know that) by North  6mo   607  Brain Fog  C  
    LDN stands for ”Low Dose Naltrexone” (some folks may not know that; so thought I’d put that here)   [End]
  • His point is short term curative diet, not long term by North  6mo   1,946  Candida Support  C  
    His point of the 10 day cream only diet is short term curative, for a single purpose, I don’t think he is saying ”cream only forever”. I believe he means that after the 10 days is over, you do add carbs at other times of day, and other types of fats, and certain other healthy foods. ... ... Your general health guidelines are great but during the 10 days the original poster is talking about for most of his first post, his priority seems to be getting rid of the candida, then after the 10 days is over he seems to incorporate a more well-rounded diet (but keeping fats and certain carbs, not sur ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Cured with high fat diet by North  6mo   2,041  Candida Support  C  
    Thank you for posting an alternative idea that has worked for you. It’s refreshing to see someone try something different than the usual stuff on this forum, and post results. ... ... Can you clarify the sentence ”i eat no carb fruits with cream” -- I’m not sure I have ever heard of a ”no carb fruit”? Or did you mean do not eat any fruit with the cream (which fits better with the later statement about keeping carbs and fats separated by hours). ... ...   [End]
  • Histidine and zinc helped IBS - a user's experience by North  6mo   221  IBS  
    Histidine and zinc helped IBS - a user’s experience: ... ... (I found this interesting story on Maybe it will help people who have diarrhea predominant IBS. The person later stressed that it is important to try it withOUT vitamin B6, as vitamin B6 changes what histidine does in the body.) ... ... ”I began reading scientific articles and tried to sort out anything that might give me clues. I did find out that I have abnormally high levels of prostaglandin E1 (PGE1)... ... I had read that a cofactor in the production of PGE1 is zinc. I theorized that if I could get my zinc levels down maybe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • WHY is that post not an "R" recommended mssg? It's terrific! by North  7mo   189  Candida Support  
    WHY is that post not an ”R” recommended mssg? It’s terrific! Thank your for bringing it to our attention. I wonder why the moderator of this candida forum, whoever it is, did not make that post an ”R” post. ... ... The ”R” posts are visible via the links at the top of the candida forum page, but sadly, that very positive and useful post is not one of them. Anyway, I hope people find it.   [End]
  • Cilantro is to be avoided in Cutler chelation by North  7mo   672  Adrenal Fatigue Supp  C  
    Cilantro is to be avoided in Cutler chelation. This page that I’m reading the op’s post is the Cutler chelation page, and really, people need to READ the Cutler book before posting randomly on this page, lest we lead people astray - Cutler strictly states NOT to use cilantro.   [End]
  • Re: Potential Cure News from Johns Hopkins by North  7mo   329  Candida Support  
    I googled a bit, and found the following citation that says that fluconazole also impairs vacuolar acidification, like that drug in the Johns Hopkins study that you found, Sans Sucre. ... ... Wondering what that Johns Hopkins study drug might be, I ran across the following citation -- it says something about synergy between azoles and amiodarone against candida, and amiodarone is a drug used to treat arrhythmia. I wonder if the mystery drug in the Johns Hopkins study is amiodarone. ... Maybe someday they’ll come up with a version of it that doesn’t mess with healthy hearts, and only messes with ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re...B vitamins make my gut worse. Just a thought. by North  7mo   456  Candida Support  
    Re...B vitamins make my gut worse. Just a thought. your multivitamin has B’s in it. Controversial, I know, but I only take B vitamins sublingually now, and spit out the saliva instead to avoid swallowing them. ... I’m sure people on this board will not agree with this, but there it is. ... ... I sympathize with your situation - have only been in your situation a few times, and not at all in the past few years. I hope you figure out what is causing it for you.   [End]
  • Re: transdermals, my experiences with them by North  7mo   779  Adrenal Fatigue Supp  C  
    Here are my experiences with them: ... ... Magnesium I do solely as transdermal liquids currently. I buy magnesium chloride flakes and mix them with water, then rub on daily on my abdomen. Seems to keep crampy muscles at bay, so I believe it gets in the blood when applied to the skin, plus have read lots of users saying it helps them, so seems to help more people than not. ... ... Zinc and copper: I’m doing both of these currently as transdermal liquids. I do both due to my mineral analysis, which is another subject. If I rub on copper and not zinc, by the next day I seem to get depressed - this ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 15 years ago too by North  7mo   310  Candida Support  
    I first read about that type of thing 15 years ago, and the story I read then was already 10 or more years old. But will doctors acknowledge that candida can overgrow in the digestive tract? Nope! Doctors are useless, we could shove that article in front of their noses and they still stay stuck in what the AMA ”teaches” them.   [End]
  • Re: What do you eat? Need some ideas. by North  7mo   303  Adrenal Fatigue  
    How about cooked quinoa or cooked amaranth? Can be eaten as a hot cereal. I don’t know if they are high in folate though. ... I swear by these for a filling breakfast. Add a tiny bit of any fat you can handle (if there are any you can handle, and do try tiny bits of various types, as I really believe people really do need a little fat in the long run) to make the cereal keep you going even longer. If you just can’t handle any fat added at all, the cereal is still pretty darn filling. ... Season with any cooking spice, like ginger powder (just a dash it gets pretty strong), or a little cinnami ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Did you ever have your estrogen lab tested? by North  7mo   681  Adrenal Fatigue  C  
    Did you ever have your estrogen lab tested? (there are saliva tests and blood tests). So many of us have read ”the book” on estrogen but it isn’t always high in everyone with these health problems. Just wondered if in your case you had confirmed that it really was high. ... ... In my case it wasn’t.   [End]
  • You say you're cured yet you still take terpentine? by North  7mo   1,017  Candida Debate  
    You say you are cured, yet according to the following recent post you say you still take terpentine. Are you saying your experience is that you must continue to take terpentine to keep symptoms at bay? ... ...   [End]
  • Steps from home page to see list of all forums by North  7mo   312  CureZone Moderators  
    On the home page for curezone, near the top left in the blue bar, is the word ”support forums”, and directly beneath it is the word ”All”. Click on that word ”All” and you will then see an alphabetic list of all forums (not just those that have had posts done in the past whatever number of minutes) ... ... Then on that alphabetic list of forums, look for the ”ask curezone” forum. Or choose another forum on that list that fits the nature of your symptoms. The Ask Curezone forum is a good start if you are not sure.   [End]
  • Actually, other methods do cure some people by North  7mo   308  Candida Support  
    Actually, you are wrong, other methods do cure some people ... ... This woman used natural antifungals and the diet and cured herself in about 3 months: ... ... The Karen Tripp page: ...   [End]
  • This is a support forum. Please provide something supportive. by North  7mo   418  Candida Support  
  • Re: Does my story sound anything like yours? by North  7mo   852  Candida Support  C  
    For a summary of adrenal stress, there’s a book on Amazon called ”adrenal fatigue: the 21st century...” ... ... But also, I’ve read other people getting palpitations when taking an antifungal that is strong enough to suddenly kill off lots of candida at the same time. Of course, palpitations can be some other reason, but this one reason is a known cause (just don’t expect your doctor to understand or believe it.) If that is the cause for you, if you back off a bit on that antifungal and process with it more slowly, you may be able to kill off enough candida to not have those particular ”die o ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Re: Some good news for a change by North  7mo   661  Candida Support  C  
    I don’t understand this sentence: ... ... ” His intolerances went through the roof which meant I could not treat him with natural antifungals, at the same time as giving him the probiotic which was Kiki soil based one the doctor doubled up his dose of calcium citrate and it burned his insides badly enough to need omeprazole and then ranitidine of which I have had terrible trouble getting him weaned from. ” ... ... You mentioned that the soil based org. probiotic caused the problems, but then this sentence talks about another probiotic, is it (kiki) the one that caused the problem?   [End]
  • Use the search box for this forum by North  7mo   305  Candida Support  
    Use the search box for this forum. I didn’t try your groin/skin rash question, but did enter colonoscopy and then endoscopy, got many posts about this topic in this forum. Like: ... ... ...   [End]
  • If fiber, magnesium, and cleanses don't work for you, try it! by North  8mo   735  Constipation  
    If fiber, magnesium, and cleanses don’t work for you, try it! This is the first thing that has consistently worked for me that wasn’t stimulant lax’s. ... ... See above post for my original post please.   [End]
  • If anyone wants to try it, it sounds easy by North  8mo   432  Adrenal Fatigue  
    If anyone wants to try it, it sounds easy (the message I just posted about the 2 specific B vitamins in a low dose). ... I cannot be the guinea pig for it today because I’m having a day of plenty of energy! ... ... But the next fatigued day I have, I’ll be happy to try this out and report what happens. It sounds too simple, but we’ll see. ... ...   [End]
  • And choline as the only supplement usually isn't enough by North  8mo   874  Constipation  
    Choline as the only supplement won’t always be enough to raise many people’s acetylcholine, because acetylcholine depends on several other precursers. In myself, taking choline citrate or phosphatidylcholine never helped my constipation. So despite the fact that phosphatidylcholine is a nice helper for your liver, it was no help with my constipation. ... ... I’ll put a link here to a page with many precursers for acetylcholine listed - the page is focused on memory/brain support as one role of acetylcholine, but broader definitions of acetylcholine on other sites show that it helps gut motili ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Can't believe nobody mentions acetylcholine for constipation by North  8mo   956  Constipation  
    Can’t believe nobody in this forum mentions acetylcholine in relation to constipation. ... ... I run into mentions of it in many other places, for example: ... ... ”I’ve had good luck in helping to relieve constipation by taking some cholinergic supplements (cholinergic means aiding acetylcholine).” That person said they take Huperzine-A and Galantamine, which are both supplements you can buy at ordinary vitamin websites, along with some choline, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B-5. ”Overall result was improved motility throughout the gastro tract,...and more frequent elimination. I had to play with the dos ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Pantethine is sold under non-brand names too by North  8mo   959  Adrenal Fatigue  
    Pantethine is sold under non-brand names too. It doesn’t have to say ”cholesteril” on the label, that’s just a branded name. As long as you don’t confuse a bottle labeled ”pantethine” with a bottle labeled ”pantothenic acid” (which is a less well-absorbed form) -- other brands that say exactly ”pantethine” are fine, in my opinion. ... ... Just trying to give folks some price compare options. ... ...   [End]
  • A pair of 2 vitamins someone uses to overcome adrenal fatigue by North  8mo   527  Adrenal Fatigue  
    I just bumped into an interesting post on another forum, where someone uses two specific B vitamins (and one is a special form of it instead of the more common form), together, and gets lasting relief from adrenal fatigue. ... ... The person seems to have researched the functions of those two b vitamins a bit, and the story sounded interesting, so thought I’d share it on curezone. ... ... This would be for the type of adrenal fatigue that involves too-low cortisol for much of the day. ... ... The gist of it is: in the morning, take about 1/5 of each capsule of the following: the b vitamin called PABA, an ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Example of saliva test lab by North  8mo   505  Nutritional Balancin  
    Gene test sounds expensive? The saliva test we used was through ZRT lab, and the nurse practitioner who signed off on my getting it said she uses that lab and one other lab fairly often. The test was less than $100.   [End]
  • Some have progesterone dominance and need more estrogen by North  8mo   363  Nutritional Balancin  
    Some have progesterone dominance and need more estrogen though (I did). There are low cost saliva tests that answer which it is, and I stumbled around using the (awful for me) progesterone cream before I thought of getting the saliva test. Glandulars supporting adrenals I would think might be useful for both groups? But do be careful about jumping into taking herbs that reduce estrogen, or jumping into using progesterone cream, if you haven’t had a test yet.   [End]
  • Please don't assume Estrogen Dominance! by North  8mo   528  Nutritional Balancin  
    Please don’t assume Estrogen Dominance! That malady was written up in a couple of natural health books in the last few decades, and the idea gets so automatically assumed to be the case in many discussions online, that many women just look a handful of symptom lists and assume they have estrogen dominance. ... ... Don’t! A saliva test is simple, not expensive, and can tell you if you have it or not, and the symptom lists just are not accurate - those lists can describe many other maladies instead. ... ... I thought I had estro dominance 15 years or so ago, started taking things that those books des ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Thanks, and how did you try it? by North  8mo   532  Candida Support  
    Thanks for the quote - that does give me hope for edta treating the lower gut. ... ... What was your experience like when you tried edta? Any die-off or other symptoms arise when you tried it? and did you swallow it as a capsule, or how did you try it? ... ...   [End]
  • Good luck dvjorge! EDTA has been on my mind by North  8mo   639  Candida Support  
    Good luck dvjorge! EDTA has been on my mind recently again, coincendentally. ... ... It actually KILLS candida, not just reduces the biofilm, actually kills it: ... ... ... ... Beyond that, my impression of it overlaps a lot with yours: ... ... It chelates some minerals out of the body, including copper ... ... Copper imbalances are often part of the candida problem ... (but people could visit the Andy Cutler Chelation forum and the Nutritional Balancing AF forum to get two very different views on how to test for it and what to do about it) ... ... It prevents or maybe even r ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Wilson on hormones by North  8mo   597  Nutritional Balancin  
    Wilson on female hormones and their effect on at least a few minerals: ... ...   [End]
  • Vitamin K2 moves calcium to where it should be by North  8mo   551  Nutritional Balancin  
    Vitamin K2 moves calcium to where it should be in many cases, apparently. ... ... And vitamin k2, although created for us by flora in our guts, can be deficient for those with digestive imbalance and thus gut flora imbalances. ... ... here’s just one link, there are others: (the link doesn’t sell anything that I can see). ... ... I’ve used K2 for years, ”in case”. Haven’t had bone spurs, just decided to take it for prevention. ... ...   [End]
  • That post belong in debate forum, not support forum. N/M by North  8mo   496  Adrenal Fatigue  
  • Rude language does not improve posts. by North  8mo   1,047  Parasites Debate  C  
    Rude language does not improve posts. It reduces credibility, no matter what is being said. Consider it.   [End]
  • Cutler's program is not intended for weight loss, or a cureall by North  8mo   1,097  Candida Support  C  
    Cutler’s program is not intended for weight loss, and is not a cureall for issues caused by the person’s other choices as far as diet and supplements. That practitioner you saw who was overweight and had joint problems could have a bad diet or other issues, and yet be free of toxic metals due to Cutler’s protocol - perhaps, so please don’t discard an entire approach due to symptoms you see in someone that can easily be caused by other problems.   [End]
  • #5043: what DO you take? Any supplements at all? by North  8mo   491  Iodine Supplementati  
    #5043: what DO you take? Any supplements at all?   [End]
  • Trace Elements pdf mentions odor and causes by North  8mo   322  Nutritional Balancin  
    This pdf document on the Trace Elements Lab site mentions odor (they use the spelling ”odour”) ... ... The paragraph says ”Classical signs of magnesium deficiency are ... general body odour. (Excessive ... odour of the feet is peculiar to zinc deficiency.)” ... ... ... ... ... Maybe a magnesium issue? I just happened to have run across that document today.   [End]
  • Dvorge what about this one? by North  8mo   496  Candida Support  
    Dvorge what about this one? This was someone who posted thanking you for your for help, who got cured! They did use nystatin, which is a prescription though, maybe that’s why you say you haven’t seen anyone cured using only natural products. ... ... But let’s not think that means there are no cures at all! ... Also see my other posts about Karen Tripp, and the one right after that. ... ...   [End]
  • Also another one by North  8mo   475  Candida Support  
    Also another one here, he put his protocol for FREE on another website (the book he’s writing is the same thing, but it’s unclear if he’ll remove the free website after the book is published, or not) ... ... ... ... The free site with the protocol: ...   [End]
  • What about Karen Tripp? by North  8mo   511  Candida Support  
    What about Karen Tripp? She never posted on Curezone, but she has a public website with her story on how she beat candida. She did n’t use any prescriptions, only natural ingredients, and the diet. ... ... This is the link. She doesn’t sell anything. ... ...   [End]
  • Wilson incorrect: some magnesium oils are not oxide by North  8mo   450  Nutritional Balancin  
    Wilson is incorrect: some magnesium oils are not oxide. I have a magnesium oil that is magnesium chloride. ... ... I wish Wilson wouldn’t try to paint subjects with such a broad brush, he tends to do that at times. Saying ”all” of a form of product is X molecule...well in this case it’s simply not true.   [End]
  • Re: Is Dr. Larry Wilson the best to treat with? by North  8mo   647  Adrenal Fatigue  
    It’s odd that you don’t provide your name. It doesn’t seem to be on your website either ( Although in fairness, the site does say it is being reconstructed. ... May we ask what your name is? To consider you as a practitioner.   [End]
  • It's not ALL taboo food, only a few questionables. by North  8mo   256  Candida Support  
    Lets not discard the entire idea or that entire list just because there are a few questionable things on it. ... ... Some people believe plain, whole grain like barley, in moderation after someone has been healed to a certain point, is an approproiate food to reintroduce. ... ... And as for club soda, where I live the only ingredients in club soda are water and bubbles, no sugar or carbs of any kind.   [End]
  • Some other threads on Curezone about this by North  8mo   522  Candida Support  
    That is one of the problems we all have... there aren’t many testimonies of cured people. ... ... Here are some threads about this, and also a link of someone elsewhere who did say they were cured (Karen Tripp) ... ... Please note that the post from some named ”Bee” is by someone who admits elsewhere that she still needs to follow a caveman type diet to stay well, which most folks believe means she never did get back to normally being able to eat healthy carbs. ... ... But the Karen Tripp story is inspiring. ... ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Here's a quote from someone else who tried it by North  8mo   650  Candida Support  
    Here’s a quote from someone else who tried it (not me, although I have it on my ”might try” list). ... ... The following quote is from a page about borax on the site (similar to Curezone): ... ... ”did an enema twice in one night just to make sure I got some results, the 1st time I did 1tsp borax & the second time (that same night) I did a one tsp baking soda ennema. The toilet results where pretty good, but I have a slow digestive system so by the next day I was seeing even better results from that night’s enema. ... ... I took a day off ...and on the third night I did the enema again, b ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Problems: some kill good bacteria, and die off by North  8mo   269  Candida Support  
    Problems with using a word like ”best” anticandida ingredient: some of them kill candida allright and also kill some good it’s a balancing act on how to handle it, I believe. And hardly anyone can agree on which ones kill good bacteria and which don’t. (there’s a few posts about that in the R Recommended messages section at top of this candida forum) ... ... Also, some anticandida ingredients are strong enough that if some people start right out with a fairly large dose, they get awful die off symptoms, so maybe they would have been better off with a less strong ingredient at f ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Try licorice root for that Ulcer by North  8mo   731  Candida Support  C  
    Try licorice root (not the candy, the herbal root), for that ulcer. ... ... Here’s just one link about it, there are other sites that talk about it too. if you scroll way down on the page of the following link, you’ll see: ”In one study, licorice root fluid extract was used to treat 100 patients with stomach ulcers for 6 weeks. Ninety percent of the patients improved, with ulcers completely disappearing in 22 of the patients.” ... ... ...   [End]
  • Re: Calling on all antifungal synergy stuff gurus, please help! by North  8mo   330  Candida Support  
    It is? That would be good for the original poster on this thread. I read in Dr. Crook’s old candida book that all of the azoles get absorbed into blood and don’t target the lower gut very well, but itraconazole wasn’t invented yet when Dr. Crook wrote his book in the 1980s, so maybe this azole is an exception.   [End]
  • Was your sensitivity test on stool or blood? by North  8mo   347  Candida Support  
    Was your sensitivity test on stool or blood? (I guess I’m asking, do you think your infection is only in your intestinal tract, or do you think it is also in your blood) ... ... Because it seems unclear if itraconazole lasts all the way down to the lower gut... if you are mostly concerned with your gut and not worried about anything in your blood, the itraconazole wouldn’t target the lower part of your gut if it gets absorbed into the bloodstream fairly high up in the gut. ... ... If anyone decides itra does not last into the lower gut (and again, I’m not sure), I wonder if one way around this is t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • In other words, take ibuprofen with the azole Rx. by North  9mo   542  Candida Support  
    In other words, if people take ibuprofen along with the azole prescription, the azole prescription is much more likely to work. (for those who don’t want to read the study) ... ... Thank you, that was a good study to post :-)   [End]
  • Re: Lamisil by North  9mo   198  Candida Support  
    um...punctuation please. We cannot tell what you are asking.   [End]
  • Re: Chitosan by North  9mo   588  Candida Support  C  
    Now and then I take one or at most two capsules of it, with a meal. Logically, chitosan may do more to weaken candida if taken on an empty stomach, but I haven’t tried that yet. I have not noticed anything, good or bad, from taking it with food. ...   [End]
  • Re: Iron Stealing Morgellon Worm? by North  9mo   663  Morgellons  C  
    Try lactoferrin with your iron supps. Lactoferrin is a supplement that makes iron better absorbed into your blood, leaving less in your lower gut for the bad bugs to eat. I’m paraphrasing it, but that is the general idea of how lactoferrin supplements can help. Just a thought.   [End]
  • Here you go, this old post may have some by North  9mo   341  Candida Support  
    Here you go, the experiment using other compounds: ... ...   [End]
  • Re: I might as well be from Mars by North  10mo   430  Ask Dr Eric Bakker  
    Taking things to fix candida problems, and changing diet to fix candida problems, is what these forums are. I didn’t imply that the things that did not work for me were in any way ”your fault”. Not sure why you seemed to think so. And no, stress has not correlated with my constipation, I get it sometimes when life is easy, and don’t get it sometimes when life is hard, and vice versa. ... ... People like me who cannot use the usual methods to relieve the problem need to band together, we have nobody else to turn to. I simply posted here so others in my shoes will not feel alone.   [End]
  • I might as well be from Mars by North  10mo   565  Ask Dr Eric Bakker  
    Before jumping to the solutions that work for ”everyone”, these do not work for me and I must ask for OTHER ideas. ... ... Constipation, aggravated by any slight change in diet (whether improving diet by removing candida causing foods or unimproving diet by adding back in candida causing foods), any stress, and who know what kind of supplements. ... ... Things that do NOT work once I have the constipation: ... ... Minerals. Yes even magnesium (I’ve tried them all, yes even epsoms), mixed mineral liquids ala ”the candida expert”, etc. ... ... Fiber. I refuse to discuss fiber products further, it does not work ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Goat milk does have beta casein by North  10mo   435  Ask Dr Eric Bakker  
    Eric, this study says goat milk DOES have beta casein, just like cow’s milk does: ... ...   [End]
  • Beneficial bacteria don't love "increased pH" by North  10mo   401  Ask Dr Eric Bakker  
    Beneficial bacteria don’t love ”increased pH” though, increased ph means higher ph numbers which is more alkaline. Alkaline, great for your blood, but in your gut, where most beneficial bacteria live, those bacteria will be happier with acid. That’s why ”Acidophilus” is called Acidophilus: the word means ”acid loving” in Latin. ... ... Maybe you and I are saying the same thing, I could not tell from your wording. Point is, we wouldn’t want newcomers to get the wrong idea about ph in the gut.   [End]
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